Applab – An Web to Android App Generator

Applab is built with PHP and native Java. It’s an android app
generator. Admin can set up the configuration form backend. Admin
is able to generate the configuration file in two ways. 1. By
generating the config file, 2. By the APIs. To use the first method
admin have to paste the config folder in the project in android
studio. Admin doesn’t need to upload the backend to live server.
Admin can generate the config file form localhost. For the second
method, admin has to put the API link and API token in the setting
page in android studio. To use this method admin have to upload the
backend to a live server.

Update(11 June, 2019)

  • Back functionality integration
  • Custom loader integration


  • Configuration through the config file
  • Configuration through API
  • Customizable Navigation Drawer
  • Customizable Color
  • Complete material design
  • Optimized for all size of the screen
  • HTML5 game playing capability
  • Load title from the web
  • Download file directly from the app
  • Complete Admob integration (banner and full-screen ad)

Email : admin

Password : 123456

Images are not included in the download file. Images in the
preview are for demonstration purposes only.

Convert your web app to an Android App with our Drag and Drop
Web View template.

Designed as a universal app builder, WebToApp combines the power
of the WebView with native features to create a Web App which feels
native with less effort. With this web to app template, your
Android App can have 4 different Navigation Menus, increasing your
flexibility. Moreover, the template is feature packed with Admob
banner ads, interstitial ads, , Push Notifications & much

Use our Drag and Drop App Builder to configure your app in

The package includes all the source code for the Android App
(Android Studio). The can be viewed online.


  1. Use our online tool to configure your App in
  2. Splash ScreenA splash screen is shown until the
    main activity loads.
  3. Native Image ViewerAllows users to zoom, pan and
    share image.
  4. Local PagesSupports local pages (in assets
  5. URL PagesSupports pages loaded dynamically from
  6. HTML editorThe Drag and Drop utility allows you to
    create pages with rich text, html, images and youtube videos.
  7. Asks PermissionAsks the user for storage and
    location permission
  8. ZoomZoom is optional (set separately for each page
    from drag and drop tool).
  9. Pull To Refreshoptional (set separately for each
    page from drag and drop tool).
  10. Javascript Supportoptional (set separately for
    each page from drag and drop tool).
  11. Theme ColorsColors can be changed easily from
  12. Includes interstitial & Banner Admob adsEarn
    money from Ads.
  13. A video tutorial is included online for a quick
  14. App Rating FeatureThe app has Ratebolt integrated.
    It only asks users who rate 4/5 stars to rate on Google Play. The
    rest are asked for feedback.
  15. Very easy to customiseUse our drag and drop
    configuration utility to easily create your App.
  16. Left Navigation MenuUsers can open the Left menu
    from the menu icon or by swiping from the left.
  17. Right Navigation MenuUsers can open the Right menu
    by swiping from the right.
  18. Top Tabs MenuAllows users to swipe between
  19. Bottom Navigation MenuIf all the other 3 menus are
    not enough.
  20. Multi-Menuyou can use all the 4 menus together or
  21. Sub-Menu ItemsMenu items can be nested under other
    menu items
  22. Default PageYou can select which page is the
    default (startup) page from a menu.
  23. Remove ToolbarThe toolbar can be hidden
  24. Open webview in new activityYou may wish to force
    a menu to open the links in a new activity rather than on the main
  25. FirebaseThe template implements firebase to track
    the user behaviour.
  26. Push NotificationsIncludes firebase push
    notifications. Send them directly from the admin page.
  27. Settings PageAllows user to turn off Push
  28. RTL supportRight to left layout is supported.
  29. No Internet ScreenCustom ‘no internet’ screen is
    shown when there’s no internet.