Kingposter is a facebook auto poster tool developed to help you
post your Text / links / Images / Videos on facebook groups and
pages. Kingposter alows you to share your content and drive
Facebook traffic to your website / blog / page.

Support /
Questions / Suggestions

Please Email us using


– Multi-User

– Multi-Language system

– Multi-facebook accounts

– No Mysql db needed

– No facebook app ID / Secret needed

– Super Easy and simple installation – Super Easy user

– Facebook post preview before posting in real

– Ability to use personal facebook application

– Ability to use multi facebook application in the same account

– Support Facebook API latest version 2.6

– Schedule posts

– Save post

– Random interval

– Spintax ( Status / Link / description )

– Unique post adding a unique ID to the post status/message and
to the link

And many more features

What’s new in Update 1.7.1:

- Fixed : Some bugs 
- New feature : Post on fanpages and your own pages (Post as the
page on your own pages)
- New feature : Auto pause after "X" post and resume after "Y"
minutes on the schedule
- New feature : Upload Images / Videos direct on the script
- New feature : Add multi groups to a category at once
- New feature : Delete multi groups from a category at once
- New feature : More and new facebook emoji
- New feature : Define a Maximum posts per day that user can post 
- New feature : Define a Maximum facebook Account that user can add
- New feature : Activate new user account by an admin
- New Feature : Define a Maximum facebook groups to import
- New Feature : Define a Maximum facebook pages to import
- New Feature : The user now can define he first name and last name
of the profil section
- New Feature : Define the Minimum interval for immediate posting
by the admin
- Improved: Source Code.

Note :You cannot charge users for using this
script with the
Regular license. Kindly buy the
Extended licensefor commercial use of this


-- Admin --
Username: admin
Password : admin
-- User --
Feel free to create your own account 

Some of
the customers reviews

Update history

Version 1.7.1 (Sept 06, 2016):

- Fixed : Some bugs 
- New feature : Post on fanpages and your own pages (Post as the
page on your own pages)
- New feature : Auto pause after "X" post and resume after "Y"
minutes on the schedule
- New feature : Upload Images / Videos direct on the script
- New feature : Add multi groups to a category at once
- New feature : Delete multi groups from a category at once
- New feature : More and new facebook emoji
- New feature : Define a Maximum posts per day that user can post 
- New feature : Define a Maximum facebook Account that user can add
- New feature : Activate new user account by an admin
- New Feature : Define a Maximum facebook groups to import
- New Feature : Define a Maximum facebook pages to import
- New Feature : The user now can define he first name and last name
of the profil section
- New Feature : Define the Minimum interval for immediate posting
by the admin
- Improved: Source Code.

Version 1.6.1 (July 03, 2016):

- Fixed : Some bugs 
- New feature : Post type video
- New feature : Make and add groups to category
- New feature : Edit post
- Improved: Source Code.
- Improved: post preview

Version 1.6.0 (June 21, 2016):

Fixed: some bugs.
Fixed: language spelling errors.
New Feature: Multi facebook account
New Feature: Post to your timeline
New design : Redesign the settings page / signin form / signup form
New Feature : Ajax Signin/Signup
Improved: Source Code.

Version 1.5.0 (April 20, 2016):

Fixed: some bugs.
Fixed: language spelling errors.
New Feature: Multi facebook account
New Feature: Post to your timeline
New design : Redesign the settings page / signin form / signup form
New Feature : Ajax Signin/Signup
Improved: Source Code.

Version 1.4.1 (Mar 27, 2016):

Fixed: Some bugs.
Fixed: Language spelling errors.
New Feature: Spin( Link / Name / picture / Caption / description )
New Feature: Unique post adding a unique ID to the post
status/message and to the link
Improved: Source Code.

Version 1.4.0 (Mar 12, 2016):

Fixed: Some bugs.
Fixed: language spelling errors.
New Feature: Cron job/schedule posts
New Feature: Save post
New Feature: Random interval
New Feature: Disabling/Enabling user registration
New Feature: Disabling/Enabling email confirmation
Improved: Source Code.

Version 1.3.0 (Feb 2, 2016):

Fixed: some bugs.
Fixed: A few language spelling errors.
New Feature: Spintax.
New Feature: User account activate/deactivate.
New Feature: Add/Edit user in cpanel.
New Feature: More default apps.
Improved: Source Code.
Improved: Design.

Version 1.2.1 (Jan 15, 2015):

Fix some bugs
Increasing Post interval up to 1500 Seconds

Version 1.2.0 (Nov 25, 2015):

Multi-user system
Ability to use personal facebook application
Ability to use multi facebook application in the same account
Code optimization

Version 1.1.0 (Nov 03, 2015):

Fix new line Post message
New design with bootstrap
Responsive design
Pause/Resume posting
More stabilisation
Code optimization

Version 1.0.0 (Oct 22, 2015):

Initial Release

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Pastel Floral – Hand Painted Creative WordPress

Pastel Floral is a warm floral design featuring wood and paper
textures, decorated with flowers and plants. There is also a hint
of retro theme with hexagons and copper tones. This design would
suit personal blogs creative indiustries like florists, home made
goods, photography, clothing, online portfolio, children, authors,
and craft stores.

The Pastel Floral theme as created with ease of use in mind.
Everything from the 5-minute setup wizard through to the powerful
page builder have been designed with the end user in mind. Perfect
for beginners to make powerful changes, and perfect for more
advanced users with a clean and simple backend code structure.

Latest Update: Version 1.0.4 on 2016-09-07.

Pastel Floralis a hand painted creative website
that was really fun to make. This is our easiest to use theme

Some design elements you will see in this theme:

  • Flowers
  • Hand Drawn
  • Full Width
  • Single Page
  • Sliders
  • Visual Composer
  • Diagonal Separators
  • Hexagonal Blog Images
  • Portfolio

A short list of features that you’ll see in
this theme:

  • WordPress 4.6 compatible!
  • Brand new
    easy installation wizard–
    watch the
    to see how great this really is. No messing about with
    tricky settings, just click a few buttons and
    you’re up and running like the live demo.
  • Creative and easily Customizable Design
  • No complicated frameworks – if you need to
    do advanced changes it will be easy
  • Visual Composer included.
  • Easy sidebar manager (hide/show sidebar on each page,
    left/right/footer widgets)
  • Easy Font Customizer – change sizes, colors,
    padding and more.
  • Professional e-Commerce option with
  • Responsive CSS Layout – iPhone and Tablet
    friendly (can be disabled as well)
  • LESS files included for some of the CSS files (optional)
  • Contact Forms through ContactForm7 plugin:
  • Straight forward CSS and HTML markup making it easy for more
    advanced users to customize
  • Default content included so you can get up and running like the
    demo site in no time (
    watch the
    video to see how
    easyit really is

Quick Setup

New to websites? Here are the steps you need to follow to get up
and running with this website theme.

  1. Purchase a “domain name†(e.g.
  2. Purchase “WordPress website
    hosting†(hosting is the computer server that runs your
    website and emails 24/7)
  3. Some popular providers for domain names and hosting are: , and
    . Generally the more you pay the faster your website will
  4. Talk to your chosen hosting provider to setup your
    “WordPress†and make sure it works.
    You should be able to login to your “WordPress
    Dashboard†with a username and password.
  5. Once you are at this point, come back here and purchase this
    WordPress theme.
  6. Once purchased, go to and press
    “Download†and then
    “Installable WordPress file onlyâ€.
    This will download a small (less than 20MB) zip file to your
  7. Login to your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Themes
    > Add New > Upload and choose the ZIP file you just
  8. After uploading the theme to WordPress choose the
  9. Follow the setup wizard steps.


  • Some on how to use WordPress
  • WordPress 4.6 or above running on your website
  • The ability to install WordPress themes and plugins
  • Advanced Changes: you will need good PHP/CSS/HTML knowledge or
    be prepaired to hire someone from Envato Studio to perform advanced
    modifications for you.



We hope you enjoy this theme, we had a great
time making it. Thanks!


Here is a list of theme changes:

  • Version: 1.0.4

    Date: 2016-09-07

    – Fixed layout issues

  • Version: 1.0.3

    Date: 2016-09-06

    – Added Elementor page builder support

  • Version: 1.0.2

    Date: 2016-08-01

    – Bug fixes

    – Improved diagonal lines in Firefox

  • Version: 1.0.1

    Date: 2016-07-14

    – Initial Release

Mushi – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress

Mushi – The Multi-Purpose Responsive
Wordpress Theme. Mushi supports 8 homepage + Woocomerce layouts in
order to match with any user’s purposes. This is
one of the best theme that you don’t miss out.
The Mushi comes with 08 modern home pages specially designed for
business, creative agency, portfolio. Mushi is Responsive &
Retina ready also so Mushi can be fit in any device. Everything is
clear and easy to customize. Also we offer dedicated 24/7 Free
support for our valuable customers.




Pages Included

  • Home v1
  • Home v2
  • Home v3
  • Home v4
  • Home v5
  • Home v6
  • Home v7
  • Home v8
  • Woocommerce
  • Boxed Layout
  • Inner Pages
  • Cart
  • Single Products
  • Order Recieved
  • Product style 1
  • Product style 2
  • Product style 3
  • Billing 1
  • Billing 2
  • About Us
  • Branch 3 Column
  • Branch 2 Column
  • Branch Sidebar
  • Branch Wide
  • Coming Soon Light
  • Coming Soon Dark
  • Gallery Fancy 1
  • Gallery Fancy 2
  • Gallery Fancy 3
  • Gallery Simple 1
  • Gallery Simple 2
  • Gallery Simple 3
  • Contact us
  • 404 Error 1
  • 404 Error 2
  • FAQ’s
  • Price Table
  • Search Result
  • Team 3 Column
  • Team 2 Column
  • Team Sidebar
  • Header Dark
  • Header LIght
  • Footer Dark
  • Footer LIght
  • BLog
  • BLog Sidebar
  • Blog Wide
  • Single Post 1
  • Single Post 2
  • Portfolio 1
  • Portfolio 2
  • Portfolio 3
  • Portfolio 4
  • Single Portfolio 1
  • Single Portfolio 2
  • Events 1
  • Events 2
  • Events 3
  • Events 4
  • Events Single 1
  • Events Single 2
  • Contact us

Mushi Prominent

  • 2 Superb Header Styles
  • Sticky & non-sticky Header
  • Login & Signup Popup
  • Responsive Design
  • Validated Code
  • 100+ Shortcodes
  • Team Managment
  • 4+ Service Styles
  • Parallax Builder
  • Parallax Light, Dark, No Layer Option
  • Beautiful 6+ Portfolio Pages
  • Beautifull Blog Styles
  • Footer Options
  • Background Options
  • Boxed and Wide Layotu
  • Light Dark mega Menu
  • Light Dark Header
  • Light Dark Footer
  • Simple & Double Dropdown
  • Woocommerce included
  • Easy to Make any kind of Shop
  • Contract Form 7
  • bbPress
  • BuddyPress
  • Email Subscription
  • Event Shortcodes
  • Mockup Styles
  • Twitter Flickr
  • Testimonial Styles
  • PriceTables
  • Product pages
  • 2 Comming Soon pages
  • 2 404 Error Pages

Updates and

Version 1.0 (08-06-2016)

Initail Release

This form builder will build all your forms faster and easier than
you ever thought possible

Contact Form Generatoris a powerful form builder
that enables you to

easily create the most elegant forms in less than a

Create your own
contact forms,
feedback forms,
online surveysor
event registrationsand get responses via

Key features
you will like

  • No technical skills required, no coding required
  • Instant email notifications
  • Instant SMS notifications
  • Build as many forms as you want
  • Custom form branding
  • Custom email auto-responder
  • Custom validation and error messages
  • MySQL database integration
  • Mailchimp and Aweber integrations along with five other
  • Anti-spam protection
  • Get fully responsive forms that will fit in any screen

19 fields types to create any form you want

  • All HTML standard elements are included:

        Single line text

        Multiline text


        Drop down list

        Drop down list with
    multiple selected values


        Radio buttons

        Hidden input

        Submit buttons

        Titles and labels


  • 8 advanced fields with syntax and format

        Email field

        Calendar field

        Upload field

        URL field

        Terms & Conditions

        Rating field

        Time field

        Captcha field

    Super easy to use

    Contact Form Generator has the easiest drag and drop interface
    to let you build your forms in seconds. You
    won’t have to code anything: the form builder
    creates all the sources files for you instantly (php files, html
    files and css files) and your forms will work right out of the

    Real time
    preview of your form

    The form you create in the form builder is the form you will get
    for your website. Getting a real-time preview of your forms will
    make it match your website design instantly.

    Instantly apply your website design on your own form

    Create forms that will match your website identity instantly
    using the color pickers that are available for every elements of
    your form.

    Give your the form the exact look and feel you want: more than
    600 fonts are available. Change the text size and the text form
    field colors in seconds.

    Receive instant email notifications

    Receive a copy of the form submissions data in your inbox
    instantly. SMTP sending available.

    CC field and BCC field are available: you can send the
    notification to multiple recipients

    You can also customize the email notifications with the form

    Save all the form results in your MySQL database

    Integrate a MySQL connection with your form in seconds and
    instantly insert the form data in your database.

    Receive SMS

    Receive sms notifications when a visitor submits your form and
    view the form submission on your mobile phone. You can either use a
    Twilio account or a Click A Tell account to send the SMS.

    file uploads with progress bar

    • Your visitors can upload files on your server
    • You can receive uploads as email attachments
    • Secure file size control and file type control are
    • A file download link is available in the notification

    MailChimp integration

    • Grow your MailChimp list with your form submissions
    • Quick and easy integration, no coding required
    • Update your MailChimp lists in real-time
    • MailChimp groups management is available

    Aweber integration

    • Grow your Aweber list easily
    • Quick and easy integration, no coding required
    • Insert new contacts from your form directly into your Aweber
    • Update your Aweber lists in real-time

    100% fully
    responsive forms

    • Effortless mobile and tablet devices adaptation
    • Increase mobile conversions on your website
    • Create a seamless user experience for your visitors

    Build event registration forms and booking forms

    • Datepicker available in 34 languages
    • Set minimum and maximum dates for reservations
    • 8 date formats available
    • You can disable specific days of the week in the

    Strong spam

    Protect your form with a captcha field to ensure the message is
    sent by a person. You can customize the content and length of the
    captcha field.

    Complete email marketing service integration

    You can integrate all the major email marketing service in your

    • Mailchimp
    • Aweber
    • Constant Contact
    • Campaign Monitor
    • iContact
    • GetResponse
    • Salesforce

    Installing your form into your website is very easy

    • Upload the form files on your server
    • Copy and paste the form into your website template
    • That’s it! Your form will work out of the
      box instantly

    version available

    A WordPress plugin version of Form Generator is available here:

    What people are saying about Contact Form Generator

    This is by far one of the best form generators i have
    purchase and the support is amazing!

    – fightforcreativity (purchased Contact Form Generator)

    GREAT product. I’ve purchased almost
    every other form builder off CodeCanyon and yours is by far the
    best. Its the easiest to use and the most reliable. Great

    – dutchess (purchased Contact Form Generator)

    Updates And
    Change Log

    09/19/2015 – Version 2.6

    SMS notifications have been added in the forms: Twilio and Click A
    Tell SMS sending systems have been integrated in the form builder

    05/25/2015 – Version 2.5

    A database builder has been added in order to be able to push the
    form submissions into the user database

    05/14/2015 – Version 2.4

    New form field: "Terms & Conditions" field

    05/07/2015 – Version 2.3

    New form field: rating field
    Ability to control the height of the submit button
    The form builder has now a responsive design

    04/22/2015 – Version 2.2

    Ability to insert field labels inside inputs

    04/16/2015 – Version 2.1

    Ability to manage icons inside the form inputs
    Ability to manage the margin on input labels
    Ability to manage the inputs border color when clicking inside

    09/17/2014 – Version 2.0

    Responsive forms
    Mailchimp integration
    Aweber integration
    Constant Contact integration
    Campaign Monitor integration
    iContact integration
    GetResponse integration
    Salesforce integration

    11/11/2012 – Version 1.5

    Full set of save/load/edit functions for your forms
    Alignment options for labels, checkbox and radio buttons
    The user notification message can be sent in plain text or html

    05/28/2012 – Version 1.4

    New feature added: multiple file upload system / file attachment
    New feature added:  URL redirection option for the "thank-you" page
    New feature added: hover effects on the submit button

    03/28/2012 – Version 1.3

    New feature added: Cc and Bcc fields can be added in the admin
    notification message
    Improvement: multi-language support added for the calendar field
    (more than 30 languages supported)
    Improvement: Improvement: the email address of the person
    completing your form will automatically appear in the
    “from†field in your inbox

    03/18/2012 – Version 1.2

    New feature added: the name displayed in the inbox "Form" field is
    now configurable

    03/12/2012 – Version 1.1

    New feature added: images can be added in the contact form
    Improvement: a notification is displayed at the top right of the
    form editor if a new version of Contact Form Generator is available
    for download on Code Canyon

    03/05/2012 – Version 1.0

    First release of Contact Form Generator

Update History

version 2.3.1 – 30 August,2016

- Fixes an issue where users were having problems creating new

version 2.3 – 14 August,2016

- Fixes an issue of wrong response while adding expense category
from staff panel
- Ability to assign staff while adding a bug/issue in project room
- Project room 'overview' now shows the total amount of the project
along with paid amount and project expense
- Canned reply responses in support ticket reply
- Minor bug fixes

version 2.2 (May 30, 2016)

- Optional settings for PayPal sandbox
- Custom SMTP settings
- Project Quote sending from outside the system without signing up
- Performance improvements
- Bug fixes

version 2.1 (March 25, 2016)

- Safari on el capitan issue fix
- Scrolling stability fix
- Message texts unicode formatted
- Duplicate named file upload replacing issue fix
- Modal title to be changed from system settings
- Ajax login providing csrf protection
- Ui fixes where needed (some designs are altered due to change in
bootstrap css and js)
- Project quote updated, discussion between client and admin
- Datatable is implemented in file browsing within a project for
better experience
- Project expense can be managed from project room
- Project bugs can be tracked from project room
- Multiple colour theming option

version 2.0 ( July 15, 2015)

- updated to codeigniter 3.0
- redesigned dashboard
- redesigend navigation menus
- new right sidebar
- ability to manage todo from right sidebar
- calculator in right sidebar
- redesigned client profile interface
- ability to add company and associated person 
- ability to add multiple admins
- ability to make an admin owner
- client projects and team projects are separated
- projectroom for each client project
- multiple file upload in projects via dropzone
- dropbox file uploader
- save file to dropbox
- ability to add task to staffs in a project
- project task with calendar view with color marking
- redesigned project calendar for each project
- redesigned project timer
- timesheet history record for project timer
- ability to add milestones to projects
- ability to take payment separately for each milestone in each
- ability to take manual payment form client 
- stripe payment integration for client
- notes section in projectroom
- ability to manage team tasks
- ability to separate running and archived team tasks
- ability to assign team tasks to different staffs
- new event calendar for admin
- ability add event to event calendar on day click
- ability to edit events in calendar on event click
- ajax based notes section for each user
- ability to monitor client payments at a time in accounting
- ability to add expenses
- ability to add expense categories
- expense reports
- income expense comparison for any date range
- integration of stripe payment
- currency settings, paypal, stripe settings are separated in a new
- ability to change system logo
- ability to search throughout the whole system
- ability to view payment histories for clients 
- video tutorials added for easy usage of various features
- note saving bug fix
- project timer bug fix
- file upload during ticket creating bug fix
- site meta description fix
- paypal currency fix

version 1.1

- Support ticket file attachment feature created. 
- Create ticket from system admin account for any client.
- Own account user profile image upload option available now.
- Client can register new account from public link. 
- Admin needs to approve those pending client account opening.
- Project quote submission for clients to admin
- Admin can review / archive project quotes and create project from
- Calendar schedule for project tasks
- Send invoice to client from admin
- Invoice print / send button at top of invoice
- Highlight company in client listing
- 2 new color theme now available : Dark & Light
- Language saving issue fixed during logging time.
- Account opening email notification sending fixed.
- New message email notification sending fixed.
- Ticket delete reloading issue fixed.
- Email typing in forget password page with second dot after '@'
sign issue fixed.
- Miscellaneous issues fixed.

version 1.0

- Initial release. 


  • Apache server for running php
  • Php curl should be enabled
  • Php mail function of server should work properly
  • One purchase code is legal for using one domain only


We will help you for installation of our script. If you
still fail or having confusion, you can order our software
installation service via envato studio :


Please send us your
product presale query, after sales developer support request,
customization project and any other queries to our dedicated
support center :

Theme Features

  • Powerful Admin Interface
  • Highly Customizable
  • No coding knowledge required
  • One-Click Demo Content Import
  • Large collection of pages and layouts
  • RSVP contact form template
  • Guestbook functionality
  • Large collection of custom shortcodes
  • Select Core Plugin with custom post types
  • Smooth Page Transitions
  • Preloading Effect – choose from 15+ loader
  • Full Screen Select Slider with parallax functionality
  • Image/video slides in Select Slider
  • Image movement animation in Select Slider
  • Multiple Header types
  • Multiple Header behaviors
  • Separate Normal, Sticky, and Mobile Header Logo Versions
  • Separate Logo versions for dark and light header skin
  • Multiple Header & Footer widget areas
  • Optional Header Top widgets area
  • Customizable Mega Menu
  • Side Area
  • Multiple Side Area types
  • Fullscreen Menu
  • Anchor functionality in menu – easily
    navigate to any section on the same or different page
  • Video Background Sections
  • Parallax Sections with full height option
  • Visual Composer 4.11+ (Front End editor disabled) for WordPress
    ($34 value)
  • Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin ($19 value)
  • Twitter Feed Widget
  • Instagram Feed Widget
  • Social Icon Widget
  • Latest Posts Widget
  • WooCommerce Dropdown Cart Widget
  • Image Slider shortcode
  • Info Box shortcode
  • Image Gallery shortcode
  • Cover Boxes shortcode
  • Custom Font shortcode
  • Elements Holder shortcode
  • Video Button shortcode
  • Customizable Google Map shortcode
  • Integrated Search
  • Customizable Footer – choose from 1 to 4
    column layout, with regular or unfold functionality
  • Variable grid size
  • Portfolio List shortcode
  • Standard Portfolio List layout
  • Gallery Portfolio List layout
  • Pinterest Portfolio List layout
  • Multiple Portfolio Single layouts
  • Portfolio Single projects custom layouts
  • Portfolio Slider shortcode
  • Multiple Blog List and Blog Single Layouts
  • Blog List shortcode
  • Custom Post Formats: Standard, Gallery, Link, Quote, Video,
  • Related Posts functionality on Blog Single Posts
  • Carousel Slider
  • Testimonials shortcode
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Contact Form 7 Integration
  • Interactive Infographics
  • Smooth Scroll
  • Retina Ready
  • Multiple Custom Sidebars
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • Font Awesome, Font Elegant, Linear Icons, Ion Icons, Simple
    Line Icons, Linea Icons, and Dripicons Icon Packs
  • Translation (po&mo files) Ready
  • WPML Plugin Integration
  • SEO Optimized
  • Child Theme Ready

Change Log

Version 1.0.1 – September 2nd,

- Updated Woocommerce 2.6.4 templates

Your Personal Stunning Blog Ever

Lapin Blanc gives you the freedom to focus on your content
– the king of your blog and enhance it with
elegant pictures. Wow your readers with your expert contents that
are designed by our talents & passions. Love to remind you that
Lapin Blanc is created by an Elite Author of ThemeForest market,
our codes are clean, secure and SEO friendly. More over, we also do
researches to find out which a blog needs to have, so, you can be
confident to install & customize with our Lapin Blanc.

We provide regular updates, detailed documentation and topnotch
support service for this blog WordPress Theme and
it’s easier to find the answers to all of your
Lapin Blanc related questions. Your visual content will only get
bigger because it has been growing for years and appears to be
speeding up. Your audiences love to share your content with the
world via their social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.
It’s awesome, huh?

Overall Features

  • Blazing fast loading speed
  • Two post layout options: Full width, Content-Sidebar
  • Two blog options: Modern Blog Layout & Classic Blog
  • One-click sample data
  • Live Customizer
  • Unlimited colors
  • RTL support
  • Responsive & Retina
  • Sticky header
  • 600+ Google fonts
  • WPML supported
  • Font Awesome icons
  • Bootstrap 3.x based
  • Smooth CSS3 animation
  • Contact Form 7, Envato WordPress Toolkit, and Widget Logic
  • Cross browsers compatibility: Chrome, Firefox, IE11 and

All images are just used for Preview Purpose Only. They are not
part of the theme and NOT included in the final purchase

You may also want to check:

BeDrive allows you to create your own self-hosted file sharing
and hosting website in minutes with no coding knowledge. It has an
impressive feature set that rivals and even surpasses current
industry leaders such as dropbox or google drive.


  • Easy Installation –Install
    BeDrive easily with no coding or server knowledge in a few minutes
    with our easy to use installer and documentation.
  • Ajax Based –BeDrive is a ajax
    based application, which means it has no browser page refreshes
    when navigating trough the application.
  • Folders –Each user can create
    unlimited folders and sub-folders to host their files. They will be
    displayed and can be navigated from left panel folders list and
    breadcrumbs above the files list.
  • Translatable –BeDrive is fully
    translation ready. All you need to do is translate key
    – value pairs in a simple text file.
  • Responsive –BeDrive is fully
    responsive and will work on desktop and touch devices.
  • File Previews –Preview multiple
    file types including audio, video, text, pdf, zip and images right
    in the browser without the need to download the file.
  • Amazon S3, Rackspace, Dropbox
    Easily switch between using your
    servers hard drive, Amazon S3, Rackspace or Dropbox for file
  • Documentation –BeDrive comes
    with in depth documentation that explains everything from
    installation to all the features.
  • HTML5 Multi File Upload –Files
    are uploaded using modern HTML5, it supports multiple file uploads,
    chunked uploads (meaning large files will not time out your
    server), resumable uploads and live upload progress panel.
  • User System –Fully featured
    users system with social login(facebook, twitter and google),
    normal login, registration, password recovery, account settings and
  • Links –Easily share file links
    via social services like facebook and twitter, send them via email
    right from dashboard so people without your site account can easily
    preview them, protect them with a password if needed.
  • Disable Registration
    Registration can be fully disabled
    from admin panel so only users you create manually from admin panel
    will be able to login.
  • Grid and List views –Both grid
    and list views are available and freely switchable by the user so
    they can select the one they prefer more.
  • Ads –6 integrated ad spots. All
    you need to do is paste your ad codes in admin area and BeDrive
    will do the rest.
  • Professional Design-Impress your users with a
    pixel-perfect professional design based on google material
  • Settings-There are many settings that allow you to
    customize the site to your needs, including maximum allowed file
    size, max simultaneous uploads, file format whitelist and
    blacklist, maximum space for each user, meta information and
  • Analytics –Google analytics are
    integrated right into admin area so you don’t
    need to open a separate page to see how your site is doing.
  • Multiple Homepages –Choose
    between multiple homepages including landing page, login page or
    your own custom html page.
  • Payments system –BeDrive comes
    with integrated subscription system that allows you to effortlessly
    offer your users plans with different amount of space available
    (fully configurable by you), this system can be completely disabled
    as well if you prefer.
  • Drag and Drop –BeDrive has a
    near desktop drag and drop experience, including selecting multiple
    items by dragging a box with a mouse, dragging items to a different
    folder/trash, uploading items by dragging them onto the site and
  • Context Menu –Fully integrated
    context menu (right click on file or folder) is available with all
    the actions you’d expect like delete, copy,
    share, move, rename, get link and more. This menu can be accessed
    from navigation bar as well on touch based devices.
  • Trash –Deleted items will first
    be moved to trash so they can be restored later.
  • Favorites –Favorite files or
    folders so you can find them easily from favorites page later.
  • Search –Powerful search will
    find files and folders that are at any level of depth.
  • Recent Activity –Panel on the
    right will display any activity that occurred recently in active
    folder, include file uploads, deletion, favorite and more.


  • PHP >= 5.4
  • MCrypt PHP Extension
  • PDO Extension (enabled by default)
  • php_fileinfo Extension (enabled by default)
  • MySQL, Postgres, SQLite or SQL Database Server.


2016 August 15 – Version 1.8

- BeDrive will now work on servers where PUT and DELETE requests
are disabled.
- Fixed an issue with user password not being updateable from user
- Fixed an issue where file with password was sometimes not
- Fixed an issue with BeDrive sometimes only using half the screen
on phones.
- Fixed an issue with analytics page not working sometimes.
- Fixed an issue with multiple files download not working if using
S3 for storage.

2016 May 12 – Version 1.7

- Root folder will now show its sub-folders in dashboard.
- Fixed an issue with files that had password being downloadable
without it.
- Fixed an issue with files having double extension when
- Fixed some display issues in admin area that occurred on firefox.
- Fixed an issue with sharing not working properly.
- Fixed an issue with some settings not saving properly in admin
- Fixed an issue with settings page not working properly if using
s3 for storing files.
- Fixed an issue with database prefix not working correctly during

2016 February 19 – Version 1.6

- Implemented a new installer that will try to automatically
correct a number of common server issues.
- Long press on file thumbnail will now open file context menu on
touch screens.
- Double tap on file thumbnail will now open file preview on touch
- Mail and cloud storage credentials can now be entered in admin
area > settings page directly.
- Free plan maximum space will now be correctly reflected in
upgrade modal.
- Link copy functionality should now work properly on firefox.
- Fixed an issue where folder renaming would not reflect in
subfolders breadcrumbs properly.
- Fixed an issue where not logged in users could not download
folders via share link.
- Fixed an issue with avatars not being resized properly in admin
area users table.

2015 December 18 – Version 1.5

- Greatly improved performance of all admin tables.
- Made several improvements to responsive design.
- Fixed several issues withs ads.
- Fixed an issue where installation page was not scrollable.
- Fixed an issue where multi-selecting would not work properly on
some servers.
- Fixed an issue where preview of files that are in trash would not
work properly.
- Fixed an issue where folders were not downloadable on some
- Fixed an issue where folder renaming would not reflect in
breadcrumbs properly.
- Fixed an issue where site name change in admin area would not
affect user dashboard.
- Fixed an issue where register button would still show in preview
page if registration was disabled.

2015 October 28 – Version 1.4

- Meta title and description entered in admin panel will now be
added to all pages.
- Added some missing translations to translations file.
- Improved file previews on all browsers and fixed a number of
small issues related to it.
- Fixed an issue where text preview was not scrolling properly.
- Fixed an issue where multiple files download would not work on
some servers.
- Fixed an issue where image thumbnails would not work properly
when using dropbox to store files.
- Fixed an issue where some settings would not save properly when
using dropbox to store files.
- Fixed an issue with analytics page sometimes not working
- Fixed an issue where admin was not able to create users from
admin panel if registration was disabled.
- Fixed an issue where folders with # in their name would not work
- Fixed an issue where files would not download properly sometimes
when using amazon S3 or dropbox for storing files.
- Fixed an issue with some of the admin tables not working properly
on Safari when using Mac or iOS.
- Fixed an issue where file extension would not be added to
filename properly sometimes when downloading a file.

2015 October 2 – Version 1.3

- Fixed an issue with dialogs not working on iOS and some versions
of mac properly.
- Fixed some issues with upgrade modal responsiveness.
- Fixed an issue with upload panel getting cut off if uploading
many files at the same time.
- Fixed an issue where non admin accounts were not able to delete
files from trash properly.
- Fixed an issue with user settings modal not working when in admin
- Fixed an issue with first name and last name fields being mixed
in admin area users page.

2015 September 20 – Version 1.2

- Fixed an issue with thumbnails not generating properly for
uploaded images on some servers.
- Fixed an issue with files not being deleted from filesystem
properly after user deletes them from trash page.
- Fixed an issue where some service keys were shown in plain text
when viewing page source.
- Fixed an issue with folders being movable to themselves via move
to menu.
- Fixed an issue with admin area analytics page getting cut off on
smaller screens.

2015 September 07 – Version 1.1

- Lading page will now redirect to users dashboard if it's accessed
when user is logged in.
- Files table in admin area will now show user that file belongs
- Ads will now be hidden for subscribed/premium users.
- Fixed an issue where register button would still be visible after
disabling registration from admin area.
- Fixed an issue with rar, iso, apk and some other more obscure
file types not uploading properly sometimes.
- Fixed an issue with file and folder move modal not being
- Removed some deprecated features information from documentation.

Designed for elementary, high schools, universities and

Using School Time you can easily create a modern school website
and easily edit the real content and compose the page layout with
drag & drop page builder.

With our quick demo content install, you can get started right

This theme comes packaged with Visual Composer and Layer Slider
premium plugins which give you another level of power when
customizing the site to fit your needs. Unlimited colors and
collection of Google Fonts give you even more scope to personalize
the look and feel of your website. You can add profiles for your
Teaching staff and tutors, with description, Photo, Contact
details, Schedule and manage your school events.

Chandra admin template is beautifully crafted admin template for
backend applications.

It comes with HTML, PHP and Laravel versions

You can use it for any language like PHP, ASP, JSP, perl, ruby

Starting a
Laravelproject? Save tons of hours with built-in
blade templates, users management etc…


Built with Bootstrap 3.3.4

Valid HTML 5 and CSS 3

6 color schemes

Different layout options

Multi level menu

40+ pages included

100+ components used

Boxed & Full width versions available

Fully Responsive

Form Elements

  • Form Validations
  • Different form layouts
  • Enhanced select boxes
  • Masked inputs
  • Date picker
  • Date range picker
  • Switch buttons
  • Sliders
  • Multiuploads
  • Autosize textareas


Update 2.5

Front end signup, login, forget password added

replaced filters with middleware

two new middlewares added

many small bugs squashed

Update 2.4

Added sub-views for messages, notifications etc blocks on
header part so if you don’t want
something… removing that block as easy as just
removing a single line of code

Blog comments also sub-view so you can easily replace with
disqus/facebook comment system

fixed bunch of bugs

Update 2.3 –

Blog module added

create blogs from backend and your visitors can read them on

Update 2.2 –

CRUD generator has been added

now with a single command, you can generate model, view,
controller, migration easily.

Update 2.1

Replaced sentry with sentinel


Update 2.0.1

Frontend released, preview

Update 2.0

Laravel 5 version included
updated to bootstrap 3.3.2
many small bugs fixed

Update 1.3

Group management UI added
Edit user UI added
User avatar upload management
Updated to latest bootstrap
Many small bugs fixed...

Update 1.2

Most awaiting Laravel version has been included

Login, register, users, create new user have been added laravel

All layouts moved to laravel layouts so you can start a new website
with any layout by just extending it

– 16 Dec 2014

More color schemes added
user profile page modified
invoice modified


Beautiful profile pics

– Beautiful free stock photos