Digital University – Learning Management System

The best Learning management system for 2019, Digital
University, That provides more than you want when you start your
online courses business. Digital university is making the process
of creating online universities easier and less effort.

University LMS

It’s a web based learning management system (LMS) providing the
easiest solution to create your catching online courses website,
Just like Udemy, Coursera, Lynda, and treehouse… etc

According to current needs and technologies, Brightery created a
fully integrated learning management system with the latest
technologies and codes. Responsive design and easy to change the
theme with no problems or suffering. Flex operations and quick
calls and internal search engines.

The best of all learner management systems

Digital University is one of the best learner management systems
across the web because it gives you The possibility of creating
more than the teacher (instructor) and uploading courses together,
Wish list, Flex cart and payment gateways. Well documented and
easy to use the manual to install, understand, and use. Unlimited
updates coming to cover all needs that any course creator might

Key Features:

Features you will not find in other learning management systems,
and you find it only with Digital Unversity. We can’t write all the
features you get, Because of course we’re saving time for more
amazing updates containing more features monthly. But we can tell
some important hints about the main key features in Digital
University LMS.


Digital university – the best learning management system Front-End
key features:


Adorable design, creative and catchy with smooth animations and
fully responsive with all screen sizes and devices, colorful design
and freaking awesome grid system built with the most used


learning management software allow Users can surf the website
using an account or without, easy to add to cart with the session
only and without registration. Pretty awesome journey for the
end-user until reaching the check-out pages.

Users can register easily and start attending courses,
Downloading files, viewing content, making comments, and ratings to
courses they attended.

learning management software allowing Users makes users, make
changes to their username, email, password, profile picture, and
payments. Users can send direct messages to their teachers or
instructors to ask about stuff or more…

Users can add items to their wish-list or cart, courses they
want to attend later or buy in some other time. They can watch
videos, view lessons and add comments to courses they attend.

They can buy courses by using credit cards, debit cards or even
using pay-pal the most used banking transfer application.


The instructor can use the application as a normal user and do
whatever they can do from buying courses to add to the wish list
and more. But they can also see their dashboard and get reports
about sales and earnings.

They can watch their active courses, Pending courses, and drafts
during the time they’re viewing the application pages, They can
create new courses and add lessons without help or problems. Wait
for admin approve for their content and start earning with the

Instructors/Teachers can edit their biography and add their
e-mail and social account links to appear with their profile

They can add their payment information to instantly earn with
website master and money could be transferred easy and fast from
their website credit to their bank account credit. They can
use messages to contact their students and answer their questions

Can change the course pricing, Add free courses or apply
discounts to his content on the application.


The webmaster can change, edit and add anything to his
application, can request for another design with custom pricing or
more custom features if it’s not going to be released in short term

Admin can use the website to check the content, courses and be
sure it’s running in the right direction as it should be, Can buy
and sell online courses on his application and watch courses.

Can add Featured courses, Free courses or discounts to attract
more people to the website. Can edit any content or take-down any
online course.

Admins can watch analytics and add Google Analytics, Webmaster
tools… etc with documentation attached you can ask from brightery’s

Admin can Add unlimited Categories for courses and it’s
automatically added to the website, so any instructor can create
courses for this new category added. Add unlimited Sub-Category
lists used to contain courses and define the difference.

Admin can watch the current statistics of lessons, courses,
users, and attendance to courses. can approve, or disapprove any
course, and review every single course before it was published to
the website.

It can make changes to users and add new users. Can add, Edit
and delete users permanently from digital university

Can Watch or create reports for earnings and
attendance/enrollment for courses in real-time. Can manually free
enroll and student to a course without making payments with the

Can watch or create reports for earnings or for
instructors/teachers earnings for a lifetime, period, easy and

Can change, edit and add content to the website, change logos
and text, can deploy new pictures and make different styles for the
web application easily.

Can add different mailing server for email marketing and system
emails. Can allow/disallow instructors from adding courses, and
edit percentage anytime.

The best Learning Management system in 2019

We call it the best learning management system in 2019 because
it was based on many adorable new Technics and technologies that
were recently released, And also it takes less effort and resources
to start your online courses selling or online courses

If you’re an instructor and wants to increase your income, If
you’re a business owner, or even if you’re another ambitious
entrepreneur, Digital University – The best learning management
system in 2019 (LMS) will suit your needs.


Digital University is web based application that uses cloud
hosting to work, it’s totally build with pure PHP language and
MySQL database, it requires low performances server or cloud
hosting to run without problems.

Programming language:PHP
Programming Framework:Codeigniter (Open-Source PHP
Technologies used:HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX,
React, PHP, SQL databases. Special thanks for all open source and
paid kits and plugins helped to shrink production time, And helped
us produce this production easy and fast:

  • BootStrap4.
  • jQuery.
  • Owl carousels.
  • Slick.
  • Select2.
  • Font-awesome.
  • Google fonts.
  • fullCalendar.
  • iCheck.
  • modernizr.
  • popper.
  • ResizeSensor.
  • sticky-kit.
  • toastr.
  • wow.
  • Animate.css.
  • VendorsJS Team.

Photos – Content credits, Special thanks for:

Lorem ipsum:Thanks for the content we’re using all
the time for testing purpose. You’re the best.
Pexels Photos:Thanks for Pexels photos, Pexels
photographers for their amazing stock photo work they’re putting
online for free to use for both personal and commercial usage.

Digital University Table of content:

  • PHP files
  • HTML files.
  • CSS files.
  • JavaScript files.
  • Layered PNG files.
  • Layered JPG files.
  • SQL files.
  • PDF files.
  • GIF files.

Other Features

  • Teacher/Instructor area.
  • User Area
  • User can make payments
  • Paypal/Stripe Available
  • Courses (ADD/EDIT/DELETE)
  • Wishlist
  • Cart
  • Profile
  • Ajax Search
  • Animation
  • Flexible design
  • Modern design
  • Responsive design
  • Login/Register/Forget password
  • Watch courses, Download items, See videos. 
  • Messages.
  • Keyword Search
  • Dashboard
  • Easy to use 
  • Easy to install
  • No high requirements needed




    Password: 123456



    Password: 123456


    Update: June 13, 2019
    Bug Fixed.

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Digital University – Learning Management System

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