Virus Killer is a fun HTML5 Game in Pineapple Pen Style.

Stop deads and pandemia.

Use syringe to shoot medicine and kill as many viruses as you

How To Play:Wash your hands before you play!

Tap on the screen to shoot medicine at viruses and disinfect

And wash your hands after playing!

Stay strong and healthy!

  • Full HD (1920×1080px);
  • Construct 2 & 3 compatible;
  • No Construct 2 license required!
  • No Programming Knowledge Needed!
  • Full Game;
  • HTML5 Mobile Optimized;
  • One Touch Control;
  • Touch & Mouse support;
  • Playable in all platforms (Mobile, PC, etc.);
  • Simple Gameplay;
  • Easy to Reskin;
  • Easy to Add Content;
  • Easy to Change Source;
  • Including Constuct 2&3 files (.capx, .c3p all source);
  • Touch & Mouse support.

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Great Air Battles –
HTML5 Mobile Game (Capx)


Great Air Battles, is a fascinating and beautiful game in which
you have to collect stars, life, ammunition, missiles, fuel and
various improvements and destroy enemy aircraft and fighter!

Simple operation: the upward movement by pressing the up arrow
key, move down, by clicking on the down arrow to move to the left
by clicking the arrow to the left, move to the right, pressing the
right arrow, shoots automatically or touch of the game for mobile
devices. Mobile control helicopter: 1. Touch the helicopter and
move him; 2. Use the joystick.

Made in Construct 2. Enjoy the game!


  • Full Game;
  • HTML5 Mobile Optimized;
  • Mobile App Optimized Ludei;
  • One-Touch Control;
  • Simple Gameplay;
  • Easy to Reskin;
  • Easy to Add Content;
  • Easy to Change Source;
  • Touch & Mouse;
  • Sound Fx;
  • Playable in all platforms (Mobile, PC, etc.);
  • Online Support 24/7;
  • Included APK files for Android device;
  • Included Files for Export to IOS & Android;
  • High Resolution: HD 1280×720px;
  • Including Constuct 2 file (.capx ? all source);
  • No Programming Knowledge Needed!
  • Customize:

    Easy to change the image, just replace the image file! Customize
    your own game!! Put it on ios or android!!!


    Easy to change the image, just replace the image file! Customize
    your own game and put it on IOS or Android.

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    Just and i will answer you as soon as possible and do our best to
    help you.

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    SAVE 73$

    Here is a bundle for 10 isometric games, with their Construct 2
    capx source code. Save money with this bundle and get everything
    for almost half the price.

    What’s Included:

    – HTML5 Game files

    – Construct 2 Capx source files

    Games Included:

    KING OF SNAKES | Two Player Game | Html5 Construct 2/3 | Android
    & ios

    This Game Have two modes 2 player + solo | Play with a Friend on on
    Screen (With Touch control or keyboard)

    How to Play : Tap the screen to change the direction of the
    Snake To Collect apples .


    . Game Made with Construct 2

    . auto resize

    . Mouse & Touch control & keyboard


    . Easy to export to android & ios

    . Easy to Reskin

    . sounds made with :

    what you get

    1 – Html5 game

    2 – source project (capx)

    3 – documentation

    Whack ‘em all is a HTML5 Skill Game.

    Hit as many moles as possible before time runs out.

    Get the Super Hammer Power-up to double your points!

    The game is usable both in Portrait and Landscape Mode, try it
    now! !

    This game has been developed in HTML5/js and third-party
    library CreateJs – (not Construct2 or other framework).

    The ZIP package contains the game with 1920×1920 resolution
    that scales to fit the whole screen both in portrait and landscape

    Please note that for very wide screens, the game may not be
    perfectly full screen.

    The game is fully compatible with all most common mobile device


    • Sounds are enabled for mobile but we can’t ensure full audio
      compatibility on all mobile devices due to some well-known issue
      between some mobile-browser and HTML5.

      So if you want to avoid sound loading, please read

    • Sounds can’t be enabled for Windows Phone as this kind of
      device have unsolvable issues with <audio> and <video>
    • If you are planning to make an app out of this game, we suggest
      you to reskin or at least rebrand it.

    • We can’t be held responsible and offer support for eventual
      issues met during the use of the game in third party software (i.e.
      PhoneGap, Cordova, Iudei)

      This game is fully compatible with

      WordPress Pluginthat allows you to create a real
      arcade on your website.

      Easy to Install

      With CTL Arcade you can:

      • Monetizewith your games adding
        Ads Banners
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      • Improve our games with
        Leaderboard, and
        Rating Feature
      • === Even if we do our best to minimize any inconvenience, we
        can’t ensure the full compatibility of all our games on every
        device and every operating system update.

        Thank you for the understanding. ===


    Play the 3D Basketball game on your phone.

    An addicting game with easy control – just tap and enjoy the
    adventures. Download and Install the before believing in all of the
    claimed features.

    Sample Tutorial

    product comes with easy and effective tutorials (both video/image)
    to fully customize your game. on youtube to get a sample.


    • Reskin almost everything by just drag and drop.
    • Lots of details, Natural and Interactive Animations.Like the
      Basketball Hoop undergoes different animation and difficulties as
      user score increases.
    • Awesome Sound effects. Like viewers cheering on score. Ball
      bounce sound effect on the floor.
    • Particle Effects on Score. The screen looks so colorful in that
    • Greeting Text on Score. Like: Clean Shot, Awesome, Cool and
      many more.
    • Interact with almost everything in the game world.
    • Player are given 10 balls. Has he scores the additional balls
      are provided to him as reward.
    • Powered by . Single Project multiple builds – Android, iOS,
      Windows phone, web etc.
    • Easy and effective documentation with example screenshots for
      every steps and video tutorials.

    What you
    will get on buying…

    1. The Complete Project that includes:
      • The Source Codes
      • Game Sprites, Images and Animations
      • Sound Effects
    2. Documentation With Images and videos for every steps.
    3. Our complete support for up and running this project on your

    Down Town is WordPress ecommerce theme based on WooCommerce
    plugin. It is suitable for fashion, apparel, shoes, auto spare
    part, tools, plumber item, ceramic, tile, tap and accessories
    store. It is also multipurpose theme which can be used for any kind
    of online store. Down Town WooCommerce theme is looking good with
    it’s clean and fresh design. All sub pages are


    • WordPress 4.5.x, 4.6.x, 4.7.x, 4.8.x
    • WooCommerce 2.4.x, 2.5.x, 2.6.x, 3.x.x

    • Using GOOGLE Fonts
    • Easy Customize –
      Admin OptionsCustomized Panel
    • Unlimited Color Options – Admin Panel
    • HTML5and
    • Fully
    • 1500+
      Font AwesomeICONS
    • Support
    • No Core Modifications
    • SEO(Search Engine Optimization) friendly
    • Optimized for
      Fast Loading+ CSS Sprite
    • UnlimitedBanners + Sliders –
      Admin Panel
    • Brand Logo+ Slider – Admin
    • Different
    • Different
    • Easy Shopping Cart Dropdown from header
    • Lots of
      Short codeswith variations
    • Valid XHTML and CSS markup
    • Woo CommerceIntegration
    • Sample dataImport
    • Easy Use and Easy Customize
    • Avoid JavaScript Confliction
    • Full
      PSD filessupplied
    • Compatible with all major browsers
    • Well-structured and commented code for easy customization
    • Full user guide documentation to help you installing and
      utilizing the theme

    Update History

    • 26 September 2017

      Initial Release

    About Game:

    Lets Jump is a cute fun little game. Jump on the colourful
    blocks and pile them as high as you can. Try to maintain balance
    and keep up with the pace of blocks. You will go crashing down if
    you lose your balance.

    Among top featured games on Appstore.

    All Ads are turned off in the video trailer.

    Here is the
    youtube link.

  • Gameplay:

    • Tap to jump.
    • Keep balance
    • Unlock new hats.

    Android APK

    Download the APK from the following link :

    Unity Project
    iOS / Android:

    -This Project is optimised for both iOS and Android devices
    (c#). A document is included in project to help you out on building
    the project for your required device. So you are getting both iOS
    & Android in One!!

    Game Features:

    In-App Purchases

    • Option to Remove-Ads
    • Unlock characters in Shop

    Features On iOS

    • Vungle video Ads.
    • Admob Banner Ads
    • Admob Interstitials
    • Unity Analytics
    • Game Center Leaderboard
    • Rating Feature
    • Ready for iOS

    Features On

    • Admob Banner Ads
    • Admob Interstitials
    • Google Play Leaderboard
    • Rating Feature
    • Ready for Android


    • Unity 3D (Free OR Paid)
    • Here is the youtube link or watch Video Preview above.
    • Documentation
      and Other

      • Everything Comes installed with the project .
      • Complete Documentation Included (step by step guide, really
        easy!), easily reskin if you want or use the template for another
        game you want to make for yourself.

      For changes and other related services please contact us and get
      a free quotation.