FrontRunner is the Political WordPress Theme for your
Political Campaign,
Super PAC,
Political Partyor
Interest Group

Theme Features

  • Super-ultra-mega responsive
  • SEO optimized
  • News and Blog templates
  • Events and Calendar listings
  • Issues templates
  • Videos templates
  • YouTube integration
  • Landing page templates
  • Newsletter sign up
  • Donations (PayPal)
  • Contact form
  • Error page template
  • Custom sign in
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Retina ready
  • All Photoshop files included
  • and so much more…

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Help and Support

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resources on our Help Center including support forums and

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UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.23 (February 21st 2019)


  • Fixed “continue” error in PHP v7.3+.

UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.22 (February 2nd 2019)


  • Fixed plugin installer outputting “An error has occurred” on
    all pages.
  • Updated Plugin Installer extension to v0.9.9
  • Removed redundant code that disables Gutenberg.

UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.21 (July 26th 2018)

Fix and updates

  • Disabled the Gutenberg plugin and nag.

UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.20 (July 13th 2018)


  • Fix for Ninja Forms Stripe extension not working with Political
  • Updated Political Options plugin to v1.1.4.

UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.19 (May 30th 2018)

Fix and updates

  • Fixed quick donate amount not passing through to selected
    donation form.
  • Updated Political Options plugin to v1.1.3.

UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.18 (May 10th 2018)

Fix and updates

  • Fixed donation form success message not always displaying.
  • Updated Political Options plugin to v1.1.2.

UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.17 (April 18th 2018)


  • NEWUpdated donations collection feature and demo
    form for latest Ninja Forms plugin compatibility.
  • Updated Political Options plugin to v1.1.1.
  • NEWAdded exported demo forms to full theme
  • NEWAdded Snapchat to footer social icons.

UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.16 (January 31st 2018)

Updates and fixes

  • Fixed creating an event gallery not working with WordPress
  • Updated Political Options plugin to v1.0.9.

UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.15 (November 17th 2017)

Updates and fixes

  • Updated Static Content Blocks plugin to v1.0.5.
  • Updated Plugin Installer extension to v0.9.8.
  • Fixed campaign videos not autoplaying after clicking

UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.14 (June 29th 2017)

Updates and fixes

  • Updated Political Options plugin to v1.0.8.
  • Fixed quick donate amount not passing through to selected
    donation form.

UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.13 (March 29th 2017)


  • Fixed forms sometimes not submitting when there is more than
    one form on a page.
  • Fixed forms displaying validation messages before user
  • Fixed multiple duplicate actions being imported for the demo

UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.12 (March 5th 2017)

Updates and fixes

  • Updated Sidebars extension to v0.8.5.
  • Fixed Ninja Form buttons not using Accent Color 3.
  • Improvements to Google Font selector.
  • Added support for Google Font character sets.
  • Fixed events in “More Events” section being ordered
  • Fixed event titles in “More Events” section not linking to

UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.11 (January 17th 2017)


  • Updated Political Options plugin to v1.0.7.
  • Updated Simple Theme Slider plugin to v1.0.6.
  • Updated Plugin Installer extension to v0.9.7.
  • Updated Sidebars extension to v0.8.4.
  • Code cleanup and refactoring.

UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.10 (January 13th 2017)

Plugin update and a small fix

  • Updated Static Content Blocks plugin to v1.0.4.
  • Fixed occasional misalignments on video page.

UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.9 (December 3rd 2016)

Updates and fixes

  • Updated Font Awesome to v4.7.0.
  • Fixed videos not opening when first visiting a page that has
    videos on.

UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.8 (October 4th 2016)

Updates and fixes

  • Updated Political Options plugin to v1.0.6.
  • Updated Plugin Installer extension to v0.9.5.
  • NEWAdded enhanced Ninja Forms v3 compatibility for
    FrontRunner demo forms.
  • Fixed a PHP notice.

UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.7 (September 6th 2016)

Updates and fixes

  • Updated Plugin Installer extension to v0.9.4.
  • Updated the Google Fonts list.
  • Fixed date language and time format not correct on paginated
    events pages.

UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.6 (July 13th 2016)

Updates, fixes and enhancements

  • Updated Political Options plugin to v1.0.5.
  • Updated Plugin Installer extension to v0.9.2.
  • NEWAdded Ninja Forms v3 compatibility.
  • NEWAdded set event times using 24 hour clock.
  • NEWAdded display event date in the format set in
    WordPress settings.
  • Fixed slideshow won’t display if it contains only one

UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.5 (June 8th 2016)

Updates and fixes

  • Updated Political Options plugin to v1.0.4.
  • Updated Font Awesome to v4.6.3.
  • Updated Plugin Installer extension to v0.9.1.
  • Fixed events that span dates expiring incorrectly.

– VERSION 1.0.4 (May 7th 2016)

Updates and fixes

  • Updated Static Content Blocks plugin to v1.0.3.
  • Updated Ninja Forms plugin to v2.9.45.
  • Fixed videos not loading.
  • Fixed old WooCommerce code causing an error.

UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.3 (April 13th 2016)

Updates and fixes

  • Updated Political Options plugin to v1.0.3.
  • Updated Ninja Forms plugin to v2.9.41.
  • NEWAdded en_GB theme translation.
  • NEWAdded en_GB translation to Political Options
  • Fixed ambiguous install info in documentation.
  • Fixed “Open link in a new tab” option not working in menu
  • Fixed home page custom CSS not being added.
  • Fixed PayPal options panel not appearing in form settings.

UPDATE – VERSION (March 30th 2016)

Plugin update

  • Updated Political Options plugin to v1.0.2.

UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.2 (March 30th 2016)

Updates and fixes

  • Updated Simple Theme Slider plugin to v1.0.5.1.
  • Updated Static Content Blocks plugin to v1.0.2-FR.
  • Updated Ninja Forms plugin to v2.9.38.
  • Fixed page title in header not in the middle in Safari.
  • Fixed events timeline still displays when there are no
  • Fixed PHP warning when using a Ninja Form shortcode in a
    content block.
  • NEWAdded a custom page template for the home

UPDATE – VERSION (March 2nd 2016)


  • Fixed middle logo and nav menu not in the middle in
  • Fixed home page header displaying most recent post’s featured

UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.1 (February 25th 2016)

Updates, fixes and enhancements

  • Updated Political Options plugin to v1.0.1.
  • Updated Simple Theme Slider plugin to v1.0.3.
  • Updated Static Content Blocks plugin to v1.0.1.
  • Updated Ninja Forms plugin to v2.9.33.
  • Updated Font Awesome to v4.5.0.
  • Updated documentation with best practice for creating a child
  • Updated events so that the month name is automatically
    displayed in the site language.
  • NEWAdded timezone field to events.
  • NEWAdded an option to add a link to the event
    title in the timeline event information.
  • Disabled AJAX submit option in demo data for Ninja Form
    donation demo content.
  • Fixed video “load more” functionality.
  • Fixed timezone setting error message.
  • Fixed error message when Action Links color not set.
  • Fixed typo in PHP version error message.
  • Fixed some missing translation strings.
  • Fixed Visual Composer row settings not working in content

UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.0 (November 3rd 2015)

Initial release

  • No changes yet.

This theme is for Sports like Football, Baseball, Basketball,
Soccer, Hockey, Tennis and clubs and societies. Club Sports
WordPress Theme have teams, players, Sports news and fixtures
options that can be maintained very easily.

Advance Theme Features List

Club Sports have following options for you 1. Latest WordPress
version 3.9 fully tested and Approved

2. Spotless, Fresh, up to date Design can be used for any type
of website

3. 100% Responsive Theme with fewest clicks to turn ON or OFF

4. Constructed with HTML5 and CSS3

5. Advanced Theme Options Panel

6. Stress-free and quickest way to build your website

7. Full Color Customizations

8. Comes with a Sticky Header for more advanced usability,

09. One Click Demo Import – Includes XML file for our demo data

10. WPML plugin ready

11. Built in custom styles for the free Contact Form 7 plugin

12. Advanced options to enable/disable individual features

13. Includes the Video from vimeo

14. Includes entire Font Awesome icon set, fully integrated

15. Unlimited Color Options with Backend Color Picker

16. Multi-Site Tested

17. Built-In RTL support

18. Awesome image rollovers with lightbox and link icons!

19. New Full width single post page with no details or sidebar

20. Create Unlimited Sidebars

21. Use Images, Slideshows, & Videos Very Easily!

22. Auto generated thumbnails

23. Automatic pagination

24. Sortable/filterable categories

25. Advanced Blog Options

26. Full Width

27. Unlimited Galleries & slider For Backgrounds And page,

28. Player Management

29. Fixture Management

30. Team Management

31. Advance Blog & news Management

Change Log

Version 1.1

1: Fixture Countdown Widget shows in wrong position the teams.
(include/widgets.php: 519) (Fixed)
2: Team Wrong position Fixture Detail page. (function.php:1969)

Version 1.2

1: Fixed Gallery Selection at Fixture

Version 1.3

1: Fixed Demo Data Import.
2: Fixture Count Down Expiry Added By Minutes and Seconds.
3: Blog Ascending and Descending Order Added In Blog Element.
4. Blog Post Listing Fixed By Latest Post.
5: Points Table Column Count Fixed For View URL Button.
6: Points Table Responsive Issue Resolved.

Version 1.4

1: Fixed: Team logo display issue from backend
2: Added: Fixture order by fixture date
3: Fixed: Team edit section logo issue

Version 1.5 (17 September 2014)

1: Point table zero value not saving issue resolved. 
2: Points table issue of "not adding previous tables when new field
is added" is resolved. 

Version 1.6 (19 September 2014)

Fixed: Fixture sorting issue for upcoming years like 2015, 2016 is

Version 1.6.1 (22 September 2014)

Fixed: Upcoming fixture issue in slider

Version 1.6.2 (24 September 2014)

1-Single page count down fixed. 
2-Add option for order Fixtures(Ascending or Descending). 
3-Add options in header setting in theme options, select the event
type(fixture or results or All) and order option (Ascending or
4- Fixture and Point Table Settings HELP videos uploaded. Links can
be seen in comment area.

5. For fixtures settings help, please refer to this video
6. For points table settings help, please see this video

Version 1.7 (26 September 2014)

1- No of fixtures to show in header fixture slider issue fixed
(no repetition of fixtures in carousal now) 
2- Responsive issue of carousel fixed 

Change Log Version 1.8

Fixed : Galleries and Albums not showing on latest wordpress
Fixed : Pretty photo Not working on latest wordpress
Fixed : widgets : Fixture count down categories: Categories not
showing in widgets drop down
Fixed : Points table sorting issue: Should have same order on front
as arranged by drag and drop on backend.
Fixed : Mailchimp backend widget issue

Change Log Version 1.9 (14/01/2016)

Fixed: WordPress 4.4 compatibility issues.
Fixed: Recent posts and Headlines Tabs showing same on posts on
Fixed: Newsletter widget not working
Fixed: Players: Player wrong date of birth issue 
Fixed: Twitter tweets not found
Fixed: Fixture and Point Tables responsive and styling issues

Change Log: Version 2.0 (3rd June, 2016)

Fixed: Undefind issue on Upcoming Fixture Countdown in place of
Hours, mins and secs in PX Page builder
Fixed: Team image didn't appear for all fixtures in detail page 
Fixed: Responsive and styling issues.

DonateNow Theme– current version

DonateNow theme is clean, flexible,
retina readyand has a
fully responsive design. DonateNow theme is loaded
with features, and has powerful customization options. Built with
HTML5 & CSS3. It comes with free support on our
support forum. DonateNow theme can be used for any
type of non-profit; charity, products, corporate, portfolio, blog,
etc. It’s very quick to setup and easy to customize, thanks to the
intelligent admin panel.


  • Donations form shortcode
  • Donations list shortcode
  • Global donations target shortcode
  • Collected funds / Target progress bar shortcode
  • Collected funds shortcode
  • Enable/disable donations amount target
  • Add donors to your wordpress users list
  • Create a “donor” role in you users list
  • Export donations list to CSV file
  • CSS3 animated progress bar (% of target display)
  • Thank you email (you can customize it!)
  • Admin email notification (customizable)
  • Many options to configure the plugin
  • Recurring Payments
  • Custom Donation Amount
  • and more…


First off, your theme is awesome. Thank you for
designing a pro looking theme that non-profits can use to aid their


Impressive support after an initial hiccup – thanks so
much for being so responsive and getting me up and running Madza.
I’ve only just started working on it, but the theme looks great and
very easy to edit.


HI there! first of all, very very nice theme! Love the
page builder!…


Hi all, I love this theme! Thanks for creating it.


Hi Mazda – My client loves the theme.



  • Responsive – on/off
  • Page Builder
  • Flexible page layout (unlimited layout combinations , fluid to
    boxed layout switcher in admin panel)
  • Easily create custom page layouts with page builder
  • Extensive admin panel
  • Custom post/page options
  • Fully responsive (test it, resize your browser) on/off
  • High resolution display for use on iPad/iPhone retina
  • 6 Post Formats (Standard, Image, Video, Gallery, Quote,
  • Custom background for each blog page and each post.
  • 2 Post slider areas.
  • 6 Different portfolio grid columns.
  • 3 Portfolio single page styles.
  • 4 Layout Styles
  • 2 Portfolio single page slider areas.
  • Left/Right Blog sidebar layouts.
  • Custom background for each portfolio page and for each
    portfolio item.
  • Responsive Post sliders.
  • Responsive Portfolio sliders.
  • SEO optimised
  • Options to change the look of theme (colours, text,
  • Fully localised (translation files)
  • Image resizing
  • Contact page function
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Demo content included (XML file)
  • WordPress 3.0+ drag and drop menus
  • Custom background for every page, posts, portfolio item
  • Detailed documentation
  • Compatible in all major browsers


= Version 4.4 – 18 July 16 =

WordPress 4.7 Ready
UPDATED Visual Composer Plugin
UPDATED LayerSlider Plugin
IMPROVE Security 
Minor bug fixes

= Version 4.3 – 13 July 16 =

WordPress 4.6 Ready
UPDATED Visual Composer Plugin
UPDATED LayerSlider Plugin
Minor bug fixes

= Version 4.1 – 5 April 16 =

FIX portfolio grid
UPDATED Option Tree
UPDATED Visual Composer Plugin
UPDATED LayerSlider Plugin
Minor bug fixes

= Version 4.0 –02.02.2016 =

Removed Donation Plugin (Plugin author request)
UPDATED Option Tree
UPDATED Visual Composer Plugin
UPDATED LayerSlider Plugin
Minor bug fixes

= Version 3.9 –16.09.2015 =

FIX - Widget Errors fro WP 4.3
UPDATED Option Tree
UPDATED Visual Composer Plugin
UPDATED LayerSlider Plugin

= Version 3.8 –08.08.2015 =

- WordPress 4.3 Ready
- FIXED Plugin installation process
- UPDATED Visual Composer Plugin
- UPDATED LayerSlider Plugin
- UPDATED Option Tree
- Minor bug fixes

= Version 3.7 –07.07.2015 =

- WordPress 4.2 Ready
- IMPORTANT - prettyPhoto Security fix
- FIX - Login Form Style 
- UPDATED Option Tree
- UPDATED Visual Composer Plugin
- UPDATED LayerSlider Plugin
- UPDATED PrettyPhoto Plugin
- Minor bug fixes

= Version 3.6 –03.05.2015 =

- WordPress 4.2 Ready
- FIXED Plugin installation process
- UPDATED Visual Composer Plugin
- UPDATED WPDonation Plugin
- UPDATED Option Tree
- Minor bug fixes

= Version 3.5 –04.04.2015 =

- FIXED - Instagram Social Icon
- Minor bug fixes

= Version 3.4 –02.04.2015 =

- UPDATED Option Tree
- Minor bug fixes

= Version 3.3 –01.04.2015 =

- Minor bug fixes

= Version 3.2 –30.03.2015 =

- ADD Instagram Social Icon
- UPDATED Font Awesome
- UPDATED Visual Composer Plugin
- UPDATED WPDonation Plugin
- UPDATED LayerSlider Plugin
- FIX Menu for firefox
- FIX Portfolio gallery
- FIX Italic Fonts
- FIX Image error for posts
- FIX One Click Importer
- Minor bug fixes

= Version 3.2 – 26.09.2014 =

- Fixed: Layout bug for sidebar style page
- Fixed: Now all VC plugin elements are back
- Fixed: Full with page template left and right padding fixed
- Fixed: portfolio template page issue for WPML
- Updated: VisualComposer plugin
- Updated: LayerSlider plugin

= Version 3.1 – 17.09.2014 =

- Fixed: Column Grid Issue
- Updated: VisualComposer plugin
- Updated: LayerSlider plugin

= Version 3.0 – 13.08.2014 =

- NEW FEATURE: One Click Install
- NEW FEATURE: New Theme Style
- NEW FEATURE: VC block customization
- NEW FEATURE: Add page sections from VC plugin
- NEW FEATURE: New title style
- NEW FEATURE: Mega Menu Plugin
- Fixed: Blog category
- Fixed: Blog pagination
- Fixed: Image engine
- Updated: VisualComposer plugin
- Updated: LayerSlider plugin
- Updated: Easy Donation plugin
- Minor bug fixes

= Version 2.0 – 03.05.2014 =

- Updated: VisualComposer plugin
- Updated: LayerSlider plugin
- Updated: Easy Donation plugin
- Minor bug fixes

= Version 1.9 – 11.09.2013 =

- NEW FEATURE: Event Calendar
- NEW FEATURE: Large and small thumbnail for Cause single page
- NEW FEATURE: Options to Rewrite CPT slug
- NEW FEATURE: Footer one widget column
- NEW FEATURE: Post Thumbnail hover effect
- NEW FEATURE: Turn on/off excerpt for posts in Theme Options
- NEW FEATURE: Turn on/off post meta in Theme Options
- Fixed: Table style
- Fixed: Homepage content issue
- Fixed: Post thumbnail size issue
- Fixed: Portfolio hover effect
- Updated: Visual Composer
- Minor bug fixes

= Version 1.8 – 04.09.2013 =

- NEW FEATURE: WPML plugin compatible
- Fixed: Social icon issue
- Minor bug fixes

= Version 1.7 – 30.08.2013 =

- Fixed: Title for tag taxonomy
- Updated: Dummy Content
- Updated: Option Tree (admin panel)
- Updated: Visual Composer
- Updated: LayerSlider
- Minor bug fixes

= Version 1.6 – 03.08.2013 =

- WordPress 3.6 compatible
- NEW FEATURE: Child Theme Support
- NEW FEATURE: Add new 58 icons
- Fixed: Category title issue
- Fixed: Archive template
- Fixed: Sidebar title for category
- Fixed: Menu Installation
- Fixed: Page reload issue
- Updated: Font Awesome
- Updated: Dummy Content
- Updated: LayerSlider import file
- Updated: Visual Composer
- Updated: LayerSlider
- Updated: Documentation
- Updated: Installation process
- Minor bug fixes

= Version 1.5 – 12.04.2013 =

- NEW FEATURE: Added Page Sections!!!
- NEW FEATURE: Added additional cause shortcode
- Improved logo settings, new options for logo size and margin
- Improved support forum
- Fixed: Title issue
- Fixed: Sidebar issue
- Updated: Visual Composer
- Updated: LayerSlider
- Minor bug fixes

= Version 1.4 – 28.03.2013 =

- NEW FEATURE: Added Second Cause template style
- NEW FEATURE: Added Bootstrap 2.3.+
- NEW FEATURE: Added Font-Awesome 249 icons
- Improved Design
- Updated Visual Composer
- Updated Donation Plugin
- Fixed responsive menu issue
- Minor bug fixes.

= Version 1.3 – 20.03.2013 =

- NEW FEATURE: Added 3 new Header Layout styles
- NEW FEATURE: Added 3 new Button border styles
- NEW FEATURE: Added 3 new Image border styles
- NEW FEATURE: Header gradient option on/off
- Fixed donator list issue
- Added plugins in plugin folder for manual install

= Version 1.2 – 15.03.2013 =

- NEW FEATURE: Added Easy Donation Plugin
- Minor bug fixes.

= Version 1.1 – 10.03.2013 =

- Fixed Menu hover bug
- Fixed Theme Option issue
- Minor bug fixes.

= Version 1.0 – 15.01.2013 =

- Initial Release

Candidate is a unique and professionally done WordPress theme
that will be suitable for any nonprofit organization, such as
charity, political campaign, church etc.. It includes all the
needed tools such as Visual Content Composer, Visual Composer Form
Builder, Revolution Slider, powerful settings panel that will help
you to build a really good website.

Main Features:

What Our
Customers Say:

All Features:

  • NEW! Charity and Church skins;
  • Multipurpose theme;
  • Responsive and retina-ready layout;
  • Event Calendar;
  • Visual Composer;
  • Revolution Slider;
  • Visual Form Composer;
  • WooCommerce;
  • WPML-ready;
  • Boxed and Wide versions;
  • 3 variants of Homepage;
  • Sticky menu (header);
  • 3-level drop-down menu;
  • 2 different sliders: Revolution and Flex sliders;
  • Unlimited sidebars;
  • 2 Blog styles;
  • Shortcodes (columns, content boxes, tabs, toggles, accordion,
    buttons, quotes, table, alert boxes, tables, pricing tables, lists,
    forms etc);
  • Typography and Columns pages;
  • Touch enabled option for product carousels and sliders;
  • Universe Funder – WooCommerce Crowdfunding System;
  • Drop-down shopping cart;
  • Additional pages: About, 404 page, Contact us;
  • Product Cloud Zoom and lightbox (Jackbox) available;
  • Share icons on project and product pages;
  • 13 Gallery types;
  • 3 Portfolio post types;
  • 6 Blog post types;
  • 10 Custom widgets;
  • MailChimp subscription;
  • Facebook and Twitter widgets;
  • Iconic and google fonts;
  • 36 PSD files included;
  • Documentation;
IMPORTANT: We do not provide the support for 3rd party plugins and
modules. In this case you will have to purchase a personal license
on the plugin’s/module’s official website in order to get the help.


Clipart for the
preview was bought from

IMPORTANT: clipart is not included in the stock


1500+ trusted customers!

If you like our product, don’t forget to rate it Thank


April 23th, 2018 – Version 5.7

- Woocommerce files

March 22th, 2018 – Version 5.6

- Visual Composer 5.7

- small issues

January 22th, 2018 – Version 5.5

- Visual Composer 5.6
- Woocommerce 3.5.x

- Envato toolkit plugin with Envato Market

November 18th, 2018 – Version 5.4

- Visual Composer 5.5.5
- Woocommerce 3.5.1
- fixed small issues

- Visual Composer 5.5.4
- fixed small issues

- DHVC plugin
- fixed small issues

- DHVC plugin
- Visual Composer
- Woocommerce files 3.4

- new option for events
- fixed small issues

- DHVC plugin
- Woocommerce files 3.4
- fixed small issues

- Visual Composer plugin
- DHVC plugin
- Woocommerce files 3.x

- Header4
- fixed small issues

- Top header menu
- new small settings
- small issues

- VC plugin

new option for excerption post for the Latest News element
- the problem with blog element 
- JS for Checkout Page
- small issues
- Checkout Page

- DHVC plugin
- VC plugin
- Woocommerce templates
- mailchimp API
- Event page
- Checkout page

- DHVC plugin
- mailchimp API
- js for Event tickets
- small issues

- DHVC plugin
- small issues

- purchase varification and auto-updated
- small issues
- problem with import

- Woocommerce 3.1
- Revslider plugin
- Visual Composer

- NEW SKIN for Pet Rescue organizations
- small issues
- Header style
- Options

- small issues

- some plugins
- Woocommerce 3.0.4
- Woocommerce 3.0.3
- conflict between CiviCRM

- Visual Composer 5.1.1
- Revslider
- Woocommerce 3.0.1
- conflict between CiviCRM and Indeed Social Share & Locker
- condition for header counter

- instagram icon for Home Page block

- Visual Composer 5.1
- Revslider
- new google fonts
- small css issues
- output image on event page
- added compatability for CiviCRM plugin
- GoogleMap API Key field
- Job Manager Plugin compatability
- DHVC plugin;
- Revslider
- Visual Composer 5.0
- DHVC plugin;

- author, entry-title;
- radio buttons;
- some translations
- styles for Calendar PRO widget

- DHVC plugin;
- Portfolio element for VC

- woocommerce files;
- Revslider
- Home4 for Charity skin
- several new social icons

- email URL on the email icon;
- Church Theme

- DHVC plugin;
- Universe Funder plugin;

- small issues;
- DHVC plugin;
- Universe Funder plugin;
- Woocommerce files

- Shortcodes;
- Event calendar post style 1;
- DHVC plugin;
- Universe Funder plugin;
- VC plugin

- Yoast SEO header compatability;
- Event calendar compatability;
- small css issues;
- boxed version;
- latest tweets widget;
- some WPML strings
- DHVC plugin;
- Universe Funder plugin

- some text to po file;
- New Home page;
- Instagram feed;
- some fonts
- new VC element for Team Page

- small issues;
- header padding;
- VC compatability;
- style for Browser button for DHVC;
- issue on mobile device
- issue with php7
- DHVC plugin;
- Woocommerce files

- sidebar for category page;
- Show/Hide related articles;

- small issues
- Closed mailware hole
- VC plugin;
- DHVC forms plugin

- Color options for DHVC plugin
- VC plugin;
- DHVC forms plugin
- Woocommerce files

- Many small issues
- VC plugin;
- DHVC forms plugin
- WP4.4

- Many small issues
- some translations
- RTL version
- some VC elements

- new option Change form on header with search form
- VC plugin;
- DHVC forms plugin

- Many small issues
- some translations
- additional plugin for Event plugin
- VC plugin;
- universefunder plugin
- Indeed Social media plugin
- DHVC forms plugin
- Revslider

- Many small issues
- VC plugin;
- some issues;

- VC plugin;
- Woocommerce files
- DVHC form plugin;

September 05th, 2015 – Version 1.5

- Woocommerce files;
- Event calendar Pro;

- VC plugin;
- css issues;
- WPML strings;
- Event calendar Pro;

- VC plugin;
- Woocommerce files;
- indeed-social-media plugin;
- Revslider;
- DHVC forms;
- en_US.po and .mo files
- universefunder plugin
- new options;
- widgets;

- css issues;
- WPML strings;
- Event widget;

- VC plugin;
- Woocommerce files;
- indeed-social-media plugin;
- Revslider;
- DHVC forms;
- en_US.po and .mo files
- Indeed Social media Plugin;
- Switch on/off Back to Top button settings;
- Show Video thumbnails for the Homepage.

- css issues;
- WPML strings;
- Tags widget;
- Some vector icons;
- some color options;
- Single VC single image effect

- Universefunder plugin;
- Woocommerce files;
- TGM plugin;
- Some event calendar's files
- Default value for Donation.

- Universefunder plugin.
- some WPML strings;
- Switch on/off animation settings;
- Switch on/off loading settings;
- Switch on/off Author comments and data settings;
- Switch on/off Social Footer icons settings;
- Unlimited Portfolios;
- Added settings to the Team shortcode - Show Social Block, Show
Share Block;
- Switch on/off breadcrumbs settings.

- Related events;
- Audio shortcode. 

- Universefunder plugin;
- dhvc-form plugin.
- translation for Donate widget;

- Visual Composer plugin;
- new shortcodes for team;
- thank you text for the newsletter;

- Portfolio pages;
- new shortcodes for team;
- widget donation;
- detailed team page

- second Charity skin;
- new shortcodes for team;
- float header option;
- fixed events;
- post types;
- some translations;
- some styles.

- Universe Funder - WooCommerce Crowdfunding System.
- fixed checkout pages for Woocommerce 2.3.3;
- added new WPML strings;
- fixed send buttons;
- wrap all functions;
- fixed Logo style;
- fixed reading for the Homepage latest news;
- some styles.

- RTL version; 
- added color settings;
- added Success message for newsletter;
- added extra class for Homepage icon.

- VC;
- updated woocommerce files;
- revslider.
- fixed checkout for Woo 2.3.3.
- fixed header for big logo

- plugins

February 9th, 2015 – Version 1.0.1

- theme color settings

February 13th, 2015 – Version 1.0.2

Do you need a

A responsive nonprofit WordPress theme that has all it takes if
you are looking for a website that stands out from the crowd.

IMPORTANT: Support is offered exclusively in our not here
in the comments section. You’ll need an in order to be able to
submit a ticket. Please include the ThemeForest Item Purchase Code

Theme Highlights

& Retina Ready

This theme is optimized for a Responsive viewing experience.


Multiple Slider

We have built-in 3 different sliders for you to choose from. One
made by us from the ground up and the other two are premium sliders
included for free with this theme: Revolution Slider (save $19) and
Layer Slider (save $18).

1 Click Content

All our WordPress themes have this unique feature, built into
our framework, that auto-installs the demo content making the theme
look exactly like the one you see on our live preview.

Accept Donations

Want to accept donations on your website? The Give plugin will
empower your cause so you can start accepting donations today. The
Give plugin is included and will install with the theme.

Change colors
with ease

Modify the highlight colors with a single click. You can do that
directly from the WP admin, by using a simple color picker, and all
instances of that color will be changed across the site.

Built in Events

Keep your users up-to-date with all upcoming events by adding
them to the built-in calendar.

Built in Page

Besides the regular default blog pages, this theme comes with a
bunch of built in page layouts for you to use and the
visual drag & drop page builderwill enable you
to create countless more.

Google Fonts

Use a bunch of fonts from Google’s free collection, all
accessible within our theme. Because the fonts are stored on
Google’s servers, the displaying on your website will always be
fast and reliable.

Mega Menu

MegaMenu is a user-friendly, highly customizable responsive drop
down menu. Our implementation makes it easy to create highly
customized and creative mega menu configurations.



Unyson is the backbone of our themes, with lots of settings and
features that control the look and feel of the entire theme. We’ve
developed Unyson from the ground up with tons of customization
options and very easy to use.

Visual Page

Only drag & drop the design elements you want on the canvas
and create complex pages at a drop of a dime. It is as easy as it


A useful module when, for example, you want to add more than one
sidebar to a page, or different sidebars on different pages. This
brings yet another layer of customization freedom to your

Translation Ready

This theme is translation ready, we’ve done extensive testing
and made it compatible with WPML. Using this plugin lets you
translate everything: pages, posts, menus, taxonomies, etc.

Contact Form Module

The theme comes with a contact form module that will enable you
to create any contact form you might want or need. All this only a
couple of clicks away.

SEO Options, Built-in!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital for any website that
wants to have as many visitors as possible, so Unyson comes with a
great SEO module that offers you complete control!

Automatic Backups

It takes a couple of seconds to set your backup schedule within
our theme and then all the backups happen automatically. No
headaches in case of a crash! You’ll also save around $34 in the
process since most of the premium backup plugins are not free.

Full list of

  • Child theme website – you customize your websites within the
    child theme
  • Visual Page Builder – easily create complex pages using the
    drag & drop option
  • Retina ready – optimized for Hi-Res retina displays
  • Fully responsive – works great on mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Demo content install – websites are installed with one click
    and you can preview them through Live Demo
  • Multiple Sliders included: Layers Slider, Slider Revolution and
    custom-build slider
  • Color schemes: with the 5 color palette option you can perform
    specific color changes as easy as it sounds
  • Build on Unyson framework
  • Various shortcodes included:
    • Columns
    • Sections
    • Accordion
    • Button
    • Calendar
    • Contact form
    • Countdown
    • Divider
    • Icon
    • Icon box
    • Image box
    • Latest posts
    • List
    • Map
    • Portfolio
    • Quote
    • RAW code
    • Space
    • Special heading
    • Table
    • Tabs
    • Team member
    • Testimonials
    • Text blocks
    • Widget area
    • Gallery
    • Image
    • Revolution slider
    • Slider
    • Slidershow
    • Video
  • Mega menu – design creative drop-down menus in seconds
  • Woo-Commerce ready – WooCommerce plugin is perfectly integrated
    so you can start selling your products today
  • Events – you can display upcoming events with the
  • Translation ready – supports translation plugins like WPML
  • SEO ready – contains custom built SEO extension
  • Typography and over 700 Google fonts included
  • Contact form builder – simply drag & drop and create any
    contact form you need
  • Portfolio – display your portfolio in 2,3 or 4 columns and add
    specific icons to each category
  • Parallax effect available for sections
  • Headers – choose between 4 header types, including sticky
  • Customizable footer, with social icon and widget area
  • Social icon options available in both footer and header
  • Animations – now you can easily impress your visitors by adding
  • Multiple layouts – select one of the built in page layouts or
    create your own with with drag & drop visual builder
  • Back Up Module – secure your website with scheduled automatic
  • Custom Google Maps – easily add Google Maps, with multiple pins
    and various style you can choose from .
  • Buddy Press ready – run any kind of social network on your
  • BBPress ready – create online forums within seconds
  • Donations ready – includes The Give plugin to start accepting
    donations today.
  • Premium support 24/7 – dedicated and professional customer
    support via Help-Desk and detailed support documentation

TownPressis an ideal WordPress theme for small
towns or villages

It is tailored to suit all the basic needs of a modern
municipality. TownPress offers a lot of very
niche-specific features like
local weatherwidget, listing
directory, upcoming
events, town
forums(via bbPress plugin) and more. A great theme
for your
city or town portal!

TownPress is
ready to be translatedto your language (with
support for
RTLlanguages) and it is optimized for the new
WordPress block editor (Gutenberg).

Need Assistance?

Packed with Municipality-specific Features

A good municipality keeps it’s people, stakeholders, employees
and members of the public well informed.

Display a directory of businesses in your municipality with
important contact details and opening hours.

Versatile system that can organise town events with support for
precise location, date, time and recurrence.

You can provide access to both local attachments that are
uploaded into your WordPress installation and external links.

Display professional profiles of elected officials, service
people and employees in a simple yet elegant manner.

Show stunning photo galleries of your town’s most important
assets, points of interest and architecture.

A handy way to display important information messages without
bloating the main news feed.

Admin Screens

Click on each image for the full view.

Other Notable Features

  • Gutenberg compatible
  • Clean code– easily customizable via a child
  • Modular post types– you can disable post types you
    don’t need
  • Support for
    bbPress plugin
  • Mobile-friendlydesign
  • Demo contentincluded
  • Child themeincluded
  • Custom
    color schemes
  • Translation filesincluded
  • RTLsupport
  • Slovak translation included

Images seen in live preview (demo) are NOT

Can’t Decide Between the
and the

When it comes to list of features, both themes are almost the
Both are bundled with essential LSVR pluginsfor
events, directory listings, documents, galleries, person directory
and notices. The backend of both themes is almost indistinguishable
from each other. Same applies to the code quality. Even though the
TownPress was released two years before Pressville (so you may
think it is a bit dated), the TownPress 2.0 update was released in
January 2018. This major update was basically a
complete rework of the themefrom the scratch. The
biggest difference between the two, and the one on which you should
probably make the decision, is the design.

is a great choice if you have many high quality
photos of your municipality or some nice stock photos in general.
It is ideal for bigger municipalities which want their site to be
focused more on showcasing the city towards potential tourists or
visitors. There is a lot of space between all the page elements so
everything stands out on its own and nothing is cluttered, which
creates a more modern look.

On the other hand, the
is a great theme for municipal sites aimed mainly
at providing as much information as possible for their residents.
You can use two sidebars at once and there is a higher text
density, so you can display a lot of information without making
your pages too long to scroll. This is more traditional approach to
a municipality theme, especially great for smaller municipalities,
which do not necessary have a lot of high quality photos suitable
for the web.

The good thing to keep in mind is that the
transition between both themes is rather easy. All
your core content like news posts, events, documents, notices,
directory listings and galleries you’ve created in one theme will
be available in the other one as well (in case you decide to switch
from one to another in the future).

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

I truly believe that both the
and the
are the best municipal WordPress themes. But even
the best theme may not always fit your project. So I am offering a
30 days money back guarantee for both themes. If
you are not satisfied with your purchase, just and I will issue you
a refund. Please note that this is not an Envato offer, feel free
to me for more info.

Customer Reviews

Great, great, great! I love it!

The author of the theme seems very responsive to customer
questions and feedback.

Besides the clear manual, awesome design and simple setup you
give great support, fast reply on questions and personal attention
when needed. Don’t have to think twice to score another template
from you.

beautiful template for cities, clean design, simple setup in
administration, valid HTML5 code, overall excellent work, thank

If I could select numerous reasons I would. Support – TOP
quality Theme – Best by far on Themeforest.


v2.4.4 – 4 April 2019

Added an option to limit the number of document post attachments
displayed on the default document archive page. Use the Attachments
Per Post option under Appearance / Customize / Documents.
LSVR Featured Event widget should now display only upcoming events.
Removed "Gutenberg Is Disabled" option from Appearance / Customize
/ Misc. The theme should now automatically work correctly whether
you are using the Gutenberg editor or not.
Updated LSVR Framework to 1.4.2
Updated LSVR Events to 1.5.5
Updated LSVR Documents to 1.4.2
Updated LSVR Elements to 1.2.3
Updated WPBakery Page Builder plugin to 5.7
Updated documentation
Various small fixes

Complete changelog can be found .

  • Updated and Improved
  • Easily customized promo image
  • Animation and Lightbox can be easily disabled
  • Page loader with custom colors and background
  • Unlimited page layouts – powerful admin options and user
    friendly page builder.
  • Different page layouts for Issues, Gallery, Album, 404…
  • Slider Revolution included
  • WooCommerce Ready – equiped wih custom labels
  • The Events Calendar Ready – equiped with countdown
  • Seamless Donations Ready
  • The Newsletter Ready
  • One click demo install
  • PSD files included
  • Unlimited colors
  • 600+ Google fonts

Real Churchis the most powerful church WordPress
theme. It has full functional that church theme must have. Sermon
post type which supports video, audio, attachment and also PDF.
Event post type which you can put the start date/time, end
date/time and you can also put google map in the post. Pastor post
type which allow you to feature church’s pastors. Also you still
have traditional blog post and portfolio post to feature your
works/product so you can also use the theme as other purpose too.

Localization Supported(We already prepare .pot
file, you just need to translate it to .mo files)

SEOWe reconstructed about how to use title. We use
heading tag(H1,H2,H3,?) for title which is good practice for search
engine site. Main contents are moved above sidebars(including both
sidebar layout), now search engine will easily fine your main
contents first. Also, ‘alt’ tag for images is supported. This is
also help search engine to analyst your site easily.

Setting Up as
Demo Site

Theme Features

  • .pot file for localization available
  • SEO Optimized
  • Retina Ready
  • Compatible with Woo Commerce
  • Live Color Changer
  • Responsive
  • Unlimited Color
  • Unlimited Sidebar
  • 6 Footer Layouts
  • 3 Blog styles(With Left, Right, Both and None sidebar for
  • 450+ Fonts Available
  • Drag Drop Page Builder
  • Drag Drop Slider Manager
  • Built-in Translator
  • Built-in Shortcodes
  • Font Uploader
  • Logo Uploader
  • Slider
    • Flex Slider
    • Nivo Slider
    • Anything Slider
  • Thumbnail Options
    • Static Image
    • Slider
    • Video
  • 7 Custom Post Types
    • Event
    • Sermon
    • Gallery
    • Portfolio
    • Testimonial
    • Price
    • Pastor
  • Price Table
  • Social Share for Posts
  • Social Link on Header
  • Video Tutorial for Setting Up as Demo Site

Assets Used

All images
in preview site are purchased at

Need Support?

First of
all, Thanks so much for purchased our items We?re really
appreciated it and hope you enjoy it! If you need support, all
support will be conducted through this website > . We usually
get back to you within 14hours. (except holiday seasons which might
take longer).

Update List

==v1.10== 26/07/2018
fix shortcode spacing

update comments form to support privacy policy
    - comments.php 

fix https video resize
    - javascript/jquery.fitvids.js

fix woocommerce sidebar
    - include/function-regist.php

php 7 compatibility 
    - functions.php
    - include/plugin/custom-widget folder

add no cookie option for youtube videos
add websafe font and improve font uploading feature
    - include/style-custom.php
    - include/goodlayers-option.php
    - include/javascript/gdl-panel.js
    - include/plugin/misc.php
    - include/plugin/font-loader.php

==v1.07== 21/12/2015
fix shortcode
    - include/plugin/shortcode-generator.php

wp 4.4 compatibility
    - include/plugin/blog-item.php
    - include/plugin/custom-widget folder

==v1.06== 08/06/2015
- remove flush_rewrite_rule

- xxs

==v1.05== 26/08/2013
- fix the nivo in ipad

- add the personnel category gettext

- fix default archive background

- remove date link from under slider sermon

- fix the retina search icon

- Improve stability / Plugin compatible

- fix fancybox to fix video issues
    images/fancybox folder

- fix duplicate contact form mail ( on some server )

- remove preload in non-responsive
==v1.04== 19/07/2013
- fix the nivo in ipad

- fix default archive background

- remove date link from under slider sermon

- fix the retina search icon

==v1.03== 21/06/2013
- fixed audio player , Nivo slider on tablet and mobile

==v1.02== 16/06/2013
- fix the title in category page

- fix filosofo warning message

- fix port nav with wpml

- fix twitter


==v1.01== 29/05/2013
- fix the single header background

- fix the top nav responsive

- fix under slider sermon date

- fix blog medium date

- fix error messages

- add script to sermon widget / fix the widget date

- change date function to support translation / fix the upcomming
event category when translated the theme

- fix the responsive style

==v1.00== 06/04/2013
* initial released 

is ideal for charity organizations. It’s focused on raising
funds for your charity and alerting visitors to important issues
happening in the world.

What buyers are

“I was able to quickly install and configure this theme to
assist friends in dire need.”


“Love it! Great job on another great theme!”


“This is fantastic!”


“Just purchased your theme! Looks real nice and goes straight
to the point, nice job!”


“Amazing theme! I’m finding it incredibly easy to work with…”


“Great theme – very flexible!”




“Have used this theme for a while and any problems I have is
sorted straight away. Excellent service.”



  • NEW!Responsive (optional)
  • NEW!Updated design
  • NEW!Retina support
  • NEW!Font awesome icon support
  • NEW!Translation ready (.POT file included)
  • NEW!Theme options via WP Theme Customizer
  • Easy layout controller.
  • Valid HTML5 markup
  • Donations ticker and call-to-action
  • Alert box for emergencies.
    • NEW!Control cookie expiration time
  • Unlimited color options
  • Customized parallax slider
  • Easy logo customization
  • WordPress menu support
  • Full width page template included
  • Easy thumbnail images with built-in WordPress system
  • Focus on sponsors with slider in the footer.
  • Advanced jQuery animations and effects
  • Promote your social network with 70+ icons!
  • FREEupdates


v2.0.5 - March 2017
* Improved legibility of content and text
* Fixed theme check errors and warnings
* Fixed HTML validator errors and warnings

v2.0.4 - Jun 2015
* Added: ZoomBox lightbox plugin zip file to files folder
* Removed: prettyPhoto lightbox plugin due to vulnerability.

v2.0.3 - May 2015
* Added support for WP 4.2 sidebar requirements.
* Improved Customizer markup.

v2.0.2 - Mar 2015
* Optimized code.
* Added support for WP 4.1 features/requirements.

v2.0.1 - Mar 2014
* Fixed Custom CSS theme option bug.

v2.0.0 - Nov 2013
* Updated design
* Added RESPONSIVE support (optional)
* Added retina support
* Added post title to slider
* Added excerpt to post listings
* Added font awesome icon support
* Added “donate now” button for widgets
* Added custom slider background pattern option
* Added logo PSD (regular and double-size for retina)
* Improved performance on mobile devices
* Improved loading times
* Improved slider navigation
* Improved menu drop down performance
* Optimized theme customizer settings

v1.4.1 - Nov 2013
* Fixed loading animation bug in Chrome.

v1.4.0 - Sept 2013 
* Updated: theme options now controlled via the WordPress theme
customizer (removed OptionTree).
* Improved: general code improvements.

v1.3.0 - Feb 2013
* Added: localization support.

v1.2.3 - Feb 2013
* Updated: theme options panel.

v1.2.2 - Nov 2012
* Added: cookie expiration time for alert box.

v1.2.1 - Nov 2012
* Updated: theme options panel appearance and updated/added support

v1.2.0 - Aug 2012
* Added: Built-in theme options. Plugin no longer required.
* Improved: General code improvements/optimizations.

v1.1.0 - May 2011
* Added: Two-column page template.
* Added: Two-column site-wide theme option.
Latest Release…

Words can’t express how satisfied I am not just with this
theme, but the support… Looks exactly like a professional movie
site should. My production has a very high standard and it was
crucial the website reflected that standard. Thank you Chris!!!

– samgosper

Video: Theme Installation and Demo Import

Splash – WordPress Sports Theme for Football, Soccer, Basketball
and Baseball Clubs

Splash has been designed for pro, amateur
and community football, soccer, basketball and baseball leagues and
clubs. This robust, powerful and flexible sports theme comes with
all the bells and whistles you need to present your league, club
and player achievements and news in style. At StylemixThemes, we
conduct an industry “deep dive” before building our themes, so we
fully understand each and every feature that is required. Splash is
no exception. Splash features team and player management so you can
display detailed profiles with images and descriptions, fixtures
lists for upcoming games and past results, and league statistics
and a competition ladder. Download today !

Why Splash

With audio and video embeds, you can show off your
team’s victories and proudest moments in a high-quality video, and
embed audio commentary, interviews, news and updates. Splash is
fully compatible with SportsPress, the #1 WordPress plugin for
sports clubs. This all-in-one sports data plugin allows you to
manage and display fixtures, results, and automate league standings
and player rankings so that your fans always have the latest
statistics on hand. Splash is also fully compatible with
WooCommerce, taking all the hassle out of setting up your online
store. Your fans and followers will be well-equipped with team
merchandise and ready to support your club at every opportunity!

Built with support for the WPBakery Page Builder plugin, Splash
is exceptionally agile, with both back and front-end editing. With
a responsive layout built on Bootstrap and additional compatibility
with the WordPress Customizer, Splash is quick and easy to
customize so you can design a sports website that reflects the
spirit, personality, and vigor of your team or league. Get today

Key Features:

  • 5 Demos – football, soccer, basketball, baseball, sport
  • Fully compatible with SportsPress
  • Fully compatible with WooCommerce
  • Fully compatible with MailChimp
  • Fully compatible with Contact Form 7
  • Bundled with WPBakery Page Builder
  • Bundled with Revolution Slider
  • Team and player management
  • Upcoming fixtures list
  • League stats and competition ladder
  • Player stats
  • Audio and video embeds
  • Animated countdown clock
  • Highlight home team
  • Automate head-to-head tiebreakers
  • Auto-calculate and sort by any column
  • Build custom equations
  • Fundraising module
  • Instagram widget
  • Breaking news ticker
  • 25+ custom shortcodes
  • Timeline posts
  • Translation ready
  • Advanced customization with live WordPress Customizer
  • Responsive design built on Bootstrap
  • Unlimited colors
  • 800+ Google Fonts
  • Parallax and Video Background
  • Custom sidebars and widgets
  • Comprehensive documentation and tutorial videos
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Built With Sass
  • Built With Bootstrap
  • 24/7 expert support
  • Regular updates
  • FontAwesome icons

We Recommend Professional WordPress Maintenance & Customization

Please do not hesitate to contact us on ThemeForest. If you face
problems with this template, just send us an email. We can also
customize this template for an extra charge.

Important: Please be sure you check out the demo and ask
all the questions to know about the theme features before purchase
(you can use the comment board or Forum: – for all presale
questions). Purchases done by mistake or for features that don’t
exist cannot be refunded.

Please note some photos & images are not included in the Demo
Import because of license restrictions