WordPress Gravity Forms to PDFplugin facilitate
the admin to convert
Gravity Formsfeed into pdf according to their
need, this pdf can be downloaded or directly sent to the user email
or the admin can do both at the same time. Admin can also change
the pdf format as required.

Key Features

Supports All Gravity Forms Fields

  • Standard Fields
  • Advance Fields
  • Post Fields
  • Pricing Fields
  • Image Fields
  • Multi Select Fields Supported
  • File Upload Fields Supported
  • Consent Fields Supported
  • Address Fields Supported

Provides PDF

This plugin provides facility to the admin to
securetheir pdf with password so nobody can access
it without their permission.

Generate Bulk PDF

From entries page of gravity forms admin can
create all entries PDF at once.

Prevents Copy

Disable copy pastesetting for text fields of
gravity form. Disabling copy paste will provide functionality to
the admin to restrict other user from copying text from the field
or to paste copied text to the field.

Get PDF When You

From the entries page of gravity forms admin can access the
previously created pdf.

Other Features

Customizable PDF

Design PDF header through WP Editor. Admin can change header
content, CSS, fonts, font size and provides margin too.

Design PDF footer through WP Editor. Admin can change footer
content, CSS, fonts, font size and provides margin too.

Enhanced PDF customization through WP Editor

Design whole body of PDFwith the use of
WP Editor.Add or
remove fieldsin the editor as you want in your

Watermark Image/Text in PDF

This functionality makes the PDF look better. You can
add watermark imageor
watermark textand change its opacity accordingly.
Image dimension can also be set using the setting.

Specify Position For Watermark Image

Position your watermark image where you want in your PDF.

Background Wallpaper/Color

User can
add image or colorin the PDF background.

RTL Support

It support Arabic or languages which start from right align.

Fonts & Custom CSS supported

Select among 40 fonts write your own CSS for header, footer and

Customizable PDF Download Button

Admin can
change PDF download buttonwith any image which he

Get PDF on Mail

User can either
download or send attachment with mailthe generated
PDF or do both.

Show/Hide Empty

Get the fields which you want in your PDF.
Empty field can be ignoredusing the setting.

Show/Hide Page

User can also
hide/show page numberdisplayed in the footer

Various PDF Page

Select among
266 page sizesfor the PDF pages.

Choose Page

Select among
Portrait and Landscape modefor the page

Show Page
Names On Each Page

Display page nameson the PDF. Requires the use of
the Page Break Field which is in the gravity forms standard

Easily Generate PDF with gravity Forms Feed


  • WordPress 4.0 or greater.
  • PHP version 5.5.5 or greater.
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater.

Translation Ready

.pot file included, for easy translation

This plugin is not subjected to
GDPR compliantas it does not store any sensitive
data of a user. It only holds information related to software which
is run by WordPress of the holder.

Thank-you for your interest in Gravity Form to PDF,


12.04.2019 - ver 1.0.0

   - Initial Release


This is the Pack of 2 our plugins. By buying this Pack you
save 50% on the second item. This Pack will turn your WordPress
site with Avada theme into the real Content Management system. You
will be able to display your custom post types, taxonomies and
fields using different layouts.

To see what this Pack can do, check out individual plugin
descriptions below.

Plugin 1 – Blog, Recent Posts and Portfolio extended elements

See the detailed

This plugin extends the Fusion Builder
Blog, Portfolio and Recent Postselements to work
with any
Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies, Terms and
. With this plugin you will be able to put your own
custom content in any place on the page the same way you can put
Blog, Portfolios, Recent Posts with the original elements. Please,
of this plugin.

Plugin 2 – Custom Fields for single page view

See the detailed

This plugin adds a new element to the Fusion Builder called
Custom Field. This element allows to display a
Custom Field in the Page layout. You can display unlimited number
of Custom Fields per Page. This also works for any Custom Post Type
that you design with the Fusion Builder.

This element has plenty of design options which are similar to
the Button element. Please of this plugin.

and Support

  • See for the documentation
  • Get We will reply within one business day


Please read Envato

Automated online booking & scheduling for WordPress: fully
customizable booking form with online payments, notifications, and
Google Calendar sync.

Bookly Pro add-on enables advanced features of Bookly online
appointment scheduling plugin. With Bookly Pro, you can remove all
the limitations of the free version of Bookly WordPress booking

The default configuration of Bookly Pro includes:

  • Fully-customizable booking form that can be used on any
  • Filterable, sortable and searchable booking list that you can
    print or export to CSV;
  • Unlimited number of Staff Members with individual working
    schedules, prices, and ability to manage their profiles and online
    booking calendar;
  • Unlimited number of Services which you can group into
    categories and set unique colors for easier viewing in Bookly
  • Importable and exportable customer base with unlimited clients
    list which displays payments stats and internal notes about the
  • Various templates for customizable Email and SMS
  • 2-way synchronization between Bookly Calendar and Google
    Calendar which automatically reflects all updates in Bookly in your
    Google Calendar;
  • Integration with PayPal Express Checkout, the list of completed
    and pending payments;
  • Built-in analytics with booking statistics;
  • WooCommerce compatibility;
  • Multi-language support – 12 languages included;
  • Six months of 24/7 online customer support.

Once you purchase and install Bookly Pro, you will have Bookly
plugin and Bookly Pro add-on activated. You are free to add more
advanced functionality to your default configuration with for
automating your online booking system.

If you use the legacy version of paid Bookly, please update to
the latest version. Follow the instructions on the migrator page to
switch to the new Bookly Pro with ease and for free.

* Please note that the free version of Bookly may have limited

Simplify Appointment Scheduling Process with Bookly

Bookly Pro is the best booking plugin for WordPress websites
(customer’s words – not ours). The process of booking appointments
is fully customizable for your clients. It’s anywhere from 2 to 6
easy Steps. Here’s a walkthrough of the user experience in the
standard 6-Step scheduling process.

This piece touches on add-ons, and focuses more on the standard
booking plugin. Check out and the deeper customization options they

Step 1: Choose

Upon arrival at the page containing the booking plugin, the
client enters the following information:

  • Desired service
  • Desired staff member
  • Desired date and time

Note: Let customers decide on the number of people they wish to
book. How: With , increase the capacity of a service in the
Services tab and untick the ‘Number of Persons’ checkbox while

, one of our most popular add-ons, allows you to add extra
products or services to an appointment. When added, a new step will
appear in the booking process, pictured below.

Step 2. Pick a
Time Slot

Based on the preferred date & time, the booking system
offers a list of available time slots. The customer can browse
through the scheduling list and choose the time that suits

You can customize the available dates that are displayed to
clients. You can also change the appearance, like having each day
in a separate column.

Step 3 (optional): Book Multiple Appointments in One Session

With the , your clients can book multiple appointments in one
booking session. This feature adds an option to ‘book more’ right
after Step 2. The ‘book more’ button will bring them back to Step
1, while storing the current booking on their cart ().

Two add-ons are worth mentioning at this point. allows the
client to book different services in one visit. For example in a
dentist’s office: a cleaning, whitening and check-up can be booked
in sequence.

allows your client to book identical services back-to-back. This
is useful for group bookings where clients are assisted

All booked appointments will be displayed together with their
dates, times, staff members, and prices.

Step 4: User Info

Here’s where customers insert info for organizational or
marketing purposes. The defaults are name, phone number and email.
These fields cannot be removed, but the phone number can be
replaced with a Skype ID. More fields .

Your customers can also leave notes here on the booking system.
Like their favourite spa cocktail or a request for parking

Step 5: Payment

The customer can choose between multiple payment options,
including offline payment (cash on arrival). There are 10+ online
payment options that you can choose from and enable for your
plugin. .

You can integrate and offer coupons, .

Should you offer any free services (price set to 0), this step
will be skipped.

Step 6:
Booking Confirmation

Appointment confirmed. If you’ve set up notifications (highly
recommended), a confirmation email and a text message (SMS) with
booking details are sent to the customer. See how to set
notifications up with , or

If you have switched on the , we recommend that you change the
wording of this last step. An acknowledgement or heads-up to say
that you’ll be in touch to confirm the booking would be better.

Simple and easy, isn’t it?

What makes Bookly different to other booking plugins is our
world class support and fantastic customization options. Try Bookly
Pro for free.

If you need any more information on Bookly Pro, feel free to
visit our and learn more about our epic booking plugin for

We advise getting a quality booking plugin for WordPress.
Clients appreciate a smooth, easy booking process.

All you could want to know about Bookly Pro as a WordPress

You’re halfway there, but you need more information to make sure
Bookly Pro is the perfect booking system for you. Whether you’re a
developer or a business owner.

To see others we’ve helped, feel free to have a look at our

Otherwise, read on to wisen up.

What is Bookly

Bookly Pro is an add-on which requires the Bookly plugin for
WordPress websites. With Bookly, your clients can make bookings for
service right on your site. No need for time-consuming phone calls
or face-to-face meetings.

According to many reviews, Bookly is the best booking plugin for
WP. It’s a unique booking system that is under constant development
to stay on top. Our programmers never stop working to satisfy your
requests and concerns.

So if you’re ready to automate booking on your (or your
client’s) website, Bookly could be the appointment software you’re
looking for.

What you would need to replicate Bookly – without Bookly?

If you wanted your website to accept bookings online, you would
choose Bookly, right? But what if you didn’t?

First of all, you’d need an expert programmer to set a booking
system up on your website. If you didn’t wish to keep this expert
on your payroll, you’d need to train up one of your current
employees to keep it all running. This first step costs time and

Next you would have to train each of your staff members on how
to use this software. This can also cost a lot of time, depending
on how complicated the system is.

Then you would have to hire someone in a secretarial role to
handle the bookings and allocate staff members.

It could become quite a messy business.

That’s why Bookly is such a great plugin. It takes all of these
moving parts out and adds them into a simple plugin with powerful

Let’s take a look at some of those capabilities.

does Bookly Pro have to offer?

* Some features require add-ons, but most don’t.

* Bookly is in a state of constant development, depending on
what the community wants. Thanks to our , you decide what we

Intuitive WordPress admin panel

Whether you’re a WP pro or
beginner, our clean panel design will suit your skills and
preferences. You can set Bookly Pro up with almost no effort and
have a world-class booking system working for you in no time.
Managing features and appointments couldn’t be easier.

Sleek, simple

The interface has been smartly designed to fit into any
web page. A booking system wouldn’t be much use if it stuck out
like a sore thumb now, would it? The booking page is simply
designed to make using it a breeze. Your clients will breeze
through it and be knocking at your door in no time. Not only that,
but booking an appointment from your website is sure to impress
those customers.

Customize Bookly Pro to suit any need

The booking form is fully
customizable to suit your style and business. With this
revolutionary booking plugin, you can:

  • Change the layout of each step in the booking process
  • Show or hide specific fields
  • Add new fields to the process
  • Change the colors to blend perfectly into your scheme
  • Reorder service provider list, categories list and list of
  • Customize any of the text on the form.

Whatever your customization needs, Bookly’s got you

Add unlimited number of booking forms on your site

Bookly Pro
allows you create and publish multiple booking forms within your
WordPress website. All appointments booked in those booking forms
will appear in one place – your Bookly Calendar.

Send SMS and email notifications and reminders to team members –
avoid missed or late bookings

You and your staff will always
stay on the game. Reminders of upcoming and updated appointments
made through the booking plugin will make sure of it. Never miss a
booking again.

Keep your
clients informed too

It won’t do much good if your staff are on
time but your clients aren’t. Your clients will get notifications
on pending, approved and cancelled bookings. Again, the
notifications are customizable. Remind clients about bookings,
thank customers, personalize your messages. You can even send next
day agenda’s to staff and combined notifications for .

Switch calendar

Choose between daily, weekly, and monthly modes to view
your company workload in different ways.

Let clients book on the go with full mobile integration

booking form automatically readjusts itself to fit your mobile
site. This way your clients can use the booking plugin anywhere, at
any time.

The backend also adapts to fit your mobile screen, so you can
manage your bookings on the go, too. Because it’s your job to take
of the clients, and ours to take care of you.

Add unlimited services and staff members

Whether your business is a one-man operation or a mega
corporation, Bookly Pro adapts to suit you.

You can:

  • Add any number of services and staff members
  • Link staff members with the services they provide and with
    their personal Google calendar
  • Tie each employee to one or several services.

Everything you would expect from a booking plugin, and more.

Let clients book in their native language with full translation

Bookly Pro is compatible with WPML, supporting
multi-language websites. The .po and .mo files allow you to
translate your Bookly Pro installation yourself, if desired.

The plugin comes with 12 built in languages:

  • English
  • Russian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Swedish
  • Chinese
  • Japanese

Integrate Woocommerce into your Bookly Pro

If you need a
booking plugin for your WordPress store page, we’ve got you covered
yet again. Woocommerce integration allows you to use their payment
gateways – for both the budding entrepreneur and established
business professional.

Manage your customer base effortlessly

Don’t let your client base get out of hand. With Bookly Pro you
get an unlimited, sortable and searchable customer list. But that’s
not all. You can also:

  • See booking and payment stats for each customer
  • Store internal notes about a customer
  • Add a new customer directly from the calendar
  • Create and assign WordPress accounts to customers
  • Delete associated WordPress account when deleting
  • And import and export customer lists

Set different prices for different staff members

Have you got
different staff members at different skill levels? You can add
prices to reflect that with Bookly Pro, allowing your customers a
choice. Choice breeds satisfaction, and satisfaction keeps clients
coming back for more!

Add custom schedules for individual staff members

Your team don’t have to stick to generic business hours. You can
discuss and create individual booking hours for each staff member
on the Bookly Pro plugin.

You can also add breaks and annual leave right from the plugin.
Not what you’d expect from a standard booking plugin, but that’s
what we do – surpass expectations.

Synchronize Bookly Pro with your Google Calendar

With Google Calendar and Bookly Pro you can manage your staff
workload, hours and bookings with maximum efficiency.

Most only offer a one-way sync, but as usual we’ve gone one step
further. Google Calendar syncs with Bookly Pro and Bookly Pro syncs
with Google Calendar to make a rare two way sync possible!

Time slots booked in Bookly Pro are automatically marked as busy
in your Google Calendar. And busy slots in Google Calendar are
taken into account when Bookly Pro proposes available time slots to

Receive secure and flexible payments

Secure online payments and cash on delivery work together to
make your service accessible to all your clients. Paypal Express
Checkout is included in Bookly Pro, and there are for payment
gateways which can be integrated with Bookly Pro to help drive more
customers from the booking plugin right to your door.

You can also filter and sort a list of complete and pending
payments with payment reporting. And hide the payment step for free
services. Customization is key for a booking plugin (especially for
WordPress), and Bookly Pro has tons of that.

services by categories

With Bookly Pro, you’ll have a wide range of options on every
service. Including:

  • Set the duration of each service separately
  • Adjust minimum time slot lengths
  • Set visibility to public or private for each service
  • Set service category

…and more!

Import or Export

You can export just about all data in the plugin. This

  • Appointments log
  • Customer info
  • List of customers

And you can import data, such as client databases. As a top
booking plugin for WordPress, Bookly Pro strives to offer
convenience to clients, business owners and developers – and that’s
just what it does.

your bookings manually

You can have appointments created in
pending status. They’ll stay this way until you confirm them. Great
for when you’re in a period of uncertain availability.

Add off days

You can
set weekends, holidays or days off for your entire staff roll, or
for individual staff members.

Set different appointment lengths and padding time

All services
are not created equal. We understand that and that’s why each
service can have different durations. If your appointments require
prep (or you need coffee between appointments) there’s the padding
time option to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed.

Let customers view and edit bookings online

Add a booking list (automatically updated) to your website. If
your client wishes to view their appointments, they can login with
their credentials, which are automatically sent to them by Bookly
Pro if you choose to create WordPress accounts for all

They can then view or cancel their appointments – giving them
flexibility and increasing client satisfaction.

Keep track of appointments by color-coding services

You can
assign unique colors to each of your services in the WordPress
backend. That way you can keep track of appointments. This aids
visual scheduling, making your life easier.

Add a handy
progress bar

The handy progress bar will show clients how far
in the booking process they are. This way they don’t get frustrated
by a longer booking process – they know exactly what to

Set minimum notice periods for cancellations

You can set a
minimum notice period (eg. 24, 48 hours) for cancellations. Should
the client cancel in time, this will not affect them. But it will
prevent them cancelling on short notice.

Let your clients cancel when life catches up to them

life happens, and we can’t make our appointments. Bookly Pro’s
cancellation process makes it easy for clients to cancel – and
shows your flexibility. The cancellation only works when it is
outside of the minimum notice period, however.


Get a clear insight on how effectively your company
works by viewing statistics for bookings, customers and payments
received right in Bookly Pro admin area.

Take advantage of the Bookly shopping cart

With the enabled,
your clients can return to the 1st page and make another booking.
This way, they can order a number of bookings and pay for all of
them in advance.

Build your own

allows you to create and add your own custom fields to
your booking form – with ease. Bookly Pro is arguably the most
customizable booking plugin for WordPress. That’s because we care
about your needs. This shows with our feature request page, where
you decide what we develop for you next.

Accept group

Should your appointments be for , the client can
specify the amount of persons they’d like to book for.

Distribute coupons to increase client loyalty

Clients love
promotions and discounts. And we all know the value of
time-sensitive offers. With , you can offer percentage or cash
amount discounts for an influx of clients.

Add extras
to your services

(one of our most popular) will allow your
clients to book extras with their services. You can add different
extras to different services.

Personal Staff Cabinet for employees

Let your staff members
view and manage their bookings, personal details and schedules
right after authentication on the frontend with .

Let customers book recurring appointments

With , your clients
get an option to repeat their visit at a regular interval and
schedule a whole series in one session.

Accept deposit

will let you specify a certain percentage or a fixed
deposit amount to be paid online by your customers at the time of

Let customers choose locations for their appointments

Does your
company work in several places around the city or country? With ,
you can associate staff members and services with different
locations, so your clients will be able to choose the place for
their appointment before they schedule date and time.

Let your customers join the waiting list

Avoid losing money
when cancellations arise. With the you can immediately fill the
cancelled appointment with the customer in line.

files in a booking form

While making a reservation, your
customers are able to right on your website. These files then can
be viewed or updated in booking details.

Add special days to the staff’s schedules

Should you wish to
set specific working hours for your staff, that differ from the
default ones, for extra long or short days of the year, the will
make it possible.

Is Bookly Pro the right booking plugin for your business?

You can only ask so much from a booking plugin, unless you’re
asking Bookly Pro. Unlimited customization, staff and customer
management, fully automated – just a few reasons Bookly Pro is
regarded as the best booking plugin for WordPress.

If you’re ready to let clients make appointments right on your
website, it’s time to choose Bookly Pro.

Just be sure you’re ready to handle the mass of customers Bookly
Pro is sure to reel in!

To get Bookly Pro now, just click .


Visit our to stay up-to-date.

Are you a WordPress developer or a Web Designer who uses
WordPress to develop websites for your clients?

Have you ever wished that there was an easy way to add your own
help to each menu or plugin in the built-in Administration Panel in
WordPress? Look no further, with Easy Contextual Help for WordPress
you can now improve support for your clients by providing
contextual help for your menus.

The plugin automatically recognizes each installed plugin and
makes it easy for you to add help. This used to be a tedious or
rather complicated process to add help to each menu or plugin, but
those times are over when you have Easy Contextual Help for

with WordPress Multisite Support

Are you running a WordPress
Multisite Network?

If so then you can also use Easy Contextual Help as the plugin
has built-in Multisite Support. Easily create global Contextual
Help that is available for all sub-sites. You can also allow
sub-site Administrators to create the own Contextual Help.

The plugin works on both WordPress (single site) and WordPress

List of features


  • Replace existing Contextual Help from WordPress with your own
  • Add your own help to the already existing Contextual Help from
  • Display your help before or after the existing Contextual Help
    from WordPress
  • Based on WordPress Custom Post Type (allows you to use all
    features you normally use writing posts)
  • Use shortcodes directly in your Contextual Help. Compatible
    with our ?Custom Widget Areas for WordPress?. This lets you insert
    widgets directly in the Contextual Help. And compatible with Styles
    with Shortcodes.
  • Create Global Contextual Help available to all sub-sites in the
  • Optional allow sub-site Administrators to create their own
    Contextual Help


Create one help
post and apply it to multiple menus or plugins. This feature can be
used for branding the help section, by creating a post containing
your logo or the clients logo. And then applying it to all menus or



Version 1.5.1 rev29694 – November 1, 2012

  • Bug Fixed: Plugin pages were not getting the
    Contextual Help set in WordPress 3.3. After updating you will
    need to set the availability for help again

Version 1.5.0 rev14105 – December 17, 2011

  • Updated: Added feature for handling WordPress 3.3
    Contextual Help
  • New Feature: Added Custom Capability

1.2.0 rev4114 – May 1, 2011

  • New Feature: Network Contextual Help. Available
    on WordPress Multisite for Super Admin User.
  • New Feature: Show Contextual Help on
  • New Feature: Multisite option to disable
    Contextual Help on sub-site

Version 1.0.2 rev 3584 – April 15, 2011

  • Bug Fixed: help not displayed after a certain
    number of posts
  • Bug Fixed: Custom Contextual Help for Media
    Library was displaying the first image of the gallery
  • Bug Fixed: Prevent a crash when using wp-ecommerce

Version 1.0.1 rev2804 – March 30, 2011

  • Added support for Comments area in wp-admin

Version 1.0
– October 21, 2010

  • First release

Bitcoin, USDT, EOS, Ethereum wallet

Widget allows to store and
exchange cryptocurrencies on your site. This is not “Information”
widget. This is really working online wallet and exchange tool
(between users)

Exchange widget

for your own ERC20 token.

You can issue own token, or use any ERC20 token address.

-For startups

-For stable coins

-For make crowdsale

-Own payment system (users balances)

Bitcoin wallet

Other supported cryptocurrencies:

1. Bitcoin

2. Ethereum

3. Litecount


5. EOS

6. Your own cryptocurrency (ERC20)

Admin panel

All in One WP Helpdesk Solution

TotalDesk is the only all in
one helpdesk solution for WordPress. Including a ticket- &
notification system, livechat, knowledge base, report and
integration module it contains all support features, that you need.
Get rid of single helpdesk plugins and get TotalDesk!

HelpDesk Features

  • Ticket System
    • 3 Differnt New Tickt Forms
    • Inbox Fetching
    • 2 Roles: Agent & Reporter
    • My Tickets Page
    • Set default values for new tickets
    • Set own ticket Status
    • Set custom ticket Types
    • Set custom ticket Project / Systems
    • Attachment Support
    • Inform Agents in Notifications
    • HTML WYSIWIG Comment Form
    • Saved replies
    • Logging / History system
    • XLS export
    • Reporters & Agents can reply to Email
    • Ticket Overview (assigned to, status in colors)
    • Set Inbox Archieve Folder
  • Notifications
    • Email Notifications
    • Desktop Notifications
    • Slack Notifications
    • Notify when a ticket has been created
    • Notify when someone replied
    • Notify when a status has changed
    • Notify when an agent has ben assigned
  • Livechat
    • Start a chat with a new subject (new ticket)
    • Enter a chat with a given ticket ID
    • Send a message (new ticket) when no agent is online
    • Every chat conversation will be saved
  • Knowledge Base
    • Create a FAQ based on a ticket
    • Group FAQs into topics
    • Set custom Icons for Topics
    • Live search for FAQs
    • Track FAQ views
    • 3 Built in widgets
    • Order FAQs by View / Popularity
    • 2 Layouts (boxed, list)
  • Reports
    • Tickets By Agent
    • Tickets By Status
    • Tickets By Type
    • Tickets By System
    • Tickets By Year
    • Tickets By Month
    • Tickets By Year & Month
  • Integrations
    • WooCommerce
    • Envato
    • Slack
  • Well Documentented


  • WordPress 3.8.1+
  • PHP 5.4+
  • WPML Support
  • WooCommerce 3.1


- FIX:    Responsive Issues
- FIX:    Umlaute not working in username field

- FIX:    Performance Increase
- FIX:    WPML for My Tickets shows other languages

- FIX:    JS not loaded due to datatables

- NEW:    Order field for FAQs
- FIX:    Renamed Rewrite Slug for saved replies caused post tags
to 404 

- FIX:    Attachments not merged

- NEW:    Moved all CDN loaded JS / CSS into this plugin folder
        better for autoptimize plugin

- NEW:    You can now disable datatables and set a language
        Plugin Settings > Tickets > Enable Datatables
- NEW:    Attachments in Backend now also open in Lightbox

- NEW:    Facebook Messenger Support
        -> Follow this link > Setting up the Plugin to get
the code
- NEW:    FAQ search now also appears on FAQ topics
- NEW:    FAQ search now start at 2 chars, not 3

- FIX:    FAQ wrong output

- NEW:    Datatables for the My Tickets page allows:
        - Sorting
        - Searching 
        - Entry Limit
- NEW:    Reports can now close their own tickets
- NEW:    Configure what data you want to show in the My Tickets
        - Show Name
        - Show Date
        - Show Status
        - Show System
        - Show Type
- NEW:    Set FAQ Columns in a Topic Archive
        e.g. show 2 faqs next to each other
- INFO:    We will no longer develop the Desktop Notification
feature (but it stays)
        We developed a new plugin Fire Push:
        - Background Notfications (when browser is closed)
        - send notification on new ticket replies
        - notfiy on new tickets created
        - message on tickets updated
- FIX:    Desktop Notifications

- NEW:    Button in Live FAQ result list if more than 4 results
- NEW:    Loading spinner replacing the search icon for FAQ search
when typing
- NEW:    FAQ Live Search does not submit on enter
- NEW:    Option to set Maximum Live FAQ search results
- FIX:    Removed ID from FAQ search because of duplicate ID Issue
- FIX:    Added 404 Error code to wp_die function
        This prevents nginx from caching while not logged in users
want to see tickets
- FIX:    Added higher z-index to chat trigger & message

- NEW:    FAQ, Topics & Tickets are not Mobile first
        Means the Title is Displayed first on Mobile (Better SEO)
- NEW:    New Tickets Count in Backend (Red Badge)
- NEW:    Automatically set Tickets to close / solved after X Days
no comment / update was made
        > See General Options
- NEW:    Set a default Solved (Closed) Status in Default Settings
        Used for Close Tickets after X Days
- FIX:    FAQ Search Causing PHP Notice

- NEW:    Reorder Admin Panel Section alpabetically
- FIX:    Removed TGM Plugin (causing too many errors)

- FIX:    Inbox Mails, that could not be processed as a ticket will
        be marked as read, but not moved to archive folder. This
        infinite loop of email fetching
- FIX:    Added more Email Inbox Message validations

- NEW:    Inbox will now always be fetched when logged in
- FIX:    Cronjob not running 
        To make sure the cronjob runs you can use a plugin called
WP Crontrol

- NEW:    Video about our new Automatic Reply Feature:

- FIX:    Comments will not be checked for automatic replies when
comment user is the same
        as the automatic reply user. This prevents infinite loop,
but also suggest you 
        to better create an own user for Automatic replies (like

- NEW:    Decreased ticket avatar image
- NEW:    Automatic Replies (Bot) 
        Saved Replies can be used for automatic replies. You need
        to add tags to your saved replies. These will be matched
        words from new tickets / replies.
        See Settings > Saved Replies
- FIX:    Updated options texts
- FIX:    Sidebar will show even when no tickets were submitted yet
- FIX:    Envato Purchase code validation in Backend
- FIX:    Show No agents assigned in Frontend
- FIX:    CSS tweaks
- FIX:    Vendor Packages updated

- NEW:  Shortcode for FAQ Search

- FIX:    Finished RU Translations
- FIX:    Chat on Mobile to near on the left

- NEW:  Russian Translation added
        If you have any other languages translated please send to
- FIX:  IE11 Bug with JS
- FIX:  Missing Translations
- FIX:  Cleaned up translations files

- NEW:    Welcome Livechat 2.0
        - Watch Demo Video: https://youtu.be/g48IW8Qe2JM
        - Improved Design
        - New Frontend
        - New Backend for agents
        - Attachment upload possible
- NEW:    Hide Livechat when agents offline
- NEW:    Allow Attachments in Livechat
- NEW:  Filter wordpress_helpdesk_livechat_allowed
- NEW:  Added Lightbox feature for Comment Attachments

- FIX:    JS Gallery Error
- FIX:    WPML issue with FAQ Widgets

- FIX:  Agent could not be updated

- FIX:  Tax Meta Class Updated

- NEW:  Set department, type or priorty for ticket shortcode
        Example: [new_ticket departments="24,25,17" priorities="30"
- FIX:  Updated Translations

- NEW:    Private Notes
        Add private Notes for ticktes inside the backend
- NEW:  Add Media Files inside Replies in Comments
- FIX:  Code Improvements
- FIX:  Translations for Default Departments

- NEW:     Assign default agents by Departments 
        Settings > Defaults
- NEW:  FAQ Search Term Tracking (term, search counts, articles
- NEW:  Merge Tickets 
        See: Single Edit Ticket in WP-admin sidebar bottom
- FIX:  Default post set fix
- FIX:     Reporter user check removed as it caused issues with

- NEW: Added German Translation (status 15%)
- NEW: Added Spanish Translation (status 26%)
- FIX: translation files updated
- FIX: Ticket string not translated

- FIX:  Only show agents, admins and shop managers in agent list
- FIX:  Responsive My Tickets Page

- FIX:  Translation for account not created

- FIX:  Envato purchase code validation

- NEW:     Added two new actions for the new ticket form:
- NEW:  Added French Translation

- FIX:  Updated translations

- NEW:  New ticket message field now supports the WSYIG editor

- FIX:  Issue where ticket comment form influenced other comment

- FIX:  Admin CSS issue

- NEW:  Topic Widget for Sidebar
- NEW:  FAQ for WPMl Translation: 
- FIX:  Missing div in form shortcode
- FIX:  My Tickets page on WooCommerce account page
- FIX:  Product support in WPML environment showed all products
- FIX:  custom WooCommerce order subjects filter did not work

- NEW:  Moved type / Project directly under Department
- NEW:  Created a back to my tickets button on new / view single
ticket pages
- FIX:  WooCommerce form was not 100% width

- NEW:  Sidebar for my_tickets and knowledge_base now displays 
        automatically. This has been done, because not all themes
        are able to select a custom sidebar for only 1 page
- NEW:  Set a sidebar display option (none, only on FAQ OR only on
Ticket pages, both)
- NEW:  Option to disable the sending of login credentials for new
- NEW:  Hide FAQ topics for not logged in users
- FIX:  Fix where attachments file select showed up even it was

- NEW:  IP check for FAQ likes / dislikes to avoid double votes

- FIX:  User exists not triggers an error to login
        This prevents users to create tickets for 
        other users
- FIX:  Added livechat texts to WPML config

- NEW:  Livechat guest ticket option readded
- NEW:  Livechat restyled 
        Differnet text align and background color between reporters
& agents
- NEW:  The following Livechat texts can be set in the admin panel:
        Live Chat Title
        Live Chat Welcome Text
        Live Chat No Agents Online Text
        Live Chat Button Text
- FIX:  Livechat Integrations moved to Integrations Section

- FIX: FAQ issue
- FIX: IMAP fetching
- FIX: Dashboard PHP Notice

- FIX: FAQ Ajax showed the same excerpt

NEW: Crisp Live Chat Integration
     Learn more here: https://crisp.chat/en/
NEW: PureChat Live Chat Integration
     Learn more here: https://www.purechat.com/
NEW: Chatra Live Chat Integration
     Learn more here: https://chatra.io

- NEW:  Set a default priority
- NEW:  Show priority in forms for reporters
- NEW:  Priorities now in export
- NEW:  Tickets by priority added to reports
- NEW:  Tickets by Source added to reports
- NEW:  Small layout review of reports page
- NEW:  Added a row for grouping in Ticket-Export Excel file
- FIX:  Attachments were not assigned
- FIX:  Missing Translations

- FIX:  Removed Cron after disabling Inbox

- NEW:  PHP IMAP Extension Check
- FIX:  Missing translation & POT file updated
- FIX:  Removed livechat for guest users 

- FIX:  Added missing translation strings

- NEW:  Support Rating Feedback
        Ask reporters for Support feedback after a ticket has been
        See settings > Support Rating
        Rating Email:
        Support Feedback:
        Rating Overview:
- NEW:  2 x New Report charts: 
        Tickets by Reporter
        Tickets by Satisfaction
- NEW:  Guest (not logged in user) can now use livechat
- FIX:  Layout issue with avatar image in backend
- FIX:  Backend Table width adjustes
- FIX:  PHP notice in loggin class removed

- FIX: Cronjob issue
- FIX: Ticket not created when no from name was set
- FIX: PHP notice in desktop notifications

- FIX: Prevent admin access issue

- NEW:  Connect FAQs to product categories (WooCommerce)
        FAQs will then show up on single product pages
- NEW:  Set AJAX interval for Live Chat & Desktop Notifications
        to decrease server performance use
- FIX:  Prevent Admin Access issue

- FIX:  logged in error message

- FIX:  Only 5 FAQs showed up on archive page

- NEW:     Option to use original theme template files
        Settings > Advanced Settings > Use Theme Template
        Note: This will remove all custom templates!
        It would be better to copy existing partials into your
child theme
- NEW:  Set a sidebar position (left or right) in General Settings
- NEW:  Support for invisible Recaptcha

- NEW:     Show specific FAQs only to logged in users
- NEW:     Hide FAQs for logged in users from Knowledge Base
        See Settings > Knowledge Base (on bottom)
- FIX:  Slider Revolution issue

- NEW: option to set novalidate-cert for inbox
- FIX: Issue with My Tickets page and no tickets created so far

- FIX: Envato Class exists check

- FIX: Single FAQ only displays title when no topics are created
- FIX: Screen Reader text visibility

- FIX:  Form 404 Errors
- FIX:  Admins could not trash tickets, faqs or saved replies
- FIX:  DataTables Issue

- NEW:  Theme support improved (e.g. Dante, Bridge, Total, The7)
- NEW:  Set a custom login page (settings > general)
- FIX:  Added some more translation options
- FIX:  breaking DIV in new ticket form
- FIX:  Output buffering for shortcodes

- NEW:  Dashboard redirect for reporters & agents
- NEW:  Ticket Priorities now possible
- NEW:  Renamed System / Projects to Departments
- NEW:  Added POT translation file & updated DE Translations
- FIX:  Ticket category color issue in backend
- FIX:  Small php notices

- NEW:  Rating System for FAQ Articles
        See Options > FAQ > Enable Rating
- NEW:  Disable the dislike button
- NEW:  Widgets now support order by likes / dislikes
- NEW:  Show single FAQs only to logged in users

- FIX: WooCommerce class misses options
- FIX: Menu does not show up
- FIX: after_widget args notice
- FIX: Livechat count issue

- Inital release

Live Chat
-> Agents see list of open chats by reporters
-> Leave message when no agents are online -> Ticket
-> Reporter needs to be logged in
-> Default Welcome Message
-> Enter chat via Ticket ID
-> Create a new chat -> new Ticket
-> Chat history stored as Ticket Comments

Ticket System
-> Inform Agents in Notifications
-> HTML WYSIWIG Comment Form
-> Attachments
-> Saved replies
-> Default Message
-> My Tickets (for reporter & agents)
-> Logging / History system
-> XLS export
-> Agents can reply to Email
-> Ticket Overview (assigned to, status in colors)
-> Set Inbox Folder 
-> Set Inbox Archieve Folder 

Knowledge Base
-> Widget Support
-> Most viewed / loved
-> Set a default order by
-> Custom Icon per category
-> Password Protection (can be set by WP default)
-> Multiple Layout
-> Was this helpful?

-> Slack (https://my.slack.com/services/new/incoming-webhook)
-> WooCommerce
-> Envato

Future Plans
-> Github
-> Jira

Wordpress Awesome Import & Export Plugin allows to import and
export of
post, pages, categories/tags, custom posts, comments,
users, custom tables, custom taxonomies

You can also import and export custom plugin data like
woocommerceor import/export data of
any tableof wordpress database. You can import
using csv,excel,xml files and export in


Username: demo

Pwd: demo

Video :


Plugin allows you to map the fields of imported files to
corresponding fields of selected options (post, page etc) so you
don’t need to bother about preparing files in some specific way.
During export, you can also select which fields to be exported.


  1. Posts – Import and export wordpress posts using csv, excel,
    xml, pdf(export only) file.
  2. Pages – Import and export wordpress pages using csv, excel,
    xml, pdf (export only) file.
  3. Custom Posts – Import and export custom posts using csv, excel,
    xml, pdf (export only) file.
  4. Users – Import and export users using csv, excel, xml,
    pdf(export only) file. Option to send email to user also.
  5. Comments – Import and export comments using csv, excel, xml,
    pdf (export only) file.
  6. Woocommerce – Import and export custom plugin woocommerce
    products (simple and variable products both) and export order.
  7. WordPress table – Import and export any wordpress table data
    using csv, excel, xml, pdf (export only) file.
  8. Categories/Tags – Import and export wordpress categories/tags
    using csv, excel, xml, pdf(export only) file. Nested categories can
    also be imported and exported.
  9. SQL – Export wordpress data using sql queries.
  10. Custom taxonomies – Allows post meta, custom taxonomies to be
    imported/exported during post/pages/custom-post options.
  11. Settings – Various settings options for ease of operation
  12. Featured Image – Supports import of featured image
  13. Field Mapping – Map fields of imported file so you don’t need
    to bother about order of fields in file
  14. Post content images – Option to import post content images and
    make first images as featured image.
  15. Large data – Option to define the php memory to be used. Please
    note this must be supported by server. Customers are able to import
    more than 10000 rows using proper settings.
  16. Speedy – Ajax based uploading of data and optimized code make
    it very fast.
  17. Support – Fast support, regular addition of more and more
  18. Customization – Many no. of customization options, export post
    by id, order by, limit, mapping fields, uploading of file using url
  19. Hooks/Filters – Action hooks and filter support to modify
  20. Email – send exported file on email.
  21. File manager – manage import & export file

Plugin Reviews


  1. Do I need to prepare file in specific format before importing?
    Not at all, after uploading file, plugin provides option to map
    fields of your imported file with the corresponding option
  2. Is plugin allows import of featured image for posts? If yes,
    then how should we pass the value.? Yes, plugin allows import of
    featured image. You need to provide complete path of the image in
    file and plugin will download that image.
  3. I need to associate some Meta fields and custom taxonomies also
    during post import? Is it possible? Yes, it is possible. Just add
    columns in your file for Meta fields and custom taxonomies. During
    upload, it will ask to map Meta fields and custom taxonomies if
    already exists else you can create new Meta field and custom
    taxonomies there directly by adding using text field.
  4. I need to import many posts e.g. 10000 posts. Will it work? It
    depends on the server settings and in maximum cases, it will work.
    Once file is uploaded, plugin uses ajax to read and write to
    wordpress so It depends on your server memory and timeout settings.
    You can change that by changing php configuaration. Check this for
    large files uploading.
  5. Kind Attention

    WordPress awesome import & export already have many features
    and we are adding many more feature this month. It includes file
    manager (shows import/export files), more setting options, more
    speed, delete data etc. All these features are available in very
    less price. Price will be slightly increase from December after
    release of these features. Also, all features mentioned works
    properly and if you have any issue then please contact us via
    profile. We will check and if we are not able to resolve your issue
    then we will be ready to do refund also.

    Min requirement for the plugin WordPress 3.6 and above Must
    have read/write access for download/upload folder

    Version 3.1

    1. Export Posts by From and To Date
    2. Export Posts by Category
    3. Export Posts by Author
    4. Added language support
    5. Improved Responsiveness
    6. Fixed category related bug
    7. Added purchase code field

    Version 2.7

    1. Fixed bug related to latest version changes in PHP
    2. Fixed bug related to file manager

    Version 2.6

    1. Improved overall code that improved further speed of
    2. Screen based css and js enqueue
    3. Export of woocommerce product category images
    4. When item and slug are same then it will show only item and if
      different then it will display as item:slug
    5. Fixed some bugs related to woocommerce product/order

    Version 2.5

    1. Improved overall design and structure of the plugin

    Version 2.4

    1. Added a new feature “File manager”
    2. Import file manager with option to download imported file,
      delete content imported by file, delete file, search
    3. Export file manager with option to download exported file,
      delete exported file and search

    Version 2.3

    1. Woocommerce variation product export feature improved
    2. Option to allow categories to created as nested categories
      during posts,page, custom post import
    3. Option to export and import wordpress menu using our plugin
    4. Bug fixed: Woocommerce order status are now coming from
      woocommerce order status filter

    Version 2.2

    1. option to change php memory size in settings
    2. Bug fix related to the featured image

    Version 2.1.1

    1. get images from post content (Import) – importing images from
      post content. For this we will take one setting option
    2. whether to import the post content images from setting or
    3. get specific posts by ID’s (Export) – export only
      post/pages/custompages/products based on the ID’s
    4. Product attributes needs to be unserialized
    5. Changes in category export, from name:slug to name if both name
      and slug are same

    Version 2.0 – Major

    1. Major change in the complete structure of the plugin
    2. Addition of various filters and hooks – so you can perform many
      more functions e.g. change data before import or after export send
    3. Send email option for export file
    4. Addition of woocommerce variable product import and export
    5. Changes in structure – now it is partial mvc based structure
      Improvement in speed
    6. Fixed some bugs related to saving of settings

    Version 1.3

    1. Added option to export woocommerce order

    2. Added option to import category hierarchy

    3. Added option to export taxonomy for custom posts

    4. Changes in the language domain

    5. CSS bug fix

    Version 1.2

    1. Upload files using URL also apart from uploading files

    2. Export comment of specific posts by postId

    3. Bug fixes




A Powerful Yet Intuitive Licensing System Built For
Wordpress Plugin and Theme Creator or Any Project Who Need to
Secure and Control Their Most Valuable Assets.

Deploy this in your own products to ensure they are only used by
whom has the right. Ensure your product is not stolen with this
easy to use system.

Integrate the generation system in with your billing software
and supply your customers with an right key. With this software
they can protect and trace there script or software via the

WP Licensing System does not require the Auth PHP Class, So you
can deploy the keys on any platform or scripting language.

With the addition of a match string as a second level of
security, The end-user would be required to supply a valid key
along with the corresponding match key. This match key could be the
domain or IP address of the server where the script lives.

With WP Licensing System, you can ensure its used only on a
single server, by a single user who authrize to use your product.
WP Licensing System is great and easy protect your script and
software from stolen and unauthorized right use.



  1. Time and Product based keys

    • Set a key to expire in one day, or 10 years, its up to
    • Set related Product assign to the license key.
  2. Single/Multi Domain based license key
  3. MySQL based key storage from WP Admin Panel

    • Store, Activate, and Deactivate Keys via the database.
  4. Customizable key pattern From WP Admin Panel

    • Add a Prefix and/or Suffix to your keys.
    • Define key length with two variables, length of each chunk, and
      number of chunks in each key.
  5. Matching License Key system for an extra layer of

    • Store the clients email, username, domain, server ip,
      possibilities are endless.
  6. An easy to use API (JSON and XML).

    • Integrate authentication into any programming language.
    • Use for scripts, desktop applications, mobile applications,
  7. Woocommerce integration

    • Work with variation as well,
      so can create allowed domain and time expiry
  8. DAP integration (
    By request)
  9. WP eStore Plugins Integration Support (
    By request)

Admin Dasboard




Please Send Me PM If You
any inqueries

Please Vote me


If you Like this Plugins.

This video can help you to setup you wpls

Smart Market Widgets is WordPress plugin containing 5
widgets, using Envato API to get information about files available
on all Envato Marketplaces and display them in the website sidebars
using different methods and styling.

Links generated by the plugin support adding of referrer
username for earning affiliate commission from new signups on any
of Envato Marketplace websites.

Included Widgets

  • Featured Author
  • Featured File
  • Files List
  • Search for Files
  • Powered By API Banner

Envato API

Plugin has
support full support for new Envato API using the Personal token.
To get Envato API Personal Token you need to register on website.

Cache Envato data for better performance

Plugin can cache all
data received from Envato API, and you can control the timeout for
different data types. You also have a tool to clear all cached data

Different display methods and styling for widgets

contains two basic styles and six item display methods allowing you
to show items thumbnails, preview, ratings, item information.
Plugin allow use of tooltip hover to show Envato like item preview.

Many widget settings to control items display

You can control
widget generated links, add referrer to each URL (for affiliate
commision), control item sorting, widgets visibility, tooltip
preview, styling and more.

Get items based on search query and other criteria

Each widget
offers options to which items are displayed. Use predefined
criteria or custom built search query to fine tune the resulting
Envato marketplaces items.

All Main Plugin

  • Supports all
    Envato Marketplaces(currently 7
  • Caching of received Envato data for
    faster response.
  • Log errorsinto file caused by problems with Envato
    API requests.
  • Control
    cache timeoutfor received Envato data.
  • Search for items:
    use marketplace, categories and search
  • List marketplace items:
    popular, collection, new and random.
  • Sort marketplace items:
    random, new, old, last updated.
  • Filter returned items
    by minimal ratingto narrow the results.
  • Get
    featured author and filefrom any marketplace.
  • Get any marketplace item by
    specified item ID.
  • Get multiple marketplace items by
    specified item ID’s.
  • Get any marketplace author by
    specified username.
  • Display Envato like
    tooltip previewfor every item.
  • Display
    author badgesusing new Envato API.
  • Modify generated links
    rel and targetattributes.

Market Affiliate Program

The plugin now supports Impact Radius
based Envato Market affiliate program. For more information, check
out the PDF document in the plugin main package documentation.

Features For

  • Functions to integrate widgets anywhere in the theme
  • Hooks to control widgets loading and few other things

Plugin Features

  • Display items using different methods
  • Comes with 11 item rendering methods
  • Comes with 3 predefined styles
  • Tools to delete all cached Envato API data
  • Controls to disable any of the plugin widgets
  • Supports replacing default display functions
  • Support translation and includes POT file


  • Plugin can’t preview audio or video previews for AudioJungle or
  • In some cases, API doesn’t return proper image to use for the
    preview tooltip

and WordPress Requirements

  • WordPress 4.5 or newer
  • PHP 5.6 or newer
  • PHP cURL extension


contains PDF user guide in the plugin package, inside the
‘documents’ directory. Check out this document to get information
on plugin options, usage and more.

Very similar to Smart
Market Widgets plugin, but it uses shortcodes to add items and
author information into posts content. Plugin integrates into
WordPress TinyMCE editor with button to open dialog to build
shortcode and insert it into the post content. Both plugin can work
together and share cache for all Envato API data to improve


Version 4.5 /
  • Changed: Many improvements to the plugin loading
  • Changed: Few minor improvements to the styling
  • Changed: Improvements to the JavaScript libraries
  • Changed: Small updates to the filter/action hooks
  • Changed: Additional code refactoring and cleanup
  • Changed: Various external links updated
Version 4.4 /
  • Added: Files List widget: option to show or hide author
  • Added: Files Search widget: option to show or hide author
  • Added: Featured File widget: option to show or hide author
  • Changed: Various improvements to the rendering
  • Changed: Various improvements to the styling
  • Changed: Various external links updated
  • Changed: Using Smart Envato API Library 5.3
  • Fixed: Setting REF value for all the widgets
  • Fixed: Clear cache redirection to the wrong page
  • Fixed: Clear cache was not always working

Affiliate Pro Plugin

AAPro is the most innovative a unified suite of tools developed
for Amazon Affiliate Program and WordPress.

AAProoffers a variety of tools and a wealth of
features you would not find anywhere else. It’s cheaper –
infinitely more flexible and features rich. With AAPro, A
5-minute setupis all it takes to automate your
affiliate website, from product importing – to data updating
everything become super easy. Its automates up to 80% of work so
that you can focus on only the human part.

What can you
do with AAPro?

AAProcomes with a bunch of tools that will build a
money making affiliate website for you in no time. It connects your
WordPress powered website with Amazon Product Advertising API
(Affiliate API), with this setup you can perform a variety of API
Actions such as –

Direct Import–– Directly Import any Amazon Product
from any region to your website with all its associated data and
high-quality images.

Auto Import–– You can even automate the product
Importing function, in case you want to run it on auto piolet or
you, are away from your desk. AAPro will keep on importing your
desired products as per your given instructions.

On-site Shopping Cart–– You can even allow your
visitors to shop from Amazon directly on your website without
leaving your website. With Remote shopping cart, your visitors can
add any product to their Amazon shopping cart and can check out
later at their convenience and you will earn commission, whenever
they checkout within the next 90 days.

API Control–– AAPro designed to make as much as
fewer calls to Amazon API, which not only save your server resource
but also keep your Amazon API Account under the safe hood.

Amazon Customer Reviews–– You can show Amazon Real
customer reviews on your website.

Multiple Search Methods–– Like other plugins, you
will not just get single Search Method, instead, you can search and
find most suitable Amazon products in multiple ways. Search by
ASIN, ISBN, Product Name, Seller Name, Brand Name, Browse Nodes
etc… Search Single Product or Search Full Catalog, search with
plugin or search using our chrome extension and Import them in
multiple ways too, as per your choice.

CSV Import–– You can Import or Schedule Products
with a CSV formatted list of ASINs.

Product Reviews–– You can even create stunning
reviews of any product with beautiful reviews templates.

Product Badges–– Unlike other plugins, you no need
to label your products manually. AAPro automates it too. It will
grant the most suitable product badge/label at the time of
importing and also keeps it updating with the status change.

Auto Data Updater–– AAPro also takes care of
already imported product data, and keeps it syncing with Amazon
servers at a given frequency on a regular interval. So you do not
need to worry about stock and price change.

Geo Targeting–– AAPro also allows you to target
users as per their geographic location and serve them contents with
their region. This will increase your chances of making extra

Analytics–– AAPro tracks and note every user
action on your Amazon affiliate website. You can check every data
here, page views, referrals, checkouts, wishlists products etc.

AAPro Theme Features:

Amazon Affiliate Pro Pluginis bundled with its own
theme, specially designed for the Amazon Affiliate Program. It’s
flexible, responsive, fast and fully compatible with our

SEO Friendly–– AAPro is completely SEO friendly
and takes care of all basic SEO needs for any affiliate website.
All required Schema Support is also included.

Unlimited Layouts–– You can customize its
appearance and layout as per your requirement and without any
coding knowledge. Its super simple Setting and Home Page Designer
panel allow you to customize any part of the theme. Fonts, Size,
Colors, Grids, Section change anything you want in a few clicks of
the mouse.

Widget Support–– It comes with its own sidebar
widgets and even more dynamic with WordPress Default widgets if

Shortcode Support–– However you will never require
this with AAPro theme but we have added support for Shortcodes as
well. Which you can use as per your needs.

Multiple Methods to Display Products –– You can display products
in multiple ways, show them as conventional product cards or in
modern carousels, In sliders or as a Deal of The Day, show in list
view or grid view choice is yours.

Wishlist–– You can allow your visitors to create a
wishlist and save products for later purchase/ reference.

It’s not the end, the game has just begun here…

AAProis loaded with the module system, which makes
it super easy to enable or disable any feature, to save your server
resource and simplify the process. Currently, Its have 10+ modules,
which will make your life easier.

What Items are Included with AAPro Suite?

  • AAPro Plugin
  • AAPro Theme
  • AAPro Child Theme
  • Documentation

A Handy Support

We have tried to make everything super simple, with things can
be complicated in some cases, but no need to worry about, We are
here 24×7 to listen to you. For any problem or query feel free to
connect with us using your preferred method.

  • Email us at
  • Direct Support Using Plugin Help Form.
  • Item Comment Box.
  • On-site Live Chat.

Change log:

All notable changes to the plugin and its theme will be
documented here.

<p>Initial Release</p>
<p>Version 1.0</p>


WPKraft and AAPro are not affiliated with Amazon by any

To use this Plugin you will need to have Active Account with
Amazon Product Advertising API in at least one region.