DashCore, is a lightweight and customizable
premium HTML template ideal for showcasing Software Solutions, SAAS
Products and Startups. Built with Twitter Bootstrap Framework 4,
HTML and CSS3.
DashCoreincludes all SASS code for a complete and easy
customization experience.


  • Dashboard starter template
  • Twitter Bootstrap 4
  • Multiple page variations
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Markup
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Working Mail Chimp API 3.0 Newsletter Form (PHP)
  • Working HTML Forms
  • Smooth Animation Effects
  • Well Documented

What’s included?

  • OOP PHP Classes
  • HTML / CSS / JS
  • SASS files
  • Multiple page variations
  • Full Documentation


Customer are our major asset, and their satisfaction our biggest
goal. If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate, you can contact
us any time.

* Important *

You will buy a pure HTML/CSS/JS template, this is not a
WordPress theme.

Bracket is yet another New Bootstrap 4 Admin Template with
jQuery plugins that is perfect for your next projects. It provides
an easy to use modern and flat user interface design and a fully
responsive layout that is compatible with handheld devices such as
phones and tablets.

If you like Bracket, please don’t forget to rate it


  • Built using Bootstrap 4
  • Valid HTML5 and CSS 3
  • SASS Support
  • Clean and Modern Design
  • Fully Responsive and Retina Ready
  • Graphs – Flot, Morris and Sparkline, etc.
  • Email Template
  • Forms
    • Enhanced Checkboxes
    • Enhanced Select using jQuery Chosen
    • Toggle Switches
    • Time Picker
    • Date Picker
    • Form Validation
    • Form Wizard
    • WYSIHTML5 Editor
  • UI Elements
    • Buttons & Icons
    • Typography
    • Alerts & Notifications
    • Tabs & Accordions
    • Modals
    • Sliders
    • Graphs & Charts
    • Panels & Widgets
    • and much more
  • Tables
  • Maps – Gmaps and JQVMap
  • Pages
    • Asset Manager
    • 404 Page
    • Sign Up Page
    • Sign In
    • Sign Up

    Change Log

    Version 2.0 - November 22, 2017
    * Added: Bootstrap 4 Version (Everything New)
    Version 1.5 - October 03, 2014
    * Added: 5 New Color Skins
    * Added: Select2
    * Added: X Editable
    * Fixed: RTL Sticky Header
    * Added: RTL Subtitle moved to new line
    * Updated: Bootstrap to version 3.2
    Version 1.4 - June 05, 2014
    * Added: RTL (Right To Left) Support
    * Added: LESS Support
    * Added: Bug Tracker Pages (3 HTML Pages)
    * Added: Weather Icons (92 icons)
    * Added: Colored Head Tables
    * Updated: Upgraded Bootstrap to version 3.1.1
    * Updated: Font Awesome update to 4.1 with 71 new icons
    * Fixed: Keypad disappears when doing search in mobile
    Version 1.3 - March 24, 2014
    * Added: Fixed Width w/ Top Menu
    * Added: Fixed Width w/o Sidebar
    * Added: Inline Editing using CKEditor
    * Added: Replace DIV Element to Text Editor (CKEditor)
    * Added: Code Editor (by CodeMirror)
    * Added: PSD UI Kit (more will be added soon)
    * Added: Content Slider Box Widget Using Bootstrap Carousel
    * Added: Compose Email
    * Added: More modal examples (tab modal, accordion modal, photo
    viewer, modal sizes)
    * Fixed: jQuery Chosen not working in signup page
    * Fixed: File name overlap in file manager
    Version 1.2 - March 01, 2014
    * Added: Touch support for Sliders
    * Added: Touch support for Calendar Event
    * Added: Horizontal Menu
    * Added: Horizontal Menu with Sidebar
    * Added: Fixed Width (Box) Page
    * Added: To-Do List Widget
    * Fixed: Extra 1px of top header when left bar is collapsed
    * Fixed: Pop-out menus underneath to other elements when left bar
    is collapsed
    * Fixed: showTooltip undefined error in Dashboard page
    * Fixed: Overlapping layers of blog list page when clicking chat
    list icon
    Version 1.1 - February 20, 2014
    * Fixed: Collapsed Menu Issue - showing sub menu in collapsed mode
    * Fixed: Logo not showing in enabling sticky leftpanel
    * Added: Font Options - to change font of your choice


    • by Font Awesome
    • by John Resig
    • by Adam Shaw
    • by Jordan Boesch
    • by SIL
    • by
    • by Vincent Gabriel & Jason Gill
    • by James Hollingworth
    • by Harvest
    • by Stefan Petre
    • by Matias Meno
    • by Gustavo Leon
    • by Ivan Malopinsky
    • by Kirill Lebedev
    • by Klaus Hartl
    • by Allan Jardine
    • by Josh Bush
    • by Stephane Caron
    • by Jorn Zaefferer
    • by David DeSandro
    • by Olly Smith

    Want a website template? Check this out

New 2.0
version is out now

It’s Brain theme has been updated. Current


  • Input limiter plugin
  • Tags input plugin
  • Placeholder plugin
  • Chosen plugin – styled dropdowns with search
  • Usual form validation
  • Masked input plugin
  • OrderBars plugin for flot charts
  • Autocomplete


  • Changed jquery library to the latest 1.7.1 version
  • Restructured .js files
  • Moved charts parameters to separated files and added them only
    on those pages where they need
  • For easy navigation and turning on/off plugins, all of them
    were moved to the related folders.
  • Recoded the general code for forms and UI elements, now both of
    them have the same width
  • Fixed autotabs widths
  • Updated top user navigation dropdown
  • Completely removed smartWizard plugin
  • Fixed padding and margin for some elements
  • Fixed tabs height in the light version
  • Updated filter elements in dual select boxes
  • Some fixes for responsive layout
  • Fixed bottom elements and dynamic table in general for
    responsive layout
  • Removed fileInput plugin and added uniform plugin for single
    file uploader
  • and more…



Its Brain – new
premium admin theme with lots of different features:

  • Fixedand
    Liquid2 columns layout
  • Integrated Flot charts
    • Lines
    • Bars
    • Pies
  • Form elements:
    • Default text input fields with placeholder, autofocus, on hover
      tooltip, read only, disabled, with maximum length and predefined
    • Textarea with
      fixed height and autogrowing feature
    • Filtering data rows with filters– letters only,
      numbers only, regular expressions, alpha only, auto converting to
      uppercase characters.
    • Dropdown and select lists
    • Spinner with mousewheel support: simple number
      input, decimal, currency, inline data, inline data with links
    • Checkboxes and radio buttons
    • File uploader with
      auto select of HTML version, which your current browser
      supports (HTML4/HTML5)
      . For HTML5 version there is a
      drag-n-drop function, progress bar, file size and multi
      , for HTML4 – it’s a usual single file uploader with
      status bar.
    • WYSIWYG editor
    • Integrated
      validation engine
    • 3 label position versions
  • Interface elements:
    • 4 color stylesfor statistic buttons
    • UI sliders: usual, with increments, with fixed minimum, with
      fixed maximum, range slider, multiple vertical sliders
    • Usual date picker
    • Inline date picker
    • Color picker
    • 10 types of AJAX loaders
    • Progress bars: usual one,
      with percentages and timer, with percentages and timer +
      delay on start
    • 7 button colors: light grey, red, green, blue,
      grey/blue, sea, black
    • Growl notification: sticky, basic, with header,
      long live message
    • 2 types of tabs: as a widget or full width area
    • 2 breadcrumbs types: static and with auto
    • Modal alert boxes: usual alert, confirmation
      dialog, prompt dialog, dialog with HTML support
    • 4 notification messages: warning, success, error,
    • Custom pagination
    • 4 tooltip directions: south, north, west,
  • Code view with
    syntax highlighting
  • 4 unordered list icons with 4 colors for each icon
  • 5 types of tables styling: dynamic table with search,
    pagination and sorting; usual static table; table, integrated into
    tabs; table with info button on the header right side; table with
    resizable columns
  • Calendar with schedule
  • Images gallery
  • 11 widgets: latest orders; latest support tickets;
    accordion; toggles group; tabs; widget with AJAX loader;
    collapsible block closed and opened by default; website statistics;
    user details widget; custom search widget
  • File manager
  • 300+ icons in 2 sizes; buttons with icons
  • Organized
    contacts list
  • 5 error pagesand Website is offline page
  • Login page with validation
  • 5 background imagesfor your choice

For those who will buy an extended licence i’ll make design and
code modifications for


Version 1.0 released

Version 1.1


  • Wizard
  • Time picker
  • Dark version

Version 1.2


  • Liquid layout

Version 1.3


  • 135 color icons
  • Dual select boxes with filter
  • Usual styled single file input

Version 1.4


  • jQuery UI dialog with styles
  • Responsive layout
  • prettyPhoto lightbox plugin
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 1.5


  • New Uniform plugin for forms styling, instead of
  • Added styles for dynamic table select box

Version 1.6


  • New wizard with validation
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 2.0


  • Input limiter plugin
  • Tags input plugin
  • Placeholder plugin
  • Chosen plugin – styled dropdowns with search
  • Usual form validation
  • Masked input plugin
  • OrderBars plugin for flot charts
  • Autocomplete


  • Changed jquery library to the latest 1.7.1 version
  • Restructured .js files
  • Moved charts parameters to separated files and added them only
    on those pages where they need
  • For easy navigation and turning on/off plugins, all of them
    were moved to the related folders.
  • Recoded the general code for forms and UI elements, now both of
    them have the same width
  • Fixed autotabs widths
  • Updated top user navigation dropdown
  • Completely removed smartWizard plugin
  • Fixed padding and margin for some elements
  • Fixed tabs height in the light version
  • Updated filter elements in dual select boxes
  • Some fixes for responsive layout
  • Fixed bottom elements and dynamic table in general for
    responsive layout
  • Removed fileInput plugin and added uniform plugin for single
    file uploader
  • and more…

Full list of changes see in documentation

Front end






Customer relations & project management applications

Craft is an advanced CRM and project management application
based on Symfony 4. Main purpose of this application is to simplify
business processes for companies. By using Craft you will get your
company headquarters available in few clicks.

SaaS and

CRM comes with the built-in support for SaaS so it is possible
to sell the subscriptions to customers. Then the customers are
going to be charged on weekly, monthly or yearly plan based on the
plan which was selected. A the moment the Strip and offline (manual
in admin) payments are supported.

Supported CRM & Projects Tools

  • Contacts – Collect your business partners
  • Touchpoints – Create new meetings for your colleagues.
  • Quotations – Before starting a project send an estimate to
  • Projects – Create projects which you are working on.
  • Tasks – Assign tasks to colleagues.
  • Invoices – Easily create invoices. You can convert project into
    invoice as well.
  • Expenses – Track all organization expenses.
  • Documentations – Write knowledge base &
  • Timesheets – Track logged in hours.
  • Media Library – Overview of all uploaded files.


  • SasS – Software as a service support so it is possible to
    monetize your product.
  • Plans – Offer plans for customers on monthly or yearly basis
    for different prices.
  • Subscriptions – Each user can subscribe to one plan.
  • Organizations – In application it is possieble to have
    unlimited amount of organizations.
  • Permissions – Create roles for users and set the
  • Invitations – Invite new colleagues into organization.
  • Notifications – Get notifications about important events
    ocurring in system.
  • E-mail templates – Define your orgnization wide templates for
  • Kanban – Manage tasks by using the kanban.
  • Admin area – Global admin area to manage users, plans,
    subscriptions, invoices …
  • Docker – Get the project running in few minutes with

Easy translations

All strings are properly wrapped in translate functions so you
have to edit only one file in your favorite text editor.


  • Use most recent version of PHP. We recommend to use PHP
  • Don’t forget to check documentation before purchasing this
  • Customizations like adding new fields, filters, installation
    are not part of support.
  • In plans it is not possible to set which features exactly will
    be enabled.

Tags:crm, intranet, saas, project, task,
management, invoice, estimate, pdf, company, people, contact,
dashboard, admin, corporate, business, symfony


  • Font family:
  • Icons:

New Design
WordPress Version

Wedding Vendor | Vendor Directory HTML Template

Are you wedding vendor ? Wedding Vendor Directory HTML Template
for your local and online business. Vendor like Venue, Cake,
Catering, Photography, Ceremony, Music/DJ, Florist etc…HTML
template has listing and details page for vendors. Also pages like
Couple Login and Business Login and Woo-Shop layout. Template built
with Bootstrap v.3+.

Wedding Vendor

  1. – Vendor Directory
  2. – Bootstrap V.3+
  3. – W3c valid html
  4. – Vendor Listing
  5. – Vendor Single


All images viewed in the live preview are for demo purposes only
and are not included with your purchase.

Xenon– is a lightweight responsive admin theme
built with Bootstrap and contains plenty of UI components, layout
variants and theme skins which make a total of 136 HTML files.

Our first admin theme was proof of success and its amongst 13
most popular admin themes ever on ThemeForest, but Xenon takes it
to the next level of admin themes with good organization of files,
clean coding and easy expanding.

Its built with LESS preprocessor of CSS which allows you to
create your very personal version of Xenon by including only the
components you need in one file.

Additionally, Xenon is now included in famous MVC (Model View
Controller) JavaScript framework called AngularJS, for all of them
who want to bootstrap their projects with the ready to use
services, controllers, routes and other components. It loads faster
and every request is processed with AJAX.

Now you can buy Extended License of Xenon with
33% discount, this is cheapest price you can find
on the Admin category of Themeforest!

If you have already purchased Xenon

Those who want the full commits changelog (Git repository),
please email us we will invite to see the commits between v1.2.1 to

Xenon is built on AngularJS v1.2.26 and we don’t plan to support
latest version of AngularJS for the moment

Theme Features

Plain HTML Features AngularJS Features
  • 4 Dashboards
  • 28 Layout Variants
  • UI Elements
  • Widgets
  • Mailbox
  • Forms
  • Tables
  • 20+ Chart Types
  • Collapsed Sidebar
  • Fixed Sidebar
  • Chat
  • Horizontal Menu Boxed
  • Horizontal Menu Fluid
  • Mixed Menus
  • Static Sidebar
  • Counters
  • Sidebar + Chat Open
  • Horizontal Menu + Chat
  • Page Enter Transitions
  • Fade In
  • Tiles
  • Buttons
  • Typography
  • Tabs & Accordions
  • Tooltips & Popovers
  • Navbars
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Badges & Labels
  • Progress Bars
  • Modals
  • Blockquotes
  • Alerts
  • Inbox
  • Compose Message
  • Inbox View Message
  • Advanced Plugins
  • Form Wizard
  • Data Validation
  • Input Masks
  • Sliders
  • File Upload
  • Editors
  • Data Tables
  • Responsive Tables
  • Portlets
  • Maps
  • Calendar
  • Lockscreen
  • Login
  • Login Light
  • Invoice
  • Pagination
  • 404 Page
  • Blank Page (12 variants)
  • Tocify
  • Page Loading Progress
  • Notifications
  • Scrollbox
  • Font Awesome
  • Entypo
  • Glyph Icons
  • Linecons
  • Meteocons
  • Elusive
  • Vector Maps
  • and many more features…
  • Same Feature Set as Plain HTML Plus:
  • Build on AngularJS v1.2.26
  • Angular UI Bootstrap
  • Angular UI Router
  • Bootstrap 3.2.0
  • Less CSS
  • Layout Generator
  • Skin Generator
  • 28 HTML Directives
  • Views/Templates
  • Routes/States
  • Factory Components
  • Services
  • Defined Controllers
  • Login Form Processing
  • Lockscreen Form Processing
  • Layout Options Config Object
  • Layout Options Saved in Cookies
  • Layout Options with $layout API
  • Loading Bar on Navigation
  • Lazy Loading of Resources
  • Structured HTML Views
  • Menu Builder (Object Oriented)
  • All Plain HTML pages
  • Layout Toggles Functions
  • Organized Asset Importing
  • Google Maps Loader
  • Form Validation
  • Recursive Generator of Menu
  • Bootstrap Compatible Modals
  • Preloading Overlay on Startup
  • Checkbox/Radio Replacement
  • Many other for you to discover…

Xenon by Laborator is simply amazing! It provides top quality
templates that can be used out of the box or modified to meet your
own needs. It’s an unbelievable time saver and well worth the
money! I can’t say enough about this product. Support is also very
quick and very helpful. Troy

We have used this admin template for a huge project. That save
us so much time ! thanks !!

It deserves 5 star, I can do it honestly even though I am an
author on themeforest. Thanks for the best admin template

An awesome admin theme that just has everything. Loved it to the

Amazing theme, really helped kickstart a project I’ve been
working on.

Its a really nice admin system code with great documentation )”
title=” :)” />

This theme is amazing, with both angular and plain html 5
version. Very well done!

I want to add code quality in there too. Fantastic product and
certainly in my top 5 I have seen ever on Themeforest.

One of the best admin dashboards on Themeforest, Congratulations

THIS REALLY REALLY ROCKS! Best Admin template ever! Thank you so
much guys!

This is a very nice theme with a huge number of options.

— Version 1.3

    Now you can buy Extended License of Neon with 33.3% discount,
this is cheapest -
    price you can find on the Admin category of Themeforest!

    ADDED: User profile with links in sidebar (Both - Plain &
AngularJS version)
    ADDED: Chat conversation (secondary) sticked in footer (Both -
Plain & AngularJS 
    ADDED: Language switcher (at user info navbar) (Both - Plain
& AngularJS version)
    ADDED: Members page (2 pages: list + add new member) (Both -
Plain & AngularJS version)
    ADDED: Full screen feature for AngularJS JS version
    ADDED: Minified version of custom created Xenon JavaScript
files located on: 

    UPDATE: Bootstrap updated to v3.3.1
    UPDATE: Updated scripts to latest version: Perfect Scrollbar

    FIX: Mobile menu messed up on minimal navbar size (horizontal
    FIX: Font weight on user info navbar fixed on firefox
    FIX: Empty stars icons on mailbox now appear properly
    FIX: Gallery placeholder when re-ordering images is added
    FIX: Missing "Login Light" template in AngularJS version
    FIX: Tabs active border appearing in newest Chrome version
    FIX: Tocify table of contents width appearing larger than

— Version 1.2.1

    FIX: Mobile menu toggles now are working properly
    FIX: Issues with AngularJS Lazy Loading fixed

— Version 1.2

    ADDED: AngularJS version of Xenon Theme
    FIX: Bug fixes and code improvements

— Version 1.1

    ADDED: PSD Files of Xenon Layout (2 psd files)

— Version 1.0

    Initial Release

Bucket Admin is a premium admin dashboard template with flat
design concept. Flat color, Customized Chart, Easy to customize and
developer friendly code. It is fully responsive admin dashboard
template built with Bootstrap 3+ Framework, HTML5 and CSS3, Media
query, touch friendly and very much adaptive with any size viewport
including iPhone, iPad, android phone and tablet. It has a huge
collection of reusable UI components and integrated with latest
jQuery plugins. It can be used for all type of web applications
like custom admin panel, project management system, admin
dashboard, application backend, CMS, CRM. A large number of widget
are included here to make your application rich & robust.

Change Log

ver 1.7

ver 1.7 Released (7th November 2017)

[+] Bootstrap 3.3.7

[+] Flot Chart ( Donut and Pie ) Retina / Responsive devices issue

ver 1.6

[+] Bootstrap 3.3.5
[+] jQuery v1.11.3

[+] Minor css issues fixed.

ver 1.5

[+] Bootstrap 3.3.2

[+] Draggable Portlet dragging issue
[+] Minor css issues fixed.

Emergency Update

 Released (23 March 2014)

[+] Minor css issues fixed.

Change Log

Emergency Update

 Released (4 March 2014)

[+] Refactored files and folder structure
[+] Refactored scrpits.js and dashboard.js

New page and component:
[+] Typography
[+] Initial collapse bar in general page.

[+] Invoice Print view.
[+] Pagination active color
[+] Minor css issues fixed.

ver 1.4

ver 1.4 Released (9 February 2014)

[+] Bootstrap 3.1.0

New page:
[+] Media Gallery

[+] Lock screen png avatar issue.
[+] Invoice Print view.
[+] Mail Inbox menu select issue.
[+] Minor css issues fixed.

ver 1.3

ver 1.3 Released (3rd February 2014)

# Update In This Release:
[+] Mail Compose.
[+] Mail Details.
[+] Select2 included in advance form components page.
[+] Inline editor included.
[+] Nicescroll included.
[+] Lock screen responsive view.
[+] Minor css issues fixed.
[+] Scroll responsive issue fixed.

ver 1.2

ver 1.2 Released (26th January 2014)

# Update In This Release:
[+] 11 PSD files included.
[+] Minor responsive issue fixed.
[+] Inline editor included.
[+] CKE editor included.
[+] Minor dynamic table issue fixed.
[+] Minor css issues fixed.
[+] Google map included in profile contact tab.

ver 1.1

ver 1.1 Released (24th January 2014)

# Update In This Release:
[+] Responsiveness issue fixed for smaller device
[+] Navigation bug fixed for smaller devices and chart area
[+] Replaced the regular scrollbar with a versatile one
[+] Minor CSS issues fixed

Initial Release

Initial Release (21st January 2014)

Full Features

  • Built with Bootstrap 3.3.2
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Flat UI with clean style
  • Latest jQuery v1.10.2
  • Fully Responsive & Interactive
  • Mobile widgets
  • Huge Components
  • Boxed View
  • jQuery NiceScroll
  • jQuery Sparklines
  • Morris Chart
  • Chartjs
  • C3js chart
  • Flot Chart
  • Gauge
  • jQuery Easy Pie Chart
  • jquery-validation-1.11.1
  • Date, datetime, time, date range & color Picker(Bootstrap
    Date, datetime, time, date range & color Picker)
  • WYSIHTML5 Editor
  • Multiple/Dual select
  • Spinner
  • Integrated Full Calendar(jQuery Full Calendar)
  • Notifications(jQuery Gritter)
  • Tree
  • Nestable
  • Bootstrap FuelUX Tree
  • Google Maps
  • Vector Maps
  • Form Component
  • Form wizard
  • Form Validation
  • Dropzone File Upload
  • jQuery ScrollTo
  • Slider
  • jQuery Tagsinput
  • Bootstrap Switch
  • Dynamic Table
  • Responsive Table
  • Advanced Table
  • Editable Table
  • Font Awesome 4.0.3
  • Ico Moon icon font
  • Custom Radiobutton, Checkbox
  • Well structured code
  • Detailed Documentation

Happy Clients


I want to congratulate you for the attention you are giving to
the comments. You did not leave a comment responding until now.
great job!


Amazing support by the Author… Thank you man. I put 5 stars
long time ago.


Awesome, loving it so far! Looking forward to the updates.


Altair is a professional HTML5/CSS3 Material Design template
based on UIkit Framework and jQuery Library. This template has been
built with Bower (package manager), Gulp (streaming build tool) and
Handlebars.js (templating system).

Latest update

// v2.21 (06.03.2019)
  [new][all] Clear button for input fields
  [new][app] ui-select validation
  [update][all] File Manager (elfinder): 2.1.48
  [update][all][bower] c3js-chart: ~0.6.12
  [update][all][bower] ckeditor: ^4.11.3
  [update][all][bower] codemirror: ^5.44.0
  [update][all][bower] datatables: ^1.10.19
  [update][all][bower] datatables-buttons: ^1.5.4
  [update][all][bower] fullcalendar: ^3.10.0
  [update][all][bower] handlebars: ^4.1.0
  [update][all][bower] jQuery-contextMenu: ^2.8.0
  [update][all][bower] jquery.dotdotdot: 2.x
  [update][all][bower] jquery.inputmask: ~4.0.6
  [update][all][bower] jquery-mockjax: ^2.5.0
  [update][all][bower] jtable: ~2.6.0
  [update][all][bower] kendo-ui: ~2019.x
  [update][all][bower] moment: ~2.24.0
  [update][all][bower] pdfmake: ^0.1.53
  [update][all][bower] push.js: ^1.0.9
  [update][all][bower] screenfull: ^4.0.1
  [update][all][bower] selectize: ~0.12.6
  [update][all][bower] tinymce: ^5.0.1
  [update][all][bower] dropzone: ^5.5.0
  [update][app][bower] angular: ^1.7.7
  [update][app][bower] angular-cookies: ^1.7.7,
  [update][app][bower] angular-resource: ^1.7.7
  [update][app][bower] angular-sanitize: ^1.7.7
  [update][all][npm] dev dependencies updated to latest versions
  [bug][all] fixed fullscreen mode
  [bug][all] fixed preloader show/hide functions
  [bug][all] fixed tour plugin (enjoyhint) scroll issue
  [bug][all] fixed footer margin when mini sidebar is active
  [bug][app] modal cleanup when changing pages
  [bug][html] fixed scrollbars flash during invoice show
  [bug] minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

For full changelog scroll to the bottom of the page.


Features List

  • Material Design
  • Based on UIkit
  • Easily customizable (less files)
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Responsive layout
  • High Resolution
  • RTL
  • Custom pages: Invoices, User Profile, User Edit, Mailbox and
  • Custom components
    • Accordions
    • Dropdowns
    • Dynamic Grid
    • Lightbox/Modal
    • Nestable
    • Sortable
    • Notifications
    • Preloaders
    • Tabs
  • Integrated KendoUI components
  • Integrated charting libraries: c3.js and
  • Integrated plugins: Datatbles, Full Calendar, Maplace (Google
    Maps), Mapael (Vector Maps) and more
  • Integrated form components:
    • Sliders
    • Advanced select
    • Datepicker
    • Timepicker
    • Masked inputs
    • Html Editor
    • File uploader

Your Voice

I’m open to any suggestions regarding Altair Material Design
Premium Template, if you have an idea/suggestion/request please let
me know. I’ll try to add it to Altair. Thanks.


// v2.20.1 (08.07.2018)
  [update] Material Design Icons (v38)
  [bug] mailbox group/ungroup messages
  [bug] TinyMCE fullscreen mode
  [bug] hi-res payment images

// v2.20.0 (23.06.2018)
  [new] Forum Pages
  [new] Dropzone plugin
  [new] Table Tree example
  [update] added ability to remove single element in selectize 
  [update] updated material design icons to latest version
  [update] disabled swipe gesture for UIKit tabs globally (
swiping: false )
  [update] added delay to update_inputs function on init (to make
browser autofill works)
  [update] added new select2 example ( country flags )
  [update] screenfull icons are now changing on enter/exit
fullscreen mode
  [update][npm] dev dependencies updated to latest versions
  [update][bower] updated bower components to latest versions,
noticeable changes: d3 (5.x) and ui-router (1.x)
  [bug] fixed validation for input groups
  [bug] fixed bower link for uikit framework
  [bug] fixed tooltips on touch devices (ios)
  [bug] fixed selectize dropdown container on touch devices
  [bug] fixed black theme for some components/elements
  [bug] [app] crud table masked inputs initialization for new
  [bug] minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.13.0 (17.01.2018)
  [new] Gallery Page v2
  [new] Login Page v2
  [new][html] Select 2 plugin
  [new][app] ui-select plugin
  [update] Gantt Chart (update date after move/resize
event;rewritten getBoundaryDatesFromData function)
  [update] added fixed column to Scrum Board
  [update] added custom scrollbar to sidebar (mailbox v2)
  [update] added multi-level menu (top menu layout)
  [update] added search box to list outside (invoices page)
  [update] added drag&drop for selectize plugin
  [update] added icons to submenu items (main sidebar)
  [update] updated npm modules
  [update][bower] c3js-chart: 0.4.18
  [update][bower] ckeditor: 4.8.0
  [update][bower] clndr: 1.4.7
  [update][bower] codemirror: 5.33.0
  [update][bower] countUp.js: 1.9.3
  [update][bower] cropper: 3.1.3
  [update][bower] datatables: 1.10.16
  [update][bower] datatables-buttons: 1.5.1
  [update][bower] echarts: 3.8.5
  [update][bower] fullcalendar: 3.8.0
  [update][bower] handlebars: 4.0.11
  [update][bower] jQuery-contextMenu: 2.6.3
  [update][bower] jquery-idletimer: 1.0.2
  [update][bower] jquery.actual: 1.0.19
  [update][bower] jquery.dotdotdot: 2
  [update][bower] jquery.inputmask: 3.3.11
  [update][bower] jquery.scrollbar: 0.2.11
  [update][bower] jsdiff: 3.4.0
  [update][bower] maplace-js: 0.2.10
  [update][bower] marked: 0.3.12
  [update][bower] moment: 2.20.1
  [update][bower] parsleyjs: 2.8.0
  [update][bower] pdfmake: 0.1.35
  [update][bower] peity: 3.2.1
  [update][bower] push.js: 1.0.5
  [update][bower] raphael: 2.2.7
  [update][bower] screenfull: 3.3.2
  [update][bower] selectize: 0.12.4
  [update][bower] switchery: 0.8.2
  [update][bower] tinymce: 4.7.4
  [update][bower] velocity: 1.5.1
  [update][bower] jquery-listnav: 2.4
  [update][bower] select2: 4.x
  [update][bower] dropify: 0.2.2
  [bug] fixed md-card-single height calculation
  [bug] fixed issue with push notifications
  [bug] minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.12.0 (19.08.2017) ============
  [new][html] X-editable plugin
  [new] Pricing Page v2
  [new] Payment Page
  [new] User heading with background
  [new] Payment icons
  [new][angular] CRUD table
  [update] Selectize delayed initialization
  [update] Chatbox message input field (replaced by textarea)
  [update][bower] autosize: 4.0.0
  [update][bower] chartist: 0.11.0
  [update][bower] ckeditor: 4.7.1
  [update][bower] codemirror: 5.27.4
  [update][bower] countUp.js: 1.8.5
  [update][bower] datatbles: 1.10.15
  [update][bower] datatbles-buttons: 1.4.0
  [update][bower] echarts: 3.6.2
  [update][bower] fullcalendar: 3.4.0
  [update][bower] handlebars: 4.0.10
  [update][bower] jQuery-contextMenu: 2.5.0
  [update][bower] jquery-inputmask: 3.3.7
  [update][bower] jsdiff: 3.3.0
  [update][bower] kendo-ui: 2017.2.621
  [update][bower] parsleyjs: 2.7.2
  [update][bower] pdfmake: 0.1.32
  [update][bower] push.js: 1.0.4
  [update][bower] screenfull: 3.3.1
  [update][bower] tinymce: 4.6.5
  [update][bower] uikit: 2.27.4
  [update][bower][angular] angular 1.6.6
  [update][bower][angular] angular-sanitize 1.6.6
  [update][bower][angular] angular-resource 1.6.6
  [update][bower][angular] angular-cookies 1.6.6
  [update][bower][angular] angular-datatables 0.6.2
  [update][bower][angular] angular-echarts 1.0.2
  [update][bower][angular] angular-ui-router 0.4.2
  [update][bower][angular] angular-wizard 1.1.1
  [update][bower][angular] oclazyload 1.1.0
  [update] npm dev dependencies
  [bug] Selectize validation
  [bug] Top menu layout header
  [bug][RTL] Fixed text direction when printing
  [bug] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.11.0 (05.05.2017)
  [new] Quiz Page
  [new] Mailbox Page
  [new][RTL] Landing Page
  [new] Contact List Page v2
  [new] Animations Page (MD)
  [new] Timeline Page
  [new] Smooth Scroll Component
  [new] Sourcemaps for CSS
  [update] FAB hover mode
  [update] Dynamic forms in modal and wizard
  [update] Optgroups for selectize component
  [update][bower] chartist: 0.10.1
  [update][bower] ckeditor: 4.6.2
  [update][bower] codemirror: 5.25.0
  [update][bower] countUp.js: 1.8.3
  [update][bower] fullcalendar: 3.3.1
  [update][bower] jQuery-contextMenu: 2.4.4
  [update][bower] jquery-mapael: 2.1.0
  [update][bower] jsdiff: 3.2.0
  [update][bower] jtable: 2.5.0
  [update][bower] kendo-ui: 2017.1.330
  [update][bower] moment: 2.18.1
  [update][bower] parsleyjs: 2.7.0
  [update][bower] screenfull: 3.1.0
  [update][bower] tinymce: 4.5.6
  [update][bower] velocity: 1.5.0
  [update] Added validation for datepicker and selectize
  [bug][RTL] Fixed few KendoUI components (combobox, autocomplete
  [bug][Landing Page] Fixed animations delay in chrome browser
  [bug] Fixed isssue with UIkit in bower
  [bug] Dynamic grid initialization (wait for all images to load)
  [bug] Images on hi-res displays
  [bug] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.10.0 (03.02.2017)
  [new] Charts (Echarts)
  [new] Horizontal contact cards
  [new] Grid/List View
  [new][app] Dynamic Forms
  [update] Dynamic Forms rebuild (now using handlebars)
  [update] New options for gantt charts (showToday, startToday)
  [update] Added option to open user selected accordion section
  [bug] Added styles for uk-navbar-brand
  [bug] Fixed custom scrollbar in main sidebar
  [bug] Fixed UIKit autocomplete select callback not triggered for
touch devices
  [bug] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.9.1 (21.10.2016)
  [bug] Fixed issue with Chatboxes JS
  [bug][landing_page] Fixed issue with the Scrollspy elements not
aligned properly

// v2.9.0 (20.10.2016)
  [new] Chatboxes
  [new] Sticky Notes
  [new] Push Notifications plugin
  [new] Context Menu plugin
  [new][landing_page] Timeline
  [update] Gantt Chart (start/end date; sub-series; custom
  [update] FullCalendar list view
  [update][bower] ckeditor: 4.5.11
  [update][bower] clndr: 1.4.6
  [update][bower] codemirror: 5.19.0
  [update][bower] cropper: 2.3.4
  [update][bower] datatables-buttons: 1.2.2
  [update][bower] fullcalendar: 3.0.1
  [update][bower] jquery-ui: 1.12.1
  [update][bower] jquery.inputmask: 3.3.3
  [update][bower] kendo-ui: 2016.3.1007
  [update][bower] marked: 0.3.6
  [update][bower] moment: 2.15.1
  [update][bower] parsleyjs: 2.5.0
  [update][bower] raphael: 2.2.6
  [update][bower] screenfull: 3.0.2
  [update][bower] selectize: 0.12.3
  [update][bower] tinymce: 4.4.3
  [update][bower] uikit: 2.27.1
  [update][bower] velocity: 1.3.1
  [update][bower] waypoints: 4.0.1
  [update][app][bower] angular-datatables: 0.5.5
  [update][app][bower] angular-dragula: 1.2.8
  [update][app][bower] angular-ui-router: 0.3.1
  [update][app][bower] angular-wizard: 0.9.0
  [update][app][bower] c3-angular: 1.3.1
  [update][app][bower] ng-idle: 1.3.1
  [update][app][bower] ngmap: 1.17.6
  [bug] Fixed Close button in CRUD table modal
  [bug] Content preloaders
  [bug][RTL] Tour plugins (mislocated elements)
  [bug] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.8.0 (17.08.2016)
  [new] Image Cropper plugin
  [update] ColVis and TableTools replaced by Buttons
  [update] added CTA Button to Landing Page (in Header)
  [update][RTL] fixed "Align Character Widget" table
  [update] added indicator for month/year (datepicker)
  [update] added border to javascript buttons
  [update] selectize validation
  [update] autosize (3.0.17)
  [update] c3js-chart (0.4.11)
  [update] chartist (0.9.8)
  [update] ckeditor (4.5.10)
  [update] clndr (1.4.5)
  [update] codemirror (5.17.0)
  [update] countUp.js (1.7.1)
  [update] datatables (1.10.12)
  [update] fullcalendar (2.9.0)
  [update] jquery-mapael (2.0.0)
  [update] jquery-ui (1.12.0)
  [update] jquery.dotdotdot (1.8.3)
  [update] jquery.inputmask (3.3.1)
  [update] kendo-ui (2016.2.727)
  [update] moment (2.14.1)
  [update] raphael (2.2.1)
  [update] tinymce (4.4.1)
  [update] uikit (2.26.4)
  [bug] added missing KendoUI assets (black theme, images etc.)
  [bug] double header themes
  [bug] IE9 compatibility (SVG)
  [bug] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.7.0 (28.06.2016)
  [new] Tour plugin
  [new] Filemanager plugin (standalone and integrated with WYSIWYG
  [new] Slider component
  [new] Dark theme
  [new] Slim Menu
  [new] Dynamic form fields
  [new] Fullscreen card in modal
  [update] Scrum Board dropdowns
  [update][app] Autocomplete component
  [update] Whole Card can be clicked to trigger fullscreen
  [update][app] Search Bar always visible
  [update] Table Examples checkboxes
  [update] FAB speed dial horizontal
  [update][html] Card progress colors depending on percentage
  [update] New Modal triggered from other modal example
  [update] Javascript Buttons (checkboxes/radio)
  [update] Sidebars close button
  [update] Removed uikit 'data-uk-observe' (not needed anymore)
  [update][app] rootScope $destroy removed from app.js (moved to
  [update] Updated NPM modules to latest versions (./package.json)
  [bug][RTL] Small timeline
  [bug] wizard validation
  [bug] TinyMCE missing icons
  [bug] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.6.0 (16.05.2016)
  [new] Landing Page
  [bug] IE9 compatibility
  [bug] custom scrollbar position when mini sidebar is active

// v2.5.1 (27.04.2016)
  [new] textual links in navbar (.navbar_link)
  [bug] wizard page not working (AngularJS version)
  [bug] selectize z-index issue (AngularJS version)
  [bug] buttons (RTL version)
  [bug] gulp serve task (RTL version)
  [bug] CRUD table dialog (RTL version)
  [bug] missing uikit in login and error pages (AngularJS version)
  [bug] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.5.0 (16.04.2016)
  [new] Search Page (pages/search_results)
  [new] Session Timeout Plugin (plugins/idle_timeout)
  [new] Autocomplete Plugin
  [new] Tablesorter widgets (plugins/tablesorter)
  [new] Switcher Component (components/switcher)
  [new] Mailbox action buttons (mailbox)
  [new] Fancytree Plugin (replaced tree plugin; plugins/tree)
  [new] Added header/footer to Invoices (invoices)
  [new] Fixed width for inputs (forms/regular)
  [new] Collapsed card on page load (components/panels)
  [new] Gulp build task
  [update] Rebuilded gulp tasks (./gulp-tasks)
  [update] Top menu mobile friendly (layout/top_menu)
  [update] Datepicker in modal (no need to use extra class anymore)
  [update] Material Design Icons (2.2.0)
  [update] Updated NPM modules to latest versions (./package.json)
  [update] Separated Themes (assets/css/themes/)
  [update] angular (1.5.3)
  [update] angular-breadcrumb (0.4.1)
  [update] angular-cookies (1.5.3)
  [update] angular-datatables (0.5.4)
  [update] angular-dragula (1.2.6)
  [update] angular-resource (1.5.3)
  [update] angular-sanitize (1.5.3)
  [update] angular-ui-router (0.2.18)
  [update] autosize (3.0.15)
  [update] c3-angular (1.2.0)
  [update] chartist (0.9.7)
  [update] ckeditor (4.5.8)
  [update] clndr (1.4.1)
  [update] codemirror (5.13.4)
  [update] countUp.js (1.7.0)
  [update] d3 (3.5.16)
  [update] datatables (1.10.11)
  [update] fullcalendar (2.6.1)
  [update] jquery (2.2.3)
  [update] jquery.actual (1.0.18)
  [update] jquery.dotdotdot (1.8.1)
  [update] jquery.fancytree (2.17.0)
  [update] jquery.inputmask (3.3.0)
  [update] jsdiff (2.2.2)
  [update] kendo-ui (2016.1.406)
  [update] maplace-js (0.2.7)
  [update] matchMedia (0.3.0)
  [update] metrics-graphics (2.9.0)
  [update] moment (2.12.0)
  [update] ng-idle (1.2.0)
  [update] ngmap (1.17.3)
  [update] parsleyjs (2.3.7)
  [update] tablesorter (2.25.0)
  [update] tinymce (4.3.8)
  [update] uikit (2.26.2)
  [update] velocity (1.2.3)
  [bugs] angularjs version performance issues
  [bugs] Tooltips in modal
  [bugs] Sidebar tooltips (mini sidebar)
  [bugs] Metrics Graphics tooltips (plugins/charts)
  [bugs] fixed issue with '_md_precompiled_colors.less' when
compiling less to css
  [bugs] close FAB speed dial when small FAB is clicked
  [bugs] jumping top menu
  [bugs] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.4.0 (12.02.2016)
  [new] RTL version
  [new] Breadcrumbs
  [new] Footer
  [new] Progress bar in cards
  [new] Inline text editor
  [new] Social media buttons
  [new] Fullscreen cards fixed header
  [new] Selectize tooltip
  [update] No-autosize textareas
  [bugs] File input mobile view
  [bugs] [app] Titles in wizard
  [bugs] [app] Gant chart show/hide
  [bugs] Chartist update on sidebar close
  [bugs] Issues when printing invoices
  [bugs] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.3.0 (08.01.2016)
  [new] Tree plugin (easyTree)
  [new] Slideshow plugin
  [new] File input plugin (dropify)
  [new] 2 new themes
  [new] Main menu accordion mode
  [new] Main menu submenu
  [new] Wave effect for buttons
  [updated] Material Design Icons
  [updated][app] CountUp new options
  [updated][app] Fixed issues with
  [updated][app] added 'momentDate' filter
  [updated] Fixed issues with Datepicker position
  [updated] Fixed issues with form elements in card-fullscreen
  [updated] Fixed issues with modal (boxed layout)
  [updated] Updated select element styles
  [updated][bower] chartist (0.9.5)
  [updated][bower] ckeditor (4.5.6)
  [updated][bower] codemirror (5.10.0)
  [updated][bower] d3 (3.5.12)
  [updated][bower] datatables (1.10.10)
  [updated][bower] dragula.js (3.6.2)
  [updated][bower] fullcalendar (2.5.0)
  [updated][bower] hammerjs (2.0.6)
  [updated][bower] jquery.inputmask (3.2.5)
  [updated][bower] jquery.scrollbar (0.2.10)
  [updated][bower] kendo-ui (2015.3.1214)
  [updated][bower] uikit (2.24.3)
  [updated][bower] screenfull (3.0.0)
  [updated][bower] tinymce (4.3.2)
  [updated][bower] jsdiff (2.2.1)
  [updated][bower] maplace.js (0.2.5)
  [updated][bower] angular-animate (1.4.8)
  [updated][bower] angular-datatables (0.5.2)
  [updated][bower] angular-dragula (1.1.9)
  [updated][bower] angular-metrics-graphics (0.1.2)
  [updated][bower] angular-resource (1.4.8)
  [updated][bower] angular-sanitize (1.4.8)
  [updated][bower] angular-wizard (0.6.1)
  [updated][bower] ngmap (1.16.3)
  [updated][bower] oclazyload (1.0.9)
  [bugs] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.2.0 (13.11.2015)
  [new] Issues List/Details page
  [new] CRUD Table
  [updated] Sidebar Chat
  [updated] Top Menu Layout
  [updated] Cards Example
  [updated] Dropdowns example
  [updated] Added "_" prefix to LESS files
  [updated] Added lightbox components from uikit
  [updated][APP] Page preloader
  [updated][bower] angular-dragula (1.1.6)
  [updated][bower] angular-utils-pagination (0.9.2)
  [updated][bower] autosize (3.0.14)
  [updated][bower] clndr (1.3.14)
  [updated][bower] codemirror (5.8.0)
  [updated][bower] countUP.js (1.6.0)
  [updated][bower] dragula.js (3.5.4)
  [updated][bower] dragula.js (3.5.4)
  [updated][bower] jsdiff (2.2.0)
  [updated][bower] kendo-ui (2015.3.1111)
  [removed][bower] magnific-popup
  [updated][bower] metrics-graphics (2.7.0)
  [updated][bower] ngmap (1.14.9)
  [updated][bower] tablesorter (2.23.5)
  [updated][bower] uikit (2.23.0)
  [bugs] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.1.0 (21.10.2015)
  [new] Blog List page
  [new] Blog Article page
  [new] Gallery page
  [new] Pricing Tables page
  [new] FAB Buttons page (transitions)
  [new] Collapsible Panels page
  [new] tinyMCE plugin
  [new] jsdiff plugin
  [new] Fullscreen plugin
  [new] Full Header layout
  [new] Boxed layout
  [new] Top menu
  [new] Color bars for cards
  [new] Right side icons on lists
  [updated][HTML] Dragula.js (3.5.2)
  [updated][APP] angualar-dragula(1.1.3)
  [updated] Added small tooltip
  [updated] Added warning color to FAB
  [updated] Added tooltips to FAB
  [updated] Added option to reinitailize selects (wizard example)
  [bugs] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.0.0 (29.09.2015)
  [new] AngularJS version
  [new] Long text in tooltips
  [updated] autosize (3.0.12)
  [updated] ckeditor (4.5.3)
  [updated] clndr (1.2.16)
  [updated] codemirror (5.7.0)
  [updated] datatables (1.10.9)
  [updated] handlebars (4.0.3)
  [updated] handlebars (4.0.3)
  [updated] ion.rangeslider (2.1.1)
  [updated] jquery-mapael (1.1.0)
  [updated] jquery.actual (1.0.17)
  [updated] jquery.inputmask (3.2.0)
  [updated] kendo-ui (2015.2.902)
  [updated] tablesorter (2.23.4)
  [updated] uikit (2.22.0)
  [updated] waypoints (4.0.0)
  [updated] weather-icons (2.0.10)
  [bugs] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v1.3.0 (18.08.2015)
  [new] WYSIWYG Editor (forms_wysiwyg.html)
  [new] Tablesorter plugin (plugins_tablesorter.html)
  [new] Sortable plugin Dragula.js
  [new] Tables Examples (components_tables_examples.html)
  [new] Tabable secondary sidebar (index.html)
  [updated] Changed kendoUI concentated js name
  [updated] Added example with multiline tolltip
  [updated] chartist (0.9.4)
  [updated] datatables (1.10.8)
  [updated] fullcalendar (2.4.0)
  [updated] kendo-ui-core (2015.2.805+SP1)
  [updated] marked (0.3.5)
  [updated] parsleyjs (2.1.3)
  [updated] weather-icons (2.0.1)
  [bug] Fixed hierarhical animation when there is only one element
  [bug] Fixed nestable handle component
  [bug] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v1.2.0 (08.08.2015)
  [new] code editor with file editing (php) (page_code_editor.html)
  [new] chartist chart (plugins_charts.html)
  [new] style switcher with predefined themes
  [new] top menu
  [new] mini sidebar
  [new] material design colors (components_colors.html)
  [new] typography example page (components_typography.php)
  [updated] main sidebar visual changes (material design)
  [updated] main scrollable area changed from #page_content to html
(fixed some issues with mobile devices and plugins)
  [bug] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v1.1.0 (28.07.2015)
  [new] chat page (page_chat.html)
  [new] scrum board page (page_scrum_board.html)
  [new] todo page (page_todo.html)
  [new] form wizard (forms_wizard.html)
  [new] register form (login.html)
  [new] 'swipe to open' gesture added (main sidebar, touch devices,
2 fingers, left edge)
  [bug] fixed issue with custom scrollbars on mac os x [firefox]
  [bug] fixed focus error/success state for text inputs (focus)
  [bug] added missing kendoUI images (kendoui_*.html)
  [new] added alert info style (components_common.html)
  [updated] moment (2.10.6)
  [updated] kendo-ui-core (2015.2.727)
  [updated] jquery.scrollbar (0.2.8)
  [updated] jquery.dotdotdot (1.7.4)
  [updated] ionrangeslider (2.0.12)
  [updated] clndr (1.2.15)
  [updated] FAB button animation when showing options
  [updated] gulp tasks (cleanup and minor changes)
  [updateed] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v1.0.0 (24.07.2015)
  Initial Release


  • UIkit Framework –
  • jQuery –
  • jQuery Plugins – listed here
  • Google Fonts (Roboto,Source Code Pro) –
  • Google Material Design Icons –
  • Flags Icons –
  • LESS:
  • Images:
  • * Avatars:
  • * Ecommerce images (Samsung Galaxy S6):

Other Info

Avatars and
Ecommerce images are not included in Altair package

A react-redux powered single page admin dashboard. Used
progressive web application pattern, highly optimized for your next
react application.

Built with :

- Create React App 
- React
- Redux
- Redux-Saga
- Webpack 4
- React Router 4
- Async Loading
- Code Splitting.
- Flexbox Grid.
- Ant design
- RTL supported
- Multilingual supported
- Styled Component 
- Ionicons
- Firebase
- Algolia
- Auth0
- Babel, ES6 & Prettier 
- JQuery is not into package.json & didn't called jQuery. 
- JWT implementation Included [ Express, Laravel, Spark, Flask,
Django ]
- Firebase firestore CRUD. 
- Separate Next JS implementation. 

If you need
Gitaccess please contact us through our

If you need Material UI based Admin dashboard, Please look into

Change Log

10th February,

 - Isomorphic: 
      * React, React dom upgraded to latest version
      * Firebase, Auth0 Login, Registration issue fixed
      * Design issue fixed and some improvement
      * libraries updated 
 - Isomorphic Next: 
      * Next Version update 
      * SSR rendering issue fixed
      * Design issue fixed and some improvement
      * libraries updated 

4th October, 2018

 - Upgraded to Create React App 2.0
 - Upgraded styled-components 
 - Fixed few issues with JS

12 September, 2018

- Functional Form Validation section added on Next js version 
- Firebase version updated on Next js version

19 July 18

 - Updated Django JWT implementation

12 July 18 – Version 2.9.3

- Firebase firestore chat fix
- Fixed styling issues. 

10 July 18 – Version 2.9.2

- Added Firestore CRUD
- Fixed iPad Styling issues. 

28 Jun 18

  - Added Django Rest API + JWT Implementation
  - Added Flask + JWT Implementation. 

26 Jun 18 – Version 2.9.1

  - Few Styling fixing
  - No Api key validation check 

29 May 18

-  Fixed sidebar active issue
- Removed toJS() from mapStateToProps

24 May 18

- Fixed few css issue

28 March 18

- Added Firebase chat
- Added Invoice builder
- Fixed styling issues. 

27th Feb, 2018

 - Fixed few code structure issue
-  Fixed few styling issues

18th January, 2018

Isomorphic Next.js version added as SSR implementation

31 December – Version 2.4

- Added Ant Design version 3
- Updated few packages
- Fixed styling issues on safari

21 November – Version 2.3

- Added React 16 support
- Added Frappy chart
- Form submission example added.
- Topbar language conversion fixed.
- Replaced tags with new tags component

14 November – Version 2.2

-  Added JWT implementation based on Laravel
-  Added Quick start boilerplate
-  Button styling fixing 
-  Minor styling fixing. 

11 November

-  Added JWT implementation based on Express 

22 Oct – Version 2.1

-  Minor css fixing 

18 Oct – Version 2

- Converted to styled components. 
- Added multi select examples
- minor css issue resolved. 

20 Sept – Version 1.5

- Added Github API search
- Added Youtube search & react-youtube
- Added separate customApp folder support
- Added leaflet & new google map implementation. 
- Firebase & Auth0 authentication code updated. 

24 Aug – Version 1.4

- Added Multilingual support
- Added RTL support
- Added React intl support. 
- Fixed Ant table image issue. 
- Fixed minor css problems.

11 Aug – Version 1.3

- Added color switcher
- Added loading on algolia
- Fixed responsive issues

31 July – Version 1.2

- Added Offline Documentation
- Fixed Windows Installation Issues. 
- Fixed Auth0 missing key.
- Fixed minor CSS and JS changes. 

29 July – Version 1.1

- Added Auth0 Integration
- Added Firebase Authentication
- Added Algolia Search Integration
- Added Ecommerce Section [ cart, checkout ]
- Added Card.js
- Added tree view
- Added uppy.js
- Added Dropzone
- Added React Dates. 
- Added Codemirror.
- Fixed Scroll issues. 
- Fixed Installation problem. 
- Fixed Tests. 
- Fixed few css & js issues. 

Please try to install with latest yarn

Our Plugins

Reactive Pro – React Powered WordPress Search Page Builder

RnB – WooCommerce Rental & Booking System

You may also like one of our latest templates!

ProUI is a responsive and full featured Admin
powered by the popular
Bootstrap framework. It overwrites the default
style of Bootstrap to match its own modern and clean design and at
the same time extends it to a large degree without being too
complicated and losing its simplicity. Even if you are not familiar
with the framework, template’s UI components can easily be
replicated without losing focus from development.

ProUI is a professional, modern, complete and flexible
Admin template
that can be used to build all kind of
projects: Web Applications, Backend Websites, Websites, Custom
Admin Panels, Admin Dashboards, CMS, CRM or even a Portfolio, Blog,
Business Website. We encourage you to have a good look at live
preview and discover all the included features!

3.0 Update –
Main Features

Testimonials from Customer Reviews

Testimonials from Customer Comments



“This interface is incredible! Nice work!!”


“Great theme!”


“Great Work, I really like it!”


“Damn it’s awesome!”


“My first template bought on themeforest… Brilliant
work – totally worth it…”


“Awesome design!”


“Great job, easy, simple and professional. Simply


“Well done pixelcave! Well done!

This template is insanely refreshing.. the work you put into it
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you passion.”


“This is an awesome template, no wonder why this is my
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“Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. I purchased this for the HTML
version not realizing you had a PHP Version. You have saved me a
tremendous amount of time integrating this the way I need – I am SO

The code is beautiful – it’s feature rich and the PHP version is
incredible. Thank you for making a solid product. I am incredibly
pleased with this purchase.

If you need an admin theme for
something you’re working on – in all seriousness, this is the one.
Wow. What a tremendous deal for the price.”


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The code is very clear and simple to use !

I was almost going to give up my project seeing the amount of
time I will need to code the frontend ! Now I can focus on the
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CSS code !! And as I’m not a designer it’s millions time better
than what I could have done !!

So thanks for this theme !”


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Before ProUI I had to tweak lots of css in the template. This
one worked like a charm at first attempt. Plus, it’s code is well
documented and well organized which makes our work easier.

Just wanted to share my joy and give the author congratulations
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“Absolutely fabulous pack. People all say what i’ve
done looks great for a reporting / admin system I am writing for an
app we hope to launch soon…and I’ve straight away passed credits on
to you and linked the site. Unbelievable value for money, given it
would take me hours just to even find some of those plugins you’ve
used :)”


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“A quick note to highly commend an outstanding
template; we’re looking forward to using this on our sites.
Furthermore, not only is all the code usefully marked up with clear
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in handing & supplying ( over the weekend!) a code snippet in
response to a query we made.”


“I just want to Thank you for this Item! I really love
it! It’s beautiful, and the JS or CSS is working perfect!”



3.8 Update – May
18, 2017


    • CKEditor 4.6.2(4.6.1)
    • MomentJS 2.18.1(2.17.1)
    • FullCalendar 3.4.0(3.1.0)
    • DataTables 1.10.15(1.10.13)
    • Chosen 1.7.0(1.6.2)
    • JS Cookie 2.1.4(2.1.3)
    • Bootstrap Colorpicker 2.5.1(2.4.0)
    • Bootstrap Slider 9.8.0(6.0.17)
    • Boostrap 3 Typeahead 4.0.2
    • Gmaps 0.4.25(0.4.24)
    • Less.js 2.7.2(2.5.3)

    • Small fixes and optimizations

3.7 Update –
January 12, 2017


    • FontAwesome 4.7.0(4.6.3) – 41 new icons!
    • jQuery Validation 1.16.0(1.15.1)
    • jQuery UI 1.12.4(1.11.4)
    • CKEditor 4.6.1(4.5.11)
    • FullCalendar 3.1.0(3.0.0)
    • MomentJS 2.17.1(2.14.1)
    • DataTables 1.10.13(1.10.12)
    • Bootstrap Colorpicker 2.4.0(2.3.5)
    • The Final Countdown for jQuery 2.2.0(2.1.0)

    • Sidebar Mini mode small fix when toggling mode

3.6 Update
– September 27, 2016


    • jQuery 2.2.4(1.12.0)
    • Gmaps.js 0.4.24(0.4.22)
    • Modernizr 3.3.1(2.8.3)
    • CKEditor 4.5.11(4.5.6)
    • Bootstrap 3.3.7(3.3.6)
    • FontAwesome 4.6.3(4.5.0) – 30 new icons!
    • Magnific Popup 1.1.0(1.0.1)
    • jQuery Validation 1.15.1(1.14.0)
    • FullCalendar 3.0.0(2.6.0)
    • MomentJS 2.14.1(2.11.0)
    • DataTables 1.10.12(1.10.10)
    • Bootstrap Datepicker 1.6.2(1.6.0)
    • DropzoneJS 4.3.0(4.2.0)
    • Select2 4.0.3(4.0.1)
    • Chosen 1.6.2(1.4.2)
    • Bootstrap Colorpicker 2.3.5(2.3.0)
    • JS Cookie 2.1.3(2.1.0)
    • Google Maps API

    • IE8 Support
    • Retina.js
    • Respond.js

    • Small fixes and optimizations

3.5 Update –
February 12, 2016


    • jQuery 1.12.0(1.11.3)
    • Bootstrap 3.3.6(3.3.5)
    • FontAwesome 4.5.0(4.4.0) – 20 new icons!
    • Magnific Popup 1.0.1(1.0.0)
    • Gmaps.js 0.4.22(0.4.21)
    • HTML5 Placeholder jQuery Plugin 2.3.1(2.1.3)
    • FullCalendar 2.6.0(2.4.0)
    • MomentJS 2.11.0(2.9.0)
    • DataTables 1.10.10(1.10.9)
    • Bootstrap Datepicker 1.5.0(1.4.1)
    • Bootstrap Slider 6.0.17(5.2.1)
    • JS Cookie 2.1.0(2.0.3)
    • CKEditor 4.5.6(4.5.4)
    • SlimScroll 1.3.8(1.3.3)
    • DropzoneJS 4.2.0(4.0.1)
    • Select2 4.0.1(4.0.0)

    • Small fixes and optimizations

3.4 Update –
October 10, 2015


    • Get Started Version

    • FontAwesome 4.4.0(4.3.0) – 66 new icons!
    • jQuery Validation 1.14.0(1.13.1)
    • Gmaps.js 0.4.21(0.4.18)
    • HTML5 Placeholder jQuery Plugin 2.1.3(2.1.2)
    • FullCalendar 2.4.0(2.3.2)
    • DataTables 1.10.9(1.10.7)
    • Bootstrap Datepicker 1.4.1(1.4.0)
    • Bootstrap Colorpicker 2.3.0(2.2.0)
    • Bootstrap Slider 5.2.1(4.10.1)
    • JS Cookie 2.0.3(2.0.2)
    • CKEditor 4.5.4(4.4.7)
    • NProgress 0.2.0(0.1.6)
    • jQuery Masked Input Plugin 1.4.1(1.4.0)
    • Bootstrap Slider 5.2.1(4.10.1)
    • The Final Countdown for jQuery 2.1.0(2.0.4)
    • Less.js 2.5.3(2.0.0 b2)

3.3 Update –
July 11, 2015


    • jQuery 1.11.3(1.11.2)
    • Bootstrap 3.3.5(3.3.4)
    • Gmaps.js 0.4.18(0.4.17)
    • HTML5 Placeholder jQuery Plugin 2.1.2(2.1.1)
    • Datatables 1.10.7(1.10.5)
    • Full Calendar 2.3.2(2.3.1)
    • jQuery Tags Input Plugin 1.3.6(1.3.3)
    • Select2 4.0.0(3.5.2)
    • Bootstrap Colorpicker 2.2.0(2.1.0)
    • Bootstrap Colorpicker 4.10.1(3.0.0)
    • JavaScript Cookie 2.0.2(1.4.1)

    • Small fixes and optimizations

3.2 Update –
April 8, 2015


    • (Font Awesome + Glyphicons Pro)

    • Bootstrap 3.3.4(3.3.2)
    • jQuery UI 1.11.4(1.11.2)
    • jQuery Validation 1.13.1(1.11.1)
    • Gmaps.js 0.4.17(0.4.16)
    • HTML5 Placeholder jQuery Plugin 2.1.1(2.1.0)
    • Datatables 1.10.5(1.10.4)
    • FullCalendar 2.3.1(2.2.6)
    • DropzoneJS 4.0.1(3.12.0)
    • Chosen 1.4.2(1.3.0)
    • Nprogress 0.1.6(0.1.4)
    • CKEditor 4.4.7(4.4.6)
    • Bootstrap Colorpicker 2.1.0(2.0.0)
    • Bootstrap Datepicker 1.4.0(1.3.0)

    • Small fixes and optimizations

3.1 Update –
January 24, 2015


    • (for autocomplete functionality)
    • (+ function added for printing)
    • Option for remembering the selected color theme from the
      (with cookies)

    • Font Awesome 4.3.0(4.2.0) – 40 New Icons
    • Bootstrap 3.3.2(3.3)
    • jQuery 1.11.2(1.11.1)
    • jQuery UI 1.11.2(1.11.1)
    • Gmaps.js 0.4.16(0.4.15)
    • Modernizr 2.8.3(2.7.1)
    • Datatables 1.10.4(1.10.3)
    • FullCalendar 2.2.6(2.1.1)
    • DropzoneJS 3.12.0(3.10.2)
    • Magnific Popup 1.0.0(0.9.9)
    • HTML5 Placeholder jQuery Plugin 2.1.0(2.0.7)
    • Chosen 1.3.0(1.2.0)
    • Select2 3.5.2(3.5.1)
    • CKEditor 4.4.6(4.4.5)
    • MomentJS 2.9.0(2.8.1)
    • jQuery Masked Input Plugin 1.4.0(1.3.1)

    • Multiple lightbox galleries improvement
    • CSS Switches(+ now degrade in IE8)
    • Removed ‘http:’ from jQuery, Gmaps API and Google Web
      (now it will load the https or http version
      automatically – If you like to preview the HTML version, it is
      better to do it through a local/online web server)

    • Small fixes and optimizations

    • WYSIHTML5 Editor

3.0 Update –
November 12, 2014



    • (the 5 main templates with the 6 new color themes)



    • 6 New Color Themes
    • (with flyout menu)
    • Favicon for iPhone 6 Plus
    • Documentation extended with CSS Class reference

    • Bootstrap 3.3(3.2)
    • Datatables 1.10.3(1.10.2)
    • FullCalendar 2.1.1(2.0.2)
    • Chosen 1.2.0(1.1.0)
    • CKEditor 4.4.5(4.4.4)
    • slimScroll 1.3.3(1.3.2)
    • MomentJS 2.8.1(2.7.0)
    • Gmaps.js 0.4.15(0.4.14)
    • jQuery UI 1.11.1(1.10.4)
    • Nprogress 0.1.6(0.1.2)
    • less.js 2.0.0b2(1.7.3)

    • Small fixes and optimizations

2.2 Update
– September 10, 2014



      • Product Launch
      • Account Activation
      • Welcome Email
      • Password Reset
      • Newsletter




    • Font Awesome 4.2.0(40 new icons)
    • Datatables 1.10.2(1.10.0)
    • Select2 3.5.1(3.4.6)
    • CKEditor 4.4.4(4.3.2)
    • Gmaps.js 0.4.14(0.4.12)

    • Preloader HTML structure
    • Header User Dropdowns in mobiles (when header is set as top

    • Datepicker z-index issue
    • Various small CSS fixes

2.1 Update – July
5, 2014


    • Main Sidebar Menu Auto Scrolling(when a submenu

    • Bootstrap 3.2(3.1.1)
    • jQuery 1.11.1(1.11.0)
    • Datatables 1.10.0(1.9.4)
    • Full Calendar 2.0.2(1.6.4)
    • Flot Charts 0.8.3(0.8.2)
    • Dropzone.js 3.10.2(3.8.4)
    • less.js 1.7.3(1.7.0)

2.0 Update – May
16, 2014

1.4 Update – May
1, 2014

1.3 Update –
April 9, 2014

1.2 Update –
March 13, 2014

1.1 Update –
February 19, 2014

1.0 Release
– February 5, 2014

Responsive Email Templates

In the package you will find 5 responsive email templates to
accompany ProUI! Each one with 15 color variations (75 email
templates in total!).

  • Product Launch
  • Account Activation
  • Welcome Email
  • Password Reset
  • Newsletter

Multiple versions

ProUIcomes in 2 different versions

  1. PHP version

    • Templating common code
    • Menu menu auto creation
    • Template Variables (easily set active color theme or other
      layout options)
  2. HTML version(for using it with other server side
    scripting languages such as ASP, Ruby etc)

Backend Features

  • Well Commented, Structured and Organized Code
  • Clean & Modern Design
  • Fast and Clean
  • Powerful and Flexible Layout
  • HTML5and
  • W3C Valid Code
  • Bootstrap 3.3.7
  • Fully Responsive
  • Retina Ready
  • Mobile First
  • Cross Browser Support
  • jQuery Powered
  • Extensive Documentation
  • Page Headers with Animated Images
  • LessCSS Support

    LessCSS files are included in case you would like to use
    LessCSS instead of CSS. Many variables are available to easily
    customize colors or various options such as sidebars’ width when
    they are fully visible or partial.

  • 11 High Detailed PSDs Files Included

    • 01. ProUI – Logo
    • 02. ProUI – Color Themes
    • 03. ProUI – Login + Register (Default)
    • 04. ProUI – Error Pages
    • 05. ProUI – Dashboard
    • 06. ProUI – Statistics Widgets
    • 07. ProUI – Social Widgets
    • 08. ProUI – Media Widgets
    • 09. ProUI – UI Kit (+ Full Header + Alternative Sidebar)
    • 10. ProUI – Forms
    • 11. ProUI – Charts
  • CSS3 Animations(use them just by adding a CSS

    • 16 Page Animations
    • 24 Individual HTML Elements Animations
  • Powerful and Flexible Layout (up to 2 sidebars)

    • Static Sidebars & Header (default)
    • Static Sidebars & Header/Fixed Footer
    • Fixed Sidebars/Fixed Top Header
    • Fixed Sidebars/Fixed Bottom Header
    • Fixed Sidebars/Fixed Top Header/Fixed Footer
    • Fixed Sidebars/Fixed Bottom Header/Fixed Footer
  • 2 Sidebars

    • 2 modes: Full & Partial (opens on hover) (by default main
      sidebar is partial/visible and the alternative is full/hidden)
    • Control default visibility in both modes
    • Extra mode for the main sidebar: Mini with flyout menu
    • Enable/Disable animated transitions in large screens
    • Layout JS Functions for controlling them
  • Header Style(check it live from the top left

    • Light (default)
    • Dark
  • Main Style(check it live from the top left

    • Default
    • Alternative
  • 15 Color Themes(check them all live from main
    sidebar under user info)

    • Blue (default)
    • Night
    • Amethyst
    • Modern
    • Autumn
    • Flatie
    • Spring
    • Fancy
    • Fire
    • Coral
    • Lake
    • Forest
    • Waterlily
    • Emerald
    • Blackberry
  • UI Widgets – Huge Collection

    • Statistics
    • Social
    • Media
    • Links
  • Various Features – Fully Responsive

    • 3 Level Menu
    • Horizontal Multi Level Header Menu
    • Chat User Interface in Sidebar
    • Horizontal Navigation
    • Blocks
    • Widgets
    • Fluid Grid
    • Tabs
    • Dropdowns
    • Top Loading Bars
    • Progress Bars
    • Carousel
    • Modals
    • Popovers
    • Tooltips
    • Responsive Tables
    • Datepickers
    • Timepickers
    • Date Range Picker
    • WYSIWYG Editor
    • Form Validation
    • Form Wizard
    • Lightbox
    • Charts
    • Calendar
    • Syntax Highlighting
    • Google Maps
    • Growl Notifications
    • Draggable & Sortable Blocks
    • Page Preloader
    • Main Sidebar Menu Auto Scrolling (when a submenu
    • ..and many more! Check live preview for discovering them
  • Ready Pages (UI)

    • Dashboard
    • Dashboard 2
    • eCommerce
      • Dashboard
      • Orders
      • Order View
      • Products
      • Product Edit
      • Customer View
    • Errors (400, 401, 403, 404, 500, 503)
    • Get Started (Blank, Blank Alternative)
    • Search Results (Projects, Images, Users, Classic)
    • Article
    • User Profile
    • Contacts
    • e-Learning (Courses, Course – Lessons, Course – Lesson
    • Message Center (Inbox, Compose Message, View Message)
    • Chat
    • Timeline (+ Feed style)
    • Tickets
    • Bug Tracker
    • Files
    • Tasks
    • Faq
    • Pricing Tables
    • Invoice
    • Forum (Categories, Topics, Discussion)
    • Lock Screen
    • Alternative Lock Screen
    • Coming Soon
    • Login (+ Reminder Pass + Register)
    • Login with Fullscreen Background (+ Reminder Pass +
    • Alternative Login (+ Reminder Pass + Register)
  • Popular jQuery Plugins Integrated

    • Datatables
    • FullCalendar
    • Dropzone.js
    • Select2
    • Chosen
    • Slimscroll
    • Prism.js
    • Gmaps.js
    • Magnific Popup
    • Datepicker for Boostrap
    • Boostrap Timepicker
    • Form Wizard
    • Easy Pie Charts
    • jQuery Validation
    • jQuery Tags Input
    • CKEditor
    • jQuery Cookie
    • Bootstrap Colorpicker
    • Bootstrap Slider
    • Bootstrap Typeahead
    • Masked Input plugin
    • jQuery Sparkline
    • Nprogress
  • Icon Packs – 1525 Unique Font based Icons

    • Glyphicons 1.8.1 PRO License for use with this template –
      $59 worth! (Icon PSDs Included)

      • 470 Glyphicons
      • 200 Glyphicons Halflings
      • 50 Glyphicons Social
      • 130 Glyphicons Filetypes
    • FontAwesome 4.7.0, 675 Unique Icons
    • Icon Search
    • Icon GeneratorClick an icon to get its code
  • Custom JavaScript codeadding unique features
  • Support

    Although the template is
    well commented & documented, you might need
    some further help, so feel free to contact us through our . We will
    be more than happy to assist you as soon as possible!


    • provides awesome images. Thanks to their license,
      all the images are included with the template!
    • provides awesome placeholder videos. Thanks to
      their license, placeholder videos are included with the
    • provides avatars for demostration purposes.
      Avatars are included only in the live demo.
    • randomly generates user names. The names used in
      the template are fictional and used for demostration purposes.