Are you a WordPress website administrator?

Developing a site means that you’’ll be adding tons of new
media files such as images, videos, audios, PDF, txt, docx, .ect
into your site database day by day. As a result, your site will
have to store thousands of files. In the default WordPress media
database, you are not able to arrange files in a logical manner and
you wish you could do that like what you do with your files in your
own computer, right? When you want to look for a particular
uploaded file on your WordPress site, don’t you know how to find

Media Folders Manager for WordPress was born to help you
overcome the obstacle. This plugin gives you the ability to easily
organize your files in media library of your site. With this tool
in hand, you’ can manage and arrange thousands of images, audios,
videos, and other files in your media library.

Managing files in WordPress has never been easier. You are able
to just drag and drop to upload or move files/ folders. This will
help you save a ton of time that goes into putting your media files
in place. The hierarchical view of your folders will also make
things easier for you to quickly find specific folders in just a
blink of an eye.


secs only)



Drag and drop to upload/move files into folders. Drag and drop
to rearrange folders.


Right click your mouse to quickly create, rename or delete
folders like what you do on your computer.


The toolbar on the left allows you control all of your folders/
files. You can create, rearrange, rename or delete folders.


You can create unlimited folders/subfolders for all your media


As WordPress default, you are allowed to only upload the most
commonly used file types. With this plugin, you can manually manage
most of allowed file types.


This plugin is compatible with most of themes or plugins.


Q: When I create a new post, how can I choose an uploaded
file in a specific folder?

A: Yes, you can choose the folder in the dropdown list of the
filter box beside the search box.

Q: How can I bulk select multiple files and put them into a

A: You can use the “bulk select” Button in media grid, bulk
select files you want and just drag them into a folder.

Q: Do all of my uploaded files remain the same after I
first install this plugin?

A: Yes, they do.

Q: When I move an image to another folder, does this action
affect the image appearance on my frontend?

A: No, it does not. The image is still displayed correctly on
the site frontend.



April 18, 2018 – Version 1.0.7

- Fixed: Image display section (Thanks to hotmedia)
- Fixed: Some bugs

April 15, 2018 – Version 1.0.6

- Fixed: Some bugs

April 5, 2018 – Version 1.0.5

- Added: Display location latest folder place use.
- Improved: New UI/UX
- Improved: Change icons
- Improved: CSS styles

March 28, 2018 – Version 1.0.4

- Improved: New drag and drop Javascript
- Fixed: JS conflicts

March 18, 2018 – Version 1.0.3

- Fixed: Load files in the folder
- Fixed: Some bugs

March 10, 2018 – Version 1.0.2

- Fixed: Drag and drop files
- Fixed: Some bugs

March 5, 2018 – Version 1.0.1

- Fixed: JS conflicts
- Fixed: Drag and drop folders

May 1, 2016 – Version 1.0

- Version 1.0 Initial Release

Contact Form 7 Cost Calculator – Price Calculation

Live Demo:

Contact Form 7 Cost Calculator – Price Calculation which allows
you to easily create quote or price estimate forms for Contact form
7. With Contact Form 7 Cost Calculator – Price Calculation Form you
can create forms with dynamically calculated fields to display the
calculated values. Calculated Fields Form can be used for creating
both single and complex calculations, for example general
calculators, ideal weight calculators, calorie calculators,
calculate quotes for hotel booking and rent a car services,
calculate quotes for appointments and services, loan & finance
calculators, date calculators like pregnancy calculators,…


  • Easy use
  • Creating forms with automatically calculated fields
  • Multi Total field
  • Add radio price field
  • Add checkbox price field
  • Add select price field
  • Cross browser’s compatible
  • Custom format total field
  • Finance calculators
  • Quote calculators
  • Booking cost calculators
  • Add one or more calculated fields
  • Hide calculated field and only send email
  • And more…


With simple
mathematical operations:

fieldname1 + fieldname2

fieldname1 * fieldname2

fieldname1 / fieldname2

(fieldname1 * ( fieldname2 + fieldname3 ) ) / 5

fieldname1 * ( fieldname2 + fieldname3 )

What do Buyers



20/Mar/2018: (version 4.1)
- Added: Select dates to get a value

22/11/2017: (version 4.0)
- Fixed: Default radio

22/10/2017: (version 3.9.1)
- Added: Compatible with multisite

27/10/2017: (version 3.9)
- Fixed: Multi total field

22/09/2017: (version 3.8)
- Fixed: Save "Currency position" 

21/09/2017: (version 3.7)
- Fixed: Message: "Numeric number not valid" 

15/09/2017: (version 3.6)
- Fixed: Checkbox price  EXCLUSIVE

07/09/2017: (version 3.5)
- Added: Required field
- Added: Range field
- Added: Remove decimal if integer

01/09/2017: (version 3.4)
- Fixed: Checkbox price  EXCLUSIVE

01/08/2017: (version 3.2)
- Fixed: Send email checkbox price

08/07/2017: (version 3.1)
- Fixed: Save Settings

08/07/2017: (version 3.0)
- Added: Symbol total
- Added: Setting label or input total

06/07/2017: (version 2.1)
- Fixed: Send email checkbox price

05/07/2017: (version 2.0)
- Added: Hide calculated field and only send email

30/06/2017: (version 1.3)
- Fixed: Format number

25/06/2017: (version 1.2)
- Fixed: Hide equation

09/06/2017: (version 1.1)
- Fixed:  Select field
- Added:  Multi total field

05/06/2017: (version 1.0)
- Version 1.0 Initial Release

Master Slider WordPress slider pluginis a premium
image and content slider with super smooth hardware accelerated
transitions. It supports touch navigation with pure swipe gesture,
that you have never experienced before. Master Slider is a truly
responsive and device friendly slider which works perfectly on all
major devices. Master Slider plugin is an awesome layer slider as
well, with the ability to add any HTML contents (texts, images, …)
in layers. It is easy to use, plus there are 80+ ready to use
sample sliders for you. You have almost everything such as
hotspots, thumbnails, video support, a variety of effects, and many
more features in this plugin. Master Slider WordPress slider is the
most complete among the best sliders.

Parallax Slider

Master Slider WordPress slider plugin provides easy to use
parallax templates that you can use them on your website. These
parallax templates let you design your parallax slider in less than
ten minutes, by simply using our parallax templates and master
slider WordPress visual editor. Parallax slider works smoothly on
all themes, with any content that you want to use for your

Touch slider

Master slider WordPress plugin touch navigation, offers a
variety of options like touch swipe on mobile and drag and drop
option for the desktop. Our touch-enabled media slider allows users
to drag and swipe the slides smoothly. Master Slider is one of the
easiest plugins on Envato marketplace, which also greatly extends
functionality into touch-support mobile devices.

Video gallery is one of the most important tools for business
owners, to promote their services or products. Master Slider
WordPress plugin allows users to create stunning Youtube and Vimeo
sliders for their website. With Master Slider ready-to-use video
templates, you can create elegant video gallery just in

Youtube Slider

The best plugin on Envato marketplace to create Youtube slider,
is Master Slider WordPress slider plugin. All you need is to choose
one of our Youtube video slider templates and embed the link of
Youtube video. Creating Master Slider Youtube Slider is one of the
easiest ways to get more traffic and shares for your website.

Layered Slider

Master Slider WordPress layered slider plugin has different
layers with amazing options. There are five editable layers you can
add to your slides: Text layer, image layer, video layer, button
layer, and hotspot layer. You can simply customize the style,
transition, and content of each layer. Each layer can be animated
too! With animated layers, you can insert or embed HTML formatted
texts, links, images, and videos directly into your slides and add
unique animation parameter such as effect, duration, delay,

Image and
Content Slider

You can create image and content slider with Master Slider
WordPress slider plugin. Any content can be added to the slider.
Master Slider awesome features help you easily add images and other
content, besides, you can customize them in any way you wish.
Master Slider lets you add transition and style to any element in
the slides. Also, you are able to have an image slider. Adding
images to the slides is as simple as dragging the images into the
slides, the images will be automatically added to slides.

Flickr Slider

There are different image services. Instead of uploading the
same images you have already used on those websites, it is easier
to get your images automatically from there and show your images on
a slider. Master Slider WordPress plugin integrates with Flickr and
lets you create a slider by your Flickr images. Your latest Flickr
images will appear on a slider, with or without author name, image
title, and image description as a text layer on the slides.

Post Slider

With more than ten extremely creative post slider templates,
Master Slider is the best WordPress slider plugin to display your
website posts in a classy slideshow. Just select one of our post
slider templates and build your lovely slider without editing your
current posts. You can simply choose a category or more than one
category, and represent all of the available posts on a slider


Master slider is the best product gallery slider that turns your
WooCommerce website to an interactive product gallery. With variety
of WooCommerce slider templates, you are able to improve your
product image slider and increase your sale conversion rate.

Translated in following languages:

  • French. Special thanks to Thomas:
  • Brazilian Portuguese. Special thanks to
  • Serbian. Special thanks to Borisa Djuraskovic:

You can start translating Master Slider by our .

What is
it & What does it do:

WooCommerce Google Cloud Print | Woocommerce Automatic
Order Printing
is a Woocommerce addon. This plugin will
print your store orders via Google cloud print.

How does it work:

WooCommerce Google CloudPrint will connect your
store to Google Cloud Printer. So when a new order is placed in
your store, the order print will be sent to your Google Cloud print
instantly. This plugin makes this process fully automatic.
Save time and money, and fulfill orders

What does it

It prints:

  • Invoice
  • Package slip

printers does it support:

  • Desktop Printers
  • Thermal Printers

This plugin is compatible with any printer(Which can connect
with google cloud print) or can be saved as a PDF to Google


  • No more logging in to find orders
  • No more time spent printing off delivery instructions;
  • No more delay in between orders being placed and being able to
    fulfill them.

Admin Demo


User Name : demo

Password : demo


Easy to set up: connecting to Google Cloud Print:

Woocommerce Cloud Print Options

Sample Invoice Print
(Normal Printer A4 size)

Sample Invoice Print
(Thermal Printer A7 size)

You can view Google Cloud Print queue, through any web

Credits and

Updates &

= 1.7 - 2018.02.26 =
* fixed minor layout issues

= 1.6 - 2018.02.17 =
* fixed issus with fonts
* added wp cron job for printing

= 1.5 - 2018.02.10 =
* Add feature preview invoice / packing slip from the order admin

= 1.4 - 2018.02.01 =
* Added "Number of copies" option

= 1.3 - 2018.01.25 =
* Add Barcode display for both invoice and packing slip
* fixed minor layout issues

= 1.2 - 2018.01.21 =
* Select order for sample printing.
* Enable / Disable payment method on packing slips page.
* Billing and Shipping methods order on Invoice and Packing Slip
Page Please
* fixed minor layout issues

= 1.1 - 2017.12.27 =
* Feature added Print size &  Orientation.
* Feature added Print a Sample.

= 1.0 - 2017.12.21 =
* Initial release!

You may also

WooCommerce Watermark plugin allows you to secure your product
images with a watermark. You can either add text or image watermark
whichever suits your business requirements. Create rules to specify
products or select a whole category to automatically apply

Automatically apply watermark on product images, product image
pop-up, catalog thumbnails and any other place where image appears.
You can configure text & image watermarks with custom font
type, size, color, opacity and watermark position.

  • Add Text or Image as Watermark to product images
  • Apply same or different watermark to shop and catalog
  • Configure separate watermarks for product thumbnails and popup
  • Create limitless rules for image watermark and set
  • Set background color of product images
  • Choose repeat watermark option for multiple watermarks
  • Select position of watermarks among 9 possible placements

Add Watermarks to Prevent Product Image Theft

With WooCommerce Product Image watermark plugin, you can
personalize product images with your brand name and logo. It
empowers you to prevent the competitors from stealing your valuable
images and photographs without giving the due credit.

Add Image & Text Watermark

Select text or image as a watermark type and customize it
accordingly. It allows you to add a slogan or tagline or a business
logo as a watermark.

Add Watermark to Specific Products &

With easy to select options, you can apply watermark to
selective product or whole category.

Customize Text Watermark for Better Display

The addition of text watermark further facilitates you with
customization options. You can write a personalized text and choose
a font size for various image displays.

Configuration options for WooCommerce Image

The Image type watermark includes the addition of different
images to product thumbnail and preview images. You can also
configure watermark margins on product images.

Choose Opacity and Placement for Watermark

WooCommerce Product Image Watermark plugin allows you to select
opacity and position of a watermark. Whether you choose text or
image type watermark, you can align it for a brilliant

Setup Rules for Adding Watermark to Product Images

Create rules to automate the addition of watermarks to product
images. You can create as many rules as you want to configure
creative watermarks for varying products and categories.


1. Is this plugin works with product gallery

Ans.Yes, it works with product gallery images.

2. Does this plugin add the watermark on the fly or do the
images have to be resized?

Ans.No watermark is not on the fly, a new image is
created when you apply watermark and the size will remain the

3. Can it be turned off and on easily?

Ans.Yes, this can be turned off easily, just
remove the rules to restore the images.

4. Does it permanently watermark the images if the plugin
is deactivated?

Ans.You should remove the rules before
deactivating otherwise watermarks will be remained on the

Change Log

Version 1.0.3 Updated:
New Features added:
1) Single Rule can be implemented.
Version 1.0.2:
Bug Fixed:
1) Bug fix with categories not shown in the rule
2) Bug fix with priority 

New Features added:
1) Repeat Watermark
2) Limit File upload size
3) Restrict to only png image for watermark
4) Add Progress bar so admin can see the progress of watermark
5) Watermark background overlay
6) Remove image
Version 1.0.1:
New Features added:
1) Following languages translations has been added.
German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch 
Version 1.0.0
Initial release of pluign

Businesses that interacts with potential customers online are
better placed to build a connection and increase their revenues,

WooCommerce Live Customer Analysis plug-in helps you to do
detailed analysis of your current Live customers on site, you can
get list of how many visitors and customers are LIVE on your
website, interact with them by sending custom popup messages while
they are online, see complete Customer profile and Comments at
click of a button

View Online Demo

Admin (To View

Username: demouser

Password: demouser

Customer 1

Username: johndoe

Password: [email protected]

Customer 2

Username: emmajackson

Password: [email protected]

Key Functionalities:

  • Dashboard Report
  • Active Customers List along with its Order Value, Duration on
    website, Page Visits etc.
  • View detailed Customer Profile (First, Last Order Date, Total
    Order Count, Total Order Value, Product Summary, Coupon
  • Send custom popup messages to Live Customers
  • Create Message Templates
  • View Review comments
  • Guest Visitors List along with its IP Address, Total Visits
    Count, Visit Date and Duration on website.
  • Customer Report
  • Guest Report
  • Settings like Visitor Settings, Delete Page History

Active Customers

On this page you will see currently Live Visitors, Customers on

For Guest Visitors you will see their IP Address, Country, Total
Visits, Visit Date, Duration

For Customers you will see their IP Address, First Name, Last
Login Date, Total Visits, Order Value, and Duration on website,
Page Visits (List of visited pages with URL)

Customer Profile

Clicking on “Profile” link you can see a detailed customer
summaries, Total Sales, Orders, Refunds, List of Product purchased

Push Notification/ Message Popup

Clicking on “PMsg” link you can send a custom popup message to
currently Live customer, message can be in HTML/formatted or Image,
you can create popup message templates for reuse

Page Visits

Clicking on “Visits” link you can see which are the links/pages
user has visited so far.

Sales History

Clicking “Sales History” link you can see Day wise summaries of
Customer visits and value of orders he has placed


Dashboard page shows various summaries like Total Customer
Visits, Last 7 Days Customer Visits, Yesterday Customer Visits and
Today’s Customer Visits same in case of Guest Visitors. Top 10
Customer Visits, Last 30 Days Customer/Guests Visit

Customer Report

Customer Report page will give you list of customers who has
visited your website along with their IP Address, First Name, Last
Name, Email Address, Login Date. You can filter this report by Date
Range and can export this to CSV.

Guest Report

Guest report page will give you list of guest visitors (Non
Logged in Users) who visited your website. Report will display IP
Address, First Visit Date and last Visit Date. You can filter this
report by Date Range and can export this to CSV.


Version 1.1 Release April 12, 2018

  • New: Added Order Status Filter on Customer Profile Page
  • New: Added Products Summary on Customer Profile Page
  • New: UI changes
  • Fix: Other minor fixes.

Version 1.0 Release April 03, 2018

  • First Public Release




Step 1: Installation –

Step 2: Create a new player and manage the player settings –

Step 3: Manage the playlist and categories –



Only Radio Stream Needed

Just add the radio stream and the player will get radio name,
radio categories, current playing song and artist photo.

Shoutcast & Icecast Support

It supports ShoutCast and IceCast radio streaming. The radio
stream should be MP3 type. It will also play AAC streams but only
on browsers which support AAC.

Responsive Design

The radio player can be used in websites which are responsive.
Optional parameter to disable responsive behavior in order to
integrate it in non-responsive websites.

Mobile Compatible

It is compatible with IOS and Android operating systems.


The player uses Last.FM API to display the photo of the current
playing singer.

Highly Customizable

You can choose from the 2 available skins: back & white.
Also, from parameters you can create any color scheme,
having the possibility to integrate it in any


The playlist items are structured in categories. A radio file
can belong to multiple categories. The categories are automatically
generated from the radio stream data.

Playlist Search

You have the option to search the playlist. The results will be
displayed as you type the search term.

Show/Hide Playlist

Button to show or hide the playlist. Also option to start the
player with the playlist hidden.


You can share the radio player on Facebook and Twitter.
Parameters to customize the share title and description.

Option To Manually Set Radio Name And Categories

If needed, you have the option to manually set the radio name
and categories name

Multiple Instances

You can insert multiple radio players on your website or on the
same page.

Show/Hide Buttons

You can set as visible or set as hidden: playlist, volume, share

Multiple Parameters

Over 70 js options from where you can customize your player,
including: width, autoplay, initial volume, playlist, categories
& color parameters.

Free Updates

Once you’ve bought the product, you can download for free, from
your account, all the updated versions.


Notes for IOS/Android (restrictions imposed by

1. The autoplay will not work because IOS/Android disables
autoplay feature and it can’t be controlled from JS

2. Volume controllers will not work on IOS/Android. You’ll have
to adjust the volume with physical buttons of the mobile device.

3. ShoutCast version below 2.0 doesn’t function on iOS 11.
Please update ShoutCast server to at least v2.0

4. Icecast 2.4 kh4/kh5 do not function on iOS 11. Older
versions (2.3.3 KH11) and standard Icecast 2.4.1 do function
correctly. Please update IceCast server to latest version.



Keywords: html5, wordpress, radio, audio, mp3, music, player,
playlist, ios, song, mobile, streaming, playlist, search,
Shoutcast, Icecast, audioplayer

If you need additional information don’t hesitate to contact us
at . We’ll try to answer you as quickly as possible.



***Version Release Date: March 01, 2018
- bug fix

***Version 2.0.1 Release Date: February 21, 2018
- bug fix which appeared on IOS when the playlist had not scroll

***Version 2.0 Release Date: February 14, 2018
- code improvements

***Version 1.9 Release Date: January 11, 2018
- code improvements for touch navigation feature

***Version Release Date: November 23, 2017
- compatibility with HTTPS websites

***Version 1.8.3 Release Date: July 26, 2017
- it automatically adds '/;' at the end of the stream which
requires these characters

***Version Release Date: March 19, 2017
- the api will display the image on websites which use

***Version Release Date: January 27, 2017
- code improvement

***Version 1.8.2 Release Date: January 19, 2017
- updated the Facebook API to the latest version 2.8 
- improvements for 'now_playing' features

***Version 1.8.1 Release Date: October 10, 2016
- updated the Facebook API to the latest version 2.7

***Version 1.8 Release Date: September 29, 2016
- feature: added the new Media Library selection window

***Version 1.7 Release Date: May 12, 2016
- bug fix: play button will appear on load, for mobile devices,
instead of pause button
- improvements for 'streamandgenre' & 'now_playing' features

***Version 1.6 Release Date: March 4, 2016
- full compatibility with Microsoft Edge

***Version Release Date: January 2, 2016
- updated for WP4.4

***Version 1.5.6 Release Date: August 19, 2015
- feature: updated the script to work with the new Last.FM API

***Version 1.5.5 Release Date: June 24, 2015
- feature: new parameter added 'grabStreamnameAndGenre'

***Version 1.5.4 Release Date: May 15, 2015
- feature: icecast data detection using the mountpoint for icecast

***Version 1.5.3 Release Date: March 12, 2015
- small code improvement

***Version 1.5.2 Release Date: March 9, 2015
- bug fix: category selection for categories having the same root

***Version 1.5.1 Release Date: February 23, 2015
- feature: parameter to cancel play button auto-hide

***Version 1.5.0 Release Date: December 9, 2014
- feature: it reads the new status-json.xsl file which is available
with icecast 2.4.0
- feature: parameter to disable image
- bug fix: pause will reset the radio stream

***Version 1.4.4 Release Date: October 15, 2014
- bug fix: the radio will start playing on IOS and Android devices,
with only one touch instead of two touches

***Version 1.4.3 Release Date: October 02, 2014

Elfsight Contact Form is a simple yet richest in customization
options tool to display a clear and encouraging form, where your
visitors can write their messages to you. Show the fields necessary
for you, choose the right layout, and customize the look to inspire
your customers to leave their feedback. Set the email address on
which you would like to receive the messages and use the feedback
to develop your business in the most profitable direction.

plugin is your choice if

  • you want to turn website visitors to leads
  • you want to make it easier for your clients to contact you
  • you know how valuable your customers’ messages can be for
    business promotion
  • you don’t to want to rack your brains setting and adjusting the
  • you are looking for a working solution worth its price

What you
get with our plugin


Our Contact Form was made to meet your any need for receiving
feedback and staying in touch with your customers. The fields are
totally customizable and allow you to set them in any order you
need, change labels, add placeholders and choose which ones will be
required to submit a message and which you would like to hide so
that the form is easier for your clients to fill in.

Order fields

Order the fields to make focus on your needs or display them the
most common way. You are free to reorder them to find your best

Choose the fields to show

Don’t need too much info from your visitors? Then choose which
fields will be displayed and show that you care for your clients’
effort and time.

Set any field labels

Feel free to give the fields the right labels, which suit your
goals and speak the language clear to your audience.

Choose which fields are required

You can make any field a required to fill for sending a message.
Choose the ones you need and they will be automatically marked with
* symbol. Validation process goes at client side.

Hint users at how to fill your form

Apply placeholders for the fields and they will give a hint to
your users at how to fill in the form correctly, so that you
receive the data the way you need it.

Save the filling progress

No more losing what has just been typed. Make sure the data your
clients have already entered will not disappear. Our Contact form
will save the filling progress whatever happens.

Form the
header to encourage

Here’s where you can use the power of your imagination to make
your contact form encouraging for your visitors and increase their
trust. You can create an inviting title, write an informative text
for caption and add a picture to make the form brighter. How to get
the best of it is up to you!

Invite your visitors with the right title

A title before the form is an easy way to invite your visitors
to fill in the form. So make the title really persuasive. Use
phrases like “Contact us”, “Leave a message” or invent something
unique that will sound the best for your clients.

Set an informative caption

Caption text is displayed just above the form. Use caption to
deliver technical details, for example, response time or other info
that your customers should know.

Complete the look with a picture

Find a nice picture to make your contact form look more
inviting. Choose an email icon, stick to your own photo or a photo
of your support contact or find something unique – it’s your

Flexible layout to suit your needs

We created the plugin that can follow all your requirements.
Whether you need a classic design form set on the contact page, or
a floating message button for your landing page – our plugin allows
you to do both.

Smart field layout fits any website

Displaying a contact form on the contact page is the most common
way, but our plugin has something brand new: it will automatically
adjust the field layout to the chosen width of the form, so that it
looks seamless almost everywhere on your site without too much

Floating layout for higher availability

For those who would like the contact form to follow visitors’
browsing, we are proud to offer an expandable contact form, which
is always at hand. Just a click on the message icon in the right
corner and the contact form comes up ready for filling.

The right width for any design

Our Contact Form is ultimately responsive, so you can easily
customize the width of the form to meet your needs and to integrate
it seamlessly into design of your website. Whatever width you
prefer, the form will look excellent on any mobile device.

Smooth and
secure emailing

We put our best knowledge to ensure submission process is smooth
for your visitors and the most secure for you. For this, we
equipped our Contact Form with spam and bot protection technology,
seamless message submission and customizable “Thank you”

Google reCAPTCHA protection

We take security seriously. Our Contact form is protected by
Google reCAPTCHA and it will safeguard your email from spam and
bots. This is easy for users but effective for you.

“Thank you” message to impress

Let your clients feel that you value their feedback. Create a
powerful “Thank you” message, which is displayed with animation.
You can add any text and not only express your appreciation, but
also provide details on answer time or other instructions.

Form AJAX submission to make it smooth

Give you customers a seamless message submission. Our Contact
Form sends messages via AJAX, which allows to avoid page refreshing
and gives your clients smooth user experience.


We want our plugin to suit every need of yours and
your visitors. That’s why it perfectly works on any device,
including tablets and smartphones and with any display resolution.

The widget
editor you deserve

Never before has customizing been so easy
and fast. Try our handy editor and get your plugin the look, which
will best suit your website in just few easy steps.

Live updates

Save your
time for updating with live updates that are in just one click
availability and make sure your plugin is always state-of-the art.

The plugin is 100% compatible with WordPress

Never doubt the
compatibility, our plugin works smoothly with any WordPress theme,
including the ones most popular on Themeforest:

  • Avada
  • Jupiter
  • BeTheme
  • Enfold
  • Flatsome
  • X
  • Salient
  • Bridge
  • And any other

Elfsight Contact Form can be installed to any part of your
website. Choose the variant of installation, which will be the most
convenient for you:


After creation of a widget of the plugin, you will
receive its shortcode. You can use it as any other WordPress
shortcode, for example, add it to the page.

Visual composer

Our plugin includes Visual Composer element of one of
the most popular page builders to make it handy for you to use the
plugin if you are using the builder.

Native WordPress

You can easily add Elfsight Contact Form widget to any
WordPress sidebar or footer of your website for better user


Our plugin has minimum requirements, which allows
it to work on almost any WordPress website out of the box:

  • WordPress 3.5+ ready
  • jQuery 1.7+ (included into WordPress by default)


We offer one of the easiest installation you will find,
it’s fast and intuitive. Simply follow these steps and enjoy smooth
work of the plugin:

  • After the purchase download the plugin archive
  • Upload installation zip to your website. NOTE! At this step,
    make sure you upload not a full item zip, but only WordPress
    installable zip.
  • Activate your plugin. Go to plugin settings page via main
  • Create a new widget and customize it using Live Widget
  • Copy and paste the shortcode of the widget to the required page
    of your website. Congratulations! Now everything is up and

have doubts or need help?

Then just get in touch with our Support team at and you will get
professional help quickly. Expect a response from 10am to 7pm CET
Monday-Friday. We are always open to our customers and willing to
get better!

We have 10-year experience and we are a tight and trusted team
of full-time developers sharing the same goals and putting our best
knowledge into what we do. We highly prioritize bringing the
feeling of satisfaction with our plugins to our clients!

Our Support

Fixing product bugs

Our plugin doesn’t work properly on your website? Report your
issue or bug by describing it in detail and providing us with a
link to your website. We will do our best to find a solution.

Life-time updates

We release new updates and features on a regular basis. Just
don’t forget to check for the latest version in your WordPress
admin panel.

Customer-friendly development

We are open to your ideas. If you need some specific features,
that might also improve our products, then just drop us a line. We
will consider implementing them in our future updates.

Our Support
Doesn’t Include

Plugin installation

We don’t provide installation services for our plugins. However,
we’re happy to provide you with installation tutorials. And if any
errors come up during installation, feel free to contact us. If you
still want installation to be done by a professional, we can
recommend to use service of Envato Studio.

Plugin customization

We don’t provide plugin customization services. If you need to
modify the way some features work, share your ideas with us, and we
will consider them for future updates.

3rd-party issues

We don’t fix bugs or issues related to other plugins and themes,
created by 3rd-party developers. Also we don’t provide integration
services for 3rd-party plugins and themes.

Missing some feature? Just ask for it!

You can always contact
us at and leave your feedback. If there’s something you wish to see
in our plugin, we will be glad to hear your suggestions and ideas.
The most requested features will be included into future updates to
make our clients happy and help them achieve their goal.

In case you need any custom feature right now, we recommend to
address Envato Studio, the team, which is in charge of custom

Need installation

Would like the plugin installation to be done by a professional?
Envato Studio team is always here to help with your