Naar– Fire Brigade Services & Rescue HTML Template is a
nonprofit multi-purpose template. Naar HTML Template comes with all
the features needed for an fire brigade & rescue response
center site like contact, emergency number, Fire fighting services,
Operational Videos, Causes/Donations, Blog, Events Management,
firefighters, firefighter bio and stories. It is the most complete
solution for your Fire Brigade as it covers every aspect of an
emergency response site. Naar – is fully-responsive template based
on Modren Trends, CSS3 and Bootstrap 4.0+

Main Features:

  • Responsive Design Based on Bootstrap 4.0+
  • Fire Fighters Templates
  • Events Page Templates
  • Causes/Donations Page Template
  • Blog Layouts
  • Google Web Fonts
  • jQuery enhanced slider and effects

Some of the included page templates are:

  • 2 Home Pages
  • Events
  • Events Detail
  • About Us
  • Fire Fighters Styles
  • Fire Fighter Profile
  • Contact Us
  • Offered Services
  • Operational Videos
  • Post Details
  • Fire Brigade Facts
  • Cause/Donation Layout


= v1.0 - 13-Jan-2019 =
* Initial Release

Backnow is a ready-to-use WordPress theme exclusively developed
for serving your crowdfunding needs. This super powerful all-in-one
WordPress theme has everything you require to build high-quality
crowdfunding sites. Backnow offers wonderful features and
functionalities to launch successful fundraising campaigns for
individuals, companies, agencies, and different businesses.

Backnow is powered by the best ever fundraising plugin ‘WP
Crowdfunding’ based on WooCommerce to cater your backer platform’s
need. We provide the free version of WP Crowdfunding plugin with
the Backnow theme. You get the basic crowdfunding functionalities
in the free WP Crowdfunding plugin. To get unlimited Rewards, Split
Payment, Native Wallet, Money Management, and other advanced
features, please purchase WP Crowdfunding Pro. Get it here:

Get dedicated forum support on

Try Demo :

Try Demo :

Theme features:

  • It’s responsive & mobile ready
  • Reward system with estimated delivery date
  • WooCommerce Based
  • Utmost Flexibility in Customization
  • Fundraising
  • Donation
  • Advanced WP Customizer+
  • Elementor Page Builder
  • Language Translation Supports
  • Advanced Customizer Options
  • Google Fonts Support
  • Contact Form 7 plugin supported
  • MailChimp Plugin
  • 100% SEO Friendly and SEO Optimised
  • Rich documentation

Version 1.6

^ Updated WP crowdfunding plugin.
^ Fixed reward checkout issue.
^ Updated language file.
^ Fixed CSS issue.

Version 1.5

^ Total backer Number bug issue fixed
^ Coming Soon count issue fixed.
^ Charset problem issue fixed.
^ Fixed CSS issue.

Version 1.4

^ Crowdfunding file update.
^ Child theme file update.
^ Fixed CSS issue.
^ Translate issue.

Version 1.3

^ Text domain change. (theme and plugin)
^ Fixed Campaign Countdown and coming soon page issue.
^ Fixed Product single page predefined value add.
^ Fixed CSS issue.

Version 1.2

^ Fixed blog single page options issue 

Version 1.1

^ Fixed product single page issue

Version 1.0

* Initial Release

Bismillah – Islamic CenterResponsive HTML Template
is a nonprofit multi-purpose template. Bismillah HTML Template
comes with all the features needed for an Islamic center site like
Events Template, Causes/Donations, Gallery, Islamic Teachings
Management, Audio & Video Popups,
RTL Supportedand Online store templates. It is the
most complete solution for your slamic website as it covers every
aspect of an Islamic center religion site. Bismillah – Islamic
Center is fully-responsive template based on Modren Trends, CSS3
and Bootstrap 4.0+

Main Features:

  • Responsive DesignBased on Bootstrap 4.0+
  • Shop/Product Templates
  • Events PageTemplates
  • Causes/DonationsPage Template
  • Blog Layouts
  • Google Web Fonts
  • jQuery enhanced slider and effects
  • Clean Extendible Code


  • 2 Home Pages
  • Events
  • Events Detail
  • About Us
  • Our Team
  • Team/Scholar Details
  • Gallery (multiple layouts)
  • Search
  • Search Not Found
  • 404
  • Product Page
  • Shop
  • Contact Us
  • Islamic Teachings
  • Services Layouts
  • Services Details
  • Blog Grid, Blog List Layouts
  • Blog Post Detail
  • Cause/Donation Layout
  • Causes Detail

Note:Demo Images
NOTIncluded in the Sales Package.

= v1.0 - 19-SEP-2018 =
* Initial Release

Follow Us:

Please contact at to get the images used in the


Liftfund | Nonprofit Template. This template is suitable for
charity, NGO, non-profit organization, donation, church or a
fundraising website. You can easly customize each and every part of
this template according to your needs. This template is built with
Bootstrap 3.3.7

Important Note:Photos are for example purposes
only, they are not included in the final download package!

Features List:

  • One Page Template
  • Valid HTML5 & CSS3
  • Ajax Active Contact Form
  • Clean Design & coding
  • Awesome Slider
  • Parallax Effect
  • Built Based on Bootstrap v3.3.7
  • Cross Browser Optimization
  • Well Commented HTML, CSS, & js files
  • Google Fonts
  • Google Map
  • Awesome Unique Look
  • Well Documented & More…
  • Update Coming Soon

All Html Files List:

  • index.html
  • causes-single.html
  • volunteers-single.html
  • events-single.html
  • blog-left.html
  • blog-right.html
  • blog-single-left.html
  • blog-single-right.html

What you will get?

  • HTML Files
  • CSS files
  • jQuery and Javascript files
  • PHP File for Contact mail
  • Proper Documentation

Woo365 is an awesome WordPress plugin suite that give users
easy access to dozens of WooCommerce extensions, all from one
plugin! Think of it as the Jetpack for WooCommerce. Rather than
installing a bunch of different extensions, you just install Woo365
and enable the extensions you want.

What features
does it have?

Button &
Price Labels

  • Add to Cart Labels– Change text for Add to Cart
    button by WooCommerce product type, by product category or for
    individual products.
  • Call for Price– Create any custom price label for
    all WooCommerce products with empty price.
  • Custom Price Labels– Create any custom price label
    for any WooCommerce product.
  • Free Price Labels– Set WooCommerce free price
    product labels.
  • More Button Labels– Set WooCommerce “Place order”
    button label.

Cart &

  • Cart Custom Info– Add custom info to WooCommerce
    cart page.
  • Cart Customization– Customize WooCommerce cart –
    hide coupon field; item remove link.
  • Checkout Core Fields– Customize WooCommerce core
    checkout fields. Disable/enable fields, set required, change labels
    and/or placeholders.
  • Checkout Custom Fields– Add custom fields to your
    WooCommerce checkout page.
  • Checkout Custom Info– Add custom info to the
    WooCommerce checkout page.
  • Checkout Customization– Customize WooCommerce
    checkout – hide “Order Again” button etc..
  • Checkout Fees– Add fees to WooCommerce cart &
  • Checkout Files Upload– Let customers upload files
    on WooCommerce checkout.
  • Coupon by User Role– WooCommerce coupons by user
  • Coupon Code Generator– WooCommerce coupon code
  • Empty Cart Button– Add and customize an “Empty
    Cart” button to the cart page and/or checkout pages.
  • EU VAT Number– Collect and validate EU VAT numbers
    on WooCommerce checkout. Automatically exempt VAT for valid
    numbers. Add all EU countries VAT standard rates to
  • Mini Cart– Customize the WooCommerce mini cart

Emails & Misc.

  • Admin Tools– Debug and log tools.
  • Custom CSS– Another custom CSS, if you need
  • Custom JS– Separate custom JS for front and back
  • General Tools– Custom roles tool. Shortcodes in
    WordPress text widgets.
  • Modules By User Roles– Enable/disable
     modules by user roles.
  • WPML– Basic WPML support.
  • Breadcrumbs– Customize WooCommerce
  • Custom Emails– Add custom emails to
  • Email Options– WooCommerce email options. E.g.:
    add another email recipient(s) to all WooCommerce emails.
  • Email Verification– Add WooCommerce email
  • Export Tools– Export WooCommerce orders, customers
    and products.
  • My Account– WooCommerce “My Account” page
  • Remove Old Products Slugs– Remove old slugs for
    WooCommerce products.
  • Reports– WooCommerce stock, sales, customers etc.
  • URL Coupons– WooCommerce URL coupons.
  • User Tracking– Track your users in

Orders &

  • Address Formats– Set the address format in
    WooCommerce orders on per country basis. Force base country
  • Admin Orders List– Customize WooCommerce admin
    orders list: add custom columns; add multiple status
  • Custom Order Numbers– WooCommerce sequential order
    numbering, custom order number prefix, suffix and number
  • Custom Shipping– Add multiple custom shipping
    methods to WooCommerce.
  • Left to Free Shipping– Display “left to free
    shipping” info in WooCommerce.
  • Maximum Products per User– Limit number of items
    your WooCommerce customers (logged) can buy.
  • Order Custom Statuses– Custom statuses for
    WooCommerce orders.
  • Order Min/Max Quantities– Set min/max product
    quantities in WooCommerce order.
  • Order Minimum Amount– Minimum WooCommerce order
    amount (optionally by user role).
  • Orders– WooCommerce orders auto-complete; custom
    admin order list columns; admin order currency.
  • Shipping Calculator Customizer– Customize the
    WooCommerce shipping calculator on the cart page.
  • Shipping Descriptions– Add descriptions to
    WooCommerce shipping methods on frontend.
  • Shipping Icons– Add icons to WooCommerce shipping
    methods on frontend.
  • Shipping Methods by Cities– Set cities to
    include/exclude for WooCommerce shipping methods to show up.
  • Shipping Methods by Min/Max Order Amount– Set
    minimum and/or maximum order amount for WooCommerce shipping
    methods to show up.
  • Shipping Methods by Products– Set products,
    product categories or tags to include/exclude for WooCommerce
    shipping methods to show up.
  • Shipping Methods by Users– Set user roles or
    membership plans to include/exclude for WooCommerce shipping
    methods to show up.
  • Shipping Options– Hide WooCommerce shipping when
    free is available. Grant free shipping on per product basis.
  • Shipping Time– Add delivery time estimation to
    WooCommerce shipping methods.

Payment Gateways

  • Custom Payment Gateways– Add multiple custom
    payment gateways to your WooCommerce store.
  • Payment Gateways by Country or State– Set
    countries or states to include/exclude for WooCommerce payment
    gateways to show up.
  • Payment Gateways by Currency– Set allowed
    currencies for WooCommerce payment gateways to show up.
  • Payment Gateways by Shipping– Set “enable for
    shipping methods” for WooCommerce payment gateways.
  • Payment Gateways by User Role– Set user roles to
    include/exclude for WooCommerce payment gateways to show up.
  • Payment Gateways Currency Converter– Currency
    converter for WooCommerce payment gateways.
  • Payment Gateways Fees and Discounts– Enable extra
    fees or discounts for WooCommerce payment gateways.
  • Payment Gateways Icons– Change icons (images) for
    all WooCommerce payment gateways..
  • Payment Gateways Min/Max Amounts– Add min/max
    amounts for WooCommerce payment gateways to show up.
  • Payment Gateways per Product or Category– Show
    gateway only if there is product of selected category in
    WooCommerce cart.

Invoicing & Packing Slips

  • PDF Invoicing and Packing Slips– WooCommerce
    Invoices, Proforma Invoices, Credit Notes and Packing Slips.

Prices &

  • All Currencies– Add all world currencies to your
    WooCommerce store; change currency symbol.
  • Bulk Price Converter– Multiply all WooCommerce
    products prices by set value.
  • Currency Exchange Rates– Automatic currency
    exchange rates for WooCommerce.
  • Currency for External Products– Set different
    currency for external WooCommerce products.
  • Currency per Product– Display prices for
    WooCommerce products in different currencies.
  • Multicurrency (Currency Switcher)– Add multiple
    currencies (currency switcher) to WooCommerce.
  • Multicurrency Product Base Price– Enter prices for
    WooCommerce products in different currencies.
  • Offer Your Price– Let your customers to suggest
    their price for products in WooCommerce.
  • Price based on User Role– Display WooCommerce
    products prices by user roles.
  • Price Formats– Set different WooCommerce price
    formats for different currencies. Set general price format
  • Prices and Currencies by Country– Change product’s
    price and currency automatically by customer’s country.
  • Product Open Pricing (Name Your Price)– Let your
    WooCommerce store customers enter price for the product
  • Product Price by Formula– Set formula for
    automatic WooCommerce product price calculation.
  • Shop Global Discount– Add global discount to all
    WooCommerce products.
  • Wholesale Price– Set WooCommerce wholesale pricing
    depending on product quantity in cart (buy more pay less).


  • Add to Cart Button Visibility– Enable/disable
    WooCommerce Add to Cart button globally or on per product
  • Admin Products List– Customize WooCommerce admin
    products list.
  • Bookings– Add bookings products to
  • Cost of Goods– Easily track your profit margins by
    saving your product costs in WooCommerce.
  • Cross-sells– Customize WooCommerce cross-sells
    products display.
  • Crowdfunding– Add crowdfunding products to
  • Custom Product Tabs– Add custom product tabs –
    globally or per product. Customize or completely remove WooCommerce
    default product tabs.
  • Product Add to Cart– Redirect customers to a page
    on your site after adding a product to their cart. Automatically
    add products to your customer’s cart. Display radio buttons instead
    of drop box for variable products. Disable quantity input. Disable
    add to cart button on per product basis. Open external products in
    new window.
  • Product Addons– Add (paid/free/discount) addons to
    WooCommerce products.
  • Product Availability by Date– WooCommerce product
    availability by date.
  • Product Availability by Time– WooCommerce product
    availability by time.
  • Product Bulk Meta Editor– Set WooCommerce products
    meta with bulk editor.
  • Product Custom Visibility– Display WooCommerce
    products by custom param.
  • Product Images– Customize the visibility of
    product images, thumbnails and WooCommerce sale flashes on product
  • Product Info– Add even more product info to
    WooCommerce categories and single product pages.
  • Product Input Fields– Add custom input fields to
    all WooCommerce products or per product.
  • Product Listings– Change WooCommerce display
    options for shop and category pages: show/hide categories count,
    exclude categories, show/hide empty categories.
  • Product MSRP– Save and display product MSRP in
  • Product Visibility by Country– Display WooCommerce
    products by customers country.
  • Product Visibility by User Role– Display
    WooCommerce products by customer’s user role.
  • Products per Page– Add “products per page”
    selector to WooCommerce.
  • Products XML Feeds– WooCommerce products XML
  • Related Products– Change displayed WooCommerce
    related products number, columns, order, relate by tag and/or
    category, or hide related products completely.
  • Sale Flash– Customize WooCommerce products sale
  • SKU– Generate WooCommerce SKUs automatically.
  • Sorting– Add more WooCommerce sorting options or
    remove all sorting including default.
  • Stock– WooCommerce products stock management.
  • Tax Display– Customize WooCommerce tax
  • Upsells– Customize WooCommerce upsells products
  • User Products– Let users add new WooCommerce
    products from frontend.

HelpUs is a crowdfunding CMS comes with amazing features and
great performance. HelpUs crowdfunding script is simple to use and
easy to install. HelpUs PHP
Crowdfunding scriptable to launch a full-fledged
crowdfunding website within just 5 minutes and able to load tons of
data. HelpUs is a user-friendly platform and it will fill all of
the requirements that you need to make a crowdfunding website. Its
clean code will easy to customize and developer friendly to
add/remove any features. Extend HelpUs crowdfunding software

You can also use it as
PHP Donation Script

It comes with reward-based crowdfunding and donation-based
crowdfunding system. You can add unlimited rewards to campaigns, so
users can see what he getting against his donation.

Demo URL
and login credential

Admin Login

Email: [email protected]                           
Password: 123456                           

User Login

Email: [email protected]                           
Password: 123456                           

Features Details

Ideapress is a straightforward and simple website template for
crowdfunding and fundraising. It is a complete solution to start a
Kickstater-like website and help other succeed with incredible
projects. Ideapress has two neat index page with astonishing
features and great attention to detail. Right below the navigation
is a full-width banner with the featured campaign followed by other
popular projects that are soon to reach their goals. Or maybe are
already way pass their initial goal, offering extra perks.

4 Homepages Variations include all useful ready-to-use sections,
functional blocks, beautiful elements & strong impression files
& pages (page such as Explore, FAQ’s, Coming Soon, Campaign,
Shop, About, Contact, Team, …) provide you with all of the
purposes to open a website with many available variants.

Main Features:

  • Awesome & Creative Design
  • 4 Beautiful Home Demos
  • Fundraising Option
  • Free Google Fonts
  • SEO Friendly Code
  • Shop Layout – Woocommerce Page Included
  • Based on Bootstrap Grid Layout
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Cross browser Compatible with IE9+, Firefox, Safari,
  • Great Support 27/7
  • Well Documented
  • and much more…


  • Images:
  • Font Awesome:
  • Ionicons:
  • WOW:
  • BxSlider:
  • OwlCarousel:
  • Rubik Font:

Disclaimer: All images, videos & audio files which you see
in the online preview are copyrighted materials belonging to their
authors (listed below). None of the assets you see online will be
provided in the downloadable package!


Feel free to contact us any time. We have a dedicated team to
provide you the best support.

Please Note: All images are just used for Preview Purpose
Only. They are not part of the theme and NOT included in the final
purchase files.

Fokir-Charity and Fundraising HTML template

Fokiris a
HTML Templateespecially for Charity, NGO,
Non-Profit Organization or Foundation, Campaign & Event
Donation, Religion or a Fundraising website.

Fokiris Fully Responsive with Bootstrap framework,
it works wonderfully on any of your users’ devices magically.
HTML5, jQuery , CSS3 & php interesting interactive animation is
already made for you to create a unique experience on our site.


  • 2 Beautifully designed Unique homepages
  • Stunning User-Friendly Shop Pages
  • Bootstrap 3.x
  • Font Awesome Web-Font Icons
  • 20+ Beautifully Designed HTML Files
  • 1170 Bootstrap Design
  • 100% Fluid Responsive on any device
  • Beautiful Colors
  • Beautiful Google Fonts
  • Google Maps
  • Flexible and Customizable PHP Contact Form
  • Well Documented for Easy Editing
  • Cross Browser Optimization
  • 5-Star Rated Author, free support Lifetime

CSS Structure:

style.cssfile contains all of the specific stylings
for the page. The file is separated into sections using:


  • jquery.2.2.3.min.js

    jQuery is a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript

  • bootstrap.min.js

    Core bootstrap js file

  • jQuery carousel plugin from owlgraphic

  • wow.min.js

    A lightweight script to animate scrolling.Reveal Animations When
    You Scroll.

  • jquery.fancybox.min.js

    fancyBox is a tool that offers a nice and elegant way to add
    zooming functionality for images, html content and multi-media on
    your webpages.

  • theme.js

    This file contains all script about site.

  • Credits:

    • Stroke Icons from
    • Preloading from

    “Nobility” is a complete HTML Template for an online
    Crowdfunding Platform. Its well structured and lightweight code
    makes it incredibly easy to build new projects while utilizing a
    huge variety of customization options and layout elements.
    Easy-to-customize and fully Featured Design.


    Unique Home Pages.

    Different Blog Single Page.

    Different Contact Page.

    Clean & Modern Design.

    Valid HTML5 & CSS3.

    Valid Bootlint Bootstrap.

    Bootstrap v3.7x.

    Fully responsive.

    Sticky Menu When Scrolling Down.

    Seo Optimized.

    Swiper Slider Use.

    Smooth transition effects.

    Cross Browser Optimization.

    Free Updates.

    Google font.

    Google Map.

    Standerd custom code Created.

    All files are well commented.


    Nobility template contains the following Pages:

    • Home Page
    • about
    • Causes
      • Causes Grid
      • Causes list
      • Causes Single
    • Pages
      • Donation
      • Volunteer
      • Register
      • Login
      • Forget
      • 404
    • Event
      • Event Grid
      • Event List
      • Event Single
    • Blog
      • Blog Grid
      • Blog List
      • Blog Single
    • Contact

    CSS and
    JavaScripts Libraries:

    Bootstrap 3x

    Font Awesome Icon

    Swiper Slider






    What do you get?

    All HTML files.


    24/7 Support

    NOTE:Images are not included in the download file!


    Please send us your product presale query, after
    sales developer support request, customization project and any
    other queries to our dedicated support:

    A Crowdfunding startup WordPress theme for startup Fundraising,
    NGO, Charity websites.

    Crowdmerc is a library for Charity & Crowdfunding with
    predefined web elements which helps you to build your own site.

    Crowdmerc is Highly creative, featuring a clean &
    minimalistic design and packed with a lot of useful features.
    Crowdmerc can be used for all kinds of niches, like charity, NGO,
    non-profit organization, donation, church, music, fashion,
    technology and anything else that you may think of!

    Crowdmerc has a fully responsive layout. It fits perfectly on
    various displays and resolutions from regular desktop screens to
    tablets, iPads, iPhones and small mobile devices.


    • 3 homepage style
    • Buit with Unyson theme options
    • Buit with Elementor page builder
    • Buit with Kirki customizer
    • Buit with SASS, and GULP,
    • Easy to customize
    • HTML5 & CSS3
    • Clean & Simple Design
    • Fully Responsive Layout
    • Cross-browser Compatible with Edge, IE11+, Firefox, Safari,
      Opera, Chrome
    • Retina ready
    • Linear icon pack
    • Bootstrap 4 Powered
    • Smooth animation
    • Parallax sections
    • Working Ajax contact form with validation
    • Google Maps
    • Responsive design
    • Well documented

    Demo Images are for demo purpose only. Not included in