MedicalPress is a premium WordPress theme for Health and
Medical websites. It is a highly suitable theme for doctors,
dentists, hospitals, health clinics, surgeons and other type of
health and medical organizations. It has purpose oriented design,
responsive layout and special features to manage appointment forms,
facilities, services, doctors, gallery items, testimonials, FAQs,
news posts and pages.

Easy & Extensive Theme
MedicalPress theme has a comprehensive set of theme options that
will help you configure and modify the things around your website
more easily.

MedicalPress theme is built in twitter bootstrap, So it has a fully
responsive layout. Now, your site will look awesome on big screens
as well as on tablets and smart phones

Since version 1.4 MedicalPress theme provides compatiblity with
WooCommerce plugin. So, You can build an ecoommerce shop into your
website using WooCommerce.

MedicalPress theme is compatible with WPML plugin. So, You can
build your website in multiple languages

Visual Composer
MedicalPress theme is compatible with Visual Composer plugin and
this plugin is included within the theme package for free. It is
important to note that none of the demo pages are built using
visual composer instead it is an extra facility that you can use to
build your own custom pages.

Search Engine
This theme is fully hand coded and its HTML is written keeping in
mind your sites good ranking on search engines. The theme has good
use of h1,h2,h3 tags and most of its contents supports basic

Forms with Google reCAPTCHA
MedicalPress theme includes Google reCAPTCHA integration to prevent
spam messages from appointment forms* and contact form.

Revolution Slider
MedicalPress theme comes loaded with revolution slider support, So
you can create powerful and great looking slides.

Google Fonts
MedicalPress theme provides theme options to change the site fonts
to any Google font.

Various Styling
MedicalPress theme provides easy to use style customization options
with in theme options. So, you can change the backgrounds and
colors throughout the site.

Child Theme
MedicalPress theme comes with full support for child themes and one
sample child theme is included as part of the package.

Easy & Comprehensive
Easy to understand and detailed documentation is included as part
of the theme package. It will help you set up the theme quickly and
get your most questions answered right away.

Key Features

  • Purpose Oriented Design
  • Fully Responsive Layout– Built
    in twitter bootstrap
  • Full Localization Support–
    Contains RTL styles and PO and POT files
  • WPML Plugin Compatibility
  • Easy and Extensive Theme Options
  • Easy to Use Meta Boxes
  • Theme Options comes loaded with
    Many Styling Options. So, you can change colors
    and backgrounds of almost everything.
  • You can change the text fonts to
    Any Google Font
  • Nicely designed news page with
    post formats support
  • Doctors Templates

    1. 2 Columns Doctors
    2. 3 Columns Doctors
    3. 4 Columns Doctors
    4. Nicely designed doctor detail with related doctors listing
  • Sortable Gallery Templates

    1. 2 Columns Gallery
    2. 3 Columns Gallery
    3. 4 Columns Gallery
    4. Gallery Item Type Page with Gallery Layout
    5. Gallery Item Detail Page with Slider Support
  • Services Templates

    1. 1 Column Service
    2. 2 Columns Services
    3. 3 Columns Services
  • FAQ Templates

    1. FAQs Template – with sidebar
    2. FAQs Full width Template
  • Various Other Templates
    1. Home Page Templates

      1. 1 – with full width content support
      2. 2 – with various theme options to customize
        the homepage
    2. Contact Template –
      With Google Map and AJAX Contact Form Support
    3. Appointment Template
    4. Full Width Template
  • Various
    Custom Post Types (powered with easy to use meta

    1. Doctors
    2. Services
    3. Gallery Items
    4. FAQs
    5. Testimonials
  • MedicalPress is also compatible with
    Contact Form 7 Plugin– So you
    can add your own custom forms if needed.
  • Child Themeincluded in the theme package
  • XML Import File Included
  • Easy to Understand and Detailed Documentation

Theme Support

Thanks for purchasing MedicalPress. We truly appreciate it!
Support for all our themes is provided through .



Version 1.5.2 – Updated on 22nd July 2016

  • Added RTL styles
  • Added option for slider button text
  • Added theme option to hide pagination on services
  • Added Google Maps API key support
  • Added appointment form shortcode
  • Added appointment request received confirmation email
  • Added doctors shortcode
  • Added news shortcode
  • Added Visual Composer support for various theme based
  • Improved existing code and styles for various WooCommerce
  • Updated TGM plugin activation class
  • Updated Visual Composer plugin
  • Updated Revolution Slider plugin
  • Updated documentation

Version 1.5.1 – Updated on 29th April 2016

  • Removed a redux message from dashboard
  • Improved gallery item detail page code
  • Updated Visual Composer Plugin
  • Updated Slider Revolution Plugin

Version 1.5 – Updated on 22nd December 2015

  • Updated Visual Composer Plugin
  • Updated Slider Revolution Plugin

Version 1.5 – Updated on 7th October 2015

  • Added flexibility to display more doctors on home with any
    number of columns
  • Improved breadcrumbs and introduced related theme options in
    header section
  • Changed blog post dates from modified to published
  • Fixed menu flickering issue
  • Fixed related gallery items bugs
  • Improved some JS code
  • Updated TGM related code
  • Improved Tabs Widget
  • Improved quick CSS and quick JS related code
  • Fixed slider background appearance bug
  • Updated WPML configuration XML file and translation files
  • Improved One Click Demo Importer
  • Updated Demo Importer Extension
  • Improved translation support in child theme and changed
    it’s version to 1.3
  • Updated Visual Composer Plugin
  • Updated Slider Revolution Plugin

Version 1.4.1 – Updated on 17th June 2015

  • Updated Visual Composer plugin
  • Fixed couple of debug notices

Version 1.4 – Updated on 28th April 2015

  • Added WooCommerce Plugin Support
  • Added theme option to enable/disable animation
  • Improved TGM plugin activation code
  • Improved meta boxes related code
  • Updated translation files
  • Updated documentation

Version 1.3 – Updated on 7th March 2015

  • Added one click demo importer
  • Improved contact and appointment forms handler code
  • Reorganized theme options related to appointment forms
  • Fixed double title issue
  • Renamed theme’s folder name to avoid
    conflict with free themes
  • Modified child theme to match new parent theme name.

Version 1.2 – Updated on 20th February 2015

  • Added – Visual Composer Plugin Support
  • Added – Homepage Layout Manager in Theme
  • Added – Theme options to change responsive
    menu colors
  • Added – Theme option to change number of
    blog posts (news) to display on homepage
  • Added – Theme option to change number of
    doctors to display on homepage
  • Added – Testimonial thumbnail
  • Added – Theme option to hide plus sign in
  • Added – Theme options to enable or disable
  • Added – Theme option to enable or disable
    swipebox lightbox plugin
  • Added – Custom post types dashboard
  • Added – Shortcode for two third column
  • Improved – Title tag support in header based
    on WordPress 4.1
  • Improved – Toggle and accordion short
  • Improved – Related doctors on single doctor
  • Fixed – Redux dev mode notification
  • Included – PSDs as part of the package

Version 1.1 – Updated on 3rd December 2014

  • Updated translation file default.po

Version 1.1 – Updated on 27th November 2014

  • Added – Sticky header feature that can be
    enabled from theme options.
  • Added – Support for two columns sub
  • Added – Google reCAPTCHA support in contact
    form and three appointment forms ( Not added in one appointment
    form due to design restrictions )
  • Improved – Breadcrumbs code
  • Improved – Micro-formats related code
  • Fixed – Gallery thumbnail double anchor
  • Fixed – Slider height issue during


About the Pack:

This pack includes 6 different puzzle games:







These games are separate from each other and you can edit each
one individually.

Animal Puzzle (Rotating Tile Puzzle)

A rotating puzzle game with cute pictures of animals. The
game’s difficulty will increase as you progress
so it can be challenging and interesting for everyone.

Kids’ Shapes Learning Puzzle

This game’s aim is to teach children the
names and forms of different shapes. In every level you have some
shapes and some empty spaces that must be filled with their
corresponding shape. When you put a shape into its correct place,
you also hear a voice saying the name of that shape. This game has
7 different levels and it will gradually become more difficult.

– HTML5 Game

This is a match 3 game and you have to match 3 or more tiles of
the same color with each other and destroy them. Every few seconds
a row of new tiles will drop from top of the screen and you have to
match and destroy them as soon as possible. As you progress, tiles
will drop faster and when your screen is full, you will lose!

Save the
Penguin – HTML5 Game

This is a physics puzzle game. In this game, you must help the
penguin to reach the ground by picking ices that are beneath its

This game has 20 levels and all graphical elements of the game
can be easily changed.

This game is completely responsive and its resolution will
automatically change according to the screen size of mobile
platform or desktop.

World Cup – Ball History –
Match 3 Game

In this Match-3 game, you have to become more powerful by
matching the same balls with same color. Each time that you match
balls with the same color, your progress bar for that ball will
advance a little and after some time you will level up in that
color. Each ball has its own special power and by leveling up, you
can improve their powers and this is necessary for advancing
throughout the game. And all of these balls are the based on the
real ones that were used in different world cups and by playing
this game, you can also get some information about them.

Cross RPG

his game can be considered as an innovative game which combines
2048 game with RPG games and present a new experience! Also the
basic mechanism of game play is like 2048, but added RPG elements
make it a unique game! And you can buy this game only on

This game has 3 different maps and 30 levels and there are 5
unique heroes that you can unlock them as you progress through the
game and will make the game more interesting and add replay value
to it!


Supports touch

» Works on all HTML5 browsers

» Auto-resize feature (responsive)

» Ability to personalize the
game’s appearance, logo and etc.

» Ability to personalize the
game’s music and SFX

More Games:

We will be happy to hear your ideas and opinions about the game,
so if you like write a comment or send it to our e-mail:

And if you liked it, don’t forget to rate

Come & see our website:

Kbuilder 1.0

Export to Desktop as Responsive HTML, MailChimp ,

Save your copy for further change and save time!

Responsive Layout

Unlimited Color Variation

Weekly updates and bonuses

Inline Css and optimized code

PSD File included

MailChimp Ready Template

Campaign Monitor Ready Template

HTML without tags version

Tested with Litmus

Documentation Included

  • Kbuilder 1.0
  • 1 Layout ( Mailchimp compatibe file )
  • 1 Layouts ( Campaignmonitor compatibe file )
  • 1 Layouts ( HTML compatibe file )
  • 1 PSD Layered File
  • Full Documentation HTML page

  • Android
  • AOL Mail
  • Apple Mail
  • Gmail
  • Hotmail
  • Lotus Notus 8
  • Lotus Notus 8.5
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Opera Mail
  • Outlook 2002
  • Outlook 2003
  • Outlook 2007
  • Outlook 2010
  • Outlook 2011
  • Outlook 2013
  • Yahoo Mail
Version 1.0 - 20/08/2016


  • Outlook does not support the background images.
  • Outlook doesn’t support google font.
  • The pictures used on Demo are not included.


Makeis a flat and responsive admin template for
multi-usage built with Bootstrap 3. There are a lot of useful
components, well organized and structured properly. It offer you
great variety of layout options: RTL, boxed, sidebar on

We are please to release continuous long term updates and many
features will be coming soon in the future updates. Once you
purchased Make template, you will be entitled to free download of
all future updates.

Make include first
admin builderthat allow you to customize your
admin: sidebar side, style, topbar content, edit

Moreover, we include exclusive
Page Builderthat permit to add elements to your
page quickly(form, table, panel…) with a simple
drag & drop.

Make comes with
4 complete admin themes, each with HTML, AngularJS
and RTL variation.

Admin & Page

Make comes with Page & Admin builder. With these unique
features, you have the possibility to create and export your page
and theme structure without coding.

Requirements: you need web server with PHP enabled
(the export function requires PHP). If you don’t
have a local server, you can download this for example:

  • Responsive layout (desktops, tablets, mobile devices)
  • LESS Support
  • AngularJSversion
  • Based on Twitter
    Bootstrap 3.3Framework
  • Admin Builderto create your own structure
  • Page Builderto create your own page content
  • Fixed / Fluid sidebar and topbar
  • 4 sidebar styles: default, condensed, light and
  • Sidebar On Top layout
  • Sidebar Submenu on Hover layout
  • Boxed Layout
  • Quickview sidebar with chat, notes and settings
  • Various widgets
  • 5 charts library: ChartJs, HighCharts / HighStocks, Morris, D3,
  • User Interface Elements

    • Custom icons & buttons
    • Notifications
    • Custom modals with transition effects
    • Custom notifications with various status, positions and
    • Tooltips & popovers
    • Nestable and sortable list
    • File trees
    • Custom panels / Draggable panels
  • Tables

    • Various styles of tables: contextual, striped, bordered,
    • Editable tables: remove, edit or add data on the fly
    • Filter Tables
    • Reorder columns
    • Fixed columns
    • Hide/show columns
  • Forms

    • Custom form style
    • Datepicker / Timepicker / Modal date and time picker
    • Custom slider and switch
    • WYSIWYG editor
    • Dynamically editable elements (inline)
    • Multi file upload: dropzone and jquery file upload
    • Wizard
    • Custom wizard style
    • Validation
  • Pages

    • Timeline
    • Gallery Sortable
    • Medias manager
    • Lockscreen page
    • Error page: 404, 500
    • Contact Page
    • Coming Soon Page
  • User Manage

    • User profile
    • Login page version 1 & 2
    • Signup page version 1 & 2
    • Session Timeout
  • Mailbox

    • Inbox
    • Send Message
    • 10 email templates
  • eCommerce

    • Pricing table builder
    • Shopping Cart
    • Invoice
  • Maps

    • Google Maps
    • Vector Maps with AmCharts
  • Line/Bar/Pie charts
  • Bootstrap plugins
  • Image croping
  • More coming soon…


Version 3.4 – 04 October 2016

Fix AngularJS issues with tabs

Version 3.3 – 28 September 2016

Updated important Jquery Plugins: Jquery, Jquery UI, Bootstrap,
ChartJS, etc

Fix small CSS issues

Version 3.2 – 2 December 2015

AngularJS sidebar auto hide on small device

Fix small CSS issues

Version 3.1 – 18 June 2015

RTL issues fix

Fix some issue with page builder inline editor

Version 3.0 – 18 June 2015

Material Design Version

Version 2.4 – 3 June 2015

translator plugin

css fixesfox boxed layout

Version 2.3 – 1 June 2015

AngularJS documentation

Layout 4 css fix: issue fix on mobile device.

Version 2.0 – 26 April 2015

AngularJS version.

4 premade admins included, each with Html, AngularJS and RTL

Version 1.4 – 30 March 2015

Few CSS and JS fixes: email validation, chat sidebar css issue,
mailbox css aside width…

Version 1.3 – 17 March 2015

FullCalendar Page: many options available. edit /
remove event category, add / edit / remove

New Page Builder Options: new widgets added
(animated counter, 4 user widgets), possibility to move form
elements inside a form (textarea, input, radio…)

New Plugins:

Bootstrap datepickeradded since
it’s the most popular datepicker plugin and used
in many projects.

Rating starplugin that allow you to get rating
from your visitors (easy and simple to use).

Theme Features

  • Easy to use – no coding knowledge
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • Large collection of home and inner pages
  • Import demo site with One-Click
  • Responsive and Retina Ready
  • Extensive typography options
  • Responsive Elated Slider with Full Screen and Parallax
  • Image or Video backgrounds in Elated Slider
  • Animate content in Elated Slider
  • Instagram Feed Widget
  • Twitter Feed Widget
  • Latest posts widget
  • Product List shortcode
  • Vertical Split Slider shortcode
  • Process shortcode
  • Info Box shortcode
  • Video Button shortcode
  • Variable Width Slider shortcode
  • Product List shortcode
  • Hiding Images shortcode
  • Various infographic elements
  • One Page site – anchor functionality
  • Various Blog List Layouts
  • Blog Masonry Layout
  • Blog Split Column Layout
  • Blog Date on Side Layout
  • Blog Standard Layout
  • Blog List shortcode
  • 5 layout types for Blog List shortcode
  • Blog Slider shortcode
  • Custom Post Formats: Audio , Video, Standard, Gallery, Link,
  • Portfolio List shortcode
  • Various Portfolio List Layouts
  • Portfolio Standard layout
  • Portfolio Gallery layout
  • Portfolio Masonry layout
  • Parallax mode for Masonry layout
  • Portfolio Justified Gallery layout
  • Portfolio Pinterest layout
  • Portfolio List Category Filter
  • Various portfolio single layouts
  • Social Share functionality
  • Visual Composer for WordPress included (34$ value)
  • Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin ($19 value)
  • Integrated search
  • 5 search types
  • “Back to Top†button
  • 4 Header Types
  • Standard Header Type
  • Minimal Header Type
  • Centered Header Type
  • Vertical Header Type
  • Three Header behavior types
  • Sticky header behavior
  • Sticky on scroll up header behavior
  • Fixed header behavior
  • Separate mobile header styling options
  • Set size of logo on mobile devices
  • Multiple logo versions (for mobile header and sticky
  • Dark and Light Logo variants
  • Multiple Widget Areas in Header
  • Multiple footer widget areas
  • Content bottom area
  • Customizable Footer with optional 1-4 Columns
  • Footer top and footer bottom
  • Uncovering Footer effect
  • Customizable Google Map shortcode
  • Social Share shortcode
  • Carousel shortcode
  • Team shortcode
  • Team List shortcode
  • Choose your grid size
  • Boxed layout option
  • Parallax background images in content
  • Full height parallax sections
  • Video backgrounds
  • Translation Ready
  • Customizable Mega Menu
  • Smooth Scroll
  • Font Awesome Icon Font Pack
  • Font Elegant Icon Font Pack
  • Linea Icon Font Pack
  • Simple Line Icons Icon Font Pack
  • Ion Icons Icon Font Pack
  • Dripicons Icon Font Pack
  • Linear Icons Font Pack
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • Custom Widget Areas
  • Contact Form 7 plugin Integration
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Set multiple contact form styles
  • Child Theme included

xPro is a creative Product Landing Page Template built with HTML5
and Bootstrap integrated with Mailchimp and Email.

Have a product to do marketing? or launching anything? Looking
for a great landing page to sell your product? xPro is a highly
conversion ready to use HTML product landing page template with
MailChimp Integrated!

We have made the UX of xPro with huge research on live products
so that our customers can easily use this template for their
product. You can easily change the colors, images and text to make
it ready for you!

xPro Features

  • Modern & Minimal Layout
  • Creative and Unique Design
  • 4 Homepage variations
  • MailChimp Integrated
  • Email Integrated
  • Easily fits with any type of products
  • Beautiful Gradient Colors
  • Box version with unlimited patterns
  • Built with SASS Pre-Processor
  • SCSS Source Included
  • Awesome jQuery Effects
  • Noir.

    Multi-Concept Coming Soon Template.

    Fast, intuitive & innovative. Create a landing page for your

    Noir is much more than a coming soon template,
    it’s a full fledged site in and of itself,
    perfect to house your business or portfolio. Convert your visitors
    easily with the seamless MailChimp integration or with the
    most-advanced lightbox for your portfolio on any landing page
    – with share options, download links and
    fullscreen function. Creating with Noir is a breeze, you will be
    able to setup your site in a matter of minutes with easy and
    understandable code, and if you stumble along the way our premium
    support comes included with your purchase for the first 6

    Noir includes a vast array of features including responsive
    design, porftolio galleries, 3D parallax layouts, 700+ icons,
    full-screen sliders, full-screen background effects, a fully
    functional contact form and MailChimp integration.


    • 3Dparallax layout
    • Fully
    • Full-screen slider
    • Contact form
    • Retinaready
    • Advanced lightbox
    • MailChimpintegration
    • Verified code
    • Gorgeous design
    • Functional contact form
    • Extremely easy to setup
    • 700+icons
    • HTML5 & CSS3

    Thank you!

    Images used in the demo, are for demonstration purposes only.
    With the purchase of Noir you will receive placeholders in place of
    those images.

    VG Labo – WooCommerce Theme for Tools,
    Equipment Store

    VG Labo is clean and responsive WooCommerce WordPress theme used
    to sell tools, equipment and accessories via a professional online
    store. This equipment WooCommerce WordPress theme will be a perfect
    fit for designing stores of other kinds. So in the presented here
    collection of Tools & Equipment wordpress theme, you can find
    catchy items created in various way, and use them for designing
    your own projects that deal with work. It makes your sites
    displaying on mobile / tablet version with 100% responsive layout.
    Besides, we offer support services like page builder and drag-drop
    layout content ready to help clients develop their websites. Create
    a professional website to support your business and encourage it to

    Fully compatible with WordPress 4.5 / 4.6+ and WooCommerce
    2.5 / 2.6+

    Version 1.0 –


    VG Labo – Main Features:

    • 2 Unique Home Layouts, 4 Box Layouts Style
    • 4 Presets Color for each layout.
    • 100% Responsive .
    • Free Lifetime updates!
    • WordPress 4.5, 4.6+ Ready
    • WooCommerce 2.5 2.6+ Ready
    • WPML Ready (.pot files included)
    • Fully support RTL language!
    • SEO Optimised
    • Visual Composer – $34 saved
    • Mega Main Menu – $15 saved
    • VG WooCarousel – $17 saved
    • VG PostCarousel – $15 saved
    • Revolution Slider – $19 saved
    • Product Quick View, Product Compare and Ajax Wishlist
    • Online Documentation –
    • Supports Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE
    • Child Theme included
    • Demo content included! (quickstart package)

    VG Labo – Support and pre-sale

    Feel free to submit a ticket here: If you have any pre-sale
    questions or need help installing your theme.

    • Live Demo:
    • Online Documentation:
    • Forum Support:
    • Ticket Support:

    VG Labo
    – Change log:

    VERSION 1.0 - Released on October 04, 2016
    - First release.

    WordAppis high quality mobile app template built
    with Ionic Framework, which does not require any programming
    knowledge. It does not require any additional software
    installations. It is only necessary to edit a single config file,
    to add to the archive and build using a completely free service

    Test It Before

    You need to install the app and enter the ID of the app
    03c6a859, in this demo not all the features are available, but it
    will be enough for you to test app.

    Or try online preview


    • WordApp support Windows or iOS platforms? Yes, all WordApp
      plugins and Ionic support Windows, iOS and Andriod platforms. But I
      test WordApp only with Android platform and
      can’t guaranteed perfect work on other

    Look all


    • Cordova/PhoneGap
    • Ionic Framework – easy to build beautiful
      and interactive mobile apps using HTML5 and AngularJS
    • AngularJS
    • 9 pre-build Color Schemes – a set of colors
      to start with Ionic
    • 3 pre-build Homepage Layouts – Card, Card2
      and list
    • Easy Configure App – just edit one file
      config.js and build app
    • Guest Comments – all user can post comments,
      no authentification required
    • Accordion Category List – collapse/expand
      Categories list in menu
    • Real Working Settings – on/off Push
      notifications, on/off images load
    • Search posts
    • Font adjust – decrease/increase text size on
      post page
    • Image view and pinch zooming
    • Lazy Load – is delays loading of images in
      pages. Images outside of viewport are not loaded until user scrolls
      to them
    • Pull to refresh
    • Infinite scroll
    • Bookmarks – bookmark posts
    • Send SMS – send SMS directly from app to
      preset number
    • Email sender – send Feedback or Bugreport to
    • App Rate – provide the rate this app
    • AdMob
    • Full integrated Onesignal Push Notification
    • WordPress as a Cloud CMS
    • WordPress WP API V2

    Native Plugins

    • Onesignal Push Notifications
    • InAppBrowser
    • Native Social Sharing
    • Email Composer
    • Cordova SMS
    • Status Bar
    • Local Storage
    • Toast PhoneGap Plugin
    • App Rate Plugin
    • AdMob – cordova-admob-pro plugin

    WordPress Plugins

    • Onesignal Filter (in WordPress Plugin folder)
      – unique plugin to send notifications with
      additional features like featured image and action buttons

    What In Archive

    • WordApp Source Code
    • Onesignal Filter Plugin – unique plugin to
      send notifications with additional features like featured image and
      action buttons
    • Quick start documentation


    Version 1.0.1
    - AdMob plugin
    - Solution choose specific categories to include in the APP
    Version 1.0.0
    - First Release

    Preview screens


    • Apache server for running php
    • Database access,purchase code during installation
    • Php curl should be enabled
    • One purchase code is legal for using one domain only

    Update History

    Version 3.4 – 14 August, 2016

    - Fixes the Javascript issue for Safari in El Capitan OSX
    - Ability for doctors to write their own profile
    - Ability for patients to print doctors' profile
    - Minor bug fixes

    Update History

    Version 3.3 – March 23rd, 2016

    - Important bug fixes.
    - Software stabilization.

    Version 3.2 – October 24th,

    - Updated to CodeIgniter 3.
    - Language form submission issues fixed.
    - Language saving during re-login issue fixed.
    - Receptionist can create patient account.
    - Duplication email validated during account opening.
    - Appointment sorted time wise in doctor’s
    - Invoice printing fix in accountant panel, admin panel.
    - Text editors changed to normal text area in some forms for ease
    of usage.

    Version 3.1 – March 18th, 2015(

    - Patients profile view with past medication history.
    - Doctors can view patient past history during medication /
    - Hospital noticeboard / schedule.
    - Patient can Apply for appointment.
    - Appointment confirmation patients with sms.
    - Receptionist account.
    - Receptionist can set appointment for a doctor and patient.
    - Messaging between doctor and patient, who have appointments.
    - Admin configure sms settings from sms settings menu with
    clickatell account information.

    Version 3.0 – December 10th,

     - Re-written whole softwares UI with neon admin theme.
     - User profile image for admin, doctors, patients, nurses,
    pharmacists, laboratorists, accountants.
     - User own profile data update option enlarged.
     - Date + Time based patient appointment.
     - Appointment calendar with time based scheduling view.
     - New designed dashboard for admin with hospital summary counter.
     - New designed dashboard for doctor with appointment calendar
     - New interface for prescription add / edit.
     - Prescription printing feature with patient's info, doctor's
    info, case history, medication, doctor's note, date, time.
     - Updated newly designed and recoded diagnosis report management
    with every prescription.
     - Patient will see the appointment calendar in his/her panel in
    calendar view.
     - Invoice fully redesigned with dynamic invoice entry creation and
    printing option.
     - New login, password resetting option with ajax interface.
     - Previous report upload bugs fixed.
     - All major / minor bugs fixed.

    Version 2.0 – December 27th,

     - RTL version added.
     - Default language selector.
     - Patient profile with photo management added.
     - Patient prescription and appointment history for doctor.

    Version 1.2 – November 23rd,

     - Updated language conversion system
     - 20 new languages added
     - Some minor bug fixed

    Version 1.0 – October 13th,

     - Initial release


    Please send us your
    product presale query, after sales developer support request,
    customization project and any other queries to our dedicated
    support center :