All In One Videos is new application that offers great
collection of Video for your android device from Most Popular Video
Sharing website.

Are You thinking about to make video application that play video
of your choice.

You can make Application of Your favorite Video,Tv
Shows,Movie,Serial,Sport and many more with different website.

Demo Admin:



Android Side:

  • 4 Type of Videos : Self Hosted,YouTube,Daily Motion,Vimeo
  • Attractive UI with Material Design.
  • Navigation View.
  • Video Display With Category Wise.
  • OneSignal Push Notification.
  • Google Analytic Tracking.
  • PSD Design.
  • Android Studio code.
  • Related videos.
  • Recently Added Video Display.
  • Add to Favorite Mode.
  • Favorite Video Display Separate.
  • You have upload video on your server also.(.mp4 and.3gp)
  • Search Video
  • Admob ads Integrated (Banner/Interstitial)
  • OneSignal Notification Added via Admin Panel
  • User Login and Registration
  • Video Comments
  • Check Network Availability.

Admin Side:

  • Simple and Attractive Admin Panel.
  • Easily Manage Category.
  • Video Management
  • User Management
  • Comments and Notification Management

What You Get:

  • Full Android Source Code.
  • Full Php Code of Server Side.
  • Full Document with Screen Shot.


Here are the best deal for you, let’s
SAVE 41$.

Five Apps in 1 Bundle.

  1. Android Live TV
  2. HD Wallpaper
  3. Online Radio
  4. All in one Video
  5. Online MP3

Change Log

27 Dec 2018

- Remove home banner slider and add feature video in slider
- Replace this two file (path= app > src > main > java >
row_slider_item.xml (path= app > src > main > res >

10 Dec 2018

Once I turn off banner ads on admin panel. pages not working
properly. All bottom menus go to the top and stop working.

- Replace file activity_main.xml(path= app > src > main >
res > layout open this folder and replace file)

Add PIP Mode option in back button

- app > src > main > java > com.example.dailymotion
- app > src > main > java > com.example.serverlocal
- app > src > main > java > com.example.vimeo >

05 Oct 2018

- Change Design of app
- OneSignal notification added via admin panel
- Code Compatible with Android Studio 3.1.3
- PIP(picture-in-picture) Mode Support(Above Android 8.0(Oreo))
- Vimeo,Dailymotion and Server Video Support PIP Mode
- Secure API
- Document update
- Admin UI update

07 June 2018

- OneSignal notification added via admin panel
- Admob id & on-off setting in admin panel added
- Rate on video added
- Login & Register added
- Comment on video added
- Admob GDPR update
- Secure API
- Bug fix

12 March 2018

- Compatible with android studio 3.0
- Support RTL
- Bug Fixed

28 June 2017

- Server URL issue fixed

14 April 2017

- Attractive UI with Material Design.
- Navigation View.
- OneSignal Push Notification.
- Google Analytic Tracking.
- PSD Design.
- Advertisement Slider.
- Related videos.
- Bug fix.
- Document Updated.

HTML5 GAMES SUPER BUNDLE №3 (CAPX), a suite of 70 beautiful
games, with excellent graphics and great sounds!

All 70 games in bundle, all the sources included, HTML5
projects, Construct 2 projects and much more!

Super price: 70% OFF!!!

PC controls: Keyboard, Mouse

Touch Control works on all browsers and all mobile devices!

Made in . Enjoy the games!

1.Pool 8 Ball

2.Traffic Command

3.Gold Miner Jack


5.Santa Run

6.Stack Jump

7.Mad Scientist

8.Air Warfare

9.Happy Halloween

10.Angry Cat Shot

11.Duck Hunter


13.Tank Wars

14.Mummy Candies


16.Zombie Buster

17.Stick Monkey


19.Gold Miner

20.Viking Escape

21.Fruit Slasher

22.Brick Out

23.Ranger vs

Bubble Shooter

25.Ninja Run

26.Casino Cards

27.Fruit Snake

28.Tank Defender

29.Fishing Frenzy

30.Crazy Runner

31.Space Purge

32.Super Cowboy

33.Duck Shooter


35.Girl Dress Up

36.Candy Super

37.Jelly Match3

38.Shoot Robbers

39.Zombie Shooter

Panda Run

41.Speed Racer



44.Kids True

45.Great Air

46.Mad Shark

47.Stick Soldier


49.Ninja Run

50.Candy Match3

51.Super Color

52.Touch Ball

53.Quick Dice


55.Hot Jewels


57.Math Game For


59.Super PonGoal


61.Crossword For


63.Car Physics


65.Memory Game

66.Cartoon Candy

67.Flappy Ball

68.Flappy Bounce

69.Fish World

70.Easter Memory

Easy to change the image, just replace the image file! Customize
your own game and put it on IOS or Android.

If you purchase any of my items, you will have full support!
Just and i will answer you as soon as possible and do our best to
help you.

I will be very pleased if you my games in stars!

Game Boxis a mobile app which run under Android
platform that used for your own HTML5 games, and support from
Android 4.2 and higher. With powerful and Responsive Admin Panel
can manage unlimited category and sub category and publish
unlimited games. This application created by Android Studio for
client side and then PHP MySQLi (Codeigniter) for Admin side. Run
under Android platform which is the most popular operating system
in the world. Using this application you can save your money and
time in creating application for your own game Application.

Live Preview

Download Android APK:

Admin Dashboard:

  • Username:demoadmin
  • Password:123456789


  • Online HTML5 Games Support.
  • Multi Level Admin Panel (super admin, admin, employee,
  • Google AdMob (banner & interstitial ads).
  • FCM Push Notification.
  • Unlimited Category, Sub Category and Sub Sub Category… .
  • User Registeration and Login.
  • Bookmarks, Share and Search.
  • Load More Support at Games’s List at Android App.
  • RTL Mode (for both android and admin side).
  • Multi Languages (for both android and admin side).
  • Full User’s Manual (video & article).

What You Get

  • Full Android Source Code (Android Studio)
  • Full Php Code of Server Side (Codeigniter)
  • Full Documentation with Screenshot and Video.

Installation and Customization

Change Log

Version 1.0.0 – May 2th, 2019

- Initial release.

Finey App Template – is a React Native Mobile App is the
spending management application that works for Android and iPhone.
It is redux ready, you only have to add your own custom action
triggers and you are good to go!. Also, it has custom components
and constants, with one change, you can see the effect to entire
app – be it colors or font family.


Include Regular React Native & Expo

38 Mobile Screen JPG Preview

Android & iOS App UI KIT

Can intergrate with React-Redux

Javascript Developers

Expo Demo

.JSON files included

Text Repeater: Stylish Text Converter for WhatsApp, Instagram
and Facebook was conceived, groomed and developed by Smartcode
Technology . It is one kind of message repeater to send message
repeatedly, and also you can set your repetition limit with new
line text repetition or in the same line.With Text Repeater, you
can write text with cool fonts and send in stylish text message on
WhatsApp, Messenger or many social network. Chat with your
friends,write your text, status, message or quote with special
characters which looks very cool and beautiful.

Here is WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram Stylish Name Maker
section which helps you to write your WhatsApp, Facebook and
Instagram profile names in a stylish font with 23 beautiful and
different text styles for WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram
names.Using this app you can also make repeated letters using
alphabet and emoji characters. Also, provide random emoji

With Crazy Text, you can write text upside down but this app can
not just only flip letters and reverse the text but also let’s you
apply various other interesting text effects. It’s not just a
mirror writing generator.

The beauty of Text Repeater is that you can use it as your crazy
text on multiple messaging apps & social media. So, simply
explore the different text fonts & spark up your convos with
something interesting and out of the ordinary. Very easy to use and
required few click for your message repetitions. Repetition process
works asynchronously for longer repetition limits.

Text Repeater gives you options to be different. It’s light, RAM
& battery friendly cool fonts that you will make great use

Make something great of your daily conversations.

Key Features:

  • Only type once and repeat it as many times you want.
  • Also repeated emojis supported
  • customize text in other social platforms
  • Generate random characters with alphabet string ,digits, random
    emojis and ASCII characters
  • Modify output
  • Share your repeated text on social media
  • Copy your repeated text and post on social media
  • Repeated Letters supported
  • Send Blank Messages
  • Random Emoji Characters
  • Crazy Text
  • ASCII Emoticons
  • Rich user interface in material design
  • Repeat message with index number and also set your own
    repetition limit
  • One click to reset all
  • Admob Integrated
  • Push Notifications
  • Live Demo

    • See the Text Repeater: Stylish Text Converter Mobile App in
    • Google Play Store

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    • We offer free sales support to help you run our products
    • Working hours: 9:00 – 18:00h, UTC+05:45. From Monday to
    • Free Lifetime Updates – get all the new features we add in each
      update for free.
    • Want to ask any questions before purchasing our products. Let
      us know through our email:

    Release Date: 5th May

    - Released

    BattleWorld – Online PUBG Tournaments organizer

    Perfect Solution to eSports Games for Tournaments organize


    BattleWorld is an Online Portal which Offers Unlimited
    Entertainment for Participating and Playing Games Online. it
    supports a Popular and Trending Game is PUBG Mobile.



    • Organize unlimited matches
    • Manage all matches using backend admin panel
    • Best interface design for good understanding of user
    • All Upcomming, Ongoing, Completed matches are show beautifully
      in App
    • All Matches details are shown perfectly
    • All Matches result are shown in App to all users of app
    • Fast, secure & simply the best Payment Gateway by


    You probably need to add VOICE and VIDEO CALL to your app, but
    you do not know how and you do not want to pay every time your
    users make a call, right?

    So AddCall is your solution. Add voice and video calls in
    your application with only 3 lines of code and your app is ready to
    make and receive calls (Voice and Video)

    Calls are free and your users can make and receive calls as
    often as they want, as AddCall uses the native WebRTC and you do
    not have to pay anything.

    The only payment you need to make is to buy this

    – Features

    • Ready to make and Receive Calls
    • Make and Receive
      Voice call
    • Make and Receive
      Video call
    • Receive Calls even your app in background
    • Hight Quality Calls up to 1080p
    • Auto-Scale video quality depending on Network Quality
    • Auto-hangUp call if no answer after 30 seconds
    • Auto-require permissions when needed
    • Get
      Call detailsafter hangUp
    • Get
      Call statusin Realtime
    • Status:
      Call Ended
    • Latest WebRTC technology, No call provider needed
    • No payment needed, your calls, your server
    • Automatically gets your app primary colours
    • Beautiful call screens
    • Just 3 lines of code.

    – Package

    • Source code of AddCall library
    • Source code of server files
    • Documentation

    – Requirements

    You can use our server, but it may slow or be offline

    • A Working Android App
    • Hosting with Root access (opcional)


    Clap To Find My Phone was conceived, groomed and developed by
    SmartCode Technology. This app is a professional app which helps
    you to find the lost phone in your room, shop, apartment, and
    office. This app works as a phone finder which is a smart and
    unique application that will allow you to easily track and find the
    misplaced phone. It detects the sound of clapping and triggers
    ringtone and flashlight. Clap to the flashlight on this application
    helps to detect the phone in the dark place too.

    Worried about misplacing your phone or having it stolen or lost?
    Ease your fears by just downloading this app and setting the
    functionality. This app includes smart features that might give you
    some added peace of mind if your device goes missing.

    At this time, we rely mostly on our smartphones for everything
    from checking bank statements to making perfect social posts, so a
    lost phone can create a huge headache. That feeling gives you
    torment and it will throw you into chaos.

    To set up this feature, click Clap To Find My Phone on your
    android phone and click to enable service ON. This will enable your
    phones ability to track the phone by clapping.

    When there is a dark in your home or even outside it’s very
    difficult to find a Torch or Flashlight. Ever you think how good it
    will be if your phone’s flashlight will turn ON when you clap at
    night or dark! Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it’s an amazing tool to turn
    ON/OFF your phone’s flashlight by clapping.

    In other words, you need to recover your missing phone as soon
    as possible. The good news is that your phone has our app to help

    Clap To Find My Phone gives you options to be different. It’s
    light, RAM & battery friendly cool fonts that you will make
    great use of.

    Key Features:

  • Like a sound detector for android, but with clapping searching
  • Sound/Flash alert modes
  • Customizable ringtone & volume
  • Auto adjusts sensitivity based on the Android device
  • Customizable sensitivity
  • Widget for easy enabling/disabling
  • Easily clap to configure and get started
  • Clap triggers an alarm sound
  • Mobile torch on clap is cell phone finder apps
  • Solve the problem of your always lost device with loud clapping
    & searching, without GPS maps or navigations
  • Lost gadgets will not be that anymore – fast & easy
  • Stay calm if lost your phone. Ask how? The application will
    save your lovely time
  • Feel safe, control & find your phone easily
  • Sounds recognition easily: always control & easily seek
    your precious mobile literally in seconds
  • Or use it as one of the interesting & fun apps
  • Low battery usage
  • Admob Integrated
  • Push Notifications
  • How Clap To Find My Phone works? 1. Turn on our clapping
    detection service. 2. You can use your phone normally. When you
    will lose it – clap your hands. 3. Our service will detect the
    sound of clapping and turn on the alarm – sounds, and flashlight!
    This will help you in finding your phone.

    Attention: We should instruct that loud noise & background
    sounds may prevent you from fast searching for the phone. Main
    criteria that app recognizes clapping, but in case you clap &
    background noises are louder, it may not be recognized. Also, only
    clapping sound works! So, in case of urgent needs, please beware
    any sound caused by background & prefer silence if possible.
    Ask everyone to be quiet: solving problems of background noise can
    help you with faster finds.

    Live Demo

    • See the Clap To Find Mobile App in action?
    • Google Play Store

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      us know through our email:

    Release Date: 5th May

    - Released

    Get Demo App on Google Play Try Demo Admin Panel

    Admin Crudential :

    username : admin

    password : admin

    Gostore is a search app that allows you to find local businesses
    and stores from a single or host of locations. As well as a user
    get exciting offers avail in their areas and different events
    within their area. Users can search stores and communicate in real
    time with owners Store and more. application built on Android
    Studio. Installation of server components is done quickly in a few
    simple steps.

    360 Mobile Theme is a Mobile & Tablet Responsive Website
    Theme[HTML5, CSS3] which is perfectly designed and developed for
    your business website.

    Ready to use HTML pages, Customization is really very easy, no
    technical knowledge required…

    Version 1.2 – Updated: 20 August 2012

    • Added “8 Responsive Sliders” – Fully Video support

    1.1 – Updated: 09 July 2012

    • Added “Video Gallery” pages in “Gallery” page
    • Added “AJAX PHP Mail form” in “Contact us” page
    • Added “Video” feature in “Blog” page

      Main Features

      • Responsive Layout
      • 30 + HTML Pages
      • 8 Responsive Sliders – Fully Video support
      • Responsive Gallery pages
        • Video Gallery pages
        • Image Gallery pages [photoswipe]
      • AJAX PHP Mail Form
      • Twitter Plugin
      • Google Map
      • Facebook, Google+ & Twitter like Plugins
      • Add To Home Bubble and much more………..

      Well Documented help file [doc, docx, pdf]

      * No pics….