PeerCloud – Self-hosted cloud service

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PeerCloudis a web application that enables you to
run your own Back-end as a service (Baas).With PeerCloud,
you can host digital contents ranging from raw data, files, up to
streaming media assets. Data and records can be uploaded by mobile
apps or webapp and consume them anytime they are needed. With the
multiple accounts support, you can start you own Backend as a
Service without even having to close a curly brace.

The concept is behind the likes of
Google Cloudand
AWSjust that it is built for flexibility and simplicity.

Clients apps can be mobile apps, desktop apps, IOT devices or
even other web apps. With a self hosted cloud service, your client
application no longer needs a dedicated back-end routine

With PeerCloud, you can build scalable mobile and web
applications that remain reliable even when the storage
requirements grow. PeerCloud enables you to have a back-end for all
your apps without coding anything or worrying about infrastructure
management. The idea is behind any Backend As a Service (BaaS)
except that you get to choose how you want it to run.

PeerCloud is suitable if you want to:

  • Create a mobile app and you will like to store records in the
    cloud without having to code the back-end so that you can call them
    back to the app instead of using the device database e.g chatting
    app, record tracking app etc.
  • Create the backend for your web applications without having to
    write server-side codes
  • Create a centralized data store for you iot devices e.g smart
    freezer sends data to the server, your app recieves and renders
  • Store images on the cloud so that your app recieves and loads
    the latest upload e.g Latest news, Latest product etc
  • …and
    many more.


  • Easy Installer:Comes bundles with a GUI installer
    to make the setup process quick and easy.
  • Data Hosting:You can host raw data (similar to
    Amazon S3, Firebase or Parse) and make them available either
    publically or privately to web and mobile apps.
  • Query API:Your app does not need to keep track of
    every data sent to the server, PeerCloud enables you to query your
    back-end API for the data you need. Whether you want to search by
    pattern or categories, PeerCloud has just the functionality to
    handle that.
  • Strong API functionalities:Objects stored on
    PeerCloud will typically be accessed through the API, thus
    PeerCloud provides powerful API queries that enable you to perform
    basic operations on your data objects. Queries such as tag
    categorization, search by constrains are available to reduce the
    overhead on your client apps.
  • File Hosting:Upload files and either make them
    available privately or publically so that they can be downloaded
    directly from your PeerCloud host server.
  • Media Streaming:PeerCloud enables you to host
    media assets(Images, Video and Audio) and stream them directly to
    your client apps.
  • Send Data to Server:You can send data directly to
    your back-end from your mobile and web apps using the API.
  • Retrieve data from Server:You can use the data by
    using the API functionalities to retrieve them.
  • Support:Be rest assured that any item purchased
    from FIBDev comes with topnotch support.

PeerCloud was inspired by the emerging BaaS technology, so more
features will be added and more updates and bug fixes will be made

Try out the demo:

Note: Do not send read emails and passwords to the demo url,
make sure all data are dummy as this url is just for demonstration.

Admin login:

Password: [email protected]

User login:

Password: [email protected]

Documentation link:


  • PHP 7.x
  • MySQL >= 5.x
  • PDO
  • JSON
  • Openssl
  • MbString
  • CURL
  • Tokenizer

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PeerCloud – Self-hosted cloud service

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