LinkedIn pluginyou can add Share & Follow
buttons, and five widgets:

  • Member Profile widget displays your or other
    ‘card’ of account with
    connections which can be hidden. Account must be public and has
    public URL.
  • Company Profile widget displays your or other
    ‘card’ of company with
    connections which can be hidden.
  • Company Insider widget.
  • Jobs You Might Be Interested In widget can display all jobs
    offered on the ‘LinkedIn’ or
    jobs of your company.
  • Alumni Tool widget which shows where graduates of a high school
    work, live, and what they do.


If you have a feature suggestion or idea
you’d like to see in the plugin,
we’d love to hear about it!

  • Add LinkedIn buttons in the easiest way (Share and Follow
  • Select the button position: before the content, after, before
    and after, or using only a shortcode.
  • Choose the necessary post types where buttons will be
  • Select button language or use the current site language for
    LinkedIn button (Using )
  • Select vertical or horizontal displaying for Count Mode option
    of LinkedIn buttons.
  • Many options for “Member Profileâ€
    and “Company Profile†widgets: inline
    or icon displaying mode, show or hide connections, on hover or on
    click behavior for icon mode widget

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Help & Support

Visit our Help Center if you have any questions, our friendly
Support Team is happy to help —


  • Russian (ru_RU)
  • Ukrainian (uk)

If you would like to create your own language pack or update
the existing one, you can send to , and we’ll
add it to the plugin. You can download the latest version of the
program for working with PO and MO files .


Update 1.0.2– 21.06.2016

* Update : Instruction link was added.
* Update : BWS plugins section is updated.

Infinity is a admin dashboard template with more than 140.000
layout combinations!


  • Laravel 5.2 and Bootstrap 4
  • Latest jQuery and jQuery UI
  • Authentication and authorization system
  • Social Authentication
  • Webservice Authentication
  • User management
  • Backoffice and Front-end
  • Plugins for extended functionality
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Easy to use customize
  • Responsive layout (desktops, tablets, mobile devices)
  • Semantic and clean HTML5 and CSS3 code
  • Fluid 12 column grid
  • Form Validation
  • Optimized for fast loading
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Build with Sass CSS (Scss files are included)
  • Assembled via Gulp
  • Well structured code
  • Retina Ready
  • Off-canvas menu at smaller screens
  • Complete User Interface elements and componenets
  • Variety of widgets for content and sidebars
  • Dynamic data tables
  • 50+ widgets & charts
  • 14+ unique pages
  • Front End Template
  • 5 Dashboards
  • Over 1000 icons
  • Unlimited colors
  • Multiple Colors Support
  • Fluid, Rounded and Boxed Views
  • 3 different charts libraries
  • Drag and drop panels
  • Animations CSS3
  • Invoice, Inbox, ToDo & Timeline pages
  • 404 and 500 error pages
  • Login, Register, LockScreen, Profile
  • Buttons, Notifications, Form Elements
  • Static Tables, DataTables, Calendar
  • Maps, Invoice, Grid
  • Custom Scroll bars
  • Typography, Charts
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Tabs & Accordions
  • Buttons & Icons
  • Basic and advanced Form Elements
  • Constant upgrades
  • After sales support
  • Documentation included
  • More to come…!

This script is a tool that makes querying the huge Foursquare
database easier. It will search for keywords and return a list of
businesses related to that keyword with the possibility of limiting
the search by location. You can use this to quickly build a list of
businesses in any niche or discover new places near some


  • search businesses by keyword (e.g. pizza, locksmith, nightclub,
    restaurants, dentist, etc);
  • search by neighborhood, city, state, country;
  • returns 14 different fields
    • name
    • address
    • postal code
    • city
    • state
    • phone
    • url
    • geo coordinates
    • tags
    • link to menu(if food related)
    • number of checkins
    • number of users who checked in
    • link to facebook
    • link to twitter
    • link to foursquare page)
  • configure which field you want in the results
  • refine your search by radius
  • export to CSV to further analyze the data
  • each query typically returns between 200 ~ 350 results
    depending on search term, location and also radius


  • PHP 5.6+
  • Foursquare API key (free)


Please check the demo to see how it works. Note that the demo is
limited and only returns 100 results per search.

Demo Access


Demo Admin Panel:

Admin User & Pass:

Frontend Key

Superfood Totaly Responsive & User Friendly CMS,
Vistor can easily found all option and can browse with all kinds of
device, Superfood have SEO Friendly URL & Easy to share Button
with All Product. User able to check food current stock, multiple
photo’s, able to comment’s /
review, able to registrared and order food online

Admin Key

Superfood is totaly dynamic and responsive CMS, from
admin panel A-Z are changable. admin can change logo, banner, can
add category & sub-category, can set category image, manage
invenntory & POS, admin can add product / food, can manage
order, able to set payment system and more you


Did you need an Responsive Website for your Restaurent
or did you want to manage your online food order business? than
Superfood is best Plarform for you. bcz there is no other CMS is
dynamic and lite like Superfood. its realy awesome bcz of its
secure backend platform, where you can manage awaiting order,
awating payment, delivared order, able to check A-Z report, you
able to maintain business ledger and more…

Support Facility

Please send us your product presale query, after sales developer
support request, customization project and any other queries to our
dedicated support.

Welcome to Moci’s Grazy !

*Grazy stands for Mocican Grab and Crazy Shoot

Join with Mocican as he goes into a field of apples. But be
careful ! Sometimes not only apple that comes down but also some
unknown box from another dimension also falling from the sky !
Mocican must avoid the boxes while he grabbing the apple until 100
waves. Can you survive this? Find out in this addictive unique game


– Made with Construct 2 – HTML5 Ready – Included Construct 2
.capx file (Source Code) – Admob Ads (Banner & Interstitial) –
One touch control – Touch & mouse supported – HD 1280,720
pixels – New Gameplay combining grabbing and shoting – Cross
Platfrom. Ready export to HTML, Android, IOS.etc – Easy to Reskin –
Sound & Music – Colorful graphics – Funny Animations –
Highscore – 100 Waves

Note: Before purchasing this add-on, please make sure that
you purchased plugin.

Breadcrumbs for Visual Composer is an add-on that allows you to
easily add breadcrumbs on your website.


  • Dynamic breadcrumb –
  • Static breadcrumb –
  • 6 layouts to pick from
  • Highly customizable

Please check out our page.

MySQL Smart Reports is a complete solution for a report
generating with existing MySQL Database. This will help you to
Generate Reports, Select Table Style, Grouping Data and Print the
Report. Also to Download the report on Microsoft Word or Excel

You do not need any programming knowledge to generate reports.
It’s just made simple. What you need to know is
connection to your MySQL Database. Once you connected to the
database, you can select data table, columns and grouping option if
you need, and then generate your report. This also have chart
generating option if you have selected a grouping option with
selected columns of your table.


  • Connect to any database in any host
  • Generate you own report by selecting tables and columns from
    connected database
  • Select any colum you selected as grouping column
  • Choose your table style from out of four themes/styles
  • View / Print / Download to Excel or Word
  • Automatically generate charts with your data when you have
    selected grouping
  • Automatically saves your report in My Reports to review
  • Easy to install in your server.
  • Online Demo available.
  • Installation Guide is available.

Moci’s Fight ! is stands for
Mocican’s Fight !

Join with Mocican as he walks into the forest and fight his
enemies through 100 waves. Be careful because enemy can comes from
right and left side of the forest ! Punch them all and unleash
Mocican’s power as the fight going on and on.
Dare to take the FIGHT ?


– Made with Construct 2 – HTML5 Ready – Included Construct 2
.capx file (Source Code) – Admob Ads (Banner & Interstitial) –
One touch control – Touch & mouse supported – HD 1280,720
pixels – Cross Platfrom. Ready export to HTML, Android, IOS.etc –
Easy to Reskin – Sound & Music – Colorful graphics – Funny
Animations – Highscore – 100 Waves


Tiva Shortcode Elementsis javascript library which
provide many essential elements for your website via short code.
You can easily create
Audio Player,
Count Down,
Flip Box,
Google Map,
News Ticker,
Photo Gallery,
Progress Bar,
Video Player… in just a few minutes with short
html code. Thereby you will can save many time to build your

Element list


choose Tiva Shortcode Elements ?

  • Provide many essential elements via short code.
  • Help you save many time to build website.
  • 18++ Elementswith many options to customize.
  • Very easy to install and integrate.

If you like our product, please don’t
forget to review and rate it . We will support you as soon as


Version 1.0 (30 Jun 2016)
    - Initial release.

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Cab Booking – HTML5 Ad Banners designed with
Google Web Designer. And provided 7 popular used sizes in the

* Help File Included*


1. 300×600

2. 300×250

3. 728×90

4. 160×600

5. 180×150

6. 320×50

7. 336×280


1. Google Web Fonts.

2. Fully Editable.

3. Infinite Loop.

4. Free Updates.


1. 7 HTML5 Banners Ready to use.

2. 7 GWD Source Files editable in Google Web Designer.

3. Shapes and Icons Included.

Images are not included in final purchase

Image Source

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