WP Auto Poster

What is it?

WP Auto Poster makes it easy to manage your WordPress site using
intelligent content automation, no matter how many thousands of
posts you have. Now you can easily schedule your content to
publish, recycle, change or be removed according to flexible rules
you supply, all working automatically in the background when you’re
not even around.

Put your site’s content on auto-pilot, no matter how
complicated! You can easily schedule an unlimited number of posts
to be automatically modified however you want, even all the posts
you add in the future!

Just a few examples:

  • Automatically publish 4 draft posts per day between the hours
    of 9am and 5pm.
  • Automatically recycle old posts and breathe new life into them
  • Automatically publish posts of a category, tag, or custom
    taxonomy every Monday.
  • Automatically change tags, categories, or custom taxonomies of
    posts after 10 days.
  • Automatically publish posts featuring promotions during certain
    events or holiday sales.
  • Automatically remove sticky posts after 30 days.
  • Automatically publish posts from different authors at different
  • Automatically set a published post to pending or even trash
    depending on search criteria.
  • Automatically recycle your ‘Halloween’ posts during
  • Combine any of the above and your own ideas – create an
    unlimited number of Rulesets!

How will it
help your site?

As a blogger or website owner, time is a valuable resource. Let
WP Auto Poster manage your site for you, so you have more time to
generate content, increase traffic and run your business. Now you
can prep your post rules and have WP Auto Poster handle the
scheduling, so that your blog content is handled automatically even
if you are busy or on vacation. WP Auto Poster gives you the
freedom to stop manually publishing and scheduling blog posts all
the time, so you can spend your time on more important things.

With this plugin you have full control on how and when you would
like your blog to be updated. You no longer have to remember to
manually publish each post or schedule each post in advance. WP
Auto Poster does it for you – just tell this robot plugin what you
want. Whether you’re drip feeding tons of content from your online
store, continuously importing content into your auto blog, or
you’re supporting lots of authors frequently submitting new
articles, WP Auto Poster can handle it all, however you want,

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WP Auto Poster

Download - WP Auto Poster

  Download this file @ Usenet.nl ( wp-auto-poster.zip)