Easy WhatsApp WordPress Plugin

Simple to use WhatsApp plugin by your friends at ZapDesk. chat
with your visitors and customers directly on WhatsApp. Keep the
conversation going even if visitors leave your website.

Links to demo:

Allow your users or customers to connect you using WhatsApp
simply by clicking on a button. Users can contact you directly in
private messages on your WhatsApp number and continue the
conversation on WhatsApp web or WhatsApp application (from

You will see the floating button which is can be positioned at
the bottom or at the top corners of the screen. 

WhatsApp plugin is compatible all latest WP versions and related
plugins. It also works in mobile view. In fact, if your site
visitor is using his mobile phone to browse your website, this
plugin, will automatically open his/her whatsapp messenger app
whenever visitor clicks on a specific agent.

Summary Features:

  1. Maintain up to 3 different agents with different expertise.
    Visitors can choose an agent and just start chatting.
  2. Choose cool circular button or choose formal rectangle shaped
    ‘WhatsApp Us’ button . You can choose to place this in any corner
    of your website.
  3. Visitors love it when they are wanted by the website owners .
    Make the happy by sending them a personalised message .


  1. Will this work on non-wordpress site? -> No, not at the
  2. How my site visitor can chat using this plugin? -> This
    plugin enables you to put your whatsapp phone number on the
    Wordpress site. This way, when any visitor, clicks on the displayed
    WhatsApp floating icon then selects AGENT, it automatically opens
    either WhatsApp messenger app (if visitor is using mobile phone) or
    WhatsApp WEB page (if using computer)
  3. Do I need WhatsApp installed on my phone or on my agent’s
    phone? -> Yes. Once plugin is installed, then you will also need
    to make sure you update correct number in the settings page.
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Easy WhatsApp WordPress Plugin

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