Sitecake is drag and drop CMS for static websites. It works with
both HTML and PHP websites.

It has really minimal interface: the toolbar with content icons
that floats on top of your website. With dragging and dropping
content icons (text, photo, video…) to your
website you are adding the content. Content can be drag and dropped
from your desktop or different cloud services like YouTube, Vimeo,
Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, …

Sitecake features easy integration and only basic editing
capabilities, which makes it a perfect CMS for website owners who
find WordPress too difficult.

Edit in Place, Drag and Drop Everything


  • No template engine. It works with any HTML website.
  • No database. It’s flat file CMS, saves text
    to HTML, images to file system. Website is static all the
  • Simple integration. Add
    “sc-content†CSS class to divs that
    you want to become editable.
  • WYSIWYG. Edit text in place, resize and crop images in place.
    Edit live website, not lookalike copy in your admin.
  • Easy to upgrade. Just replace /sitecake folder with new
    version. Silent update (Google Chrome style) is on our road
  • Multi language UI (English, Spanish, Russian, German, French,
    Italian, Danish, Czech, Slovenian, Serbian, Slovak, Portuguese,
    Portuguese Brazil, Turkish, Norwegian, Dutch)
  • Sitecake is completely separate from your website. If you
    delete Sitecake, your website is still up to date, still working
  • Static websites are much simpler, and much, much faster to load
    than a typical WordPress website. Google loves this.

Three Step

  1. Add ‘sc-content’ class to
    divs you want editable
  2. Upload Sitecake to the same folder as your website
  3. Point browser to
    and login with
    ‘admin’pass to start

Read more about integration in our .

Is Sitecake for

  • If your client has a problem navigating WordPress to edit a
    website, Sitecake is for you and your client!
  • If you have one page website, need an easy way to edit, but
    don’t want to spend money on a developer to
    integrate a ‘real’ CMS.
    Sitecake is for you!
  • If you need the fastest possible website. Get yourself a static
    website, cash it with free CDN service like CloudFlare and manage
    it with Sitecake.

Road Map


  • page manger (clone pages, delete pages, reorder menu items, on
    page SEO)
  • snippets (create custom HTML snippets and add them as drag and
    drop content items on the toolbar)


  • completely rewritten client side, switch from GWT to
  • opening for third party Javascript plugins
  • slideshow/gallery content item
  • table content item
  • silent update (auto update)
  • layout manager (drag and drop page builder from pre-designed

Change Log

2.3.6 Release

  • Supported for PHP 7 added. New minimal version for running
    Sitecake is PHP 5.6
  • Opening link in a new window supported
  • Request parametar name for opening Sitecake on a page changed
    to “scpageâ€
  • Fixed: BACKSPACE/DEL deletes content of the bullet list
  • Fixed: CloudFlare caching issue
  • Fixed: Bad (404) redirection after logout from
  • Fixed: Crashing on undo press while editing text element
  • Fixed: Impossible to press delete (X button) on image
  • Fixed: Srcset disappearance
  • Fixed: Undo caused duplication of br tags

2.3.4 Release

  • Improved session handling
  • Fixed: error handler shows full paths inside error message
  • Fixed: Sitecake tried to copy deleted files and displayed
    missing file error

2.3.2 Release

  • Fixed: In edit mode links to other pages failed to invoke
    Sitecake toolbar on a newly open page
  • Fixed: site root permission check failure, manifesting in HTTP
    500 error

2.3.1 Release

  • PHP sites supported – except for HTML
    files/pages, PHP pages can also be edited by Sitecake (certain
    restrictions applied).
  • Subdirectories support – Sitecake can edit
    pages located in subdirectories as well.
  • Explicitly control what pages are under Sitecake control
  • Automatic refresh of draft content upon manual template changes
    – when page files are manually changed, draft
    files (in sitecake-temp) are automatically updated.
  • New server side (PHP) session handlers supported (memcache,
    memcached and redis)
  • Logging server-side (PHP) errors into log file
  • Configurable entry point URL (sitecake.php)
  • HTML code within content containers beautified
  • Support for multi-class user styles
  • Support for user styles in named content containers
  • Prevent caching of the editor configuration file
  • Server side logging and error handling improved
  • Fixed: CSS rules with pseudo selectors treated as user
  • Fixed: problem with logging out from non-index pages
  • Fixed: raw html content item cannot be clicked/selected after
    initial edit

Clean Master & Speed Booster

APK Real Demo:

+ Android Studio Project

+ Admob Added ( 1 banner + 1 full_intersitial )

+ Clean your phone memory, make it faster

+ Management your appllication

+ Easily to Reskin

AppyWP Video Preview

WordPress Blog to iOS App Template

appyWPis an universal
App Template for iPhone and iPadthat turn your
WordPresswebsite in an iOS

With this
templateyou can create your own
Blog Appjust inserting your website Url. You can
also easily configure a menu to show the categories of your

AdMobready (which you can easily enable or disable).

Note that in order to use appyWP template, you need to install
and activate the WP REST API plugin in your wordpress website.You
can download the plugin for free at this page: or install it
directly from the WordPress admin panel.

We are here to help you. For any question or information,
please leave a comment on this page. Thank you!


  • XCode8 project / Swift 3 / 64bit
  • iPhone4, 5, 6/6+, 7/7+ and iPad family.
  • iOS10 Ready /
    iOS9 Compatible
  • Storyboard
  • AutoLayout & Size Classes
  • AdMob (with easy Enable/Disable option)

What you get:

  • Full
    XCode8 Project 64bit with source code written in
  • High Quality User Guide (PDF) with easy step by step
    configuration with screenshots
  • Our full friendly support


20.10.2016 - ver 1.0
   - First Release


As per Envato rules, you must purchase
appyWPunder an
Extended Licenseif:

  1. You plan to use it by you or one client, in a product which end
    are charged for.
  2. You plan
    to sellyour own version of this
    appon Flippa and similar markets.


Tour, Adventures and Travel Template –

Please visit here for Entrada

Entrada, the Adventure Tours and Travel HTML template is built
for tour operators and travel agencies around the world who
specialise in tour packages like vacation tours, adventures, jungle
safaris, cruise packages, hiking and camping, summer tours, winter
tours etc.

With HTML5 and CSS3 semantic codes, Retina Optimized, 100%
Responsive layout, Sass files and Revolution Slider included, built
on latest Bootstrap 3 framework and easy to create Unlimited Color
schemes with sass files included, Typography and Icons
customisation – you are all set to create an
awesome tour theme that speaks to your visitors a language of tour,
trust, efficiency and elegance.

Furthermore, we have developed this Adventure Theme so that a
tour operator can easily craft the layout, look and feel of the
website to his desired schemes in minutes. Changing the over all
look and feel of site from summer and party theme to winter and
trekking theme takes under a minute. Beyond that, the diverse
nature of tour operators business requires a unique approach to web
site development, its both a travel portal and an e-commerce
platform at the same time. Hence we studied hundreds of travel
sites to come up with this unique adventure and tour theme that
meets the requirements of todays tour operators.

Change Log

Version 1.2.7 - April 23rd 2016

- Added Mega Menu Variation
- Added Tabbed Nav for Tour Detail

- General Enhancements of Core Files

Version 1.2.0 - April 14th 2016

- Added 21 Components
    - Animations
    - Blockquotes
    - Buttons
    - Carousel
    - Counters
    - Modal Boxes
    - Paginations
    - Columns
    - Data Tables
    - Date Pickers
    - Dividers
    - Icon Boxes
    - Icon Fonts
    - Accordions
    - Headings
    - Galleries
    - Labels/Badges
    - Media Options
    - Search Options
    - Social Icons
    - Responsive/Visibility
- Added 21 html files to show elements
- Added Elements Section in Menu
- Added New Tour Search Form
- Added sticky nav option for tour detail tabs
- Added Material Design Icons

- Fixed email id in contact.html
    - The emails were showing as "undefined" in filed due to wrong
- Fixed parallax issue on ipads
    - The parallax bg images were appearing distorted on iPads.
- Fixed Footer email address length issue
- Fixed general bugs and minor issues

Version 1.0.0 - February 25th 2016

- Initial Release

Top Features

  • HTML5 / CSS3 Semantic Coding Structure
  • Bootstrap Latest Stable Version 3.3
  • Fully 100% Retina Ready
  • Responsive Layout / Mobile First
  • Sass files included for fast CSS customisations
  • Unlimuted Color Schemes with Sass
  • Both Vector and Font based Icons supported
  • Boxed + Wide Layout versions
  • Bootstrap Date Pickers
  • White and Dark Menu Bars
  • Fully working Ajax Contact Form
  • Site Search with Auto-complete Feature
  • Mailchimp Newsletter Integration
  • 70+ W3C Valid HTML5 pages
  • 100’s of Custom Tour Icons included
  • Google Fonts – chose from 707+ Fonts
  • SEO and Speed Optimised out of the Box
  • Supported on all Modern Web Browsers & IE9+
  • Super Easy to Customise and Full Support
  • Save $14 – Revolution Slider Included
  • Save $12 – PSD Files Included
  • And much more features inside…

Credit &

Link to all images, videos and external scripts used in this
demo are included in the documentation along with attribution.

Icons (Font &

Note: All icons used in the theme are from the noun project,
flag icons and fontawesome. You can legally use any of the icon
included with the theme and add your own icons from noun project
for free (attribution required in some cases).

  • Font Awesome:
  • The Noun Project:


  • Subtle Patterns:


The images and videos you see in the preview and screenshots are
used for demo purposes only, they are not included in the download
package. They are replaced with placeholder images.

Appeal is a beautiful, clean & elegant WordPress blog
template. Appeal was designed with great attention to detail, has a
sliding navigation menu,sidebar,Instagram Page Template, and
Instant Search.


• WordPress 4 Ready

• Bootstrap 3

• Fully Responsive Layout

• Unlimited Colors

• Accent Color

• Header And Footer Colors

• Custom Logo and Favicon

• Ajax Pagination

• Instagram Page Templates

• Instagram Widgets

• Shortcodes

• WooCommerce Flippable Cards

• WooCommerce Hover Controlled FullScreen
Product Galleries

• Ajax Instant Search

• Frequently Searched Terms Tracker

• Multiple Blog Templates

• FontAwesome Menu Icons

• Sidebar

• WooCommerce Sidebar

• 15 Custom Widgets

• 6 Post Formats Supported

• Standard (Text)

• Gallery

• Video

• Audio

• Quote

• Link

• Supports Oembed service links ( Youtube
Videos/SoundCloud Music )

• Cross Browser Support

• XML Demo Data Included

• Translated Into Five Languages
– Spanish, Sweden, Polish, German & French

Translation Ready (.po translation file included)

Rich Documentation

• Support

• Works Perfectly With WordPress 4.3+ And PHP

Hey! | iOS Universal Short Messaging App Template (Swift)

Oct 26th 2016
• Initial release | XCode 8.0 project, Swift 3,
Parse SDK hosted on back{4}app

Hey!is a Universal App Template where you can send
short messages like hey! to all those friends who are registered in
the app with just a tap. It’s that simple, the
simplest communication app ever.

You can search for friends by name in the Search controller,
add them to your Friends list and send them a hey!, attach a
picture to it or your current location, or simple text of the
selected hey!. They will receive a Push Notification and can easily
reply to your “hey!†by sending it

Users are able to block/unblock other users, remove the from
their list and make group of friends to send heys! all in once,
again, with just a tap!

Check the video preview to see it in action.

Since its backend is by Parse you don’t
have to buy any domain/hosting, there are NO php files to upload to
a web server so you’ll save some money for sever
side. You may have also read somewhere that Parse is closing, but
it’s only its hosting service on that
is shutting down in 2017, not the SDK, that’s
why we’ve hosted it to back4app, it will keep
working forever.

Hey!is a native XCode project, Swift language,
Storyboard, Universal, super easy to customize, backend with Parse
SDK hosted on

  • XCode 8.x project – Swift
    – 64bit
  • iOS 8/9/10+ – Universal –
  • Admob banners
  • Backend with
  • Push Notifications for sent heys!
  • Send hey! with text, your location or a picture
  • Browse received heys!, reply, block/remove Friends
  • Search for friends by name
  • PDF User Guide and PSD included
  • Easy to customize | Well commented code

Have fun with Hey!, and don’t forget to
rate it on your Downloads page!

We’ve recently found out that some
developers have bought our app templates, reskinned them just a bit
and put them on sale on other source code markets similar to
CodeCanyon, saying that they developed and own such source codes.

That is a serious copyright infringement, developers who buy
our templates are allowed to reskin and sell them as apps on the
App Store (accordingly to the License type
they’ve purchased a template for), but are not
allowed to put our original source codes for sale on source code
markets, including CodeCanyon. We will report developers who made
copyright infringements to the competent authorities.



Real Estast, as the name has implied, is a theme for a Real
Estate company. This can also be used for any business, and
corporate website.

With the property business turning digital, many times,
customers will look at your websites before deciding to call you to
arrange a visiting. Also as a real estate business, you really need
a formal looking website. So our purpose is to create a
professional website with clean minimal design to showcase your
business, to display your apartments, residential,
villas,… for sales or for rental. Every necessary
function of a property site is well integrated. Delve into the
description below to find out more.

We believe Real Estast will do make a good first impression on
your customers.

Theme design concept from

Have a minute, please rate the theme

This will grant us a huge inspiration to deliver better
quality themes.

Theme Details


  • Responsive Design.
  • Font Awesome 4.0.3
  • PSD files included ($10 value)
  • Browser compatibility. (IE 9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari).
  • SASS Bootstrap.
  • Twitter Boostrap.
  • Professional & clean minimal design.
  • Megamenu.
  • Default Menu.
  • Flexslider.
  • Jcarousel.
  • View Boostrap.
  • Quicktabs.
  • Step by step installation guide.
  • Advanced filter for products.
  • CSS Animation.
  • Skin & background color variation
  • Layout boxed configurement
  • Newsletter ready.
  • Social Networking ready
  • Search Engine Optimization Support
  • And many more


We provide pre and post sales questions and any other related
queries via our or our




  • Font Awesome




  • Jquery.cookie
  • Jquery.smooth-scroll
  • Waypoints.min
  • Views_isotope

Arizona is high quality portfolio template which can be used for
freelancers, agencies, photographers, designers and much more.

Included Pages

  • Home
  • About
  • Masonry
    • 2 Columns
    • 3 Columns
    • 4 Columns
  • Blog
    • Full Width
    • Grid 2 Columns
    • Grid 3 Columns
  • Portfolio
    • 2 Columns
    • 3 Columns
    • 4 Columns
  • Contact

The images in demo are not included in package.

BeamStore is an advanced WooCommerce
theme fully customizable and suitable for e-commerce websites of
any purpose. The template is characterized by universality,
attractiveness and easy customization. With the gradients,
unlimited colors and GoogleWebFonts you can create your dream shop
in few minutes. In addition, we have created for you 5 basic skin
version that you can further edit. The template is not only
visually appealing, but also uses the newest trends in coding with
the use of html5, css3 and bootstrap 3.

Like this template? please don’t forget to rate


  • 5 Extra Skins
  • Powerful Theme Options
  • Visual Composer Included (save $25)
  • Revolution Slider Included (save $19)
  • PSD included (save $10)
  • Post Format Support
  • Multiple Blog Layouts
  • Clean & Modern Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Retina Ready
  • HTML5 + CSS3
  • Theme layout option Boxed or Wide
  • Single Or Multicolumn theme layout
  • Cloud Zoom
  • Google Rich Snippets
  • Custom Footer
  • Custom Payments Icons
  • Subtle Patterns
  • Carousel Products
  • SEO Optimized
  • Child theme included
  • Advanced theme options & Shortcodes
  • Unlimited Patterns
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Mobile Devices Friendly
  • Demo Content Included
  • Unlimited Skins To Create
  • Font Awesome Icon Included
  • Powerful Content Type Options
  • Product Quick View
  • Owl Carousel Slider Included
  • Redux Framework Included
  • Cross-browser Compatibility
  • Product Grid / List View
  • Wishlist & Compare products
  • Mega Menu
  • WPML comptible
  • Regular Updates
  • Fast Support
  • Many, many more


Note: The product images are for demonstration purposes only and
are not included in the package.

Education App offers parents a mobile app, which provides them
all the information at their fingertips. At the
school’s end – Education App
offers a simple intuitive web interface to manage the communication
so school is always in control of what parent’s
receive on the app. Challenge in School Parent communication Today,
parents expect to be involved and informed real-time by schools.
Schools too want to communicate effectively and timely with parents
for whom they use multiple medium – emails, text
messages, print media (newsletters) and school diary. This approach
is time consuming and chaotic for both, the school and the parents
There is definitely need of a better solution that brings entire
communications under one umbrella.

Features :

  • School Login Admin
  • GCM Push Notification
  • Manage Student Details
  • Manage Student Attendance
  • Manage Exams and Results
  • Manage Student Reports
  • Growth chart of student
  • Events and news
  • Holidays
  • Top students information
  • Teacher information
  • Communicate Student/Parent with School by message

App Admin Login

user name : admin
password : terminal

School Login

user name : school
password : terminal

School Login

user name : student
password : terminal