TotalPoll WordPress poll plugin

TotalPoll is a powerful
WordPress pluginthat lets you create and integrate
polls easily. It provides several options and features to enable
you have
full control over the polls, and has been made
very easier for you to use.

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User Friendly

With TotalPoll, you can now
create polls within 60 seconds! Its user friendly
interface was expertly designed to make poll creation




With Totalpoll, you gain more engagement with an optimal viewing
experience for your visitors. And your
polls will always look amazingwhether in a laptop,
tablet or a smartphone.


SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization is a very key factor for every
website. Thus, TotalPoll makes
polls more search-engine friendlyin order to get
more search traffic.



Do you need “Welcome message†or
“Thank you message� We have got your
back! With over 5
customization settings, you definitely have the
total control.


Custom Fields

Collecting additional information from voters has never been
that easy. With our unique 5 different field types, you can
collect everything.



Regular vote tracking has been made easy. You can now
track votesdaily, weekly and monthly. Even, you
can track
custom field values with votes.



TotalPoll was
developed with performance in mind! It functions
without a glitch with WordPress.



Give your polls more attraction with
audio, shortcode or even



Totalpoll integrates your polls everywhere like with a
widgetor even a
direct link.



Trace back every vote, with an
informative log(status, IP, browser and time) to
identify any
cheating attempts.



The ability of Totalpoll to reduce votes and results makes it
easy for you to specify
conditions under which visitors can votein a poll
or see its results.



The extensibility of TotalPoll makes such
templatespossible. Developers can certainly make
TotalPoll a step further to
suit your needs.




Are you planning to switch? You can
YOP polleasily (and many more plugins are



TotalPoll is
compatiblewith other plugins and technologies like

W3 Total Cacheand others.


Help us .

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Enrich your polls with premium templates and extensions from the
creators of TotalPoll.


Make your polls look compelling with customized templates.



Take TotalPoll’s functionality a step further
with powerful extensions.



A regular poll with text choices. The very basic variation of


Another variation of polls that focus on two choices only.


Dilemma is a poll of of two unfavorable choices or


A contest poll based on photo or images choices.


A contest poll based on videos (YouTube, Vimeo and self-hosted)


A contest poll based on audio tracks choices.


Results presented as chart (Pie, lines and bars).


Similar to Facebook polls fancy design.


Knowledge Base

The cover every aspect of TotalPoll functionality and provide a
step-by-step tutorials ang guides to get started with TotalPoll in
almost no time.

Customer Support

is our most important priority that’s why
~70% of reviews are about support quality. We take this
responsibility very seriously.


Don’t take our word for it. Hear what our
2,300+ customer say.


5 stars

         Great app, does everything I need. Quality customer support
very very fast and very professional!



5 stars

         This is a great plugin with loads of features and very clean
code. The response to a support request came so quickly that I
thought it was an automated message, It



5 stars

         Very happy with this plugin and the author’s
quick support! Bought the extras pack to get additional features



5 stars

         TotalPoll Pro has everything to make polls engaging and
attractive. The best thing about the plugin is, it allows me to
insert links in the poll answers. I’ve increased
my affiliate sales by adding affiliate links in poll answers.
Thanks for making this amazing plugin. Loved it.



5 stars

         This really is a great plugin, and support was so fast and
precise when I needed some help. I can truly recommend this plugin
to everyone who needs a good customizable poll on the website!


TotalPoll Now!

Features list


  • Made for WordPress using WordPress APIs.
  • Easy installation.
  • Easy poll creation process.
  • One-click updates.
  • User friendly interface with mobile-first approach.
  • SEO ready polls enriched with structured data.
  • Unlimited polls, choices, designs, colors, layouts, fonts with
    customization settings.
  • Custom fields: text, text area, checkbox, drop down selection
    menu with custom CSS classes and validations (email, required
  • Portable polls. Export, import any poll with WordPress built-in
  • Detailed statistics and results.
  • Logs with detailed information (time, IP, browser
  • Support for WordPress 3.8+.
  • Support third-party plugins and technologies: WPML, Polylang,
    ACF, WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, Varnish, HHVM and Nginx.
  • Support migration from WP-Polls and YOP poll WordPress polls
  • Different limitations: Cookies, IP, user role, date and time,
    quota and others.
  • Easy integration with WordPress: Widget, shortcode or direct
  • RTL support.
  • Polls archive.
  • Cache compatibility (W3 Total Cache, Super Cache, Quick Cache,
    Fastest Cache, WP Rocket, WPEngine, ZenCache, HyperCache,
  • AJAX powered polls with fallback.
  • Translatable.
  • Support and knowledge base directly from your WordPress


  • Create, edit, trash and delete polls.
  • Edit poll title, question.
  • List polls with shortcodes and total votes.


  • Add choices.
    • Text
    • Image
    • Video
    • Audio
    • HTML
  • Order choices.
  • Change choice visibility.
  • Bulk insertion of choices.
  • Edit and reset poll choices votes.


  • Block re-votes by cookies with possibility of setting a custom
  • Block re-votes by IP with possibility of setting a custom
    timeout and white-listing and black-listing.
  • Set membership exclusivity (only selected user roles can
  • Enable captcha (powered by reCaptcha).
  • Set a quota.
  • Set a start or end date or both.
  • Regenerating poll’s unique ID to reset

Results settings

  • Require voting before seeing the results (blind poll).
  • Set order criteria and direction (votes, alphabetically,
    ascendant, descendant etc…).
  • Hide results until reaching some criteria and replace it by
    custom content.
  • Customize results fragments (votes, percentage).

Choices settings

  • Set the number of minimum selected choices to vote.
  • Set the number of maximum selected choices to vote.
  • Enable pagination.
  • Set order criteria and direction (votes, alphabetically,
    ascendant, descendant etc…).
  • Allow user submissions (other field).

Custom fields

  • Mange custom fields.
  • Set default value.
  • Enable validations.
    • Filled (required).
    • Email
    • Unique.
    • Allowed or forbidden words.
    • Regular expressions (regex).
  • Set custom CSS classes for field input and label.
  • Customize field template.
  • Include in statistics.

Design settings

  • Change poll’s template.
  • Set default values.
  • Reset to default values.
  • Customize typography settings (font family, line-height,
  • Customize template’s settings (colors,
    layouts, choices per row etc…).

Screens settings

  • Set welcome message (before voting).
  • Set thank you message (after voting).

Logs settings

  • Enable logs.


  • View statistics.
    • Choices votes.
    • Votes over the last 30 days of activity.
    • Votes over months.
    • Votes over years.
    • Browsers.
    • Platforms (Operating systems).
    • Custom fields.
  • Print and download results.
  • View logs.
    • Status.
    • Time.
    • IP.
    • Browser.
    • Choices.
    • Other details.
  • Download logs as CSV or HTML.
  • Reset logs.
  • View submissions.
  • Download submissions as CSV or HTML.
  • Reset submissions.


  • Install extension.
  • Uninstall extension.
  • Activate extension.
  • Edit extension.

Templates manager

  • Install template.
  • Uninstall template.
  • Activate template.
  • Edit template.


  • View extensions and templates.
  • Install or update extensions and templates directly from the


  • Migrate from WP-Polls.
  • Migrate from YOP Poll.
  • Migrate from TotalPoll 2.x.
  • Purge cache (Templates cached CSS).
  • Import polls.
  • Export polls.


  • Activate TotalPoll with Envato license key to receive updates
    directly on WordPress dashboard.

Support / Help

  • Search the knowledge base.
  • Open a support ticket.
  • Download debug and system information.

Change log

Version 3.2.1
  • Improve hooks (actions and filters).
  • Fix a bug when re-ordering HTML fields.
  • Add minified version of share-buttons.js file.
Version 3.2.0
  • Introduce options page (reCaptcha, Asynchronous loading and
  • Fix reported bugs
  • Sharing feature as plugin
  • Implement image lightbox in default template
  • One click vote
  • Customize above and bellow poll content for each step.
  • Interface for changing expressions.
  • Enable/disable voting with direct link.
  • Button to copy direct link for every choice.
  • Add how many visitor can vote from a single IP address
  • Notifications via Email
  • Extract youtube thumbnail automatically from the URL
  • Customize regex validation error message
  • wpautop and do_shortcode for before and after screens
  • Reset analytics
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Transition controller (none, fade, slide)
  • Bug fix: HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR sometimes return multiple
  • Bug fix: unique validation failure
  • Bug fix: Spaces are removed from user submission field
  • Set div to label in default template
  • Reset submissions now remove unique fields values from
  • Fix order by votes bug when rendering default template
  • Reset “unique validatedâ€
  • Merge duplicated user submissions automatically
  • First implementation of REST API
  • Fix a bug in custom field validations
Version 3.1.1
  • New hook (action):
    “totalpoll/actions/poll/vote†can be
    used for tracking successful vote requests.
  • Fix cookie timeout bug.
  • Improve available sizes dropdown.
  • Fix small issue with media contest template.
  • Fix versus template bugs.
  • Update Chinese language file.
Version 3.1.0
  • Chinese and Swedish languages.
  • Allow only one vote per member (user).
Version 3.0.2
  • Improve ACF compatibility.
  • Fix update notification bug.
Version 3.0.1
  • Fix a bug in print & download results page.
  • Update languages.
Version 3.0

NOTICE: TotalPoll 2.x users must .

  • Introducing the all new TotalPoll 3.0.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Statistics.
  • Migration from other poll WordPress plugin.
  • Custom fields.
  • Boosted performance.
  • And much more. Read the product description.
Version 2.8
  • Fixed: some bugs.
  • Fixed: performance issues.
Version 2.7
  • New: Latest poll widget.
  • New: Random poll widget.
  • New: Italian language. (Thank you Marco Rossi Paccani).
  • New: Spanish language (Span and Peru). (Thank you PixelStudio
    Peru and Eduard Coromina).
  • New: Portuguese language. (Thank you Hugo Corenzan).
  • New: Romanian language. (Thank you Ron DuPoits).
  • Improved: Choices saved across pagination.
  • Fixed: extra check for add_query_arg security
  • Fixed: some bugs in default template.
  • Fixed: Logs download (Date and encoding).
Version 2.6
  • Fixed: upload button not working correctly.
  • New: TotalPoll requires WordPress 3.5 or newer.
Version 2.5

NOTICE: This release contains some breaking changes, if you
have a custom addon, please contact us before updating to

  • fixed: Performance issues
  • fixed: Logs save.
  • fixed: Widget registration.
  • fixed: Addons language files.
  • fixed: Design customizer – array to string
    conversion bug.
  • new: WYSIWYG for HTML choices.
  • new: Poll shortcode in polls listing.
  • new: Brand new “cache
  • new: Brand new “recaptchaâ€
  • new: IP timeout accept “0†value
    (for a permanent lock).
Version 2.4
  • fixed: upload button
  • fixed: pagination button
  • fixed: download logs bad headers
  • fixed: logs first line bug
  • fixed: addon installation bug
  • new: update choice addon ( give users the ability to change
    their answers – Thank you Joe.P
    – )
  • new: archive shortcode addon ( display polls archive where you
    want by using [tp-archive] shortcode! )
  • new: export results addon ( export results of all polls ).
Version 2.3
  • fixed: image uploading bug.
  • fixed: save as draft and auto save bug.
  • deprecated: logs ( txt format ).
  • new: logs ( csv export ).
  • new: latest poll widget.
  • new: image with the question.
  • new: fixes common conflicts with themes.
  • new: print results.
Version 2.2
  • Some bugs has been fixed.
  • New language supported (Finnish).
Version 2.1
  • fixed: User was able to see results even if
    “User must vote to see resultsâ€
  • new: Plaintext template.
  • new: Results chart (meta box).
Version 2.0
  • Introducing the all new TotalPoll 2.0
  • improved: template system.
  • improved: integration.
  • new: addons system.
  • new: anti-cheating and limitations layers.
  • new: customizer , presets and preview.
  • new: pagination.
  • new: order by votes.
  • new: compatibility with cache plugins.
Version 1.0
  • TotalPoll has been released.

Pages is not just a dashboard but a novelty among UI
framework.Our long standing vision has been to bypass the usual
admin dashboard structure, and move forward with a more
sophisticated yet simple framework that would create a credible
impact on the many conventional dashboard users.


Navigation menu: Only when you need it.

Most dashboards have a huge menu next to it’s
content, which consumes a significant amount of space, effecting
the UX negatively. We came up with a quick menu navigation, that is
hidden and only comes when you need it

Menu clipping: Easier to remember & access

Menu clipping makes it easier to keep track of the page you are
at & helps you to identify menu labels using abbreviations.

Quick Search: A keyboard press is all it takes.

Search whatever you wish for with just a keyboard press anywhere
on the screen.

Designed for a great experience!

Crafted specially, giving attention to detail, this is a
celebration of creativity with guaranteed smoothness in UI/UX

ExtraNow supports


Beirut Finance is a clean and Modern HTML Template. Beirut
Finance is best suited for corporate website like Financial
Advisor, Accountant, Consulting Firms, insurnace, loan, tax help,
Investment firm etc. This is a business template that is help full
for online presence for Corporate Business and Financial Firms.

This template comes with necessary features for your online
presence like porfolio, blog, testimonial and persoal profile page
etc. ConsultantPro can be a great choice for your online presence.
It is super responsive and easily customizable template.


  • Latest Bootstrap
  • 3 Home Page Variations
  • 2 Service page styles
  • 3 Project page styles
  • 4 Portfolio page styles
  • 2 Blog page styles
  • 2 Contact page styles
  • Super Responsive
  • Parallax effect
  • effects and functionality
  • Smooth transition effects
  • Cross Browser Optimization
  • Google font


  • (Icons)


What do you get?

  • HTML content
  • documentation

If you purchase this template, you will get standard support. We
will update this template time by time and we want to hear your
wishes for the future updates or for complete new templates.

Images are not included in the download file!


Version 1.0.0– 22 August 16

- Initial Release

Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer is the master plugin that
includes many features, including all that are in
“Modal Popup Box For Visual Composerâ€

Since, any license (Regular / Extended) available on CodeCanyon
allows buyer to use the product on just one site, we have made
individual functionalities of that plugin as separate products; in
case if people need only that particular functionality to use on
their site.

What is a Modal Popup Box?

Modal box is a simple CSS3 & jQuery effect that allows you
to overlay a small element over a website.

How does it help?

The most important benefit of modal box is that, it avoids the
need to use traditional window pop-ups or page reloads.

What can I put inside these Modal Popups?

Almost anything! Let it be your Newsletter opt-ins, shortcodes,
images, videos, contact forms or social media widgets.
We’ve provided TinyMCE editor that you can use
and design your content inside the popup.


  • WordPress 4.0 and above
  • Visual Composer 4.5 and above

Import content from video and music sites into WordPress for
unlimited amounts of fresh search engine food to update your niche
blog all day, every day.

Compatible with the latest WordPress and YouTube API

How does it work?

Each Video Blogster feed is a query for a channel, playlist,
keyphrase, etc. that is sent to the media site’s
API. The API returns the results of the query, and Video Blogster
creates a WordPress post for each item returned, including
comments, tags, categories, statistics and it even imports the
featured image. Your theme handles the rest.

These Video Blogster feeds can be scheduled to run in the
background to continually look for new video content, letting your
site build itself automatically.

Yes, Video Blogster includes advanced processing, so you can
spin content, translate languages, remove text or links, have full
control of the content layout, and more. You can save as any user,
any post type, any status, any format, and any taxonomy.

It’s super easy to use, extremely flexible
and can work with any theme! If your theme uses custom meta fields
for saving video data, you can even tell Video Blogster to save
those custom meta fields as well. Includes built-in detection for
these premium video themes that use custom meta fields:

Using another premium theme that uses custom fields for video
data? No problem, we can make it work – you just
need the names of those custom fields the theme uses. Contact me if
you need help!

Fully Supported

  • FREE Lifetime Updates. You will get all future upgrades and
  • FREE Lifetime Bug Fixes. Find a problem? Let me know and I will
    CRUSH it.
  • Dedicated Support.
    Authorwill promptly answer your questions and help you with
    any compatibility issues on your site. Support is NOT outsourced

Watch this quick demo to pull in YouTube videos:

Autoblogging Solution

  • Add an unlimited number of video feeds to automatically create
    new content.
  • Each video is imported as a new post –
    title, description, author, category, views, ratings, tags,
    comments, etc are available. Great for SEO!
  • Scheduler will automatically keep fetching fresh content from
    multiple video feeds.
  • Videos are embedded on your site – no
    streaming bandwidth costs.
  • Your site will continuously update with or without you!
  • Numerous options for maximum flexibility.
  • The scheduler will automatically find and flag posts with
    embedded videos that have been removed from the original site.
    Surfers never need to see a blank video player.
    What other auto-blogger has this?

Quick Content

  • Curate tons of specific content related to your site
  • Fetch new videos immediately and fill out the site with the
    click of the submit button.
  • New posts will have all the video details you require
    – just edit as you like and publish!
  • Does all the hard work automatically – no
    need to manually search sites for video content and copy into your

Easy to Use

  • Set up and options are straightforward and easy to
  • No script knowledge needed.
  • Native support for all WordPress oEmbed players.
  • Can also support any installed video player with direct
    shortcode support like

    • … and more

Extensive Query

  • Grab videos from a specific user, channel, group, playlist or
    video ID.
  • Grab videos using search with multiple keyphrases.
  • Filter search by category.
  • Filter search by video duration.
  • Filter search by region Code.
  • Order results by date, relevance, rating, viewCount and more if

Details on each Video

  • Imports highest quality video screenshot into the Media Library
  • Sets the featured post thumbnail automatically.
  • The video title and FULL description is available for the
  • Saves video likes, dislikes, views and more if available.
  • Fully compatible with and !

Import Video

  • Can save video comments too.
  • Great for showing activity on your site!

Customize Post Title & Content

  • Layout the post however you want using templates.
  • Uses template tags to display video information wherever
  • Allows advertising code such as Google AdSense.


  • Option to skip importing videos with duplicate titles.
  • Strict keyphrase matching option.
  • Set the minimum number of views necessary to import the
  • Set the minimum date necessary to import the video.
  • Google translate the video title and description.
  • Option to remove URLs completely from video description and/or
  • Set limits on the video title & description by length or
  • Option to remove unwanted characters from the title.
  • Option to linkify embeddable URLs in the video description
    and/or comments.
  • Ability to search and replace keyphrases with full spintax
  • Fully integrated to support Spin Rewriter and to create unique
  • Flexible templates for the post title, body and even the
    imported image filename.
  • Can also parse template spintax like
    “{Check|Watch} this {awesome|great|amazing}
  • Ability to add new custom fields with any video data.
  • Option to create an excerpt automatically from the video
  • Option to import tags from the video right into WordPress.

SEO Friendly

  • No duplicate content. Each video is a unique post.
  • More unique posts = more search engine food!
  • Can automatically create new WordPress tags and categories
    right from the video.

WordPress Control

  • Automatically creates a post from each video result.
  • Save posts as a specific user or a random user.
  • Supports saving as custom post types.
  • Set post status to draft, pending, private or published.
  • Set post format to standard, video and lots more.
  • Set the post categories, including option to import categories
    from videos.
  • Option to use video published dates instead of the current date
    for new posts and comments.


  • Imports embeddable videos as WordPress content so it works with
    ANY theme.
  • Can specify custom meta fields to support premium themes that
    use them.
  • Imported content does not rely on the plugin to work
    – will keep forever unlike other auto blogging

Logging of Events

  • Can see each video found and imported.
  • Verbose mode shows exactly what is going on each step.

What people are


PHP v 5.2
or greater

Neon– is flat admin template
for multi-purpose usage built with Bootstrap 3.3.5.

It contains more than 112 HTML files which offer you great
variety of layout options and resources, and it will be extended in
the future updates with newer plugins and pages.

Now you can buy Extended License of Neon with 33.3% discount,
this is cheapest price you can find on the Admin category of

As someone who usually avoids templates due to their horrible
coding and uselessness, this one was an absolute surprise. Cleanly
coded, stable, reliable and most importantly very flexible.
Haven’t run into a single CSS/JS bug yet which
surprised me, pretty much every code I drop into it works like a
charm. Highly recommended!

This theme is extremely great in many aspects. I was able to
customize it easily and my client also is happy. Of course, I
recommend Neon.

This is by far the best admin template currently on

The most beautiful & complete template
I’ve ever bought!

Marvelous theme… i have ever met!

Fantastic, and when the site is ready will happily pay the
Extended Fee

Great theme, well designed and coded. Good updates.

Everything it’s great, the code, design,
flexibility, no regrets of buying it.

Very fluid, functional and easy to extend. Very good

There is a big pleasure for me to work on your code. Lots of
examples well documented and very strong implemented, clean code
… etc, this theme pays itself after first hour of

Awesome template! Has a little bit of everything and
it’s a nice, easy to work with layout.

This theme looks great and works really well. And most
importantly, it’s easy to tweak and change.

Great theme and great support. You will not need any other
template anymore!

Everything is in it

All amazing, template and coding.

— Version 2.0

    Now you can buy Extended License of Neon with 33.3% discount,
this is cheapest -
    price you can find on the Admin category of Themeforest!

    IMPORTANT FIX: Compatibility with Safari 9.x on El Capitan and
iOS9 added

    ADDED: Bootstrap 3.3.5 Support
    ADDED: Better organized less files, moved to assets/less/
    ADDED: Favicon.ico added in header of each file
    ADDED: Retina ready images added to whole pages
    ADDED: Git repository changes

    UPDATE: Bootstrap updated to v3.3.5
    UPDATE: jQuery updated to latest version v1.11.3
    UPDATE: DataTables updated to v1.10.9
    UPDATE: GSAP Animation Library updated to latest version
    UPDATE: HTML5shiv updated to latest version v3.7.2
    UPDATE: moment.js library updated to latest version v2.10.6
    UPDATE: jQuery Validate library updated to v1.14.0
    UPDATE: jQuery Knobs library updated to v1.2.11
    UPDATE: FontAwesome updated to v4.4
    UPDATE: Input Mask updated v3.2.2

    FIX: Top menu in mobile devices
    FIX: Neon Chat API issues with its own API
    FIX: Menu break on different viewports (mostly on iPad)
    FIX: Menu items that have submenus now have "has-sub" class
    FIX: Tile boxes in dashboard not aligned properly in mobile
    FIX: Reported responsive issues on all pages
    FIX: Forgot password form not allowing two (or more) dots after
@ character

— Version 1.8

    ADDED: FullCalendar version 2.3.2 (extra-calendar-2.html)
    ADDED: Detailed comments which scripts are included in pages 
    ADDED: New skin added (skins-facebook.html)

    FIX: Cleaner HTML content and correctly indented with tabs
    FIX: Rebuild of core layout with pure CSS, doesn't need the JS
to set the height anymore
    FIX: When using fixed sidebar the browser outline is removed
    FIX: Horizontal menu not showing properly in fixed mode
(perspective issues)
    FIX: Improved animation performances
    FIX: Overall theme polishing (CSS + JavaScript)

    UPDATE: Updated scripts: Select2 (3.4.5 -> 3.5.2), jQuery
Validate (1.11.1 -> 1.13.1),
    jQuery Transit (0.9.9 -> 0.9.12)

— Version 1.7.2

    FIX: Datepicker in Dropdown Modal now its visible on the layer

— Version 1.7.1

    FIX: Fixed sidebar issue window height

— Version 1.74

    ADDED: Boxed Layout support
    ADDED: Members page (extra-members.html)
    ADDED: Comments page (extra-comments.html)
    ADDED: New post page (extra-new-post.html)
    ADDED: Settings page (extra-settings.html)
    ADDED: Nested list plugin (extra-nestable.html)
    ADDED: File tree plugin (extra-file-tree.html)
    ADDED: Progress indicator (extra-load-progress.html)
    ADDED: New front-end mobile menu

    FIX: Better organized assets files

— Version 1.6

    ADDED: Tabs in XS mode will display icons instead of text

    FIX: Group tile with stats now its properly aligned, Firefox
background tiles that are 
    pushed little lower (ui-tiles.html)
    FIX: When opening modals will not bounce the page content
container (ui-modals.html)
    FIX: (CSS) IE fixes
    FIX: RTL logo on Navbar
    FIX: Front-end carousel issue in Safari
    FIX: $.noConflict() - Neon will no longer have issues with this
    FIX: (CSS) DataTable width when sidebar is collapsed/expanded
    FIX: (CSS) DataTable Rows per page broken width
    FIX: Modals not opening in firefox (ui-modals.html)

    ADDED: Tabs will have icons in responsive (XS-mode, file:

— Version 1.5.1

    FIX: Fixed CSS Issues
    FIX: Data folder missing

— Version 1.5.0

    ADDED: Front-end Interface
    ADDED: Neon is now upgraded to Bootstrap 3.1
    ADDED: Full RTL Support
    ADDED: Sidebar position on the right (+Chat left)
    ADDED: CSS files are now separated into groups for to decrease
load size
    ADDED: 10 new PSD files
    ADDED: New Dashboard Page (dashboard-3.html)

    FIX: Firefox issues fixed

— Version 1.1.4

    ADDED: Register form page (extra-register.html)
    ADDED: Forgot password form page (extra-forgot-password.html)
    ADDED: Login form processing with PHP (extra-login.html and
    ADDED: Search Result page added (extra-search.html)
    ADDED: UIKit Markdown editor (forms-wysiwyg.html)
    ADDED: iCheck replacement for radio buttons and checkboxes
    ADDED: Language select bar
    ADDED: Input spinner (forms-advanced.html)
    ADDED: Alternative Social networks login buttons on Login page

    FIX: Time picker in popup not showing the time popup selector
    FIX: Sidebar issue "Flash of unstyle content" 
    FIX: Fixed Sidebar page, collapsed sidebar menu hover don't
    FIX: Fixed lot of reported CSS incosistencies
    FIX: Fixed collapsing effect with tables as panel body
    FIX: Chat conversation, auto-close when collapsing chat

    UPDATE: jQuery updated to latest public version

— Version 1.1.3

    ADDED: Theme Skins are now supported! Available skins: Blue,
Red, Green, Purple, Black, 
    White, Yellow, Cafe
    ADDED: DataTables examples: Filtering Columns, Data Exporting,
Responsive Data Tables
    ADDED: Image Crop plugin is now added - See
    ADDED: 3 PSD files are included in extra/ folder

— Version 1.1.2

    ADDED: Profile Page added (extra-profile.html)
    ADDED: Timeline - vertical left aligned (extra-timeline.html)
    ADDED: Responsive tables (tables-main.html)

    FIX: Charts page will not render properly the profile
notification tooltips.
    FIX: Improved Retina Support for logos and images

— Version 1.1.1

    ADDED: Gallery Albums Page (extra-gallery.html)
    ADDED: Gallery Album Single Page (extra-gallery-single.html)

— Version 1.1.0

    ADDED: User Info on Sidebar + Popup Menu
    ADDED: Notes Page functionality added on extra-notes.html - You
can save notes. 
    Handle file assets/js/neon-notes.js

    FIX: WYSIHTML5 editor - text colors now are applied properly. 
    Attribute [data-stylesheet-url] solves this.
    FIX: Sliders (forms-sliders.html) are now compatible with Touch

— Version 1.0.2

    FIX: Calendar Week and Day Agenda not styled properly

— Version 1.0.1

    FIX: Overall fixes and improvements
    FIX: Fail-safe page transitions are added.
    ADDED: Modals are now shown in better way (ui-modals.html)
    ADDED: Dropzone now shows info for uploaded files

— Version 1.0

    Initial Release


Portois a professional multipurpose template for
any business or portfolio website, it’s fully
responsive design ready to look stunning on any device.

Customize your websiteas much as you want, you
have tons of layout possibilities with unlimited variations and

The template comes with 35+ HTML pages built using Bootstrap

  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Grid System and Responsive Design
  • Touch Swipe Support
  • Blog Pages (Not Functional)
  • Shop Pages (Not Functional)
  • Login/Register Pages and Headers (Not Functional)
  • Wide & Boxed Layouts
  • Dark & Light Versions
  • RTL Support – Exclusive CSS files for the
    RTL version, not css overrides (for better performance).
  • Parallax One Page Template
  • SEO Optimized
  • Google Fonts Support
  • Owl Carousel
  • Nivo Slider
  • Premium resources

  • Working PHP Contact Form
  • Working Newsletter (MailChimp Signup Form Only)
  • Responsive Pricing Tables
  • Style Switcher & CSS Generator
  • Responsive Sorting Gallery
  • Bootstrap Components Compatible
  • Twitter & Flickr Feeds
  • PSDs files – (Home Page & About Us)
  • All files are well commented and organized
  • Crossbrowser Compatible


Most of the questions are already answered in the
FAQ’s –


Version 4.9.1– 02 Sep 16

- Added: Demo Hotel
- Added: Demo Medical
- Updated: Overview Page
- Fixed: Minor Issues


  • Photos
    • PhotoDune–
    • Subtle Patterns–
    • The images and videos used on the demo site are for
      demonstration purposes only and are not included in the download
  • Fonts
    • Google Fonts–
    • Font Awesome–

The WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses (WCMCA) will allow
your registered customers to associate multiple addresses to their


user: demo

pass: demo

user: demo2

pass: demo


The idea behind the plugin is to have let the
customer to easily save multiple billing and/or shipping addresses
to be lately used during the checkout process.

Furthermore, the plugin allows the user to save new addresses
also directly in the checkout page! In this way the user, once
saved an address (by accessing the
My Accountpage or directly in the
Checkoutpage) will be able to select on the fly as shipping
and/or billing address any previously saved address!


Simply accessing to the
My Accountpage every customer will be able to add, edit or
delete additional billing and/or shipping addresses that lately
could be used during the checkout process as shipping or billing
address. The plugin will also report the last default used
addresses (shipping and billing) and a list of custom addresses.


Would you
like to disable the multiple addresses for billing or shipping
address type? You can! go to the
Multiple Customer Addresses Optionsmenu and
disable the option do display multiple addresses selection for
billing and/or shipping addresses!


During the
checkout process the customer will be able to switch on the fly
addresses or add new ones! All done using a select menu seamless
integrated in the checkout page!


WCMCA adds to every admin user
profile page a link to a page listing all his addresses. In this
way the shop admin can see, edit or delete any address!


Admin can assign shipping and billing addresses loading
one directly from the current selected customer multiple addresses


WCMCA allows you
to optionally add the
VAT Identification numberfield on checkout billing
address. To do that, go to the
Multiple Customer Addresses Optionsmenu and enable
the field display option.

In this way your EU customer will be able to enter their VAT
Identification number!

WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout Wizard

It works supports
multistep checkout implemented by WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout
Wizard plugin.

WooCommerce Extra Checkout Fields for Brazil

WCMCA support the
WooCommerce Extra Checkout Fields for Brazil. So you can add new
addresses that have the extra fields added by this plugin.

NOTE:the plugin will not perform any validation
check on these extra fields.

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Pro (FREE VERSION)

supports WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Pro (FREE VERSION). All
the new fields added using this plugin will be displayed in the
billing and/or shipping addresses.

NOTE:the plugin will not perform any validation
check on these extra fields.


Last default used addresses and custom addresses list
Add new
addresses popup
Checkout custom address selection
Optional EU Identification Number field
Admin can edit and delete every user multiple addresses
Admin order page: select user addresses from multiple addresses
Admin order page: select user addresses from multiple addresses



Updating from a version lower than the 2.5 to a version
higher 2.5 will delete all the old custom addresses.

= 3.2 - 03/09/16 =
* Address list are now sorted by letter

= 3.1 - 29/08/16 =
* Fixed an issue that could prevent the user to complete the

= 3.0 - 23/08/16 =
* Fixed an issue that raised a fatal error on My Account page
preventing multiple addresses list to be displayed

= 2.9 - 23/08/16 =
* Order edit page: is now possible to assign user addresses from
his multiple addresses list

= 2.8 - 19/08/16 =
* Is now possible for the admin see and edit user multi addresses.

= 2.7 - 16/08/16 =
* Bugfixes

= 2.6 - 11/08/16 =
* Fixed an issue that in case of alternative shipping address
selection to save properly save it on order metadata

= 2.5 - 28/07/16 =
* Bugfixes
* Added support to WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Pro (Free
* Is now possible to hide multipe addresses selection for billing
or shipping 

= 2.4 - 28/07/16 =
* Minor bugfix

= 2.3 - 25/07/16 =
* Minor bugfix

= 2.2 - 22/06/16 =
* Improve state field: its label changes according to the selected
country. For some country is automatically hidden.

= 2.1 - 22/06/16 =
* Added option to load latest shipping/billing address

= 2.0 - 18/06/16 =
* Fixed CSS issue

= 1.9 - 17/06/16 =
* Fixed delete/edit address icon issue

= 1.8 - 17/06/16 =
* Added support to WC 2.6.1 and new My Account navigation system

= 1.7 - 17/06/16 =
* CSS bugfix

= 1.6 - 13/06/16 =
* CSS improvement

= 1.5 - 08/06/16 =
* Added optional EU VAT Identification Number field on billing

= 1.4 - 30/05/16 =
* Added support for WooCommerce Extra Checkout Fields for Brazil

= 1.3 - 30/05/16 =
* Improved popup CSS

= 1.2 - 26/05/16 =
* Added support to WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout Wizard

= 1.1 - 18/05/16 =
* Fixed a CSS issue

= 1.0 - 12/05/16 =
* Release


Front-end and back-end demos are available:

  • (username:
    halio, password:


Halio is a powerful WordPress plugin for any business that
provides transport as a service. It facilitates the price
estimation, booking and payment of journeys. Halio has been
professionally designed to provide a high quality user experience
both for customers and admins.

Halio allows for the creation of multiple, complex pricing
conditions to accommodate for any situation. You can charge based
on distance, time or occupants either individually or in
combination. Alternatively if you want to charge a fixed price for
certain locations, that it possible with geo-location based pricing
conditions. You can also add uber-style surge charges, for example
multiplying fares by 1.5x in rush hour.

Because Halio is compatible with WooCommerce, it allows for a
wide variety of options and customisations. Customers can pay by
Card, Cash, PayPal or more. It is up to you how you customise the


All the text in the customer facing area of Halio can be
customised so you can write it in any language you want. The admin
area currently supports the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Polish

Don’t see your language here? Get in touch
and we can work on a translation together. I am constantly working
to release new languages.

What are people


Geolocation Based Pricing Conditions

Draw the location you want a pricing rule to apply to on the
map. If the user is picked up within your defined area they will be
charged the specified price.

Create Your Own Pricing Structure

Each vehicle has unique charges per passenger, mile/kilometer
or minute. Combined with surge pricing and geolocation pricing
conditions Halio allows you to create a truly unique pricing

Multilingual Ready

.pot files are provided to allow for easy translation.
Languages currenly supported in the Halio back-end are listed

Uber-style Surge Pricing

Charge an increased amount for using your service at certain
times of the day.


Almost everything your clients will interact with can be
customised, from the logo at the top of the form, to the maximum
distance you travel for fares.

Custom Checkout Fields

If there are extra fields you require from your customers
– such as flight number or number of child seats
– you can add a custom field on the checkout

Future-proof Code

Halio was designed by an industry professional with years of
experience. The code powering it is well structured and simple to

Draggable Map Markers

When the user location is plotted on the map, the location can
be fine-tuned by dragging the map marker. It will be shown in the
admin area that the user has customised the location.

Vehicle Avilability Time

Vehicles can be made available/unavailable at specific times
of the day, or days of the week. If a vehicle is requested when
it’s unavailable a customisable error message is

Efficient Code

Halio was designed with speed and efficiency in mind. No
matter the number of pricing conditions, customers will always get
their quote in a matter of seconds.

WooCommerce Integration

Halio is fully compatible with WooCommerce allowing you to
take payments easily from card, PayPal or cash.

Lifetime Updates

Halio is constantly getting new features. You will get the
full benefit of all these features for no extra cost.

Responsive Form

The booking form is responsive and looks great on all


Halio comes complete with a calendar so you can visualise all
your bookings. Hovering over bookings will display all essential
information quickly.

Intuitive Admin Area

The admin area is very intuitive with helper text explaining
what settings do next to fields and a simple layout.

Intelligent Code

Halio will keep track of bookings to ensure no vehicle is


Halio provides a wide array of settings allowing you to
customise the experience to your own needs. Error messages, labels
and logos can be customised completely.

Geolocation Pricing Conditions

Geolocation Pricing Conditions allow you to draw a specific
region on a map that you want a custom price to be charged. For
example you could draw Leeds and London. If the user is picked
up/dropped off within the region then you can either charge a fixed
price, increase the fare by a multiplier or add an amount to the

Draggable Markers

Sometimes your customers will be at an address that
isn’t available in the Google autocomplete or
they simply want more accuracy than a textual address can achieve.
To solve this, the markers are draggable and once repositioned the
quote will be automatically recalculated.

The address field is then prepended with
‘Dropped pin:’ so you can see
in the admin area if you need to go to a specific location.

Draggable markers are disabled for the origin or destination
respectively if either uses ‘Fixed
Addresses’ which are shown further down.

Custom Fields

Say, for example, you run an airport shuttle company and you
want all your customers to provide their flight number. To do this,
you can add a custom checkout field and make it required.

This integrates with WooCommerce to provide a sleek look.

Availability Times

Vehicles can be made available only at certain times of the day,
or completely unavailable on a given day. Each vehicle can have
unique availability times.

If the vehicle is unavailable a customisable error message will
display in the quote form.

Fixed Addresses

If your business only picks up/drops off from certain
destinations then you can make the user choose from a predefined
list of addresses instead of letting them type it themselves.

Acceptance Region

Acceptance Regions allow you to define an area where you want to
allow people to be picked up from. If someone tries to book a job
and they are picked up outside the acceptance region, a
customisable error message will be displayed. This feature is
disabled by default.


The calendar allows you to visualise all your bookings and
quickly get all the important information.


The Journey Information is displayed in emails to both admins
and customers to give a quick overview of the order.


== v.1.4.6 - 12/7/2016 ==
  * Fix: 'Journey Information' title not translatable in checkout
  * Fix: Bootstrap DateTime picker not always appearing above
correct field
  * Fix: Some vehicles don't delete
  * Fix: Add vertical option to shortcode (typo)
  * Fix: Form not rendering in correct order on page

== v.1.4.5 - 8/6/2016 ==
  * Fix: Float comparisons breaking on some servers
  * Fix: Time pricing conditions applied twice if trip spans over 2
  * Fix: Add validations to clarify how time pricing conditions can
be fixed
  * Fix: Update translations

== v1.4.4 - 29/4/2016 ==
  * Feature: Add buffer time setting
  * Feature: Add Halio info to View Order page
  * Fix: Certain business places not mapping to correct location
  * Fix: Non-halio orders showing in calendar
  * Fix: Halio info showing on non-halio order confirmation emails
  * Improvement: Optimise code loading orders for calendar

== v1.4.3 - 28/4/2016 ==
  * Feature: Add read-only field for WooCommerce 'Taxi Fare'
product in settings
  * Fix: Checkout not displaying when other WooCommerce items in
  * Fix: Update translations
  * Fix: Halio info displaying on Halio orders

== v1.4.2 - 25/4/2016 ==
  * Feature: Remove map controls on checkout/thank you map
  * Fix: New Taxi Fare product created on update when one already
  * Fix: Prices of all products in basket being changed
  * Fix: Return pickup time meta info added on one-way journeys
  * Fix: Typo

== v1.4.1 - 23/4/2016 ==
  * Fix: Compatibility issues for themes using bootstrap
  * Fix: Vehicles name/link not showing in calendar
  * Fix: Typos

== v1.4.0 - 19/4/2016 ==
  * Feature: Add Polish translation
  * Fix: Return/One Way text in form drop-down menu not

== v1.3.4 - 18/4/2016 ==
  * Feature: Add ability to restrict Google Autocomplete results to
certain country.
  * Fix: Auto-draft of order saving on edit without metadata

== v1.3.3 - 18/4/2016 ==
  * Fix: Trashed orders showing in calendar
  * Fix: Assets not loading over https

== v1.3.2 - 16/4/2016 ==
  * Feature: Add custom error message for 'Fare not in acceptance
  * Fix: Install error for 1.3.1

== v1.3.1 - 15/4/2016 ==
  * Feature: Add acceptance region functionality
  * Feature: Add Halio icon to admin menu
  * Fix: Create unique error for vehicle being fully booked and
vehicle being unavailable (off duty)
  * Fix: Update French translations

== v1.3.0 - 11/4/2016 ==
  * Feature: Add I18n (translations)
  * Feature: Add Return Pick Up Time field
  * Fix: Return Journeys only appearing once in calendar
  * Fix: Journey Details not appearing for return journeys in

== v1.2.4 - 6/4/2016 ==
  * Feature: Add calendar
  * Fix: Date field getting error class even with a value

== v1.2.3 - 6/4/2016 ==
  * Feature: Add journey details to WooCommerce emails

== v1.2.2 - 4/4/2016 ==
  * Feature: Make labels for journey details in Checkout

== v1.2.1 - 2/4/2016 ==
  * Feature: Add helpers to let users now they can drag markers
  * Fix: Do not reset map viewport when markers dragged
  * Fix: Typos

== v1.2.0 - 2/4/2016 ==
  * Feature: Allow map markers to be draggable
  * Feature: Add minimum fare option
  * Fix: Wrong vehicle shown in Time Pricing Condition table

== v1.1.0 - 30/3/2016 ==
  * Feature: Add custom fields to checkout
  * Feature: Add Fixed Addresses
  * Feature: Only allow vehicles to be booked if it hasn't already
been booked
  * Feature: Add Vehicle Availability Time
  * Feature: Add Journey Information to Thank You page
  * Feature: Make form responsive
  * Feature: Add validation checks to see if WooCommerce is
  * Feature: Improve front-end form layout with icons etc.
  * Fix: Price increase field not disabling when fixed price chosen
  * Fix: Use WooCommerce currency, not Halio
  * Fix: General code refactoring to increase speed and readability

== v1.0.0 - 29/3/2016 ==
  * First version

Real Homes is a premium WordPress theme for real estate
It has a purpose oriented design and it comes
loaded with tons of useful features. Some of the main features are
Advanced properties search, Google map with properties markers,
Various templates to display properties with customizable options,
User login, registration and forgot password, Front end property
submit & edit, Payment integration with PayPal, Visual composer
plugin support, Revolution slider plugin support, dsIDXpress IDX
Plugin support, WPML plugin support, Custom widgets, Various page
templates, Easy theme options, Easy to use meta boxes, Google
reCAPTCHA support and lot more.


Demo User
Access Information

User Name & Password = demo
( This user has contributor role )

This theme includes advanced properties search functionality
that is not only powerful but also fully customizable to fulfill
various requirements. You can choose which fields you want to
display and what data will be displayed in those fields. You can
display multiple location fields to provide search behavior like
State > City > Area. You can change the values in price
related theme options.

Flexibility to Use Search Form Over Image

Real Homes version 2.6.0 includes a completely new module named
“Search Form Over Image†that can be
enabled for homepage to replace slider area with a graceful looking
search form over a background image. Theme also includes related
settings to fully customize image, search form fields, text, colors
and margin.

Google Maps with Properties Markers

This theme provides Google maps support that enables you to
display Google map with properties markers on search results page,
properties display pages, property detail page, home page and
taxonomy archive pages.

Up to 4 Location Dropdowns are Supported

Real Homes theme supports up to 4 location dropdowns. These
dropdowns works for location hierarchy automatically. The numbers
and labels of these dropdowns are fully customizable from theme

List and Grid

Real Homes theme provides page templates to display properties
in list layout and grid layout. These templates are also supported
with meta boxes to filter and sort properties based on your

Real Homes provides multiple templates to display your
properties in the form of a gallery. Each template contains a quick
filter based on property statuses.

Comprehensive, Yet Easy to Use Customizer Settings

Real Homes theme provides a wide set of customizer settings that
will help you configure and customize stuff around your website
more easily.

Easy to Use Meta

Real Homes theme provides a rich set of meta boxes, To make it
easy for you to add and modify information and media files to a


This theme provides an easy to use interface to
add/modify/remove additional details related to a property. This
feature can be used in many ways especially to add a certain type
of information for which there is no other meta box available.

Floor Plans

You can add floor plans related to a property using a very easy
interface provided on property edit page.


You can provide various types of files ( pdf, office documents,
images etc ) as attachments to a property.


Real Homes theme provides similar properties module on property
detail page which displays properties similar to current

Sub Properties

Real Homes theme provides a sub properties module on property
detail page to display any sub/child properties ( like apartments
in a building ). Each child property works as a full property

Google reCAPTCHA

Real Homes provides Google reCAPTCHA API integration support on
all the contact forms in theme to prevent spam.

Login, Registration and Recover Password

You can provide user registration, login and forgot password
features on your site to let users access member only features.

Easily Customizable Front End Property Submit

This theme provides front end property submit template and
related configurations. So you can restrict certain level of users
from accessing administrator dashboard and provide them an
interface on front end to submit properties. Later on website
administrator can review and publish the submitted properties. You
can also configure the settings to auto publish a property as soon
the user pays a certain fee.

Properties List on Front End

Real Homes theme provides a template to display properties
related to current user on front end. This template can be used to
preview property, edit property, make a payment for property or
even removing a property. A user can pay through paypal to get his
submitted property published. Payment feature can be enabled or
disabled from theme options.


A user can add a property to his favorites so that he can visit
the favorites properties page later on and find his short listed
properties. Later on he can also remove a property from his
favorites collection.

Front End Profile

Real Homes theme provides a front end profile edit page. This
page enables a user to edit his profile information without going
to dashboard.

Filterable FAQs

Real Homes theme provides FAQs support, So you can add various
FAQs on your website and even make them filterable.

Translation Ready, RTL Supported and WPML Compatible

Real Homes theme is translation ready and you can translate it
to any one language ( LTR or RTL ) without the need of a plugin.
But, If you want to build a multi language website then you can use
a plugin like WPML with this theme.


This theme is compatible with dsIDXpress plugin and you can
provide dsIDXpress listings on your site. You can also use
dsIDXpress search widget in place of default search form on

This theme supports dsIDXpress plugin as an additional feature
and it represents only following part of the the theme

So, it is a complete theme even without dsIDXpress plugin and
that plugin is not required for basic functionality of this theme.

Kindly check out screen shots to understand what this theme
offers without dsIDXpress plugin.

You can add, modify, remove, search and list properties with
the basic features of this theme and without any extra plugin.

Composer Plugin Included

You can use visual composer components to build custom page

Revolution Slider Plugin Included

You can build any type of slider using Revolution Slider plugin
that comes included as part of this theme’s main
pack. If you only want to use properties slider then there is
already a slider available for that.

Child Theme

Real Homes theme main package contains a ready to use child
theme to make it easy for you to get started with modifications and
keep updating the parent theme whenever the new update becomes

One Click Demo

Real Homes theme provides one click demo import feature to help
you quickly setup your site like the theme demo and learn all the
things by observing how those are done on demo site.

Comprehensive Documentation

Real Homes theme provides an easy to understand but detailed
documentation. It will guide you at almost every step, Either it is
a configuration OR adding some sort of contents OR installing a
compatible plugin.

Custom Widgets

Real Homes theme provides various custom widgets like Advance
properties search widget, Feature properties widget, Featured
properties related to a particular agent and property types

What Buyers are

Best real estate theme I have ever used, best design,
best coding, very flexible. Very easy to customize code and design.

– tunatan

Best theme for Real Estate Agency fast installation and
translation can be done with po-edit software. Cool and comfortable
design, Thanks for this amazing theme Recommended for all real
estate agency.
– giovannigr

Code quality perfect, Service and support perfect,
Design is perfect, Features are perfect, NUMBER ONE on themeforest.

– tnjplt

This is a great theme, Well coded and easy to
understand, The control panel is outstanding, Plus It has a lot of
features. I just love the results of the site with my style
modifications. I found also a great support, I simply opened a
topic in the official author forum to solve a minor problem,
without even using a ticket.
– dampress15

This is not the 1st “Real
Estate†Theme I have purchased, but it is by far the
best one. The theme looks and feels fantastic, and
it’s a pleasure to work with. Support was quick
to answer my question and point me in the right direction. I would
not hesitate recommending this theme, It REALLY is a great Real
Estate Theme I will definitely be keeping my eye on any future
“InspiryThemes†Definitely a 10 /10
– kaledonder

BEST SUPPORT EVER ! They help you with everything
you’re working on! Fahid, Thank you for your
help ! I highly recommend InspiryThemes ! Thank you !
– sam-911

Excellent theme, All the functionality you could
possibly need and fantastic support, I can’t
fault in anyway. Regularly updated too, thank you.
– k4tie

This is my third word-press theme download and just as
already mention by other people, this theme I have found to be
almost exactly as I need it to be. Has all the options I require
for a Real Estate business, great theme documentation and very easy
to customize. Great job!
– BrettMommsen

Excellent theme by Real Homes. Constant updates by the
– giantherring

Awesome! Love the modern and clean look of it and how
it integrates with Diverse solutions!!
– Ayda2000

Quite a comprehensive theme and very easy to change
and/or modify to the way you want even with a basic knowledge
– CCRacer

This is a superb theme. Thank you! It works superbly.
Re-sizes for devices exceptionally well, and the functionality is
great. I can see you have done this carefully and correctly, and
it’s much appreciated. Keep it up! Cheers, Rob
– 3-Story

Took me a minute to get acquainted with the theme and
now that I understand how the integration with dsIDXpress plugin
works I feel this was the best choice of all the themes I could
have chosen. I appreciate the work that went into this successful
– tzink13

Pre Purchase FAQs

We have multiple agents in our agency and we want our agents to add
properties. But we do not want to allow anybody else to register,
So what is the solution for this ?

A real estate property is like a post in WordPress and You need
to simply create users for your agents with author role. You can
know more about roles from . So, You do not need to enable
registration for public and manually added users with author role
will be good enough to add properties using WordPress dashboard.
You can pass documentation’s add property link
to your agents for guidance.

How to create RSS feed for properties ? and How to send its email
to potential customers.

You can use
after your website URL to get property feeds. for example:

Demo Example:

Later on you can use Google feed burner and create a feedburner
widget on your website for people to subscribe.

Following plugin might also help in this regard.

How can I import properties from my existing database using XML or
CSV files?

You can import properties into Real Homes theme for free using
plugin and it’s add-on for theme. For more
details you can consult .

Key Features

  • Nice, Clean and Modern Design
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Includes Visual Composer Page Builder Plugin
  • Includes Revolution Slider Plugin
  • Full Localization Support–
    Contains .po and .mo files
  • WPML Plugin Support– including
    RTL support
  • Extensive yet easy Theme Options
  • Easy to Use Meta Boxes
  • dsIDXpress IDX Plugin Support–
    with support to add dsIDXpress search widget on homepage
  • Google reCAPTCHA Support– For
    contact page form and agent’s contact form
  • Advance Search Form– Any search
    field can be enabled or disabled from theme options.
  • Users can Register, Login and Recover Password

    1. Edit Profile– User can modify
      his profile information and upload his profile image using front
      end profile page.
    2. View Favorites Properties– User
      can add/remove a property to favorites and view his favorites
    3. Front end Property Submit– User
      can submit property from front end.
    4. List Submitted Properties– User
      can view list of properties that he has submitted.
    5. Edit Submitted Property– User
      can modify any of his submitted property.
    6. PayPal Payment for Submitted
      – User can pay for his
      submitted property using PayPal and if enabled from theme options
      that property will be published automatically on successful
    7. Administrator can View List of
      – To take any further action
      after successful payment.
  • Home Page Features

    1. Full Width Slider – ( could be based on
      properties OR custom contents )
    2. Revolution Slider can be used instead of default slider
    3. Google Map – ( Can be Added in Place of
      Slider from Theme Options )
    4. Advance Search Form
    5. Slogan Area
    6. Recent Properties
    7. Featured Properties
    8. News/Blogs Posts
    9. Partners
    10. You can hide/show any homepage component
    11. Homepage includes contents support and you can add visual
      composer page builder contents in it to design the homepage the way
      you want.
  • Property Details Page Features

    1. Property Images Gallery/Slider ( 2 Variations Available )
    2. Property Content Area
    3. Property Features Section
    4. Property Floor Plans Section
    5. Property Tour Video Section
    6. Property Location on Map
    7. Property Social Share Options
    8. Property Attachments
    9. List of sub properties if any
    10. Property Agent Information and Ajax Based Contact Form ( 2
      Variations Available)
    11. Similar Properties Section
  • Property Search Results
    – to display advanced search
    results with sorting features ( it also supports Google Map to show
    resulted properties)
  • Listing Templates– with simple
    listing and grid listing layouts and sorting controls
  • Gallery Templates– with 2
    Columns, 3 Columns and 4 Columns layouts
  • Agents Template– to display
    list of all agents
  • Users Template– to display list
    of all users
  • Agent Detail Page– to display
    detailed information about agent and related properties
  • User/Author Detail Page– to
    display detailed information about user and related properties
  • Contact Template– with Ajax
    based contact form, Google reCAPTCHA, Google map and other contact
  • Full width page Template
  • Featured Properties Custom Widget
  • Advance Search Custom Widget
  • Property Types Custom
    —Now supports parent and child
    property types
  • 2 Widgets for Agent Based Properties
  • Properties Short Code – To display
    properties based on any type, location, status, feature or certain
    property like bed, bath, area, price etc.
  • Various other Short Codes
  • Background Customization Support
  • Many Color Customization Options
  • Child ThemeIncluded
  • Once Click Demo Content ImporterIncluded
  • Sample content XML file also included if you need to manually
    import demo contents
  • Detailed DocumentationIncluded

Theme Support

Thanks for purchasing Real Homes Theme. We truly appreciate it!
Support for all our themes is provided through .



A detailed change log with list of files modified/added/removed
is included in the main theme package that you can download from

Version 2.6.1 – Updated on 9th September

  • Added new feature that allow visitors to compare properties.
    This feature can be enabled/disabled from settings.
  • Added Spanish translation ( Done by a hired professional )
  • Added support for social login. Now a user can login using any
    of the main social network.
  • Fixed – WPML conflict with properties list
    in WordPress dashboard that appeared after recent update in
  • Added comments support for property detail page.
  • Added info box for map icon on property detail page.
  • Added customizer setting to modify search behaviour of beds and
    baths fields.
  • Added customizer settings to modify theme’s
    typography using any Google Fonts.
  • Did various other minor improvements in overall theme.
  • Updated font awesome to version 4.6.3
  • Updated translation files.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Updated Visual Composer plugin included within the

Version 2.6.0 – Updated on 26th July 2016

  • Added completely new module for homepage
    Search Form Over Imagewith all related settings to
    customize it.
  • Added excerpt support for Agent custom post type
  • Added parent property field in submit property form
  • Refactored submit property code and placed each field into
    separate file to make it easy for users to override fields in child
  • Added live customizer settings to show/hide any field in submit
    property form.
  • Improved submit property code and fixed couple of minor
  • Change video lightbox theme for property detail page
  • Fixed Google Maps infowindow open close issue
  • Fixed dsIDXpress https related issue
  • Updated translation files.

Version 2.5.6 – Updated on 1st July 2016

  • Added Google Maps API key settings in
    “Customizer > Misc†panel
  • Added next/previous navigation for property and blog post
  • Added clear all option for select boxes in properties list
    templates meta boxes
  • Added social fields for user profile page in WordPress admin
  • Added instagram icon for agent
  • Added option to display featured properties on top in search
  • Added new meta boxes to store property owner information. This
    information is not displayed on front end.
  • Added TinyMCE editor for property submit page
  • Added phone filed in agent’s contact
  • Added option to display homepage properties randomly
  • Added scroll to top button color change options
  • Added styles for Mortgage Calculator plugin
  • Added styles for Quick and Easy Tweets Plugin
  • Improve property map infobox by closing previously opened
  • Improved meta boxes related code
  • Improved properties shortcode styles for floor plans
    description area
  • Fixed horizontal scroll issue
  • Fixed limited number of pending properties issue in admin
  • Removed Google Analytics Settings due to security concerns, It
    is recommended to use a plugin for this purpose. For example
  • Updated language files
  • Fixed couple of other minor bugs
  • Updated Visual Composer plugin
  • Updated Revolution Slider plugin
  • Updated Documentation

Version 2.5.5 – Updated on 15th April 2016

  • Updated theme code to replace deprecated functions and make the
    theme compatible with WordPress 4.5
  • Added customizer settings to provide CC and BCC email addresses
    for contact page form.
  • Fixed a minor bug related to min beds and min baths
  • Fixed couple of other minor bugs
  • Updated Visual Composer plugin
  • Updated Revolution Slider plugin
  • Updated Documentation

Version 2.5.4 – Updated on 17th March 2016

  • Re-coded select boxes for search form and other parts of theme
    to handle large number of entries + added facility to search &
    scroll through those entries.
  • Refactored search form code to make every search field
    overridable by child theme.
  • Added customizer settings to change
    ‘Any’ word in search form and
    overall theme.
  • Added customizer settings to change values for Min Beds and Min
  • Added customizer settings to change labels for all search form
    fields ( keyword, property id, locations, property status, property
    type, min beds, min baths, min price, max price, min area, max
    area, search button and features toggle text )
  • Added customizer settings to change placeholder values in input
    fields in search form like keyword, property id, min & max
  • Added customizer settings to select search page and deprecated
    old approach of providing search page URL. This new way will help
    in auto translation of search page while using WPML.
  • Refactored search code and made it more modular so that its
    behaviour can be extended or easily changed by adding/overriding a
    function in child theme.
  • Added code to preserve sorting during multiple search
  • Optimised search query string in browser address bar by
    removing empty fields
  • Added customizer setting to show/hide empty locations in search
    form’s location dropdown.
  • Re-coded favourites feature in a way that a visitor do not need
    to login to use it but if he decides to login after adding few
    properties into his favourites then on login his favorite
    properties will be imported into database. So, logged-in and not
    logged-in both users can enjoy this feature.
  • Added customizer setting to select edit profile page instead of
    providing a URL.
  • Added customizer setting to select submit page instead of
    providing its URL
  • Added customizer setting to select my properties page instead
    of providing its URL
  • Added customizer setting to select favourites page instead of
    providing its URL
  • Added customizer setting to select login/register page instead
    of providing its URL
  • Added customizer setting to disable login feature in
  • Added property archive template to standardized layout for archive page.
  • re-coded user registration flow to send random password to
    newly registered user’s email address as this
    will verify user’s email automatically.
  • Added search results number below search form on properties
    search results page.
  • Added search template with right sidebar support.
  • Added code to save message to reviewer as property meta and
    display it on property edit page under Misc tab.
  • Added customizer setting to replace default contact form with a
    shortcode from any form’s plugin like contact
    form 7 or ninja forms.
  • Added customizer setting to change URL slugs for property,
    agent, property city, property status, property type and property
  • Increase number of pages around current page in pagination from
    2 to 3.
  • Improved overall code with respect to WPML and with new
    features it is more easy to build a WPML website as all the
    important pages will auto linked to their translated versions.
  • Improved agent’s contact form code to make
    it only appear if agent has a proper email address.
  • Improved mail sending code in overall theme to make emails more
    authentic yet having correct reply to address.
  • Fixed navigation issue for thumbnail slider on property detail
  • Fixed some RTL related style issues for admin dashboard.

Version 2.5.3 – Updated on 24th February

  • Improved customizer settings code to initialise default
  • Applied escaping to html strings, URLs and attributes in
    overall theme to improve security
  • Improved page reload after login or register
  • Fixed location id conflict with search form widget on contact
  • Updated Revolution Slider Plugin
  • Updated Visual Composer Plugin

Version 2.5.2 – Updated on 7th February

  • Fixed one click demo import that stopped working after last
  • Improved textarea sanitisation in customizer settings
  • Fixed property map appearance in print styles

Version 2.5.1 – Updated on 4th February

  • Fixed image gallery bug on property edit page ( it appeared
    after Version 2.5.0 )
  • Fixed Agent’s Featured Properties Widget for
    Agent’s Sidebar
  • Improved overall code related to meta boxes

Version 2.5.0 – Updated on 1st February

  • Added Customizer Settings to replace all Theme Options (
    Deprecated Theme Options )
  • Fixed image upload issue on edit profile and submit property
    page when WPML and Visual Composer are installed
  • Added newly registered user’s email
    notification for admin and user both
  • Improved one click demo import script
  • Tested the theme with PHP7 and improved its compatibility
  • Updated Translation Files
  • Updated Documentation
  • Updated Visual Composer Plugin
  • Updated Revolution Slider Plugin

Version 2.4.3 – Updated on 9th January 2016

  • Fixed homepage pagination issue

Version 2.4.2 – Updated on 06 January 2016

  • Added custom paginations support for properties list on agent
    detail page
  • Fixed image upload issue for safari browser on iPad &
  • Fixed flexslider issue in RTL mode on iPad
  • Improved Login and Register Template to make it work with AJAX
    functionality added in recent updates.
  • Improved header code + added WordPress site icon support with
    fallback to theme options favicon
  • Improved overall CSS & RTL Styles
  • Improved recaptcha by making it protocol independent
  • Few other minor improvements
  • Updated Revolution Slider Plugin
  • Updated Visual Composer Plugin

Version 2.4.1 – Updated on 15th December

  • Fixed missing title in submit property email notice
  • Updated Documentation
  • Updated packaged plugins

Version 2.4 – Updated on 11th December 2015

  • Added multiple agents support for a property
  • Added AJAX support for Login, Register and Forgot Password
    forms ( only the ones in modal dialog )
  • Refactored functions.php file and distributed its 90% functions
    into separate files to make it easy for you to customize
  • Fixed submit property issue that was leading to 404 page after
    WordPress 4.4 update
  • Fixed property attachments title appearance issue
  • Fixed theme options styles issue after WordPress 4.4
  • Improved meta box related code
  • Updated language po file
  • Made some minor improvements in CSS

Version 2.3.1 – Updated on 21st November

  • Fixed – Floor plans bug that appeared after
    meta box plugin update to version 4.7
  • Embedded meta box plugin with in the theme to have more control
    and avoid any such problems in future. So, You should remove meta
    box plugin from your site after update to version 2.3.1.
  • Removed TGM related code as it is no longer needed
  • Did couple of other minor improvements
  • Updated Visual Composer and Revolution Slider Plugin Zips to
    latest version

Version 2.3.0 – Updated on 29th October

  • Added floor plans support. Now, You can add floor plans for a
    property using a very easy to use interface.
  • Added functionality to restrict WordPress dashboard access for
    certain level of users and new theme options are introduced to
    provide settings for this feature.
  • Added multiple locations select boxes support on property
    submit and property edit forms as support is already available in
    properties search form.
  • Added breadcrumbs support on property detail page and provided
    theme options to change breadcrumbs settings.
  • Added WPML flags column for properties list in WordPress admin
  • Improved AJAX pagination for properties on homepage.
  • Improved my properties page code.
  • Improved TGM plugin activation code.
  • Improved translation files ( removed TGM and Demo content
    related strings )
  • Embedded meta box extensions within the theme.
  • Removed embedded PayPal IPN files and integrated payment
    processing with “PayPal IPNâ€
  • Fixed image repeat issue in light box.
  • Added other minor fixes and refactoring.
  • Added translation files loading support in child theme ( Also
    updated child theme’s version )
  • Updated Visual Composer and Revolution Slider Plugins

Version 2.2 – Updated on 7th October 2015

  • Updated Visual Composer plugin with-in the main package

Version 2.2 – Updated on 24th August 2015

  • Updated widgets code to WordPress 4.3 requirements
  • Added new meta boxes for properties list templates to filter
    and sort properties
  • Integrated Google map with properties list templates newly
    added filter features
  • Updated revolution slider plugin files
  • Updated visual composer plugin files
  • Added few more PSDs related to various other pages in this
  • Improved news page styles
  • Improved Google recaptcha styles on agent detail page
  • Improved logo and tag line styles to make the behavior more
  • Improved currency switcher styles
  • Improved meta boxes code
  • Improved property detail page print styles for sticky
  • Made some minor code improvements in couple of places
  • Updated theme documentation

Version 2.1 – Updated on 17 June 2015

  • Updated pretty photos script
  • Improved additional details back-end code
  • Fixed slider size bug on property detail page when visual
    composer is active
  • Excluded property from google map if their address field is
  • Improved JavaScript related to gallery pages
  • Added password protection support for property detail page
  • Improved partners meta box
  • Improved slider post type meta box
  • Improved Ajax pagination for homepage
  • Updated Visual Composer Plugin
  • Updated Revolution Slider Plugin

Version 2.0 – Updated on 03 May 2015

  • Added FAQs Support
  • Added Testimonials Support
  • Fixed dsIDXpress styles issues
  • Properties can be filtered on admin side based on property
    type, city and status
  • Removed address column from properties list on admin side to
    give some space to other important columns
  • Updated TGM plugin activation class and improved security
    related code
  • Updated Visual Composer and Revolution Slider Plugins with in
    the package.
  • Updated Documentation

Version 1.9 – Updated on 7th April 2015

  • Added
    [properties]short code to display properties on
    any page and also integrated it with Visual Composer. This short
    code will let you display properties based on almost any type of
    filter you want, Fo example: types, statuses, location, features,
    min beds, max beds, min baths, max baths, min area, max area, min
    price, max price, featured etc. It will also let you sort the
    properties by price or date and display them in grid or list
    layout. Please consult documentation for more information.
  • Added mortgage calculator widget support.
  • Added all users listing template, like the agents listing
    template is for agents.
  • Added theme options to display a common note on every property
    detail page. This can be used for contents like terms or
  • Added theme option to specify default sorting.
  • Added one click demo contents importer.
  • Added Ajax based pagination on homepage and related theme
    option to enable/disable it.
  • Added sticky header support.
  • Added scroll to top button.
  • Replaced png icons with newly designed svg icons for property
    meta, agent info, contact details and header.
  • Improved Google map to display markers with retina ready
  • Improved admin side meta boxes on property edit page to display
    them in well organized tabs.
  • Improved Print styles
  • Improved RTL styles
  • Improved gallery templates related JavaScript and CSS
  • Improved styles for mobile devices.
  • Improved front end and back end scripts for all the forms
    across the theme.
  • Improved dsIDXpress related styles.
  • Improved user navigation styles.
  • Improved property detail page gallery slider styles.
  • Improved add to favorites code.
  • Updated image placeholder for profile edit page.
  • Fixed additional details title bug.
  • Fixed property ID search bug on admin side while using WPML
  • Fixed double image issue in property detail
    page’s light box gallery.
  • Fixed additional details empty fields bug.
  • Added currency switcher support. Now you can provide currency
    switching option to your visitors in almost any currency you

Version 1.8 – Updated on 7th Feb 2015

  • Added – Support for multiple location boxes
    on search form, these location boxes will be fully integrated with
    each other and can dynamically handle any number of levels in
    locations hierarchy.
  • Added – Support of features search
  • Added – Support of keyword search
  • Added – Google map marker clusters support
    to handle large number of markers
  • Added – Additional search template with left
    sidebar support
  • Added – Support to upload multiple images
    with drag and drop on property submit page
  • Added – Support to re-position images with
    drag and drop on property submit page
  • Added – New easy to use interface with drag
    and drop support to add additional details on admin property edit
  • Added – Additional details support on
    property submit template
  • Added – Theme options to provide default
    values for address and location fields on property submit
  • Added – Theme options to provide default
    status of a submitted property
  • Added – Front end profile edit page with
    image upload and change password support
  • Added – User public profile page similar to
    agent detail page. ( this will support the freedom of using default
    WordPress users as agents )
  • Improved – RTL styles
  • Improved – Google map markers info
  • Improved – Widgets related code ( You need
    to re-assign your widgets after this update, Sorry for
    inconvenience )
  • Improved – Translation loading code ( You
    need to move your translation files to languages directory with in
    realhomes theme directory, Sorry again for this inconvenience
  • Improved – Title tag support in header as
    per WordPress 4.1 specifications
  • Improved – Pretty Photos lightbox
  • Improved – Property submit template
  • Improved – Child theme
  • Improved – Child theme’s
    styles enqueue
  • Improved – Child theme support
  • Improved – Analytics script inclusion in
  • Improved – Google map address and location
    fields on property submit template
  • Improved – Dashboard icons for various
    custom post types
  • Fixed – Sort by issue when listing page is
    used as homepage

Consult change-log.txt included in theme package for complete

Photos License

Photos used in this theme are for demo purposes only and are not
included as part of the theme license.