Update Log

Version: v1.1 (Date: 2018-12-22)

Bug Fixes:

– Added new controller for opening register, replaced all
methods from master controller to register controller

– There was an error when ingredients were added to edit food
menu. It has been fixed.

– Sort menu by category id. without category id to pos menus
under category will not be populated.

– On modification or previous order, pos user had to select new
table. Now it’s not necessary to select a table.

– On modification of an order user changes on table did not
effect. Now on a modification table change can happen or not.


– Add item to cart at pos in append order.

– Give access to POS when the role type is ‘POS User’ or user
have menu access of POS

New Features:

– Sending notification to kitchen panel and bar panel when
there is any modification of any item.

Version: v1.2 (Date: 2018-12-26)

Bug Fixes:

– Fix bug in table change when modify order

– POS, Kitchen and Bar user direct redirection fix

– List tables in POS of current outlet

– Address field data fix in when new customer adding

– Selecting menu access is now not required when adding POS,
Kitchen and Bar user

– Pull only live data in POS, previously some deleted data were
being pulled


– Theme color improved

– Added scroll to left menu for better user experience

– Documentation updated by adding update instruction


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