Intelle Stock Manager

Intelle Stock Manageris your ultimate tool to
manage inventory and stock.

It has been engineered from ground
up to give you comfort without compromising security.

Stock and
Inventory Management:

Organize your products and sales in a solid fashion. Make
selling items fast and take control of your transactions. Maximum
security is ensured for your transactions so that no data is ever

Business Report:

Intelle Stock Managerbrings transparency to your
business. Helps you build forecast and take decisions based on your
performance! Visual charts gives you a clear birds eye view on how
you are doing and what needs to be sorted out.

Role Permission

Intelle Stock Managerlets you manage your
employees and assign them exactly what they need to take care of.
In cases or emergency, you may extend their capability too! The
robust role permission system allows you to take full control of
the software.

Lock while away:

Going away from your desk for a while and don’t want anyone to
access? Just click the lock button and you can resume from where
you left off when you come back!

Features at a

  • – Organize products by Categories and Subcategories.
  • – Calculate profit on sold products.
  • – Manage suppliers, customers and whole sale customers.
  • – Partial payment system for customers.
  • – Product Alert System
  • – Invoicing.
  • – Multiple item sell at once.
  • – Role permission based system to manage your staff.
  • – Excellent reporting tools to generate accurate business
  • – Full screen/distraction free mode.
  • – Return system.
  • – Manage external expenses of your company.
  • – Branding/Customization via interface.
  • – Instant search
  • – Database backup system.
  • – Built with Laravel 5.4 and Vue JS 2.0
  • – Locking feature

Super Admin Login for demo:


Pass: super_user

Stable Release v1.0.1 [Update September 21, 2017]


Upgrade to Laravel 5.5
Advanced Search
Performance upgrades
Minor UI improvements


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Intelle Stock Manager

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