This Stranger Chat App. Is One to One Realtime Chat app to talk
with random people around the world. Develop using Android Studio,

Hey Stranger Chat is

1. Completely free app. Unlike any other app it does not induce
any fee payment.

2. It doesn’t collect any personal information. You are
connected with stranger immediately without any registering
process. You don’t need to any login or create account.

3. You can send images, audio, and video. Screenshot of image
is blocked, so feel free to send image.

Requirements: –

1. Android Studio API 19 and above

2. Firebase (Its a free database) – Just need to login via any
Gmail ID

Features: –

1. Stranger Chat. No Login Required.

2. No Backend Required.

3. Firebased Used for Chat.

4. Tablet support

5. One To One Chat

6. Read Status

7. Stranger Real Time Chat

8. Typing Status

9. Easy to integrate.

10. Ready to publish.

Change log and Updates

Version : 1
Released Date : 2 Oct 2018

#Initial Release 

Groupythe free, simple way to stay connected with
those who matter most. It’s like a private chat room for your small
group. Have as many as you want, and it’s always free. Now, you can
coordinate with coworkers, organize a game night, and keep in touch
with family all in the same place.


  • NO need to buy an external server ,you can deploy it to
    Firebase Servers
  • Group Chatting – add as many people as you want in a group
  • Direct Message – one to one chat
  • Like messages
  • Delete whole chat history or single message
  • Share photos
  • Save Photos in gallery
  • Invite friends from contacts or whatsapp contacts
  • Push Notification
  • Search Chat
  • Profile

Kingfisher is A Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template comes with
Dashboards, Tasks, Chat, Widgets, Custom Cards, Custom Tables,
Layouts and many more…

It is fully responsive, built with Bootstrap 4 Framework, HTML5,
CSS3 and Sass. It has a huge collection of reusable UI components
and integrated with latest jQuery plugins. It can be used for all
type of web applications like custom admin panel, project
management system, admin dashboard, Backend application or CRM.


  • Dashboards
  • Bootstrap4 framework
  • Tasks
  • Chat
  • Widgets
  • Sass with variables

jQuery Libraries

  • Bootstrap 4
  • BaguetteBox
  • Circliful
  • C3 Graphs
  • Snazzy Maps
  • Content Filter
  • Chartist
  • Chartjs
  • Datatables
  • Datepicker
  • Fullcalendar
  • Flot
  • Icomoon
  • GMaps
  • Jvectormap
  • Moment
  • Morris
  • MixItUp
  • Peity
  • Slimscroll

one and only real-time fast message delivery


Real timeinstant messaging chat application build

  1. Codeigniter framework
  2. node.js socket server
  3. Uses So no continuous ajax request to load current
    chat data (Usually all chat application does to load/updates the
    current chat conversations) . Saves huge amount of Bandwidth and
    reduce unnecessary server load and costs.
  4. Stand alone application. No 3rd party dependency.
  5. Block, unblock Feature
  6. Independent mobile view
  7. REST api based project
  8. Android and ios Application friendly
  9. user online/offline status
  10. Picture upload
  11. Video upload
  12. Link shearing with preview
    (open graph)
  13. One to one private messaging
  14. Group messaging
  15. Friend list system design
  16. Simple database design
  17. Login system is built in
  18. User authentication system is built in

Admin panel:

Powerful Admin panel with

  1. User List
  2. Admin can block/unblock user account
  3. Admin can view full user information
  4. Admin can view user messages
  5. Admin can create new admin/ manager type admin

Check the Link of admin panel

user Id :

password :


  1. PHP Version 5.6 to 7.1.17
  2. MYSql Version 5.6
  3. Node.js 8.11.1 LTS

Please insure that your server supports node.js applications by
contacting with your hosting provider before purchase.

It is mainly build for social networking website. You can also
use it with your mobile application android and ios(as backend)

Customer Feedback

Please give a rating…

NEARBYSTORESis a search app that allows you to
find local businesses and stores from a single or host of
locations. Are you retail or wholesale store owner looking to
improve sales and traffic to your store?

NearbyStores is your number one app for real traffic that

Benefits of NearbyStores to the store owner :

  • An easy way to gain traffic to your store. .
  • Improvement in profits because people locate your business to
    patronize you even while you sleep
  • 24/7 open marketplace on the app for your store .
  • Chat with business owners and customers

Benefits of NearbyStores to the customer :

  • Users furnish themselves with sophisticated information about
    stores in a given area.
  • Offers, promo, discount are always at your discretion to
    explore .
  • Favorite your most preferred stores and get news and push
    notifications about them.
  • Chat with any business owner on the app
  • Attend events organized by some of your favorite stores
  • Explore feedbacks before patronizing any store and leave yours
    as well

What’s more?

  • You can personalize your store to any style you want
  • The user interface is excellent from every standpoint
  • Navigation is smooth on the app
  • The app comes with a responsive design that can suit almost
    anyone’s taste

Android App

  • Developed with Android Studio & Gradle
  • Top quality, clean code created by experienced senior Android
  • Localization Ready!
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Directions.
  • Chat Realtime & Unlimited
  • Support Multi Languages
  • Currency management
  • Push notification – firebase cloud messaging
  • Custom offers
  • Advanced PHP dashboard
  • Permanent data storage (chat messages, stores and event
    informations) on a MYSQL database
  • Support RTL Languages
  • Google Analytics
  • AdMob
  • User Rating
  • User Reviews
  • Navigation drawer menu with categories
  • Cool Mobile UI Interaction
  • Material Design pattern
  • Pull Down Bouncy UI.
  • Share to Facebook
  • Share to Twitter
  • Call Integration
  • SMS Integration
  • User can add Favorites
  • Advance Search
  • About Us Panel Added
  • Image Pinch and Zoom
  • Well documented
  • Participate to the event
  • Upcoming events near you
  • æ

  • Parallax scrolling effect

Web Admin

  • Simple and Attractive Admin Panel.
  • Display total stores events and customers created in your
  • Manage customers and their permission
  • Manage Stores , Events , categories , Offers and more
  • Secure all communications between the Web admin and android app
    with a crypto key
  • Easily integrate new languages to your app
  • Manage all the content created by your customers, edit the
    number of stores , offers, compagin … created by each one so
  • Use your phone where you are to manage your application and
    stay tuned to all your customers thanks to the responsive
  • Stay tuned to your customers by answering their messages
    directly from dashboard

What you get

  • Full Android Source Code
  • Full PHP source code for the backend
  • Project Documentation ( installation & configuration guide

Demo APK:


Demo Admin :

Admin URL:





Note:This account gives you only a limited access to see the
dashboard with the features that have , you will not be allowed to
change any information throught the demo version .

To get more accessibility please create a customer account to
be able to create and edit the content in the dashboard


     - Fixed : App crashes when click on cancel the participation
     - Fixed : User registration , login  error blocking messages
     - Fixed : Favorite button in detail store does not appear
     - Fixed : Age 404 when trying to disable front-end
     - Fixed : App crashes when click on maps directions button in
detail store
     - Fixed : Some files missed in the frontend ( assets ,
screenshots not found )
     - Fixed : Update event action don't working
     - Fixed : Bugs reported when updating the web dashboard
 - New Feature : Upcoming event , participate to the event and get
a notification when there's an upcoming event  .
 - New Feature : One dashboard can manage both plateform IOS ,
 - New Feature : Manage reviews , admin can delete a bad review
 - New Feature : Remove disscussion messsanger
 - New Feature : more visibility on the use of the application on
different platforms
 - Improvement : Improved navigation buttons
 - Improvement : Number of stores in category is not up to date
 - Improvement : Translation
 - Improvement : Installting and configuring an update
 - Fixed : Refresh categories in mobile app
 - Fixed : Create and update Profile , image not been uploaded
 - Fixed : disable/enable event issue
 - Fixed : Remove offers when the store is deleted
- New Feature : Add option to set default localisation in dashoard
config .
 - New Feature : Integrate new button to confirm user registration
in web dashboard ( required admin access)
 - Improvement : Change favorite button icon ( Design )
 - Improvement : Number of stores in category is not up to date
 - Improvement : Translation
 - Fixed : Pagination issue compaigns (web)
 - Fixed : Android splach issue ( timeout )
 - Fixed : Update FinestWebView to AwesomeWebView (Manage cookie,
File Upload) (Mobile)
 - Fixed : Manage stores menu in mobile does not work ( web
responsive )
 - Fixed : Manage stores menu redirection ( mobile )
 - Fixed : Chat UI error when trying to send Message
 - Fixed : Cannot see or update image profile from mobile app (
volley error )
 - Fixed : Bug Setup with PHP 5.5 (PHP)
 - Fixed : Can't update date end offer / timezone
 - Fixed : The image of the event is not alterable after adding a
new image and deleting the old one
 - Fixed : Notification sound issue
- New feature: "Shadowing Mode" in the dashboard to switch to
another owner account (monitor and manage user account)
- New feature : New possibility to translate categories via
language file
- New feature : Option to use custom SMTP
- New feature : Add possibility to enable/disable campaigns for
- New feature : "Make it as featured" 
- Improve campaigns section, counter for received notifications
- Improve category page (Mobile)
- Bug fixed    : Targeting doesn’t work (mobile)
- Bug fixed    : Refresh distance (offers, event)
- Bug fixed    : Scroll view detail store issue
- Bug fixed    :  Encoded characters in the chat
- Integrate Spanish, Hebrew and Portugese languages with all these
characters in the dashboard
- Add terms of use / Privacy Policy pages
- New feature: Supporting  RTL ( Web & dashboard can support
any language with RTL like Arabic, Hebrew )
- New feature: Assign all stores ,  offers and events to another
owner when removing that owner
- New feature: Forgot password in mobile app
- New feature: Integrate google  analytics API
- New feature: Allow user to set a custom title in push
notification (Campaign section)
- New feature: Enable/disable user (owner) registration from
- New feature: Enable/disable default front-end
- Bug fixed: deleting user issue
- Bug fixed: HTML description issue in
- Bug fixed: unexpected error in installation
- Bug fixed: Message duplicated in a chat conversation
- Bug fixed: Texts encoded bug in the dashboard
- Bug fixed: Location can't update in mobile
- Bug fixed: The Address disappear when creating or editing stores
or event in dashboard
- Bug fixed: Chart isn't refreshed after managing content in the
- Bug fixed: The customer Account does not receive accurate
statistics about the content of the application on the home page
- Bug Fixed: Display user picture in store comment
- Bug Fixed: Specify with and height for every image uploaded in
the application
- The application supports the FCM for the chat
- Manage your stores , events directly from your mobile app
(dahsboard responsive)
- Map that will show as pins all the nearby stores
- Ability to reply to messages directly from the dashboard
- Push notification more improved
- More advanced management / improve application
- Translation the entire application , support more languges and
- Change colors dynamically on the dashboard
- Improved ergonomics
- Support more currency format
- Bugfixes and stability improvements (among others:  Admob & 
duplicated stores & push notification )


Gogo is a combination of good design, quality code and attention
for details.

We used same design language for components, layouts, apps and
other parts of the theme.

Hope you enjoy it!

Features At a

We tried to create an admin theme that we would like to use
ourselves so we listed our priorities. We would like to have a
theme that is not over complicated to use, does the job well,
contains must have components and looks really nice.

We put our attention to details and created features based on
this principles.

Pleasant Design

As a web developer we enjoy to work on something looks nice. It
is not an absolute necessity but it really motivates us that final
product will look good for user point of view.

So we put a lot of work into colors, icons, composition and
design harmony. Themed components and layouts with same design

We kept user experience principles always at the heart of the
design process.

Superfine Charts

Using charts is a good way to visualize data but they often look
ugly and breaks the rhythm of design.

We concentrated on a single chart library and tried to create
charts that looks good with color, opacity, border and shadow.

Used certain plugins and created some to make charts even more
useful and beautiful.

Layouts for the

Layouts are the real thing, they need to be accurate and right
for the job. They should be functional for both user and developer.

We created lots of different layouts for different jobs.

Listing pages with view mode changing capabilities, shift
select and select all functionality, application layouts with an
additional menu, authentication and error layouts which has a
different design than the other pages were our main focus. We also
created details page with tabs that can hold many components.

Smart Menu

We wanted to have a menu that looks good and does the job well.

Instead of good old single panel menus with accordion structure
that looks over complicated, we created 2 panels and categorized
pages accordingly.

The default menu auto hides sub panel when resolution is under
some breakpoint to open some space. You may also hide menu
completely or use only main panel open only.

Extra Responsive

With Bootstrap 4 it is really easy to add custom responsive
breakpoints, so we added xxs and xxl and built it for the theme.

Xxs breakpoint is for smaller screens that has a resolution
lower than 420px. Xs works between 576px and 420px. Xxl breakpoint
is for larger screens that has a resolution higher than 1440px. Xl
works between 1200px and 1440px.

With this approach we were able to create better experiences
for smaller and larger screens.

Welcome to OkDate!

Be the boss of your very own Dating Website and App!
For as low as $39, you can now launch your own
Dating Platform.
Customizing itbased on your own taste and
preferences. Startups are guaranteed hassle-free, meaning you can
set everything up and launch the site and app only within
30 minutes!
No need to have any programming skills to put
this script live thanks to the
complete documentationwe have prepared.

The script will often be
updated with new features, always seeking to
improve the product to match the societyís evolving needs. You will
be able to
get these updates for free once the item is
while also getting a complete support for the

Everything from scratch up to the time your website and
application launched is professionally
crafted by our team of experts. Always having in
mind how we can make the product’s performance
on-par with top tier dating siteswhile also being
convenient and easy to use specially for aspiring Dating Site

a responsive dating website script + set of iOS and Android
. It comes with a lot of features that you can find on
most of the best dating websites and apps. It also comes off with a

complete admin areawhere you can easily manage
each and every part of the website.

You can also earn income the moment you finish setting up the
script. We have an
integrated payment systemthat you can easily set
up. And also we have induced
a customized ad platformwhich will allow you to
get advertisements on your site and get proceeds or revenue
depending on the traffic generated.

Being the
highest rated Dating Software on CodeCanyononly
proves that OKDate is not only a Dating Script that promises but is
also a software that does what itís supposed to do.
The Users are the best evidencethat portrays how
proficient and reliable OKDate script is when it comes to setting
up your own Dating Site and App.

OKDate is built with the well-known
PHP framework Codelgniter 3.1.9for the back-end
and with
Bootstrap 3.0for the front-end. One can use and
experience the full features OKDate has to offer
both on desktop and smartphones.


We care about our customer’s needs!We are one of
the few ones out there that actually offers the option to
reach our customer support 24/7with the choices
you prefer, it may be via live chat, ticket centre or via phone
lines if you live in the USA.

We are also offering the
best package dealone has to offer and be offered

All-In-One-Packfor only $300. This package will
include free installation, 2 hours of customer work, lifetime
update and customer support via live chat!

Get for yourself the several years of experience and knowledge
our team has garnered for only

Demo Mode
with Admin Account

    • Username : admin
    • Password : admin


    Main / User Features :

    • CodeIgniter 3.1.7
    • Bootstrap 3.0
    • Multi-Languages Support with auto-redirections
    • Responsive & Customizable Design
    • Ajax / jQuery for Smooth Transitions
    • Animated
    • Flat Design
    • Facebook Login
    • Payment Systems (Paypal, Paygol and Stripe)
    • Complete Coins System
    • Premium Features
    • Ad Platform
    • Complete Forum
    • Live Chat
    • Custom Pages
    • User Profiles with Timeline & Photo Gallery
    • Photo Likes & Comments (just like Facebook)
    • Messaging System
    • Love System
    • Friends & Relation System
    • Customizable Profile
    • Filter Users
    • Profile Visits
    • Upload Photos
    • Smiley Support
    • Google Maps autocomplete for user’s location
    • Report / Block User
    • Analytics Integration
    • and more…

    Admin Features :

    • Quick Stats
    • Admin Dashboard
    • Theme Options
    • Brand your Website (change the name, short name, description,
    • Theme Settings (change the colors, background colors, …)
    • Copy / Paste Analytics Code
    • Enable / Disable Captcha for Users
    • Limit the age for the registration of a new user
    • Add custom fields on user profiles
    • Currency management
    • Configure the online delay
    • Remove the user timeline
    • Disable country selection (it means that your OKDate website
      can now be restricted to only one country instead of the
    • Manage Users
    • Users Generator
    • Manage Languages / Create Language Redirections
    • Manage Forum
    • Manage Custom Pages
    • Manage Premium Features
    • Edit / Delete a User
    • Add Coins to Users
    • Search User by Username
    • Reported Users
    • Manage Payments (enable / disable payment features)
    • Configure Paypal or/and Stripe or/and Paygol
    • Set Price of in-app Purchases
    • Manage Ads
    • Manage Social Profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,

    Available Translations :

    • English : Default OKDate Language
    • The Rest is planned for V.3 however, You can easily translate
      it be yourself


    Version 3.0[7/22/2018]

  • Added Hot or Not!
  • Added Parse
  • Added Chatroom
  • Design Improvements
  • App Improvements
  • And more
  • Version 2.7.1[4/13/2018]
  • Added Responsive Work!
  • Version 2.7[3/26/2018]

  • Bug Fixes
  • Version 2.6[3/10/2018]

  • Fixed every known issue
  • Version 2.5[3/05/2018]

  • Fully ssl and subdomain/subfolder compatible, You will no
    longer have to edit .htaccess and config.php !
  • Version 2.4[17/02/2017]

  • Bug Fixes
  • Version 2.3[17/02/2017]

  • Google Maps and other reported issues has been fixed
  • Version 2.2[14/02/2017]

  • Added Installer
  • Version 2.0[10/05/2016]

    • NEW! – Android App
    • NEW! – iOS App
    • Added – area in back-end to configure app store links
    • Added – appstore links on home page
    • Added – Full featured image editor for admins
    • Added – Terms of Service during sign up
    • Fixed – Images position issues on iPhone
    • Fixed – upload images on iPhone 6 bug
    • Fixed – favicon issue
    • Fixed – When timeline is off in original both about and photos
      tabs become active
    • Fixed – bug with reported user deletion
    • Fixed – Missing image at top right when i did not provide an
      image when created the user
    • Modification – Now you don’t need to be friends to send a
    • Fixed – Several minor UI bugs
    • Version 1.9.3[18/06/2015]

      • NEW Facebook Login
      • FIX Reported Users

      Version 1.9.2[10/01/2015]

      • FIX menu on Android Phones
      • FIX disable zoom on mobiles / tablets
      • FIX pagination issue
      • FIX message is now well displayed on loves page
      • FIX filters which displayed 0 instead of everywhere for
      • FIX icon & text in modal box
      • FIX emoticons / smileys

      Version 1.9.1[09/29/2015]

      • FIX for the mobile menu
      • FIX for the gallery of users which was not well displayed
      • FIX for default language which was not applied to the welcome
      • FIX for the autocomplete Google Api

      Version 1.9[09/27/2015]

      • NEW Design started from scratch
      • NEW Theme Options
      • NEW User Generator from Admin Area
      • NEW Multi-Language System
      • NEW 404 Page Design
      • FIX Timestamp Issues
      • FIX Filters Issues
      • FIX Currency Issues
      • FIX Duplicate Messages in Chat

      Version 1.8.1[09/11/2015]

      • Major Fixes: Security issues fixed. Thanks for the support of
        the user @Phalon for helping me to spot & solve them.
      • Bug Fix: When creating / editing custom pages in
      • New: Delete comments on photos

      Version 1.8[09/08/2015]

      • New: Photo Likes & Comments (just like Facebook)
      • New: Add custom fields on user profiles from admin area
      • New: Custom Pages can now be displayed on the landing /
        welcome page
      • New: Currency management from admin area
      • New: Possibility to configure the online delay from admin
      • New: Possibility to remove the user timeline from admin
      • New: Possibility to disable country selection from admin
        area (it means that your OKDate website can now be restricted to
        only one country instead of the world).
      • New: Reported Content in admin area (a place where you can
        remove / hide) reported content
      • New: Login with username or email
      • Fixes: Security flaws fixed
      • Fix: Featured users now reappear in admin area

      Version 1.7.1[09/02/2015]

      • New: Completely New Landing page / Unlogged page template
        with last registered users.

      Version 1.7[09/02/2015]

      • New: User Photo Gallery
      • New: Improvements on the User Profiles (last online date,
        online status, tabs…)
      • New: Manage languages directly from the admin area – set the
        default language, create language redirections…
      • New: Set photo upload limit in admin area
      • Fix: An issue with Stripe
      • Fix: SQL speed improvements

      Version 1.6[08/26/2015]

      • New: Multi-languages Support
      • New: Ability to add coin to users from admin area
      • Fix: An issue where not logged-in users were able to access
        to the forum

      Version 1.5[08/24/2015]

      • Big New Feature: Complete Coins System with Powerful Premium
        Features (Browse Invisibly, See Who Loves You, Get Featured for One
        Week or One Month)
      • Several minor bug fixes

      Version 1.4[08/19/2015]

      • New: Complete forum system with ability to create topic /
        answer / delete / edit and admin area!
      • New: Live Chat (finally!)
      • New: Custom pages with a nice text editor in admin
      • New: Paygol integration (SMS payments)
      • Fix: Social networks icons not displayed on every pages
      • Fix: Broken default avatar
      • Fix: Time when a message is sent

      Version 1.3.1[08/14/2015]

      • Fix: Bug when age restriction is enabled (issue reported by
      • Fix: Upload of a new profile picture

      Version 1.3[08/13/2015]

      • New: Smileys support
      • New: City with Google Maps autocomplete API
      • New: City filter
      • New: Option to limit the age for registration
      • New: Compatibility now starts at PHP 5.x
      • New: Button on the « edit user » page to delete a user
      • Fix: Display of a conversation
      • Fix: the Welcome page design
      • Fix: the « forgot your password? » feature is now working
      • Fix: HTML in user inputs are now forbidden
      • Mod: Display users even if they don’t have a profile

      Version 1.2[08/11/2015]

      • New Theme for the Welcome Page
      • Responsive Improvements
      • Bug Fixes

      Version 1.1[08/10/2015]

      • Reported issues fixed
      • Guide on how to update the script

      Version 1.0[08/02/2015]

      • Base Version