The Elfsight Team proudly presents to you a brand-new widget –
responsive WordPress map plugin with multiple locations and markers
for your website. We hope that you’ll give it a warm welcome and
love it just as much as we do!

It is a simple, functional and fully customizable tool that
makes it so much easier for your people to find you! What makes
this plugin an absolute must-have for any website, is the ease of
installation, and the simplicity of use. Install this amazing
WordPress plugin to save your time, and spare yourself and your
customers and employees lots of effort and trouble!

  • • Install this amazing WP Google Maps pro plugin in just 55
  • Let your customers and real-life visitors find you with no
    trouble at all
  • Help your visitors get to your location
  • Makes it easy to share your full contact info along with your
    working hours with your site’s visitors
  • 20+ predefined icon types AND the option of creating your
    custom icon
  • Set your map’s style and appearance to fit your website’s
    unique design

Complete Features

  • Plugin allows to set up a map with multiple location
  • Allows to set up a multiple markers for each Google Maps
  • Allows you to choose from 20+ predefined location markers, or
    set up an unlimited number of custom markers
  • Info window complete with all the information you need to
    display – your address, website link, email, phone number and
    working hours
  • The easiest ever mechanism of calculating and displaying
  • 2 predefined marker animation types
  • WordPress plugin with customizable and mobile-responsive map
  • Allows to calculate the center of your map automatically, or
    set it manually
  • Customizable zoom
  • 4 predefined map types to give your map the exact look you
  • 4 predefined map layers
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • 4 predefined color schemes and the option of setting your own
    custom colors.

How to add Google Map to a WordPress website

With our fantastic plugin, it will take less than a minute to
have Google Maps added in WordPress website. All you need to do is
follow the installation guide.

  1. the plugin from Codecanyon.
  2. Add the plugin to the WordPress Admin Panel.
  3. Set the required configurations for the map.
  4. Insert the plugin code.


Found it hard to add Google Maps plugin to your website? Or
having difficulties setting multiple locations or markers in your
Google maps plugin on WordPress website? Our Support Team will be
happy to help you!

Support for the WP Google Map plugin

Those of you, who have been with us for a while, already know
that we never leave our people out in the cold. We love all of our
customers, both regular and new, and we are always ready to answer
your questions and to help you in every way we can. If you find out
that your responsive WordPress Google Maps widget has stopped
working, our friendly and professional support team is there for
you, to provide any help you require. Just expect an answer from 10
a.m. to 7 p.m. CET, Monday to Friday.

Change Log –
new version 1.6.1 is available for download

August 29, 2018 – Version 1.6.1

### Fixed
 * API key issue in the widget editor

August 22, 2018 – Version 1.6.0

### Added
 * Block for the new WordPress Gutenberg editor
 * Rich text editor for location description

July 27, 2018 – Version 1.5.0

### Added
 * Error message display in the editor
 * Google API key form in the editor

### Changed
 * Widget error message display has been removed from

June 04, 2018 – Version 1.4.0

### Added
 * Custom Google API key support
 * Map localization according to the setting selected in Language
 * 53 languages (ar, be, bg, bn, ca, cs, de, el, en-Au, en-GB, eu,
fa, fi, fil, fr, gl, gu, hi, hr, hu, id, it, iw, kk, kn, ko, ky,
lv, mk, ml, mr, my, nl, no, pa, pt, pt-PT, ro, sk, sl, sq, sr, sv,
ta, te, th, tl, tr, uk, uz, vi, zh-CN, zh-TW)

### Changed
 * New location input control to reduce requests number
 * Widget preview improved

April 25, 2018 – Version 1.3.0

### Added
 * Automatic updates functionality
 * Opening a ticket form on Support page
 * Polski language

### Changed
 * Admin design updated

### Fixed
 * Location description html issue

March 07, 2018 – Version 1.2.0

### Added
 * Locations panel
 * Option to open marker by default
 * Plugin access roles
 * Português language
 * Dansk language

### Changed
 * Processing coordinates to optimize the operation speed

### Fixed
 * Processing coordinates of a lot of markers
 * bug in IE11
 * Function exist conflict
 * Default settings widget saving issue
 * https websites issue 

December 14, 2017 – Version 1.1.0

### Added
 * New option Lang - translates info window UI (en, es, ru, ja)
 * New option POI layer - turn on/off points of interest on your
 * New marker icons - number 1-9
 * Ability to create a route for http websites (on google maps
website in a new browser tab)

### Changed
 * Close the current info window when a new one is opened
 * Address can be multiline now 
 * Set correct map center during markers loading

### Fixed
 * Special character bug in editor
 * Issue with HTML in the marker description
 * Cache bug
 * Map center bug in the widget preview
 * Issue with widget select in Visual Composer element

October 04, 2017 – Version 1.0.1

### Fixed
 * Custom icon issue 
 * Color scheme issue
 * Other minor fixes

Cryptocurrency Widgets Pro – WordPress Crypto
( & APIs)

It displays
crypto coinscurrent prices, price ticker, changes,
market cap, volume, coin charts & realtime updates – bitcoin,
ripple, litecoin, ethereum, dash, tron & 1500+ more coins. You
can display
crypto widgetanywhere using simple shortcode.

Fully Autopilot & Fast
Crypto Price Updates

This cypto plugin uses
COINMARKETCAP & COINCAP.ioapis to show current
market prices of virtual coins by grabbing data from major crypto
exchanges in fastest way.

You can show top 1500+ crypto coins:- Current Price, Charts, Market
Cap, Volumn and % Changes (hourly / 24 hours & 7 days)

Style Crypto Price Tickers

Easily add these awesome crypto
tickers inside header or footer of your website, you can easily
manage font and background colors.

Features of
Crypto Widget

  • Create price label or price card of any crypto coin.
  • Show crypto price charts anywhere using shortcode.
  • Show crypto coins price ticker inside header, footer or
    anywhere inside website.
  • Display all crypto coins price table or list with hourly
    changes using shortcode.
  • Create beautiful layout using custom styles and custom css
  • Show coin price, volume, market cap, 24hour % price
  • Show crypto market real time price updates.
  • 100+ top crypto coins price and market updates.


Version 1.8.1 | 30 August 2018

Added: Bootstrap Enable/Disable settings to resolve a conflict.
Improvement: Design for ticker and accordion.
Improvement: All CSS & JS code is refiend.
Fixed: Web ticker  3rd party library was consuming CPU resources.
Replaced Web ticker library with another better library. 
Fixed: Minor CSS issues.
Fixed: Various backward compatibility issues

Version 1.8 | 23 August 2018

-Added:-Integrated brand new Price Block layouts with 5 styles.
Accordion block, Rank Block, Clean Block and Simple block layouts.
-Added: Introduced Widget Slider layout with 3 designs.
-Added:-Integrated Currency Convertor Calculator
-Improvement:-Updated brand new clean charts in list widget and
price card layout.
-Fixed:- Live changes not working in ticker widget.
-Improvements:-Minor CSS improvement in Multi currency tab widget 
Improved: Server response time.
Improved: Admin settings panel.
Improved: Chart design and performance.
Changed: Price Card Style 5 Slider moves to Slider Widget

Version 1.7.1 | 18 July 18

-Added:-Integrated SVG and Image charts in list widget style 1
-Fixed:-Fixed multi currency tab price changes bug
-Improvements:- Improved list widget style 3
-Improvements:-Minor CSS improvement in Multi currency tab widget 

Version 1.7 | 25 June 18

-Added:-In this update we have Integreated 1500+ cryptocurrencies
-Added:-Added new coin selection field in settings panel.
-Added:- Integrated brand new SVG charts in Price card layout
-Added:- Included all 1500 cryptocurrenices logo in plugin
folder.It will improve plugin loading speed
-Fixed:-Fixed Missing coin bug
-Fixed:-Fixed admin side slug missing bug.
-Improvements:- Improved over all plugin code.managed code in
different-2 files for better readabiltiy. 
-Improvements:-Minor JS and CSS Improvements.

Version 1.6 | 1 May 2018

Added:- Integrated Changelly Exchange Widget.Using this widget you
can earn 50% REVENUE  on each conversion. 


Added:-Integrated multicurrencies tab brand new layout.For
representation price in other currenceis like GBP,EUR, AUD, JPY

Added:-Added supportfor 32 currencies.You can represent
cryptocurrency price in your native currency.
Fixed:-minor bug fixings

Version 1.5.1 | 17 April 2018

Improvements:Minor chart improvements.
Improvements: Minified CSS and JS files.
Fixed: Minor Bug fixings

Version 1.5 | 01 April 2018

Added:Introduced News Feed Ticker and List view. Now user can
display news from any two sources in List view and in Ticker
Added:Integrated Multicurrency designs for Price Card, Price Label
and List Widget.
Added: Integrated Translation support (Spanish, Turkish, German,
French, Italian, Russian).
Added:Introduced Candlestick chart.Now User can select whether to
display Line Chart or Candlestick Chart.
Added:Integrated setting to disable Ticker from particular
Added: Autmatic Update feature.Now users can update plugin with
single click
Improvements:Minor change in HTML.
Bug fixings:Minor Bug fixings

Version 1.4 | 07 March 18

-Added:Introduced Brand new styles for Ticker.Now user can enable
live changes in all ticker styles and can enable chart in ticker
-Added: Integrated SVG logo for all coins.
-Added: Integrated Top 200 Hundreds curriences.
-Added: Integrated Slider layout.
-Added: Added one column settings in plugin settings panel.
-Added: Integrated ticker enable/disable settings for mobile
-Added:Added Pointers and 1 day change settings in Chart
-Added:Added Live changes flashing in all layouts
-Added:Integrated number formatting settings . 
-Updated: Updated socket API 
-Fixed: Fixed blank screen problem in PHP version 7.2
-Improvements:Imporved All style css. 
-Fixed:Fixed List widget responsive issues
-Fixed:Fixed List widget responsive issues
-Improvements:Imporved Card layout settings.

Version 1.3 | 23 FEB 18

-Added: Integrated coin info in chart view
-Fixed: Fixed undefined indexs problem
-Improvements:Improved plugin settings panel and user interface.
-Improvements: Minor improvements in JS.

Version 1.1 | 25 January 18

-Added: Integrated live price update in ticker widget.
-Fixed: Fixed JS error in live price widget.
-Improvements: Minor improvements in CSS.

Check Our Advanced Coin Market Cap Plugin

Real Time Price List Using API

Create a real time crypto price list and add it
anywhere inside your website using simple crypto widget shortcodes.
Easily mange colors and crypto list styles.

Force your store visitors to login / register in order to access
your online shop. Block access to complete store or selective
products, categories or CMS pages. B2B solution for your store to
avoid unnecessary people from viewing your product catalog unless
they are logged-in.

WooCommerce Private Shop plugin does not effect your Google
rankings as it allows the Google bot to crawl the site just like
before and rank it higher in search engines. However, if need you
can block the Google crawler to crawl your website content and rank
it in Google search results.

WooCommerce Private Store Plugin uses the default WooCommerce
login / registration form. Following are the key features of
WooCommerce Private Store Plugin.

Features List of WooCommerce Private Shop Plugin

  • Force Login to view your specific products, categories or whole
  • Enable / Disable new user registrations
  • Customize form opacity & show a background image on Login
  • Allow/Disallow Google to crawl & rank your website

Need to Add Password Protection Instead of Force

Checkout our

Frequently Asked Questions

How Will People Find My Store?

The plugin gives you an option to allow Google bots to crawl and
rank your website. This will help to bring visitors to your
website. Also, you can choose to unhide some pages to let users
find your store and know what you are offering.

Can I Disable New Users?

Yes, you can disable new users registration so only the existing
users can login and access your store.

Can Hide Specific Products or Categories only from
unregistered users?

Yes, this plugin gives you can option to force login to see
specific products, categories or whole shop.

Can I Have Public & Private Area in Store?

Yes, unlike other plugins from the market, this plugin allows
you to privatize the specific products and categories.

Will My Products Be Hidden From Search Engines?

There is an option in the plugin you can either hide private
content from google or allow to crawl and rank. This feature is not
available in any other plugin in the market.

Why Buy WooCommerce Private Store Plugin from

  • Superior & Fast Support
  • Meets WordPress Coding Standards
  • Developed by Professional Team

Change Log

Version 1.0.3 Updated:
Fix some css issues.
Version 1.0.2:
Compatibility with the latest release of woocommerce. 
Version 1.0.1:
Fix issue with the page redirection.
Version 1.0.0
Initial release of the plugin

ARPrice – WordPress Pricing Table & Team

The beautiful and intuitive ARPrice dashboard is truly one of a
kind, with its impressive real-time editor. Choose a template and
then use simple click, drag and drop tools to customize your table,
down to every last detail. You can add an unlimited number of
columns, change colors, fonts and icons, and add your own images
and ribbons (to advertise a discount, for example).

With the ARPrice WordPress pricing table, you can make your columns
more dynamic by adding animations and effects (such as hover, glow,
fade, swing, slide or fall) and can even integrate video (with
YouTube, Vimeo support, and more…). We are also proud to announce
the arrival of the much-requested weekly/monthly/yearly toggle
switch, which you can set as a tab at the top of each table.
The beauty of the easy pricing table ARPrice ireal-time editor,
aside from how easy it is to use, is that it allows you to
instantly preview your changes, and see what your tables will look
like across all devices (mobile, tablet, etc).
ARPrice pricing tables WordPress plugin gives you more unique
templates than any other pricing table plugin. 20 templates, each
with 13-14 color options, 700+ fonts, and over 2400 different font
icons, offer unlimited scope for your own personal
along with templates ARPrice has now 200+ unique samples ready to
downloaded free of charge

ARPrice – Responsive Pricing Table Plugin Features

  • 250+ready Pricing Table options are included
  • Fully Featuredto customize pricing table by any
  • Monthly – Yearlytoggle price buttons
  • Realtime Pricing Table EditorHaving
  • ANIMATEDpricing tables included
  • Responsive Pricing TablesDesign
  • Customizable Responsivityto fit any of your
  • Detailed Analyticsfor Pricing Table Views
  • ARPrice has
    CSS Based Ribbons& it’s
    Fully customizable. NO Images Used.
  • Live Preview for
    Desktop Version,
    Tablet Versionand
    Mobile Version
  • Visual Composer integration is supported
  • Separate Settings for
  • Unlimited Colorsfor All Header, Pricing, Body and
    Button Fonts.
  • Along with Browser Default Fonts, you can use
    Google Fontstoo
  • Font Awesomesupport included. You can also
    upload Custom Iconas per your requirement.
  • Support for
    Paypal Scriptand other shortcodes
  • Supports
    Videos ( youtube, vimeo, dailymotion,
  • Supports
    Audios ( soundcloud, mixcloud, beatport)
  • HTML5 Audio & Videosupported
  • Google mapsupported
  • Customizable
  • Unlimited colors of
    Tooltip Textand
    Background Color.
  • Column Rotation with lot of options
  • Unlimited Columnssupport
  • WPML Ready
  • You can
    Import and Exporttemplates anywhere

Change Log

Version 2.6.1 (29 August, 2017)

  • Improved CSS code to avoid other plugin CSS conflicts.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Version 2.6 (04 August, 2017)

  • Improved caption(features) column display in mobile.
  • Improved Arprice loading performance even better.
  • Added new Font Awesome icons.
  • Added new Typicons icons.
  • Added new Ionicons icons.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Version 2.5.4 (23 October, 2016)

  • Added Option in general settings to enable/disable Analytics of
    clicked column.
  • Improved Arprice loading performance.
  • Minor CSS Fixes.
  • Other small bug fixes.

Version 2.5.3 (24 Aug, 2016)

  • Resolved popup block issue.
  • Minor CSS Fixes.
  • Other small bug fixes.

Version 2.5.2 (20 July, 2016)

  • Improved CSS for some templates.
  • Improved template output in mobile view.
  • Minor CSS Fixes.
  • Other small bug fixes.

Version 2.5.1 (08 June, 2016)

  • Added Tooltip on slider for button size.
  • Minor CSS Fixes.
  • Other bug fixes.

Version 2.5 (30 May, 2016)  Major Release

  • Added two
    new templatesfor team showcase.
  • Improved Color picker
  • Moved all the font settings to new tab “Fonts”
  • Added
    cornerstone support.
  • Improved plugin loading speed in backend and front-end
  • Added facility to change button borders.
  • Added facility to disable column/button hover effects.
  • Added facility to change column borders.
  • Added facility to set default toggle tab.
  • Added facility to change images/videos toggle tab wise.
  • Added facility to change tooltips toggle tab wise.
  • Added facility to change footer content toggle tab wise.
  • Added facility to change row borders.
  • Added navigation facility to easily navigate between rows and
  • Added facility to change alignment of header text, pricing
    text, column description text.
  • Added facility to change background colours of normal state and
    hover state for every column sections.
  • Added facility to change font colours of normal state and hover
    state for every column sections.
  • Added facility to hide / show column particular section.
  • Added facility to set background image on every column.
  • Added facility to set number animation on pricing digits in
    toggle tab.
  • Added facility to change height and width of buttons.
  • Added facility to change shapes to place images.
  • Added facility to change different button styles.
  • Improved ribbons
  • Improved column shadow
  • Other bug fixes.

Version 2.1.1 (31 Dec, 2015)

  • Added Facility to copy first tab data to other tabs for toggle
  • Improved Column Shadow.
  • Improved Toggle Switch.
  • Improved Ribbons.
  • Improved CSS Class Information section to add custom css on
    pricing tables.
  • Minor CSS Fixes.
  • Other bug fixes.

Version 2.1 (30 Nov, 2015)

  • Minor bug fixes and css changes

Version 2.0 (23 November, 2015)

    Improved Ribbons. Minor bug fixes and css changes.
  • Added Toggle Switch Support.
  • Added New unique templates.
  • Brand New Admin design.
  • Added Custom color facility to add unlimited colors to
  • Added New Material Font Icons Support.
  • Unique Analytics (Statistics) for all tables for table visits
    and clicks.
  • Added Typicons Font Icons Support.
  • Added Ionicons Font Icons Support.
  • Included New Font Awesome Icons.
  • Added Facility to open videos in lightbox.
  • Added Facility to upload custom image on ribbon.
  • Added Facility to make entire column clickable.
  • Added new tooltip options.
  • Added new column hover effects.
  • Added new column shadow effects.
  • Added facility to hide footer.
  • Added Latin Extended Support for Google Fonts.
  • Added Facility to apply border radius on columns.
  • Added new color schemes to existing templates.
  • Other minor bug fixes and css changes.

Version 1.1 (25 February, 2015)

  • Added Woo-Commerce Support.
  • Added ARForms Support.
  • Added S2member Support.
  • Added Facility to hide default button of pricing table while
    adding custom script.
  • Added CSS Class information for advanced users.
  • Improved Ribbons Quality.
  • Included New Font Awesome Icons.
  • Other minor bug fixes and css changes.

Version 1.0.1 (17 January, 2015)

  • Added VISUAL COMPOSER Support.
  • Small bug fixes and text changes.

Ultimate Carousel For Visual Composer

The Best Way to Create Content & Post Carousels

With Ultimate Carousel, you can create carousels for any kind of
your content. We’ve integrated into
Visual Composerto bring you a very
flexible, very
lightweightand very
intuitivecarousel creation system.

Carousel Anything is
responsive and touch enabled. In touch devices,
you can
drag and swipethe carousel to move it.



What can you do

  • Post Carousel and Grid Styles
  • Turn any content into a carousel (Images, Image with
  • Slider With Content
  • Image Slider
  • Video showcases,
  • Testimonials
  • Team Members
  • Dots, arrows or none
  • Responsive
    & Touch Enable

    Member Profile


    Get Mega Addons For WPBakery Page Builder

    Change Log

    10.4 May 31, 2018

    - Bug Fixed: Slider stop to visible due to Bootstrap
    overloading files. 

    10.2 January 26, 2018

    - Bug Fixed: Plugin auto removes P tag 
    - Bug Fixed: Responsive Image issue after applying custom width.

    WP Blog Manager – Plugin to Manage / Design WordPress

    Stop hiring a WordPress / web designer! Design your WordPress
    website (archive page, blog detail page) with 100+ stunning,
    responsive, creative and powerful design.

    WP blog manager will save your time (hours and days to design a
    WordPress website), and money ($$$ to hire a designer) and get your
    WordPress website ready in just few minutes.

    Create your categories, posts and select from the design layout
    library from WP Blog Manager Plugin – your archive page and blog
    detail page will be all ready with beautiful designs to go live! No
    coding skill needed at all.

    Give a new look to your blog every other day!


    Advanced Features List

    • 100 pre designed beautiful templates ready to use.
    • Lots of configuration option to filter post from all possible
      wp queries condition.
    • Show post from all possible taxonomies or categories queries of

    • Show posts associated with a certain custom fields which can be
      either single or multiple custom fields.

    • Show posts based on a search keyword.
    • Show popular post from view or comments.
    • Sort retrieved posts from order and order by parameters.
    • Show posts associated with certain status.
    • Various media type support. Implement
      Image,Video(Youtube,Vimeo,HTML Video),Souldcloud audio and slider
      media types on any layout’s templates for each blog post.
    • 7 different layout types to show the blogs in different
    • 30 pre designed beautiful,responsive grid templates ready to
      use. Full controls of columns in desktop,mobile or tablet.

    • 19 pre designed list templates.Manage right or left image
    • Seven pre designed ready to use Masonry template.
    • Eight pre designed Horizontal Timeline templates Three vertical
      pre designed Timeline templates.
    • 10 pre designed Magazine template.Slider configuration on the
      sidebar images.Full control on number of vertical
      slides,control,auto and speed.
    • 15 pre designed carousel template. Full control on number of
      slides to show, the transition speed, pager,autopaly,controls and
      many other settings.
    • 10 pre designed slider template. Full control on transition
      speed, pager,autopaly,controls and many other settings.
    • 5 stunning image filters templates to introduce your blog posts
      in a unique way.
    • Order your blog’s posts with easy pagination
      options.Standard,load more and infinite scroll pagination.5 each
      templates for standard and load more pagination.
    • 16 avaliable loader images to show load more and infinite
      scroll pagination.
    • Feature to preview in backend – test with ease before going
    • Enable or disable the share link of post in different social
    • Enable/Disable the meta data of posts i.e
      categories,tags,author, comment count and date.
    • 14 different date format to choose from.
    • Show the post detail page from post link or custom link.
    • Show full length or excerpt length of post content.
    • Automatically generated shortcode which can be added to any
      post,page or templates.
    • Supports various mobile devices so it will be no issue to view
      in any desktop and mobile devices.

    Video Preview


    check our detailed documentation

    Change Log


    Added configure option to enable or disable the content of the


    Fixed few issues.


    Fixed pagination issues


    Updated code standard


    Fixed content excerpt related issues.


    Added an option to use track id instead of client id for


    Fixed few bug.


    Fixed preview related issues.


    Fixed few js related issues.


    Fixed soundcloud issues which occur for post features images.


    Fixed infinite scroll issues.
    Fixed backend filter settings related issues.


    Fixed few responsive issues.
    Fixed few theme compability issues.

    Customer Feedback

    Dedicated Support

    – You can find us anytime when you have some queries, problems
    or with any valuable suggestions for plugin or us. You can find us
    through following ways:

    • Support right from here – Contact us using the contact form on
    • Support from codecanyon comments

    Constant Free

    – Not fixed on dates, but we assure you to provide you new
    updates and feature upgrade in the plugin at regular basis.

    More WordPress

    Themes Compatible with the Plugin :

    WP Blog Manager works best with every WordPress theme. It’s even
    more remarkable when used with popular themes like VMagazine and
    AccessPress Parallax.


    – A complete WordPress resources club. WordPress tutorials,
    blogs, curated free and premium themes and plugins, WordPress
    deals, offers, hosting info and more.

    – 6 premium WordPress themes well suited for all sort of
    websites. Professional, well coded and highly configurable themes
    for you.

    – 45+ premium WordPress plugins of many different types. High
    user ratings, great quality and best sellers in CodeCanyon

    – AccessPress Themes has 50+ beautiful and elegant, fully
    responsive, multipurpose themes to meet your need for free and
    commercial basis.

    – 8Degree Themes offers 15+ free WordPress themes and 16+
    premium WordPress themes carefully crafted with creativity.

    out our other great plugins

    UberChart is an advanced WordPress Chart Plugin which gives you
    the ability to create a great variety of charts with exceptional
    customizability. With a total of 240 options per chart and 30
    options per dataset you will always be able to create exactly the
    chart you need.

    Create your
    perfect chart

    The available chart types are:

    • Line Charts
    • Area Charts
    • Bar Charts
    • Horizontal Bar Charts
    • Pie Charts
    • Doughnut Charts
    • Radar Charts
    • Polar Area Charts
    • Scatter Charts
    • Bubble Charts

    After you select the chart type you can start with the
    customization, check out this screenshot of the with all the
    sections opened to have an idea of the extremely high number of
    available options.

    General Options

    These options are used to define the general behavior of the
    chart and the aspect of some of the elements of the chart (datasets
    and scales have their own customization options, see the specific
    sections for details), for example you can:

    • Set the chart size, margin and background color
    • Enable or disable the responsiveness of the chart
    • Select the speed and the type of animation
    • Set size, color, font family, font style and position of the
      chart title
    • Set size, color, font family, font style and position of the
      text in the chart legend
    • Set the style of the tooltips


    You are free to decide how each dataset of the chart should
    appear, for example you can:

    • Define the bezier curve tension of each line, this allows you
      to represent straight or curved lines
    • Define the width of each line, create dashed lines with custom
      gaps and also select the and canvas properties of each line
    • Set the point style of each point (circle, triangle, rectangle,
      cross, line, star, dash and more)
    • Select how each point should react when hovered, for example
      you can define the exact radius that reacts to the hover mouse
    • Set the radius, the border and the background color of each
      point or bubble (in both hover and default status)
    • Set the background and border color of each single bar
      displayed in a bar chart (in both hover and default status)
    • Set the background and border color of each arc displayed in a
      Polar Area, Pie or Doughnut chart (in both hover and default

    Types of scales

    UberChart gives you the ability to use different types of

    Linear Scales

    This the most common type of scale, use it each time you have to
    represent numeric sets of values that don’t require the logarithmic

    Logarithmic Scales

    Logarithmic scales allow a large range to be displayed without
    small values being compressed down into bottom of the graph. This
    type of scale is essential if you deal with points that are much
    larger or smaller than the bulk of data or if you want to show
    multiplicative factors.

    Time Scales

    Use the time scale when you have to represent a specific date or
    time. The format used to represent the date/time is completely
    customizable. Simply use the tokens provided by to define a custom
    format, then set the time unit used by the scale and define the
    number of units that should be plotted between the grid lines.

    Category Scales

    Use the category scale to split your data in multiple categories
    and display custom labels.

    Multi Axis

    You can plot one or more datasets on the additional secondary
    axis named Y2 when the values in a chart vary widely from one
    dataset to the other.

    Stacked Data

    Feel free to enable or disable the “Stacked” feature on any
    axis, this allows you to stack the data of the specified axis of a
    Line Chart, Area Chart, Bar Chart or Horizontal Bar Chart.

    Scale Position

    You can move the scales in your favorite positions, for example
    you can represent the Y axis of a Line Chart on the right instead
    of on the left, the X axis of a Bar Chart on the top instead of on
    the bottom, etc.

    Hide the Scales

    Sometimes it’s useful to represent only the datasets without a
    scale or without all the scales. Use these options to display or
    hide specific scales.

    Scale Grid Lines

    Customize the visibility, the width, the colors and more for
    each grid line. This allows you to be extremely detailed and
    highlight small variations on your data when needed or make the
    chart layout neat and clean.

    Scale Title

    Change how the title of each scale is displayed by changing the
    color, the font size, the font family and the font style.

    Scale Ticks

    Add a prefix or a suffix to the ticks of a scale (for example to
    include a unit of measurement, the percentage symbol, the dollar
    symbol, etc.), invert the order of the ticks, rotate the ticks to
    save space, round the decimal value to a specific number of decimal
    places and more.


    Set a minimum and maximum limit for each scale, set a fixed step
    size, decide to begin at zero or not your scale, limit the number
    of ticks of a scale to a predefined value, customize the dimensions
    of the bars of a Bar Chart and more.


    During the creation of a chart there is a moment when you have
    to add the data points. If the number of data points is limited
    doesn’t make any difference if you use normal input fields or other
    methods, but when you have a big amount of data you should use an
    efficient method to enter your values.

    The spreadsheet editor available in UberChart gives you the
    ability to:

    • Copy your data directly from your favorite O.S. or online
      spreadsheet editor (MS Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Google
      Sheet, etc.) to UberChart and vice versa
    • Easily add you data by using the common functions provided by a
      spreadsheet software (copy and paste a group of cells, drag rows,
      drag columns)

    With an embedded spreasheet editor you don’t even need the usual
    “Import CSV” feature, because by copying and pasting from a
    spreadsheet software you can easily import the data of any CSV, XLS
    or ODS (and all the other formats supported by your spreadsheet
    software) file.

    Import and Export

    The import and export feature available in UberChart allows you
    to archive your collections of charts as XML files.

    This is extremely useful because:

    • Works as backup system for your charts (you will never lose any
    • You can move your charts between different websites
    • You can store your most used charts and use them as models for
      future charts


    In UberChart the models are special charts that can be loaded to
    instantly create new charts. In other words models are a way to
    recycle charts configurations so that you have only to add the data
    points to produce a result.

    Default Models

    This plugin comes by default with 34 default models that allows
    you to easily create various types of charts without spending time
    for the initial configuration. To know more about the process of
    creating a chart from a model check out .

    Multisite Ready

    This plugin can be used on a , and supports both a Network
    Activation (the plugin will be activated on all the sites of your
    WordPress Network in a single step) and a Single Site Activation
    (your plugin will be manually activated on single sites of the


    UberChart comes by default in English and Italian, if you want
    to translate the plugin in another language simply create a
    translation file or manually translate it with a multilanguage

    High Quality

    Support for this plugin is provided in English and Italian
    directly via email by the plugin developer. If you experience any
    problems or if you need detailed technical info about specific
    plugin parts you are in good hands.


    This plugin makes use of the following resources:

    • licensed under the
    • licensed under the
    • licensed under the
    • licensed under the
    • licensed under the
    • license under the


    14.09.2018 - v1.15
      - Fixed a conflict between the "ROWS" reserved word added in
    MariaDB starting from version 10.2.4 and the "ROWS" database column
    used in the plugin database
    16.02.2018 - v1.14
      - The "Before Value" and "After Value" options have been added in
    the "Tooltips" section
      - PHP notices are no longer generated during the "Import"
    26.11.2017 - v1.13
      - Documentation updated (the plugin codebase isn't changed)
    04.07.2017 - v1.13
      - Fixed a bug which prevented in specific situations to create
    rows in the back-end spreasheet editor
    12.06.2017 - v1.12
      - Fixed bugs
      - Added the "Hidden" dataset property
      - Added the "Half Pie/Doughnut" option
      - The TinyMCE UberChart button and the related modal window have
    been updated
      - The shortcode is now displayed in the "Charts" menu
      - In the "Charts" menu is now possible to search using the chart
    17.04.2017 - v1.11
      - Fixed bug
    11.03.2017 - v1.10
      - Fixed bugs
      - The same font stack of WordPress is now used in the
    administrative pages
      - Added a search form in the "Charts" menu
      - Improved performance in the "Charts" menu
      - Added the "Fixed Height" option in the "Common" section of the
    "Charts" menu
      - Added the "Maximum Execution Time" and the "Memory Limit"
    options in the "Options" menu
    26.10.2016 - v1.08
      - Initial release

    you care about your website’s SEO?

    Improve your internal links structure and get more visits on
    your WordPress website with the plugin.

    JetPopup Overview

    is the plugin for Elementor allowing to create
    popup templates on different topics and set versatile entrance
    conditions for them, attach the templates to specific widgets, and
    display them on specific pages. With JetPoup one gets dozens of
    popup presets along with layout presets and huge functionality for
    changing the popup style and behavior.


    Create different popup templates for any topic, and display them
    on different occasions, using versatile trigger events, locations,
    etc. With JetPoup it is easy to attach a popup to the widget, to
    the button, or CSS class. The plugin also allows the huge set of
    style and content settings, as well as provides an ability to use
    any Elementor widget for displaying content in the popup


    Easy to use

    JetPopup allows to create popup templates in a drag-n-drop way
    without any coding! Just drop any widgets you want to use and then
    add any content you want and style then up the same way you do when
    working with basic Elementor templates!

    Dozens of Style

    With JetPopup you can style up the popup template according to
    your needs to make it suit perfectly your specific purposes and fit
    the design of your webpage like a glove!

    Trigger Events

    Set the specific trigger events to show the subscribe and
    contact form popups op opening, on exit intent, when scrolling,
    when the user is inactive, or on set date.

    Attach Popups
    to Widgets

    It is really easy to attach the popup templates to the widget
    buttons, to show them when one hovers on the specific widget, or
    when one clicks on the element with the specified selector.

    Set Popup

    Set the popup position on the page according to your needs,
    making it show up as a bar, as a notice in the corner of the
    screen, or use slide-in effect , full-view or the classic centered
    position. Fits perfectly for both subscribe form popups as well as
    Yes/No popups and Info cards.

    Choose Animation

    Select one of the dozen of different animation effects to apply
    for the popup template. Make the popup bounce, slide, fade or zoom
    when it enters the screen and exits it.

    Popup Presets

    Add the pre-designed popup presets from the library to your
    database and use them when creating your own ones.

    Made for

    JetPopups allows creating popups with Elementor page builder in
    drag-n-drop way, letting you add any content needed.

    User Roles

    Set the user roles to make the popups be displayed for the
    registered users only, or for the users with the previously set
    specific role.

    Choose from the number of GDPR and Cookie Policy info block
    presets to make them show up on your site delivering the necessary

    No Coding Skills

    The plugin requires no coding skills to work with popups and
    create even most complicated scenarios for popup entrance, making
    your subscribe form or discount notice appear just in time.

    Plugin Updates

    1.1.0 (September 19, 2018)

    • Added Cookie Policy and GDPR templates;
    • Added “Close Constantly” option for Action Button widget;
    • Added WordPress user roles;
    • Added “Click to widget” option for attaching popup template to
    • Added minor bug fixes.

    Woocommerce Multivendor Marketplace is a powerful plugin which
    convert your woocommerce website into a multivendor e-commerce
    website. Where multiple sellers can sell their products on the same
    platform and their selling activities can be tracked from a
    centralized backend.

    • Separate vendor profile and dashboard.
    • Product selling counter on single product page.
    • Product seller name with product.
    • Vendor can edit profile information.
    • Seller can add product in store and add product gallery image
      from vendor dashboard.
    • Feedback and review with star rating for every vendor’s
    • Vendor can edit, delete,change image of product, add simple,
      grouped, external and variable type product from front-end.
    • Vendor can set product in sales.
    • Seller can add variation for a product.
    • Vendor can see list of their own products.
    • Seller can see list of their own orders.
    • Vendor only can see their order items.
    • Seller can add coupon, see coupon list.
    • Seller can ask for withdrawal.
    • Vendor can add multiple payment option for withdrawal.
    • Seller can add banner and shop logo.
    • Vendor can see own sales report.
    • Admin can enable or disable sales for vendors.
    • Administrator can set different commission for sellers.
    • Admin can set maximum and minimum amount withdrawals.
    • Administrator can see all vendors list, orders list, product
      list and withdrawal list of vendor.
    • Admin can see separate vendor’s product list.
    • Administrator can see sold-items, sold amount, commission
      amount of all vendors.
    • Admin can set showing records per page in front-end.
    • Administrator can delete vendor and assign all products to
      other vendor.
    • If vendor disable then its product automatically disable.
    • Admin can set marketplace menu and sub-menu background
    • Administrator can enable or disable vendor’s name showing on
      product details page.
    • Admin can set to display fake product quantity with time
      duration and text color of selling count in admin setting


    Dear Buyer, if you have any query, please raise a ticket at We
    will resolve your query as soon as possible. Please Don’t give us a
    low rating without contacting our support on the issue you have
    faced with. We are always here for your support and always happy to
    help you.