Slick Theme is a new and minimal design for your website that is
running CouponsCMS script. It will change the entire look of your

Slick has been designed as a minimal theme and it do not include
single pages for products & coupons in comparison with the
Default theme included in CouponsCMS script.

Minimal & simple is the goal of the theme, it includes new
features as ajax search for the form on front page and more.

The archive you dowload by purchasing this theme also includes
premium plugins as Blog, Campaigns.



Slick Theme
– is a theme for .

FREE Premium

  • Blog Plugin
  • Campaigns Plugin

Note*: Images are not included.

Netube is an easy to use and highly innovative, beautifully
coded WordPress video magazine theme. It has been constructed with
unlimited theme layout variations, dozens of shortcodes, competent
tools, powerful premium plugins. Netube is packed with Video
Features, Video Channels, Video Playlist, Video Ads, Front-end
Submission, Users Subscription.

Netube has been build with its unique power of design and
elegant layouts.This theme comes with fully bootstrap supported
layouts, supports videos from youtube and vimeo and features a
rating system. The theme is compatible with bbpress, BuddyPress,
Woocommerce. It also include all major aspects like RTL,
Responsive, Performance,

Ajax and even more options which is essential for building a
Article/Blog website. Dynamic Layout affords you the creative
freedom to alter your website’s entire design with a single click

The Netube is a simple & clean and well organized theme for
MAGAZINE, BLOG and VIDEO websites. Designed with a modern &
minimal style.This theme is very flexible, easy for customizing,
extensive Theme Options and well documented, approaches for
Magazine, Personal, News, Blog WordPress Theme with many

View the list
of features:

  • Every part will be drag&drop in Netube Theme
  • 13 Category Templates Layout
  • 27 Netube blocks ( Unlimited possibilities with each block
  • Unlimited Post Templates

    • 10 pre-made post templates
    • Unlimited post templates that you can create
  • Bootstrap Framework
  • News Ticker – Place where ever you want in a website
  • Pre-made demos 16+ Unique design (You can create more than
    1000 pages with mix match of content blocks)
  • Unlimited Color Scheme
  • Unlimited Google Fonts –
    Upload your custom fonts
  • Advanced Drag and Drop Header
    • Sticky Header
    • Scroll Up Sticky
    • MegaMenu
    • Tab with MegaMenu
  • Extremely Customizable
  • Simple one click demo installer

      Install Demo’s:

    • One Click Installation With Progress
    • One Click Un-install demo
    • Status about active and inactive demo
  • Advanced drag and drop header

    • Create unlimited headers layouts
    • Drag & Drop any elements in between header and topbar
    • Ads can we added anywhere
  • ADS Management system– Place where ever you want
    in a website

    • Header Ads
    • Footer Ads
    • Sidebar Ads
    • Article Top Ads
    • Article Inline Ads
    • Article Bottom Ads
    • Custom 1
    • Custom 2
    • Custom 3
    • Custom 4
    • Custom 5
    • Left Sticky Ads
    • Right Sticky Ads
    • Bottom Sticky Ads
  • Unlimited Footer Types – 4,3,2 column with custom styling
  • Dark & Light Variations
  • Various Post Formats

    • Standard Posts
    • Video Posts
    • Gallery Posts
    • Audio Posts
    • Quote Posts
    • Link Posts
    • Reviews Posts
  • Sticky Sidebar
  • Various Banner/Slider Formats– Place where ever
    you want in a website

    • 13 Banner/Slider Formats
    • Dynamic Layouts with Drag and Drop Options
  • 25 Custom Widgets

    • About Me
    • Advance Posts Widget
    • Advance Tab Posts Widget
    • Contact Info
    • FB Like
    • Instagram
    • ADS
    • Author Info
    • Mailchimp
    • Twitter Feeds
    • Weather Report
    • Social Counters
    • Social Icons
    • Block 2
    • Block 3
    • Block 4
    • Block 5
    • Block 6
    • Block 7
    • Block 8
    • Block 9
    • Block 10
    • Block 11
    • Block 12
    • Block 13
  • Popular Plugin’s Support

    • Contact From 7
    • Woocommerce
    • bbpress
    • Buddy Press
    • Yoast SEO
    • All in one seo pack
    • Mailchimp
    • Polyyang
    • Google AMP
  • Comment System Integration

    • Facebook Comment System
    • Disqus Comment System
    • Comment like/dislike
    • Comment social sharing enable/disable
  • Social Counter Widget
  • Weather Widget
  • Menu Types

    • Normal Dropdown With Sub Dropdown Menu
    • Normal Mega Menu( Up to 4 Column )
    • News Mega Menu (4 column and 5 column)
    • News Horizontal Tab Mega Menu(4 column and 5 column)
    • News Vertical Tab Mega Menu(4 column)
    • Normal Mega Menu With Two Row(4 column and 5 column)
    • News Horizontal Tab Mega Menu With Two Row (4 column and 5
    • News Vertical Tab Mega Menu With Two Row (4 column)
    • (* All the new mega menu have ajax post loading
  • 3 Type Video Play list
  • Optimized & well-structured code
  • Translate and WPML Ready
  • Translation Ready (included po and mo files)
  • Font Awesome Icons Integration
  • Hide/Show most elements
  • Tons of customizable color options
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Cross browser Compatible
  • Life time free updates


We would happy to
help you solve any issues. If you have any questions, ideas or
suggestions, please feel free to contact us at . if you love Netube
as much as we know you will, please remember to rate it.


Version 1.0 – 2019/05/11

- Initial Release


WordPress and WooCommerce AFFILIATE PROGRAM helps you to
marketyour products through your affiliate team
and through which you can generate
more incomefrom your Ecommerce site by having
more visibiltyand
higher traffic. To achieve that you just have to
install our plugin and sit back and relax with your friends/family.
We got everything covered for you with dozens of features

AFFILIATE PROGRAM will help you?

By using our Plugin you can run an AFFILIATE SYSTEM on your
website. You can reward your Affiliates with different types of
commission and bonuses.

  • It will increase your site’s
  • With our plugin you will surely reach the next level with
  • Your products will be marketed through different
    SOCIAL MEDIAplatforms.
  • Your site will get
    HIGHER TRAFFICwith all these features.

Affiliates :

You can create as many affiliates as you want to promote your

GDPR Compliant :

User’s Data will be appended in WordPress Export and Erase
Personal Data Tools.

Affiliate Tools :

These tools help the affiliates to market your products easily
and effectively.

Set Maximum
Commission Limit :

You can set a
maximum commission limitfor a month, so that you
don’t need to pay your affiliate once that
thresholdlimit is reached.

through Social Media :

With this functionality an affiliate can share the product’s
affiliate link on social media platforms like
Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Whatsapp.

Extended Features

Own Referral– Affiliate can generate commission by
buying from his own referral link also. That means it’s a win win
situation for you and your affiliate.

Dynamic & Conditional Commission Rules
Commission on products can be set in 3 different levels. 1st
Priority – Per product 2nd Priority – Per category 3rd and last
Priority – All Products.

Coupons– Affiliates can generate coupons of their
earning which can be applied while buying product from your

Paypal Payouts– Do multiple payouts with just a
single click. All of your affiliates with paypal account will get
the payout with just a single click.

Stripe Payouts– Use Stripe’s payment gateway to
pay US affiliates.

Banner Generation– Affiliate can generate product
banner that they can directly use on their marketing platforms.

Link Generation– Affiliates can create a referral
link for any product with just a few clicks.

QR code– Referral links can be shared through QR

Referral Notification– After a successful
referral, an email with all the commission details is sent to

Commission based on User– Commission can be set
according to different users. Users can also reach to next level of
commission once they completed a specific achievement.

Different Product based Commission Types– 3
different types of commission can be set to a specific product/ a
category/ all products. 1. Fixed Price Commission 2. Percentage
Commission 3. Fixed + Percentage Commission.

Performance Bonus– Provide an extra incentive when
the affiliate unlocks an achievement.

Withdrawal Fees– When you do payout with paypal/
stripe they charge you a fee but don’t worry we got that covered
too. Set the amount which you want to deduct from the affiliate’s
total commission before making a final payment.

Dashboard Overview– Check each and every details
about the referrals from our simple yet beautiful dashboard

Affiliate Verification– You can verify the user
before they become an affiliate.

Unlimited Affiliates– Create as many affiliates as
you want to promote your products.

Affiliate Tools– Tools to market your products

Notifications– You can send the latest commission
details via email for different products/ categories with just a
single click to all of your affiliates.

Share on Social Media– With this functionality an
affiliate can share the product’s affiliate link on social media
platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Whatsapp.

Signup Bonus– Get more users to your site by
providing signup bonus to Affiliates when someone REGISTER from
thier referral link.

MLM– Multi Level Marketing ( Coming Soon ).


  • WordPress 4.0 or greater.
  • WooCommerce 2.6.0 or greater.
  • PHP version 5.5.5 or greater.
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater.

Translation Ready

.pot file included, for easy translation

Thank-you for showing your interest in WordPress &
WooCommerce Affiliate Program, RedefiningTheWeb.


08.05.2019 - ver 1.0.2

   - Added User based commission
   - Added User levels for User based commission
   - Added option to check order status before approving a referral
   - Now there is an option to set Limited/Unlimited commission to
affiliates in a month
   - A Default URL is set for easy generation of referral links
   - Minor Bug Fixes

18.04.2019 - ver 1.0.1

   - Referral listing for affiliates
   - Minor Bug Fixes

02.04.2019 - ver 1.0.0

   - Initial Release

WP Job Hunterbrings you the most simple solution
to display jobs on any type of websites. You may already know, some
really big Job Portals provides the option to use their database
and extend your website with job offers. This plugin can make
everything automatically, some job providers also pay commission
when any of your visitors click on the job links.

your Website with Jobs

You need to register on the service provider’s website, save
your affiliate id in the plugin and it will makes the hard work
instead of you. Just relax and earn money with Job Affiliates.
These websites will pay you when somebody click on a sponsored job
link on your website. (pay per click method)


WP Job Hunter helps you to use, CareerJet,
SimplyHired, ZipRecruiter and Authentic Jobs Feed without any
programming skills. The easiest way to make money with WordPress
Affiliate website!

Full Responsive Widget – Work with any Professional Themes

Made for any Premium WordPress Theme, it is compatible with the
standard programming techniques. Tested with a lot of themes and
works well with any professional WordPress Templates. The auto job
post feature using the normal post type, you can absolutely
separate the job posts into your own created categories.

You can use the Job Board Widget only, it is fully detached. In
this case, your website won’t store any jobs in the database and
the Job Roll Widget will displays the jobs directly from the
service provider. Indeed, CareerJet and SimplyHired will pay you
after the visitors clicked on the sponsored link of Job Roll
widget. It can be an effective way to earn revenues on any website
regardless of the category. Extend your income with this smart

Easy to install for anyone, just upload it on the admin area of
your WordPress website. Register on and you will get an affiliate
id. The WordPress Job Hunter Plugin using this ID for the
connection of the Service Provider API. You can track the amount
what you earned daily when you login to your Affiliate Account on
Indeed / CareerJet / SimplyHired, that is the same where you

The installation steps and the setup are super simple, you will
get a brilliant responsive widget and the job auto-post function
for your website within 5 minutes.

Turn your WordPress Website to a Real Job Hunter Portal!

The plugin also has an auto post feature, just few clicks and
the jobs are coming to you! You can earn a lot of money with
sharing jobs on your website and in the other hand, you can get a
nice content to your webpage as well. You can use Cron Job or just
call the link in your browser (you’ll get the link in the plugin
settings) and the jobs will be automatically posted.

Jobs’ expiry time, the number of jobs to post can be specified
in the options.

Included Facebook Share & Like, Google+ and Google Maps

Provides a powerful viral marketing tool in the package with the
Facebook Like, Share and the Google Plus Share buttons. The
visitors can share the jobs on your website and you will get much
more traffic and earnmuch more money. Included Google Maps to help
for your visitors to find the place of the jobs.

Customization – Custom Search Fields, Paginations and

You can fully replace the apply job button and all of the plugin
styles fit to the theme you using. If you using responsive
template, the Job Widget will be also responsive. You can exactly
specify the country and the city, you will get jobs only from that
area. Would you like to filter for a profession? No problem, you
can also do that with keywords.

The widget and the auto post feature can be set up separately,
so it is possible to display jobs from India on the widget and
auto-post New York located jobs.

Smart Automatization – Generate Tags from the Content

You have an option to define tags what you don’t want to use.
(like: is, that, there, etc.) The plugin able to generate tags from
the content exluding the tags you don’t want to use. Don’t waste
you time to make the tags, it will be generated automatically.

Categories with Keywords

Manage more categories and you don’t have to spend time to put
jobs to the right category. You can specify a category (for
example: Manager Jobs) with keywords (like: Hotel Manager,
Financial Manager) and the plugin will detect the keywords in the
content and save the jobs to the appropriate category.

Visitor Stats

Making stats always interesting. Which jobs, professions are the
most visited? Stats function can be track the posted jobs easily.
You can see the most visited and the last visited 50 jobs on the
admin area, therefore you can optimize your job posts to the

According to
our Clients

Countries by Indeed

This is the list of the supported countries by Indeed, please
check it on the following link, because it can be different
(usually Indeed extend the list with new countries):

Awards and
Press Releases

Main Features:

  • super simple setup
  • ability to set up keywords and locations for the widget
  • ability to set up separately keywords and locations for
  • ability to set up the number of the listed jobs for the widget
    between 1-10
  • instant refresh the widget job list on every page load by
  • very fast and well-designed
  • contained the indeed logo, it is required by the
  • more informative jobroll widget than the usual with a short
    jobs’ description
  • one-click facebook share button
  • one-click facebook like button
  • one-click google plus share button
  • show job’s location with Google Maps on post’s page by
  • generate tags by automatically from the content with an
    intelligent method, ability to excluding tags
  • fully customizable external indeed link with four inbuilt views
    or with your own html elements
  • feed jobs by cron with customizable limits, used by the inbuilt
    adjustable keywords and location parameters
  • set up email address to get cron responses
  • no coding or any technical skills necessary
  • auto-post feature after page load
  • choosable author for the posts
  • create custom categories with keywords
  • ability to feed jobs only when the job fit to any exist
  • enable or disable comments on jobs’ posts
  • works with any professional WordPress templates, fully adapts
    for the style of the templates
  • fancy, arranged tabs on admin page with a lot of help
  • quick access to the widget options
  • responsive job board widget
  • links nofollow feature
  • enable or disable stats
  • stats contain the number of total jobs, the top 50 viewed jobs
    and the last 50 viewed jobs
  • list of supported countries for the Location and Location
    Shortcode settings on admin page
  • detailed documentation and help section
  • customize jobs on the widget by enable or disable description-,
    location- and company informations

How to get

After you purchased go to the and set the checkbox to on. You
can also rate the plugin there.


If you have any question or feedback, please feel free to email
me via my user page . You can also check the , the issue maybe has
been solved before. The also contains some useful informations.

Theme Developers

Would you like to include this plugin into your

Purchase one extended license for each theme you want to sell
on any Envato Marketplaces. Drop me a line via my profile page mail
sender and I will add your theme link to this page.

with Us – Just Spread the Word

It is very simple, just share the following link on your Blog,
Facebook, Twitter or anywhere : (replace yourusername to your
Codecanyon username)

When you refer new users you’ll receive 30% of their first
purchase or cash deposit! For detailed informations about the
referral comission, click .


WordPress Job Hunter 1.8.1

  • added option to specify the country in the search fields
  • improved search and APIs
  • fixed minor bugs

WordPress Job Hunter 1.8

  • optional setting in widget to use first tag of the post as
  • restructured the entire admin area
  • added plugin updater
  • added ZipRecruiter API to widget and shortcodes
  • added geolocation support to widgets and shortcodes,
    geolocation cache
  • added Authentic Jobs API
  • added job search fields to direct linked shortcodes
  • added pagination to direct linked shortcodes
  • added new template files
  • added shortcode manager
  • updated documentation
  • added optional cache for job APIs

WordPress Job Hunter 1.7

  • added optional custom post type selector
  • updated widget functions to support multiple instances
  • fixed minor bugs on admin

WordPress Job Hunter 1.6

  • added SimpleHired service provider
  • separated templates for direct linked jobs

WordPress Job Hunter 1.5

  • fixed minor compatibility issue with JobRoller Theme during
  • some compatibility changes for the latest WordPress
  • minor CSS issue fixed on job search template
  • minor bugfix and improvements for WordPress 3.8
  • fixed minor bug with JobRoller Theme

WordPress Job Hunter 1.4

  • added CareerJet service provider
  • added 3 different shortcode to get jobs directly from
    Indeed/CareerJet, include Indeed Search Page, include posts (from
    all or specified categories)
  • fixed minor bugs
  • added integrate with Jobroller Theme option
  • you can now specify parameters for cron with url (eg.: number
    of jobs to feed, location, keyword, etc.)
  • added ability to save all jobs to one specified category (use
    alljobs in category tags)
  • updated documentation

WordPress Job Hunter 1.3

  • minor improvements on the job page
  • added auto-delete option (older jobs than 1-365 days)

WordPress Job Hunter 1.2

  • hotfix for supporting some special characters when creating
    categories and tags on admin (including non-english languages)
  • this version now ready to supports older PHP versions (below

WordPress Job Hunter 1.1

  • fixed minor admin javascript conflict bug
  • fixed author’s page bug

Refund Policy

Full refund can be given, if the plugin doesn’t work on your
website as it described, the issue caused by the product and can’t
be fixed in 48 hours. In most cases, if the plugin doesn’t work on
your website, that caused by any of the following reasons:

  • outdated WordPress Theme, that has an error in the
  • outdated other plugin(s), that has an error in the
  • other plugin or theme, that includes invalid jQuery version
    instead of using the WordPress built-in jQuery
  • hosting limitations on configuration issues
  • incorrect plugin configuration

Before you send a refund request, please make sure you already
contacted with the and provided your website’s URL. If the plugin
doesn’t work as it described and the problem is with the plugin,
that can’t be fixed in 48 hours, then you can get a full refund.

If you refusing the free support and the issue can’t be
investigated, then you can’t get a refund.


I owe a big thank you for the following websites for their

Limited Discount 25% off For The First 25 Buyer


This BBook – BookStore Script System with website with Website
is an online Discovering great books has never been this fun, with
the BBook BookStore script you can have an instant and fully
automated books affiliate website filled with the latest and best
selling books. and the system preferred to work on the languages of
Arabic, English and German. Checkout the demo to learn more .

The BookStore script has a modern and responsive design, the
homepage features a scrolling carousel showing the top selling
books that you can even select a specific genre for if you want and
also a featured books section, you can select which books you want
to have featured in the site settings, the homepage is also being
cached for faster loading.

The users can browse the BookStore in four categories; top
books, top free books you can also filter the results by genre or
use the search function to find any book . Make Money.

For ebay and Amazon affiliates the BBook BookStore script offers
a great way to promote books and earn a commission on revenue
generated by clicks initiated from your website, just input your
affiliate id in the settings file and all the links to ebay or
Amazon will have your affiliate id attached to them so your sales
will be counted. Do not worry if you are not an ebay or Amazon
affiliate, with different sizes of advertisement spots in place you
can promote any affiliate program or ad company that you want.

All pages are SEO optimized with OpenGraph meta tags and have a
search engine friendly url structure, perfect for search engines
like Google to crawl and index your website. You also have the
option to add text to create your own unique page titles for
improving search engine results. The modern and responsive design
is making it also easy for mobile, desktop or tablet users to view
and navigate the website.

Browser Compatibility BBook – BookStore Script System with
website with Website has been tested to work best with IE10+,
latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Android
and iOS mobile browsers.

Demo Admin Contact Us To Login

Login Details for regular member / Authors:

Email: Password: 123456

Login Details for regular member / User:

Email: Password: 123456

Login Details for regular member / User:

Email: Password: 123456


  1. This script comes with a powerful CMS
  2. Categories: category name, slug, description and feature
  3. Page: support feature image, page templates and status(publish,
  4. image: easily upload multiple images with ajax.
  5. Documentation file included
  6. Tools: support import and export
  7. Easy to use and customize.
  8. User: name, email, password, profile picture and
  9. Setting: general setting such as logo, blog title, website
    icon, home page
  10. Template, pagination, xml sitemap, comment(Disqus
  11. Supports multi-languages (Default languages: english and arabic
    and German)
  12. Send Message From user to admin with contact form laravel
  13. Online Book System
  14. User Level-wise Report
  15. Seller Time Off Management
  16. Company Management
  17. User Management
  18. Contact User with Company
  19. 3 User roles
  20. My account page (for any user role)
  21. Manage Monthly subscription
  22. User Level-wise Report
  23. Manage More Than 30 Ads
  24. Manage Seller Time Off Management
  25. Manage Author Management
  26. Manage 4 User roles
  27. Manage users (Add/edit/remove users) (for admins and managers
  28. Manage My messages
  29. Manage my Favourite
  30. Manage Access the control panel via Login/Register
  31. Manage Terms condition
  32. Manage Reports – (for admins and managers only)
  33. Manage Manage Books Amazon Ebay other
  34. Manage Search for books
  35. Manage BetterWorldBooks affiliate (optional)
  36. Manage Homepage scrolling carousel
  37. Manage Amazon affiliate (optional)
  38. Manage ebay affiliate (optional)
  39. Manage Detailed book pages
  40. Manage pricing Book
  41. Manage users (Add/edit/remove users) (for admins and managers
  42. Manage Author (Add/edit/remove company) (for admins and
    managers only)
  43. Manage Featured Book
  44. HTTPS SSL supported
  45. Contact form with anti-spam protection
  46. Runs on autopilot
  47. Easy install
  48. Manage Google Analytics ready
  49. Fully responsive for any kind of device
  50. Powerful admin backend like WordPress
  51. Clean coding with proper commenting
  52. Secured coding against SQL injection
  53. Direct access or invalid URL press stopped for each pages
  54. Statistics of important data in dashboard
  55. SEO meta data setup for each post, page and category
  56. Unlimited Page system
  57. User: name, email, password, profile picture and
  58. Setting: general setting such as logo, blog title, website
    icon, home page
  59. image: easily upload multiple images with ajax.
  60. Theme color changing option
  • Security

    • Totally secured system (SQL injection, XSS, CSRF)
    • Built on powerful laravel 5.7 Framework that has been tried and
      tested by millions of developers.
    • Passwords are encrypted using PHPass library to make sure your
      data is safe.
  • Media Builder

    • Members / Admin add unlimited recipes.
    • SEO optimized for Services using meta keywords and meta
  • Admin Panel

    • Flexible control panel system with full options.
    • Only admin role can login admin panel.
    • Change website settings(name, logo, favicon, timezone, site
    • Change website SEO settings (meta keywords, meta
    • Change social media pages.
    • Manage Media categories (add, edit, delete, view).
    • Approve member Media to appear on website.
    • Can view/ delete users subscribed.
    • Manage sliders that appears on website (add, edit, delete,
    • Totally with this admin panel can manage and control every
      thing appear in website with full option.
  • Other Features

    • Easy to install and usability(without any coding knowledge
    • Awesome Design for Website and admin panel
    • Fully Responsive for Website and admin panel
    • Clean Code with hight performance.
    • Easy Customization
    • Friendly with SEO.
    • High performance.
    • More features will coming up.


  • Backend Framework: Built on laravel 5.7
  • Frontend Framework: Built on Bootstrap
  • Requires PHP 5.6 to 7.2
  • Supports MySQL, Mysqli.
  • Supports SMTP Email, PHP Mail()


– If you have any questions feel free to contact us at

Vividlyis a creative WordPress video theme suitable for
videos, movies, magazines, video blog (vlog) websites. Whether you
want to build a personal blog including website or a video showcase
for your company, Vividly will be a tremendously intuitive, suited
to be deployed for a number of different websites and projects of
all kinds.

With Vividly WordPress video theme, you can easily present your
videos, images and articles in an attractive way. This WordPress
video theme comes with 4 different pre-made demos for you to choose
the best option which is suitable for your purpose. Besides, you
can create unlimited page with any content style.

Starting from a WordPress user, we totally understand all the
differences that users need to face when using this platform.
Moreover, Vividly has been built as a template helping you to
easily install and customize.
No need any coding or programing knowledge, all the powers
are in your hand to set up beyond your expectations.

The theme is fully responsive so we guarantee that its every
pixel will respond beautifully to no matter which device your
visitors are using including desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
With Drag & Drop page builder integration, this WordPress Video
Theme become easier than ever for you to create page and change any
element in the page. It also allows theme users to create unlimited
page and content styles with visual shortcode system.

The theme has
retina ready and pixel perfect.Therefore, I am pretty sure
that Vividly – WordPress video theme can perfectly look great in
any type of browser and device, giving your audience the best user
experience of a video/movie/vlog website.

Bring your website out of the box with Vividly

Awesome pre-made demos and useful sub pages

Vividly comes with 4 pre-made well-organized demos (and still
updated) with more than 20 useful subpages perfectly fitting for
your video, movie, magazine or personal blog, video blog website.
And of course, all homepages and subpages in the four demos will be
ready in the theme package of this WordPress video theme. You can
choose any demo which are the best suit for your purpose among the

  • Beauty Vlogger
  • Film Director Home
  • Movie Studio
  • Film Festival

and many more demos are releasing soon!

Vividly is such an amazing WordPress video theme from ThimPress.
So, we promise to keep updating new demos with many other kinds of
video websites. Our team has spent much manpower on making this
creative WordPress video theme so we are totally confident with
it’s performance. Then, you just need to start with few steps, all
others works will be belonged to our responsibilities.

Well-organized layouts and creative designs for a video

If you work independently or work for a company and want to
create a showcase video website, with Vividly WordPress video
theme, we create layouts and elements for you to display your
videos with thumbnails images or posters on homepage. Therefore,
your visitors can easily click through these images and posters to
watch videos and movies directly. Or they can have the option of
getting more information of these videos and movies. Besides, you
can introduce basic information of your videos such as IMDb score,
quality, category or mark as trend or new movie. Or, if you want to
build a personal video blog website, Vividly is a perfect choice
for you. With demo 1 & 2, you can show off your personal
information, your characteristics, your videos and blogs. Moreover,
this WordPress video theme is where others know and understand more
about yourself.

Video features

Fimora – the best WordPress video theme will bring to your
website full functions and features you need for an attractive
video website.

Video Thumbnails:You can draw the attention of your visitors
with the the most attractive thumbnail image of the videos.

Video Categories:You can build your own movie or film
database with grouping many videos related to the same specific

Top Watched Video:The homepage will automatically show off
the list of top videos that have the most attention of your

Video Playlist:You can easily create and manage video
playlists by adding new videos or delete existing ones in the list
if they are no longer suitable for the playlist.

Video Channel:The users can set up their own channels on
your website just like video channel on YouTube

Live Video:Fimora supports live video on your video website
with go live functions from YouTube video.

Video Author:Each video will show the details of author of
this video and give the audience access to see the author’s detail

YouTube, Vimeo and other Video platform support

Showing amazing videos in your video website to get more
attentions from audience! You can use direct link of videos from
YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion. Or, simply add embed link from these
Video platform to your site. Then, the videos will be showed in
your video website. Vividly WordPress video theme also supports a
plugin to automatically add videos from any YouTube or Vimeo
channels by just a few click. Moreover, the plugin will help you to
create post for the videos and publish them to your website
according to your settings. You don’t need to do much complicated
work to have an amazing beautiful video website.

Group videos into playlist

With VidTub WordPress video theme, you can group any video in
the data based of your website into a playlist. They can be a music
video from your favourite singer, or new vlog from an influencer,
or even a game show, etc. Additionally, Vividly makes it easy to
create and manage beautiful, fully responsive video playlists.

High performance

Coming with many amazing plugins, Vividly already includes
many functions and features for a WordPress video website. Believe
us, we totally understand our customers demand. It provides all you
need to create an incredible powerful site. Moreover, Healthify
displays perfectly effectively on any system from MacOS to Windows…
You won’t need to be worry about the customization or optimization
for your WordPress site, Vividly WordPress video theme had done it
all for you.

One Click Demo Importer

Vividly WordPress Video Theme comes 4 pre-made demos (and
still updated) with full content and image fitting for a website
for video, movie, magazine or personal blog, video blog. All demo
homepages and subpages with content and beautiful images will be
ready in your theme package. Just choose a demo you and and by a
simple click, your website will look exactly like our premade demo.
And of course, the demo content including beautiful images and
pictures will go along with the importer. Your mission now is
making adjustment and changing images and content as per your
purposes. Is that really easy for you?

Easy to Customize with Drag & Drop Page Builder

After choosing your demo and importing it on your website,
it’s all your responsibility to change the content in order to
create your own website. Are you afraid of not having any coding or
programming knowledge? Vividly doesn’t need it. Besides, this
WordPress video theme contains the best Drag & Drop Page
Builders, easy and visual customization plugins. Therefore, Vividly
will give you all power. You don’t need to spend too much effort on
editing to save much time on doing other useful works.

Powerful BuilderPress

Page Builderare the top best page builders, trusted by
million websites, with the amazing features to easily build a
website in minutes. Each one has its own advantages and functions.

with rich creative elements allow you to simply drag and drop
content around the page to design your imagined layout. “A pro
crafted pieces of content to form your own masterpiece”. Besides,
is also a popular Page Builder because of its flexibility and

Understanding different demand of WordPress user, team has
developed a brand plugin called
BuilderPressincluding all shortcodes of previous themes.
Moreover, this plugin also helps Vividly be compatible with the top
Page Builders: and . It’s upon your choice to select any Page
Builder you want. I am pretty sure that Vividly is a big
improvement that no theme has. It will be more flexible to help you
to create your video page according your expectations.

And of course, the theme still has
fast loadingwith
ultra speedas we understand that users always prefer a fast
loading website.

Changing images and content: this WordPress video theme
comes will fully completed content and interface for a video,
movie, magazine or personal vlog website. You just need to simply
change pre-made images and contents according to your businesses or
personalities. Then, you will have a successful website upon your
imaginations and expectations.

Select from 600+ fonts and list of creative icons: It’s your
choice to choose from a set of 600+ Google Fonts being available in
the theme package. Just pick up ones which are suitable your own
style. Besides,
Vividly – WordPress Video Themeprovides a list of creative
icons which will create a successful beautiful & attractive

Logo on pages pre-loading: We created logos on pre-loading
page for a better UI. Your audience will not feel too bored when
they have to wait for loading even though these process will not
take much time (less than 1s/loading time). And of course, it’s
free for you to change the logo at any time

Fully Responsive & Retina Ready

All elements of the WordPress video theme have been developed
and coded to fit any type of smart devices. Mega Menu, Header,
Footer, Content Boxes and Images. Besides, Slider Revolution plugin
allows you to display a hero image or slider at the top of your
website. Therefore, the website can reach more attention and
impression of the visitors. We promise to bring a fully responsive
looking to your website with unique and beautiful design but still
guarantee the loading speed.

5 STAR Quick & Responsive Customer Service

Been serving WordPress users for so long, we are proud to have
a perfect Customer Support Service which are rated
5-star Service. Our professional supporters will be willing
to support you if you have any difficulty with the theme. The best
way to get the best support is going through our . Also, you can
check for the theme’s documentation here.

Features list

– UI/UX for video website

– 4 amazing pre-made demos

– 30+ useful pages:
About us,
Blogs, Videos…

– Built-in the most amazing Drag & Drop Page Builder:
WP Bakery – Visual Composer

– Amazing
Parallax Effect

– Easy to use and customize

Fully responsivewith
Retina ready: Beautifully display your website with any

Mobile Support  

Contact Form 7ready

MailChimpplugin included

– Highly
SEO optimization

Faster loadingwith ultra speed

Google Fontsupport: It’s your choice to select between 600+
Google Fonts

1200+ iconswith medical icons

– Unlimited colour options

– One click demo importer

– Translation ready

– 5 Star Customer Support

– One-time payment with Lifetime usage and update


AuthorLand – Complete eCommerce for Digital Product Seller like

Crafted with digital product seller author like you in mind,
impress your audience with AuthorLand classic, clean, and stately
aesthetic design.

You can customise it easily to fit your business requirements.

If you like our template, please rate us 5 stars. It’s very
useful for us.

The template includes 1 landing page and more 5 layouts coming

All are based on 1170 bootstrap grid system and full width is
1920. Its perfect for any CMS conversion like WordPress Joomla etc.

Template Features

  • Digital Product Selling Landing Page
  • Based on Bootstrap Grid System. 
  • Full width: 1920px.
  • Trendy Gradient Color
  • 99% Pageload speed in GTMetrix
  • Awesome soft color combination
  • Perfect for perosnal or professional use
  • Super Clear and Clean Layout.
  • Creative Design and Presentation
  • Optimized for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.
  • Logical structure and class naming for better usability.
  • W3 Valid codes
  • Every page is fully optimised and organized with proper class
  • Fully Customizable.
  • Free Google Fonts.
  • Free Font Based Icons.
  • And many more demos coming soon

HTML Files

  • 01_home.html
  • 02_about.html
  • 03_contact.html
  • 04_category.html
  • 05_single_product.html
  • 06_archive.html
  • 07_archive-full.html
  • 08_single.html
  • 09_arc-marketing.html
  • 10_author.html
  • 11_date.html
  • 12_style.css
  • 13_index.js

Fonts Used

You need to Install below Free Google Font before using Reseum
HTML Files.

  •  (Google Font)

Sources and

Free Font Based Icons by .

Illustration Credit


Change Log

10 December 2018 (13 Files)
[Initial Release]

authorland_Main_Files_v_1_0 (13 Files)

“Affiliate king” is a complete solution for Affiliate Store
Business Management System. This CMS Includes almost everything you
need to make a Affiliate Store website. It has many important
section whice are important for any Affiliate Store business
website and everything is fully dynamic. This script is fully
responsive for any device. Admin can manage complete website
without single line of coding knowledge. It has strong SQL
injection protection system which will keep away this system from
hackers. Admin just need to add product affiliate link,
description, featured image etc and can publish the product in the
store. When people will click on this product and buy it from any
website such as amazon admin will get a profit from amazon.
Affiliate marketing is a trending business now a days and you can
do it easily by this management system.

Key Features

  • Easy Installation.
  • 100% Dynamic Management System.
  • Bootstrap based fully responsive design for any device.
  • Clean code
  • Cross Browser Support.
  • Multi Language Support.
  • Simple but Powerful admin panel.
  • Special security against session hijacking.
  • Dashboard statistics.
  • Unlimited Category adding System.
  • Unlimited Subcategory adding System.
  • Unlimited Child-category adding System.
  • Unlimited Product adding System.
  • Dynamic Product Review System.
  • Old Price Showing System.
  • User Subscription.
  • Minimal but attractive frontend design.
  • Custom meta tag adding system for better SEO results.
  • Change everything such as logo, site title, footer from admin
  • Built in About Us, FAQ and Contact Us page.
  • and much more…

What is new?

We have
added language and currency change option in this version.


Frontend Demo:

Admin Demo:

Admin Login:




We are always happy to hear from you. Please feel free to
contact us for any kind of customization, support, query and
suggestion. We will respond as soon as possible.

Thank you,

This is a Multi-Stage Forced Matrix MLM Software that can be
used to start and run a great MLM (Multi-Level Marketing or
Affiliate Marketing or Referral) business. This software allows
members register and manage their Back Office from their end with
ease while admin manages everyone from the admin side. It
integrates various matrices (2X1, 2X2, 2×3) with different bonus
types Welcome Bonus, Referral Bonus, Stepout Bonus, Matrix Bonus
(all which can be manipulated from the software). The software
comes with a robust set of industry standard tools to make it easy
to manage your business.

1. Multi-stage MLM Functions (with multiple matrices and highly
extendable) 2. Feeder intro level (Pawn Star 2X1) and five stages
(Rook Star 2X3, Knight Star 2X3, Bishop Star 2X3, King Star 2X3,
Queen Star 2X2) 3. Robust spill over and spill under system
(implements left to right) 4. Multiple Bonuses (Welcome Bonus,
Referral Bonus, Matrix Bonus, StepOut Bonus) 5. Bonuses can be
configured (default currency is $) 6. Binary system with no
breakaway, no boards or cycles, no splitting. 7. Register new
members in multiple ways (registration Form, Member Dashboard,
Admin Dashboard) 8. View your network total downlines or your
immediate Team View 9. View all earnings (Total earnings, different
bonuses earnings, transactions, ePins, etc) 10. View all
transactions from and to your e-wallet 11. Two passwords for added
security (Login password and Transaction passwords) 12. Send
messages/tickets to admin or other members in the system 13. ePin
system 14. Referral system (send online referral invitations and
see all invitations) 15. Industry standard well written codes and
functionalities 16. Responsive Interface 17. Interactive Dashboard
18. Easy Login & Registration System 19. Supports Offline
Payments 20. Robust TREE view 21. Flexible Withdraw system 22.
Detailed Transaction records fro various actions 23. Detailed
Account Summary 24. User Profile with Avatar/Photo System 25.
Ticket Support system 26. Member Details and Password Reset 27.
Notification System via Email 28. SEO Friendly URL 29. Easy
sub-account creation 30. Supports unlimited referrals and even
extendable. 31. And many more.

1. Dashboard Summary of user’s Full Name, Username, Country,
eMail, Phone, Member ID, e-Wallet Balance, Purchases, Direct
Members, Total Downlines, Unused e-Pins, Current Stage,
Messages/Tickets 2. New Membership -add New Member 3. Profile
-Personal Info -Bank Info -Change Login Password -Change
Transaction Password -Upload Profile Pix 4. Network -Genealogy
-Downline Members -Team View 5. E-Wallet -Transactions -E-Wallet
Balance -Withdrawal Request -All Withdrawals -Fund Wallet -Transfer
Fund 6. E-Pin -Generate E-Pins -My E-Pins 7. Message/Ticket -Submit
Support Ticket -Send Mail -Inbox -Sent Item 8. Referral -Send
Invitation -View Invitation

1. Dashboard Summary of Total Registration Income($), Welcome
Bonuses Paid($), Referral Bonus Paid($), Total Sales($), Company
Profit($), StepOut Bonus Paid($), Matrix Bonus Paid($),
Messages/Support Tickets, New Withdrawal Request, Unused e-Pins,
Total Members, Promo/Contest Winners (not available). 2. Profile
-Personal Info -Change Login Password -Change Profile Pix 3. Admin
Management -Create Admin Users -Manage Admin Users -Manage Admin
Roles -Deleted Administrators 4. Members Management -Add New Member
-Manage Members -Member Status -Banned Accounts 5. E-Wallet
Management -Manage Wallet -E-Wallet Credits -E-Wallet Debits
-Withdrawal Request -Fund Wallet -Pending Withdrawals -Transfer
Fund to others 6. Bonus Management -Create Bonus -List Bonus -Bonus
Configuration 7. Report Management -Company Transactions -Joining
Report -Rank Achievers -Bonus Report -Fund Transfer Report 8. E-Pin
Management -Generate e-Pins -View All e-Pins -Used e-Pin -Fresh
e-Pins 9. Promotion Management -Create Promotion (Not available)
-Management Promotion (Not available) -Promotion Report (Not
available) 10. Message/Tickets -Send Mail -Read Ticket/Mail -Create
Mailing List 11. Database Administration -Backup Database

//HOW TO USE// Open ReadMe.txt file in the software
package and follow instruction there.

More updates coming. Kindly check the software before purchase
to be sure it meets your needs at least at the minimum. No refunds
after payments unless at our discretion.

Demo Frontend: Demo User ID: test Demo User Pass: test Demo
Admin Access: Demo Admin ID: admin Demo Admin Pass: sky

All pre-sale inquiries should be send to email: . Thanks for
your positive rating.

Benko – Creative Magazine is a template with luxury design for
Politics, Culture, Fashion, LifeStyle… Not only the built-in modern
design choices are aesthetically pleasing, it’s packed with multi
possible layout combinations suitable for blog and elegant
magazines. We believe that our template will appreciate and become
very functional site.

More Features


  • Modern minimal style design.
  • Highly Responsive.
  • Advanced header features with mutil uniqe header style and
    header background variation.
  • Speed and SEO optimized.
  • Retina ready graphics.
  • Popular WPBakery Page Builder. builder included so there any
    layout you can think can be created in minute event without any
    coding knowledge.
  • All slideshows optimized for mobile devices
  • Gutenberg & WordPress 5.0 Ready
  • Unlimited Color Options with Backend Color Picker for any kind
    of gorgeous color settings.
  • Free Lifetime Updates and Support
  • Contact Form 7 support for the most popular form plugin for
    your dynamic form
  • Advanced Typography Options
  • Extensive documentation
  • Coded using the latest standards and best practices.


  • Highly customizable design
  • WPBakery Page Builder drag-and-drop page builder ($34
  • Lots of custom page-builder Elements
  • Extensive theme options panel with dynamic preset
  • Custom logo uploading
  • Translation ready
  • Google Web Fonts integration
  • Child-Theme for advanced customization
  • Complete list of theme filter and hooks for your future

Change Logs

------------ 1.0.0 Release Jan 07.2019  ------------

* Initial Release.