The City is
android app template show
interesting place from a citywith description and
some attribute. This app is suitable tourists or city guide. The
City template is best choice to improve tourism and promote you
best place at your city.

Develop with
native languagemakes app run smooth and fast. All
data stored in local SQLite database so app works in offline mode.
Follow the latest design Google
Material Designand beautiful animations

Admin side is integratedto manage place data, you
can edit and update the data anywhere and anytime.
GCM notificationfeature allow admin to send
notifications to many users when there change with the data. Admin
side also follow the latest design Google Material Design and
beautiful animations effect, make this is prefect template for you.



  • Implement Material Design for Android
  • Cached Image
  • Offline Mode Support
  • Hide on scroll actionbar
  • Material Drawer With Category
  • Menu Favorite Place
  • Easy color customize
  • Animated Floating action button
  • Animation transition effect
  • MapView show place location
  • Map Activity With Categorize Places
  • Featured Category For Recomended Places
  • Navigate to the place location
  • Filter search place
  • History recent search
  • Share Place
  • Beauty Splash Screen
  • Light Server Request
  • Support Android ICS 4.0 and up
  • Beauty Card View
  • Support multiple Image for single place
  • Webview for Description Place
  • Sort by Nearby when GPS active
  • Animate Fab when scrolling
  • Slider gallery display image
  • Clear local image cache
  • Android Parallax Scrollbar
  • Support Multiple Screen
  • Dial Phone of place
  • Notifications Sound Setting
  • Notification Vibration Setting
  • SQLite database for store offline data
  • Ripple Effect
  • Open Website of place
  • Integrated with GCM push notification
  • Integrate with Google Analytics
  • Ads Banner & Interstitial Integrated
  • Using Android Studio & Build Gradle
  • Clean & Neat Code (relative)
  • Support Multiple Screen


  • Implement Material Design Web Admin
  • Material Form
  • Material dialog view
  • Support Multi User
  • Horizontal loading
  • Responsive Web Admin
  • Responsive Drawer Menu
  • Categories Display place
  • Responsive Table Web Admin
  • Using Angular Material
  • Easy Customize color
  • All in one file API
  • Support multiple Image Upload
  • Support multiple Category for one Place
  • Integrated with GCM push notification
  • Implement pagination for Place and Gcm list
  • Support more than 1000 GCM notifications
  • Ripple Effect
  • Material Drawer
  • Beauty Cardview
  • Search Place Field
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Light and Clean Code (relative)


  1. Full Android Source Code
  2. Full Admin Panel Source Code
  3. Android Project Documentation
  4. Admin Panel Documentation


# UPDATE V 6.1 - ( 30 Apr 2017 ) 
 - Fix draining battery when use GPS
 - Integrate with Web Version :

# UPDATE V 6.0 - ( 16 Mar 2017 )
 - Improvement UI layout android
 - Add recent history search android
 - Bug fix for GPS location update
 - Add search feature admin panel
 - Add rich text editor admin panel

# UPDATE V 5.0 - ( 13 Nov 2016 )
 - Multiple Notification
 - Improve Form edit/add place
 - Add scurity manipulate data on server
 - Fix not accurate lat lng location
 - Migrate to retrofit for REST Endpoint
 - Improve permission request
 - Add pagination when load large data
 - Notification direct to place details
 - Refactor all string into strings.xml
 - Add advance search on Android

# UPDATE V 4.1.1 - ( 22 Aug 2016 )
 - bug fix pagination place.js and gcm.js

# UPDATE V 4.1 - ( 17 Aug 2016 )
 - Add new feature sort by Nearby in Android
 - Animate floating action button on scroll
 - Improve get current location at ActvityMaps
 - Implement pagination at Admin Panel
 - Support more than 1000 GCM notifications

# UPDATE V 4.0 - ( 13 Jul 2016 )
 - Bug fix theme color overlap Activity
 - Improvement GCM device registration
 - Integrate with Google Analytics
 - Update to latest support library
 - Support large text for push notification
 - Trigger refresh when send notification

# UPDATE V 3.2 - ( 8 Jun 2016 )
 - Bug Fix Custom Marker Android 4.0

# UPDATE V 3.0 - ( 31 May 2016 )
 - Custom Marker Icon on Maps
 - Theme Chooser ( 15 Color Variant )
 - Use Lazy API request Place details ( for Large data )
 - Add Flag ( enable/disable ) lazy request at AppConfig
 - Fix Double Activity Place Details

# UPDATE V 2.2 - ( 15 May 2016 )
 - Add AppConfig : easy way to enable/disable ads
 - Fix Crash and Some Bugs
 - Clean Some Code
 - Fix Error when Build project

# UPDATE V 2.1 - ( 4 May 2016 )
 - Add dialog request permission for android M

# UPDATE V 2.0 - ( 1 May 2016 )
 -Add New Category 'Featured Places'
 -Add Maps with Categorized Places
 -Add Maps For Single Place
 -Update GCM registration
 -Add Documatation Step to Add New Category 



username : user_place

password : user



  • Material Ripple :
  • Image Loader :
  • Rest API :

For buyers who may be confused between
“The City – Place App with
Backend†with “City Guide
– Map App for Android†is a
different item. as well Dreamspace with Robotemplates is different


Media Boxes Portfolio is a
featured jQuery grid pluginthat allows you to
display all kind of content in a highly powerful grid. Use it for
blog posts, display media, clients, portfolios, shopping carts,
galleries and all you can imagine.

it comes with a powerful filter, sorting and search

You can put the plugin in your existing HTML/CSS and it will
automatically adapt to its container, also you can quickly
customize it via CSS and HTML so it adapts to your needs.

The plugin provides you tons of options for filtering:

  • Define your own HTML markup for the filter
  • Apply your own CSS style to the filter
  • Add any number of filters
  • Target multiple boxes
  • Target some boxes and exclude others
  • Add multiple categories to the boxes (belong to several
  • Use any jQuery selector
  • Multiple filters, combined with the search and sort

The plugin provides you the option to search in the current
layout so you can find items very quickly, just specify what
elements you want to target with the searching.

If you have a filter it will work together with the search
feature, the popup and the load more feature will take in count
this filtering as well.

Sort the layout in real time, you can use text, numbers and even
extend it for your own desires. Make your own sorting options,
there’s no limit.

You can specify for each thumbnail that for certain
widthyou want certain
heightand the plugin will cut the height for you
(depending on the resolution, this works as the ratio). This is
very handy when you want all your thumbnails to have the same

If you specify the ratio of the thumbnails (width x height) the
plugin will show you the layout and the content without any delay,
then it will load each thumbnail separately (showing a loading
wheel) so it will feel like the plugin loads faster (like in the

The plugin is using Isotope v2 which is currently one of the
fastest grid systems with filtering out there. Also it uses the
best browser features when available (CSS3 transitions and GPU
acceleration) and a fallback of simple animation for older

You can define the grid layout (the number of columns or the
width) for different resolutions, for example maybe you want only
one column for a mobile resolution, 3 columns for a tablet
resolution and 5 columns for a desktop resolution.

One box can extend across several columns (usually 2), you only
need to specify it,
but play carefully with this option since in some
resolutions you may find gaps between boxes because it may not fit
perfectly all the time (according to Isotope logic).

The plugin is using the which is a responsive lightbox &
dialog script with focus on performance and providing best
experience for user with any device.

You can load a lot of stuff in the popup like images, videos,
sounds, iframes, HTML text, Google maps and ajax content (It
doesn’t support video/sound
fileslike .mp4 or .mp3, they need to be iframe
based, like in Youtube or SoundCloud)

You can find plenty of support in google since it is a very
popular popup, for example to add swipe support or many other

Directly link to the popup so you can share the popup content
with your friends or in your social network, just copy and paste
the URL generated when you open the popup.

  • Fully responsive grid and popup
  • Deep linking
  • Lazy load Feature
  • One of the fastest grids out there
  • Configure the layout for different resolutions
  • Multiple columns
  • Unlimited number of items
  • The popup supports images, videos, sounds, iframes, HTML text,
    Google maps and ajax content of any dimensions and it will keep the
    right proportions
  • Powerful filtering system
  • Searching system
  • Sorting feature
  • Retina ready icons
  • Set the number of boxes to load at start and when you click the
    “load more†button
  • Support thumbnails for the grid only to the images you want to
    improve performance
  • Define the ratio of your thumbnails
  • Auto cuts the height of the thumbnails with CSS techniques (if
    ratio defined)
  • Full width, the grid will adapt to the 100% of its container if
    you set the width of each column to
  • You can specify a static width for each column or specify
    number of columns
  • Change the portfolio layout for different resolutions
  • CSS3 Effects and GPU acceleration
  • Tons of overlay effects
  • Easy implementation
  • Compatible with Twitter Bootstrap
  • Deactivate and Activate Features through Javascript
  • Fully customizable and adaptable to your needs
  • Free Technical Support

I’ve used the following icons and scripts

  • Other JS scripts that you can find in the JS folder

v3.2 – March 10, 2017

  • Added some acceleration to the effects and fixed some
  • New JS methods for insert and refreshing the grid, check them
  • The JS logic for the dropdown filter now its on a different
    file named
    its easier to maintain, you’ll only need to add
    it along the other files, check it out

v3.1 – November 3, 2016

  • Fix and issue with the popup when adding boxes via JS/Ajax

v3.1 – October 29, 2016

  • Fixed and issue with the iframe-on-grid feature in the
    media_grid example

v3.1 – September 30, 2016

  • If you want to have the dropdown menu (the one used for
    filtering or sorting) open when you click on it instead of when you
    put the mouse over, you need to add this attribute:
    data-event=â€click†to the div with the
    class of “media-boxes-drop-downâ€
  • Now you can also use OR logic when using multiple filters, you
    can set this with a new JS option named
    “multipleFilterLogic†(check the
  • When using multiple filters, if you want them to be independent
    from each other add this peace of JS
    BEFOREthe JS initialization of the media boxes and


    $('*[data-filter]:not(*[data-filter="*"]').on('click', function(e){
        var current_all_filter =

v3.0 – August 04, 2016

  • New design on the live preview
  • Upgrade to latest versions of isotope, imagesLoaded, magnific
    popup and all components used
  • Now is compatible with jQuery v3
  • SEO on the thumbnails, just look for the “Add
    SEO†section in the documentation
  • Changed the path to the components used in the plugin, so it is
    easier to upgrade, check the “Including
    files†section in the docs
  • Option
    to “showOnlyVisibleBoxesInPopupâ€
  • Changed how the popup images are specified so you can have as
    many as you want in a single box, check the
    “Popup†section in the docs
  • The video-on-grid class changed its location along with the
    popup attributes, so just check the “Handy
    Stuff†section in the docs
  • The “sort†and
    “filter†JS setting are not longer
    needed, since now it automatically looks for the elements with
    “data-sort-by†attribute and uses
  • Now you can also use a “selectâ€
    element for filtering, just find the “Use a
    select as filter†section in the docs
  • Changed the deep linking hash of the popup from mb= to
    (grid|popup)= you’ll see it in action in the
    hash when using the new version
  • Deep Linking on filters and search is now possible!

    the JS option named “deeplinkingâ€
    was replaced by:

    • deepLinkingOnPopup: true,
    • deepLinkingOnFilter: true,
    • deepLinkingOnSearch: false,
  • Now you can pass the
    in the resolutions JS setting, so you can have different space
    between boxes depending on the resolution you have, check the
    “resolutions†JS setting in the
  • v2.8 – August 23, 2015

    • Fixed an issue with the dropdown menu on mobile

    v2.7 – August 17, 2015

    • Added new fresh examples
    • Fixed some bugs and added some SEO optimization

    v2.6 – Jan 11, 2015

    • Fixed some bugs with the loading function

    v2.5 – Oct 16, 2014

    • Fixed some bugs with Firefox about the drop down menu
    • Fixed some bugs with the filtering and the
      ‘minimum boxes per filter’
    • Fixed some JS logic
    • Improved the usability of the drop down menu on mobile

    v2.4 – July 8, 2014

    • Change the image icons for retina icons (Font Awesome)
    • Added a drop down for sorting and filtering
    • Added sorting examples

    v2.3 – July 7, 2014

    • Added search feature
    • Added sorting feature

    v2.2 – July 2, 2014

    • Added an option named
      “considerFilteringInPopup†so the
      popup shows only boxes from the filter specified, this is true by
      default now.
    • Changed the namespace of the imagesLoaded plugin since it would
      crash with the old version of isotope (if included in the same

    v2.1 – June 28, 2014

    • Added deep linking

    v2.0 – June 25, 2014

    • it is a totally new plugin
    • all the logic behind changed
    • CSS style changed
    • HTML markup changed
    • options changed
    • make sure to read the before you upgrade

    v1.0 – September 25, 2013

    • initial release

    You can take a look to the documentation

NextPost is an online marketing tool auto posting web
application that allows you to auto post to Instagram, schedule and
manage your Instagram accounts at the same time. With NextPost, you
can post and assess your posts in a single panel and save time
managing multiple Instagram accounts.

Instagram was designed to help users capture events as they
transpire and stay updated about their friends, family and
customers. Real-time posting may be the best way to use it, but not
everyone has the luxury of time to update their Instagram account
in real time. The native version of the social media platform
allows you to view Instagram content and communicate with your
followers and the people you are following, but it
doesn’t allow you to upload anything. There are
some tools that allow you to upload videos and photos, but they
don’t let you schedule your content. With
NextPost, you don’t need to worry about managing
several Instagram accounts and posting content.


NextPost boasts
the following features to help you save time and focus on more
important matters:

  • User-friendly design
  • Post Now function
  • Schedule posts
  • Multi Instagram Accounts
  • Cloud Drives (Dropbox, OneDrive) and PayPal Integration
  • Automatically Post Photos, Stories and Videos
  • Internal User Management
  • User registration and login system
  • Emoji Support
  • Statistics
  • Instagram auto post – Automatically post
    same content to all Instagram accounts
  • Packages Subscription
  • Secure Password Hashing
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Repost public Instagram posts directly from post URL or embed
  • PNG support
  • Automatic Image resize to match Instagram’s
    aspect ratios

NextPost is easy to install and has a mobile responsive design,
so it will maintain its look even when viewed using mobile

Auto Posting and Scheduling in One Tool

Instagram has its own special features that you have to master
if you want to use it drive more traffic to your site and generate
more leads for your business. If your customers are on Instagram,
it is even more important that you create your own Instagram
account and connect with them.

There’s no need to spend all day uploading
content on your Instagram account when you can use a tool that
automatically posts your stories, photos and videos on Instagram.
That’s what you’ll get from
NextPost. Now, you can get the most out of every post with
NextPost’s Instagram auto post function. Just
choose the time you’d like to upload your
content and NextPost will take care of the rest. It also gives you
a real-time preview of your Instagram account.

Schedule Your

NextPost allows you to schedule your posts at a future date to
save time. You don’t even need to log-in and out
of various social media platforms as you can conveniently manage
multiple Instagram accounts from a single place.

Images from Cloud Drives

You can import images from your Dropbox and OneDrive accounts
using NextPost. This way, you don’t need to
log-in on every account. Just use Nextpost and save time!

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts Simultaneously

Nextpost allows you to post to your Instagram accounts
simultaneously. As you add content to your Instagram, Nextpost
automatically posts the same content to your other accounts.


version 2.0– March 28, 2017

    - NEW: User registration system
    - NEW: Landing page to inform your users about the features,
pricing packages etc.
    - NEW: Primary SEO Settings
    - NEW: Change logo and favicon directly from app 
    - NEW: Google Analytics Integration
    - NEW: OneDrive Integration. SSL Certificate is required for
OneDrive Integration.
    - NEW: Option to repost public instagram image or videos. Just
include post's embed code or URL to the image/video url field.
Application will grab the media from the Instagram servers and
generate local URl to post it.
    - NEW: Automatic Image Resize. Images which are not in correct
aspect ratio will be resized automatically. With this feature,
there is no need to worry about the image sizes.
    - NEW: Purchase code validation.
    - IMPROVEMENT: PNG support. Now it is possible to post PNG
images. System will convert them to correct format at time of
    - IMPROVEMENT: Dropbox Integration. Now you can safely schedule
images/video from Dropbox. There is no time limit.
    - IMPROVEMENT: Package system completely rewritten. Now
packages are more flexible than version 1.0. You can define several
features for packages.
    - NEW: Free trial package: Flexible free trial package for your
    - BUG FIX: Images with buggy EXIF data will be optimized
    - IMPROVEMENT: PayPal payments. PayPal integration completely
changed. Now you must include PayPal API Cliend ID and Client
Secret to accept payments. This way it's more stable.
    - IMPROVEMENT: Minor design improvements
    - IMPROVEMENT: Video tab on post page will be visible only if
FFMPEG extension installed on your server.
    - IMPROVEMENT: Translation system has been changed. Now all
strings are stored in .po files
    - IMPROVEMENT: Installation interface has been updated. Now
there is an option to upgrade from previous version(s) or clean new
    - IMPROVEMENT: Optimized for MySQL strict mode.
    - BUG FIX: minor bug fixes on User page.
    - BUG FIX: Some other minor bugs are fixed.

version 1.0– February 20, 2017

    - Initial Release

SeoCode is a beautiful material WordPress theme that created by
Haintheme. It is an ultimate, clean-coded and well-designed website
template which suits best for the digital agency, SEO agency,
social media and any marketing business. Apart from the most
requisite features of any professional theme such as retina-ready,
fully responsive layout, cross-browser compatibility, and one click
demo install.

  • Modern, Flexible, Customizable!
  • WordPress 4.0+ Tested and Approved!
  • HTML5 & CSS3 code
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: FireFox, Safari, Chrome,
  • One-Click demo install
  • Layout Features:

    • More than 9+ homepage demos
    • Visual Page builder support – create
      unlimited variants of Layouts
    • 2+ Header Styles
    • Fully Responsive
  • Plugins Compatibility:

    • Revolution Slider
    • Visual Composer
  • A lot of

    • Accordion
    • Button
    • Columns
    • Google Map
    • Hide
    • Highlight
    • Section
    • Table
    • Tabs
    • Team
    • Testimonials
    • Title
    • Tooltip
    • Toggle
    • and more …
  • RTL support
  • Google web fonts
  • Performance Optimization
  • Great Professional Support
  • Documentation included
  • Regular Updates

Why Meteor?

Achieve more and showcase your professionalism and class with
METEOR. Efficient, robust, and with a fresh design, METEOR is the
perfect template for your next project.

Resources Used

Built with

Icons Included – and

Fonts Used – Cabin, and

Plugins Used



Images &
Other Assets

Teammember Photos from Flickr under CreativeCommons Licence

Other Images courtesy of

Label wheat silhouette set from

Free Minimal Vector Logo Pack from

Important Notice

This item is a HTML template not a WordPress Theme.

AtypicalThemes reserves its right to decline refunds for
purchases made by mistake or under the belief that this item is a
wordpress theme.

Orchid is a simple and easy to use, modern and creative, user
friendly, responsive design WordPress theme. Orchid has been
outfitted with a series of options, styles, layouts and widgets
that make your website a natural at blogging, with dedicated
features and tons of custom post types, incredibly capacity for
visual and experiential customization, and much more under the

Feature List

  • Responsive Design
  • Sample data included
  • 8 Pre-Made Page Templates
  • Unique Featured Slider
  • Promo Boxes below slider
  • Footer Instagram feed
  • Post Formats Supported
    • Standard Post Format
    • Video Post Format
    • Gallery Post Format
    • Audio Post Format
  • Custom Widgets:
    • About Me Widget
    • Facebook Widget
    • Social Widget
    • Latest Post
    • Instagram Widget
  • Theme Options Powered by Reduxframework
  • Easy to Customize: Hide/Show most elements
  • Sticky Menu
  • Unlimited Color Options for a lot of elements
  • Social Media Icons that supported in Header, Footer and
  • Plugins Compatible
    • Contact Form 7 –
    • MailChimp for WordPress: Display a beautiful newsletter widget
      on your sidebar –
    • Compatible with Yoast SEO Plugin
    • Compatible with WP Super Cache Plugin
    • Compatible with W3 Total Cache
  • Multiple Blog Layouts – We prepared a lot of
    demos, please check them out below
    • And a lot of other demos will be coming soon
  • Latest WordPress version supported
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Clean Code and Super Fast –
  • Translation Ready

Need support?

Please feel free to drop us an email at
with any questions or comments you may have

Thank you
for choosing Orchid!

If you like Orchid, please don’t forget
to rate it!! Thank You!

Rare Admin Template is an item of its own kind, it comes with
builder which helps you getting unlimited layouts, possibilities
with just few clicks of commands.

It comes with 13 layout options, 6 breadcrumbs options and 6
color schemes

So you can imagine your possibilities with Rare.

Layouts Included

  • Default
  • Centered Logo
  • Dark Layout
  • Compact Menu
  • Fixed Header
  • Fixed Menu
  • Fixed Footer
  • Full Width Layout
  • Horizontal Layout
  • Horizontal Icon Layout
  • Alternate Header Style

and many more…

Note: Images shown in demo are not included in template

Focus High-Converting Landing Page WordPress
it’s an advanced, and powerful
WordPress theme suited to promote web apps, mobile apps and all
kind of marketing and startup websites. It’s
fully responsive, flexible, clean, with a professional design,
Search Engine Optimized and comes with an advanced framework with
tons of powerful and flexible theme options in order to make your
life easier and build your site very quickly. Also it has included
Visual Composer Page Builder which gives you freedom to create
awesome web sites with almost any layout you can imagine in only
couple of clicks and will save you tons of time working on the site

If you like my theme, please do not forget to rate it Thank

Theme Features:

  • Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder Plugin
    – $34 Value
  • One Click Demo Install– Install
    the demo site with a single click.
  • Qodux Visual Composer
    – This WordPress theme
    Visual Composerwith new theme specific
    elements/shortcodes for even better page layouts. Create your
    website easily with drag & drop functionality, without writing
    any code.
  • Powerful Admin Options– This
    theme comes with a powerful admin panel that lets you do edits
    without any coding knowledge. You can change colors, backgrounds,
    fonts, layouts, create your custom skins and much much more.
  • Based on Bootstrap 3– Focus is
    based on the most advanced and most popular front-end framework for
    developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.
  • Responsive– This theme is a
    fully Responsive WordPress Theme and it looks perfect on any
  • Search Engine Optimized & Clean
    – 100% compatible with most popular
    SEO plugins: Yoast and All in One SEO, for more power and control.
    This Responsive WordPress Theme is built with web standards and SEO
    best-practices in mind.
  • CSS3 Animations– You can
    animate every element by using the animation shortcode. So you can
    choose from 55 different CSS3 transitions for elements.
  • Child Theme Included– Create
    child theme from included basic child theme. This way you can edit
    theme files in the safest way possible without worrying about theme
  • Customer Support & Free
    – We take customer support
    seriously and we are always ready to help with your concerns
    because we really care about our customers.
  • Custom Favicon (iPhone, iPhone Retina, iPad, iPad Retina, PC
    & Mac, Mac Retina) and Logo Uploader
  • Smooth Scroll – for Chrome and Opera
  • Custom CSS Integrator.
  • Cross browser compatible.

theme is best suitable for:

  • Marketing and startup campaigns
  • Notification of a future product launch
  • Click-through landing pages
  • Lead gen landing pages
  • Web and mobile apps

Theme Support:

If you have any questions please feel free to email via my user
page contact form . Thank you!

Please note that images used in live preview are not included in
the package.

HEALTH KARE is an Unique and modern HTML template, which has
been designed specially for Medical Practices, Dentists, Doctors,
Surgeons, Hospitals, Health Care Clinics, Paediatrics,
Psychiatrist, Stomatology, Chiropractor, Veterinary Clinics and
other Medical related Practices. Everything in this product is done
with a special care to ensure the quality of this product.

This product is an outcome of Our detailed studies and research
of making a purpose oriented design and it comes with lot of useful
features. It is easy to customize this template for any of Your
website needs. HEALTH KARE template has everything you need to
start your next unique Hospital / Health Care Clinic website!

This product is designed under the 1170px Bootstrap Grid System,
So it can be developed into a fully responsive website.

IMPORTANT: Images used in the Preview demo are not included in
the downloaded package.