ProClinic-Bootstrap4 Hospital Admin is made with Bootstrap 4.
ProClinic is a complete solution for Hospital Management. We
covered to manage patients, doctors, appointemts and room
allotments. This documentation will help you to understand
template’s structure and how to edit. Please follow it very
carefully to find out how template works and how you can edit
template. You should have knowledge of CSS and HTML to be able to
modify this HTML Template.


  • Top Navigation
  • Bootstrap Grid System
  • Font Awesome And Themify icons
  • Google fonts
  • Beatiful UI Kit
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Google and Vector Maps
  • Carousel Slider
  • Morris and FLot Charts


  • JavaScript Framework
  • Images ,
  • Fonts , and
  • CSS Framework
  • Animations
  • Maps
    Google Maps API
  • Maps
    Vector Maps API
  • Charts
    Morris Charts API
  • Charts
    Flot Charts API
  • Data Tables
    Data table API


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– Help Image Files

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JavaScript Plugin

Particler is a pure javascript plugin which creates a
canvas-particles based on your image. You can easy set up behavior
of particles and make awesome stuff.


  • No dependencies — pure javascript;
  • Simple usage;
  • Easy customisation;
  • >20 options to set up particles behavior;
  • Small size — only 7kb minified, 3kb gzipped;
  • Good documentation and examples;
  • 5 built-in particle shapes.


v1.1 — 10.02.2017

  • Hover particles effect: particles will be “exploded” when
    cursor is moving over the canvas;
  • Some options to set up hover exploding effect: explode radius,
    maximum particle displacement and maximum delta of circular motion
    radius of particle.

v2.0 — 30.08.2017

  • Great
  • More options available;
  • jQuery dependency for explode-effect removed;
  • Two new shapes of the particles (heart and cross);
  • Zoom effect;
  • Fullscreen mode;
  • Code improvements;
  • Bugfixes.