Note: Before purchasing this add-on, please make sure that
you purchased plugin.

Visual Composer Sections is an add-on that allows you to reuse
sections you create on a Visual Composer page, post type or in any
WordPress Sidebar using a special widget.

The one and only feature that`s missing from Visual Composer is
reusing singular sections without having to reproduce them each

By using this add-on you will be able to manage Visual Composer
sections in one place, include them just where you need them and
apply changes globally when editing.

Visual Composer Sections is a 2 in 1 plugin, also allowing you
to add Visual Composer in sidebars using the same mechanism noted
before (a special widget named VC Sections is available and lets
you select a Section created before).


08/09/2016 - Version 1.0
Initial release.


With default Woocommerce shipping option there is no flexibility
to granulate rates based in distance, quantity, weight, etc. So
store owner have to bear shipping costs for two different condition
on same cost, same on buyers end they gets same price for two
different conditions. With
Woocommerce Premium Matrix Rateadmin have
full control on different conditions and ratescan
be decided based on all possible parameters which benefits both
store owner and buyer.

Woocommerce Premium Matrix Rate
provides admin a vast range of option to add multiple
based on different parameters ranging from shipping
destination, product weight, cart subtotal, product quantity,

A whole new set of indexes that can be set based on certain
condition like:

  • Cart Subtotal and Shipping Destination
  • Product Weight and Shipping Destination
  • Product Quantity and Shipping Destination

Interface is quite simple and we’ve tried our
best to keep things simple from user experience while keeping all
complex work behind the desk.

Key features

Add Multiple
Shipping Rate

Admin can add multiple shipping rate for multiple shipping
destination. Shipping Destination includes Shipping Country, State,
City and Zip Code. Applied Shipping rate is depend on Shipping
Destination as well as Cart Weight, Cart Subtotal and Cart Product
Quantity. Admin can also update any shipping rate.

Shipping Rate

Shipping rate is calculaed according to following condition.

  • Cart Subtotal and Shipping Destination
  • Cart Weight and Shipping Destination
  • Cart Product Quantity and Shipping Destination

One condition is applied at a time for all shipping rate

Cart Product Quantity & Destination Based Shipping

Shipping cost which is applied on cart page as well as checkout
page is based on total number product quantity in cart and Shipping
Destination. If any row in Shipping rate table is matched with the
total number product quantity in cart and Shipping Destination then
Shipping cost of that row is applied to cart.

Cart Weight & Destination Based Shipping

Shipping cost which is applied on cart page as well as checkout
page is based on Cart Weight and Shipping Destination. If any
row’s Weight and Shipping Destination value in
Shipping rate table is matched with Cart Weight and Shipping
Destination then Shipping cost of that row is applied to cart.

Cart Subtotal & Destination Based Shipping

Shipping cost which is applied on cart page as well as checkout
page is based on Cart Subtotal and Shipping Destination. If any
row’s Order To/Order From and Shipping
Destination value in Shipping rate table is matched with Cart
Subtotal and Shipping Destination then Shipping cost of that row is
applied to cart.

Enable/Disable Shipping cost for virtual products.

Admin can enable/disable Shipping Rate for virtual product. If
this setting is enable then if any virtual produc is added to cart
then Shipping cost is applied based on activated Shipping Rate

Enable/Disable shipping cost for free shipped product.

Minimum Amount for Shipping Rate Cart total must be greater than
selected minimum amount otherwise shipping rate(free) is

Weight for Shipping Rate

If Cart weight is less than selected maximum weight then
shipping rate is applied otherwise shipping rate(free) is
applied.For Ex : If Maximum Weight for Shipping Rate is set to 2kg
and cart weight is 1kg then no premium matrix shipping rate is
applied to cart. If Cart weight is greater than 2kg then premium
matrix shipping rate is applied to cart.

Disable a Rate

If admin want to disable any shipping row then no need to
delete/ remove thatrow from Shipping rate table. There is an option
to enable/disable each shipping rate. By default each shipping rate
is enable. Admin can disable any rates from here.

Import Shipping

If admin want to quickly add multiple shipping rate then there
is also a feature to upload CSV file of Shipping Rate.

Export Shipping

Export shipping rates in CSV format.


General setting of Woocommerce Premium Matrix Rate contains
following fields :

Enable :Check this option to display Woocommerce
Premium Matrix Rate on front end.

Rate Calculation Condition:It describes
calculation of rates. Admin can select single option from 3 options
which are available, can calculate rates.

Use Virtual Product For Calculation:It contains
yes/no option which allow Shipping Rate for virtual product.

Use Free shipping Product for calculation:It
contains yes/no option to select calculation of free shipping

Minimum order amount for free shipping:If Cart
total is greater than selected minimum order amount then shipping
rate(free) is applied otherwise shipping rate cost is applied.

Maximum Weight for Shipping Rate:If Cart weight is
less than selected maximum weight then shipping rate is applied
otherwise shipping rate(free) is applied.


Admin can also set free shipping by per product wise, if admin
select Free Shipping “yes†for
Product, then the shipping cost will not applied on that


Admin can create rate on the basis of different parameters :

  • Country :It represents name of country, Must be
    ISO Code .
  • Region/States :It represents name of states of
    country, Must be ISO Code.
  • Zipcode :It represents zipcode of city.
  • Weight From :It represents minimum weight of all
    products in cart.
  • Weight To :It represents maximum weight of all
    products in cart.
  • Order Subtotal From :It represents minimum value
    total price of all productsin cart.
  • Order Subtotal To :It represents maximum value
    total price of all products incart.
  • Quantity From :It represents minimum quantity
    value of all products in cart.
  • Quantity To :It represents maximum quantityvalue
    of all products in cart.
  • Shipping Price: It represents price whichwill
    added during checkout.
  • Shipping Method :It represents name of Shipping
    Method used.
  • Enable :It represents rate Enable/Disable.


Admin Can also create rate by importing csv file, to import
anyrate from csv file first click on export rates button to export
the demo csv file format then make changes in the exported file and
import that file.

Responsive Design

Full control over responsive design content of your site look
great on mobile and desktop


.po and .mo files included, for easy translation


  • WordPress 4.0 or greater.
  • WooCommerce 2.3.0 or greater.
  • PHP version 5.5.5 or greater.
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater

Jetblog – Clean & Simple WordPress Blog

WordPress blog theme made with passion and with bloggers in
mind. We would like to present you a clean, simple and aesthetic
theme for bloggers. Jetblog is totally responsive.
It’s loaded with many interesting features.
It’s fully integrated with WordPress Theme
Customizer. Custom posts included. Custom widgets included.
Full-width Instagram included. Custom layouts included.
It’s SEO and Retina ready.

Jetblog Features

  • Mobile Friendly, Responsive & Retina Ready
  • SEO & Speedoptimized, Google AdSense
  • Optimized For
    Google MobileFriendly Check
  • Featured Boxes: Use them to show the most important sections or
  • Fully IntegratedWith “WordPress
    Customizerâ€: You will see every change live on your
  • 9 Blog Layouts:Classic View (Sidebar Right,
    Sidebar Left, Full Width), Gird View (Sidebar Right, Sidebar Left,
    Full Width), List View (Sidebar Right, Sidebar Left, Full
  • 3 Post/Page Layouts:Classic View with Sidebar
    Right, Sidebar Left or Full Width.
  • Post Formats:Standard, Gallery, Video, Audio
  • Built-in Custom Widgets:

    1. About Me Widget:

      Display your picture, description and link it to any place you

    2. Lastest Posts Widget:

      Display your latest posts in a solid & interesting way.

    3. Full Latest Posts Widget:

      Alternative way to display your latests posts.

    4. Recent Comments Widget:

      Show your recent comments with avatars and dates.

    5. Social Media Widget:

      Display your favorite social media icons and link them to your

    6. Archives Widget:

      Show your archives in a very clear and transparent manner.

    7. Instagram Widget:

      Everybody knows it and almost everybody uses it. We too!

    8. Infinity Scroll:If you are bored with pagination,
      use this function!
    9. Other Features

      • Custom Styles For Widgets & Plugins:MailChimp
        for WordPress, Contact Form 7 Plugin
      • Full compatibility with:
        WordPress SEO by Yoast,
        W3 Total Cache
      • Related Posts Option
      • Author Box Option
      • Full Width Instagram Feed In Footer
      • Font Awesome Integration
      • Custom CSS Field
      • Translation Ready (.mo/.po file is available)
      • Free Updates& dedicated
        Tickets Support System
      • Works With WP 4.4+

O Digital – Creative Portfolio WordPress
Theme gives solutions for all kind of digital purposes. Also
amazing css animations and transitions makes item more attractive.
Built and coded on most popular framework Bootstrap 3.x. All pages
are created with most popular page builder ( Visual Composer ).

Note : Theme does not support dropdown menu


  • Revolution slider (SAVE $19)
  • Visual Composer (SAVE $34)
  • Amazing modern design
  • Responsive
  • Bootstrap Framework
  • Valid HTML5 – CSS3 files
  • Based on Bootstrap 3.x
  • Amazing fullscreen navigation
  • Flowless CSS transition
  • Fancybox & Bootstrap Modals
  • Cross browsers support
  • Retina ready
  • Parallax backgrounds
  • Video supported
  • Styled Google Maps
  • Google fonts
  • Over 100+ font icons
  • Free quick support

Bot auto sale for woocommerce.Super easy way to
helps you create your Messenger Bot in 5 minutes. No much coding
skill is required but still have powerful API. You can also extends
our package to bring your awesome features to your bot.

Note: Our App is waiting to Facebook approve


  • Send Rich Media:Not only plain text, you can tell
    bot send Image, Audio, Video, File, Products,, … to people.
  • 20+ smart Shortcodes:Hi to people and let the bot
    says. ex: , Hi Jimmy automatically..
  • User Purchased:Show list used bot purchased
  • Support:woocommerce, posts, page,
  • Marketing:Save users and send message to
  • Languages:Support all languages
  • 24/7 auto chat and supports
  • Auto sale 24/7 with Woo
  • Send notification all uers


can setup answer when your customers ask questions. For example:

– When client typing “Helloâ€

– Bot say: Hello , Can I help you?

– Client: I want to view best selling products?

– Bot : show list best slling products

– Client : I want search search products happy

– Bot: show list products happy

– Client: I want list categories

– Bot: showw list categories



You need SSL to
set up the bot. It’s required by Facebook.


05/09/2016: (version 1.0)

- Version 1.0 Initial Release


ARMember – WordPress Membership

ARMember is an exclusive wordpress membership plugin, a complete
bundle to create membership system without having any advanced
knowledge of programming. We provide a complete suit to create
membership system to meet all your membership website requirements.
A swiss knife of wordpress membership plugins.

unique portfolio WordPress theme, focused on
minimalism, elegance and simplicity. It’s
created around a
modular conceptand an amazing
masonry portfolio grid. Packed with a lot of
useful features, options and shortcodes, this theme offers the best
solution for any niche.

Now with
WooCommerce supportthe theme can be used not only
for awesome portfolios or presentation websites, but for
amazing online shopsas well!

With KON/CEPT you can showcase any
design, illustration, photo or productin a great
way, leaving your visitors and buyers impressed with the
awesomeness of your website!

The theme is currently at version
(changelog’s at the bottom of the

A few of the features:

  • Uniquedesign
  • Fully
  • Retinaready
  • Masonryportfolio
  • Custom layout types & animation styles
  • Modulargrid
  • Support for
  • Creative blog style
  • Interactive contact maps
  • Page builder
  • Translatable and
    RTL ready
  • 37 pages manual

Check out the documentation before you buy!

  • Video:
  • Video:
  • Video:

Support Policy

Due to the large amount of support questions and for keeping
everything organized, all tickets will be directed through my
private support forum:

Please check out the (which is constantly improving) before
posting tickets there, to see if your questions
aren’t already answered.

We do not offer refunds for our themes, except when you
find a real bug which we are unwilling to fix. Our themes function
exactly as we advertise them, so no refunds are given for reasons
such as mistake purchasing or customization problems.

Design & Technologies

This theme has a modern design,
involving a
modular conceptwith elegant touches and everything
is backed up by a
solid framework, which makes all the fancy stuff
play smooth in any browser. The theme uses modern technologies such
CSS transitions & HTML5 tagsalong with well
executed custom javascript code in order to provide an amazing
experience for your users.

100% Responsive

It is
responsive, meaning that it will look good on all
kinds of mobile devices. The sliders have
touch eventsenabled & the entire content is
scaling properlydown to the smallest size.

Retina Ready

All the
images in this theme will look
sharpon devices with a high DPI. If you provide
large sizes, when a user opens the site in a
retinadevice a cookie will be stored on his device
and after the first refresh all images will look really good!


The entire look of the theme
can be easily changedthrough the options provided
with the
Theme Customizerwhich allows you to edit the theme
and preview your changes in
real time.You can change colors, fonts & a lot
of options in the layout.


You can have
unlimited portfolios, each with
it’s own categories and custom settings. You
have three column types, two layout styles, four animation options,
two hovering previews, infinite loading, filtering and a lot of
useful features to make your website
a perfect showcase of your amazing products!

The project pages allow
rich contentso you can include absolutely anything
inside your portfolio, being limited only by your creativity.


Not only you can have a beautiful portfolio, but you
can use this theme for a totally awesome
online shopas well. The theme offers support for
the leading WordPress e-commerce plugin, with lots of amazing
features and cool details.

Modern Blog

The blog is
also unique in this theme, presented in the way of a clean grid
with classical inner post design, focusing entirely on great

Interactive Map

can have as
many map pages as you wantand in each one you can
have a certain location, pin image and contact info.

Page Builder

The theme
comes with an awesome page builder, in the form of the
Visual Composer Plugin, under a slightly modified
version for full compatibility with the theme’s
concept. Create your
own layoutsin no-time, using an incredibly easy
drag & drop composer.

SEO friendly

headings tags are wisely used in the theme, the code is 100% valid
and perfectly well structured. Along with a good SEO plugin, you
can rock on the first pages of Google.

Translation Ready (Multilingual)

.mofiles are available, making the theme easy to
translate into your own language.
RTL support is also available, so the theme can be
easily translated in any language with ease.

12 Layered PSD

A lot of
PSD filesare available in the download. With them,
you can easily change layouts and stuff for presenting the
perfect website for your clients!

Documentations & Support

There is a
comprehensive manualavailable and some
quality screencastswhich can help you get started
with the theme and there is always the
support forumbacked by professionals caring for
your business!

XML Import
File Available

The XML import file is available and can be used
to download the demo content from the online preview(without the
copyrighted images).

Sidekick plugin

With over 200 ready-to-use interactive WordPress tutorials, you
can get started with your website in no time at all. SIDEKICK takes
you step-by-step through just about any task, right from inside
your WordPress dashboard.

KON/CEPT includes 1 full year of access to
SIDEKICK’s premium walkthroughs for FREE.
That’s a $60 value!


  • Version 1.7.4: 14 July 2016

    ~ Added support for the new Google Maps API

    ~ Updated the Revolution Slider to 5.2.6

  • Version 1.7.3: 16 June 2016

    ~ Added support for WooCommerce 2.6

    ~ Updated the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins to
    their latest versions

    ~ Updated Font Awesome library to 4.6.3

  • Version 1.7.2: 25 April 2016

    ~ Updated the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins to
    their latest versions

    Att: The Visual Composer plugin needs to be updated

  • Version 1.7.1: 13 April 2016

    ~ Updated the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins to
    their latest versions

    ~ Improved compatibility for WooCommerce 2.5.3

  • Version 1.7: 15 February 2016

    ~ Added SIDEKICK integration

    ~ Fixed an issue with WooCommerce product variation images

    ~ Improved compatibility for WooCommerce 2.5.2

  • Version 1.6.7: 30 January 2016

    ~ Added compatibility for WooCommerce 2.5.0

    ~ Updated Font Awesome to 4.5.0

    ~ Updated the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins to
    their latest versions

    Version 1.6.6: 12 December 2015

    ~ Fixed an issue related to pagination in WP4.4

    ~ Updated the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins to
    their latest versions

  • Version 1.6.5 : 30 October 2015

    ~ Fixed an issue related to WooCommerce cart images

    ~ Fixed the accordion shortcode

    ~ Fixed the single image shortcode

  • Version 1.6.4 : 9 October 2015

    ~ Fixed an issue related to WooCommerce 2.4.7

  • Version 1.6.3 : 7 October 2015

    ~ Updated the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins to
    their latest versions

    ~ Added compatibility for WooCommerce 2.4.7

  • Version 1.6.2 : 21 August 2015

    ~ Updated the Revolution Slider to v5.0.4.1, which includes
    support for WordPress 4.3

  • Version 1.6.1 : 18 August 2015

    ~ Fixed the tabs shortcode issue

  • Version 1.6 : 15 August 2015

    ~ Added support for WooCommerce 2.4

    ~ Updated the Revolution Slider to the all new version 5

  • Version 1.5.8 : 3 July 2015

    ~ Added a fail safe against Envato API issues (fixed admin
    login problems)

  • Version 1.5.7 : 3 July 2015

    ~ One more minor fix related to WooCommerce

  • Version 1.5.6 : 2 July 2015

    ~ Critical fix after last update

  • Version 1.5.5 : 2 July 2015

    ~ Fixed an error with WooCommerce headers

    ~ Updated the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins to
    their latest versions

  • Version 1.5.4 : 25 April 2015

    ~ Improved theme security (XSS vulnerability)

    ~ Fixed broken cart page in WooCommerce 2.3.8

  • Version 1.5.3 : 22 April 2015

    ~ Fixed some minor styling issues

  • Version 1.5.2 : 11 March 2015

    ~ Added categories support in the shop grid

    ~ Improved portfolio layout handling

    ~ Fixed a SEO issue within the portfolio

    ~ Fixed more WooCommerce 2.3 issues

  • Version 1.5.1 : 28 February 2015

    ~ Fixed an issue with infinite loading on retina devices

  • Version 1.5 : 27 February 2015

    ~ Added a new blog style

    ~ Improved WooCommerce 2.3 support

    ~ Fixed an issue with infinite loading on retina devices

  • Version 1.4.1 : 24 Februrary 2015

    ~ Fixed an issue with HTML code in page excerpts

    ~ Fixed an issue with the tabs shortcode

    ~ Improved WooCommerce 2.3 support

  • Version 1.4 : 12 Februrary 2015

    ~ Added support for WooCommerce 2.3

    ~ Removed default grid

    ~ Fixed an issue related to the single images shortcode

    ~ Fixed a style issue in Windows Phones

  • Version 1.3.1 : 21 January 2015

    ~ Fixed a few styling issues

  • Version 1.3 : 10 January 2015

    ~ Added social meta tags in the header

    ~ Added twitter feed shortcode

    ~ Fixed some other minor bugs

  • Version 1.2.3 : 20 December 2014

    ~ Added WP 4.1 compatibility

    ~ Fixed some bugs related to media formatting in blog posts

    ~ Updated the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins to
    their latest versions

  • Version 1.2.2 : 1 December 2014

    ~ Improved image scaling for the single images shortcode

    ~ Added alt tags for the single images shortcode

    ~ Fixed navigation styling issues in the Revolution Slider

    ~ Updated the Revolution Slider plugin to
    it’s latest version

  • Version 1.2.1 : 25 November 2014

    ~ Fixed a bug with the content slider

    ~ Fixed a bug with the images slider caused by last update

    ~ Fixed some WooCommerce related errors

    ~ Fixed image scaling issues

    ~ Added changelog view in the backend

  • Version 1.2 : 19 November 2014

    ~ Added a new gallery page template

    ~ Added RTL support

    ~ Added a header widget area

    ~ Added Google Fonts subsets in the Theme Customizer

    ~ Improved support for WPML

    ~ Improved retina support

    ~ Updated the Revolution Slider plugin to
    it’s latest version

    ~ Fixed some errors related to variable products in WooCommerce

    ~ Fixed an issue in the Visual Composer backend

  • Version 1.1 : 10 November 2014

    ~ Added support for WooCommerce

    ~ Added a new portfolio masonry style –
    “simple resizingâ€

    ~ Added the ability to post content on the portfolio page

  • Version 1.0.4 : 6 November 2014

    ~ Fixed a small bug related to SVG colors

  • Version 1.0.3 : 5 November 2014

    ~ Fixed a bug related to the unlimited portfolios feature

    ~ Fixed some responsiveness issues

    ~ Fixed another bug related to the social shortcodes

  • Version 1.0.2 : 31 October 2014

    ~ Fixed social shortcode issues

    ~ Fixed header margin issue

    ~ Improved IE compatibility

  • Version 1.0.1 : 24 October 2014

    ~ Fixed some minor bugs

    ~ Added the option to disable unlimited portfolios

    ~ Added the option for a pure HTML header in pages

  • Version 1.0 : 21 October 2014

    ~ First release

    Disclaimer: All images, videos & audio files which you see
    in the online preview are copyrighted materials belonging to their
    authors (listed below). None of the assets you see online will be
    provided in the downloadable package!


    • by MockupZone

UpVote is the perfect if you want to create site like Reddit,
Hacker News, Growth Hackers and other similar sites using

UpVote theme is powered by a custom-build plugin that will
enable registered users to submit url (in UpVote we called it
story) and the theme can automatically fetch the post title,
featured image and description from the link, as long as the url
support Open Graph.

Users can register to UpVote using WordPress default
registration form or simply login using Facebook and Twitter oauth.
They can later submit new story (url) or vote on existing

Test the Demo



UpVote Features

  • Enable registered users to submit url to the site
  • Unlimited colors and typography
  • Powerful theme options panel
  • Facebook and Twitter login
  • Support Google ReCaptcha
  • User can edit their profile, password or request new password
    right from the front-end
  • User dashboard
  • Voting system
  • Custom page templates and widgets
  • Popular, Trending and Recent stories shortcodes
  • Responsive layout
  • Translation support
  • XML demo data

Other Themes From









September 6th, 2016 — Version 1.0.5
- Update TGM-Plugin-Activation
- Make user redirected to the login popup again when entered wrong
username or password
- Fix detail story feed content

June 19th, 2016 — Version 1.0.4
- Fix widget Story Categories CSS issue.
- Move Exit ad settings to Advertisement tab.
- Add Header ad in theme options.
- Remove Zilla Shortcodes plugin.
- Add Most Active Users shortcode using [upvote_most_active_users]
- Load videos, audio directly for sites that are supported by
WordPress oEmbed such as Youtube, Vimeo, Vine, Soundcloud and
- Fix some issues with grabbing image from og:image meta tags in
target url.
- Update sorting method on Popular and Trending Stories to be more
- Display list of users who have voted on a story on story details,
only last 20 voters are displayed.
- Fix social media login AJAX issue.

May 31st, 2016 -- Version 1.0.3
- Update Related Stories layout
- Fix bugs with Cyrillic text
- Fix other minor issues
- Add 1 month and 1 year post date range
- Fix widget layout issue with no featured image
- Fix issue with open graph
- Simplify single story template code
- Fix no thumbnail code in single story
- Fix popular and trending algorithm
- Add exit page feature

May 21st, 2016 -- Version 1.0.2
- Fix voting button and entry meta layout issues
- Update UpVote plugin

May 20st, 2016 -- Version 1.0.1
- Minor bug fixes on layout

March 21st, 2016 -- Version 1.0.0
- Theme is released

Social Bee is a views sharing network , where users cross
exchange views on articles , it works as one user views other user
article to get points and the other user does the same , in this
manner the procedure goes on and users will get pageviews on the
articles posted

Example : user A and user B are two registered users and user A
posted is having 100 points and user B is having 120 points , user
A shared a article and the points awarded on it is 10 , then if
user B visits user A article then he will get 10 points

How can you earn ?

When users are having zero points then they will buy the points
and even you can use adsense on homepage and article page

Admin Details

Email :

Pass :

User Details

Email :[email protected]

Pass : [email protected]

Email :[email protected]

Pass : [email protected]


Built on
Laravel Framework

Laravel is one of the most popular framework at the moment and
is full of features. It is easy to use and it offers a large
variety of packages using composer .


You can add unlimited administrators from admin


You can add unlimited categories from admin panel
and manage them easily


You can set paypal
details easily from admin panel


Easily Setup your
site from admin panel


Users can purchase points using this section


In this section admin
can manage all registered users


Users can easily
interact with support team by using support section


System settings can be
managed using this section

DayCarePro is a web application that you can
install on a local intranet or online to manage your daycare.

Manage your daycare center with a secure online system.
DayCarePRO allows you to keep a register of children enrolled,
billing, emergency contacts, individuals authorized to pickup with
ability to upload their photo and set unique pin of each for safety
of the children.

You can assign access to a manager, staff member or

Demo login:


Manager: / password

Staff: / password

Parent: / password

Other features include:

  • Paypal integration for parents to pay invoices
  • Events calendar
  • Tasks manager
  • System message broadcast
  • News module
  • Privacy lockscreen when left unattended