Complete Dating App with rich features. With Dating App people
can find new friends, communicate, and much more.

Dating App built in XCode 9.x and Swift 4. The server side is
built on object oriented php with MySQL database. Installation of
the server part is done quickly in a few simple steps.

Website demo:

Admin panel demo:

Login and Password: administrator

About admin

The full-featured admin panel allows you to manage user
accounts. With sections Messages Stream You can see in real time
what is happening in your application now. Also, the admin panel
has other important features: view personal conversations of users
and management of advertising in the application.

Android version:


  • Virtual Currency
  • Gifts
  • In-app purchases
  • Upgrades (Ghost mode, Verified Badge)
  • Guests
  • Profile Likes
  • Profile Photo/Cover
  • Profile Information
  • People Nearby
  • Search users
  • Friends System
  • Simple Gallery
  • Blocked List
  • Real Time Direct Messages with images/photos
  • Abuse reports to users
  • Profile photo and cover
  • And much more …

Admin panel

  • Statistics
  • Messages Stream (View and Delete)
  • View abuse reports to photos and users
  • Support section
  • Edit user profile
  • Block|unblock user profile
  • View personal user conversations


v2.0 –
(24.12.2018) (How to update – see documentation)

  • New admin panel design.
  • Fixed errors.

v1.9 – (01.10.2018) (How to update – see documentation)

  • Support for XCode 10.x, Swift 4.2 and iOS 12.
  • Rewarded Video Ads (Balance section).
  • New server side design.
  • Full screen image view when tap profile photo or gallery
  • Added Stream and Feed sections.
  • Fixed errors.

v1.8 – (09.03.2018) (How to update – see documentation)

  • New data has been added (age, sex orientation, height,
  • Added admob banner for iOS app.
  • Fixed errors.

v1.7 – (28.02.2018) (How to update – see documentation)

  • Added functions “Facebook Login and Facebook Signup” for
  • Fixed errors.

v1.6 – (10.01.2018) (How to update – see documentation)

  • Added functions “seen and typing” for chat.
  • Fixed errors.

v1.5 – (06.12.2017) (How to update – see documentation)

  • Added stickers for chat.
  • Support swift 4.
  • Added function “Pro Mode”.
  • Fixed errors.

v1.4 – (01.09.2017) (How to update – see documentation)

  • Added iPad devices support.
  • Fixed errors.

v1.3 – (01.08.2017) (How to update – see documentation)

  • Fixed publishing issues in the App Store.
  • Added background push notifications.
  • Fixed errors.

v1.2 – (23.02.2017) (How to update – see documentation)

  • Added privacy settings.
  • Fixed errors.

v1.1 – (09.02.2017) (How to update – see documentation)

  • Added gifts.
  • Added in-app purchases.
  • Added sections: Upgrades, Guests.
  • Fixed errors.


Hosting with PHP, MYSQL

Build your own
bite-sized chat stories app.


  • It has One Signal Push Notification Integrations
  • It has Facebook login Integrations
  • It has AdmobIntegrations
  • It has Integrations
  • Chat Story Builder
  • Custom Animations
  • Clean Code
  • Redux Implementation
  • It has App Center and Code Push Integrations

Users can Create their own stories! Everyone’s got a story.
  API Source not Included.

Demo Apps: 

ios demo



Facebook Chat by Elfsight is the fastest way for your clients to
reach you and get their questions answered. Stay available live for
users in their favourite messenger 24/7. Integrate Facebook Chat on
your website and set it to appear on specific pages or for a
certain groups of visitors, choose start-chat triggers, create your
own welcome message, choose icons and more. With the help of
Facebook chat on your site, you will stay connected anytime and
from anywhere.

plugin is your choice if

  • you want to turn website visitors to leads
  • you want to make it easier for your clients to get in touch
    with you
  • you don’t to want to rack your brains over setup and
    customization of the plugin
  • you are looking for a working solution worth its price

What you
get with our plugin

Give users opportunity to reach you any time

Give your clients an opportunity to get in touch with you at any
time from your website. They will like seamless communication via
Facebook messenger, which can be started just in one click.

The fastest way to embed Facebook Chat

Embed a ready communication tool without effort – by just
getting authorized on Facebook. Elfsight Facebook Chat will set
connection with your account and display a chat icon or window on
your website.

options of chat layout

On your page, Facebook Chat widget can appear as an expandable
bubble or as a chat window. The bubble can be fixed or floating and
will open a chat window on click. Floating type will follow
visitor’s’ scroll and stay visible at all times.

Pick the type of audience to see the chat

You can set the chat window to appear only for a certain
category of users. We offer three options: all visitors, new
visitors, and returning visitors. Depending on your choice, the
chat will open on the page only for particular visitors.

the best place for the chat

Embed the widget selectively on your site. Specific Pages option
allows you to enter the URLs of the pages where you need the
widget; Excluded Pages variant will help restrict displaying it on
selected pages. Showing the chat on mobile is also optional.

Choose a
chat-open trigger

Open chat triggers will activate the chat window based on a
selected condition. A trigger can be an amount of time spent on
your site or on a certain page, reaching a particular scroll
position, or an intent to leave your page.

Customize icon and text of chat bubble

You can choose an icon that will be displayed on a chat window.
There’s a library of icons for different use cases, such as
booking, consultation, order placing, etc. Bubble text field will
show your custom message next to the icon.

Add chat
header photo and name

Choose a picture for a message window: you can upload a photo or
pick it from our library. Add the name of the chat and its caption.
For caption, you can choose one of predefined variants of reply
time, showing when to expect an answer, or add your own text. The
text field supports font and weight options, lists, links, etc.

Write a welcome

To help people start a conversation, write a welcome message
that they will see in the chat window. Use fonts and weigh options,
align variants, lists and links. Start Chat button can also have
your own label, and you can show Facebook messenger icon on it.
Buttons shape can differ from square to more rounded.

Enable popup

To attract users’ attention to your chat, you can add a
notification badge to the chat bubble. It shows an unread message
and invites users to open the chat. There’s also an option to show
a notification in the title of the tab. It will appear, after a
trigger opens up a chat window.

elements of the interface

There are four elements of the interface that you can paint to
your taste: bubble background and icon, header background, and


We want our plugin to suit every need of yours and your
visitors. That’s why it perfectly works on any device, including
tablets and smartphones and with any display resolution.

The editor you

Never before has customizing been so easy and fast. Try our
handy editor and get your plugin the look, which will best suit
your website in just few easy steps.

Automatic updates

New features and bug fixes will be automatically installed to
your plugin. All you need to do is to get a purchase code and
activate your license in the plugin. Automatic updates will be up
and running to ensure you the most smooth experience.

The plugin is 100% compatible with WordPress

Don’t doubt the compatibility, this plugin works perfectly with
any WordPress theme, including the ones most popular on

  • Avada
  • BeTheme
  • The7
  • Flatsome
  • Enfold
  • Jupiter
  • Bridge
  • Newspaper

Elfsight Facebook Chat can be added to any part of your website.
Select the variant of set up, which will be suitable for you:


After creation of a widget of the plugin, you will get its
shortcode. You can use it as any other WordPress shortcode, for
example, insert it to the page.

Guttenberg Editor

Use a special Guttenberg block of the plugin while building your

composer supported

Our plugin has Visual Composer element of popular page builders
to make it convenient for you to apply the plugin if you use the

Native WordPress

Easily place Elfsight Facebook Chat widget to a WordPress
sidebar or footer of your website for smooth user experience.


We offer one of the easiest setups you will ever get, it’s fast
and intuitive. Just follow these quick steps and experience smooth
work of the plugin:

  1. After the purchase, download plugin archive.
  2. Upload installation zip to your website. NOTE! At this stage,
    make sure you upload not the whole item zip, but only WordPress
    installable zip.
  3. Activate the plugin. Go to plugin settings page through main
  4. Build a new widget and customize it with Live Widget
  5. Simply copy and paste the shortcode of the widget to the
    required page of your website. Success! Now your plugin is up and

Have doubts or
need help?

Then just open a ticket in our Support Center at and you will
get professional help quickly. Expect our answer Mon – Fri from
10am to 7pm CET. We are always open to our customers and aim at
getting better!

We are a tight and highly trusted team of full-time developers
with 10-year experience. Sharing common goals and putting our best
into what we do make us really successful. One of our priorities is
bringing the feeling of satisfaction with our products to our
customers! So you can always rely on us!

Our Support

Fixing product

Our plugin doesn’t work properly on your website? Then report
your problem or bug describing it in detail and send us a link to
your website. We will do our best to resolve your problem.

Lifetime updates

We introduce new updates and features on a regular basis. Just
check for the fresh version in WordPress admin panel.

Customer-friendly development

We are open to your suggestions. If you require some additional
features, which could also improve our products, just state this.
We will consider embedding them in our future updates.

Our Support
Does not Include


We don’t provide installation services for our plugins. However,
we’re glad to offer you installation guides. And if any errors
occur during installation, feel free to ask us. If you still would
like installation to be carried out by a professional, you can
contact specialists from Envato Studio.


We don’t supply plugin customization services. If you would like
to adjust the way some features operate, share your ideas with us,
and we will take them into account for future updates. If you can’t
wait, feel free to address Envato Studio for customization

3rd-party issues

We don’t fix bugs or solve issues in relation to other plugins
and themes, created by 3rd-party developers. Also we don’t provide
integration services for 3rd-party plugins and themes.

Missing some feature? Just ask for it!

Feel free to contact us at and share your feedback. If there’s
something you would like to change in the plugin, we’ll be glad to
hear your suggestions. The most requested features will be included
into new updates to make our clients satisfied and help them
achieve their aims.

In case you need any customization right now, feel free to
contact Envato Studio for customization services.

Still haven’t checked our plugin live? Do it right now on
the page!

Soch Social chat supportcreate a personal connection with
customers looking for support. A complete solution to provide
support to your audience. This is a easy way to support and keep
contact with your customers

When your Soch Social chat support is available on the side of
your website or in-app, customers can easily contact you without
searching around. A customer having an order problem already knows
what your website is, but they probably don’t know your support
email or phone number.


  1. WhatsApp, Skype & Messenger
  2. Time Availability
  3. Supports Multiple Accounts
  4. Custom Messages for Available and Offline
  5. Fully Responsive
  6. Browser Compatible
  7. Documentation Included


  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Font Awesome

Important:Our support team guarantees to respond you within
12-24 working hours. We will process according to your

Get Demo App on Google Play Try Demo Admin Panel

Admin Crudential :

username : admin

password : admin

Gostore is a search app that allows you to find local businesses
and stores from a single or host of locations. As well as a user
get exciting offers avail in their areas and different events
within their area. Users can search stores and communicate in real
time with owners Store and more. application built on Android
Studio. Installation of server components is done quickly in a few
simple steps.

Get Demo App Try Demo Admin Panel

Admin Crudential :

username : admin

password : admin

GoEstate is in native source code for the Android platform that
helps you build a real estate platform on an Android device. This
platform is for properties user to post their real estate for sale
or rent. Users can search properties and communicate in real time
with property owners and more. application built on Android Studio.
Installation of server components is done quickly in a few simple

LoveStory is a perfect theme for any dating or community
website. It’s not just a theme, but an application with awesome
built-in features, such as membership fees, virtual gifts, chat
messages and more.

Extended Profiles

This theme extends default WordPress profiles. User can edit
profile fields, upload photos, add favorites, view gifts and read
messages, edit privacy settings without even seeing the WordPress

Chat Messages

This theme has a built-in chat with live notifications. It means
that any two online users can start a real-time conversation and
receive new message notifications even if they are on different
pages of the site.

Membership Fees

This theme has a built-in membership system. Each membership
level limits the number of photos to upload, messages and gifts to
send for each user. All membership payments are processed with

Theme Options

This theme has powerful options panel. You can fully change
fonts, backgrounds, primary and secondary color, registration and
membership settings, edit email notifications, create sidebars and

Theme Features

  • Responsive Layout
  • Theme Options Panel
  • Extended Profiles
    • Profile Status
    • Profile Editor
    • Privacy Settings
    • Membership Settings
    • Private Messages
    • Favorite Profiles
    • Photo Uploader
    • Received Gifts
  • Chat Messages
    • Live Notifications
    • Messages Caching
    • Messages Filter
  • Membership Fees
    • WooCommerce Integration
    • Membership Limitations
  • Built-in Widgets
    • Profile Search
    • Advertising Banner
  • Profile Search Forms
  • Home Page Slider
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Shortcodes Editor
  • Facebook Login Integration
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Demo Content Included
  • Translation Ready


Support for this theme is provided via the , please use your
purchase code to register. Please read existing support topics and
documentation before adding a new topic.


v.1.21. 18.06.2018
- Added blog layout option
- Fixed country list order
- Fixed free memberships
- Fixed translation file

The Online Stickers for whatsapp is a android whatsapp tools
application which allow users to play with Stickers. You’re gonna
like it.

This product provides you easy way to make your own free android
whatsapp tools application. It does not require programming skills.
Code is easily configurable and customizable. There is just one
config file to setting up everything. Project is well documented.
It’s easier than you think.

I’m always here to help you. Happy customer is the most
important thing for me. Before you ask me for help or support,
please read the documentation (included with the downloaded item)
and any additional information available on the item’s support tab
to see if that answers your question. Also see frequently asked
questions. If you still need help, just send me a message via
comments. Please keep in mind that customization, modification and
installation services are not included in item support. See Item
Support Policy for more info.

Are you interested? Check this:

Email :

Password : 1234567

Excellent Customer Support

  • Once you purchase, you can use my dedicated support where I do
    quickly answer your questions.
  • I offer free awesome after sales support. I do care about your
    apps as much as you and I will help you in any way possible.
  • Working hours: 10:00 – 17:00h, UTC+05:45. From Sunday to
  • Free Lifetime Updates – get all the new features I add in each
    future update for free.

Important!Envato Extended License

purchase this app as Envato Extended License if:

  • Publish your app as a Paid app on AppStore
  • My In-app purchase feature is used in the final product
  • Sell your app on Auction Markets


For support, please
visit our

Rate the app

Please consider rating the app if you are satisfied with the
product. Thank you.

Why my customers love me:

This author is very good and honest and also behavior
is awesome….product is very good quality for
Customer Support– by

Amazing source code, Amazing UI for
Code Quality– by

Everything is perfect the code the support everything
is on point i really appreciate it, YOU ARE AMAZING!! Cheers for
Customer Support– by

excellent technical support service, your template is
the best I have bought .. for
Customer Support– by

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Other– by



- Admin Panel Installation Fixed


- Initial released

WildCommunity theme is integrated with a BuddyPress plugin which
lets users register on your site and start creating profiles,
posting messages, making connections, creating and interacting in
groups and much more. A social network in a box, BuddyPress lets
you build a social network for your company, school, sports team or
niche community.

WildCommunity () features:

  • Works with the latest 4.0 version of BuddyPress
  • Full integration with bbPress
  • A lot of inner pages – forums, groups, user panels…
  • Intranet groups, display different content blocks for members
    and guests (extranet)
  • Integrated with
  • Quick & easy demo content installation
  • Live Chat
  • Use it with 100s BuddyPress extensions (chats, music managers,
    user galleries, social articles…)
  • Compatible with BuddyPress Forum Editor –
  • Unique comments design –
  • Cool style of the WP pages

  • Responsive layout
  • 4 frontpage designs – you can find links to demo below “Home”
    menu item
  • Shortcodes –
  • Make parts of text visible for members only using
  • Pop-up window with member notifications (New messages, New
    friend requests, etc…)
  • Translation ready
  • No core changes
  • Integrated with
  • Compatible with WPMU
  • Font replacement – cufon and google fonts
  • Blog section
  • Display any page (blog, galleries…) on the frontpage
  • 3-level drop down menu with short descriptions
  • Integrated with Contact Form 7
  • Widget ready
  • SEO friendly
  • 404 Not Found page
  • Integrated with AddThis (supports over 300 social
  • How to change Cufon font tutorial included
  • Theme installation instructions (step by step)
  • Over 40 inner pages:
    • Registration page
    • Login page
    • Password recovery page
    • Account activation page
    • Group forum page
    • Group single topic page
    • Group activity page
    • Group members page
    • Send invites page
    • Group settings page
    • Group details edit page
    • Member’s activity page
    • Member’s profile page
    • Member’s inbox messages page
    • Member’s sent messages page
    • Member’s compose message page
    • Member’s notices page
    • Member’s friends page
    • Member’s friendship requests page
    • Member’s groups page
    • Member’s groups invitations page
    • Member’s Topics Started page
    • Member’s Replies Created page
    • Member’s Favorites page
    • Member’s Subscriptions page
    • Member’s General Settings page
    • Email Notification settings page
    • Groups listing page
    • Forum page with bbPress forums and recent topics
    • Forum page with bbPress subforums and recent topics
    • Contact Us page
    • Members listing page
    • Activity page
    • Blog page
    • Single blog post page
    • Blog archives page
    • Search page for bbPress (forums, topics and replies)
    • Search page for blog
    • Create a Group page (Details, Settings, Forum, Avatar,
    • 2 page templates for BuddyPress extensions
  • Tested on IE8, IE9, latest Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari
    (under Windows)
  • 26 PSD files with single graphic elements only (there is no PSD
    file with full page)

Support Forum->

Installation is easy but if you have some problems then send me
a login to your WP dashboard so I?ll take a look on it.

You can search comments using Google –

You can see the responsive layout resizing web browser’s
window. Important – refresh a page after resize window.

All in One WP Helpdesk Solution

TotalDesk is the only all in
one helpdesk solution for WordPress. Including a ticket- &
notification system, livechat, knowledge base, report and
integration module it contains all support features, that you need.
Get rid of single helpdesk plugins and get TotalDesk!

HelpDesk Features

  • Ticket System
    • 3 Differnt New Tickt Forms
    • Inbox Fetching
    • 2 Roles: Agent & Reporter
    • My Tickets Page
    • Set default values for new tickets
    • Set own ticket Status
    • Set custom ticket Types
    • Set custom ticket Project / Systems
    • Attachment Support
    • Inform Agents in Notifications
    • HTML WYSIWIG Comment Form
    • Saved replies
    • Logging / History system
    • XLS export
    • Reporters & Agents can reply to Email
    • Ticket Overview (assigned to, status in colors)
    • Set Inbox Archieve Folder
  • Notifications
    • Email Notifications
    • Desktop Notifications
    • Slack Notifications
    • Notify when a ticket has been created
    • Notify when someone replied
    • Notify when a status has changed
    • Notify when an agent has ben assigned
  • Livechat
    • Start a chat with a new subject (new ticket)
    • Enter a chat with a given ticket ID
    • Send a message (new ticket) when no agent is online
    • Every chat conversation will be saved
  • Knowledge Base
    • Create a FAQ based on a ticket
    • Group FAQs into topics
    • Set custom Icons for Topics
    • Live search for FAQs
    • Track FAQ views
    • 3 Built in widgets
    • Order FAQs by View / Popularity
    • 2 Layouts (boxed, list)
  • Reports
    • Tickets By Agent
    • Tickets By Status
    • Tickets By Type
    • Tickets By System
    • Tickets By Year
    • Tickets By Month
    • Tickets By Year & Month
  • Integrations
    • WooCommerce
    • Envato
    • Slack
  • Well Documentented


  • WordPress 3.8.1+
  • PHP 5.4+
  • WPML Support
  • WooCommerce 3.1


- FIX:    Responsive Issues
- FIX:    Umlaute not working in username field

- FIX:    Performance Increase
- FIX:    WPML for My Tickets shows other languages

- FIX:    JS not loaded due to datatables

- NEW:    Order field for FAQs
- FIX:    Renamed Rewrite Slug for saved replies caused post tags
to 404 

- FIX:    Attachments not merged

- NEW:    Moved all CDN loaded JS / CSS into this plugin folder
        better for autoptimize plugin

- NEW:    You can now disable datatables and set a language
        Plugin Settings > Tickets > Enable Datatables
- NEW:    Attachments in Backend now also open in Lightbox

- NEW:    Facebook Messenger Support
        -> Follow this link > Setting up the Plugin to get
the code
- NEW:    FAQ search now also appears on FAQ topics
- NEW:    FAQ search now start at 2 chars, not 3

- FIX:    FAQ wrong output

- NEW:    Datatables for the My Tickets page allows:
        - Sorting
        - Searching 
        - Entry Limit
- NEW:    Reports can now close their own tickets
- NEW:    Configure what data you want to show in the My Tickets
        - Show Name
        - Show Date
        - Show Status
        - Show System
        - Show Type
- NEW:    Set FAQ Columns in a Topic Archive
        e.g. show 2 faqs next to each other
- INFO:    We will no longer develop the Desktop Notification
feature (but it stays)
        We developed a new plugin Fire Push:
        - Background Notfications (when browser is closed)
        - send notification on new ticket replies
        - notfiy on new tickets created
        - message on tickets updated
- FIX:    Desktop Notifications

- NEW:    Button in Live FAQ result list if more than 4 results
- NEW:    Loading spinner replacing the search icon for FAQ search
when typing
- NEW:    FAQ Live Search does not submit on enter
- NEW:    Option to set Maximum Live FAQ search results
- FIX:    Removed ID from FAQ search because of duplicate ID Issue
- FIX:    Added 404 Error code to wp_die function
        This prevents nginx from caching while not logged in users
want to see tickets
- FIX:    Added higher z-index to chat trigger & message

- NEW:    FAQ, Topics & Tickets are not Mobile first
        Means the Title is Displayed first on Mobile (Better SEO)
- NEW:    New Tickets Count in Backend (Red Badge)
- NEW:    Automatically set Tickets to close / solved after X Days
no comment / update was made
        > See General Options
- NEW:    Set a default Solved (Closed) Status in Default Settings
        Used for Close Tickets after X Days
- FIX:    FAQ Search Causing PHP Notice

- NEW:    Reorder Admin Panel Section alpabetically
- FIX:    Removed TGM Plugin (causing too many errors)

- FIX:    Inbox Mails, that could not be processed as a ticket will
        be marked as read, but not moved to archive folder. This
        infinite loop of email fetching
- FIX:    Added more Email Inbox Message validations

- NEW:    Inbox will now always be fetched when logged in
- FIX:    Cronjob not running 
        To make sure the cronjob runs you can use a plugin called
WP Crontrol

- NEW:    Video about our new Automatic Reply Feature:

- FIX:    Comments will not be checked for automatic replies when
comment user is the same
        as the automatic reply user. This prevents infinite loop,
but also suggest you 
        to better create an own user for Automatic replies (like

- NEW:    Decreased ticket avatar image
- NEW:    Automatic Replies (Bot) 
        Saved Replies can be used for automatic replies. You need
        to add tags to your saved replies. These will be matched
        words from new tickets / replies.
        See Settings > Saved Replies
- FIX:    Updated options texts
- FIX:    Sidebar will show even when no tickets were submitted yet
- FIX:    Envato Purchase code validation in Backend
- FIX:    Show No agents assigned in Frontend
- FIX:    CSS tweaks
- FIX:    Vendor Packages updated

- NEW:  Shortcode for FAQ Search

- FIX:    Finished RU Translations
- FIX:    Chat on Mobile to near on the left

- NEW:  Russian Translation added
        If you have any other languages translated please send to
- FIX:  IE11 Bug with JS
- FIX:  Missing Translations
- FIX:  Cleaned up translations files

- NEW:    Welcome Livechat 2.0
        - Watch Demo Video:
        - Improved Design
        - New Frontend
        - New Backend for agents
        - Attachment upload possible
- NEW:    Hide Livechat when agents offline
- NEW:    Allow Attachments in Livechat
- NEW:  Filter wordpress_helpdesk_livechat_allowed
- NEW:  Added Lightbox feature for Comment Attachments

- FIX:    JS Gallery Error
- FIX:    WPML issue with FAQ Widgets

- FIX:  Agent could not be updated

- FIX:  Tax Meta Class Updated

- NEW:  Set department, type or priorty for ticket shortcode
        Example: [new_ticket departments="24,25,17" priorities="30"
- FIX:  Updated Translations

- NEW:    Private Notes
        Add private Notes for ticktes inside the backend
- NEW:  Add Media Files inside Replies in Comments
- FIX:  Code Improvements
- FIX:  Translations for Default Departments

- NEW:     Assign default agents by Departments 
        Settings > Defaults
- NEW:  FAQ Search Term Tracking (term, search counts, articles
- NEW:  Merge Tickets 
        See: Single Edit Ticket in WP-admin sidebar bottom
- FIX:  Default post set fix
- FIX:     Reporter user check removed as it caused issues with

- NEW: Added German Translation (status 15%)
- NEW: Added Spanish Translation (status 26%)
- FIX: translation files updated
- FIX: Ticket string not translated

- FIX:  Only show agents, admins and shop managers in agent list
- FIX:  Responsive My Tickets Page

- FIX:  Translation for account not created

- FIX:  Envato purchase code validation

- NEW:     Added two new actions for the new ticket form:
- NEW:  Added French Translation

- FIX:  Updated translations

- NEW:  New ticket message field now supports the WSYIG editor

- FIX:  Issue where ticket comment form influenced other comment

- FIX:  Admin CSS issue

- NEW:  Topic Widget for Sidebar
- NEW:  FAQ for WPMl Translation:
- FIX:  Missing div in form shortcode
- FIX:  My Tickets page on WooCommerce account page
- FIX:  Product support in WPML environment showed all products
- FIX:  custom WooCommerce order subjects filter did not work

- NEW:  Moved type / Project directly under Department
- NEW:  Created a back to my tickets button on new / view single
ticket pages
- FIX:  WooCommerce form was not 100% width

- NEW:  Sidebar for my_tickets and knowledge_base now displays 
        automatically. This has been done, because not all themes
        are able to select a custom sidebar for only 1 page
- NEW:  Set a sidebar display option (none, only on FAQ OR only on
Ticket pages, both)
- NEW:  Option to disable the sending of login credentials for new
- NEW:  Hide FAQ topics for not logged in users
- FIX:  Fix where attachments file select showed up even it was

- NEW:  IP check for FAQ likes / dislikes to avoid double votes

- FIX:  User exists not triggers an error to login
        This prevents users to create tickets for 
        other users
- FIX:  Added livechat texts to WPML config

- NEW:  Livechat guest ticket option readded
- NEW:  Livechat restyled 
        Differnet text align and background color between reporters
& agents
- NEW:  The following Livechat texts can be set in the admin panel:
        Live Chat Title
        Live Chat Welcome Text
        Live Chat No Agents Online Text
        Live Chat Button Text
- FIX:  Livechat Integrations moved to Integrations Section

- FIX: FAQ issue
- FIX: IMAP fetching
- FIX: Dashboard PHP Notice

- FIX: FAQ Ajax showed the same excerpt

NEW: Crisp Live Chat Integration
     Learn more here:
NEW: PureChat Live Chat Integration
     Learn more here:
NEW: Chatra Live Chat Integration
     Learn more here:

- NEW:  Set a default priority
- NEW:  Show priority in forms for reporters
- NEW:  Priorities now in export
- NEW:  Tickets by priority added to reports
- NEW:  Tickets by Source added to reports
- NEW:  Small layout review of reports page
- NEW:  Added a row for grouping in Ticket-Export Excel file
- FIX:  Attachments were not assigned
- FIX:  Missing Translations

- FIX:  Removed Cron after disabling Inbox

- NEW:  PHP IMAP Extension Check
- FIX:  Missing translation & POT file updated
- FIX:  Removed livechat for guest users 

- FIX:  Added missing translation strings

- NEW:  Support Rating Feedback
        Ask reporters for Support feedback after a ticket has been
        See settings > Support Rating
        Rating Email:
        Support Feedback:
        Rating Overview:
- NEW:  2 x New Report charts: 
        Tickets by Reporter
        Tickets by Satisfaction
- NEW:  Guest (not logged in user) can now use livechat
- FIX:  Layout issue with avatar image in backend
- FIX:  Backend Table width adjustes
- FIX:  PHP notice in loggin class removed

- FIX: Cronjob issue
- FIX: Ticket not created when no from name was set
- FIX: PHP notice in desktop notifications

- FIX: Prevent admin access issue

- NEW:  Connect FAQs to product categories (WooCommerce)
        FAQs will then show up on single product pages
- NEW:  Set AJAX interval for Live Chat & Desktop Notifications
        to decrease server performance use
- FIX:  Prevent Admin Access issue

- FIX:  logged in error message

- FIX:  Only 5 FAQs showed up on archive page

- NEW:     Option to use original theme template files
        Settings > Advanced Settings > Use Theme Template
        Note: This will remove all custom templates!
        It would be better to copy existing partials into your
child theme
- NEW:  Set a sidebar position (left or right) in General Settings
- NEW:  Support for invisible Recaptcha

- NEW:     Show specific FAQs only to logged in users
- NEW:     Hide FAQs for logged in users from Knowledge Base
        See Settings > Knowledge Base (on bottom)
- FIX:  Slider Revolution issue

- NEW: option to set novalidate-cert for inbox
- FIX: Issue with My Tickets page and no tickets created so far

- FIX: Envato Class exists check

- FIX: Single FAQ only displays title when no topics are created
- FIX: Screen Reader text visibility

- FIX:  Form 404 Errors
- FIX:  Admins could not trash tickets, faqs or saved replies
- FIX:  DataTables Issue

- NEW:  Theme support improved (e.g. Dante, Bridge, Total, The7)
- NEW:  Set a custom login page (settings > general)
- FIX:  Added some more translation options
- FIX:  breaking DIV in new ticket form
- FIX:  Output buffering for shortcodes

- NEW:  Dashboard redirect for reporters & agents
- NEW:  Ticket Priorities now possible
- NEW:  Renamed System / Projects to Departments
- NEW:  Added POT translation file & updated DE Translations
- FIX:  Ticket category color issue in backend
- FIX:  Small php notices

- NEW:  Rating System for FAQ Articles
        See Options > FAQ > Enable Rating
- NEW:  Disable the dislike button
- NEW:  Widgets now support order by likes / dislikes
- NEW:  Show single FAQs only to logged in users

- FIX: WooCommerce class misses options
- FIX: Menu does not show up
- FIX: after_widget args notice
- FIX: Livechat count issue

- Inital release

Live Chat
-> Agents see list of open chats by reporters
-> Leave message when no agents are online -> Ticket
-> Reporter needs to be logged in
-> Default Welcome Message
-> Enter chat via Ticket ID
-> Create a new chat -> new Ticket
-> Chat history stored as Ticket Comments

Ticket System
-> Inform Agents in Notifications
-> HTML WYSIWIG Comment Form
-> Attachments
-> Saved replies
-> Default Message
-> My Tickets (for reporter & agents)
-> Logging / History system
-> XLS export
-> Agents can reply to Email
-> Ticket Overview (assigned to, status in colors)
-> Set Inbox Folder 
-> Set Inbox Archieve Folder 

Knowledge Base
-> Widget Support
-> Most viewed / loved
-> Set a default order by
-> Custom Icon per category
-> Password Protection (can be set by WP default)
-> Multiple Layout
-> Was this helpful?

-> Slack (
-> WooCommerce
-> Envato

Future Plans
-> Github
-> Jira