Naturel Responsive Magento 2 Theme

Naturelis a Premium Responsive Magento theme with
extremely customizable admin settings. Suitable for every type of
store and fast loading speed.

Perfect responsive multistore magento theme.

Great as a starting point for your custom projects.

Powerful Admin with ton of options. It’s very easy to

Included Extensions:Ajax cart, Brands, Deals,
Blog, Testimonials, Quickview Ajax, Product ajax Tab, Categories
ajax tab, Filter Product, Social, Store google map…

  • Email :
  • Support time :Monday ⚊ Saturday
  • Response Time :24 Hours ⚊ 48 Hours

Let get it ⚊ ⚊ become your online store!


  • Full Responsive
  • Powerful Admin, support cpanel, admin config
  • Easy install themes
  • Speed Optimized
  • Compatible with Magento 2.x
  • Multistore ready
  • Bootstraps, Html5, Css3
  • Google Font & Font Icons, Integrated font FontAwesome
  • Megamenueasy customize
  • Banner Slidereasy to create the banner from admin
  • Ajax cart: Ajax Add To Cart
  • Quick Viewproduct
  • Category & Product Tabintegrate ajax
  • Product Type: Bestsellers, New, Featured, Random,
    Latest, Top rated, Deals, Special and All products
  • Product Zoomzoom product image
  • Blogsmanage admin panel
  • Store Mapcreate list stores’ Map from admin
  • FAQeasy to create list faqs from admin panel
  • Testimonialseasy to create the testimonials from
    admin panel
  • Magic Routerseasy to create product page, such as:
    product type, best seller, new, featured, under price,range
  • Socialeasy to link your own site to your social
    accounts: Flick, Instagram
  • Brand moduleeasy to create brands from admin

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Product Specification of Mag2 Marketplace- Magento 2 Theme
support Multiple stores

Mag2 Marketplace – Magento 2  Theme support Multiple Stores
is the best choice for people who want to build a website like
Amazon, Lazada or eBay with the advanced features, the unique
interface, and the powerful core theme


  • 03+ Unique Homepage:3 modern home pages such as
    eBay, Lazada and Amazon are available for you to choose.
  • 20+ Pages:With 20+ awesome pages, your customers
    will have a good shopping experience
  • Category level 1:This page is a general category
    page which is displayed all subcategory level 2 of this parent
  • Category level 2:This category will be displayed
    with grid/list view style.
  • Category Grid View:Admin can configure column of
    category grid view such as 3 columns and 4 columns in the
  • Detail page:The product detail page will be
    displayed all information of the product such as product images,
    product features, reviews, etc. You will find some separate
    features such as order upload, faq, configurable product, seller’s
    contact on some product detail pages.
  • Easy to custom:With this theme, you can change
    image, select to show product in hot deal, features, new and best
    seller product and logo easily and quickly.
  • Responsive design:With the responsive function,
    all layouts will be fitted on any different devices such as the
    desktop, mobile phone, and tablet.


Magento 2 Core Theme will help admin setting about header,
footer and homepage body without having the code knowledge

  • Header Setting:In the admin panel, you can import
    header types and see the default elements & static block of
    this header types. Moreover, you can select icons or images for the
    block which is suitable for your sites such as the searching block,
    the user block, and the cart block.
  • Footer Setting:In the admin panel, you can allow
    showing columns or custom block and setting column size or the
    custom block size for the top footer, the middle footer, and the
    bottom footer.
  • Content Homepage Setting:In the admin panel, you
    can select the available section, change the position of the
    section or select a custom block for body content of homepage.
  • Theme Design Setting:In Design Settings part, you
    can set the color of the part as a basic color theme and you can
    set the color of some elements in the header & footer or change
    basic font size & basic font family.


Mag2 Marketplace does not only have the attractive and beautiful
design but also integrate many powerful modules that make your
website better.

  • Slider Revolution:Magento Slider Revolution is an
    innovative extension that displays your content in a wonderful way.
    It tells your customers your own stories by many effects through
    visual oriented interface and options.
  • Category Icon:This is an amazing module that helps
    you select icon image for each category as you expect.
  • New Products:Products which have recently created
    in the selected category will be displayed on New Product module of
    the homepage.
  • Product Best Seller:Products which people want to
    purchase a lot in the homepage will be displayed in Product Best
    Seller module.
  • Hot Deal products:Allowing admin to display the
    countdown of sales or promotions program in real time, or build
    anticipation for upcoming events.
  • Featured Products:Products which you have marked
    as a Featured item that is on sale, in the season or back in stock
    will be displayed on the Featured Products panel.


Ajax Cart Pro Extension for Magento 2 is an excellent extension
for users who hate constant page reloads. It helps them add, edit
or remove products from Ajax pop-up easier without interrupting the
shopping process.

  • Add multiple products without reloading
    Allow customers to add multiple products to
    cart quickly. Fast processing and smooth transition from the
    catalog page to the pop-up and vice versa.
  • Do not redirect to the product page: Your
    customer can add product to cart and choose its options (quantity,
    size, color…) right from catalog page without going to product
  • Quickly update mini cart: Easy to edit and
    remove products which have been added to cart right on top mini
  • Confirmation dialog popup: This popup appears
    after a client adds an item to the shopping cart. It allows
    customers to continue shopping or go to shopping cart page from the
    notification box.
  • Support configurable products and custom
     AJAX cart is a pro solution that allows
    edits configurable products and selects custom options right from
    the category page with the help of handy dialog window. It is
    possible to display all custom options or only required ones. It
    saves your customers’ a lot of time without loading the detailed
    product view page.
  • Works for all types of product: Ajax Cart
    Popup will work with all products as simple, configurable, bundle,
    downloadable, virtual and grouped products.
  • Fully Responsive: This extension adapts with
    the most devices as desktop, tablet, and mobile. Your customer can
    shop anytime and anywhere.
  • Add to cart on some pages: Ajax Add to cart
    is used in some page such as homepage, category page, wishlist and
    compare page. It’s comfortable for your customer shopping.
  • Animation effect: To make the shopping on
    your store more interesting, you can use animation effects for
    Magento 2 Ajax cart. Let’s imagine how excited customers feel when
    products fly to Mini cart or My cart link.
  • Mini Cart in Confirmable Popup: You can view
    numbers of products in cart and total price right in confirm popup
    without a mini cart in header or view cart page.
  • Customize color: You can customize any colors
    for confirmable popup to match to your site.
  • Set countdown time: Set countdown timer to
    urge Customers to check out right away
  • View cart and checkout right now: In a
    confirmable popup, there are 2 links: view cart and checkout so you
    can view cart or checkout after finishing shopping process.
  • Loading image: When you adding a product to
    cart, it will appear a loading image in processing and you won’t
    wait long.
  • Support most custom themes: Compatible with
    all popular custom themes and it makes your website more
    professional and attractive.


This is a great add-on module for your Magento store. The module
allows your customers to find the product by writing a keyword in
the search box. And the result will be displayed in the drop-down
search instantly.

  • Smarter and Instant Search: When your
    customers search any word in search box, it will return relevant
    results in a dropdown list within milliseconds.
  • Automatically call out results when input some
    Auto completes the search item after 3
    (or more) characters are entered.
  • Search by category: You can
    narrow search scope about product and quickly look for
    products you need through selecting category.
  • Product Preview in results: If you want to
    provide fully information about products for your customer, you can
    set on admin to show all the information such as: image, a short
    description, price and ratings in dropdown list of search results
    when your customer looking for any products.
  • Category Preview in results: With this
    extension, it’s not only show product information, but also show
    categories that is suitable with key word that you are looking
  • Responsive support: This extension is
    compatible with devices as: desktop, tablet and mobile. Let your
    customers feel free using their favorite device while shopping in
    your online store.
  • Time to request: When a customer enters a
    word, “fast” or “low” time is depend on Admin. You can customize
    the time wait after enter keyword more fast right in admin
  • Display product reviews: To help customers
    make the purchase decision faster, you can show product reviews and
    ratings in the search auto complete window.
  • Customize highlight text: Your customers can
    see highlighted texts/ strings while they are searching products
    and you can customize color of highlight text as you like.
  • Customize width of dropdown list: If you want
    dropdown list of results wider, you can customize its width right
    in admin panel in order to see products clearly.
  • Customize description: You can customize to
    show short description in dropdown list as you expect, it helps
    your customer able to make purchase decision quickly.
  • Easy Integrate to Your Store Theme: This
    extension integrates with all themes and makes your theme become
    more professional and clear.


Magento Mega menu allows both users and administrators to manage
and display all kinds of information flexibly and optimize your
website navigation performance.

  • Flexible Menu Layouts:With Mega Menu extension,
    you can view your menu with 3 options: Horizontal, Vertical or Both
    of them. That is an amazing function.
  • Horizontal Magento navigation menu:Mega Menu
    Magento extension has an attractive horizontal menu to organize
    your categories, sub-categories and products easily. It shows all
    categories and you can choose any category you like.
  • Vertical Magento navigation menu:This is a new
    function on this product, all name categories are hided in main
    Menu that make your site neat and clean.
  • Both Horizontal and Vertical Menu:There are both
    kinds of menu display on menu that adapt customer favorites.
  • 7 types of mega menu:You can select 7 types of
    menu content that makes your website more attractive in your
    customer’s eyes: Default Category Listing, Dynamic Category
    Listing, Static Category Listing, Product Grid, Product Listing,
    and Dynamic.
  • Select menu item position:You can arrange position
    of Menu on top, left or both that is suitable to your website.
  • Color Setting:Easy to change the element color in
    right dropdown menu in backend such as: background color when hover
    item, text menu color, text menu color when hover, product name and
    product price color.
  • Optimize options with menu:Admin can arrange
    anything on menu with just few clicks and choose what they want to
  • Responsive:Customer can view it on all devices as
    desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phones without any problem on
  • Customize menu item:Admin can add, edit and delete
    category or menu items.
  • Setting number:With 4 types menu “product grid”,
    “static category listing”, “dynamic product listing by category”
    and “product listing”, you cannot set number of column to display
    in dropdown menu but you can set it with the rest.
  • Custom block:You can display custom block in menu
    content type such as: default category listing, static category
    listing, product listing and content. Specially, you can create
    custom block right in  menu content type setting area.
  • Product on menu:Your customers can view special as
    hot, new or featured product
  • Add label for product:Add labels to highlight
    products that you want, such as: Hot, New, Sale in product listing
  • Add to cart button in dropdown menu:With “default
    category listing” type, you can see some products and add this
    product to cart by “add to cart” button.
  • Add animation:With some types of menu, we can add
    animation when hovering over image such as: dynamic category
    listing and product grid
  • Category labels:Easy for you to create a label of
    each category.
  • Config mega menu from admin panel:You can set Menu
    types or show (not show) home link only apply for horizontal
  • Icon on Category:With vertical, you can add icon
    on category to make your category clear
  • Benefit of sub category:You can narrow product
    search on sub categories, do not to use search tool
  • You can create maximum 6 sub menu


Magento Quick View extension is an effective solution which
customers can view product details quickly without leaving the
catalog navigation page.

  • Quickly view products in Catalog Widget:You can
    easily preview product in catalog widget as: homepage, categories
    pages…without going product detail page.
  • Display a popup with all information:You only
    click on quick view button, you will full information about product
    as: name, price, product image…right in quick view popup.
  • Supports all product types:Supports all kinds of
    products including Simple, Configurable, Grouped, Bundle and
  • Display all product options in the quick view
    With configurable product, you can view option about
    size, color…right in quick view popup.
  • Fully responsive popup:Quick view popup completely
    compatible with desktop, tablet and form screen size 600px, quick
    view popup will disappear.
  • Support Multi stores:This extension can adapt to
    all stores so you can free your mind to set it up.
  • Add product to cart right in popup:Customers can
    quickly add products to cart from a product popup. Browsing
    products becomes easier and faster, and encourages sales.
  • Quick View button setting:You can set custom for
    Quick View button about: title, color text and button
  • Add to cart button setting:Enable / disable Add to
    Cart button from Quick View. Specify the button’s color, hover
    color, text color, and text hover color
  • Allow show product detail formation:Enable /
    disable the entire product short description
  • Perform other actions like on a real product
    This extension enables store visitors not only to
    preview product info, but to perform other actions as: add to
    wishlist, add product to compare, send an email and write product
  • Display product detail page link:Enable / disable
    Product Link and specify the text color and hover color. If enabled
    then user will see a link to the product page for more
  • Cross browser:This extension is compatible with
    all major browsers as: Chrome, Firefox, and IE 11.
  • Allow show special products:You can show special
    products in quick view popup such as: related products, upsell


With Shop By Brand Extension for Magento 2, admin can create a
custom brand page that displays a list of brands. Your customers
will view brand information and all brand’s products by clicking on
any brands

  • Brand listing page: A brand listing page will
    be created for visitors to view and select their favorite brands.
    Store admin can set the display of the list in the backend.
  • Brand Detail Page: Customers can find all
    necessary information about brands such as brand logo, banner,
    description and product list on the brand detail page. All things
    are also configured by admin.
  • Support Featured Brand: You can choose any
    brand to be a featured brand in the admin panel.
  • Shop By Brand Filter: Allow customers
    filtering their favorite brands alphabetically.
  • Many ways to search brand: You can search
    brand by many ways such as featured brand, search box and or
  • Responsive layout design: Your customers can
    view brand listing page and brand detail page by desktop, laptop,
    and mobile. It is very convenient.
  • Multi-store Support: Our Magento 2 shop by
    brand extension supports multiple stores, multiple languages and
    multiple websites.
  • Product List in each brand: The store owner
    can add unlimited products under each brand.
  • Display brands in sidebar: Allow setting
    featured brand and brand information which can be shown or not in
    the sidebar. Moreover, you also set the number of the featured
    brand to display in the sidebar.
  • Show brand in product details page: The logo
    will be displayed in product page if the product belongs to the
    specified brand. And your customer can view some brand information
    in the product page.
  • Shop by Brand on top menu: After installing
    Shop By Brand extension successfully, you can see it on top menu
    with the link inside.
  • Product Count in each brand: Allow setting
    product count of each brand and it can be shown or not in listing
    brand page, sidebar or product page.
  • Seo Friendly URL: Support SEO with meta
    keywords, meta description and custom URL for a brand.
  • Support WYSIWYG Editor: Use WYSIWYG for a
    brand detailed description on the brand edit page.
  • Easy installation & use: With some simple
    steps to install and configure, you can easy to set up this
  • Compatible with any theme: It is easy to
    integrate with other Magento 2 theme and it makes your website more
    professional and attractive.


Order Upload extension for Magento 2 helps your customers to
upload files or attach images directly on a product detail page to
shorten their time.

  • Upload files directly on the product details
     Shoppers can bind images or upload files
    directly into each product on the product details page when they
    place an order for this product.
  • Upload files at the same time: Allow to
    select multiple files at the same time. And most of them are
    uploaded quickly at once.
  • Multiple File Types Supported: Shoppers can
    upload almost any file types like jpg, jpeg, png, txt, doc, docx,
    xls, xlsx….Admin can configure which file types are allowed to
    upload in admin panel.
  • Setting max file size: You can configure in
    back-end to limit size for each file to upload as you want.
  • Fully responsive: This extension adapts with
    all devices as: desktop, tablet and mobile and your customer can
    use anywhere.
  • Support with all products: This extension is
    work well with all products of Magento such as: simple,
    configurable, downloadable, bundle, grouped and virtual
  • Add to cart button in dropdown menu:With “default
    category listing” type, you can see some products and add this
    product to cart by “add to cart” button.
  • Interaction with uploaded files: You can add
    comments for each upload file and delete or download this file
    before ordering.
  • Display uploaded files on the view cart
     After adding products to cart and if this
    product has upload files, you can see it in view cart pages.
  • Display uploaded files on the checkout
     Shopper can upload different files/ images into
    different products and add all into cart and check out the same
    times. Uploaded file will display on the shopping cart page at
    client account.
  • Display uploaded files in the confirmed order
     Display files in the Magento order
    confirmation email sent to clients/ admin.
  • Used as a custom Magento product field: Used
    as a custom Magento product field, so you can allow which products
    are uploaded or not.
  • Files are managed in Order Management admin
     Upload images/ files are managed in admin
    panel. You know each uploaded files/images correspond each products
    in the same orders/ same buyers. And admin can download files.
  • Support Multi stores: This plugin can adapt
    to all stores so you can free your mind to set it up.


One Step Checkout Extension for Magento 2 is an excellent
solution to reduce your customer abandonment and increase

  • Only One Step Checkout: All checkout
    information such as billing address, shipping, and payment method
    will be displayed together on a single page for customers to fill
    in/ correct information without waiting or going back and
  • Google Suggest Auto-Fill: With Google API
    integrated, customers can see the matching addresses suggested as
    they type, then just select the correct one. The system will
    complete automatically address fields in a blink of eyes.
  • Quickly update mini cart: Easy to edit and
    remove products which have been added to cart in Order Review of
    Checkout form.
  • 100% Responsive: This module can adapt to any
    screen resolutions as desktops, laptops, tablets or even smartphone
    for convenient shopping everywhere.
  • Auto AJAX Updates: When customers change
    their information such as an address, other sections as Shipping,
    Payment Method, and Order Review will automatically update in
    Checkout Form.
  • Support Various International Payment
     Magento One Step checkout extension supports
    40+ popular payment methods, such as PayPal, Braintree, Bank
    Transfer, and Authorize. Net, Credit card….
  • Shipping Methods: Default shipping methods:
    Flat rate, Table Rates, Free Shipping, UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL…
  • Delivery Date & Time: Your customer can
    select date & time to receive this product right in the
    checkout process. Besides, delivery date & time will be
    configured in the back-end to suitable for your website.
  • Gift Wrap Option: Your Customers can choose
    wrapping products right on the checkout page. Order review will be
    auto updated with the gift wrap fee added.
  • Customize color: You can customize color font
    and hover color to suitable with your site right in the
  • Discount Codes and Comment text box: You can
    show Discount Codes and Comment text box in Checkout Form right in
    the back-end.
  • Support all Magento stores: This extension is
    compatible with All Magento stores, therefore, do not worry about



Blog Extension for Magento 2 helps your customers get the latest
news about your business via beautiful images, useful information,
and unique posts.

  • Customize the main column of blog page: There
    are 3 types of blog page: Blog page with a column, blog page with
    two columns and blog page with three columns.
  • Create unlimited Blog Post: You can create,
    edit, delete and manage without limit Blog Post right in the
  • Post categories management: You can create,
    edit, delete post category and select some posts for appropriate
    post categories right in the back-end.
  • Comments Management: All comments of your
    customers will be managed in the back-end. You can delete comment
    or change status (enable, disable or pending) for each
  • Share your post in social networks: Visitors
    want to read and spread interesting content. With Magento 2 blog
    plugin you can add sharing buttons to each post page through
    Facebook, Twitter…
  • Responsive layout design: Responsive design
    that works on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Multi-store Support: Our Magento 2 blog
    extension supports multiple stores for Category, Post, Comment,
    multiple languages and multiple websites.
  • Content Navigation through Tags: You can
    allow showing post tags easily and based on post tags, you can find
    the posts in the fastest way. And you also able to configure a
    number of tags right in the back-end.
  • Content Navigation through Category: You only
    click on Category in the Blog page and it will show all posts of
    this category.
  • Post Search: Your customers can easily find
    posts they are looking for through post search in the blog
  • Show Recent Blog Post: You can configure to
    display “Recent Blog Post” in sidebar of blog page right in
  • Related Blog Post: Create relinks to another
    post to increase views and sales.
  • Blog Post Information: You also configure to
    show some information to be sure blog post reliability such as
    Author and Created Date.
  • Display related products: At a blog post
    page, the admin may choose to display products related to this
  • Easy installation & use: With the simple
    step to install and configure, you can be easy to set up this
    extension right now.
  • Compatible with any theme: It is easy to
    integrate with other Magento 2 theme and it makes your website more
    professional and attractive.


FAQ Extension for Magento 2 helps your customers understand more
clearly about your product as well as your services based on a list
of questions and answers.

  • An overall FAQ page: FAQ pages will be shown
    all questions and answers, most FAQ, FAQ follows, FAQ categories,
    FAQ tags, and search tool. It will help your customers find
    questions faster.
  • Show FAQ on detail page: When your customer
    wonders some problems about the product, they can click on FAQ tab
    on product detail of this product to see questions and answers. At
    the same time, they also can send their questions here by clicking
    “Ask us question” button.
  • Show FAQ on category page: The shop owner can
    enable/disable FAQ part display on the sidebar of category page
    easily. FAQ display on the category will help your customer can
    view query while they are shopping.
  • Create unlimited Q&A: You can create,
    edit, delete and manage without limit Q&A right in the
  • FAQ categories management: You can create,
    edit, delete FAQ category and select some questions for appropriate
    faq categories.
  • Ajax live search: With FAQ Extension for
    Magento 2, you will have an awesome Ajax search tool that helps
    your customers search questions faster.
  • Works for all types of product: FAQ extension
    For Magento 2 works well with all products as simple, configurable,
    downloadable, and virtual products.
  • Add a question with a nice popup: Your
    customer can add their questions easily with a nice popup in
    product pages of this product or FAQ page.
  • Show FAQ on the sidebar: The shop owner can
    allow showing all FAQ on the sidebar of FAQ page easily and also
    configure a number of FAQ display right in the back-end.
  • Show FAQ Tags: You can allow showing FAQ tags
    easily and based on FAQ tags, you can find the question and answer
    in the fastest way. And you also able to configure a number of FAQ
    tag right in the back-end.
  • Show Most FAQ: With any questions that your
    customers often wonder, you can set this question belong Most FAQ.
    You can configure a number of Most FAQ to show in FAQ page right in
    the back-end.
  • FAQ Information: You also configure to show
    some information to be sure FAQ reliability such as FAQ Author and
    FAQ Created Date.
  • FAQ Category Color: It is easy for you to
    change Font Size, Text Color, Background Color, and Border Color
    that match your business brand.
  • Change FAQ Category Icon: You can change FAQ
    category icon as your expectation right in the back-end to match
    your website.
  • Easy installation & use: With the simple
    step to install and configure, you can be easy to set up this
    extension right now.
  • Support most custom themes: Compatible with
    all popular custom themes and it makes your website more
    professional and attractive.


Store Locator Extension for Magento 2 helps you show your stores
on one single map and your customers can quickly find the nearest
store location and obtain directions.

  • Full List Stores Display: Your customer can
    view store locations on the map which is presented by the maker
    icon or listed in a left bar with fully necessary information about
    store location.
  • View Store Location Information: In detail
    page store, you will see information includes store name, store
    image, store link, address, number phone, email, fax number and
    schedule of a store.
  • Google Map Suggest Address: Visitors just
    needs to enter a few characters in the Address field and all
    relevant suggestions will be auto-drop down as a list for
  • Methods to find a store location: Customers
    can search stores by area (country, state, city or zip-code) and by
    distance (fill a location and select distance). The search result
    will display as a list as well as the highlight on Google map.
  • Manage unlimited store location in the
     Admin can manage unlimited store locations
    in the back-end and they also can add, edit and delete any store
    location there.
  • Facebook Comment Box: This extension allows
    your customers add the comment by their Facebook account. So, it is
    very easy to show their review about quality for each store
  • Fully Responsive:This extension is compatible with
    all devices as the desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobiles.
  • Get Direction: Your customer can get the
    direction to any store from their position by entering other store
    location and mode of travel like driving, walking, bicycling,
    traveling etc. They will get the shortest directions on the
  • Show Street View: Customers can also show
    street view of your store.
  • Schedule Information: Admin can set stores
    open times & days off flexible for each store location. And
    this schedule will be displayed in detail page of each store
  • Show “Store Locator” on header and
     After you install this extension
    successfully, you will see link “Store Locator” link on the header
    and footer. Therefore, your customers can easily go to “Store
    Locator” page.
  • Setting for map: Admin has the ability to set
    default zoom value of initial map, default latitude/longitude,
    radius unit in miles or kilometers right in the back-end.
  • Easy installation & use: With some simple
    steps to install and configure, you can easy to set up this
    extension right now.
  • Compatible with any theme: It is easy to
    integrate with other Magento 2 themes, which makes your website
    more professional and attractive.


Layered Navigation Module narrows product arrangement as the
searching function by filtering products with multiple

  • Search by product attributes: Look at the
    filter panel and make the desired product clear with Category,
    Style, Size, Color and more. Buyer can get the interesting items in
    the shortest time instead of walking around.
  • Multi select Attributes: Each product
    attributes provides multi-choices and the customers are allowed to
    filter by one or more values at the same time. It will load results
    which is suitable with your options.
  • Ajax Loading page: Layered Navigation
    supports Ajax Loading page which makes all of the matching results
    appear instantly after filtering any product attribute instead of
    reloading a whole page. So, it save time and improve site
    performance better.
  • Filter Option: There are several options to
    display filters: Check box and Dropdown. You can select any display
    filter that is suitable with your website.
  • Price sliders and other numeric
     Price Slider control allows your customer to
    select a certain price range according to their purchasing
    intentions. The slider includes the maximum and minimum price for
    all your products and you move slider to find the most suitable
    price range or fill text box price.
  • Fully Responsive: These extensions adapt with
    the most devices such as: desktop, tablet and mobile and so, your
    customer can shopping anywhere.
  • Advanced categories menu: This extension
    enables you clearly display a category tree by choosing from
    various modes for category display. You can show categories in
    dropdown, together with sub categories or static 2-level category
    tree with plus/minus controls, etc., hide or move category filters,
    exclude any categories from layered navigation
  • In/out of stock filters: In/out of stock
    filtering option is a great way to save buyers’ time and keep the
    product catalog perfectly up to date at all times.
  • Set the number of filter result: Determine
    the number of filter results that will be opened when a customer
    clicks on the filter name.
  • Attributes management: You can add new
    attribute for filter or allow nay attribute which can display in
    category to your customer filter through enable it in admin
  • Filter Display:With filter option “checkbox”, you
    have 2 options to display for attribute: scroll and More/Less.
  • Flexible remove filter options: You can clear
    all recently selected options in “Shopping By” and start a new
  • Supports multiple stores: This extension can
    adapt to all stores so you can free your mind to set it up.
  • Easy to install and configure: With simple
    step to install and configure, you can be easy to set up this
    extension right now.


Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module for Magento 2 turns any Magento
store into marketplace website. Your sellers will have full control
to manage their product, sales, invoices etc… through a seller

  • Separate Seller Interface:Provide a sleek
    interface for your sellers to manage their Profile, Settings,
    Products, Orders, Transaction List and Sales Report right in seller
  • Seller Management:All sellers, as well as seller
    information, will be managed right in the back-end. Admin can
    changes status (approve/disapprove), delete seller and view seller
    information here.
  • Support all types of product:Marketplace
    Multi-Vendor Extension for Magento 2 supports all product types
    available in Magento such as simple, configurable, virtual,
    downloadable, also using add-ons seller/vendor can create grouped
    and bundle product as well with attribute set.
  • Flexible Commission Management:Store owner can set
    commission on global level which is applicable for sellers to whom
    specific commission has not been set, as well as set commissions
    for each Seller.
  • Product, Seller/Vendor Notification Email:Admin
    receive an email when customer registers to become seller, seller
    adds or edits a product and seller receives an email when your
    customer contacts seller shop, admin approve/disapprove
    seller/seller product etc.
  • Marketplace Seller Central:Your customer can see
    all seller shops in Marketplace page and they can buy products of
    seller shop here.
  • Edit Profile Seller:Lets sellers to add and edit
    their store information and logo.
  • Seller Attribute Management:Allow seller create an
    attribute for their product and admin will approve this attribute
    in the admin panel.
  • 2 Types of Fixed/Percentage Based Commission:Our
    module enables 2 different types of commission settings: fixed and
    the percentage which can be configured for a seller in the
  • Seller / Vendor Dashboard Management:Display sales
    report by using charts (Orders and Amounts), and filter the reports
    by year, month, week and day. You also view recent order here.
  • Seller Order Management:The seller can see all
    order, order status and view order to see detail about the
  • Seller Transaction Report:Includes all transaction
    amounts when an order has completed.
  • Sales Report:Seller can see all shopping
    activities when open the sales report
  • Marketplace Management by Admin:All information
    that is related to seller such: manage sellers, manage seller
    products, manage seller orders, manage transactions will be managed
    by admin.
  • Easy to register seller:Your customer can register
    to become seller easily right in their account.
  • Approve seller product by admin:Admin can choose
    to auto-approve products or not.
  • Approve seller order by admin:Admin can choose to
    auto-approve orders or not.
  • Allow Associated Product:Admin can allow the
    seller to add related products, up-sell products and cross-sell
    products from seller’s panel.
  • Configure types of SKU:Admin can configure SKU
    types of the product when sellers add a product in the admin
  • Multiple Vendor Product(S) Checkout At
    Buyer/customer can purchase the product from various
    sellers/vendor at once. At the cart, buyer will be able to see the
    vendor name in the cart as well.
  • Graph setting by admin:Admin can select types of
    graph and set the color for graph right in the back-end.
  • Multi currencies & languages support:Support
    for multiple languages and currencies are available.
  • Responsive design:This extension is compatible
    with all devices as: desktop, tablet and mobile. It’s easy to
    sellers to use anywhere anytime.
  • Integrated add-ons in modules:There are 3 add-ons
    as: Product Video, Vacation and Store Locator are integrated in
  • Easy installation & use:With the simple step
    to install and configure, you can be easy to set up this extension
    right now.
  • Multi-theme & template support:It is easy to
    integrate with other Magento 2 theme and it makes your website more
    professional and attractive.



  • CMS Static Block:With using static block, you can
    create content for the category, allow admin to show items and
    promotions instead of displaying products in the category
  • Product Slider:You can display many products in
    the hot deal, bestseller, new products, and featured products.
  • Product hovering function:When a customer hovers a
    mouse on the product, they will see functions such as quick view,
    add to cart, and add to wishlist. It is very useful for your
    website to increase revenue.
  • Multi Google fonts:We support multiple fonts in
    the admin panel which you can select the favorite one as you
  • Multi-Currency:You can set up currencies for your
    store to suitable for your customers around the world.
  • Multi-Languages:You can set up language to
    suitable for your customers to make more sales volume.
  • Compatible with many major browsers:This theme
    works perfectly with all major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE
    and so on.