Tokenbox – Best Security Token Offering Platform (STO)

Description :

Our Security Token Offering (STO) system is an
online web application of token public trading. This system is
developed to automate to token distribution & token sales. We
developed this web application for buying and selling token from
anywhere. In this system also have a shareholder & admin panel
from where they can easily control and monitor every activity.

Demo Admin panel : Demo . Website :

Main Features :

      Display all token information and menu in any mobile devices
      with variant screen size. E.g. desktops, tablets, smartphones. And
      Multi-Language can be supported
      Admin panel for the owner of the token, here admin can perform
      create, read, update, edit and delete operation on menu.
      Admin will be able to create new tokens or packages offering
      and able to add roles such as system user, shareholder and
      Admin can send individual or multiple Email and SMS to the user
      and shareholder at a time.
      Shareholder can buy package and token and can exchange those
      buying token.
      Shareholder can check the account, finance, package and
      exchange information through the shareholder panel.
      Shareholder can make any transaction, transfer and withdraw
      balance by creating deposit through the shareholder panel.
      Shareholders can check their wallet history at a glance through
      the shareholder panel
      The key feature is Shareholder can reference to others person.
      If anyone buy any amount of token from the reference then the
      refered person will get the percentage, the percentage amount will
      be determined by the admin.
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    Tokenbox – Best Security Token Offering Platform (STO)

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