This plugin is an official addon (extension) for …

CodeCanyon Version: 5.3.2

AutoUpdate Version: 5.3.5

Support Forum Version: 5.3.5

If you require an older version or simply want to manually
download the latest release, and you have a valid support package,
please register in our support forum after purchase, where you can
do so at all times, using the dedicated “Downloads” page. If
necessary, that page will also provide access to temporary patches,
until an official update can be released.

Test Drive:

After clicking on the “Test Drive” image above, our dedicated
sandbox site will open with an additional menu bar at the top of
the page. Click on the “Launch Demo” button in that top bar in
order to create your personal copy of the website, giving you
access to the backend settings of the plugin.


  • WP Bakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) 5.4.x or
    newer (most current version is advised)
  • If your WP Bakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) came
    as part of your theme, please ensure that the theme authors didn’t
    modify the plugin or that the plugin is still capable to work with
  • WordPress 4.9.x recommended (minimum of 4.5)
  • PHP version 5.6.x or higher
  • Minimum of 128-256MB of PHP / WordPress memory recommended;
    depending upon other activated plugins and utilized theme, more
    might be required (after all, each WordPress system is unique)
  • When installing via WordPress, ensure that your upload / post
    size limit is large enough to accommodate the plugin file size;
    otherwise, upload plugin via FTP

Support for
Other Plugins

“Composium – WP Bakery Page Builder Extensions
Addon” provides elements to easily embed forms created with the
popular “” and pricing tables created with “”. Please note that
these plugins are NOT part of “Composium – WP Bakery Page Builder
Extensions Addon”; you will have to purchase and install these
plugins separately. Once you do, you can use the included elements
from “Composium – WP Bakery Page Builder Extensions Addon” that
correspond with these plugins.

Extended License

you want to include this plugin with another product (i.e. theme),
you must purchase an extended license first. After you purchased
the extended license, please contact me so I can send you explicit
written consent and instructions in how to remove the license key
activation requirement and the auto-update feature of this plugin
before incorporating it into your product. Please use the form on
this page in order to request consent:

I would also like to be informed once your product that
incorporates this plugin has been released so I may use it to
advertise this plugins features. A copy of your product is
appreciated but not required. Please contact me if you have any
further questions.

Welcome to Tablenator – Advanced Tables for WordPress & WP
Bakery Page Builder

CodeCanyon Version: 2.0.1

AutoUpdate Version: 2.0.1

Creating tables for WordPress or the WP Bakery Page Builder plugin
(formerly Visual Composer) has never been easier. With an advanced
table editor in a spreadsheet format, you will be able to easily
and quickly provide your table data.
The dedicated element for WP Bakery Page Builder, or the built-in
shortcode generator, will then allow you to embed your table
anywhere on your site, while giving you full control over table
features and scope.


  • Visual Composer v4.9.x or higher
  • WordPress v4.5.x or higher
  • PHP v5.6.x or higher
  • 128M of PHP memory or higher
  • MySQL 5.6.5 or higher

A powerful which helps your customers design or before the


-memory_limit: 128M
-max_file_uploads: 100
-max_input_vars: 5000
-post_max_size: 128M
-upload_max_filesize: 128M
-PHP Imagemagick extension
-PHP Zip Extension

You can use this extension as a:

  • Woocommerce t-shirt designer
  • Mug custom editor for WordPress
  • Woocommerce Phone case customizer
  • WordPress Stickers, canvas or decals designer
  • Online business cards, postcards and other print products
    customizer for WordPress
  • custom lettering tool for woocommerce
  • …and much more.


Easily manage the fonts which can be used by adding or removing
any web font you like.


Unleash your clients creativity by giving them access to
stunning cliparts and graphics organized in libraries. Each clipart
can also be priced in order to increase the final design price if


The Woocommerce Product Designer gives you the entire control on
your customers uploads by defining the minimum allowed dimensions
and files extensions.


The Woocommerce Product Designer includes some photo editing
effects such as grayscale, sepia 1 & 2, invert, blur, sharpen
and emboss.


Creating the perfect design from scratch can be exhausting. The
Woocommerce Product Designer helps you create unique designs your
clients can browse and start theirs from.


Vector graphics have become a standard in the web to print
industry. The Woocommerce Product Designer includes a SVG file
editor which allows your clients to use and modify their vectors
right in the edition area.


You don’t want your users to use any color they want in their
design? The Woocommerce Product Designer allows you to define a
custom color palette that can be used for any text, shape or


Social networks are today part of everything. The Woocommerce
Product Designer knows it and let your clients extract and use
pictures from their facebook and instagram accounts.


The Woocommerce Product Designer takes the product pricing to a
whole new level by allowing you to define your own pricing rules
based on the elements (pictures, text, shapes…) used by your
clients in their designs.


Do you have customers who don’t necessarily need to go through
the design phase? The Woocommerce Product Designer got you covered
by allowing them to send you files as attachments to their


Most printers are more comfortable with PDF files. The
Woocommerce Product Designer generates up to 140 PDF formats,
landscape or portrait.


The Woocommerce Product Designer allows you to configure your
output file dimensions and is not only able to generate up to
15000px wide files for flat files but also SVG files.


The Woocommerce Product Designer let your clients either access
their previous ordered designs and start new ones from them or save
their design for later.


We keep improving our plugin based on our customer feedback and
new features request. Never worry about anything. Receive the
Woocommerce Product Designer updates notification right in your
wordpress dashboard for free and for life everytime a new release
is available.

Version 5.3.3 – January 2nd, 2018

-Renamed woocommerce_version_check to avoid conflict with flatsome
-Fixed issue where the output jpeg was half the size defined in the
output settings
-Fixed issue where the order zip was the same for different
products in the order details page
-Fixed Facebook and Instagram redirection URIs
-fixed issue with adding multiple designs to cart
-Fixed bug with shapes outine
- Added subscription system

Version 5.3.2 – November 14th, 2017

-Added ability to name the design folder and archive using the
order ID
-Fixed issue where zip file has no name while generating the output
-Fixed issue where checkboxes Design from blank and Upload my own
design cannot be unchecked from the configuration admin page.

Version 5.3 – October 20th, 2017

-Fixed license deactivation issue
-Added toolbar control settings
-Fixed woocommerce cart url error
-Added numeric type conversion to images dimensions. 

Version 5.2 – October 09th, 2017

-Added controls to check if imagick classes are installed on the
-Fixed issue where the "upload my own design" popup were empty for
variable products

Version 5.1 – October 04th, 2017

-Added licence verification system

Version 5.0.4 – September 18th, 2017

-Added ability to select origin for text elements
-Added getting started page that contains tutorials for new users

Version 5.0.3 – September 11th, 2017

-Added ability to define parts icons independently of the parts
background images
-Set canvas dimensions to 800 x 500 by default
-Fixed issue when related quantities were not displayed in the add
to cart section
-Patched file upload vulnerability in output file generation
-Fixed watermark issue when the output format is jpg instead of png

Version 4.11 – July 4th, 2017

-Added ability to disable keyboard shortcuts
-Added ability to disable the design buttons everywhere but on the
product page.
-Added Pixels to output PDF units
-Fixed issue where the add to cart buttons for custom products are
visible on the shop page even if disabled in the plugin settings

Version 4.10 – May 24th, 2017

-Added ability to use a TTF file as custom font without any
external plugin.
-Fixed custom products display shortcode compatibility issues with
woocommerce 3.x
-Upgraded select2 script
-Removed ability to simply update the database version after each
update but kept ability to upgrade from previous versions.

Version 4.8 – March 25th, 2017

-Added ability to remove the minimum purchases message for the
related products if the minimum is 0
-Fixed font inclusion in the output PDF issue when the SVG mode is
-Fixed issue where the design from blank and other buttons still
show up for a product that is out of stock
-Fixed instagram style bug by adding attributes bg-color and
-Fixed issue when 0 margins defined on products were not used in
the output.
-Fixed issue where the first design saved was not able to be loaded
from the saved design
-Fixed issue where custom uploads were not attached to the new
order email.
-Fixed related products issue where the taxonomies are used for
variations attributes

Version 4.6 – January 9th, 2017

-Added used template name information to the order details page
when the customer used a template.
-Added new setting on the product bounding box section to include
or not the box in the output.
-Fixed issue where the plugin automatically opens the upload tab
when a clipart is selected.
-Fixed conflict with avada builder about the select2 script.
-Fixed error message "An error occured during the upload. Please
try again later." when uploading a file for the first time.
-Fixed canvas objects center issue when the bouding box has the
parameters x and/or y defined.
-Fixed issue where the editor was loading more parts than the ones
enabled for a product.
-Fixed horizontal and vertical center issues
-Improved bounding box responsivity
-Improved nonce verification in the images uploads functions

Version 4.5 – December 19th, 2016

-Added ability to assign a price to a template
-Added a customize button that sends directly to the designer
without going through the templates selection process if there is
only one template assigned to a product or variation.
-Added ability to define a custom size for the output PDF.
-Added nb_per_page parameter to templates shortcode.
-Enabled heart shape
-Updated Fabric JS library to it's latest version (1.6.7)
-Fixed issue: When generating output in CMYK mode, transparent
areas were replaced by black background instead of white.
-Fixed issue: some images are missing from the SVG file when some
effects are applied.
-Fixed issue: Overlay is removed when we use the clear all button
-Fixed wrong resolution calculations for adobe files.
-Fixed bug where the custom design upload file success message does
not show up for variable products.
-Replaced all empty PO files by one POT file

Version 4.3 – August 19th, 2016

-Fixed issue with ninja forms which prevents the form submission
-Fixed issue with browse our templates buttons which still shows up
when there is no template attached to the product.

Version 4.4 – October 16th, 2016

-Fixed issue in get_cart_item_price where the product is not
-Removed transient usage from the custom products list
-Fixed watermark not showing in the output issue

Version 4.1 – July 28th, 2016

-Fixed buffering issue with visual composer
-Fixed Run updater not disappearing issue
-Optimized bounding box parameters detection
-Fixed tools tab icons issue

Version 4.0 – July 19th, 2016

-Added skins features
-Added color scheme features
-Removed some user interface settings to make it more user
friendly. You may need to set your UI colors once again.
-Added ability to hide add to cart button for custom products
-Added ability to assign the same templates to multiple
-Added ability to define a single templates page that can be used
for all products and all templates
-Added ability to reload a design on the user account page
-Added control to prevent cmyk outputs if Imagemagick is not
-Upgraded cliparts display
-Fixed issue: customers are still able to download if the order
-Fixed permalinks issue when there is not a trailing / to the
-Added multiple hooks for javascript and PHP for addons development
-Added hidden option to disable the requirements error message
-Fixed products sold individually issue on editor (quantities are
hidden for products sold individually)
-Fixed issue: bounding boxes parameters are removed on save
-Fixed price formatting issue
-Fixed bug: output settings defined by product are not properly
-Fixed bug: bounding box is not responsive

Version 3.11 – February 23rd, 2016

-Added: ability to define default, minimum and maximum font size  
-Added: ability to define default text and cliparts colors
-Added: lazyload effect on cliparts (cliparts settings)
-Added: ability to set the pricing rules based on the additionnel
items on the editor
-Fixed issue: background image included and not included are
switched on the canvas
-Fixed issue: curved text color does not stay when we run any other
action after adding it to the canvas.
-Fixed issue: price are doubled on cart page when WPML is active

Version 3.10 – January 28th, 2016

-Fixed issue: The overlay image is always included in the output no
matter if it's included or not in the parts
-Fixed issue: Colors customizations for add to cart button and
other elements in the same box does not work.
-Fixed issue: Can't select all products on the bulk definition page
to apply the bulk discounts
-Fixed issue: Quantities box are not displayed when there are no
related product or quantity enabled.
-Fixed issue: Can't uncheck the background image not included
-Fixed issue: Editor does not load when the related products have
been set once for the product which has been changed from variable
to simple
-Fixed issue: WPML templates creation issue after selecting the
base product
-Fixed issue: Pricing rules tabs does not show up for variable
-Fixed issue: Fonts selector does not apply the fonts changes
unless we click on the editor after the switch
-Fixed issue: Bulk definition feature raises an error when used.
-Fixed issue: Can't disable related products once they're disabled.

Version 3.9 – January 15th, 2016

-Added ninja form fields to woocommerce emails
-Added ability to display the proper price when Woocommerce
Advanced Discounts
is enabled
-Added ORION library to WPD
-Added new pricing rule scope Per additionnal item
-Optimized product settings management: variations settings are now
part of the variations tabs loaded by woocommerce.
-Optimized global settings: UI customizations now include the
Design from blank, Upload my own Designs and Browse our Templates
-Optimized global settings: All UI settings are moved to there own
tab in to keep them together.
-Fixed CMYK missing icc profiles issues
-Fixed rounded rectangle issue where canvas is unusable when the
rounded rectangle is enabled

Version 3.8.1 – November 27th, 2015

-Added option to enable the responsive behavior (disabled by
-Improved google fonts selection process to include a dropdown of
all existing google fonts to choose from
-Updated translation files
-Fixed issue with "Upload my own design" for variable products

Version 3.8 – November 23th, 2015

-Fixed PDF download issue when only PDF is enabled in the output
-Improved output generation to generate borderless PDF files
-Fixed Yoast compatibility issue with the template creation

Version 3.7.6 – November 16th, 2015

-Added cross origin image loading
-Improved SVG export by embbeding every image used in the file
-Improved templates design by increasing the design area
-Fixed issue with formats when generating a PDF
-Removed responsivity feature (too buggy)

Version 3.7.5 – October 06th, 2015

-Fixed bug with related products and quantities
-Fixed compatibility issue with visual composer when VC is enabled
for products
-Fixed ninja form calculation issue
-Fixed template link issue when multiple "Browse our templates"
buttons are displayed on the same page.

Version 3.7.4 – August 30th, 2015

-Fixed compatibility issue with woocommerce 2.4.6

Version 3.7.3 – August 26th, 2015

-Fixed simple products creation issue
-Fixed error message on templates creation page

Version 3.7.2 – August 24th, 2015

-Improved products tabs loading to only fetch data when needed for

Version 3.7.1 – August 19th, 2015

-Minor bug fixes

Version 3.7 – August 17th, 2015

-Added ability to output a svg file
-Added ability to change the edited variation in the edition page
-Added ability to purchase multiple variations at once for the same
-Added ability to upload TTF fonts
-Fixed bug: Templates are always saved in the draft status
-Fixed bug: Facebook & Instagram images extractions need to run
twice before extracting the pictures

Version 3.6 – June 27th, 1015

-Added ability to define the parameters for multiple products at
-Added ability to duplicate a template
-Added ability to change a template base product
-Fixed bug: Templates stay in draft status after creation/update
-Fixed bug: Edit button does not work on cart page for custom
products when the shop permalink structure is set to default.

Version 3.5 – June 06th, 2015

-Added ability to define different templates pages per variation
-Added bounding box feature
-Updated upload my own design to show up in a popup
-Added minimum server requirements verification feature
-Fixed bug in the output generation with cmyk, pdf and layers
-Fixed bug: Preview button color can't be changed
-Fixed bug: Vertical and horizontal alignment issues
-Fixed bug: Issue with text font-size when a text is selected

Version 3.4 – May 20th, 2015

-Added: Ability to customize the editor colors and icons
-Added: Quantity minimum, maximum & steps integration (based on
woocommerce parameters)
-Added: Price formatting integration (based on woocommerce
-Fixed bug: Flush issue with permalinks (404 error on the
customization page)
-Fixed bug: Upload my own design issue on shop page
-Fixed bug: Toolbar buttons are not working on mobile devices
-Fixed bug: Watermark issue when downloading a part image

Version 3.3 – May 04th, 2015

-Added: Watermark feature for preview and PDF downloads
-Fixed bug: When an item is selected on the design area, the
related tab is not openned by default.
-Fixed bug: When the modal script is disabled in the settings, it's
still loaded.
-Fixed bug: When a text element is selected, updated from the
textarea used to add it, the updates does not apply to the selected
text component
-Improved feature: On selection, the editor automatically recognize
the selected element and open the related tab accordingly.
-Improved feature: Social media extraction will now avoid
hibrydAuth conflicts
-Improved loading: Minified all JS and CSS files

Version 3.2 – April 26th, 2015

-Fixed bug: Templates creation issue when a ninja form is linked to
the base product
-Fixed bug: The controls/tabs disabled in the plugin settings are
still visible from in the front
-Fixed bug: The Browse our templates buttons on the product page is
still visible even if disabled
-Fixed bug: Can't add extracted social networks pictures to the

Version 3.1 – April 21th, 2015

-Fixed bug: Preview, Download, Save, Add to cart still show up even
when hidden in the plugin settings
-Fixed bug: automatic updater can't run the update

Version 3.0 – April 20th, 2015

-New interface which includes responsive features
-Added Overlay image not included in the output feature
-Added new text decoration features: overline and strike-through
-Added text alignment features (left, center, right)
-Added mobile version of colorpicker
-Added automatic updates detection from codecanyon
-Added ability to configure different outputs per product
-Added ability to upload multiple custom designs on product details
-Added ability to configure the PDF format (A1, A2, A3, A4, ....up
to 140 standard formats) 
-Added ability to configure the PDF orientation (Portrait or
-Added ability to configure the PDF margins (top/bottom and
-Improved plugin data storage in database (w've added an updater to
help migrate the old data to new structure)    
-Improved resources (js and css) loading per page
-Fixed overlay images bug when overlay/background images were not
defined before creating the template but after
-Upgraded url structures to use permalinks style (like
-Removed bounding box feature (can be easily replaced by the
overlay image feature)

Version 2.3 – February 17th, 2015

-Checked compatibility for woocommerce 2.3
-Added ability for the font list in the customizer to actually show
what the fonts look like, instead of just the name of the font?
-Added progress bar for upload my own design
-Added new strings to translation files
-Added a setting to fix bootstrap modal popups conflicts
-Added colorpicker for the colors inputs in the settings
-Added ability to create additionnal fields under the editor using
ninja forms
-Added controls for the zip extension loaded and if not, write an
error message.
-Fixed grid mode incompatibility with canvas background
-Fixed compatibility issue with Visual Composer
-Fixed unchecked checkboxes issues in the defaults settings once
the plugin is active
-Removed HD picture display in the preview mode

Version 2.2 – December 04th, 2014

-Added zoom feature
-Added CMYK conversion option (requires imagemagick)
-Added library tcpdf check before load to avoid conflicts
-Added inline text edition feature
-Fixed user saved design bug
-Fixed line break issue on template edition page
-Fixed designs position in the cart bug
-Fixed new element issue with positionned bounding box

Version 2.1.3 – October 31st, 2014

-Fixed social medias issue

Version 2.1.1 – October 13th, 2014

-Fixed download issues
-Removed cart debug display 

Version 2.1 – October 13th, 2014

-Added new strings to translation files
-Added preview for custom adobe files uploads (require imagick)
-Added support for adobe files on the editor (require imagick)
-Added automatic error detection and debug display for editor ajax
requests (add to cart, save for later and download processes)
-Added new translation files
-Improved image upload: image automatically added to canvas after
-Improved HD images generation and transfer from the editor to the
-Fixed custom design update while adding to cart
-Fixed small images fit in the editor issue

Version 2.0 – September 29th, 2014

-Added ability to customize the tool colors and icons
-Added support for layered PDF outputs
-Improved parts and fonts forms

Version 1.7 – September 23rd, 2014

-Added compatibility for woocommerce 2.2
-Fixed download links issues on design page
-Improved fonts loading

Version 1.6 – September 10th, 2014

-Minor bugs fixes

Version 1.5 – September 04th, 2014

- Added ability to define the canvas dimensions

- Added browse template and upload designs on shop page

- Added ability to configure the download buttons

- Added ability to send the ordered designs by mail after the

- Improved SVG rescaling algorithm

- Improved performance in huge files generation

- Improved ajax requests by using the native wp ajax system

- Fixed price issue when adding clipart to existing group

- Fixed popup display issue on user designs tab

Version 1.4 – August 26th, 2014

- Added Curved text element

- Added controls for empty edition areas before printing or

- Added dynamic scaling for high resolution image in canvas
background and overlay

- Added setting to configure the output loop delay in the output
generation process

- Added new post label on template creation page

- Added ability to go to the cart after adding a customized product
to the cart

- Added cliparts strings to translation

- Added templates strings to translation

- Added link to base product on templates list in admin areale lien
vers le base product dans la liste des templates

Version 1.2.1 – August 14th, 2014

-Fixed multi picture in PDF output bug

-Added ability to lock item deletion in template

Version 1.1 – August 6th, 2014

Added ability to configure the number of designs in the output PDF

Version 1.0 – August 4th, 2014

-Added ability to assign a price to a clipart
-Added ability to use pricing rules to every customizable product
-Added ability to lock the layers in the templates
-Added ability to send the customized data to the client by mail
-Added ability to choose what's generated in the output
-Fixed custom order display on user account page
-Fixed modal popup compatibility issues
-Fixed quantity style on the product customization page
-Fixed custom attributes display in the cart
-Documentation updated

Version 0.4.1 – July 9th, 2014

-Fixed nav menu issue

-Fixed loading issue on migration

-Fixed cart attributes warning for simple products

-Fixed block UI not synced with the end of the generation process

-Fixed PDF Generation issue on SVG

-Added products parts control (admin notice)

-Fixed square rectangle issue

-Fixed redirection issue after adding a font

Version 0.4 – July 8th, 2014

-Added PDF output format

-Added rectangle border radius for clip bouding box

-Added a centralized menu for all the plugin submenus and settings

-Added automatic tab opening upon object selection

-Added overlay picture feature

-Added background picture included feature

-Added shortcodes to display products and templates

-Added ability to disable customizations buttons

-Added error messages for products without parts

-Added ability to create parts without background images

-Added SVG colorization option by path,by colors or disabled

-Added ability to hide buttons (preview, download or save) on the
customization page

-Added ability to define usable colors palette

-Removed shortcode usage for customization page

-Removed shapes tab

-Fixed Upload progress bar display

-Fixed multiline text issues

-Fixed redirection bug on parts update

-Fixed custom variable products attributes display on cart and
order details page

Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges List – WordPress

Cryptocurrency exchanges list pro WordPress plugin
creates a list of
200+ best cryptocurrency exchangesby using crypto
markets api data provided by public API. This

crypto exchanges pluginuses
public API to grab exchanges trading volume, alexa rank, market
pairs & much more…

Crypto Exchanges Plugin Features –

  • Best Exchanges List:- Create 200+ exchanges list
    and compare their 24H trading volume and bitcoin price in a
    beautiful dataTable. Check exchanges list demo here…
  • Market Pairs / Coins:- Find coins support and
    markets / trading pairs supported by top cryptocurrency
  • Auto-generated Exchange Pages:- This plugin
    automatically gernerates dynamic 200+ exchanges content pages
    inside your WordPress website.
  • Yoast SEO Friendly Plugin:- Fully Yoast SEO
    compatible plugin, every exchange page contains a unique SEO title,
    meta description and og:tags.
  • Smart Shortcodes:- Design single exchange page
    using smart crypto shortcodes that generates exchange specific
    dynamic content.
  • Custom Content:- Easily add custom description
    about crypto exchanges inside dynamic generated exchange pages and
    increase your website search visibility. Check exchange single page
    demo here…

Special Features (If you install “” plugin with this “Crypto
Exchanges” plugin)

  • 1500+ Crypto Coins List:- Display 1500+ crypto
    coins price list, charts & single page of every cryptocurrency
    (1500+ SEO friendly coin pages). Check coins price list demo
  • Comapre Coin Price on Exchanges / Markets:- You
    can compare coin price on different cryptocurrency exchanges if you
    use both crypto plugins. Check single crypto coin page demo
  • Diplay Coin Historical Price:- You can display
    crypto coin historical price table and chart on single coin
  • Crypto Coins Calculator:- “Coin Market Cap &
    Prices” crypto calculator conatins 2 special features – [crypto to
    fiat converter] & [crypto to crypto converter].

GDPR compliance WordPress Crypto plugin!


Version 1.1 | June 19, 2018

Added:- Integrated currency selection settings. Using this feature
users can easily create exchange list in any language.We have
included top 32 fiat curreinces
Added:- Integrated custom slug settings for exchange detail page
Improvements:- Improved rewrite rules
Improvements:- Translation improvements

Version 1.0 | June 13, 2018

 - Initial Plugin Release
 - Plugin Approved by Envato

Portfoilo Designer PRO WordPress Plugin

Portfolio Designer is a WordPress plugin used to build a
portfolio in any desired layout. This plugin is user-friendly, So
no matter if you are a beginner, WordPress user, Designer or a
Developer, no additional coding knowledge is required in creating
portfolio layouts.

This plugin comes with Grid Layout, Masonary Layout, Slider
Layout and Justify Layout etc. to build a portfolio. It is very
easy and fast to create stunning portfolio layouts and integrate
them into your WordPress site using tons of settings options. Using
Portfolio Design plugin, you can create new custom post types or
use your existing blog posts or custom post type posts. Create
unlimited custom post types, portfolios and insert an unlimited
number of portfolios on your site or even on one single page via
shortcodes. If you like to create a portfolio or looking for a
complete solution to manage portfolios, this product is a useful
tool for you.

Key Features

1. Unique & effective Effects It comes with 50+ effective
Hover effects using CSS3 and HTML5.

2. Unlimited layouts This plugin provides unlimited layouts
style with the help of Grid layout, Masonry layout, Slider layout
and justify layout.

3. 3 Pagination Types This plugin comes with 3 types of
pagination : Standard pagination, Load more and Autoload.

4. Import/Export Portfolio Layouts Import or Export your
Portfolio Layouts easily anytime for your next website or future

5. Filter with Categories & tags Category and tag wise
filtration of your post.

6. Unlimited Custom Post Types You can create unlimited custom
post types and create unlimited layouts using them.

7. Inbuilt Fancybox In Portfolio designer plugin, fancyboxes are
available for portfolio lists.

8. Supports Single Portfolio In this plugin user can change
single portfolio page design using tons of settings option.

9. Support Shortcodes This plugin gives the support of
shortcode. Using shortcode integration, you can easily customize
your page.

10. Advanced options Advanced options to show posts like setting
the limit and order of the posts, filtering by taxonomies and

What makes Portfolio Designer Plugin Outstanding?

1. Fully Responsive Templates Templates are fully responsive
with any devices like smartphone, tablets, iPad, laptop, desktop,
etc. Individual column options available for each device.

2. Cross Browser Compatibility Templates are compatible with all
major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, safari etc..

3. Support of Custom Post Type Set portfolio template design for
your custom post types also.

4. No Expert Needed Plugin is user friendly, no need of expert.
Basic WordPress users can also easily use it.

5. Preview of portfolio Layout Preview style or design of layout
before publishing it on front-end.

6. Auto Image Resizing In this plugin, you just need to upload
single image and plugin can generate any size of image on fly.

7. SEO friendly Portfolio designer plugin is built with search
engine optimization in mind to ensure better rankings across all
search engines.

8. Import & Export portfolio Layouts Import & export
your favorite layouts anytime and reuse it with another websites

9. Pagination with load more 3 Different type of pagination are
available – Paging with Number, Load More and Load on Page

10. Google Web Font Enhance your portfolio page design with 650+
Google Font support. Easily move your portfolio page style to
website style via large font collections.


Note: Any media, Photo, video used in preview are not included
in this item and you need to contact authors to get permission in
case you want to use them in your commercial or non-commercial

  • Font Awesome – The iconic font and CSS toolkit.
  • Isotop – Filter and sort layouts.
  • Fancybox – Tool for displaying images, html content and
    multi-media in lightbox.
  • Slick – slick is a responsive carousel jQuery plugin.
  • SocialShare.js – jQuery plugin for creating custom like buttons
    and like counters.

Frontend Submission Form Builder – Create
Multipurpose Frontend Posting Formwith flexible
form fields.
Just drag & drop, no coding required.


Bring the
frontend submissionfeature to your website in 1


With Frontend Submit PRO, you can create and monetize your site
with membership and online payment system

The plugin is integrated with
Stripeone-page check-out


You want to extend the current user profile to more field? More
information? No worries! Frontend Submit PRO got your back!


You won’t need to look at the source code or anything like that.
All you need to do is switch on/off just like how you switch to
Airplane mode on the phone! Let’s switch!!!!!


If you’re looking for a way to extend the feature or make your
custom action after user click submit. Just use the hook!!!

Try your
dedicated demo

Create Multipurpose Form by ACF

  • Create new post on frontend

    Allow your user create new posts on frontend to a specified post

  • 24 field types supported

    We proud that we are the plugin support highest fields on the

  • Repeater field supported

    In the case you want to make a table, and foreach row will be a
    new value, ACF Form Builder supported that.

  • Upload field available

    ACF Form Builder allow user to upload the files and save it to
    WP-Uploads. You can use WordPress’s uploader or just basic brower’s
    uploader. It’s up to you

  • Create Subscribe Form

    Create as many subscribe form, to MailChimp, aWeber, Responding,
    ElasticEmail, ManDrill,…etc.

  • Embed the forms into any page

    For each form you create, you can easily embed to your site
    easily by shortcode, anywhere guaranteed, from Post, Pages to
    Widget or even your source code.

  • Multiple Conditional Logic

    Unlimited conditional logic with smart compare system, with
    AND/OR. See full list of conditional here.

  • No coding required – DRAG & DROP only

    If you can’t code, but still want an flexible form for your
    business, this is the right one! Everything just drag & drop
    then enjoy the show!!

  • Ask before quit – low bounce rate

    When user put something on the form then close, we will ask if
    they want to leave, so your bounce rate will be low!

  • Email notifications

    You will not miss any entry submission because the plugin will
    send you mail everytime someone make the submission. You can select
    to email the submitter in to let they know you got his

  • Redirect after submission

    Select the page you want to redirect user to after submit the

  • Edit Post on Frontend

    After submit, user can edit the posts and save if you allow

  • Select post status after submit

    If you want to review the posts manually after submit, you can
    select the post status at form settings

Main Features

Frontend Posting

Submit Values – Backend Editor

User Regiseration Form

Mailing Subscribe

One-page Checkout Form – Paypal Powered

Save Contact

Advanced Features

Admin Settings

to Page Builders

Field Validation

File Upload –

Create the frontend posting form in 3 steps

Like it yet? Buy
it now

Looking for

Change Log


Update version 2.7
- Easier to add your custom form type and do custom action after
submit button
- New: Add-on package available, sell more with VIP, featured posts
- New: Advanced email system after new post, post update, new user,
update user
- New: Better translation
- New: Edit current post shortcode
- New: User dashboard
- Improve: clean unused code
- Improve: New hooks/filters for 3rd party customization


Update version 2.3.2
- Fix parent page not showing up on admin
- Add action to run after hit submit button
Update version 2.3
- New feature: Claim Listing
- New feature: Set custom taxonomy on frontend
- New shortcode: Claim Listing shortcode
- Stripe Payment fix
- Payment security improvement


Update version 2.2.7
- New feature: Delete post
- New feature: Edit Current Post on Frontend - wp-admin bar
- New feature: Show all post if current user is admin or editor
- New feature: Allow to select parent page
- New shortcode: User purchase history
- New shortcode: User profile frontend
- New shortcode: User edit profile frontend
- Fix: User registration is back
- Fix: Stripe payment is back
- Improved: Show all post table now have different view
- Improved: Allow user click on post title to see it directly


Update version 2.0.7
- Update: Add new hooks/filters
- Fix bug: CSS Conflict


Update version 2.0.2
- Update: Compatible wih CPT UI and Toolset plugin
- Fix bug: Redirection


Rebuild entire plugin
Payment: Subscription, Pay Per Post now available
4 style package - pricing table style
Totally new checkout page template
PayPal Express Checkout IPN integrated
Transaction log with detailed information now available

How about show the submitted form to frontend?

You might ask if they submitted the form, but how can you show
the fields to frontend without coding?

So I made this plugin for you:


Calendarista is software designed to provide a faster and more
efficient online booking experience to your customers.

Our goal is to make it super-fast and easy for businesses to add
their services and begin taking bookings online. If you are someone
wanting a complete hotel reservation system, car rental, apartment
rental, travel agency, beauty salons, restaurants and so forth, you
will be able to enable your website for online bookings quickly and

The plugin offers 10 booking modes out of the box, 3 payment
gateways and if that is not enough, it also supports Woocommerce, a
custom form builder, flexible optional extras, google maps to setup
departure and destination and calculate route distance and cost, a
backend calendar to view your appointments, just to name a few of
the features.

It’s time to fall back in love with booking!

More information is available on our dedicated website:


  1. Bookings with a single start date.
  2. Bookings with both a start date and start time (optionally
    enable selecting multiple time slots).
  3. Bookings with both a start date and start time with
  4. Bookings with a start date and time range.
  5. Bookings a date range.
  6. Booking a date and time range.
  7. Booking a date range with partial day charge (Half day
  8. Bookings a round trip.
  9. Bookings a round trip (with time).
  10. Booking one or more packages.
  11. Payments through Paypal, Stripe, Twocheckout and
  12. Collect payment offline.
  13. Enable online payments.
  14. Enable online payments and offline mode.
  15. Enable or disable payments (perfect for free bookings).
  16. Create seasonal rates for day based bookings
  17. Autogenerate timeslots.
  18. Duplicate a service.
  19. List of custom date formats to choose from.
  20. AM/PM or 24h time format.
  21. Set tax.
  22. Enable single booking or multiple bookings of the same date or
    same date/time.
  23. Customize any piece of string displayed to customer directly
    from the plugins back-end.
  24. Translation ready, either manually through PoEdit or via WPML
    and Polylang.
  25. Customize the data capture fields in a way that suits your
    business via Custom form fields.
  26. Unlimited Categorized extras to add elements that carry extra
    cost and can be in limited quantity.
  27. Define departure and destination dropdown fields with
    predefined locations and cost.
  28. Calculate price by travel distance.
  29. Charge only an upfront deposit(percentage or fixed fee). Pay
    reminder upon arrival..
  30. Booking can have an obligatory minimum and maximum days
  31. Restrict from booking too soon or too late in the future with
    min/max notice.
  32. Turn over days to set prep time needed before and after the
    next booking.
  33. Choose your check-in and check-out days of the week.
  34. Multiple services can be grouped in a dropdown list.
  35. A single service can have one or more availabilities. Multiple
    availables will be listed in a dropdown list.
  36. Each availability can include an image.
  37. An availability can contain an area displayed on a map in the
  38. Calendar legend, set custom colors for available days,
    unavailable days and selected days.
  39. Style by choosing from a predefined color list to allow a more
    natural integration with your website.
  40. Auto repeat daily, weekly, montly, yearly etc.
  41. Emails send out by plugin include: New booking received,
    Booking received successfully, Booking confirmation, Booking
    cancelled, Booking reminder, Booking payment received, Discount
    coupon awarded, Payment required and Booking has changed.
  42. Booking cancel link sent via email.
  43. An availability can contain an area on map displayed in the
  44. Set up Email reminders.
  45. Easily add staff members to existing availabilities.
  46. View sales, request payment or confirm payment.
  47. View appointments in your back-end calendar.
  48. Edit appointments, cancel appointment or confirm
  49. Set up holidays and take time off, where you can make any date
    or time slot unavailable for booking.
  50. Import and export iCAL feeds, making your business always up to
    date and avoid overbooking.
  51. Departure and destination input fields with google maps
    autocomplete support.
  52. Booking with both departure and destination input fields.
  53. Booking with single departure input field only.
  54. Booking with both departure and destination dropdown
  55. Booking with single departure dropdown field.
  56. Set waypoints between departure and destination.
  57. Enable direction on a live google map within your site (no
  58. Enable options such as avoid highway, avoid tolls and show
  59. Select departure and destination directly on google map using
    right click context menu.
  60. Export to CSV.

= Changelog =

= 3.9 – 4.0 =

  • Added: new phone number field in custom form builder (by
    country, supports masks and number validation).
  • Added: new tokens for emails {{tax}}, {{tax_rate}},
    {{deposit}}, {{deposit_amount}} and {{balance_amount}} with
    respective control statements.
  • Fixed: sales page in back-end datepicker erratic when clearing
  • Fixed: regression bug; the map section in the services page did
    not allow setting a map when an availability was selected.
  • Fixed: regression bug; the styles section in the services page
    did not allow selecting the advanced option.
  • Fixed: auto confirm only after payment now works as
  • Fixed: multi date range with time was missing time in
    notification emails.
  • Fixed: single date and time range had an anomaly where
    timeslots weren’t reset to a fresh state when changing date.
  • Fixed: resending email reminders was broken.
  • Fixed: services – map page miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • Fixed: emails had the default background color of white by

= 3.8 =

  • Added: seasons support. Applies to service modes that do not
    include timeslots.
  • Added: {{customer_email}} token to emails
  • Improved: Days with timeslots are now unavailable in the
    calendar if all timeslots are set as timeoff via holidays.
  • Improved: CSV data exported is now organized better with all
    fields within their respective columns.
  • Improved: datepicker on sales page now has a clear button to
    clear the date fields and a search by name filter.
  • Fixed: email header and background color setting did not apply
    even if you changed this in the email settings.
  • Fixed: date formats weren’t respected correctly and missing
    zero padding when necessary.
  • Fixed: when confirming payment in backend, the appointment
    wasn’t automatically approved.
  • Fixed: regex field found in the custom form builder did not
  • Fixed: the end date was blocked from booking if it was a
    changeover day (affects multi day changover mode only).
  • Fixed: when stripe or twocheckout are the only payment
    operators, the creditcard payment form did not display.
  • Fixed: autogenerated timeslots choked in frontend if you had an
    exotic timeformat set in wordpress general settings.
  • Fixed: exported feeds spanning multiple days were always one
    day short when exporting to google calendar.
  • Fixed: check-in/check-out on sunday was ignored and
    miscellaneous bugs that affected changeover days.
  • Fixed: changeover days that included check-in/check-out on the
    same day is miscalculated.
  • Fixed: changeover days mode allowed selecting a range when the
    range consisted of changeover days.

= 3.7 =

  • Fixed: regression bug, checkout with woocommerce was

= 3.6 =

  • Fixed: coupon with fixed discount were restricted to the value
  • Fixed: generated iCAL feeds did not conform to the structure
    google calendar was expecting, now rewritten.
  • Fixed: if you had stripe or 2twocheckout payments disabled, the
    relating clientscripts will still inserted in the page.
  • Fixed: when creating a new appointment from the backend
    appointments page, sometimes the navigation buttons did nothing
    when clicked.
  • Added: new delete all option for feeds that will delete all
    synced data along with the feed being deleted.

= 3.5 =

  • Added: feeds synchronization timeout now can be controlled from
    feeds page.
  • Added: inclusive tax which will show on individual costs such
    as optional extras if enabled in the settings.
  • Fixed: checkbox list and radio button list did not display the
    label field.
  • Fixed: textbox and textarea showed their label in the booking
    summary when empty.
  • Fixed: dynamic strings were not being registered in polylang
    for translation.
  • Fixed: feeds synchronization, changeover days and date ranges
    did not block out dates between range.
  • Fixed: removed payment_url token from payment required email
    template, it was a dummy token added by mistake.
  • Fixed: creating an appointment of type package in the back-end
    showed nav button and book now button and payment options.
  • Fixed: cost summary showing wrong totals when validating coupon

= 3.4 =

  • Fixed: when multi timeslot selection is enabled, and a single
    timeslot remains, it is treated as if empty.
  • Fixed: regression bug, broke auto updates. If you installed 3.3
    then please install 3.4 manually by downloading it again from
    codecanyon to fix, sorry

= 3.3 =

  • Improved: speed optimization for the custom css handler, 80%
  • Fixed: regression bug. polylang and wpml translations didn’t
    translate custom form fields and booking summary.
  • Fixed: custom form fields missing from booking summary in
    checkout step.

= 3.2 =

  • Fixed: typo causing failure on environments with strict

= 3.1 =

  • Fixed: coupon validation failed when using a coupon with a
    minimum order amount restriction.
  • Fixed: regular coupon did not expire after single use.
  • Fixed: coupon discount wasn’t displayed when viewing booked
    appointments in the backend.
  • Added: now you can set a custom invoice prefix from the
    settings page

= 3.0 =

  • Fixed: Regression bug. When trying to edit an appointment from
    the appointments page, nothing happened.
  • Added: Availability name can now be inserted in frontend
    summary and email notifications.

= 2.9 =

  • Fixed: when login or registration is required, plugin choked
    and wouldnt go past the details step.
  • Fixed: when logging in instead of registering, plugin choked
    and wouldnt go past the details step.

= 2.8 =

  • Fixed: woocommerce was still failing on some systems, reworked
    code to cope.

= 2.7 =

  • Fixed: Regression bug (confirming, cancelling and deleting
    appointment in backend wasn’t working).
  • Fixed: Regression bug (woocommerce enabled booking didn’t get
    past the details step, when making a booking).

= 2.6 =

  • Improved: General overall speed and faster ajax execution
    times, more than 80% faster now.
  • Added: Export to CSV.
  • Added: Appointment cancel policy and improved the cancellation
  • Added: Custom form fields are now included in booking summary
    and back-end appointments view. Reset the style and save it again
    to make use of this change.
  • Fixed: Typo in booking reminder email.
  • Fixed: When cloning a service, the optionals didn’t get
  • Fixed: Changeover days didn’t show correct cost when booking
    was viewed from the backend appointment page.
  • Fixed: Changeover days cost was incorrect when using optionals
    with multiply value per day selected.

= 2.5 =

  • Fixed: Optional extras were not included in discounts and
  • Fixed: When the only payment operator was paypal, we still
    displayed address fields for credit card fraud protection (Paypal
    does not require this).
  • Fixed: Regression bug involving timeslots did not allow
    unlimited bookings if seats weren’t set.
  • Fixed: Regression bug involving timeslot paddings did not pad
    at all.
  • Fixed: Selecting a single payment operator with online &
    offline mode resulted with not being able to select an operator in
    the front-end.

= 2.4 =

  • Fixed: Regression bug in multi days with changeover mode.
    Booked dates remained available for booking.
  • Fixed: Timezone off by 1 hour when setting timezone in
  • Fixed: Currency symbols showed html code in emails instead of
  • Fixed: Optional extras were missing line breaks in emails.
  • Added: You can delete synced bookings in the appointments page
    and new filter to toggle synced bookings.
  • Improved: Cancelled and synced bookings now are denoted in red
    and gray respectively in the appointments page.
  • Improved: Appointments are now clearer to see in the back-end
    and include a read only view in addition to previous edit
  • Improved: Sales page now shows the appointment details.
  • Improved: Steps navbar responsiveness.

= 2.3 =

  • Nail biting moment. Here comes another update…
  • Added: New cost setting in places. Now you can set a fixed cost
    that will be calculated per km/mile.
  • Fixed: Date and time format in general settings are now
    respected in email notifications.
  • Fixed: Dropdown list options created using the custom form
    builder are now translatable.
  • Fixed: When a timeslot is booked, a seat was deducted from all
    days of that particular week.
  • Fixed: Removed booked seats field from the timeslots page.
    These didn’t make sense after the above fix.
  • Fixed: Group booking didn’t show the seats selection when
    moving backwards in the wizard.
  • Improved: General padding and margins between fields when using
    custom form fields and optionals.
  • Improved: Removed bootstrap javascript includes. Less
    conflicts, lighter pages. Win win.

Changelog = 2.2 =

  • You’ve got to calm down to get more done. Think zen…
  • Added: Support for Polylang.
  • Added: An availability with return but where no explicit return
    cost is set, will have the base cost doubled.
  • Added: Optional extras have new option to allow doubling the
    cost if return date is selected.
  • Added: Now maps also include distance duration.
  • Added: Optional extra cost now supports negative values.
  • Added: Terms and conditions field to the custom form fields
  • Added: Italian and German translation.
  • Improved: Optionals in booking summary now includes the cost.
    Reset “services – style” page for this change.
  • Improved: Wizard breadcrumbs are now responsive. Only step
    numbers show on smaller screens.
  • Improved: Steps now have a circled number indicator and removed
    the background strip surrounding the steps.
  • Improved: Removed default selection from optional extra
    dropdown list. This was redundant.
  • Improved: Removed auto scroll which was activated when
    navigating steps.
  • Improved: Appointments displayed in calendar now use customer
    name in heading instead of availability name.
  • Fixed: Translated text now strips slashes correctly.
  • Fixed: Email notifications did not include distance unit.
  • Fixed: Custom form field of type textarea now takes up it’s own
    row and aligns with the rest of the form.
  • Fixed: shortcode content always appeared above any other
    content in the page.

Changelog = 2.0, 2.1 =

  • Making it easy to master the art of booking with
  • Regression bug fix, selecting a day did not produce timeslots
  • Improved: Now selecting an availability or package will load
    all properties of the selected package or availability(2.0).
  • Fixed: Creating manual individual day based timeslots did not
  • Fixed: In enviornments with PHP E_ALL & ~E_STRICT &
    ~E_NOTICE enabled, you’d get warnings and notices(2.0).
  • Improved: Staff member page and coupons page. Tweaked the ajax
    and spinners to show proper progress indication(2.0).

Changelog = 1.9 =

  • Just push your boundaries and #DontCrackUnderPressure.
  • Fixed: Editing a booking of certain booking mode types in the
    appointments page failed.
  • Fixed: When editing appointments changing steps caused the
    window to scroll up, quite annoying.
  • Fixed: Unavailable days in booking calendar was too faded and
    day numbers weren’t too visible.
  • Fixed: Couldn’t set a price when creating a regular woocommerce
  • Fixed: Time based bookings in the appointments page showed a
    unix format instead of readable date format.
  • Fixed: General settings checkboxes were always defaulting to
  • Improved: now dates retrieved in wordpress localized
  • Improved: woocommerce product now shows optional extras.
  • Improved: woocommerce booking label shown on the product now
    has no underscore and applied proper casing.
  • Added: single day and time mode now has a minimum timeslot
    fixed price charge.

Changelog = 1.8 =

  • We’re allowed to fail a bit…it’s only through failure that you
    get success.
  • Fixed: Payment operators did not work in Firefox.
  • Fixed: The total amount was truncated at the thousand separator
    for values over a 1,000.
  • Fixed: Optional extras did not save the multiply settings and
    always defaulted to none (back-end).
  • Fixed: Map option in services and places page did not save the
    map settings and initial location (back-end).
  • Fixed: Map in front-end was missing margins to keep it aligned
    with the rest of the form.
  • Fixed: Updating a general setting caused the assets settings to
  • Enhanced: Slight improvements to the sales page and editing
    bookings (back-end).
  • Enhanced: Improved the places page. Now associating a map to a
    service is much more intuitive (back-end).

Changelog = 1.7 =

  • That’s how we start the week around here, push and push until
    we’re fairly tired…
  • Added: An end time to auto generate timeslots.
  • Enhanced: CreatingDeleting/Duplicating projects is
  • Fixed: Timeslot range selector in front-end now works
    correctly. previously it didn’t allow selecting the last slot.
  • Fixed: Timeslot range selector treated a time range as two
    separate slots, resulting in cost miscalculating.
  • Fixed: Entering a feeds url in the “settings – feeds” page,
    caused url validation to fail.
  • Fixed: Not setting cost on availability but instead depending
    on cost in optional extras didn’t trigger payment operators during
  • Fixed: Got a 500 error after installing Calendarista? Your PHP
    is old, update it. Still made the effort to replace code that
    wasn’t php 5.3 compatible.

Changelog = 1.6 =

  • Need more sleep…
  • Added: support for Elementor. You can now preview the plugin
    inside the elementor editor using their shortcode-widget.
  • Added: extended seats support to Single day and time range,
    round trip and round trip with time.
  • Fixed: create time slots dialog in “services – timeslots” page,
    regression bug.
  • Fixed: removed a debug statement showing after checkout,
    another regression bug.
  • Fixed: round trips are not date ranges but were treated as such
    in the appointment calendar (backend).

Changelog = 1.5 =

  • The stuff of nightmares…
  • Fixed: when group booking (multiple seats), these were getting
    registered as single seats.
  • Fixed: previous update 1.3 introduced a regression bug and
    broke appointment editing.

Changelog = 1.4 =

  • Light, delicious, bug free. Now with 0% added BS…
  • Fixed: Payment operators weren’t popping up during checkout.
    This is a regression bug (introduced while implementing

Changelog = 1.3 =

  • Things are heating up, watch out…
  • Added: validation against cheaters who hit browser refresh
    after making a booking. BAM! Gotcha!
  • Fixed: corrected half days mode calendar and some peculiarity
    with calendar legend.
  • Fixed: corrected multi date range calendar and apparently dates
    were disabled even though booking was unlimited.
  • Fixed: rightclick context menu on Google maps was broken,
    Google changed a few things, we adapted.
  • Changed: calendar loads available days through ajax requests in
    a more concise way now.
  • Changed: improved the calendar general aesthetics slightly with
    rounded corners and a more fitting size.
  • Changed: when only a single seat is left, we don’t publicize
    this any longer. Customer just sees a time slot or day is available
    for booking.

Changelog = 1.2 =

  • Fall back in love with booking…
  • Added: Small improvements to how we push updates. You can now
    reset your license.
  • Fixed: Unexpected behavior when using round trip modes which
    was expecting a full date range of available days.
  • Fixed: Corrected timeslots ordering lost because it depended on
    user db collation. Now performing explicit ordering.
  • Fixed: Several issues relating to single day and time range
    mode. Now it works correctly.
  • Fixed: Corrected appointments in the backend calendar view that
    spanned an extra day.
  • Fixed: Corrected seats functionality when using time slots to
    deduct a seat. Previously nothing happened, a regression bug of
  • Changed: when a booking is made, we now show invoice details
    along with a fresh booking form ready for another booking.

Changelog = 1.1 =

  • The only way to be the best is to keep working like you got
  • Added: WooCommerce support.
  • Fixed: preserved services sort order in the services page
    (plugin backend) during an edit.
  • Fixed: generating timeslots by weekday works correctly now.
    previously timeslots were doubled.
  • Updated: The plugins icon logo in dashboard menu. Uses a font
    now and blends in with the rest of the WordPress icons.
  • Updated: documentation to cover WooCommerce setup.

Wordpress Awesome Import & Export Plugin allows to import and
export of
post, pages, categories/tags, custom posts, comments,
users, custom tables, custom taxonomies

You can also import and export custom plugin data like
woocommerceor import/export data of
any tableof wordpress database. You can import
using csv,excel,xml files and export in


Username: demo

Pwd: demo

Video :


Plugin allows you to map the fields of imported files to
corresponding fields of selected options (post, page etc) so you
don’t need to bother about preparing files in some specific way.
During export, you can also select which fields to be exported.


  1. Posts – Import and export wordpress posts using csv, excel,
    xml, pdf(export only) file.
  2. Pages – Import and export wordpress pages using csv, excel,
    xml, pdf (export only) file.
  3. Custom Posts – Import and export custom posts using csv, excel,
    xml, pdf (export only) file.
  4. Users – Import and export users using csv, excel, xml,
    pdf(export only) file. Option to send email to user also.
  5. Comments – Import and export comments using csv, excel, xml,
    pdf (export only) file.
  6. Woocommerce – Import and export custom plugin woocommerce
    products (simple and variable products both) and export order.
  7. WordPress table – Import and export any wordpress table data
    using csv, excel, xml, pdf (export only) file.
  8. Categories/Tags – Import and export wordpress categories/tags
    using csv, excel, xml, pdf(export only) file. Nested categories can
    also be imported and exported.
  9. SQL – Export wordpress data using sql queries.
  10. Custom taxonomies – Allows post meta, custom taxonomies to be
    imported/exported during post/pages/custom-post options.
  11. Settings – Various settings options for ease of operation
  12. Featured Image – Supports import of featured image
  13. Field Mapping – Map fields of imported file so you don’t need
    to bother about order of fields in file
  14. Post content images – Option to import post content images and
    make first images as featured image.
  15. Large data – Option to define the php memory to be used. Please
    note this must be supported by server. Customers are able to import
    more than 10000 rows using proper settings.
  16. Speedy – Ajax based uploading of data and optimized code make
    it very fast.
  17. Support – Fast support, regular addition of more and more
  18. Customization – Many no. of customization options, export post
    by id, order by, limit, mapping fields, uploading of file using url
  19. Hooks/Filters – Action hooks and filter support to modify
  20. Email – send exported file on email.
  21. File manager – manage import & export file

Plugin Reviews


  1. Do I need to prepare file in specific format before importing?
    Not at all, after uploading file, plugin provides option to map
    fields of your imported file with the corresponding option
  2. Is plugin allows import of featured image for posts? If yes,
    then how should we pass the value.? Yes, plugin allows import of
    featured image. You need to provide complete path of the image in
    file and plugin will download that image.
  3. I need to associate some Meta fields and custom taxonomies also
    during post import? Is it possible? Yes, it is possible. Just add
    columns in your file for Meta fields and custom taxonomies. During
    upload, it will ask to map Meta fields and custom taxonomies if
    already exists else you can create new Meta field and custom
    taxonomies there directly by adding using text field.
  4. I need to import many posts e.g. 10000 posts. Will it work? It
    depends on the server settings and in maximum cases, it will work.
    Once file is uploaded, plugin uses ajax to read and write to
    wordpress so It depends on your server memory and timeout settings.
    You can change that by changing php configuaration. Check this for
    large files uploading.
  5. Kind Attention

    WordPress awesome import & export already have many features
    and we are adding many more feature this month. It includes file
    manager (shows import/export files), more setting options, more
    speed, delete data etc. All these features are available in very
    less price. Price will be slightly increase from December after
    release of these features. Also, all features mentioned works
    properly and if you have any issue then please contact us via
    profile. We will check and if we are not able to resolve your issue
    then we will be ready to do refund also.

    Min requirement for the plugin WordPress 3.6 and above Must
    have read/write access for download/upload folder

    Version 27

    1. Fixed bug related to latest version changes in PHP
    2. Fixed bug related to file manager

    Version 2.6

    1. Improved overall code that improved further speed of
    2. Screen based css and js enqueue
    3. Export of woocommerce product category images
    4. When item and slug are same then it will show only item and if
      different then it will display as item:slug
    5. Fixed some bugs related to woocommerce product/order

    Version 2.5

    1. Improved overall design and structure of the plugin

    Version 2.4

    1. Added a new feature “File manager”
    2. Import file manager with option to download imported file,
      delete content imported by file, delete file, search
    3. Export file manager with option to download exported file,
      delete exported file and search

    Version 2.3

    1. Woocommerce variation product export feature improved
    2. Option to allow categories to created as nested categories
      during posts,page, custom post import
    3. Option to export and import wordpress menu using our plugin
    4. Bug fixed: Woocommerce order status are now coming from
      woocommerce order status filter

    Version 2.2

    1. option to change php memory size in settings
    2. Bug fix related to the featured image

    Version 2.1.1

    1. get images from post content (Import) – importing images from
      post content. For this we will take one setting option
    2. whether to import the post content images from setting or
    3. get specific posts by ID’s (Export) – export only
      post/pages/custompages/products based on the ID’s
    4. Product attributes needs to be unserialized
    5. Changes in category export, from name:slug to name if both name
      and slug are same

    Version 2.0 – Major

    1. Major change in the complete structure of the plugin
    2. Addition of various filters and hooks – so you can perform many
      more functions e.g. change data before import or after export send
    3. Send email option for export file
    4. Addition of woocommerce variable product import and export
    5. Changes in structure – now it is partial mvc based structure
      Improvement in speed
    6. Fixed some bugs related to saving of settings

    Version 1.3

    1. Added option to export woocommerce order

    2. Added option to import category hierarchy

    3. Added option to export taxonomy for custom posts

    4. Changes in the language domain

    5. CSS bug fix

    Version 1.2

    1. Upload files using URL also apart from uploading files

    2. Export comment of specific posts by postId

    3. Bug fixes




Wordpress Responsive Popup Plugin

Slick Popup Prois a Contact Form 7 popup plugin for
WordPress which converts any CF7 form into a
slick, beautiful and perfectly responsive


    • Slick and Beautiful– The overall appeal of the
      popup is quite slick and beautiful.
    • Multiple color schemes– 6 in-built color schemes
      for easy choice and options to choose your custom colors that go
      with your theme or logo.
    • 100% Responsive– The popup is perfectly responsive
      on all screen sizes and works well on all devices.
    • Lightweight and Fast– The code quality is awesome
      which makes it very lightweight and lightning fast.
    • Easy to Configure– Easy to configure options makes
      it your last choice once you try it.
    • User Friendly– When it loads, a user finds it very
      easy to fill-up the form and enquiries increase.
    • Automatic Updates– The Automatic updates in the
      plugin makes it easy for you to download updates as soon as they
      are released.
    • Robust Option Panel– A robust options panel that
      has several options to configure the plugin as per your
    • Browser Compatible– Thoroughly tested with all
      major browsers and their widely used versions.


    Version 2.1.6 | 15 January 2018

        * Added: New page options to add multiple popups in a page
        * Fixed: iPhone Text Input Cursor Position Issue
        * Fixed: Help text in options panel
        * Fixed: Shortcode Builder and improved fields

    Version 2.1.5 | 26 October 2017

        * Fixed: iPhone Text Input Cursor Position Issue
        * Fixed: Cookie issue in Auto-popup mode

    Version 2.1.4 | 06 September 2017

        * Added: Curtain Background Color, Image and Opacity
        * Added: New Activation Mode - Forced Popup 
        * Added: New side button positions for global form
        * Fixed: Ajax-loader on Widgetized Popups
        * Improved: Shortcode Builder for Popup Dropdown
        * Improved: Admin panel for multiple popups
        Improved: Easy to navigate links in edit screen
        Removed: Page Options for changing forms on different.

    Version 2.1.3 | 10 August 2017

        * Fixed: Popup issue with internet explorer
        * Added: Ability to load popup on each page load
        * Added: Ability to load popup per user session

    Version 2.1.2

        * Fixed: Issue with autopopup cookie creation
        * Fixed: Minor other improvements

    Version 2.1 | 13 June 2017

            * Added: New animations
            * Minor: Code improvements
            * Fixed: Color choice bug

    Version 2.0 | A Major Update Include New Feature | 29 May

            * Added: Multiple popups feature
            * Added: Easy shortcode creator
            * Added: Activate popup on any HTML Tag
            * Added: Popup list screen
            * Added: New filters for popups
            * Added: New filters for popups
            * Changed: jQuery and code structures.
            * Changed: Options panel link
            * Changed: Few internal function names
            * Minor: Code improvements

    Version 1.4.3 | 15 May 2017

            * Added: Cookie Delay auto and onscroll popup
            * Fixed: Minor Fixes    

    Version 1.4.2 | 2 March 2017

            * Fixed: Minor bugs and help tips

    Version 1.4.1 | 3 February 2017

            * Added: New filter for changing layout on the go
            * Added: New Layout - Full Page Popup
            * Added: New Layout - Fixed To Side (Fixed Left, Fixed
            * Tested with WP 4.7.2 and CF7 4.6.1

    Version 1.4.0 | A major Update | 29 December 2016

            * Added: Animation features (5 animations)
            * Added: Options to change "Form Background" Styles
            * Added: Options to change "Side Button" Styles
            * Added: Options to change "Submit Button" Styles
            * Added: Import Demos Section added to options panel
            * Added: 2 Pre-built Contact Form 7 forms to import
            * Improved: Error messages (not-valid-tip) of Contact Form
            * Improved: Ability to create single color popup
            * Improved: Ajax Loader of the popup
            * Tested with WP 4.7 and CF7 4.6
            * Ajax Loader updated for compatibility with CF7 4.6

    Version 1.3.6

            Minor fixes and PHP notice on Search page

    Version 1.3.5

            Minor fixes and improved code structure

    Version 1.3.4

            Fixed: On-exit popup fixed
            Added: Compatibility with WooCommerce products    

    Version 1.3.3

            Fixed: Side button position issue fixed  

    Version 1.3.2

            Fixed: Options panel overriding issue fixed  

    Version 1.3.1

            Fixed: Issue with on page exit popup
            Added: Plugin settings override in WooCommerce products  

    Version 1.3 |
    A major release many new features enabled

            Added: Popup Activation Modes (manually, auto-popup,
    on-scroll popup, popup on page exit)
            Added: Popup Animation Effects
            Added: onLoad Effects (fadeIn, fadeInLeft, fadeInRight,
    fadeInUp, fadeInDown, zoomIn, rotateIn)
            Added: unLoad Effects (fadeOut, fadeOutLeft, fadeOutRight,
    fadeOutUp, fadeOutDown, zoomOut, rotateOut)

    Version 1.2

            Feature: Choose a different form for any page
            Feature: Choose a different side button text
            Feature: Choose a different popup heading
            Feature: Choose a different call to action text
            Update:  Filter 'sppro_dollar_cf7_id' added
            Update:  Filter 'sppro_dollar_side_button_text' added
            Update:  Filter 'sppro_dollar_popup_heading' added
            Update:  Filter 'sppro_dollar_cta_text' added

    Version 1.1

        Feature: Automatic Updates with purchase /strong
        Update: Filter 'sppro_dollar_show' added
        Update: Improved coding quality
        Others: Testing and improvisations

    Version 1.0

    Improved features, Pre-built Color schemes, Side Button Position

    Version 0.1

    First release

    Support &

    You can contact us directly via the comments section of
    the plugin or mail us on

    RSS AutoPilot

    AutoPilot is a WordPress plugin capable of downloading Atom and RSS
    feeds and creating posts in WordPress using either summary provided
    by feed or grabbing content directly from a website using unique
    Content Extractor feature that allows you to manually pick content
    or automatically detect it. This feature moves feed content parsing
    to the next level.


    Manual Content


    • Feed your website with RSS feeds
    • AutoPilot option
    • Get news directly from website pages
    • Automatic content detector
    • Language translation
    • Unique “Content Extractor” feature
    • Create posts of different types
    • Get featured image from content or set it manually per
    • Fallback featured image
    • Ignoring certain blocks from content
    • Supports both Atom and RSS feeds
    • Automatic links removal
    • Post excerpts configuration
    • Content filters
    • WordPress “More” tag and canoncial URL support
    • Translation ready

    Future plans

    • Have an idea? – Please, feel free to let us know. Let’s make
      RSS AutoPilot even better!

    Release history

    Version 1.5.0
    – Aug 28, 2017

    - NEW: Multiple block selection
    - NEW: Importing tags and categories
    - NEW: Fallback Featured image
    - NEW: Custom HTML code around imported posts
    - NEW: Extended thumbnails support
    - IMPROVED: A couple of fixed issues and minor improvements

    Version 1.4.0
    – Jan 10, 2016

    - NEW: Set custom featured image for each feed
    - NEW: Automatic links removal option
    - NEW: WordPress "More" tag is now supported
    - NEW: WordPress Excerpt feature is now fully supported and
    - IMPROVED: Updated user interface
    - IMPROVED: A couple of fixed issues and minor improvements

    Version 1.3.0 –
    Nov 1, 2015

    - NEW: Automatic translations with Yandex Translator API

    Version 1.2.2
    – Oct 22, 2015

    Minor release with a few fixes reported by customers
    - IMPROVED: Language support. Tested on Korean, Arabic and Turkish
    - IMPROVED: Content parsing and thumbnails extraction

    Version 1.2.1 –
    Oct 1, 2015

    - NEW: Feed status information (last time updated and the number of
    posts imported)
    - NEW: It is now possible to set image as featured and remove it
    from the contents (useful for themes that display featured image on
    post page)
    - NEW: We've added a possibility to set a limit to the number of
    posts imported in a single run
    - NEW: “Overwrite” posts feature
    - IMPROVED: Now posts can be deleted with downloaded images

    Version 1.2.0
    – Sep 19, 2015

    - IMPROVED: Some of our customers experienced an issue related to
    WordPress that resulted to duplicated content. Workaround for this
    was added.
    - IMPROVED: Thumbnails to downloaded images are now generated
    - IMPROVED: A couple of other minor bugfixes and improvements were

    Up to version

    - NEW: Filters: required and disallowed keywords
    - NEW: Updated add/edit form with hints
    - NEW: Added feature to "remove" blocks within selected content in
    Content Extractor
    - NEW: Download all images option
    - NEW: Add canonical URL option
    - IMPROVED: A special trick to work on HostGator shared hosting
    - IMPROVED: Fix to YouTube RSS feed
    - IMPROVED: Other minor fixes and improvements


    • PHP 5.3 or newer (5.4 recommended)
    • libxml php extension
    • MBstring php extension
    • XML PHP extensions: DOM and SimpleXML
    • cURL or Stream Context (allow_url_fopen=On)
    • iconv extension