Fona – Multipurpose Magento 2 Theme

2.2.x Compatibility

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Magento 2.0.x, 2.1.x, Compatibility

Key features

  • CleverBlock (Save $100)– Many times, image banners
    come in handy as they are very convenient and obvious way to
    deliver your message precisely. This element will display those
    image blocks in a nicer & interactive way.
  • CleverBrands (Save $100)show all product brands on
    the home page (or on any other CMS page).
  • – This Magento cookie law extension adds a notice
    telling your visitors that the site uses cookies. The notice shows
    up when a visitor enters the site.
  • CleverInstagram (save $200)– is a smart way to add
    Instagram feed to your store. Instagram has become one of the most
    important marketing channel these days so its important to leverage
    the benefits of your Instagram traffic by showing real authentic
    photos on your Magento store.
  • – Advanced Layered Navigation powerful custom
    extension included out-of-the-box to improve SEO on URLs, with AJAX
    filtering and multiple select for attributes. The implemented AJAX
    technology allows filtering and sorting products without page
  • – Allow you add categories, custom static block
    (video, banner, links..), CMS to the navigation.
  • CleverProducts (save $300)– Showcase top products
    of your store in an eye-catching and attractive sliding gallery.
    Depending on the place of block displaying, you can select
    horizontal, vertical, list, grid, tabs layout type.
  • CleverQuickView (save $100)– The goal of the Quick
    View feature is to minimize the numbers of clicks and help shoppers
    initiate their ordering more easily and efficiently.
  • CleverSlider (save $200)– image slideshow can be
    displayed on any CMS page and in any static block with simple
    shortcode. Show any content in your slides (clickable or
    non-clickable images, complex HTML, anything), add captions above
  • – Social Login extension for Magento 2 will let
    online store owners benefit from all the social media advantages.
    It helps to increase conversion rates by allowing your customers
    quickly login and place order.

    The fact that a lot of information is required when creating a
    new account, this can discourage customers to shop on your website.
    However, most of the people already have social accounts such as
    Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Live etc. Why don’t you
    enable them to use such accounts to log in by using our social
    login extension? Customers just need to click on the account button
    they like, and then enter their username and password!

  • Off-Canvas Shopping Cart (save $100)– Allow your
    clients to see the products they’ve selected in a glance, with the
    possibility to add or remove products without being forced to
    navigate back and forth across the site.
  • – We have to implement defer javascript loading as
    a theme core feature. The extension moves Javascript to the bottom
    of the page and solves the render-blocking Javascript problem. It
    helps you defer Javascript. The extension improves the Google
    PageSpeed score for both mobile and desktop views. Your page speed
    will be increased 200%
  • Newsletter Popup– Newsletters are important part
    of marketing. With its easy to customize design and display
    settings, the pop-up provides a simple solution to increase your
    newsletter subscriptions, ensuring that your customers always stay
    up to date about your products and services.
  • Customizable design – change the visual appearance of almost
    every element
  • Unlimited Layout Options – You can build almost any kind of
    website using CleverTheme as base. The theme has several layouts
    options that you can easily modify.
  • 100% Responsive Magento Theme – CleverTheme is fully responsive
    and will adapt itself to any mobile or tablet device. iPad, iPhone,
    Android, Windows.
  • 100% Retina Ready – CleverTheme is Retina Ready and your
    website will always looks perfect on any devices.
  • Unlimited colors – change colors of dozens of elements, apply
    textures, upload custom background images
  • Google Fonts – integration with Google Fonts
  • Instant Grid/List change – No more page reloading or waiting
    AJAX request. Just click the grid or list button and your products
    will change instantly with a beautiful animation.
  • Off-canvas menus on mobile – On small screens, the main menu
    from catalog and the sidebar menu from customer admin become
    off-canvas (app-like sliding menu)
  • Sticky Menus – Sticky menu (also called a fixed navigation) is
    basically a website menu that is locked into place at the top of
    the screen so that it does not disappear when the user scrolls down
    the page; in other words, it is accessible from anywhere on the
    website without having to scroll.
  • Long product name can be clipped – Show full name on mouse
  • Alternative images – show alternative product images on mouse
    hover (in category view and in product sliders)
  • Equal height – items in the product grid can be aligned
    vertically to improve the layout
  • Image aspect ratio – keep the aspect ratio of product images
    (upload images of any dimensions, not necessarily square)
  • Previous & Next functionality for the product view page –
    Now you can navigate to next and previous products without going
    back to listing page.
  • Back To Top button
  • Ajax Paging & Toolbar
  • Cloud Zoom + Lightbox – product image zoom. Use one of those
    methods or both at a time. Cloud Zoom can be displayed inside or
    outside the main image.
  • “New” and “Sale” labels – mark your products with eye-catching
    labels. Text on the labels can be easily translated to other
  • Customizable product grid – configure the display of the
    following elements of the grid:
    product name,
    “Add to cart”button,
    ratings (stars),
    “Add to wishlist”and
    “Add to compare”links.
  • Fully Responsive Grid – forget about setting column numbers for
    each breakpoint. Just set a minimum width for your products and
    they will automatically adjust to any screen size.
  • Sticky Add to Cart– Ensuring your buy button is
    always on screen regardless of where your visitors are on the page
    means that you’re consistently encouraging them to take a desired
    action. This small, but effective, interface tweak can increase the
    likelihood your visitors will add an item to their carts as soon as
    there is even the slightest interest. And considering there is a
    greater chance for your mobile browsers to exit at any given point,
    a sticky call-to-action can be the difference between a customer
    that buys and one that bounces.
  • Header & Footer Options – Customize the header and footer
    of the theme to fit your brand. CleverTheme gives you enough
    flexibility to create a unique look for your store.
  • Support Right-To-Left Language – CleverTheme is ready to work
    with the languages that are written in RTL direction
  • Custom CSS – You can always integrate your custom css codes and
    customize themes just the way you like. All the CSS styles added to
    this file will not be lost after upgrading the theme in the
  • SEO Friendly – Coded with best SEO practices, so your content
    will index correctly in search engines and you will get a lot of
    visitors by search engine results.
  • Rich Snipets – make the most of your SEO with the automatic
    Rich Snipets included, as recommended by Google.
  • 1 Click Demo Importer – Installing and setting up CleverTheme
    is incredibly simple. Just select your preferred demo and within
    minutes you will have a full store installed so you can use it as a
    starting point for your own site
  • Instant Search AutoComplete- Your visitors would get the most
    relevant search results, and personalized product and query
    suggestions – from the first character they type in your Magento
    search box. The clear, concise suggestions attract visitor
    attention to products that match what they are looking for. Once a
    visitor selects a product from the list, she will get immediately
    to that page. With Instant Search AutoComplete you can engage your
    visitors straight at the search box, before they even hit “Enter”
    be that on their desktop, mobile or tablet!
  • Centered or left-aligned – align grid elements to the center or
    to the left
  • Size of elements – control the size of the elements: product
    name, button, product labels
  • Optimized for Speed – We all know that a slow site is a bad one
    no matter how pretty it looks – that’s why we paid extra attention
    to do everything is necessary that your site runs faster and
    smoother than ever.
  • Clean Code

    Novetty conforms to the best coding practices when it comes to
    HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. We hate clutter and all our code is
    simple, clean and easy to read. This is especially important if you
    want to edit the code yourself. We’ve implemented the latest HTML5
    and CSS3 techniques along with cutting edge Magento standards to
    ensure that your theme will give you the best possible experience
    in terms of the latest web features and faster page load times.


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Fona – Multipurpose Magento 2 Theme

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