Android BeaconMonitor is a simple android
application that gives you to make full advantage of . The
application uses user location permission to keep track of
surrounded beacon regions.



             By default
android beacons library can support enter/exit events for single
beacon region. Think if you are planning to capture multiple beacon
regions set up in your shop or office. Beacon Monitor can do it for
you. Our implementation is capable to capture region enter/exit
events with distance changes from beacon emitter. Give your users
better location and proximity experiences by providing a strong
context signal for their devices in the form of Bluetooth low
energy (BLE) beacons with Eddystone, the open beacon format from


Features Included

  • Request location permission
  • Listen to all broadcasting beacon regions
  • Filter out a specific set of beacon regions
  • Triggering enter and exit events for specified beacon
  • Triggering event for distance change from the beacon
  • Open app automatically when the user passes through a beacon

What you get

  • Source Code For Android Implementation

Proximity marketing using Bluetooth beaconsBeacons
that run Bluetooth marketing campaigns out-of-the-box, for
marketers and business owners.

Beacon Marketing offers companies unique and interesting ways
to engage with customers. It’s interesting to note that beacon
technology can offer unique and interesting ways to engage with
customers. In a short time span:

  • 50% of the top 100 brands already use beacons in their
  • It’s been predicted that that number will increase to 60
    million physical beacons by 2019.

Few Client Use This Project For

Beacon Used
contextual Video

What You Will

App source code (Android Studio)

Admin panel source code (CodeIgniter)

User guide

Demo apk

For admin

User:- 9999999999

Pass:- 2233