WooCommerce Mix and Match Plugin, Build Custom Product Boxes

Do you want to group products that complement each other in
bundles, and sell them as gift boxes? Product bundling is an
effective sales technique that encourages customers to buy in bulk
quantities and increases store sales by an average of 30%.
WooComemrce Mix & Match plugin does precisely that. Suitable
for selling boxes of wine, cupcakes, sweets, drinks, shirts, lunch
boxes and many more

This all-in-one WooCommerce Mix & Match plugin allows you to
create product boxes to boost your store sales and allow shoppers
to custom pick their items and prepare a complete box. This helps
customers make their own assortments of preferred items and send
them as gift boxes to their loved ones, better yet, send them to

With customization options you can define the size of the box
(number of items in container), create pre-built product boxes, use
multiple layout options, implement different pricing structures and
allow customers to attach personal message with gift box. This
entices customers by saving their valuable time and money when
shopping from your store.

Feature List of WooCommerce Mix and Match Plugin

  • Create Multiple Custom Product Boxes for Different Product
  • Dynamic Pricing Option
    • Set Fixed Box Price
    • Per Product Price
    • Fixed Price + Per Product Price
  • Per Product Price with a Fixed Base Price
  • Multiple Layout Options
  • Responsive & Mobile Ready Design
  • Attach Personal Message with Gift Box
  • Option to Partial or Fully Pre-Fill Box with Specific
  • Limit the Product Quantity per Box
  • Compatible with Product Variations
  • List View Option to Offer Bulk Products in a Box
  • Set the Minimum No. of Products Required to Buy a Box
  • Compatible with
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin

2 Layout Options to Display Mix & Match

With WooCommerce Mix and Match plugin you can allow customers to
dynamically create their own assortment of products. You can create
various types of boxes such as Shirts, Drinks, Lunch, Perfumes, and
Desktop items etc.

Box View Layout
List View Layout

WooCommerce custom product box plugin provides options to
display products in a list view if you want to offer bulk products
for each box.

Dynamic Pricing Options

It enables dynamic pricing options for bundled products. You can
set price on container as fixed, per product or without base price
of product box.

Attach Specific Products and Variations to Box

You can add simple products to product inventory or add
variations of the product so customers can create their own
combination without being forced to buy item that don’t interest

Option to Sell Partially Filled Box

Instead of selling a full box, you can also allow customers to
buy a partially filled box. You can fix the minim number of
products required to purchase the box.

Option to Pre-fill Boxes with Products

You can prefill the box partially or fully with specific items
and set them as mandatory or optional. The customers can remove the
“optional” pre-filled items and replace with the ones available in

Allow Customers to Send as Gift with Personal

This feature gives your customers the privilege of sending a
personal message along with the gift box to their loved ones.

Compatible with

WooCommerce mix and match products plugin is fully compatible
with .

Multiple Layout Options for WooCommerce Custom Product
Boxes Plugin

You can select from a list of layout templates and easily enable
them to display boxed products on your website.

Vertical & Vertical Right Layout

2 & 3 Column Layout for Products & Boxes

Customize Color of Boxes

Change Log

Version 1.2.0 Updated:
New Feature Added:
1 - Compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin
Version 1.1.0 Updated:
New Features Added:
1 - List View
2 - Min and Max Quantity
3 - Compatible with Extendons WooCommerce Product Addions
Version 1.0.0:

1) Initial release of plugin.
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WooCommerce Mix and Match Plugin, Build Custom Product Boxes

Download - WooCommerce Mix and Match Plugin, Build Custom Product Boxes

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