Create Beautiful forms, with the ultimate drag & drop WordPress
form builder with Elementor Page Buider . Fully control.
No coding skills required!

Not only that, DHE Form gives you full control the fields on
forms to collect any information you need for your business.
Simplify your workflow with email notifications every time someone
completes your form and send customers automatic confirmation

Types Of Forms You Can Create Easily

Custom Form

Use our user-friendly form builder and you can create any kind
of custom form with any number of fields and upload file/image

Customer Form

Re-design Login and Register page and replace it with
Wordpress default form.


Create a custom popup design and integrated fully with

Contact Form

Get pre-designed contact form templates and set up easily on
any page. All data of this form is stored in admin and you can
easily export any time.

Donation Form

Create an Paypal Donation form to collect the donation on your


  • Drag and drop form elements
  • Conditional Logic
  • Save submitted form data to database and send via email
  • AJAX form – Form validation
  • Custom form action
  • Support customize WP Login, Register, Lost password form
  • No form resubmission
  • Display form with shortcode
  • Display form with popup
  • And much more…

Drag and drop form elements

Collect Any Type of data using 20+ Different

Conditional Logic

Email Notifications

Change log

- Initial Release


“WooCommerce Vehicle Parts Finder –
Year/Make/Model/Engine/Category/Keyword” is one of the best plugin
for find Vehicles or Vehicle Parts on the website based on
Year/Make/Model/Engine/Category/Keyword. The plugin provides very
easy interface to use for Admin. Admin can add filter widget
anywhere on the website using either widget section or

Note: Please remember to backup your database before updating
plugin or importing CSV file.


  • Provides an easy interface to add/remove Engine, Categories and
    Keyword Filters
  • WPMLSupported


  • A plugin for vehicle parts search based on
  • Allows you to add multiple Years from an easy interface
  • Allows you to add multiple Makes relevant to a particular Year
    from an easy interface
  • Allows you to add multiple Models relevant to a particular Make
    from an easy interface
  • Allows you to add multiple Engines relevant to a particular
    Model from an easy interface
  • Allows you to show/hide Engines filter
  • Allows you to show/hide Categories filter
  • Allows you to show/hide Keyword filter
  • Allows you to enable/disable additional tab on product details
    page to show Years/Makes/Models/Engines
  • Allows you to enable/disable jQuery Chosen for plugin select
    boxes to make them more user friendly
  • Provides a very easy interface to associate Years, Makes,
    Models and Engines for a Product
  • Provides “WooCommerce Vehicle Parts Finder – Year/Make/Model”
    widget as well as shortcode for easy use
  • Upload Years/Makes/Models/Engines in bulk through import
  • Users can search for Products/Parts based on the criteria they
    want to choose
  • Mobile friendly (Responsive) and easy to setup and use


  • Fully controllable for admin
  • Saves search histories for non-logged users
  • Allow logged-in users to save their searches
  • Users can re-visit their searches from My Vehicles widget
  • An easy popup to add more searches in histories



= 2.9 =
* Fixed 'Page Not Found' issue while view models in dashboard
* Added few new filters eg: woo_vpf_ymm_filter_form_action,
woo_vpf_ymm_filter_posts_where_priority ..
* Fixed few PHP warnings ( Undefined index: year, implode():
Invalid arguments passed - $user_search )
* Removed WooCommerce deprecated scripts
* Tested with latest version of WordPress/WooCommerce
* Fixed JS to work even if page loads through JS/AJAX
* Fixed duplicating product not duplicating VPF terms relations
* Added security checks for PCI compiler
* Disabled empty terms on front end dropdowns
* Fixed error in case if WooCommerce is not active

= 2.8 =
* Updated jQuery Chosen library
* Fixed duplicate VPF Terms issue while duplicates product
* Added Accordion to Plugin Settings Panel
* Added custom filter to sort/manage terms according to your need
in product custom tab
* Fixed few mis-typed filters/hooks
* Fixed few options so that you can leave them blank eg: "Saved
Vehicles - No Items", "Vehicles History - No Items" 
* Fixed "My Vehicles" widget so it auto hides when clicking outside
of widget

= 2.7 =
* Fixed PHP 7.x conflicts/warnings
* Fixed undefined variable warnings
* Fixed conflict with WooCommerce Layered Nav filter widget
* Fixed conflict with get_search_query
* Fixed WPML search conflict
* Fixed invalid/large Year Range issue so max 100 years per range
* Fixed wrong year ranges issue in custom tab on product details
* Fixed CSV import issue with term name having "&" 
* Fixed few typo with plugin filters
* Added esc_scl with queried keyword
* Changed VPF Term Labels in admin baed on saved settings
* Updated jQuery libraries

= 2.6 =
* Fixed PHP 7.x Conflicts eg: Universal Products, Warnings
* Fixed few PHP warnings ( undefined $show_keyword )
* Fixed WPML conflicts ( Added lang param in URL for search result
page )
* Fixed template redirection option
* Added option for years sort order
* Fixed/Updated few designing aspects on settings page

= 2.5 =
* Fixed WPML conflicts
* Fixed Search Page Title
* Added RESET SEARCH feature
* Added few more valuable settings ( eg: Categories to Include )
* Fixed conflicts while deleting terms
* Added "Universal Product" option in products quick/bulk/edit
* Fixed search results Page to show products always and no more
search query var ('s') is mandatory in URL

= 2.4 =
* Added MY VEHICLES widget
* Added option to disable VPF terms selector metabox for specific
* Added support to show/hide Years filter
* Added option to restrict WooCommerce Catalog to show only user
searched criteria matching products whole over the website 
* Added option to redirect to product details page if single search
* Added option to delete product assigned terms in single click on
product edit page
* Added option to show year ranges over individual row per year in
custom tab
* Fixed duplicating product not duplicating VPF terms relations
* Improved products loading speed with few more test cases
* Improved metabox layout for add/delete icons on product add/edit

= 2.3 =
* Added option to delete all the terms in single click
* Added SKU compatibility along with product slug with
"item_product" column in importable CSV
* Added Screen Options to set number of terms per page
* Fixed speed issue conflict with Yoast SEO Plugin
* Fixed error with MultiSite in case if WooCommerce is not active
* Fixed search results page to show products template and not
category archive
* Fixed JS to work even if page loads through JS/AJAX
* Fixed year column space issue in CSV while uploading in ranges
* Fixed plugin admin menu role capabilities so that can be accessed
by WooCommerce Shop Manager as well
* Fixed admin terms drop down list to leave blank rather than
loading Years in all the drop downs first time
* Improved HTML/PHP code snippets
* Improved products loading speed with few test cases

= 2.2 =
* Changed the code to more optimized way for reuse and
* Fixed tweaks with CSV importer tool
* Fixed search results not to include products from child terms
* Fixed error in case if WooCommerce is not active
* Fixed terms to list by name
* Added option to disable next dropdowns until one choose current

= 2.1 =
* Fixed "no terms list" issue on edit product page

= 2.0 =
* Fixed the importer to handle heavy data
* Faster the importer
* Added range support to columns with importer CSV
* Added an individual admin menu for plugin
* Added few more settings

= 1.3 =
* Added option to enable validations for filter fields
* Added multiple admin interface for assigning
Years/Makes/Models/Engines to products
* Changed the admin interface for listing
* Added option to separate CSV Year/Make/Model/Engine/Product
columns by comma (,)

= 1.2 =
* Fixed the taxonomy (Years/Makes/Models/Engines) hierarchy issues
on product edit screen
* Added option to enable jquery tree for taxonomies list on product
add/edit screen to manage heavy data more easily
* Added more filter hooks to filter arguments for get lists on
front end

= 1.1 =
* Added individual settings page for VPF (YMM)
* Added additional tab on product details page (can be
enabled/disabled from settings page)
* Added one more column "item_product" in CSV import tool to create
product/terms relation at the same time while importing terms
* Added option of jQuery Chosen extension to enable/disable for the

= 1.0 =
* Launched the initial version of the plugin

Add a 100% Responsive Map Anywhere on Your WordPress Site.

Newly Built from the ground up! Say goodbye to Google’s
annoying requirements, and hello to more power, more features, and
a 100% redesigned look! Fully compatible with WordPress
4.9+ is like Google Maps for WordPress on steroids. You
get custom pin-point graphics, limitless locations, beautiful
tooltips, and informative pop-up galleries on each location (with
video and photography!). It also allows the use of ANY custom map
image of your choosing, all while keeping the great zoom and pan
effect of standard maps! Trust us, it rivals the best Google Maps
plugins for WordPress by a long shot, and thousands of customers
agree, making it one of the most popular plugins available on

Feedback From

“I contacted Mapify and Josh helped me out tremendously! Their
software is awesome, and his customer service is

“Excellent support from Developer. He resolved the problems I
had and gave me help for the other translation problems I had.

“Very cool, very powerful. It’s a must own for me, no



Check out what’s included in this powerful mapping

Fully Customized Map Using

  • Use any image for your map!
  • Google maps is great, but severely limits how you can display a
    map on your site. Mapify.It breaks those barriers and allows you to
    use a map of your choosing, but maintains the ability to zoom, pan,
    and add locations. supports Jpegs, gifs, and PNG files,
    and even lets you specify the background color if using transparent
  • With, your map is only limited by your imagination,
    not Google’s restrictive rules on style. You don’t even have to use
    a map, and can add detailed info to any photo, artwork, or image of
    your choosing (think “Hotspots”).
  • We include everything you need to build the

Standard Maps

  • Ditch the hassle and cost of Google Maps and enjoy the
    freedom of our custom Maps API, which is just as powerful, without
    the limitations.
  • Look, we like Google Maps too, but thought it could use some
    tweaks, and they’re now charging EVERYONE to use their API, even
    free users and customers like you. Don’t worry, our maps are
    capable of even more features.
  • You can toggle from a custom map to a standard map, while
    maintaining Mapify.It’s extra features: Custom tooltip content,
    photo/video galleries on each location, and even custom pinpoint

Detailed Information & Galleries on Each Location

  • Add a unique video and photo gallery to every
  • Mapify.It allows you to add endless locations to your map.
    Better yet, it allows you to control what appears when a user
    hovers over the pinpoints. Photos, videos, and information
    displayed is under your control. Just click around on for a
    preview, it’s all running on Mapify.It!

Powerful & Intuitive Admin

  • The plugin seamlessly integrates with the WordPress
    Admin, allowing you to customize your map and locations with a
    simple, intuitive interface. Enter new locations by double clicking
    on the map, or by entering the exact address.
  • Add customized pinpoint graphics to your map, custom tooltip
    content for each location, control the default zoom levels to focus
    on specific regions (Standard Maps Mode), and more!

jQuery Effects

  • Stand out from the crowd with ultra-slick, app-like effects in
    the form of custom pop-ups, momentum-based drag and drop action,
    and pan and zoom behavior of your map, regardless of the
  • Ultra-slick map that behaves much like an iPhone app.
  • Lightbox pop-ups allow galleries of both video and photo
    collections on each and every location on your map! However, it’s
    up to you if you prefer pop-up galleries, and control this feature
    per location.
  • Momentum-based drag and drop style that emulates Google Maps
    when in Image Mode.

Advanced Map

  • Toggle zoom functionality: perfect for those that prefer to
    “lock” their map in place, whether on standard Maps or Image
  • You can now toggle Pop-up galleries by each location
  • New feature allows you to set your default zoom level in
    standard Maps Mode!
  • Updated Documentation to showcase the new features.

Awesome Ideas Used by Our Customers

Store Locator

the most common use of Mapify.It is as a store locator. Do you have
a product that’s sold in shops across the country? Mapify.It is the
perfect solution to list each location by address, with added
features to really make your product excel.

Event Map

Hosting an event
or conference, or just want to show people where they can find good
parking? Use a local map and pinpoint each area of importance to
make your event a smooth success. Have a product with a lot of
features? Sure, Mapify.It is ideal for your map, but how about a
photo of your product that allows users to zoom in and view the
detail, all while getting valuable info on the features? Car
interiors, gadgets, interfaces… Mapify.It let’s your customer
interact with your product in a cutting-edge virtual environment.

Travel Log

Preserve your
memories by placing pinpoints in the exact locations of your
travels, and including a gallery of photos taken on the spot. It’s
a perfect way to not only document your journey, but to share with
friends and family online.

Video Game

So you’re playing Diablo III and want to map your
journey through hell. Upload Diablo’s world map via Mapify.It, and
you can include location-based screengrabs, videos, and you’re own
story as you chase down Diablo through the lands of Sanctuary. Now
that’s something you can’t do with Google maps, amerite?


Mark your progress as your non-profit company helps
rebuild less fortunate communities around the world. Whether it’s
helping a village in need, charting rebuilding sites, or green
projects — showcase the people and progress behind your story at
every location.

Support and Extras

  • comes with extensive documentation and a responsive
    support staff who are ready to answer any questions.
  • Free Map PSD to create your own custom maps, and 2 free
    optimized map images to get your map started!
  • We’re constantly updating with new features

Cool Stuff List

  • Tested up to WordPress 4.9+
  • Consistently updated and maintained
  • Extensive documentation
  • Add a video to all pinpoint locations
  • Photo Gallery for all pinpoint locations
  • A custom pinpoint icon can be used on any map
  • Custom Tooltip content for each location
  • Add extensive details to each location
  • Customization: Unlock your Maps with exciting features only
    found with
  • Rock-Solid framework and latest Google API integration
  • Renowned customer support
  • Control your zoom level in Google Maps and focus on a region of
    your choosing, at any zoom level focusing on any location you
    assign. *Note that this feature is while in Google Maps mode
  • Toggle whether you want the zoom functionality in Image Mode:
    This is good for those just looking for hotspots on their images.
    Zoom functionality supports 2 levels of zoom in custom image
  • Toggle the pop-ups for each location. You specify whether or
    not you want each and every location to have a pop-up gallery, or
    just the tooltip on hover.

About Us

We strive to
create the most advanced plugins available. Our goal is to create
plugins that can truly empower your site and improve your business
or hobby.

Scissorbox and this plugin are created by , a design and
development studio located in Cincinnati, OH. We have been creating
websites and software for dozens of clients since 2007, from
multi-billion dollar companies like Whirlpool, to smaller startups
across the globe. Find out more about PaperTelevision LLC.

Change Log

Version 2.0.2

  • THE ALL NEW MAPIFY.IT! Fully Revised in late 2018 with a fully
    rebuilt mapping API. We ditch Google Maps as they have become very
    strict in their usage of their API, and they are charging EVERYONE
    for use of their API. Chances are if you’re using any Google Maps
    plugin, you’re now doing so illegally Ditch the stress and go with
    Mapify. It’s just as powerful!

Do you want to group products that complement each other in
bundles, and sell them as gift boxes? Product bundling is an
effective sales technique that encourages customers to buy in bulk
quantities and increases store sales by an average of 30%.
WooComemrce Mix & Match plugin does precisely that. Suitable
for selling boxes of wine, cupcakes, sweets, drinks, shirts, lunch
boxes and many more

This all-in-one WooCommerce Mix & Match plugin allows you to
create product boxes to boost your store sales and allow shoppers
to custom pick their items and prepare a complete box. This helps
customers make their own assortments of preferred items and send
them as gift boxes to their loved ones, better yet, send them to

With customization options you can define the size of the box
(number of items in container), create pre-built product boxes, use
multiple layout options, implement different pricing structures and
allow customers to attach personal message with gift box. This
entices customers by saving their valuable time and money when
shopping from your store.

Feature List of WooCommerce Mix and Match Plugin

  • Create Multiple Custom Product Boxes for Different Product
  • Dynamic Pricing Option
    • Set Fixed Box Price
    • Per Product Price
    • Fixed Price + Per Product Price
  • Per Product Price with a Fixed Base Price
  • Multiple Layout Options
  • Responsive & Mobile Ready Design
  • Attach Personal Message with Gift Box
  • Option to Partial or Fully Pre-Fill Box with Specific
  • Limit the Product Quantity per Box
  • Compatible with Product Variations
  • List View Option to Offer Bulk Products in a Box
  • Set the Minimum No. of Products Required to Buy a Box
  • Compatible with
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin

2 Layout Options to Display Mix & Match

With WooCommerce Mix and Match plugin you can allow customers to
dynamically create their own assortment of products. You can create
various types of boxes such as Shirts, Drinks, Lunch, Perfumes, and
Desktop items etc.

Box View Layout
List View Layout

WooCommerce custom product box plugin provides options to
display products in a list view if you want to offer bulk products
for each box.

Dynamic Pricing Options

It enables dynamic pricing options for bundled products. You can
set price on container as fixed, per product or without base price
of product box.

Attach Specific Products and Variations to Box

You can add simple products to product inventory or add
variations of the product so customers can create their own
combination without being forced to buy item that don’t interest

Option to Sell Partially Filled Box

Instead of selling a full box, you can also allow customers to
buy a partially filled box. You can fix the minim number of
products required to purchase the box.

Option to Pre-fill Boxes with Products

You can prefill the box partially or fully with specific items
and set them as mandatory or optional. The customers can remove the
“optional” pre-filled items and replace with the ones available in

Allow Customers to Send as Gift with Personal

This feature gives your customers the privilege of sending a
personal message along with the gift box to their loved ones.

Compatible with

WooCommerce mix and match products plugin is fully compatible
with .

Multiple Layout Options for WooCommerce Custom Product
Boxes Plugin

You can select from a list of layout templates and easily enable
them to display boxed products on your website.

Vertical & Vertical Right Layout

2 & 3 Column Layout for Products & Boxes

Customize Color of Boxes

Change Log

Version 1.2.0 Updated:
New Feature Added:
1 - Compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin
Version 1.1.0 Updated:
New Features Added:
1 - List View
2 - Min and Max Quantity
3 - Compatible with Extendons WooCommerce Product Addions
Version 1.0.0:

1) Initial release of plugin.

jEmbed is a WordPress plugin for embedding all kind of media,
content and websites. It also can create link previews via
popovers, which are fully supporting desktop and mobile

It’s extremely easy to use the plugin and it also supports
products’ description and short description in WooCommerce. Just
insert a
@previewor an
@embedflag in the text of the link. That’s

The plugin supports lazy load and lazy code injection to provide
the best performance and to reduce mobile data usage. Your cards
will load only if they are truly visible on the screen.

The tool is using the API, which is one of the most
powerful API for embedding contents. The plugin is highly
configurable, it supports dark and light themes and all of the
native options of

You can embed a content or create a link preview almost from
everything, besides the usual embedding a website the API supports
650+ dedicated providers.

The plugin contains all of the necessary files (JS, CSS and
PHP), just install the ZIP file. jEmbed uses, which will
be include automatically. By buying this package you will not buy
an subscription, but you don’t need any. The plugin will
use’s free features, but if you have a subscription you
can configure the plugin to use it. I am using WordPress 5.2 with
the Hestia theme On the demo page.

If you are looking for the jEmbed jQuery plugin, you can find it
here on !


Starting from June 8 you can buy a plugin cheaper. Every
Saturday the price will increase by 20% until it reaches $35.

Provide technical support for literally any product! Without any
monthly payments, in less than 5 minutes!

Ticketrilla consists of two plugins: the server (this item), and
the client:

  • The Server plugin is installed on the developer’s server which
    would be providing support.
  • The Client plugin is installed on the clients’ websites. This
    could be installed from the
  • .


  • Unlimited agents and tickets
  • Total control over the using of licenses on the addresses of
    clients’ websites and servers
  • Simple definition of “freeloaders” what use stolen tokens
  • Built-in licensing system

For Envato licenses support you need addon ““

‘Ticketrilla: Client’ features

  • Free client’s plugin in
  • Receiving support for all purchased products in one place – on
    his website
  • Simplicity and comfort for using
  • Automatic search of products providing support with the help of

View the Live

Feel free to review our demo sites:

  • Server Plugin: , login – agent, password – agent
  • Client Plugin: , login – client, password – client

You can also test the client plugin by connecting to the
test-server ‘’


For support you can
to connect to ‘’ from your ‘Ticketrilla:

The manual for could be reviewed .


Version 1.0.0 (09 April, 2019)

- Initial Release

LivePreviewis used to manage, switch between your
digital products like WordPress themes, HTML templates, HTML5 games
and etc. The plugin includes a responsive test tool inside the
demobar, switch panel with thumbnails of the products, buttons for
different actions (buy, iframe close). You can customize it by
changing the style file (css or less). The plugin can be deployed
easily. It runs on all modern browsers and mobile devices like iOS,
Android and Windows.

General Settings

  • Theme– you can select a frontend look from two
    available themes or create your own style
  • Logo image– select a logo image for the
  • Responsive devices– show or hide responsive
    devices. By this option, you will be able to switch to different
    device size
  • Buy button– show or hide ‘buy’ button by this
    option. This will show the buy button which when clicked redirects
    user to the ‘buy url’ that is managed while adding sites via Items
  • Close iFrame– show or hide ‘iframe’ close button,
    it will allow you to close demobar and redirects user to a demo

Demo Site Item

  • Title– allows to set the demo site title
  • Thumb image– allows to set a thumb image
  • Demo url– you can set the demo site url with your
    theme. The site that is added will be shown in this page where you
    will be able to use the above mentioned features
  • Buy url– this option allows you to add link to any
    of your product or site for purchase or download
  • Badge– allows to set a badge title for the thumb
  • Tag– you can set a tag for your demo site. By this
    option, you can easy to find your demo site by tag filters

Features List

  • Responsive Layout Design
  • Responsive Test Tools
  • Limitless Theme Items
  • Redirect Function
  • Modern Browsers Compatible
  • Easy to use
Version 1.0.1 - 16/04/2019
- Fix: can't slide the site up or down on Safari

Version 1.0.0 - 03/04/2019
- First release

This is a WordPress plugin to create cached and on the fly
export feeds of Woocommerce products. Build your own, custom
Woocommerce product feeds.

Comes with preposted feed.


  • User friendly and self-explanatory entries management.
  • 44available values to be used and exported
  • Supports Variations attributes
  • Supports
    custom product meta
  • Supports
  • Option to exclude product(s).
  • Extensible / developer friendly. You can alter the plugin
    without hacking it, but via WordPress filters and actions.
  • Easily translatable via .po / .mo files.
  • Available translations: English, Greek.


1.0.4 04/02/2019
  • Feature: Converted from select2 to selectWoo
  • Fix: Condition to avoid PHP warning for product brands
  • Fix: Decoding of url encoded attributes
1.0.3 06/03/2018
  • Fix: Removed Woocommerce v3.0+ deprecation warnings
1.0.2 08/09/2017
  • Feature: Added list with all scanned meta keys
  • Fix: Prevent error if brands plugin is not installed
1.0.1 05/02/2017
  • Feature: Woocommerce version 3.0.x support
  • Feature: Product taxonomies detection and tags, all product
    taxonomies are supported
  • Feature: Option to merge attributes
  • Feature: Include / exclude products by category
1.0.0 03/27/2017
  • Initial release

WP Job Openings plugin is the most simple yet powerful plugin for
setting up a job listing page for a website.

The plugin is designed after carefully analysing hundreds of job
listing layouts and methods. We built a plugin that’s super simple
to use and extensible to a high performing recruitment tool.

WP Job Openings PROis an add-on plugin with a pack
of features that makes WP Job Openings a
powerful recruitment tool.

The plugin helps to reduce the time spent on administrative
tasks while hiring, keep track of all applicants, resumes and
notes. Engage your candidates more in the process by sending
notifications such as welcome and rejection emails.


  • Super Simple and Easy to Set Up and See
  • Two Different Modern Layouts
  • Clean and User Friendly Designs
  • Unlimited Job Specifications
  • Unlimited Filtering Options
  • AJAX Powered Job Listing and Filtering
  • Comes with Default Form to Submit Applications
  • HR Role for setting up HR user
  • Options to Customise Email Notifications
  • Application Listings in Plugin
  • Job Expiry Options
  • Detailed documentation
  • Build your own job application form |
    PRO Feature
  • Shortlist, Reject and Select Applicants |
    PRO Feature
  • Rate and Filter Applications |
    PRO Feature
  • Custom Email Notifications & Templates |
    PRO Feature
  • Notes and Activity Log |
    PRO Feature