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GoEstate is in native source code for the Android platform that
helps you build a real estate platform on an Android device. This
platform is for properties user to post their real estate for sale
or rent. Users can search properties and communicate in real time
with property owners and more. application built on Android Studio.
Installation of server components is done quickly in a few simple

Point Finder
Directory Themewas designed to allow you to create
a listing & directory website as you wish. You can create your
own customized system within minutes thanks to its customizable
fields and search system. Point Finder offers you a lot of control
over Google Map, and it is unique with its superior features. The
websites you can create with Point Finder is only limited by your

Theme Features:

  • Quick Setup:You can perform the setup of your
    theme in minutes. Moreover, you can choose any of our demo websites
    and create it exactly the same.
  • Advanced Documentation:You can access all
    information about Point Finder with our help documentation. You can
    review our easy-to-understand documentation with step-by-step setup
    description online.
  • Google Map Geolocation:We used Google Map
    Geolocation feature in Point Finder to the best of our ability. You
    can position your visitors, and easily show your properties or
    items in specified distance.
  • Google Map Styling:You can create personalized
    maps on Point Finder Google Map by styling. You can find detailed
    information on how to do that from our help documentation.
  • Google Map Cluster:You can group crowded cluster
    points with Google Map Cluster feature and adjust the
    characteristics of these groups with administration panel.
  • Customizable Points:You can create your points
    easily without making any uploads, either for categories or for
    each item, thanks to Custom Point Config feature that we offer to
  • Multiple Point:You can easily add with this system
    which has been made for multiple items located at the same address
    and show your visitors all of them.
  • Customizable Info Windows:You can customize
    information windows which open when you click on points with this
    feature. You can adjust their color, size and content as you like
    from the admin panel.
  • Ajax Features:You can make different selections in
    systems with many points thanks to Point Finder AJAX
    infrastructure. For example, you can ensure that only points which
    is being displayed are loaded and these points are increased when
    changing area. Loading when you zoom in or zoom out in your map is
    another feature you can use in this section.
  • Mail Template System:You can customize many
    e-mails which are sent to your users and the admin with Point
    Finder mail system. You can configure SMTP infrastructure from this
    system and change many features, such as colors of the email
  • Front End Upload System:You can ensure your
    visitors upload to your website with this system. You can allow
    them to upload either for free or you can determine a price per
    item. You can make additional pricing in special listings with
    Featured Points feature.
  • Social Login System:You can make sure that users
    who want to register to your website do this easily through
    Facebook and Twitter. You can also facilitate their log-ins with
    this method.
  • Paypal Recurring and Direct Payments:Thanks to
    Point Finder?s system which is fully integrated with Paypal, you
    can allow your visitors to choose Paypal Recurring or Paypal Direct
    Payment options when uploading their items. In addition to that,
    you can also run your system with bank transfer option and offline
    payment mode.
  • Paypal IPN System:You can leave the tracking of
    processes such as cancellation and stopping of agreement in
    Recurring Payments to Point Finder IPN system. In such cases, it
    will make instantaneous changes in the system, saving you a lot of
  • Order Tracking System:Point Finder tracks every
    payment that is due and presents you a detailed report. You can
    track payments and processes for any items your users have uploaded
    to your system.
  • Visual Composer Page Builder:You can use the
    existing Visual Composer elements and Point Finder special
    shortcuts which are added by us thanks to our theme which uses the
    latest version of Visual composer. With this, you can create your
    pages without writing any lines just by clicking and dragging with
    your mouse. You can use the shortcuts we created for you beforehand
    with Templatera, which is a Visual Composer plugin and comes with
    our theme.
  • Responsive Layout:Point Finder is fully compatible
    with mobiles, and you can run it on any device because it is fully
    compatible with IOS, Android and other smartphone systems.
  • Revolution Slider:With this excellent add-on that
    comes with Point Finder, you can create sliders as you like.
  • Customizable Item Details:You can create
    information fields that you want in your item details with Point
    Finder. Without being dependant on previously defined fields and
    writing any line of code, you can create rich content by click and
    drag feature.
  • Customizable Search Area:You can search any
    criteria in both your maps and search Widgets with Point Finder.
    You can match search criteria with any Custom Fields that you enter
    and create a search system that is completely customized by
  • Google reCaptcha:You can use this feature in all
    fields which are available in Point Finder. The latest version of
    reCaptcha is fully integrated with our theme.
  • Review System:You can activate a review system for
    your items without using any additional plugins. You can create
    your own review system with separate voting option for any amount
    of criteria that you like.
  • Custom Widgets:You can list the latest items or
    featured items easily with special Widgets we designed for you. You
    can make searches within the page or add your tweets from Twitter
  • Favorites System:You can allow your visitors to
    add the items they like into their favorites with this system.
  • Claim/Report Listing System:You can create a claim
    system for the items that you and your visitors uploaded and get
    opinions from the users who visit your website.
  • Child Theme:You can perform programming changes on
    theme easily with this feature and you can save any changes you
    make in your theme in the future.
  • Advanced Theme Options:While designing Point
    Finder, we prepared Options Panels which you can use to customize
    every detail possible and you can use it to check all points in
    your website. You can solve all your questions and problems with
    the detail panel documentation.
  • Customizable Page Headers:You can create separate
    headers for each page, or make one header for all pages.
  • WPML Support:Point Finder gives you the chance to
    use your website with multiple language option thanks to its WPML
    support. As you can see from online help documentation, you can
    easily translate all words in your website to any language you
  • Localization:You can translate your theme into
    your own language with WordPress Localization infrastructure.
  • dsiIDX Plugin Compatible:You can ensure an easy
    integration with the plugin provided by Diverse Solutions thanks to
    our fully compatible system.
  • bbpress Compatible:You can use this plugin without
    making any configuration and create your forums easily.
  • RTL Partially supported.
  • Stripe Payment Supported

You can contact us through our support system for any problems
you might encounter in our theme during use. You can send me a
message from my profile page for any feature suggestions you want
added to Point Finder. If this feature is comprehensive, I will
definitely review it and try to implement it…

Demo images not included to design. Sources on help document
below the credits.

Latest Update v1.8.9.5 - 08/03/2019 Fix: A problem patched on
my listings section. Fix: Old SMTP settings removed from Mail
Config Panel. Fix: Minor problems solved on the theme. Fix: PF
Tiles Location and Listing type element counting problem. Fix:
Custom tabs html content problem. Fix: Listing detail page
“original image” problem solved. Fix: Stripe API is updated. Fix:
H1 tags added to the listing details page. Update: All included
plugins updated.


Javo Directory WordPress Theme – V4

Version 4.0.8 (2019-03-15)

Improved : Archive page > Widget not working issue fix
Improved : Archive page > Grid List toogle issue
Improved : Map template > Search form listing  > Category
filter > Double result issue
Improved : Widget > Reset filter > More taxonomy
Improved : Widget > Map list filter > Added listing_keyword

Fixed : Widget > Search form listing > More taxonomy
parameter issue

Version 4.0.7 (2019-03-08)

Improved : Elementor Tool > Added get direction option
Improved : Get direction modal template
Improved : Widget > Maps map > Zoom level
Improved : Widget > Search form listing > Amenities
Improved : Modue > Post Block > Carousel Arrow
Improved : Widget > Search form listing > Old category,
listing filter issue & Clear filter
Improved : Widget > Nav menu > Mobile menu
Improved : Search form section > width issue fix

Fixed : My page > listings > Link add listing issue fix
Fixed : Lava favorite > not user logged in issue fix
Fixed : Module > Module card > Content in media > Featured
image issue fix
Fixed : Widget > canvas opener > Not working in User
dashboard issue fix

Version 4.0.6 (2019-02-22)

Improved : Module > Block > Added carousel arrow color
Improved : Module > Block > Carousel item & arrow padding
Improved : Reset filter > Auto remove issue
Improved : Module > Listing base meta > Display type
Improved : Widget > Get Direction & Titleline (Required
Update : get direction :
Fixed : Widget > Single listing faq > iPhone, iPad not
working issue fix
Fixed : Widget > Search form listing > Keyword field

Version 4.0.5 (2019-02-15)

Added : Module > Listing Field > Added More Taxonomy

Fixed : Widget > Map reset filter
Fixed : Widget > Map list filter > Checkbox filter
Fixed : Widget > Map list filter > Address filter
Fixed : Map template > Max call stack issue
Fixed : Widget > Listing Meta > tel, mail protocals issue fix
Fixed : Widget > Small Map & Header Map > Empty google
map style code issue
Fixed : Widget > Search form > Ajax search > Icon(Font
Awsome) issue fix
Fixed : Widget > Map maps > Max zoom level fix
Fixed : Submit Page > WP Media Error

Improved : Widget > Nav Menu > Added hover effect option
& style

Version 4.0.4 (2019-01-18)

Core ===========

Improved: Lava ajax search widget style option
Improved: Added more options for my menu widget
Improved : Widget > Reset filter
Improved : Module > Module meta >  Added more taxonomy
Improved : Widget > Listing post meta >  Added more taxonomy
Improved : Widget > Submit listing meta >  Added more

Fixed : Ajax search > Listing category issue
Fixed : Module > Badge > Distance
Fixed: Remove dropdown filter after class icon

Theme ===========

Improved: Menu Post Block
Improved : Login Redirect Function > Added logout action

Version 4.0.3 (2018-12-14)

Added : Post block, Map block, Map list block > Added masonry
controls, effect option
Added : BuddyPress Module, BuddyPress Meta

Fixed : Elementor  > Empty value issue

Improved : Widget > Buddypress list meta > Added loadmore,
Improved : User menu SCSS
Improved : old core conflict. Login

Version 4.0.2 (2018-12-10)

========== Core ==========
Fixed: z-index on distance bar
Fixed : wrong doc and import information
Fixed : Single header(Group) mobile issue
Improved : Buddypress list > Masonry
Improved : Widget > Bp Meta > AJAX
Improved : Buddypress meta replace function
Improved : Module > Module Meta > Rating
Improved : Post featured, Category featured, Buddypress Coever >
Added default image option
Improved : Widget > User Menu > Change repeater
Improved : Module > Added rating type options
Change : Widget name 'Buddypress meta' to 'Buddypress list meta'

========== Theme ==========
Fixed : Javo-Core Install/Active/Update Issue
Fixed : Awsp/Api/Extra > Not found method issue
Remove : Theme settings > API tab
compatibility: WordPress 5.0
compatibility: BuddyPress 4.1
compatibility: Gutenberg

Version 4.0.1 (2018-12-03)

Added : Widget > Maps map > Block hover > Change marker
Added : Widget > User Menu
Added : WordPress customize > Mypage options
Fixed : Bp replace class
Removed : removed unused thumbnails
Fixed : Sticky  header
Improved : Buddypress Nouveau function issue
Fixed : Map template > Near by

Version 4.0.0 (2018-11-26)

V4.0 Released

Globo is our newest DIRECTORY Template. We created it according
to our customer’s suggestions so it could provide the best
experience for administrators, company owners and regular users.


Please note that images are not included in this package.


TripTip is a Directory & Listing WordPress Theme created
especially for Directory Businesses. It includes 18 pages. Theme
files are perfectly organized, and you could easily customize
everything. It is powerful with Elementor Front Pagebuilder to make
easy use. You can use it for a lot of websites directory &
listing types, like Real Estate, Property, Hotel, Travel,
Restaurants, Entertainments etc.. Thanks for watching.

Our Theme includes all the features that you need

  • Work on latest version 5.0 WordPress
  • Easy Listing and Event Management
  • 4 Pre-build Home pages
  • 4 Listing Explore layout
  • Ajax filter and page navigation
  • Making money from your site: Paid listing, Subscription package
    or you can set it as free.
  • 3 Single listing layout
  • One Click import Sample Data
  • Compatible with Contact form 7
  • Build with Visual Elementor live preview page builder
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • Bootstrap 4.x
  • Retina Ready
  • Smooth Css3 Animation
  • FontAwesome Icons
  • Parallax sections
  • RTL Language support
  • Unlimited Color changing in Theme Options panel
  • Google map
  • Seo ready
  • Responsive for all devices
  • Easy customizable (every section well commented)
  • Well Documented
  • XML Sample Data included
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free Theme Install and setup

By purchasing our Theme you receive a professional 24/7 support.
Our team will gladly respond to your concerns as soon as possible,
and help you out if you need a customization.

If you purchase WordPress version we can send you also PSD &
HTML package.


TripTip is a Directory & Listing HTML5 template created
especially for Directory Businesses. It includes 18 HTML files. All
files are perfectly organized, and you could easily customize
everything. It has many functions to make easy and reliable
directory listing. You can use it for a lot of websites directory
& listing types, like Real Estate, Property, Hotel, Travel,
Restaurants, Entertainments etc.. Thanks for watching.

Our Template include all features that you need

  • Bootstrap 4.x
  • Clean and Unique Design
  • Responsive and Retina ready
  • Smooth css3 animations
  • Working Contact Form
  • Font Awesome icons
  • Line Awesome icons
  • Google maps (with multi & single marker)
  • Info Window for markers
  • Select 2 Plugin for select options with autocomplete
  • Scss files (included)
  • BEM (Block element modifier)
  • Pure CSS3 background slider in register page
  • Easy Customizable
  • Well documented
  • Etc

Font Family used:

Nunito (Google Fonts)

Montserrat (Google Fonts) Permanent Marker (Google Fonts)


Images are used only for demo. They are all free for commercial
and non-commercial use. You can find them in Unsplash page, or we
can send you them after purchasing the template.

By purchasing our template you receive a professional 24/7
support. Our team will gladly respond to your concerns as soon as
possible, and help you out if you need customization.

This is a WordPress plugin to create as many maps as you want,
with interactive and colored markers, continents, countries or


Fully compatible with the brand new WordPress v.5

Show Different

You will be able to show
hundredsof different kinds of maps, already

  • A map of the entire world.
  • A continent or a sub-continent. (Africa, Europe, Americas,
    Asia, Oceania and all their sub-continents)
  • A country. (virtually all the countries in the world are
    included, featuring the most requested: USA, United Kingdom,
    Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, India,
  • A country divided by its regions. *
  • A state in the United States.
  • The United States divided by metropolitan areas.
  • A state in the United States divided by metropolitan

Regions or add Markers

You can add active colored regions to
the map, and display them in 2 different ways:

  • As Regions – It will color the whole region, for example a
    continent, subcontinent, a country, a country province, or a US
  • As Markers -It will display a colored bubble in the chosen
    regions, that can be a city, a state or a country.


You can add interactivity to the active regions:

  • A Tooltip– A tooltip will be displayed by default
    on hover with the information you provide.
  • An Action? You can set up diferent kinds of action
    for when the user clicks in an active area. You can make a new URL
    open, or simply display a message. Advanced users will be able to
    create their own Javascript functions for customized actions, like


You will
be able to costumize the visual of your maps:

  • Background color;
  • Box border width and color;
  • Inactive regions color;
  • Individual colors for each active region;
  • Markers size;
  • Width and Height of the map;

Add the Maps anywhere on your website

You can use a shortcode
to include the maps in posts, pages and even in sidebar widgets!
You can also add the maps to your template, with a simple php


If no width is
specified it will load with the maximum width available in the
container div. For example, it will load and adapt with different
sizes for phones/ipads/laptops. However, after loaded it will not
change size if you resize the window.

Since version 1.4 the plugin includes an option to make the
maps fully Responsive. This will use jQuery to check if the window
size changed and will redraw the map with the new available space.

Cross device and browser compatible

The maps are built in SVG,
no flash is used and therefore they will display in Mac products.

CSS Hacks made

There a few features that the Google Geochart API doesn’t
provide by default, but the plugin provides a ‘Custom CSS
Generator’ to help implement some features like hover colour change
effect, implement font icons as markers, change border colour,
among others.

Example of map using font icons from fontAwesome toolkit using
some CSS tricks, available from version 1.7.3 released January
2016. .

Where to use

This plugin is perfect for:

  • Travel Websites – Create maps to display destinations and link
    to pages about a specific location
  • Traveler Website – Display a map with destinations/countries
  • Multinational Companies – Create maps of the cities/countries
    where they operate
  • Small Companies – Show the location of the business in a
    country map
  • NGO’s – Create maps of NGO projects around the world
  • Infographics – Display simple to read maps with various
  • And much more other applications! Be creative!


  • Divi – by ElegantThemes
  • Avada
  • X Theme

Creative Examples


This plugin uses the powerful Google Geochart API which
creates the SVG vector maps.



«Absolutely love this plugin. Very easy to use and set up.
Highly recommended to anyone looking for a mapping solution! Great

«This is the easiest to use plugin. I bought the plugin to use
for a client?s site that does work all over the world. They wanted
an easy way to display information about their work in different
countries and this made my life so simple. Well worth the money and
I?ll be back to purchase for any additional clients who need this
type of functionality.»

«If anyone is thinking about buying this plug-in, don?t
hesitate. It doesn?t get any better than this. If you think $18 is
too steep, you?ve never struggled coding maps. This is such a time
saver that I?d gladly have paid ten times the asking price. In
fact, I?ve paid a pretty penny for software over the years hoping
to save time and aggravation when it came to making interactive
maps. Interactive World Maps is a gem.»


* The maps of countries
divided by regions include the main regions of the specified
country. The plugin calls all of them ‘Provinces’ but in reality
they could be states, regions, provinces or counties, depending of
the country. They are the first level of division of a country.
(ENG, NIR, SCT and WLS). The maps of some small countries divided
by regions are not available, since the country is too small (Malta
for example). If you need to make sure a map divided by regions is
available, contact us via the support tab.


2018/09/10 - v2.2.7 - shortcode render in lightbox, iframe colorbox
mobile size fix, nowrap bug solved
2018/06/28 - v.2.2.3 - sanitize fields bug fix
2018/06/11 - v2.2.1 - Small bug fix related with the action to
display content after marker or region is clicked.
2018/06/08 - v2.2 - show-map-image shortcode and populate
automatically helper actions + bug fixes
2018/05/11 -v.2.1 - Added option to setup custom image as marker
2018/01/13 - v.2.0.5 - added action to display content on the right
& new option in the settings to disable image preview
2017/09/19 - v.2.0.2 - php7 improvement on layers widget, added
shortcode to display map title and description [show-map-title
id='x'],[show-map-description id='x'], added iwm_input filter, tiny
MCE update
2017/06/28 - v.2.0 - Improved ordering of countries for list and
dropdown (now considers accents in region names). Other small
2017/04/06 - v.1.9.9 - CSS Improvements, marker size for mobile, no
wrap option for tooltip
2016/11/03 - v.1.9.4 - CSS Improvements. Improved zoom code (still
in beta). Improved show-map-list shortcode.
2016/07/22 - v.1.9.1 - Added option to add Google Maps API Key.
Other small bug fixes.
2016/05/24 - v.1.8.5 - Editor improvements
2016/05/24 - v.1.8.4 - Javascript bug fix and CSS improvements.
Implemented workaround for Google API bug 
2016/05/01 - v.1.8 - Javascript bug fix that was preventing the
maps from displaying in some browsers
2016/04/30 - v.1.7.9 - New Actions Added. Cornerstone integration.
Hover code improved.
2016/02/07 - v.1.7.6 - Map widget & Layers widget, custom js
field added, custom css generator hover option improved
2016/01/14 - v.1.7.3 - Added options to use font icons instead of
2015/11/12 - v.1.7.2 - Fixed PHP bug; Added hidden feature,
shortcode parameter extras='dropdown'
2015/09/04 - v.1.7 - Visual Composer integration code updated
2015/07/01 - v.1.6.7 - Improvements in the javascript code that
controls the responsive behaviour
2015/04/01 - v.1.6.6 - Added Kosovo; Custom CSS Box; Overlay map
options; Added projection option; Added tooltip on click option
2015/01/20 - v.1.6.5 - Small Improvements for  <a
target="_blank">advanced usage</a>;<br />
2014/09/06 - v.1.6.1 - Small Improvements; New shortcode to display
region entries as dropdown;<br />
2014/06/13 - v.1.6 - Made the plugin Visual Composer Ready<br
2014/06/09 - v.1.5.6 - New Custom CSS option in Settings; Text
Markers Mode implemented;<br />
2014/05/04 - v.1.5.5 - https improvements / apply_filters(
'i_world_map_capability', 'manage_options'); implemented<br
2014/01/31 - v. - Small Responsive behaviour
improvement.<br />
2013/12/10 - v.1.5.4 - New admin Menu Icon (WordPress 3.8
compatible).<br />
2013/11/03 - v.1.5.3 - HTML tooltips added.<br />
2013/10/02 - v.1.5 - Improved Responsive feature; Improved
javascript handling.<br />
2013/06/03 - v.1.4 - Added feature to make the maps fully
responsive<br />
2012/11/30 - v.1.3 - Added feature to disable tooltip<br />
2012/10/18 - v.1.2 - Added feature to display markers inserting
lat/lon coordinates<br />
2012/09/22 - v.1.1.0 - Added feature to color continents and
subcontinents.<br />
2012/09/22 - v.1.1.0 - Added feature to color continents and
subcontinents.<br />
2012/09/09 - v.1.0.3 - Improved support for HTML values in 'action
value' field.<br />
2012/09/05 - v.1.0.2 - Google Chrome bug fixed, Improved function
to show map from php function and other minor fixes.<br />
2012/09/03 - v.1.0.1 - Minor fixes in the wp_enqueue<br />
2012/09/03 - v.1.0.0 Initial Release 

Explorer Map displays items from a json file or a database on
map according to the shape. This is a graphical interface for users
to draw polygons, rectangles, polylines, circles, and markers on
the map. If you want, you can measure distance between two points
as well.

Add your own shape and your content (markers) will be loaded
automatically from direct JSON file or Database.

The map is automatically updated to show all markers when you
select a new shape. When you select a marker, the popup will show
you the details of the place. The markers are clustered on zooming
out. If you want to delete any shape, just select them and click to
delete or clean all. Customize the map style with Snazzy Map. The
plugin is compatible with IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera,
Chrome and Edge.

Based on HTML5 – CSS3 – JQuery. Vanilla Javascript is an Option
– Not necessary any dependence of Jquery.

Uven is a mobile-based website created for real estate webstite
which is built with latest MaterializeCSS, a template with a clean
and modern design, and a neat layout to make it easier for users to
customize this template


  • Responsive Design
  • Easy Edit
  • Modern Design
  • Clean Design
  • Clean Code
  • Latest Font Awesome
  • Google Font
  • Valid HTML5
  • Valid CSS3
  • Well Documentation
  • Free Support
  • And much more…


  • Properties
  • Properties Details
  • Agents
  • Agents Details
  • Blog
  • Blog Single
  • Profile
  • Login
  • Register
  • Forgot Password
  • Settings
  • About
  • Features
  • Services
  • Gallery
  • Portfolio
  • Coming Soon
  • Page Not Found
  • Faq
  • Testimonial
  • Contact


  • Roboto
  • Prompt


  • Font Google
  • Materializecss
  • Font Awesome
  • jQuery
  • Image Loaded
  • jQuery Countdown
  • Lightbox
  • Owl Carousel
  • Pexels
  • *Image preview used not included in main file