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HRSALEprovides you with a powerful and
HRplatform to ensure you get the best from your
employees and managers.
HRSALEis a timely solution to upgrade and
modernize your
HRteam to make it more efficient and consolidate
your employee information into one intuitive
HR system.

Get rid of the paperwork and spreadsheets floating around your
office and Turn into beautiful online people database with employee

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Update History

Version 1.0.10 : March 04, 2019

-- Fixed: Department and Designation graphs on dashboard

Version 1.0.9 : February 23, 2019

-- Updated: Design Template
-- Fixed: Payroll amount on dashboard
-- Updated: Helper file
-- Added: Department and Designation graphs on dashboard

Version 1.0.8 : February 16, 2019

-- Added: Official Documents module
-- Added: Sub departments module
-- Added: leave categories for each employee
-- Fixed: Work experience
-- Fixed: Employee leaves page
-- Fixed: Attendance page
-- Fixed: Job interview page
-- Fixed: Attendance reports
-- Fixed: Leave notification for employees 
-- Updated: Roles & Privileges module
-- Updated: English language file.

Version 1.0.7 : January 19, 2019

-- Updated: Updated admin dashboard
-- Updated: Updated to New Template
-- Updated: Roles & Privileges module
-- Updated: English language file.

Version 1.0.6 : July 12, 2018

-- Added: Admin can be able to see his/her employees leaves summary
on employees details page
-- Added: Employee can be able to see his/her number of leaves
-- Added: Invoices for projects
-- Added: Tax Types
-- Added: Clients Portal
-- Fixed: Leave counting on leave details page
-- Fixed: Employees office shift on profile page
-- Fixed: Pagination on employees directory page
-- Fixed: Lock User - User profile picture was missing.
-- Updated: Updated to CodeIgniter Version 3.1.9
-- Updated: Updated to New Template
-- Updated: Staff Directory page
-- Updated: Roles & Privileges module
-- Updated: English language file.

Version 1.0.5 : May 26, 2018

-- Added: Clients module for projects
-- Added: Employe field in Events module
-- Added: Employe field in Meetings module
-- Added: Events and Meetings calendar in employee panel
-- Added: Enable/Disable chat module option in setup modules.
-- Fixed: Ticket Users.
-- Fixed: Clock-in button for employees.
-- Fixed: Task discussion on task details page.
-- Fixed: Employee can't view other employee profile.
-- Fixed: Project bug status in employee section.
-- Fixed: edit deposit in Accounting module.
-- Updated: replaced "-" icon with add new button on all pages.
-- Updated: Roles & Privileges module
-- Updated: English language file.

Version 1.0.4 : May 15, 2018

-- Added: Employees reports in HR reports.
-- Added: Employees Chat Application.
-- Updated: All passwords encrypted.
-- Fixed: Exchange Date and Status columns in date-wise attendance
-- Updated: Setup modules
---- Changed: Setup Modules format.
---- Added: Projects & Tasks, Assets
-- Added: Web.config file for IIS server
-- Added: Company Type in Constants Module
-- Fixed: Annoucement alerts on dashboard
-- Fixed: Transfer view on employee panel
-- Fixed: Office Shift on employee panel
-- Fixed: Advance Salary on employee panel
-- Fixed: Advance Salary Report on employee panel
-- Fixed: Design for cards content on employee dashboard
-- Updated: Roles & Privileges module
-- Updated: English language file.
-- Added: showMethod & hideMethod style for Toastr Alert.
-- Fixed: Clock in/out for multiple employees.
-- Fixed: Un-commented email library in forgot password controller.
-- Updated: Employee dashboard, when Projects module disabled.

Version 1.0.3 : April 25, 2018

-- Added: Company info in HR Calendar for events and meetings.
-- Fixed: Total Employees percentage on dashboard.
-- Fixed: Accounting Module
----- Edit Accounts and delete Accounts.
----- Edit Deposit and delete Deposit.
----- Edit Expense and delete Expense.
----- Edit Transfer and delete Transfer.
----- Edit Payee and delete Payee.
----- Edit Payer and delete Payer.
-- Added: User Roles reports in HR reports.
-- Updated: Roles & Privileges module.
-- Updated: Convert all tables in a MySQL database to

Version 1.0.2 : April 10, 2018

-- Added: RTL Support
-- Added: .htaccess file for iPage server
-- Fixed: Clock-in and Clock-out location of employee attendance is
-- Fixed: Map is fixed for employee attendance location.
-- Fixed: The attendance module is now working in the employee
panel, error is fixed.
-- Fixed: Accounting module menu.
-- Updated: Documentation

Version 1.0.1 : April 07, 2018

-- Added: Geolocation
----- Employees Clock-In and Clock-Out Location via Google map.
----- Added Ip restriction for employees, so employees can clock
in/out only from office.
----- Show Ip Location on attendance page.
----- Enable/Disable Ip Restriction for employees
-- Updated Recruitment Configuration
----- Now user can't upload php,js or html files.
-- Updated: Files Manager
----- Added new files manager
----- Added settings for files manager
-- Updated Documentation
-- Added: .htaccess file for godaddy server
-- Fixed: Login page.
-- Updated Setup Modules
-- Updated Footer Page
-- Fixed: Added company info while generating new payslip.
-- Fixed: Date wise attendance list page.

Version 1.0.0 : April 05, 2018

Initial Release

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HRSALE – The Ultimate HRM

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