Upper Modern & Comprehensive Portfolio will fit all kind of
digital purposes. Also amazing css animations makes item more
attractive and unique.


  • Revolution Slider
    (SAVE $19)
  • Different home pages
  • Home – Slider variations
  • Home – Video bg
  • Text rotater
  • Amazing wow animation
  • Parallax background images
  • Portfolio – Masonry grids
  • Fancybox litebox
  • CSS Page transitions
  • Well coded html-css
  • Based on Bootstrap 3.x
  • Responsive design
  • Clean & Commented codelines
  • Retina ready
  • Simple blog section
  • Error pages included
  • Cross browsers support
  • Solid colors & styles
  • Hamburger full menu
  • Creative Typography
  • Google Maps api
  • Unlimited Google Fonts
  • Documentation included
  • FontAwesome font icons
  • Free support

Latest Features:

Minotaur – Angular Admin Dashboard

Minotaur is brand new admin dashboardbuilded upon
successfull . After two years of getting new experiences with
Angular and apps builded with it after publishing
“Minovateâ€, I have learnt a lot of
exciting things so I decided to build new template using them.
Minotaur is well structured, clean, powerful, builded using
controllerAs syntax
. Using such a great tools like Bower,
Gulp and Sass, it’s really easy to maintain.
Minotaur is also strongly aimed to responsiveness.

Minotauris powered with AngularJS.
It’s builded on popular Twitter Bootstrap v3
framework. Minotaur is fully based on HTML5 + CSS3 standards. Is
fully responsiveand clean on every device and
every browser.

Minotaur contains many example pages with many ready to use
elements and is
strongly customizable. You can choose choose from
few premaid layouts such as
horizontal navbar, boxed layout or rtl layout.

Minotaur work on every modern browser, any device and any screen

Any new improvements which you’ll like to see
in next build are welcome,
please let me know what you want to be added.
And don’t forget to rate this item if
you like it

So guys let’s see if we can
hit level 10 cap, thank you and enjoy.

CRUD Application

To get this demo application fully working you have to set-up
your own and replace variables in file
“index.html†with your database
variables, after that you should have all CRUD operations

You can download database export of demo application

Have a fun!


One more thing guys, I must let out one of my dark secrets, I
want to make things clear between me and my customers. As you may
know every developer on envato want to make a profitable item so we
can invest some time to make updates, improvements and new
functionality to our items because we have MONEYYY and we can live
and drink and eat and many many other things!

Sadly sometimes our items are not profitable and we
can’t eat or drink, we are hungry and sober and
that is not good. So I realized one big decision, I will not make
any updates if this item will not be profitable and now you can
hate me.

So I would like to apply some kind of level system. Minotaur can
get some levels up with higher buyers number and in each level
I’ll add something new to Minotaur.

P.S. ok guys bugfixes will be for free

Leveling Guide:


Level 2 - 01.02.2017
  - CRUD Application has been added
  - Fixes minor issues with customization tool
Level 1.1 - 30.01.2017
  - New alternative dashboard style
  - Added customization tool
  - Form wizard responsiveness fix
  - File tree responsiveness fix
  - Angular.js updated to 1.6.1
  - Fixed bower.json resolutions
Level 1 - 21.01.2017
  - First Release

Fake Caller ID Free in Android Market! Demo apk :

– Features :-

✓ Admob Interstitial, Native and Banner

✓ Google Analytics

✓ Google Firebase Integration

✓ Easy to reskin

✓ Android Studio Project

✓ First to end Documentation

✓ Support up to Android 7

The most professional and beautiful fake caller id application
in Android Market! Get out the trouble, give yourself a fake-call

Simulate a fake caller id to rescue yourself from an awkward
situation, like boring meeting, annoying conversation, meaningless

We released a better and more complete version at the
following link:

Version 1.2 Release Date 27.09.2013

  • Fixed bugs related to IE8.
  • Fixed bugs related to the latest update of IOS and
  • Improved mobile performance.

Version 1.1 Release Date 24.07.2013

  • Support for multiple categories, of course it can still be used
    with a single category as before.
  • Lightbox Iframe support.
  • Lightbox description autoopen (open item description without
    pressing the info button).
  • Added an extra way to close the lightbox by pressing outside
    the item area.
  • Added support for MSPointer events for windows8 mobile.
  • Added six extra skins.

Main features:

Responsive Gridfoliohas a fluid / flexible /
responsive layout. Basically the grid is added into a html page
into a div of your chosing and it’s adapting
based of that div’s width, the grid height is
modified based on the thumbnails and if other elements are below
the grid div they will be pushed down automatically (document
flow). In the examples provided you can see a few ways in which you
might use this grid, of course that other configurations are
possible (please note that the code of this examples is provided in
the download files).

The gallery can have any number of images and each image can be
of any size, but proportional to a base thumb width and height.
When a thumbnail is pressed you can choose either to display an
original media lightboxwhich we have coded, or to
open a new webpage, the url and target of this webpage can be
specified. The lightbox can display images, or can display videos
loaded from YouTube or Vimeo.

Pure OOP JavaScript code, no usage of jQuery or other libraries,
in this way there will be no incompatibilities with HTML pages that
might be using jQuery or other JavaScript libraries.

Responsive Gridfoliois using the GPU (
hardware acceleration) using HTML5 standards. The
rendering speed and performance is impeccable on desktop computers
and most importantly on mobile devices, the way it works it will
try to use CSS3 and if this is not available it will down fall to
CSS2 or CSS1 for older browsers like

Great performance on mobile devices, you can see in the video
demo that it runs just like a native app!, it was coded and
optimized for mobile devices and it is 100% mobile compatible and
of course it will run just as great on desktop computers including
on older browsers like
IE8. We have tested it on IPAD3(
ios) and on a SAMSUNG GALAXY S3(
android) and it runs great on both devices, below
are the links to view this demos. or

Grid main features:

Responsive / Flexible / Fluid layout: you can
control the size of the grid with CSS or JavaScript, basically it
has an adaptable layout which makes it the perfect candidate for
any type of project.

Support for any number of images and each image can be of any
size, but proportional to a base thumb width and height

The entire color theme can be modified.

Customizable thumbnails size and geometry: this
feature allows you to change the size of the thumbnails and the
space between thumbnails.

Customizable thumbnails border and background:
each thumbnail can have a border and a background, the thumbnail?s
background color, the border?s size and the border?s color are
customizable, also the thumbnails border color can be tweened from
a normal color to a selected color..

Thumbnail?s description or thumbnails media icons:
each thumb can have a short description with a transparent
background under it or a media icon which represents a link, video
or image, this are visible when the mouse is over a thumbnail, the
text can be formatted with CSS, the background color and opacity
also can be modified (optional).

“Load more thumbnails
: this is an awesome feature which
improves the overall performance and speed of loading because in
this way not all the thumbnails are loaded and displayed at once.
For example if you have a total of 120 thumbnails you can show them
in sets of 50 thumbnails, and so initially in the grid the first
set of 50 thumbnails are loaded and displayed, and when the
“load more thumbnails†button is
pressed the next set of 50 thumbnails are loaded and displayed, and
finally when the “load more
thumbnails†button is pressed again the 20 remaining
thumbnails are showed. The number of thumbnails to load per set is
customizable, it does not have to be 50 it can be any number that
you consider. This feature is optional, if it is disabled all
thumbnails are loaded and displayed.

Custom press thumbnail action: when a thumbnail is
pressed you can choose either to display an original media lightbox
which we have coded, or to open a new webpage, the url and target
of this webpage can be specified. The lightbox can display images,
or can display videos loaded from YouTube or Vimeo.

Lightbox main features:

Responsive / Flexible / Fluid layout: the lighbox
will always fill the available browser viewport.

The entire color theme can be modified.

Vimeo and YouTube support: all you have to do is
to include the link from YouTube or Vimeo video that you want to
display and the lighbox will display and play your video. The size
(width and height) of each video can be set easily.

Zoom and panning support for images: you can zoom in and out an
image and you can pan the image, in this way you can see the image
in great detail (optional).

Slideshowbutton (optional).

Slideshow delay, the delay of the slideshow can be set in

Slideshow autoplay.

Slideshow custom animated graphics.

Next and previous buttons navigation (optional).

Info button and info window: each lighbox item can
have a description, the text and window appearance can be formatted
with CSS (optional).

Customizable border and background: the border
size and color and also the main background color are

Keyboard support: the left and right arrows can be
used for navigation (optional).

What our clients are saying:


07.03.2013 – Bug fix related to the lightbox
when it is zoomed on Chrome and better detection for mobile


WooRestaurantPlugin makes it easy for customers to
place orders via woocommerce directly from your website, .

How it works:

  1. Admin add restaurant title.
  2. describe some description about restaurant.
  3. add cover photo of restaurant.
  4. add logo of restaurant.
  5. set open and close time of working day.

Admin highlights:

  1. Can manage Restaurants.
  2. Can manage Restaurants Cuisines.
  3. Can manage Restaurants Tags.
  4. Can add shortcode to show specific restaurant [restaurant_show
  5. To show all Restaurants (List view) [listing_restaurant].

How do add restaurant food as a product:

  1. add food as a product title.
  2. describe some description about food.
  3. define category of food.
  4. add regular and sale price of food.
  5. add extra item with food.
  6. add product image of restaurant.
  7. add gallery image of restaurant.


  1. User can search selected Restaurant by foods Categories.



Version : 1.0 
Date : 10/03/2017
Initial Release.

Woocommerce Limit Orderis an simple and powerful
addon. It helps shop manager can create rules to limit the number
of order member or guest can be placed per day or in a specific
time. It also helps shop manager can create rules to limit total
amount product and the quantity of a product can buy on per

Core Features

The plugin has two main features are
Limit Customer Orderand
Limit Order Productwith many great options as the

1. Limit customer order

  • Ability to set Number Of Times Customer Can Order
  • Ability to apply limit order rules to: All Customer,
    Members, Guest and Roles

2. Limit order product

  • Limit total amount product can place on per order
  • You can set maximum and minimum amount product on per
  • Limit quantity of a product can buy on per order
  • Limit total amount product can purchase across all
  • You can set maximum and minimum quantity of a product on
    per order
  • Select specific dates and time to apply limit
  • Set global date ranges or individual one for specific
    product to apply limit rules
  • Add and customisable notification message

2. Limit Product Category

  • Limit total quantity of products can purchase on a
  • Apply limit rules to specific role, all roles
  • Apply limit rule in the date ranges

Video demo

Change Logs

– 17 March, 2017

- Improment: Fixed some bugs when run on PHP 5.3

2.3 – 05 December, 2016

- New: Add feature limit product category
- Improment: Optimize source file and plugin's library

2.2 – 11 November, 2016

- Improvement: Add feature set limit date range on specific product
- Fixed: some potential problems

2.0 – 17 June, 2016

- Improvement: Add feature Limit Total Amount product can purchase
across all orders
- Improvement: Add feature Apply limit rules in a date ranges

1.0 – 8 June, 2016

- Initial

Absolute is a bootstrap admin dashboard template built with
Twitter Bootstrap Framework and it has a huge collection of
reusable UI components and integrated with jQuery plugins also.

It is also easy to use and modify that is suitable to your needs
and can be implemented to your desire projects such Project
Management System, CRM, HRMS, Real Estate, Ecommerce, Loan
Management System, Billing Management System and more.



  • Bootstrap
  • 40+ Re-usable Widget
  • UI components
  • Mail pages
  • E-commerce pages
  • Google and vector maps
  • Font awesome icons
  • Blog pages
  • Light box gallery
  • Easy to use
  • Developers friendly code
  • Documentation included
  • 2000+ Icon fonts
  • Google fonts
  • Chat page
  • Calendar
  • And much more…


  • Dashboard
    • Dashboard V.1
  • Widgets
  • Mailbox
    • Inbox
    • Email view
    • Compose email
  •  Graphs 6
    • Flot charts
    • Morris.js
    • Chart.js
    • Chartist
    • Sparkline
    • PIE Chart
  •  Forms 11
    • Basic form
    • Advanced form
    • Wizard form
    • Masked form
    • File upload
    • File Dropzone
    • Text editor
    • Inline edit
    • Form Validation
    • Tinymce Editor
    • WYSIHTML5 Editor
  •  Other Pages 8
    • Lockscreen
    • Login
    • Register
    • 404 Page
    • Empty page
    • gallery
    • Price tables
    • Contact Page
  •  E-commerce
    • orders
    • order View
    • Products
  •  Icons
    • Icons
    • Weather Icons
    • Themify Icons
    • Linea Arrows Icons
    • Linea Basic Icons
    • Linea Basic Elaboration Icons
    • Linea Ecommerce Icons
  •  UI Elements 16
    • Typography
    • Buttons
    • Video
    • Panels
    • Tabs
    • Chat
    • Alert & notifications
    • Tree View
    • Time Line
    • Progress Bar
    • OWL Carousel
    • Range Slider
    • Tooltip
    • Alert Popup
    • Accordion
    • Modals Popup
    • Toastr Alert
  •  Grid options
  •  Tables 5
    • Static Tables
    • Data Tables
    • Editable Tables
    • JSGrid Tables
  •  Users
    • profile
    • User list
  •  maps
    • Google maps
    • Vector Maps
  •  Blog
    • Blog list
    • Blog post
  •  Calendar
  •  Menu Levels
    • Third Level
      • Third Level Item
    • Second Level Item

Note: Images Used in demo are not included with downloads.


  • 6 Style Variations [6 HTML Files]
    • Full Screen Draggable Image Wall Background [2 Styles
    • Full Screen Image Slideshow Background with Ken Burns
    • Full Screen Single Image Background [2 Styles Available]
    • Full Screen YouTube Video Background
  • Light and Dark Skin
  • 6 Content Pages
    • Home Page
    • About Page [OWL Carousel Slider Integrated]
    • Services Page
    • Works Page [Full Screen Image Lightbox Integrated]
    • News Page [OWL Carousel Slider Integrated]
    • Contact Page
  • 2 Columns
  • Touch-Friendly Responsive Image Gallery
  • Company Logo Space
  • Text Rotator
  • Animated Facts Counter
  • Animated Skills Bar
  • Testimonial Rotator
  • Animated Content Changer with Smooth Transition Effect
  • Contact Form with Validation [Without Page Refresh]
  • Responsive Layout to Fit Any Screen Size
  • jQuery Animation Effects
  • CSS3 Animation Effects
  • Styled Typography [Google Fonts]
  • Font Awesome v4.7.0 Icons [The Complete Set of 675 Icons]
  • Bootstrap v3.x Compatible
  • World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Valid HTML5 Code
  • Multi-Browser Support

Please note

Demo images are not included. Image placeholders are provided

ClipCurrent Version 2.0 – April
21, 2016

This plugin is an Add-on for Go Pricing

Easier and faster work? Of course!

By using ‘Clip – Add-on
for Go Pricing’ you can get pricing tables done
way faster than before. You can add a Row or the entire content of
a Column to the Clipboard by simply one click, they also can be
reloaded using the Drag & Drop tool.

Is it more than just Copy & Paste? Yes.

You can store up to 8 different data on the Clipboard, they can
be differentiated from each other by numbers and colors.

Can I use them between Tables? Yes.

The saved data can be used to transfer data both within a table
or between tables.

Does the Add-on affect the Admin performance? No.

The Clip – Add-on stores all data locally
within the user’s browser, using the HTML Local
Storage technology without affecting the
website’s performance and additional server
requests when reading or writing data.

Buy this great Add-on and work even more effectively!


  • WordPress 3.5+
  • 3.1.1+

Go Pricing plugin is not included, it must be purchased

List of Features

  • No setup, just one click install
  • Seamlessly integrated into Go Pricing plugin
  • Lightning Fast! No additional server requests when reading or
    writing data
  • Easy data transfer both within a table or between tables
  • Save the entire content or any part of a column
  • Store up 8 different data on each clipboard
  • Save your time – even creating one single
  • Translation ready with .mo .po files


v1.0 – October 12, 2015

  • Initial release

v2.0 – April 21, 2016

  • [FIX] Incorrect checkbox state bugfix
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Core changes – Go Pricing v3.3
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added update notification and built-in update
    functionality using ‘Go Pricing
    Update’ page
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Admin interface changes

We are frequently releasing new features and bufixes to the
plugin, so it is strongly recommended to keep it up do date, to
make sure that you utilise all the latest fixes, features and