Service Finder – Provider and Business Listing WordPress Theme

Service Finder WordPress Theme is an advanced business and
service directory theme. Business and Service providers from
different categories can register and create their profile.
Customer can see their profile and book their services only.
Customer can give feedback on each booking completed. For example,
customer can go to cleaner or electrician profile and book their
services. Similarly customers can go to a dentist profile and book
an appointment. Providers profile is full of some useful features
like profile management, timeslots management for booking,
unavailability settings, staff management, booking management,
invoice generation and payment system, service areas and services,
featured providers etc.

Customer can create and publish job with his requirements.
Customer can invite provider for job. Provider can search for jobs
and apply for job. Customer can hire provider for job.

Integrates with Mike Jolley?s free WP Job Manager plugin

No Paid plugin required.Providers data and
category images not included with demo content.

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Account Login Details:



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& Update History

We request buyers to update revised version who have already
updated version 3.3. You can follow steps regarding theme update
given here :

Revised Version 3.3

28 July 2018

Few issues fixed.

Revised Version 3.3

18 July 2018

Few issues fixed.

Version 3.3

13 July 2018

Improved: Improved My Account: My Account section for both customer
and provider is improved. 
New: Wallet system added in the theme for both customer and
provider. So they can add money to their wallet and can use later
for payment on the site. There is cash back option also available
by admin, if provider or customer use wallet as payment method then
they can get cash back added to their wallet. 
New:  FAQ section added in provider profile, so user can ask
questions to provider and provider can add answers to the questions
Improved: Booking table in customer and provider my account is
New: Separate date & time for each service: Now user can select
separate date & time for each service selected rather than
selecting one date & time for multiple services selected. 
Improved: Multiple days select option: User can select multiple
days for any service to book. Earlier there was limitation of
choosing only one day for service, so this limitation is removed. 
New: Payout using Stripe Custom Account API: We have integrated
Stripe Custom Account API so now admin will be able to payout to
provider bank account directly for provider’s part of booking
amount after deducting his fee. Provider will require to add his
bank details in order to become eligible for payout. 
New: Payout using Mangopay API: If admin wants to use Mangopay then
he will require to install woocommerce mangopay plugin and
woocommerce vendor plugin, so now admin will be able to payout to
provider bank account directly for provider’s part of booking
amount after deducting his fee. Provider will require to add his
bank details in order to become eligible for payout. 
New: Offers & Promotions: Two types of Coupon system added in
the theme. Either for each service: Provider will be able to add
coupon/offer for each service he added to his profile, so at the
time of booking coupon option will be asked for each service booked
 OR common: Coupon code will be applied to whole booking amount
rather than for each service amount. 
New: Article: Provider will be able to post articles from his my
account and will be published on his public profile. 
Improved: Improved Availability section: Section to define time
slots/start time is improved slightly, provider will be able to
define start time in bulk for week days by choosing time interval. 
Improved: Improved Quotation System: File upload option added in
request a quote form. Now quotations requested by user will be
listed in both customer and provider account, provider will be able
to reply with his quote to customer and customer will be able to
see all replies from different providers and can hire the desire
one. Send same quote to related providers option also added in the
request a quote form. 
Improved: Improved Business Hours Section: Business hours section
improved. Provider will be able to add Break Times also and they
can turn on or off the business hours section. User Interface of
business hours section is improved. 
New: Qualification: Provider will be able to add his qualification
and display on his public profile. 
Experience: Provider will be able to add his experience and display
on his public profile. New
New: Certificate: Provider will be able to add his certifications
and display on his public profile. 

New: Earnings and Dues: Section to show provider’s total earning
and dues is added to his my account. 
Improved: Set Unavailability in bulk: Now provider will be able to
set unavailable days in bulk rather than choosing one by one. 
Improved: Service assigned to team member: Provider will be able to
assign service to team member, earlier there was no such option. 
Improved: Display package details in upgrade package section: Now
provider will be able to see package capabilities on mouse over of
package box in upgrade account section. 
New: Revolution Slider added: Revolution slide plugin is included
with the theme, so now you will be able to add slider to home page.

New: Import providers categories as job categories: Admin will be
able to import providers categories as job categories, so admin
doesn’t need to add job categories if he wants to keep same
providers categories as job categories. 
Improved: Improved Job Listing Page: Job Listing page UI improved. 
Improved: Improved Job Detail Page: Job Detail page UI improved. 
Fix: Fixed few Jquery Issues.

Revised Version 3.2

6 January 2018

Fix: We have fixed a Jquery issue in version 3.2.

Version 3.2

2 January 2018

New: Upgrade account section design imporved in provider my
New: Renew current package option added.
New: Stripe connect payment.
New: Chain payment system in booking via paypal adaptive.
New: Auto location detect feature added in address field of search
New: User dashboard in admin section under Service Finder menu.
New: Provider bulk Import feature added in admin under Service
Finder menu.
New: XML sitemp feature added in admin under Service Finder menu.
New: Show/Hide Floatng Menu in provider public profile option added
in theme options -> provider settings.
New: Minify and combine css files and flush that cached file.
New: Two New sliding menu style added in mobile view. Option given
in header settings.
Fix: Fixed some bugs. 

Version 3.0

23rd Sept. 2017

New: Woocommerce payment option integrated.
New: Messaging system addon.
New: Advance Rating System.
New: Paid Job Posting feature for customers.
Fix: Fix lots of minor issues in the theme.

Version 2.3.2

8th June 2017

Fix: Sign up form built using short code had JS error, now fixed.
Fix: Sticky header issue fixed.
Fix: Admin can enable or disable payment methods to display in
provider profile.Earlier it was showing all
payment methods in the provider profile regardless of what is
enable in the theme options.
Fix: Modification in service hours and cost.
Fix: Add connects option for trial package.
Fix: Few minor fixes.

Version 2.3.1

6th June 2017

Fix: Provider listing was broken in search results if there is html
tags found in the proivder short description.
Fix: Price filter currency symbol was showing strange characters.
Fix: Header style transparent with no top bar issue.
Fix: Gallery images section was not showing for trial package in
provider profile.
Fix: keywords added for email template for expiry and cancel
subscription mail to admin.
Fix: Video Gallery issue on provider profile.
Fix: Radius search by Km/miles option added in theme option.
Fix: Google recaptcha issue. 
Fix: Option to load advance search form as open or close by default
added in the theme options -> search settings.
Fix: Option to turn off Bank Account Details section from provider
profile settings.
Fix: Few other minor fixes.

Version 2.3

26 May 2017

 New: New Look with rounded corners.To see new look click on Live
Preview button above.
New: In the availability section of provider my account we have
given option to define start time for each week day. So at the time
of booking customer will be able to choose start time and end time
will be calculated according to service hours selected. So provider
has both option (time slots or start time) and he can choose
whatever option he wants to proceed with.
New: Moderation system for request a quote. So admin now will have
option to approve each new request coming through website then only
email will be sent to respective provider with quote details. Admin
has option to turn on or turn off this option.
New: Only registered users can see request a quote form and will be
able to request quote after login. Admin can turn on or turn off
this option.
New: Search by radius. User can enter address and then choose
radius to search within.
New: Price filters option. So user now has option to choose price
range while searching. So if customer enters any service name or
keyword matching to services provider has will be displayed in
search results according to price range selected by customer. 
New: Google recaptcha code added. So now admin has option to choose
either regular captcha code or google recaptcha.
New: One way Google calendar integration. So bookings done from
provider profile will be displayed on his google calendar.
New: Claim business feature added. So admin now can enable or
disable claim business option for individual business from their
account as admin and user will be able to claim business from
provider public profile. Admin can turn on free claim or paid claim
option. If paid claim business option is chosen then if any user
claim business then admin will see all claim requests in Claim
Requests section under service finder section. He can approve or
decline the request. If approve then a link will be send in the
email to that user and if user click on that link then he will be
redirected to payment page with package to select. Once he paid for
the package then he will receive email confirmation with username
and password of that business profile.
New: Trial Package option added. One new package called Trial
Package added in the Packages section of theme option. So admin now
can enable trial package. If any provider already has already
registered under trial package then after expiration he will not be
able to see trial package option and he will only see other three
packages to choose from in upgrade account section.
New: Social login with wp social plugin. We have customized social
login/signup for customer and provider with wp social login plugin.
So if admin wants to enable this feature then he needs to install
wp social plugin and that’s it.
New: WordPress sidebar added in provider profile style 1. So admin
can add more widgets in sidebar on provider profile. Request a
quote form and related providers section also converted to widgets.
So admin can add or remove and change position of widgets.
New: OTP feature added in provider sign up form also in order to
verify the provider email. So admin can turn on or turn off this
option  from theme options.
New: Hide provider contact details individually. Earlier admin was
able to turn on or turn off whole contact info section from
provider profile but now he can turn on or turn off individual
contact details like phone number or address or email or website or
gps etc.
New: Skip payment option in buy job connects section.  If admin
access provider profile as admin then he can add job connects to
provider account without making any payment, so he can choose skip
payment option while adding job connects.
New: Multi locations option for provider. Admin can add “Multiple
Location” capability to any package and provider registered under
that package will have new section to add more locations of their
business from their account. For example if any business is being
operated in more than one location then they will be able to add as
many locations as they want. And all locations will be displayed in
My Location section of provider public profile, so if user select
any location then map will get reload to show that location and
same has been included in the search.
New: Multiple videos option in provider profile. Now provider will
be able to add more videos and not only one video.
New: Admin can turn or turn off option whether only registered
customers can see provider contact details or not.
New: Adding services in groups. Provider now can define group and
add services under any group. 
New: Email reminders before booking date. Admin now can define no.
of days for booking email reminder email before booking date.
New: Provider-category slug in provider category page url can be
changed by admin from theme options.
New: The author slug in provider profile url can be changed or
removed by admin from theme options.
Fix: short description keyword also added in booking email template
in theme options -> mail settings -> booking email.
Fix: on provider profile page in related providers section now
provider profile image showing in 80x80 px size and if there is no
profile pic then default avatar image set by admin will be
displayed earlier it was empty.
Fix: all external links will be open in new tab.
Fix: “nofollow” attribute added to external links.
Few untranslateable strings are not translatable.
Fix: If free booking option is enabled then $0.00 removed from the
top of booking form.
Fix: Notifications  were showing half in small screen.
Fix: “verified provider” string was not translatable earlier now it
Fix: “Booking status changed to completed” email template was
sending html tags in the email, now it is fixed.
Fix: In another language “Upgrade account” section was showing
error message, not it is fixed.
Fix: Booking settings options in provider my account are not turned
on by default upon provider registration. Earlier provider has to
turn on booking options.

Version 2.2

4 February 2017

Fix: Order total value was missing in booking form in last update
(Provider style 1).
Fix: Customer signing up via Post a job form was not inserting into
customer table. Now it’s fine.
Fix: There was issue in Logo dimension control from theme option in
last update.  Not it’s fixed.

Version 2.1

2 February 2017

Fix: Warning removed from category page.
Fix: A mistake solved in 'Service to perform at' section in
provider my account.
Fix: Few minor fixes in RTL css.

Version 2.1

31 January 2017

New: Payu Money payment gateway integrated.
New: Payu Latam payment gateway integrated.
New: “Service to perform at” option added in provider profile.
Provider now can add his own location to display on first step of
booking form instead of asking customer location. 
New: Provider can set his address longitude and latitude with zoom
level by dragging map pointer under address info section of his
profile settings.
New: Option added theme options to show/hide search bar from home
page, search results page, category page and provider profile page.
New: Option added to control Map Size on home page in desktop and
New: Admin can choose option “category image will be displayed as
banner on category page”. So if user click on any category then
same category image will be displayed as banner too on top.
New: Option to set default avatar image for provider.
New: Provider can also leave rating/review for another provider.
Admin has option to turn on/off this option from theme options.
Fix: Header style “Center logo” will be applied to all the pages of
website now. Earlier it was only applied on home page.
Fix: In provider sign up form country field is placed before city
Fix: When customer reschedule any booking then email notification
will be sent to provider.
Fix: Category was not showing in sign up email when provider
registers for free. Now its showing.
Fix: Captcha error shows on blank page when sign up. Now captcha
error will be displayed on sign up form instead of redirecting to
another page.
Fix: Opacity/Overlay option was not working. Now it’s working. 
Fix: There was an error in last update for OTP feature in provider
style one. Now its fixed.
Fix: Approve or unapproved identity email notification is now
linked with email template under mail settings of theme options.
Earlier it was sending default email setup in the code.
Fix: Child categories will be displayed in alphabetical order on
parent category page.
Fix: Few other fixes.

Version 2.0

1 January 2017

 Fixed few bugs.

Version 2.0

28 December 2016

New: Open review and rating system for provider profile. So admin
has two options to control rating system: 1) Rating + feedback
given for each booking completed 2) Open system (customer can give
review without booking after login)
New: User can access 'Post A Job' page without signing up.
New: Job Alert System for providers. So providers now can create
job alerts by choosing their options like: keyword, job type, job
category, location etc. So automatic job alerts will be sent to
providers whenever jobs matching to their criteria posted on site.
Job Alert add on of wp job manager plugin included with theme.
New: Job Connects purchase options: Now provider will be able to
buy more job connects if regular job connects get finish. So admin
will be able to define plans and provider will be able to choose
desire plan and after payment he will get connects included in the
New: Turn on/off guest booking system
New: Turn on/off option for request a quote.
New: Turn on/off option for captcha image in sign up form and
request a quote form in order to prevent spam message/entries.
New: Turn on/off option for sidebar on individual page.
New: Turn on/off option for comment form on individual page.
New: Option to set default view (Grid view or List View)
New: Notification bar in customer and provider my account, so
notifications will be listed on several events.
New: Separate redirect option for provider sign up and customer
sign up.
New: [show-providers] short code now has new parameter ‘Featured’
to show only featured providers on a page.
New: Separate email templates added for customer sign up and
provider sign up in mail settings. Earlier there was one email
template being used to send same email to customer and provider. 
New: Avtar/Profile pic upload option in customer profile.
New: Provider can block or unblock services from displaying on
booking form. 
New: [request-quote type=”popup or form”] Short code to add common
request a quote form on the website as a button or form. So user
can use this request a quote form to send quotation to admin.
New: Option to control BG color and opacity in bio, followers,
featured providers, photo gallery and request a quote section added
in theme options.
New: Now a checkmark will be shown on each verified provider
New: Filters added in provider table in dashboard under service
finder section. Filter by approve status and filter by featured
status added.
New: Dynamic message section added in theme options. So admin can
change some static messages to desire one.
Fix: Several javasccript errors messages and strings which were not
translatable in previous version now will be translatable in
updated version.
Fix: Consecutive time slots can be added in Availability section in
provider my account. 
Fix: Phone number and website links are now clickable in provider
profile page.
Fix: Admin can change ‘Customer’ string. Earlier there was only
option to change Provider string.
Fix: Some minor improvements and bugs fixed.

Version 1.0.7

28 September 2016

There was a bug we removed.

Version 1.0.7

27 September 2016

New - Paypal adaptive payment option integrated. Admin can pay to
provider via Paypal.
New - Commision System added in Accounts section of theme options.
Admin can define fix or percentage of commission he wants to charge
for booking.
New - Admin can turn off paid booking option completely on website.
So provider will have only free booking option. And if admin turn
on paid booking option then provider will have free or paid booking
New - Text Editor added in Add/Edit service section.
New -  Provider can pre define no. of hours for service. So user
doesn't need to select no. of hours for hourly service.
New - Option added to change email subject in email settings for
each template.
New - Email will be send in RTL format if RTL language is selected.
New - If admin turn off 'show address info' section from provider
profile page then providers address will not be visible on website,
earlier it was removd from provider profile page only.
New - Admin can select time format ex. AM/PM or 24 hours format for
booking time slots.
New - Option added to change color of navigation background.
Fix -  Fatal error on home page when demo categories deleted by
admin solved.
Fix - Sing up popup issue solved in IE.
Fix - Cancel subscription option added in Upgrade account section
of provider profile.
Fix - Business hours week days are translatable.
Fix - Max limit increased in gallery settings, multiple category
settings and job application settings under provider settings.
Fix - Provider images and category images are added as background
images so image size will remain same always.

Version 1.0.6

15 September 2016

Fix - Google Map API Key missing warning in admin panel.
Fix - If no country or city selected in search bar then it was
showing delhi, india map. Now its fixed.
Fix - In provider profile city and country was added to address
every time when profile updated. Now fixed.
Fix - One provider can not book another provider.
Fix - If admin decline the feature request of provider and if admin
makes same provider feature from admin then it was creating
dupliate row.Now fixed.
Fix - In provider sign up form password field has minimum and
maximum character required validation now.
Fix - Sub categories box is also clickable now not only category
Fix - Removed a php notice.

Version 1.0.5

6 September 2016

New - Admin can add providers and customers from dashboard.
New - Admin can manage providers profiles from dashboard. We have
given 'Manage Profile' button in Providers Data table in Service
Finder Section.
New - Country drop down added in provider sign up form instead of
input field.
New - Goolge auto complete script added in city field in provider
sign up form.
New - Option added in email settings to set template for identity
check approve or unapprove.
New - Wire transfer option added in provider sign up.
New - Export providers bank details in csv format.
New - Search page is seo friendly now. Option added in seo settings
of theme option to fill meta tags.
New - If there is no package active then package drop down is
hidden in provider sign up.
New - Option added in email settings to set upgrade package email
Fix - Category image is clickable on home page.
Fix - Zipcode field is optional now in provider sign up.
Fix - New parameter 'showdescription' added for category version 2
to show or hide category description on home page.
Fix - Few missing strings added in .pot file. Week days in
availability section and calendar days and months are now
Fix - Provider quote price is visible in applicant section of
customer my jobs.
Fix - Zipcode field is removed completely from booking form if
provider choose 'Open' option in booking settings.
Fix - Membership plan and membership date showing for free package
also in providers data table in admin panel.
Fix - Sending email to customer also on booking cancellation.

Version 1.0.4

22 August 2016

New: Option to add meta tags in provider profile page added in
theme option.
New: Option added in Provider Settings -> Provider Page Settings
to change text "Provider" all over the theme.
New: Option to add/remove "Accept Terms & Conditions checkbox"
added in Provider Settings -> Sign Up Restrictions for both
customer or provider sign up form.
New: My Profile button added in provider profile page to go to
profile page directly from my account.
New: New parameter "showitem" added in Featured Provider short code
to control no. of providers in featured providers section.
New: Request a quote button also added on top in provider profile
style 2.
New: Option to control navigation menu font size and font weight
added in Navigation Style section.
New: Service area title changed to Postal Code in Provider My
Fix: Paypal bad api settings error fixed in invoice payment.

Version 1.0.3

16 August 2016

 New: OTP is optional now. Admin can on or off this option from
theme option.
New: Option added to enter From Email and From Name for sending
New: To display or hide page title on page.
New: Theme option added to change logo dimension in mobile view.
New: Option to hide or show address info on provider profile page.
Fix: Search by Keyword
Fix: Customer delete issue in admin.
Fix: Wire transfer icon was missing.
Fix: Now after sign up customer sign up form fields get empty.
Fix: Job listing filter by job type.
Fix: Gallery arrows in RTL.
Fix: Categories box on home page without image was showing  alt
tag. Now removed.
Fix: In Free Booking case, label changed to 'Submit Now' from 'Pay
Now'. Fix: Email from contact us form will be sent to email setup
in Theme Options -> Contact Us section. It was sending to admin

Version 1.0.2

08. August 2016

 New: Theme option to change logo text color.
New: Categories circle color can be changed from theme option.
New: Search by keyword field added in search bar
New: Identity check of provider feature added
New: Wire Transfer option added
New: User can create and publish job
New: User can invite provider for job
New: Provider can apply for job. 
New: User can hire provider for job
New: User can select services at the time of booking
New: Provider can add regions to display on booking form instead of
New: Direct money transfer option to admin
New: Provider can sign up under multiple categories. 
New: New look for ?All Categories? Page
New: Pricing page shortcode
New: Validating user zipcode to available zipcodes is not mandatory
New: Shortcode for signup/login form modified. Admin can display
customer sign up form andprovider sign up form separately.
Nw: Admin can remove fields from search bar
New: RTL Support
New: Admin can set different zoom level of google map for country,
city or address
New: Apply for job capability added to package. Admin can define
limits for each package.
New: Sign up under multiple categories capability added to package.
Admin can define limits foreach package.
New: Providers categories icons included with theme
New: Admin can hide or display banner for each individual page
New: Some shortcodes modified and new shortcodes added
New: Category title and description added in category page
New: Text Editor added instead of textarea for provider bio.
Fix: Latest blog post formatting issue on home page fixed.
Fix: Categories look without thumbnails fixed.
Fix: Delete team member.
Fix: Some missing strings added in .po file
Fix: Upload banner issue for page in admin
Fix: Spelling mistakes 

Version 1.0.1

18. July 2016

- Demo Content Included
- Option to add Google Map API added in theme options

Version 1.0.0

13. July 2016

- Initial Release

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