MySQL File Uploader is a easy to use, responsive database file
uploading script. Script uploads files directly into MySQL Blob
field. So this script does not need any file server to store files.
Since files are uploaded to a database table, No folder chamod
permission is required. There are inbuilt four file categories :
File Gallery for any type of file, File Gallery with Title for any
type of file with Customized Title for each file, Images Gallery
for image files, Images Gallery with Title for images files with

For any of these categories, administrator can decide which file
types to upload and upload file size limit using settings. Uplaoded
files can be edited or downloaded or deleted. Image Files have
Image Popup facility.

File Sharing

sharing feature is one other inbuilt feature of this script. Easy
file has it’s own encrypted sharing link, you
can upload your file share the link with anyone. Any person who has
the link can see and download the file. Facebook and Twitter
sharing available with this sharing facility.

Different Between “MySQL Based File
Manager†and “Files Server Based File

The main disadvantage of “File Server Based
File Uploader or Manager†is that you can upload or
manage your files just from that server. But MySQL Based File
Manager can manager different servers at the same time.
It’s because it stores binary data of the
uploaded files into a database and a database is accessible from
anywhere in the world. Other thing is minimum risk of security,
mainly because no writing permitted folder at your server.

  1. Create a file server just using MySQL Database
  2. No File Server, No Writing Permitted Folder Needed
  3. Uses MySQL Blob Fields to store files
  4. Access File Manager from Different Locations
  5. Multiple File Uploader and Responsive Layout
  6. Edit, Download or Delete Uploaded Files
  7. Encrypted File Sharing Link, Facebook and Twitter Sharing
  8. Files with Title / Description is Available for two
  9. Manager Maximum Upload File Size Limit, File Types to
  10. Activate or Deactivate Categories

Change Log

  1. 2016-09-07:
    UpdatePHP 7 Version
  2. 2016-09-07:
    UpdateInterface Update

    NOTE:For the demo, places need to be reviewed by
    the admin so If you add a place it won’t show up
    in the list until the place will be reviewed. Only if you buy the
    item you will be able to review the places by yourself.

    Welcome to aSpot!

    aSpot is a web app that allows users to search for awesome
    places in the world. Also users can add new places to the list,
    love, share the places and download the image place.


    – Font Awesome Icons

    – jQuery

    – Google Maps API


    – Add custom places

    – Love as many times as you want a place

    – Share the place on different social

    – Download the place image

    – Custom place categories

    – Cool hover effects

    – View on Google Maps

    – HTML E-mails

    – Most loved places are on top

    – much more!

    PS: Resize the browser window to responsive design for a cool
    look of aSpot.

    Have fun! –

    Review the place!

    Places need to be reviewed by the admin in the database. Just
    change review to 1 (reviewed) or delete the review if something is

    Who knew your cashflow could look so good. In real-time too!
    Gain immediate clarity over your net business. Take control by
    keeping track of receipts, payments and GST. Watch your net
    position change real-time.

    Generate 20+ different reports Create impressive reports, and
    use powerful tools to gain insights. For instance compare net
    positions between quarters, then 1-click to easily
    ‘drill down’ to the

    Master your budgets. Become a forecasting guru. An engaging
    budget tool that lets you allocate resources and plan for the
    future. Create scenarios for your business finances to improve


    Link :

    user :

    pass : admin

    GPS Tracker Mini– Visualization of Geo
    data from a GPS tracker or a cell phone with GPS. On the map you
    can see the path and other data. It is possible to search points by
    time. It supports open source applications for Android and IOS:
    . You can track the location of your car, childrens, elderly
    relatives, pets, etc.


    • Show geo points on the map.
    • The ability to switch maps: Google Maps, Google satellite,
      OpenStreetMap, Yandex.Map.
    • Search geo points by date and time.
    • The ability to switch the geo data sources (account).
    • Password protection.
    • Display data from GPS tracker: time, speed, battery charge
    • Easy to install and configure.
    • Responsive design.
    • Open code source.


    Demo password:



    Fixed a class loading error in PHP 5.4.

    K-Quotesis a powerful Job Quotation Servicing

    It’s impossible for some business to give
    standard prices for goods and services. This may be because the
    skills, time and materials required for each job vary depending on
    different customer’s needs.

    In view of this we developed an automated price quotation system
    that provides up-to-the-minute price quotations that will help your
    channels close bigger deals faster with visibility into the latest
    product and pricing information, and the ability to quote
    quickly—from any device. With intuitive
    workflows, your reps and partners can discount smarter, run faster
    than the competition, and be easy to do business
    with—no matter how complex your business



    User: admin

    Password: admin123


    User: demo

    Password: demo123

    WordPress Site


    1. AJAX Based
    2. Intuitive User Interface
    3. Customizable Email Templates
    4. Messages will notify via email
    5. Photo galleries for jobs
    6. Allow customer to pay via Paypal
    7. Easy to create Price Quotation, with auto suggest of customers
      and automatically populate customer data
    8. Customer can post their jobs to WordPress Blogs and be able to
      edit it.
    9. And a lot more cool features

    Host and view your own powerful real-time website

    EmbedAlytics is an incredibly powerful analytic solution
    allowing you to install, configure and then embed your dashboard
    directly into any website of your choice. Instead of logging into
    an analytic system – just place one of our
    snippets of code into your WordPress, Magento, Prestashop, custom
    admin panels … (the list is endless!) and enjoy
    powerful data at your fingertips.

    Main Features

    – Full analytic package with 15+ metrics collected

    – Simple and easy installation on all systems that have PHP and
    MYSQL (5 minute installation promise!)

    – Embeddable, live dashboards

    – Real time visitor information like Google Analytics

    – Two themes pre-installed

    – Powerful API system to make your own dashboards

    – Self-host all your data!

    What makes this product valuable is that it only takes 5
    minutes to install:

    – Upload files

    – Run through the easy installation system

    – Install tracking code (on every page you want to track)

    – Embed a dashboard

    If you cannot install the system,
    let us know and we’ll do it for

    (One time per purchase)

    Metrics collected and reported:

    – Unique visitors

    – Page visited

    – What device type was used

    – Referer

    – Location – Country and City

    – Operating systems and version number

    – Browser and version number

    – Time on site

    – Page load time (on supported browsers)

    – System render time

    – Site entry and exit pages

    – Live site users and pageviews

    – Bounce rate



    9 Sept – fixed Firefox issue with

    Smart Expense Keeping is most reliable expense keeping or
    accounting software which you can handle every business
    transactions in a single system. Its simplified the most hard parts
    of accounting and gives you a boost for your productivity in your
    business. It has the multi level management system E,g: Multi
    Company Management, Multi User Management, Multi record saving with
    assigned duration periods, easy to use.

    Software Features:

    Multi Company Management Multi User Management Actual vs.
    budgeted Expense Department & Period wise definition User
    Friendly Colorful Interface Easy to Use Responsive User Interface
    Clear Laravel MVC Framework Build Clear Documentation

    Live Demo:

    Thank you!

    Dental Clinic Appointment System v.1.0 (March 2nd, 2016)

    Dental Clinic Appointment System (DCAS) is an application
    developed specifically for appointment management in professional
    dental clinic.

    Features in this application are:

    1. Dentist Managers.

    2. Patient Managers.

    3. Appointment Managers.

    4. Appointment Calendars ( integrated with fullcalendar ).

    5. Dentist can set their own time table for dental practice

    6. All users (Dentist, Patient, Receptionist / Admin) have
    their own spesific dashboard views.

    7. Appointment time slots are accurate based on the schedule
    for dentists.

    8. Audit Trails feature which record every
    user’s activity in the system.

    9. User auth control & Role managers.

    10. Mailbox system, ability to send direct message to dentists
    and/or patients.

    11. And many more features which made this system very useful
    to facilitate your business. As for features addition in the future
    will be done regularly, and please feel free to give feedback for
    addition or correction to this system.

    This application used SLIM PHP framework, Twig templating
    engine, and Laravel Eloquent which is very flexible, so that you
    can easily customize if needed.

    We will help you if you got problem in installation process,
    please contact us anytime ( or via codecanyon contact form) and I
    will process in 8 PM – 10 PM time span (GMT + 7)


    DEMO –
    PHP 5.5x

    Link :

    For : username // pass =>

    For : username // pass =>

    For : username // pass =>

    *notes : some features are disabled for demo purposes !

    CHANGELOG v.1.1 – PHP 5.5x –
    MYSQL 5.7.+ (April 1st, 2016)

    1. [FIXED] user last_failed_login count and set last_failed_login
    2. [FIXED] appointment date cannot be blank - Appointment Form @
    3. [UPDATED] language array twig parser
    4. [FIXED] check existence for translation lang file, from session
    or DEFAULT_LANGUAGE constant value
    5. [UPDATED] added Base Twig Layout for Auth modules (login,
    signup, register, forgot, reset)
    6. [FIXED] MySQL 5.7.5+ changed the way GROUP BY behaved in order
    to be SQL99 compliant (where in previous versions it was not).
    [SettingModel : getBrowserStatistics]
    7. [FIXED] Trying to get property of non-object

    Advanced Work Order Tracking System

    Advanced work order tracking system is the right application to
    help service providers organized your team in a certain work order
    more easily, despite of any field you are in: web developer,
    freelancer, graphic designer, agency, construction, reparation,

    You can determine each phase in a work order based on your work
    flow, and of course your client will be able to monitor the
    progress of their order. You can receive work order requests from
    your client, and following it up directly from this system.

    Features in this application are:

    1. Work Order management with work flow / dynamic work phase.

    2. Task management, schedule, finance (income, expense,
    invoice), file attachment, sending PDF invoice by email.

    3. Team member management as a member in work order.

    4. Access right management for every member in work order.

    5. Mail box feature (compose message, inbox, outbox).

    6. A very reliable invoicing system to minimize error in
    recording and sending bills as well.

    7. Client dashboard to facilitate your client monitoring work
    order development.

    8. Audit Trails feature which record every
    user’s activity in the system.

    9. Translation ready.

    10. Mass mail sending to clients and admin.

    11. Full calendar integrated.

    13. And many more features which made this system very useful
    to facilitate your business. As for features addition in the future
    will be done regularly, and please feel free to give feedback for
    addition or correction to this system.

    This application used SMVC PHP framework which is very flexible,
    so that you can easily customize if needed.

    We will help you if you got problem in installation process,
    please contact us anytime ( or via codecanyon contact form) and we
    will process in 8 PM – 10 PM time span (GMT + 7)


    DEMO –
    PHP 5.5x

    Link :

    *notes : some features are disabled for demo purposes !

    Simple, Powerful & Affordable School Management System The
    answer to all your school management is over now. School management
    system is an excellent way to systematically manage school. 1-
    Simple & easy to use 2- Powerful features 3- Awesome admin
    panel 4- Made with User Experience 5- and much much more

    management system provides powerful admin panel, teacher panel,
    student panel and parent panel because we understand the need and
    permissions of all users. – With school management system you can:

    • manage class
    • manage exams
    • manage attendance
    • school events with calendar system
    • manage system settings, themes, languages
    • and also send sms to users about events, notices, marks and
      payment invoices
    • payment via paypal
    • sms via twillio and clickatell
    • send private messages and or send/ receive messages from
    • displaying notice boards and manage dormitory
    • library for providing study material
    • upload/ download excel sheets for data entry/ reports,etc

    School management system is loaded up with tons of features you
    will love at affordable price. Thanks.

    Admin demo- pass- admin

    Teacher demo- pass- teacher

    student demo- pass- student

    parent demo- pass- parent