Poodle – Personal HTML Template

» What you
see, is what you get!

POODLE is personal HTML Template that included Anarchy HTML page
builder services. Edit HTML template in no time, no coding
knowledge require, no complex setup, no hurt feeling!

» Work
with or without Javascript!

Why it’s crucial, because there’s still plenty of mobile browser
that not use javascript as default. POODLE designed to be working
with or without javascript enabled. So your visitors will still
access your site!

» Unique
minimalist design!

Represent yourself as a unique personality and simple mind,
while there’s plenty of
standard-trend-boringdesign out there! Poodle’s design
will make you standout!

» Efficient
& lightweight!

Using our custom made CSS and Javascript framework, so we ensure
that all the part of system is fully function and there’s no wasted
byte. Created with precise measure and considered for all
possibility. For purpose to make all of this happen.

» Poodle is
for developer too!

Clean code with proper space and indentation, also full of
commented code. Included SASS files in the main download. Also,
separated typography css file, so you can custom it yourself.


  1. All images on the demo
    is not includedin download file
  2. Page bulder is
    online services. So it’s
    not includedin download file
  3. For fast support contact me on Google Hangouts »

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Poodle – Personal HTML Template

Download - Poodle – Personal HTML Template

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