Version 1.6 overview

Introduced a completely new Fluxus Lightbox.

  • Upgraded mobile UI to support full set of actions: pinch,
    horizontal pan, vertical pan, tap, double tap.
  • Added support for zooming on mobile.
  • After showing an image, a higher resulution image will be
    loaded in background and then displayed when ready. This results in
    much better quality on high-resolution screens.
  • Rearranged controls so they are more intuitive. Close button is
    now in top right corner – a more common space.
  • Updated opening animation with smooth transition.
  • Modern click-anywhere navigation with clever indicator.
  • If user is idle for 8s then all controls will fade out.
  • Loading indicator will be shown only if loading takes longer
    than 800ms.

Version 1.5 overview

Key new features of Full Page Slider:

  • YouTube, Vimeo and self-hosted video support.
  • New user-friendly admin UI.
  • Content positioning is much smarter. Closest corner is used
    when calculating position, this results in more accurate
    positioning on different screens.
  • Content box width can be customised using admin UI.
  • WYSIWYG editor that allows basic formatting for content.
  • Better performance, smooth experience on mobile and improved
    visual details.

Page with Background template replaced by Full Page
Page with Background template was removed because
same visual style can be achieved by creating Full Page Slider
using single slide. Plus you get various customisation options
available in Full Page Slider.

Notes before updating to version 1.5

After installing 1.5 you must visit admin area. A background
script will kick in and migrate your data to a new format. Then you
please check all your pages that use Full Page Slider and Page with
Background templates. I have tested the migration script many
times, however there is a chance that you will need to adjust
settings to achieve the desired look. Hope you will enjoy the new
Full Page Slider.

Full Changelog

Version 1.6.1 – January 16, 2019

Fixed: Full Page Slider is now working with WordPress 5+.

Fixed: Various translation and content sanitization issues. Updated
translation strings in .pot file.

Fixed: Removes hard-coded <title> tag as per WordPress

Version 1.6 – September 27, 2018

Upgrade note.The update introduces few changes to
image sizes. This requires you to regenerate your images. Update
your theme and use ‘Regenerate Thumbnails’ plugin to automatically
resize your images to newly introduced sizes.

Improved: Completely new Fluxus Lightbox!

Improved: Clicking outside Burger menu will close it.

Improved: Slight improvements to Horizontal Portfolio UI when
viewed on mobile.

Added: Child Theme.

Fixed: Portrait oriented image quality.

Fixed: Issue that prevented scrolling of project page on mobile
after closing Lightbox.

Fixed: Lazy loading of project image in vertical layout.

Fixed: user.css would not be included when customize.css file is

Version 1.5.1 – March 15, 2018

Fixed: Demo data XML.

Fixed: Older versions of PHP would throw error due to unsupported

Fixed: Button in Full Page Slider slide with embedded video would
show up at all times.

Fixed: fluxus-customize.css would result in 404 if accent color was
never changed.

Fixed: In some cases videos were not muted in Full Page Slider.

Improved: Added WP Admin bar support.

Version 1.5 – March 11, 2018

New: Reworked Full Page Slider.

Changed: Page with Background replaced with Full Page Slider since
visually they are no longer different.

Improved: Fluxus will fill whole iPhone X screen.

Improved: Minor design details on various pages: buttons, lightbox,
contacts page, footer.

Improved: Removed jquery.transit library for performance. All
transitions are now CSS based.

Fixed: Customizer issue when using HTTPS sometimes it would not

Version 1.4.8 – December 7, 2017

Improved: Entypo icon set updated with latest version.
  Some icon codes may have changed, please check if you use any.

Improved: Fluxus Lightbox icons were updated. Close icon moved to
more natural position.
  Lightbox will allow "click anywhere" navigation when viewing

Improved: Icon font packer changed from Fontello to Icomoon, which
is superior.

Improved: Links in Text Widget now look the same as in other

Imporved: Uses normalize.css to unify browser CSS.

Improved: Updated Instagram social icon color to match new brand

Improved: Adds href attribute support to [service href='your-url']
  Service shortcode outputs alt="" attribute for better SEO and

Improved: Removes map custom drop icon, instead standard icon by
Google Maps will be used.

Improved: Gallery shortcode now links to resized images instead of
  This will prevent cases when 5MB images are slowly loaded where
1MB would be more than enough.

Fixed: Compatability issues related to WordPress 4.9.1. Full Page
Slider, Customizer and Theme Options works withuot any errors.

Fixed: Child themes no longer cause CSS issues due to load order.

Fixed: sortable is not a function error in latest WordPress.

Fixed: Custom size images inserted in content will now respect
width attribute.

Fixed: Removed CSS references to no longer used images.

Fixed: Accordion styling issue when used in contacts page on dark

Fixed: Gallery shortcode layout when 2 columns are selected.

Version 1.4.7 – March 25, 2017

Improved: Gallery style, zoom-in effect is more reactive. Jetpack
users can disable Fluxus gallery by adding following code to their
user.php file:
  remove_filter( 'post_gallery', 'fluxus_shortcode_gallery', 2 );
  This will enable Jetpack's Gallery and Carousel. Fluxus will
still provide styling rules to make sure Jetpack's gallery looks

Fixed: Horizontal scrolling user experience on Windows computers.
Sticky scrolling had to be removed because of poor performance on
Windows. Fluxus now binds mouse wheel to perform horizontal
scrolling without sticking to projects / photos. This ensures
quality UX on all platforms.

Fixed: When PHP notices were on, Appearance > Customize page
would display a notice message.

Fixed: When opening Lightbox content in the background no longer

Version 1.4.6 – January 20, 2017

Improved: Horizontal pages will become vertical when viewed on iPad
in portrait mode (768px width or smaller).

Improved: In Full Page Slider and Page With Background you can now
select new modes of image cropping: "Fit Horizontally" will prevent
sides from being cropped. "Fit Vertically" will prevent top and
bottom parts from being cropped. "Fit" will prevent cropping.

Improved: Vertically overscrolling horizontal pages on iPad will
not overlap footer.

Fixed: Compatibility issue with WP 4.7. It was impacting only
servers that display PHP depreciation warnings.

Fixed: Footer overlapping issues on iPad when changing orientation.

Fixed: Logo will not be displayed if only retina version was

Fixed: Logo preview in Appearance > Customize would not work if
logo was uploaded in Fluxus versions prior 1.4

Fixed: Layout in "Like this project?" section on mobile devices.

Fixed: Lazy loading on mobile devices.

Version 1.4.5 – April 3, 2016

Fixed: User is now able to scroll horizontally using Trackpad.

Fixed: Ad blocking extensions will no longer break Fluxus.

Fixed: Accent color setting will take effect in the secondary (top
right) menu.

Improved: Mouse wheel / Trackpad vertical scrolling is now much

Improved: SEO improvements — site title is now H2 instead of H1.
Adds ALT attribute on logo with contents set to site title.

Improved: Large images in Flexible Grid Portfolio will not look

Version 1.4.4 – March 14, 2016

Fixed: Full Page Slider on iPad.

Fixed: Password protected posts will no longer return 404 when
'Hide Password Protected' posts option is selected in Theme

Fixed: Lists all projects when filtered by Project Type. Previously
they were limited by 'Blog pages show at most' value in Reading

Fixed: Mouse wheel scrolling now works on horizontal portfolio

Fixed: Mobile menu will not appear if there are no menu items.

Improved: Lazy loading project images will set their alt tag to
image caption.

Improved: Horizontal pages won't over-scroll on Chrome / Safari.

Improved: Slows down Full Page Slider animation when initiated by
touch swipe.

Improved: Slows down Full Page Slider animation when initiated by
touch swipe.

Improved: Updated slider easing function, which results in a
smoother animation when switching images.

Version 1.4.3 – December 6, 2015

Fixed: Share widget, which stopped working after Twitter API
changes. Twitter counter was removed because it is no longer
possible to retrieve tweet count. Whole counter section is now
hidden by default. It can be re-enabled in the Theme Options >

Fixed: Share widget was overlapping content in Horizontal Grid
Portfolio layout when viewed on mobile devices.

Fixed: StumbleUpon and LinkedIn share buttons won't appear in the
footer if they have been previously shown in the "Share This
Project" section.

Improved: Content scrolling using mouse wheel or trackpad.

Fixed: Magic Mouse super-sensitive scrolling on Horizontal
Portfolio / Horizontal Grid Portfolio.

Fixed: Highlighting colors would appear when quickly changing
images in Lightbox (or double clicking anywhere).

Version 1.4.2 – November 4, 2015

Fixed: Various iPad issues due to recent iOS updates: main menu,

Fixed: Accent color won't have effect on active sub-menu items. To
make this fix work go to Appearance > Customize and re-save your
accent color.

Improved: Contact page has better responsiveness, prevents content
from getting cropped.

Improved: Uses 2 times larger images in Vertical Blog to prevent

Version 1.4.1 – March 24, 2015

Upgrade note.The update introduces few changes to
image sizes. This requires you to regenerate your images. Update
your theme and use ‘Regenerate Thumbnails’ plugin to automatically
resize your images to newly introduced sizes.

Improved: Increased image size on Horizontal Blog to prevent
pixelation when viewed on mobile devices.

Improved: Horizontal Portfolio no longer has 'View Work' button.
Instead all image is clickable. There is an option under Appearance
> Theme Options to bring back the previous behavior.

Improved: Other projects will use smaller images for thumbnails to
improve performance.

Fixed: When clicked on the image in Lightbox to go to next image it
would go to previous image instead.

Fixed: Project videos playback in Lightbox.

Fixed: JS errors in admin area when trying to configure Page with

Fixed: Gallery shortcode will work with images that are smaller
than 500x500.

Version 1.4 – February 22, 2015

Added: Completely new mobile menu with support for child page
navigation and custom background image.

Added: Grid Portfolio supports cropping point selection for each
individual image.

Improved: Retina support in Grid Portfolio, Vertical and Horizontal

Improved: HTTPS support by loading external resources over HTTPS by

Improved: Lightbox will show loading message only if it takes
longer than 1 second.

 shortcode will prevent Lightbox
from appearing when clicked on an image.

Improved: Few JS and PHP code changes to increase performance.

Fixed: Footer overlapping issue on Grid Portfolio page when viewed
on mobile devices.

Fixed: alt attribute missing for featured post images.

Fixed: styling issues caused by WP Admin Bar (it is still disabled
by default).

Version 1.3.3 – September 15, 2014

Fixed: Warning message when using WordPress 4.0.

Fixed: Project ordering on Wordpres 4.0 now works.

Fixed: Project ordering issues on Project Type pages when using
Wordpress 3+.

Fixed: Footer would overlap images on grid portfolio in specific

Version 1.3.2 – May 19, 2014

Fixed: "Not Found" issue when sharing page via Facebook share.

Fixed: Favicon now can be added via Appearance > Customize.

Fixed: Accent colour now takes effect in Other Project section.

Improved: Lightbox changes cursor into right and left arrows
depending on the action that would happen if a user click on the

Version 1.3.1 – May 5, 2014

Fixed: Permalinks issue that resulted in "Not Found" errors when
accessing projects.

Fixed: Display issue when a grid has only few items.

Version 1.3 – May 5, 2014

Notable change: css/user.css file moved to user.css so that the
file can be edited via Appearance > Editor.

Added: Vertical grid layout with support for different image sizes
and fixed aspect ratios.

Added: Multiple language support using WPML plugin.

Added: Accent color can be changed via Appearance > Customize.

Added: Facebook Share button to social sharing button list.

Improved: Every graphic asset is available in high resolution and
look sharp on high-definition (Retina) devices.

Improved: Images in Lightbox can be navigated by clicking anywhere
on the right or left sides (to to to next and previous accordingly.

Fixed: iPad mini scrolling issue.

Fixed: Comment styling issues when using JetPack plugin.

Fixes: Lightbox scaling issue.

Fixed: Project order issues when filtered by project type.

Fixed: Contact form issues, when placed inside a scrollable

Fixed: Videos in blog posts no longer lose aspect ratio when

Fixed: Website title is no longer repeated twice when using SEO
optimization plugins.

Fixed: Vertical blog page no longer crops images that exceed 328px
in height.

List of older updates since initial release.

Improved: Mouse wheel navigation on project pages.

Improved: Social icons so they share same style and size.

Improved: Various dark skin style improvements.

Improved: Thumbnail quality on vertical blog page.

Improved: Scroll bars on contacts page and page with background
scrollable by dragging.

Improved: Allow new line in project's custom info content.

Improved: Full Page Slider fades in on page load.

Improved: Other projects design.

Improved: Pinterest sharing now allows to pin multiple images from
a page.

Improved: Performance improvements.

Added: Ability to toggle comments for pages and posts using Screen
Options > Discussion > Allow comments option.

Added: YouTube, Behance and 500px social icons.

Added: Project type description is displayed in the sidebar.

Added: Category description is displayed on category archive page.

Added: Click to navigate option for project images. Clicking on
project image will scroll to the next one.

Added: Ability to disable lightbox on project pages.

Added: Option to hide featured image on single post page.

Added: Skype icon can be included in the footer via Theme Options.

Added: Basic support for IE8.

Added: Theme option to show Full Page Slider navigation on all
times rather than on hover.

Added: Image upscale setting in Theme Options.

Added: Vertical layout for blog posts.

Added: Different slider animations.

Added: Ability to use grid or horizontal portfolio layout to
display different project types.

Added: Lazy loading for project images.

Added: Other projects section now can show projects that belong to
a specific project type.

Added: Theme options that allows to disable "Other Projects" and
"Like this project?" sections.

Added: Possibility not to show featured image inside project page.

Added: Video support in portfolio.

Added: Multiple portfolios using hierarchical Project Types.

Added: New project media admin interface.

Added: Project image descriptions.

Added: Automatic slideshow.

Added: Full Page Slider fit image scaling option.

Added: Container scrollbars in Page with Background and Contacts

Added: Google Plus social network.

Added: Typography improvements in Project page.

Added: Site description option (note that if you use any kind of
SEO plugin, you should disable Fluxus meta tags in Theme Options).

Added: Grid Portfolio can be used for displaying projects filtered
by Project Type.

Added: Instagram Social Icon.

Fixed: iPad with iOS 7 no longer auto scrolls to the top on pages
with vertical scroll bar.

Fixed: Project media items in admin section now works with older
(3.5+) WordPress versions.

Fixed: Pinterest social icon.

Fixed: iOS7 Safari bug that used to allow vertical scrolling on
horizontal pages.

Fixed: Strict standards error in wp_nav_menu.

Fixed: IE9 issues with portfolio page.

Fixed: Page not found error on password protected projects when
"Hide password protected projects" option is active.

Fixed: Facebook Like button no longer should get cut off.

Fixed: Pinterest is now able to find images on Grid Portfolio.

Fixed: "Like This Project?" section not working on screens with
small height.

Fixed: Project media order issues. Order is now saved after
clicking "Update".

Fixed: iPad crashing when viewing large galleries.

Fixed: iPad sizing issues when changing orientation, featured
images on horizontal portfolio are now clickable.

Fixed: Few other tiny fixes (shortcodes, sidebar visual issues,
performance improvements)

Fixed: iPad sidebar text is no longer cut off.

Fixed: Pinterest is now able to find images to pin on Full Page

Fixed: Google Plus overlapping text "Recommend this on Google"

Fixed: Link color in image captions on dark skin.

Fixed: Issues uploading image files on WordPress Admin, when image
sizes cannot be determinated.

Fixed: Error due to missing user.php file.

Fixed: Project ordering now works on Project Type pages as well.

Fixed: Unnecessary padding removed from sidebar making it a bit

Fixed: Active item highlighting issues.

Fixed: Issue uploading .ico files to be used as favicon.

Fixed: Text alignment issue on pages with featured images.

Fixed: Open project external link in a new tab.

Added: Project images will use attachment title as an alt text. If
description is present, then it will be used instead.

Fixed: Navigation using arrows.

Fixed: Mouse wheel in project sidebar does no longer scroll main

Fixed: Videos in projects will upscale until to a maximum width
which fits in browser window.

Fixed: Dark skin scrollbar and alignment issues.

Fixed: Vertical blog displaying issues on Safari (iOS version was
affected as well).

Fixed: Images no longer upscale when screen size is bigger than the

Fixed: Header overlapping issues caused when some servers were not
able to determinate logo image size.

Fixed: Facebook and G+ sharing thumbnails.

Fixed: Grid portfolio navigation with arrows makes sure no image is
cut by the end of the screen.

Fixed: Lightbox resizing issues.

Fixed: iPad issue displaying portfolio in portrait mode.

Fixed: Issue that prevented from sorting / deleting project media
on specific server configurations.

Fixed: Issue of images disappearing on Horizontal portfolio.

Fixed: Arrow navigation now puts images and videos in the center of
the screen.

Fixed: Contact From style when using dark skin.

Fixed: Mobile issues with Video in Projects.

Fixed: Pinterest on project pages will pin project featured image.

Fixed: Full Page Slider arrow now goes to the right direction.

Fixed: Google Plus Sharing.

Fixed: Slide without title and description showing white stripe.

Fixed: Dark theme improvements.

Fixed: Full Page Slider improvements.

Fixed: Images in portfolio become disorted when screen is bigger
than the image itself.

Fixed: Image attachment navigation buttons.

Fixed: Blog date does not fit in one line in some cases.

Fixed: Images in widgets does not automatically scale.

Fixed: Share functionality now gets disabled if there are now
sharing networks chosen.

Fixed: HTML tags allowed in Copyright info.

Fixed: Logo issue on Safari and Chrome.

Fixed: Big logos no longer overlap content area.

Fixed: Project info section mouse wheel fix.

Fixed: Send Message button works even if Google Maps API key was
not added.

Fixed: Contact form pop up now fits perfectly on iPhone.

Fixed: Switching skins in Theme Options now works.

Fixed: Quote Post Format issue.

Fixed: Issue with Lightbox, when Share buttons get overlaid on top.

Fixed: Resizing issue with Lightbox.

Changed: Image upscale option now takes an effect for videos as
well. If disabled, then project videos will not exceed their
dimensions provided in the embed code.

Changed: Project Types are no longer hard coded in the sidebar.
They are available as a widget and can be easily added or omitted.

Changed: Lightbox no longer slides in from the top, but rather
fades in and looks cooler.

Changed: Date format in blog is shown according to the one
specified in WordPress settings. Use "M j" setting for the best

Responsive premium WordPress theme

Thank you for choosing
CosmoThemes and purchasing one of our Premium WordPress Themes –
your choice is greatly appreciated!

Tripod is a responsive drag-and-drop layout builder WordPress
theme intended to power professional photographers blogs or sites
coming with complex image gallery options.

Drag and
drop template builder

You can use the template builder to
display any content type you wish on any page: category posts,
tags, banners, team groups, testimonials, latest or featured post,
widgets, even individual posts.

For each added element you can choose how to display your
content: carousel, filter, load more button or pagination and sort
the content by date, likes, number of views, etc. You can also
choose your layout: full width or with sidebar and enable the
mosaic, grid, thumbnail or list-view.

The template builder is also available for each post / page so
you can add elements on your individual posts following the same
rules as for template builder.

When you initially install the theme, you will already have 3
default templates in your list: – Mainpage that is assigned for
your Mainpage layout

– Default that is assigned for your Archives by date, Post
format, Post type, Attachment, Author, Categories,Tags, Search
layouts, etc.

– Posts that is assigned for your Pages, Posts and Gallery

Each template is comprised of the following areas: Header,
Content and Footer.

Each of these areas contains several so-called elements: Logo,
Main menu, Log in menu, Slideshow, Widgets, etc

Thus, the general rule for Templates is to divide content in
areas and add desired elements in custom places at user´s will.

Multiple layouts – Timeline view, list view, grid view, masonry
view, thumbnail view

You can have multiple blog layouts: grid
view, thumbnails view, mosaic or list view and choose between the
image resize method: resize or crop.

You can use the narrow or large port-view layout by simply
ticking the corresponding setting from backend.

Not the least, you can add background images for individual
posts or for the whole site. The theme comes with several
predefined background patterns, as well.

Built-in “Like”

Enable the “Like” feature to let users easily access
faved posts and raise their rating. When a certain post reaches the
limit of 50 likes it will become hot. The like limit can be changed
from backend while the number of likes for all posts can be
randomly generated.

Tooltip helpers

wondered how to tell your users of a specific feature or important
message on your site? You can now achieve this with theme’s
built-in tooltip manager. You can use it on every single page on
your site being able to add an infinite number of such hints.


Tripod is a responsive theme. It uses a framework that
permits the site to be accessed on all mobile devices, including
iPad, iPhone and Android powered tablets.

Human time

human-time to let users know when the post was added. Switch back
to the native WordPress time format from settings.

and default comments

You can either enable the default comment
system or opt for the Facebook comments.

Add your Facebook application ID so you can moderate comments.

Sidebars and

The site uses unlimited sidebars for you to be able to
insert as many widgets as you need to get the most of your theme:
Categories with icons, Content tabber (hot posts, new, comments,
tags), Flickr, Twitter, Latest posts, Social media, Top authors.

Select a different layout for each of your posts: containing a
left sidebar, a right sidebar or displayed full-width.

Social media

All posts have built-in social-media share buttons that
users can click and promote any content of your web site. Enable or
Disable them for any particular post or page.


Tripod comes with a revised powerful back-end to let
you control all sites option without the need to hack or customize
your own features.

Other features

theme also uses built-in breadcrumbs, dropdown menus, image
resizing, 100+ shortcodes, built-in related posts and social-media
sharing, and comes with an extensive documentation to help you get

The Revolution Slider presented in the demo is ALREADY
INCLUDED in the archive.

Translatable theme. Internationalization ready

Tripod comes
with a .PO file that allows you to translate the theme into your
language. Follow the instructions from documentation.


If you happen to
face some difficulties with this theme, consider to use our support
that is conducted through the CosmoThemes support forums:

Support for all the themes will be available only at the
support forum.


-UPDATE: WP 4.3 widget deprecated function update

-UPDATE: WooCommerce 2.4.4 on the go

-FEATURE: Added option to disable mobile menu swiping.

-FIX: undefined variable JS error

-UPDATE: mobile info button styled

-FEATURE: gallery info for mobile devices

-FEATURE: WPLR recommended plugin added –

-FEATURE: gallery info for mobile devices

-FEATURE: Social sharing on single Gallery

-FEATURE: Lazy loading for vertical scroll galleries

-FEATURE: Disable header collapser option

-FIXED: Folio first image on open

-FIX: A small mobile menu styling fix.

– UPDATE: deleted Cosmo API deprecated function

– FIX: PrettyPhoto security update

– UPDATE: deleted unused My Orders WooCommerce template

– UPDATE: hex2rgb function renamed for compatibility with other

– UPDATE: The ‘Read More’ symbol now links to the post.

– FEATURE: Added option to change menu items hover color.

– FEATURE: Added option to hide gallery/post/page titles.

– FIX: password protected galleries on iPad view

– FIX: Mosaic view hover effect fix.

– FIX: undefined variable fixed

– FIX: Margin for protected galleries fix.

– UPDATE: deleted old recommended WooCommerce archive

FIX: post format gallery – issue when attached images are
included in the top gallery slider;

NEW OPTION: in typeography, change menu font;

FEATURE: added mobile menu swipe for mobile devices;

FIX: isotope filter fix for filtered thumb view;

FIX: filter by categories view when using WPML;

FEATURE: added custom columns to Gallery custom posts;

NEW OPTION: caption option for gallery posts;

FIX: Video in gallery fix due to WP update;

FIX: WC shipping totals fixed;

FIX: WooCommerce country fix;

FIX: Twitter fatal error fix try #1;

UPDATE: WC 2.3.8 update;

FIX: WooCommerce Checkout Payment methods fixed;

FIX: shipping country selector;

FIX: meta function fixes;

NEW OPTION: Sticky header option added;

FIX: Mobile menu and grid/thumb view fixes;

UPDATE: If grid view and thumbnail view has masonry enabled,
the hover effect will be disabled;

FIX: Mobile menu scrolling fix;

NEW OPTION: Select gallery type for mobile devices;

FIX: Pretty photo disabled for small screens;

FIX: Jetpack views will not reset anymore once per month;

FIX: Shop page fix;

– Disabled old-version WC style notice;

– Added 2 more (4 total) related products for single product

– FIXED: error when prettyPhoto is disabled;

– Update to WC 2.3.5;

– Fixed ALT/Caption text for folio gallery popups;

– Added needed images to Tripod;

– Added animation autoplay options in functions.js, for Sly;

– FIX: logo description option fix;

– New option for adding new fonts, in Typography;

– Next / previous post buttons added to Vertical / Mosaic

– Enhanced functionality for thumbnail custom links: if an
image link is added, the link will be opened in Pretty Photo

– Gallery slideshow speed enhancing;

– Wishlist re-build for mobile layout;

– Fixed JS error while reloading the Gallery Slideshow multiple

– WooCommerce reccommended plugin update;

– Fixed pseudoelements while there are no comments;

– Fixed Testimonial on mobile view;

– Fixed bank account styling in WooCommerce;

– Fixed the “My account” menu for mobiles;

– “My account” endpoints added for WooCommerce;

– Folio gallery decreased gallery loading time;

– WooCommerce plugin archive in reccommended plugins updated;

– Add to cart button fixed;


– Translation fixed repeating events dates, also the Search
button translation;

– WP 4.0 shortcode fix;

– Translation fixed repeating events dates, also the Search
button translation;

– Cosmouploader error fix, typo fix in portfolio uploader,
Related posts and tags fixed for portfolios;

– styling fixes for black version;

– Black version for the comment box fixed;

– Fixed update feature for program link;

– Translation fixed repeating events dates, also the Search
button translation;

– Translation fixed for week days in events;

– Translation fixed for event format archives;

– Translation fixed for event categories;

– added option for disabling mobile view, in Styling;

– added option to select what should contain the image alt tag,
in galleries. Option added in Blog setting;

– fixed small JS error for Firefox, while adding video to sly

– Fixed text formatting in Testimonials views;

– Fixed featured image mask error for old PHP versions;

– added wide ratio format for videos in sly gallery;

– Increased image size for Open Graph;

– Fixed body class misinterpretation by WordPress, for
galleries/gallery posts;

– Added the option, to randomize images in the gallery, on
every refresh. Option located in every gallery settings;

– Vertical gallery pretty photo fix;

– Fixed related posts bug;

– Added fullscreen slideshow option for all galleries. Option
found in gallery’s settings ;

– Added Pretty Photo lightbox for classic gallery, on image

– Added “reverse order” image display option for all galleries.
Option found in gallery’s settings ;

– Added comments options for all galleries except Sly and Image

– Added related posts options for all galleries except Sly and
Image Flow.

– added “latin extended” prefix to Google URL’s;

– added custom link for images, in Sly/Vertical/Mosaic gallery.
Option available here

– fixed the bug: Cannot delete custom link/video from

– made videos in Sly gallery fully responsive and workable;

– added the option to show/hide the collapse button in
galleries, even if gallery info is hidden ;

– added “new tab” option for thumbnails in views. Option is
found in post’s options ;

– added color option for the links, in Styling ;

– Added 10s timeout for Instagram widget response;

– fixed billing background color;

– fix error for classic and folio gallery, when only one image
is added to the gallery;

– vertical gallery fix: preview of the images is before all
images are loaded;

– added more social networks for team members;

– disabled unnecessary calls to external links;

– fixed vertical gallery image positioning;

– Image flow gallery scrollbar position;

– disabled “Replay-To” header from email structure, as some
hostings do not support it;

– the WordPress default gallery was styled;

– disabled “Replay-To” header from email structure, as some
hostings do not support it;

– added video option for vertical and sly gallery. Work to be
done for responsive fixes on Sly; TUTORIAL:

– added fade effect on adding / modifying video in gallery;

– styling video icon on gallery image thumbnail.

– FEATURE: added black theme design option in styling;

– disabled Pretty Photo icon on mobile screens for Vertical

– attached Pretty Photo icon to image rather than to image div;

– fixed bug related to post format Gallery;

– fixed image size setting for post format Gallery;

– Changed the way the Sly Gallery reacts on Left/Right image
buttons and Left/Right keyboard arrows. “Second-image” overlap bug

– FEATURE: added new gallery type: vertical scroll. It has
option for image margin, in blog settings;

– Fixed 2 errors 404 for Image Flow gallery;

– Fix for WP 3.9 masonry update – hook was renamed;

– Fixed tab filtering image moving effect;

– Option added for Gallery posts – custom links for thumbnails
in views. Fixed link option for the posts.;

– fixed Facebook comment width bug;

– Search term translation on WooCommerce search;

– FEATURE: added custom link in post options, for post

– Pretty Photo fix for Chrome;

– FEATURE: added captions to sly gallery, and options in
gallery settings and in Options;

– FEATURE: added option for enable/disable mask effect for post
featured image;

– fixed accordion widget responsive layout;

– fixed menu color when active;

– tuned AJAX pagination for slow hostings;

– fixed FB bug;

– Deleted “Permalink to” hover text.;

– fixed 404 error for the image background in wooshop;

– fixed Pretty Photo bug on cropping the Facebook like;

– fix featured image;

– fixed style bug for red arrows in contact form;

– fixed responsive bug on hover, for thumbnails;

– fixed like disable for pages;

– child menu items were intended with 30px, to make the
difference from their parents;

– fixed top cart;

– added WooCommerce 2.0.9 and Envato Toolkit as recommended

– fixed next/previous buttons on full-width layouts;

– disabled IE8 and 9 notification;

– fixed hover effect for mosaic galleries;

– added header/footer hiding, on galleria load;

– disabled top message for old IE browsers;

– fixed image crop on masonry for grid, as well image zoom when
animation is disabled for all views;

– deleted useless code that was making requests to
ThemeForest’s API;

– changed color for the arrows in classic gallery, from white
to grey;

– Fixed displaying the text content when gallery is password
protected, for lists;

– fixed warning while hosting server has allow_url_fopen to
OFF, for non-retina logos;

– We styled links in post content, as everybody was asking
about it

– added a hide header/footer button when gallery is included to

– added reply-to mail feature, while receiving emails form
Contact Form.;

– added keyboard navigation (left/right arrows) for Sly

– fixed tags and categories for Galleries;

– fixed cursor for IE11, in Folio gallery;

– scroll disabled for Sly gallery, due to multiple technical
issues. Navigation methods right now: drag, left/right buttons,
arrow keyboard keys, scrollbar, left/right side image click;

– fixed thumbnails hover animation disabling while using AJAX

– fixed retina logo (attachment id);

– fixed image pagination when gallery contain long images;

– added lazy load for sly gallery (post format gallery);

– added full SEO Yoast compatibility;

– fixed paginations for rich templates;

– added drag functionality for the sly gallery type;

– moved content for mosaic single gallery above the images;

– UPDATED the username change on Themeforest;

– ADDED featured image for pages;

– ADDED Revolution Slider plugin to theme’s archive;

– fixed upload image buttons for banners;

– fixed slider for posts type Gallery when “cropped image” was

– updated the username on ThemeForest;

– fixed error 500 while installing the theme, for some hosts;

– instagram widget was styled;

– fixed the featured image mask on single posts, when “image
crop” is checked.

– a new uploader added due to some client issues with the old

– we have disabled recommendation for Envato toolkit;

– fixed JS cookie 404 Error for some host providers;

– added option to enable/disable the mask effect for featured
image on dingle post;

– added image caption as alt attribute in a few places where it
was missing;

– show likes on single post page independent of meta settings;

– fixed bug from archive page;

– pagination fixes;

– fixed Likes on PHP 3.5 errors;

– fixed tabbing for quick contact form;

– fixed featured image on post format Gallery, to not be
included in slide;

– fixed responsive and title problem after adding an FB image.

– fixed Text logo font-family;

– fixed issue with number of posts for testimonials;

– fixed bug related to single post format gallery (sly is not

– fixed no image path in some widgets;

– fixed like resetting for galleries;

– fixed some compatibility issues with versions older than 1.1
for galleries;


– added WP 3.6 compatibility; – fixed toggle bug; – fixed slide
button position in sly galleries; – removed double content for
password protected posts; – added option to change the color for
the menu arrows, widgets arrows, Sly gallery scroll bar and heart.

– added text align and vertical align for footer elements

– fixed gallery on front page

– added option to hide gallery sidebar for each gallery

– added option for user to upload it’s own fb open graph image

version 1.2 (July 9, 2013)

– added gallery type option for each post

– added image flow slider for galleries

– fixed child theming

version 1.1 (July 5, 2013)

– changes to password protected galleries – made the icon that
allows to close the header on mobile devices to be noticed by the
users – improved gallery management, now you can see all attached
images, sort and delete them much easier

version 1.0 (June 27, 2013)

– fixed list of testimonials and banners issue in template

– fixed gallery issue for the case when last image has small

– added plugin recommendations notifications and recommended
Envato toolkit plugin

– added option to select multiple gallery

– changed farbtastic color picker

– fixed warning related to twitter widget

– fixed bug that didn’t allow to show gallery for portfolio if
feat img was not set

– added Woocommerce support

– WP 3.6 fixes

version 0.9 (June 19, 2013)

– fixed gallery issues when images are smaller than the gallery

– updated twitter widget to be compatible with API 1.1

– fix for password protected post with post format gallery

version 0.8 (May 31, 2013)

– fixed some jQuery Migrate deprecated functions

– added retina logo option

– fixed headings typography

– added caption to pretty photo images from gallery

– testimonials were not showing content properly when assigned
to a page

– created button for bulk update posts layout settings

– use taxonomy ID instead of slug to avoid problems when using
‘exotic’ names for taxonomies

version 0.7 (May 2, 2013)

– fixed gallery bug for IE

– added option to disable hover effect

version 0.6 (April 27, 2013)

– used aqua resize to optimize the size of the used images

– fixed accordion shortcode

– removed chrome frame js

– load custom css after style.css

version 0.5 (April 24, 2013)

– changed IDs for additional templates

– added ‘author’ meta box for gallery custom post

– fixed some bugs related to galleries w/o posts

– fixed gallery on orientation change

– lazy loading for the gallery

– fixed image and height for Firefox

version 0.4 (April 17, 2013)

– changed some options for the default gallery template’s
footer row

– changes for the media button related gallery posts

– display the label for text/shortcode element

– fixed bug related to gallery categories element

– added option to change the gallery speed

version 0.3 (April 15, 2013)

– fixed problem with featured image mask for safari

– made possible to attach a template that has a gallery to a

– implemented posibility to show a gallery on front page

– fixed issue related to selected event

version 0.2 (April 5, 2013)

– added option to hide gallery info

– fixed bug related to footer widgets

– fixed opacity for gallery

– padding-bottom for full list

Since its initial release, Jevelin has gone from strength to
strength. Now one of the most popular multi-purpose WordPress
themes available today, users have consistently given Jevelin
positive ratings. With a growing library of high-quality,
professional website designs ready to be imported into your
WordPress site in just a few clicks, Jevelin can help you launch a
wide range of websites in no time at all. From corporate homepages
and agency websites to landing pages, startup landing pages, event
websites, wedding, photography, fitness, ecommerce, blog and
creative portfolios, Jevelin covers the full spectrum of projects.
Thanks to the wealth of customization options, settings, and tools,
personalizing the demo websites, pre-built layouts, and content has
never been easier. Use the powerful Jevelin theme options control
panel to adjust the site settings, before launching the
drag-and-drop page builder tool to tweak and customize the
individual pages. Whether you want to take a hands-on approach to
building your website or you’d prefer to leverage the pre-built
content, Jevelin includes all you’ll need in one easy to use
package. For those new to WordPress, everything is covered by the
online documentation and video tutorials. With so many settings and
options to make use of, not to mention the pre-built websites,
layouts, and templates, Jevelin provides you with everything
required to create a high quality and unique website with

One-Click Website Installation

With the foolproof demo content installer tool, you can have
your new website up and running in a matter of minutes. Simply
choose which demo website to install, press a few buttons, and then
replace the sample content with your own.

Multiple Unique Website Demos

Jevelin is a true multi-purpose WordPress theme and this is
reflected in the library of professional website demos you’ll have
access to. From business and agency websites to eCommerce stores
and personal portfolios, all the most common types of projects are
covered by the pre-built Jevelin demos. With new demos being
regularly added, launching a landing page or website for your
startup, gym, yoga studio, blog, wedding, photography or other
event has never been easier.

Unique Layouts and Templates

As well as the pre-built websites, Jevelin is packed with
unique page layouts and templates, including over 10 portfolio
options. These page designs can be mixed and match to help you
create a unique website. As they’re all fully customizable, it’s
easy to stamp your personality on your new site with Jevelin.
Countless Customization Options Thanks to the intuitive theme
options control panel, you can customize almost every aspect of
your website without ever touching a line of code. Creating custom
color schemes, changing the fonts, and adjusting the site layouts
are just some of the modifications you can make to your website
with Jevelin.

Drag-and-Drop Page Builder

In addition to the theme options control panel, Jevelin also
includes Unyson drag-and-drop page builder tool.

Powerful Slideshow Builder Tool

With the best-selling Slider Revolution plugin included in the
theme package, many of the Jevelin demos feature high-quality
slideshow presentations. Creating your own mobile-friendly animated
text, image, or video based sliders is all part of the core
functionality of this theme.

Mega Menus

Upgrade the navigation areas of your site with Mega Menus. Now
you can display images and other content in your drop down menus to
encourage your visitors to reach your most important content.

Social Share Functionality

Thanks to the social media features of Jevelin, your audience
will never be more than a click away from sharing your content with
their followers on the most popular social networks.

Custom Widgets

Enhance your sidebars, footers, and other widgetized areas of
your website with the Jevelin custom widgets. Popular options
include the portfolio, recent posts, social media icons widgets to
name just a few.

Full Ecommerce Support

With a full suite of ecommerce capabilities thanks to tight
integration with the leading WordPress WooCommerce plugin, creating
a highly professional, fully functional online shop has never been
easier. Mobile Ready and Fully Responsive No matter what device
your visitors are using to access your site, the layout will
fluidly respond to the screen size to ensure they can still read,
browse, shop, download, and interact with your website in every
other way.

Search Engine Optimized

If you choose Jevelin, search engine optimization (SEO) is one
less thing to worry out. Thanks to the strong SEO focus of Jevelin,
your website will stand every chance of being found in search

Multilingual and RTL Support

Jevelin has been built to work seamlessly with the best
multilingual WordPress plugins giving you the option of publishing
your content in more than one language. Full right to left (RTL)
text support is part of the package too.

Video Tutorials

Whether you’re new to WordPress or you just want to create the
perfect website, the Jevelin video tutorials will guide you through
the process of launching your new site, from start to finish.

Lifetime Updates and User Support

Each purchase of Jevelin grants you lifetime access to future
theme updates at no extra cost. You also get six months of user
support with the option of extending this period should you wish.

More features

  • Powerful admin interface
  • Highly customizable
  • Easy to use drag and drop page builder
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Change main accent colors from page to page
  • Change header layout from page to page
  • Separate header logo for standard, sticky, and mobile
  • Auto adjustable Mega Menu
  • 10+ Portfolio layout combinations
  • Multiple portfolio overlays
  • Multiple portfolio single item layouts
  • Unlimited portfolio description fields
  • 6 Blog layouts
  • Custom post formats: Gallery, Quote, Link, Audio, Video
  • Custom author page
  • Social Share functionality
  • Side widget area
  • Contacts widget
  • Social icons widget
  • Portfolio widget
  • Multiple page options
  • 40+ element animations
  • Video background sections
  • Parallax background sections
  • Parallax Video background sections
  • Testimonials carousel shortcode
  • Multiple locations on Google Maps
  • Realtime preview for Google Maps locations
  • Image curtains shortcode
  • Image points shortcode
  • Styling options for elements
  • 404 Page customization
  • Smooth scroll
  • Back to Top
  • Unified options all across theme
  • Page notice option about cookies
  • Page loader with multiple styles
  • Customizable footer layout – up to 4 columns
  • Parallax footer
  • RTL support
  • Wide and boxed layouts
  • Child Theme included
  • Translation Ready
  • Demo content with actual images
  • Professional Support
  • Regular Updates


Version 4.2.2

  • Updated – Yellow Pencil Editor to 7.2.0 version. Please update
    as all version bellow have security issues!
  • Added – Import / export option for theme settings
  • Added – Carousel settings with style, spacing, size and options
    in theme settings
  • Added – Portfolio single project option to set full screen
  • Added – Portfolio single project option set gallery columns and
    enable slider
  • Added – Portfolio element new overlay (improved naming for old
    ones ) and category order option
  • Added – Header builder option to add button in standard header
    block too
  • Added – List (WPbakery) element option to add link and change
    icon/text font size
  • Added – Header builder main header buttons options
  • Improved – Header builder element building and preview pages
    for better experience

Version 4.2.1

  • Improved – Theme dashboard page
  • Fixed – Carousel dots alignment issue in some cases
  • Fixed – Javascript error in latest chrome versions (Unable to
    preventDefault inside passive event listener)

Version 4.2.0

  • Added – Creative Agency demo
  • Added – Option to set overflow for column element
  • Added – Icon group element new style option
  • Added – Icon group element option to set icon hover color and
    new style
  • Added – Portfolio element spacing option
  • Added – Footer widgets element option to set heading font
  • Added – Button element option to set custom height and
    horizontal padding
  • Added – Header builder element option to change sticky icon
  • Added – Instagram element for WPbakery page builder
  • Improved – WPbakery page builder Jevelin element icons
  • Improved – Jevelin theme settings page loading animation
  • Updated – Theme settings color scheme and logo
  • Updated – Revolution Slider to the latest version
  • Fixed – Contact Form 7 style 1 dropdown styling issue
  • Fixed – Woocommerce related product element responsive issue
    when using carousel
  • Fixed – Portfolio featured image not saving
  • Fixed – On startup in admin panel new post/page/portfolio
    showing unstyled information
  • Fixed – Portfolio/portfolio fancy elements WPbakery Page
    Builder frontend mode not working correctly
  • Fixed – Portfolio/portfolio fancy elements lightbox gallery
    mode not working
  • Fixed – Footer builder element column responsive padding option
    not working

Version 4.1.5

  • Fixed – JavaScript issue (lazy is not a function)
  • Fixed – JavaScript issue (Cannot read property ‘replace’ of
  • Fixed – file not found

Version 4.1.4

  • Added – Portfolio items now have option to add widgets to the
  • Added – Option in theme settings to disable single blog post
    featured image lightbox
  • Fixed – Footer Builder CSS not working when using Polylang

Version 4.1.3

  • Added – WPbakery demo installation support for Event, Nature,
    Fitness, Landing,
  • Landing 2, Corporative, Shop, Autospot, Medical, Startup and
    Beauty demos
  • Added – Option to set links for heading element
  • Improved – Theme settings header logo descriptions and order
    for better ease of use
  • Improved – Header builder mobile topbar responsiveness
  • Updated – Yellow Pencil plugin to the latest version
  • Fixed – Fatal error in some cases related to get_current_screen

Version 4.1.2

  • Added – New notices in both Unyson and OCDI demo installer
  • Improved – Updated default Jevelin logo
  • Improved – Jevelin > One Click Install link now reddirects
    to installation page if not installed
  • Fixed – Can’t update new pages after update
  • Fixed – Cookies notices is shown immediately after theme first
    activation (should be disabled by default)
  • Fixed – Default accent color not working immediately after
    theme first activation

Version 4.1.1

  • Added – Medical demo
  • Added – New avatar option in Testimonials for style 5
  • Added – All vailable layouts to blog posts element
  • Added – Pagination and categories wtich options for blog posts
  • Added – CSS Animation for Inner Columns in WPbakery
  • Added – New option in theme settings under header search
  • Added – Text group element to WPbakery page builder
  • Added – Portfolio fancy element WPbakery page builder
  • Added – Responsive margin (1025px and bellow) option for
    WPbakery page builder rows
  • Improved – Portfolio minimalistic style responsiveness
  • Improved – Header and footer builders now work with multi
    language plugins
  • Updated – WPbakery Page builder to the latest version
  • Updated – Revolution Slider to the latest version
  • Fixed – Pulse animation doesn’t work for image points element
    in WPbakery
  • Fixed – Search results page padding issue in some cases
  • Fixed – Video player element placholder icon can’t be
  • Fixed – WPbakery column custom width in phone not working in
    some cases
  • Fixed – Header builder text weight regular setting doesn’t
  • Fixed – Header builder sticky header strange behaver
  • Fixed – WPbakery row and column responsive padding option
    doesn’t work with CSS/JS minify plugins
  • Fixed – Header and footer builders fatal error in some specific

Version 4.1.0

  • Added – Option to set default portfolio page title
  • Added – WPbakery CF7 element input fields border color, bottom
    margin and height options
  • Added – WPbakery CF7 element submit button various options
  • Added – WPbakery Row element option to change mobile background
    image and background position
  • Added – Compact spacing option for both titlebar and header in
    mobile layout
  • Added – WPbakery partners option to disable horizontal
  • Added – Option to choose how themes settings are stored (to fix
    some caching issues)
  • Improved – Loading performance
  • Fixed – Footer developer copyrights issue by adding new
  • Fixed – WPbakery empty space element ID option not working
  • Fixed – Header and footer WPbakery content related issue
  • Fixed – Portfolio notice in some cases
  • Fixed – Google maps API key not working in some cases
  • Fixed – Inner row PHP notice issue in some cases
  • Fixed – Adding new Contact Form 7 replaces previous form
  • Fixed – Portfolio notice issue when using categories in PHP

Version 4.0.3

  • Fixed – Fatal error: call to undefined function

Version 4.0.2

  • Added – WordPress 5.0 compatibility
  • Improved – Customizer options ease of use
  • Fixed – Page and post settings accent color options isn’t
  • Fixed – Shop cart icon incorrect color
  • Fixed – WPbakery “My Templates” tab isn’t scrollable

Version 4.0.1

  • Improved – Theme settings page with sticky header for better
    ease of use
  • Improved – Google maps element for Unyson page builder
  • Updated – Theme cover image
  • Fixed – “Comment author must fill out name and email” doesn’t
    change comment required fields
  • Fixed – Portfolio categories selection doesn’t work as expected
    in some cases
  • Fixed – Shufflehound Information widget PHP notice issue
  • Fixed – WooCommerce outdated files issue
  • Fixed – Wrong page title for blog page
  • Fixed – Table element content/column issue
  • Fixed – Some typos

Version 4.0.0

  • Added – Header builder for more simple header building
  • Added – Footer building options for more simple, but advanced
    building experience
  • Added – Unyson single image element for WPbakery page
  • Added – Option to choose header and footer templates in theme
    settings (built-in or WPbakery created)
  • Added – Option to choose header and footer templates in page
    settings (built-in or WPbakery created)
  • Added – Option to set mobile max width alignment for column
  • Added – Option to set custom mobile element alignment for basic
  • Improved – Contact form 7 element options for WPbakery page
  • Updated – WPbakery Page builder to 5.6 version
  • Updated – Yellow Pencil plugin to 7.1.3 version
  • Fixed – Accordion style 5 element icon issue in WPbakery page

Version 3.3.0

  • Added – Lazy loading options for multiple elements
  • Customizer – Added all theme setting options, which wasn’t
    available before
  • Fixed – Customizer options and theme options going out of
  • Fixed – Internet Explorer image point element position
  • Fixed – Internet Explorer won’t vertically center columns
  • Fixed – Single image element hover link not showing in some

Version 3.2.5

  • Added – “Max Width Alignment” option for WPbakery page builder
    rows and columns
  • Updated – Links to HTTPS everywhere where it is possible
  • Fixed – Theme settings reverts to default in SSL mode (in some

Version 3.2.4

  • Added – Option to change heading to span
  • Added – New Image Gallery element for grid image layout
  • Added – Photography (WPbakery page builder) demo
  • Updated – WPbakery Page builder to 5.5.4 version
  • Renamed – Old Image Gallery to Image Gallery (slider)
  • Fixed – Google maps element showing debugging information in
    page builder
  • Fixed – Jevelin element order in WPbakery page builder

Version 3.2.3

  • Added – Creative Home (WPbakery page builder) demo
  • Added – New design for OCDI demo installer
  • Fixed – Demo installer installing issue

Version 3.2.2

  • Added – One page navigation active link color on scroll and
    clik actions
  • Imporoved – OCDI demo installing process
  • Fixed – Lightbox duplicating images

Version 3.2.1

  • Added – Shadow option for WPbakery page builder rows
  • Added – Option to disable border in smartphone and table for
    WPbakery columns
  • Added – Hover element option for heading element
  • Added – Options to Button element Mobile Alignment option
  • Added – Option to keep both logo image and logo text
  • Improved – WPbakery page builder responsiveness
  • Fixed – Titlebar portfilio link issue in multisites
  • Fixed – Event element issue with html tags in WPbakery page
  • Fixed – WPbakery page builder frontend editor button issue in
    some cases
  • Fixed – WooCommerce categories element categories output
  • Fixed – Header dropdown style 2 cart styling issue
  • Fixed – Gravity forms design issue

Version 3.2.0

  • Added – Icon Box Slider element to WPbakery page builder
  • Added – 4 columns option for blog posts element
  • Added – Extra options for WPbakery page builder inner row
  • Added – Background hover option for WPbakery page builder
  • Improved – WPbakery page builder Contact Form 7 element
  • Improved – Header logo text option
  • Updated – Envato Market Plugin to latest version
  • Updated – POT Translation file
  • Fixed – WPbakery page builder tabs, event and heading elements
    styling options isn’t working correctly
  • Fixed – Pricing table popover issue in some specific cases
  • Fixed – Icon box element left side icon blank space when no
    icon is set
  • Fixed – WooCommerce Categories order issue
  • Fixed – Translation issue in a few places
  • Fixed – Accordions item icon not working for style 5
  • Fixed – Tabs and Accordions doesn’t work in some cases
  • Fixed – Counter up doesn’t count till the end in some
  • Fixed – Parallax video doesn’t work in some cases
  • Fixed – Unyson contact form JS issue
  • Fixed – Shop secondary product image won’t streach
  • Other – Small changes and improvements

Version 3.1.1

  • Added – Heading (pro) element to WPBakery page builder
  • Added – List element to WPBakery page builder
  • Added – Icon element to WPBakery page builder
  • Added – Tabs element to WPBakery page builder
  • Added – Timeline element to WPBakery page builder
  • Added – varios options to Inner Column in WPBakery page
  • Fixed – WPBakery page builder google maps element styling
  • Updated – Screenshot for both parent and child temes

Version 3.1.0

  • Added – Visual Composer support
  • Added – Visual Composer plugin installer
  • Added – Basic Home (WPbakery page builder) demo
  • Added – 30 elements to Visual Composer
  • Added – More image comparison element image sizes
  • Improved – Unyson demo installer demo order
  • Fixed – Image points bottom empty space issue
  • Fixed – Portfolio widget issue with loop
  • Fixed – Heading animated is working fine only for second and
    above text fiekds
  • Fixed – Demo installation issue when theme settings needs to be

Version 3.0.5

  • Added – Education demo
  • Added – Option to load blog posts with load more button
  • Added – Option to load blog posts with infinite scroll
  • Added – Option to change blog posts per page for specific blog
  • Added – New WooCoomerce recent posts AJAX element
  • Added – New style in contact form and contact form 7
  • Added – New style for video player icon
  • Added – Option to choose 2 columns for blog posts element
  • Added – Option to change title font size for counter
  • Added – Option to set section element max width
  • Added – Option to disable quote icon for testimonials
  • Added – Option to change titlebar color
  • Improved – OCDI demo list order from newest to older
  • Fixed – Recent posts widget issue with loop
  • Fixed – Some PHP 7.2 related notices
  • Fixed – Theme setting CSS won’t load in some specific
  • Fixed – Issue with icon box content links

Version 3.0.4

  • Added – Layout option for portfolio element (choose grid to get
    correct item order)
  • Added – Option to turn on autoplay for portfolio galleries
  • Improved – Theme front-end loading performance by optimising
    CSS/JS files
  • Improved – Theme front-end loading performance by optimising
    PHP side
  • Imporved – Contact widget and contact information in header
    accepts links and shortcodes
  • Improved – Portfolio gallery lightbox now can be navigated with
    arrows and buttons
  • Updated – POT translation file
  • Reduced – Standard page size to improve loadng performance
  • Fixed – Pricing table element currency symbol styling
  • Fixed – Icon box slider tab issue on mobile devices
  • Fixed – Shop tabs bottom line wrong not displaying
  • Fixed – Notice feature not working correctly on mobile
  • Fixed – Pages with link “blog” sometimes have redering
  • Fixed – Sticky light mobile header styling issues
  • Fixed – Pie chart animation sometimes doesn’t work
  • Fixed – Some PHP notice issues
  • Fixed – Related posts option doesn’t work
  • Fixed – WooCommerce outdated files issue

Version 3.0.3

  • Improved – Loading performance in frontend
  • Fixed – Media library not working in some cases
  • Fixed – Jevelin dashboard child theme issue
  • Fixed – Woocommerce deprecated notices
  • Removed – Some development environment related code

Version 3.0.2

  • Added – Crypto demo
  • Added – Option to change global content borders
  • Added – Option to change global buttons buttons background
  • Added – Option to change global content buttons background
    hover color
  • Added – Option to change global content buttons text color
  • Added – Option to change global content input, textarea
    background color
  • Added – Option to change global content input, textarea border
  • Added – Option to change global content input, textarea text
  • Added – Option to change search widget icon background
  • Added – Option to change search Widget icon text color
  • Added – Option to add padding between columns when background
    image image is used
  • Added – Option to change text group element layout, font and
    font weight
  • Added – Option to add animations for icon element
  • Added – Option to create background gradient for progress bar
  • Added – Option to disable play icon for video player
  • Added – New style for contact form element
  • Updated – Translation file
  • Fixed – Recent portfolio items showing image icons, when image
    is not available
  • Fixed – Issue when changing background color changes menu item
  • Fixed – Issue when changing background color 404 page have a
    white background
  • Fixed – IE issues with parallax scrolling by disabling it as it
    is not fully supported

Version 3.0.1

  • Fixed – Theme setting loading issue for some WP

Version 3.0.0

  • Added – Jevelin dashboard
  • Added – Beauty demo to OCDI demo installer
  • Added – Basic, Creative, Event to OCDI demo installer
  • Added – Fitness, Nature, Photography to OCDI demo
  • Updated – Revolution Slider to the latest version
  • Deprecased – Unyson demo content installer is now fallback
  • Removed – Unyson demo content installer links
  • Removed – SEO Unyson Extension to improve performance

Version 2.8.1

  • Added – Beauty demo
  • Added – WP Instagram Widget support
  • Added – New accordion element style
  • Added – New contact form element style
  • Added – New widget area to use in page builder
  • Fixed – Onepage scrolling not working correctly
  • Fixed – Empty space element related issue
  • Fixed – Link post style links doesn’t work as expected
  • Fixed – Header cart padding issue in some cases
  • Fixed – TinyMCE custom styles comptatibility issue

Version 2.8.0

  • Added – Foodie and Coming Soon demos
  • Added – Contact Form 7 element
  • Added – New shadow for columns element
  • Added – Border radius option for columns and section
  • Added – Horizontal alginment responsiveness option for column
  • Added – New style option for icon group elements
  • Added – New option under justify columsn height to show section
    in full browser height
  • Added – Min height option for section element
  • Added – New footer copyright styles and option to set custom
  • Added – Experimental preview feature to visually show all empty
    space elemets (small transparent icon in the right top corner,
    available only for administrators)
  • Added – Contact Form 7 to recommended plugins install list
  • Fixed – JavaScript warning for some users when using onepage
  • Improved – Countdown element can now have rgba colors for title
    and number options
  • Improved PHP 7.2 compatibility

Version 2.7.3

  • Added – Option to change comments max depth
  • Added – Feature to navigate sliders with arrow keys
  • Updated – Yellow Pencil plugin
  • Fixed – PHP 7.2 copatiblity issue
  • Fixed – Google maps icon is not showing up
  • Fixed – WooCommerce outdated copies issue

Version 2.7.2

  • Added – option to enable/disable WooCommerce theme custom item
    increase button (for plugin compatibility)
  • Updated – Revolution Slider and Yellow Pencil plugin
  • Fixed – WooCommerce shows quantity label where it should be
  • Fixed – Fixed WooCommerce input select responsiveness
  • Fixed – Page background color not working
  • Removed – Mega menu column hide, which cause multiple

Version 2.7.1

  • Added – Option to enable portfolio comments (notice: in some
    cases you will also need to enable it for each previously added
  • Added – Option to show filters when pagination is enabled for
    portfolio element
  • Added – Pagination option for portfolio 2.0 element
  • Added – Option to add background image in boxed layout
  • Updated – Scrolling and parallax related jQuery plugins
  • Fixed – “Blog” page template inconsistency
  • Fixed – Inline mobile navigation links doesn’t closes in some
  • Fixed – Fatal error related to old PHP versions in demo.php
  • Fixed – Google Maps RetiredVersion warning
  • Fixed – Recent post element carousel option issue

Version 2.7.0

  • Added – Option to show also editor content in blog pages
  • Added – Portfolio category page pagination with option to
    change items per page
  • Added – Portfolio category page option to change layout and
    column count
  • Improved – Inline mobile navigation links now closes
  • Improved – Portfolio element won’t show blank categories
  • Fixed – Section parallax backgrounds sometimes doesn’t work as
  • Fixed – Recent posts element columns option doesn’t work when
    carousel is enabled
  • Fixed – Recent posts, portfolio elements doesn’t show all
  • Fixed – Portfolio category pages not working correctly
  • Other – Minor improvements

Version 2.6.6

  • Added – Option to change titlebar title heading type
  • Added – Option for default page layout to improve ease of
  • Added – Option to limit portfolio “All” tab item count

Version 2.6.5

  • Updated – Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version
  • Improved – Pagination links for improved SEO
  • Fixed – file:”ie.css” is missing for child theme
  • Fixed – Issue when social share icons are hidden, but
  • Fixed – Page with “blog” slug ignores content

Version 2.6.4

  • Fixed – Multiple Internet Explorer styling issues
  • Fixed – Shufflehound Image V2 sometimes doesn’t allow to
    select/upload image

Version 2.6.3

  • Added – Position options for column
  • Added – Button element option to change font size
  • Added – Image gallery element options to add shadows, change
    border radius, dots position and color
  • Added – Columns element options to choose max width and
    horizontal alignment
  • Added – Accordion element new style
  • Improved – Column element options ease of use
  • Improved – Mega menu now is full header size
  • Fixed – Unyson page builder color picker related issue

Version 2.6.2

  • Added – Option to change image gallery dots alignment
  • Added – New single image shadow option
  • Added – New list style
  • Fixed – Single Image bottom extra whitespace issue

Version 2.6.1

  • Added – Related posts for single blog page
  • Fixed – Missing Unyson color picker issue
  • Notice – Please skip Unyson 2.7.9 version if possible

Version 2.6.0

  • Added – Yellow Pencil Pro: Visual CSS Style Editor
  • Improved – Reduced theme size to more than 70%
  • Improved – Theme installation time
  • Improved – Server installation requirements, due to low
  • Removed – Outdated local demo (more than 400 files)

Version 2.5.6

  • Fixed blog post style excerpt not working
  • Fixed word translation issue
  • Fixed footer widgets disappearing

Version 2.5.5

  • Added – Construction demo
  • Added – New tab style
  • Added – Cart icon to header layout 7
  • Improved – RTL functionality
  • Improved – Child theme compatibility replacing theme files
  • Fixed – Mobile header dropdown freezes in some cases
  • Fixed – Mobile header navigation icon position issue
  • Fixed – Iconbox slider scroll animation issue with a few
  • Fixed – Parallax footer issue with mobile header

Version 2.5.4

  • Getting ready for construction demo
  • Added – New accordion style (left side)
  • Added – New header style
  • Improved – Heading element
  • Fixed – Header style 7 alignment issue
  • Fixed – Social Google plus icon not showing up

Version 2.5.3

  • Updated – Revolution slider plugin
  • Fixed – Internet Explorer logo link not working
  • Fixed – Notice feature remember feature bot working in some

Version 2.5.2

  • Added – Autospot demo
  • Added – Image points style option
  • Added – Option to write logo text
  • Added – Margin option for section
  • Added – Iconbox improved responsiveness option
  • Added – Option to center column elements in mobile view
  • Updated – Recommended plugin list
  • Updated – POT/translation file
  • Fixed – Not translatable string

Version 2.5.1

  • Added – Improved demo content installation method
  • Fixed – Fatal error when blog slider not found
  • Fixed – Lightbox related issue
  • Fixed – Section visibility option
  • Fixed – Slider carousel causes auto scroll issue
  • Improved – Multiple element options

Version 2.5.0

  • Added option to add pagination for portfolio element
  • Added option to add z-index for column element
  • Updated Revolution Slider to latest version
  • Updated simple line icons
  • Improved left header responsiveness
  • Improved blog small style heading size
  • Fixed WooCommerce product hover animation
  • Fixed header blank shopping cart design
  • Fixed NULL warning message
  • Fixed recent posts widget border issue
  • Fixed titlebar breadcrumbs color issue
  • Fixed image gallery auto scrolling whole page issue
  • Fixed Featured image hover issue
  • Fixed left header logo not clickable
  • Fixed various design layout issues

Version 2.4.13

  • Updated lightcase and slick plugins
  • Fixed overlapping logo on Left Header layout
  • Fixed issue when titlebar can’t be disabled
  • Fixed sticky mobile header is forced white
  • Fixed issue when mobile navigation link can’t be clicked
  • Fixed image gallery duplicate insue in lightbox
  • Fixed Firefox related slide navigation issue
  • Fixed light titlebar color issue
  • Fixed a few WooCommerce styling issues
  • Fixed subscribe alignment issue

Version 2.4.12

  • Improved page load speed performance
  • Fixed text editor dropdown issue
  • Fixed a single post SEO issue
  • Fixed a titlebar related SEO issues

Version 2.4.11

  • Added option to show copyrights text in multiple lines
  • Fixed HTML syntax error
  • Fixed footer widgets not appering

Version 2.4.10

  • Added option to change WooCommerce lightbox
  • Fixed outdated copies of some WooCommerce templates
  • Fixed WooCommerce lightbox not working on single page
  • Fixed child theme translation issue
  • Fixed image widget URL issue
  • Fixed portfolio 2.0 element categories issue
  • Fixed a few typos

Version 2.4.9

  • Updated Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version

Version 2.4.8

  • Added language switcher in header for WPML and Polylang
  • Added option to hide header logo (even if logo is added)
  • Improved portfolio page image alt attribute for SEO and
    lightbox purposes
  • Improved portfolio element image alt attribute for SEO
  • Improved (reduced) blog grid style image size for faster page
  • Fixed left header parallax footer alignment
  • Fixed some PHP language related issues
  • Fixed portfolio element issue, when lightbox isn’t working

Version 2.4.7

  • Fixed partners element IE scaling issue
  • Fixed WooCommerce recent product element carousel and columns
  • Fixed recent post widget wrong author URL issue
  • Fixed sticky header navigation issue

Version 2.4.6

  • Add option to change image size in single image element
  • Fixed WooCoomerce lightbox not working issue
  • Fixed Gravity forms styling issues
  • Fixed portfolio specific categories not working
  • Fixed iPad navigation dropdown hiding on scroll
  • Improved Unyson shortcode layout inside default editor

Version 2.4.5

  • Fixed WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility issues
  • Fixed issue when WooCommerce product out of stock info message
    isn’t visible
  • Fixed various other WooCommerce layout issues
  • Fixed issue when footer widgets isn’t hidden for some

Version 2.4.4

  • Added new select drop-down to improve theme ease of use
  • Added option to change partners element auto-play speed
  • Added option to change default portfolio page URL in
  • Fixed WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility
  • Fixed search Results for text in the breadcrumb is not
    translation ready
  • Fixed recent posts widget author URL does not work

Version 2.4.3

  • Fixed some category UI render issues
  • Fixed header navigation icons not working on mobile
  • Fixed mobile header render issues, when using right desktop
    header with side header
  • Fixed contacts form loader doesn’t show up
  • Fixed theme option – items additional information not
  • Fixed WooCommerce custom title in breadcrumb not working

Version 2.4.2

  • Improved Google Analytics integration
  • Fixed Visual Composer Compatiblity by creating special page
  • Fixed live documentation and support integration SSL issue

Version 2.4.1

  • Added
    startup demo
  • Added
    new style for contact form element
  • Added
    new option to change submit button colors for contact form
  • Added few options for heading and text elements
  • Added shadow and gradient options for icon element
  • Other various improvements

Version 2.4.0

  • Added portfolio demo
  • Added new portfolio 2.0 element
  • Added option for blog posts to select them by tags
  • Added heading pro option to make text extra light
  • Added new header layout
  • Added shortcode support for copyrights text
  • Fixed theme not showing included Revolution Slider updates
  • Fixed WooCommerce categories element columns option issue
  • Fixed WooCommerce dropdown issue in Firefox browser
  • Fixed issue, when tag, category and search pages doesn’t have
    the right header layout
  • Improved single post page SEO
  • Improved SEO for tag and category pages
  • Improved standard and sticky header position algorithm
  • Improved white border option
  • Improved portfolio single page
  • Other various improvements

Version 2.3.2

  • Added option to redirect portfolio item page URL to
    different page
  • Improved SEO for single image and image gallery
  • Fixed footer column count issue

Version 2.3.0, 2.3.1

  • Added option move header below titlebar
  • Added option for timeline to enqueue iframe
  • Increased Description Length limit
  • Improved iOS devices compatibility
  • Improved performance mode
  • Improved hamburger menu animation
  • Improved header search style 2
  • Improved Firefox navigation responsiveness
  • Improved side header responsiveness
  • Fixed typo in word length
  • Fixed social share issue for posts with special characters
  • Fixed few performance mode issues

Version 2.2.3

  • Added predefined templates for most of our
  • Fixed Slider Revolution error, when given slide is not
  • Fixed Vimeo embed bug
  • Fixed blog items per page not working
  • Fixed blog description length no working

Version 2.2.2

  • Added documentation inside theme settings panel
  • Added support forum window inside theme settings
  • Fixed tabs element typos
  • Other small improvements

Version 2.2.1

  • Added installation troubleshootingbutton with
    information block in demo installation page
  • Added option for pricing table to make first symbol small
    or large
  • Improved contact form error messages
  • Improved Facebook video compatibility
  • Fixed header type fo single product page
  • Fixed missing WooCommerce account link for header 4
  • Fixed WooCommerce items per page not working
  • Fixed countdown element typo
  • Fixed table element row issue
  • Fixed back to top hide issue
  • Fixed icon pack loading issue

Version 2.2.0

  • Added performance option to improve page loading
  • Added new option to make mobile header sticky
  • Added new options for Icon Box Slider element
  • Added option to embed content in accordions
  • Fixed customizer fatal error when Unyson is disabled
  • Fixed project page content issue
  • Fixed post warning issue
  • Fixed pagination issue for the front page

Version 2.1.1

  • Added full screen search option for header
  • Fixed customizer update issue
  • Fixed Slider Revolution installation issue

Version 2.1.0

  • Added option to disable one page navigation
  • Added Output HTML element support to use shortcode
  • Improved theme documentation
  • Improved WooCommerce variable product layout
  • Fixed customizer sync issue
  • Fixed portfolio page issue
  • Fixed hidden notice issue
  • Fixed PHP warning message
  • Fixed social share issue on mobile
  • Fixed column animation issue
  • Fixed timeline element PHP error

Version 2.0.4 and 2.0.5

  • Updated Jevelin Child theme with multiple
  • Updated Revolutin Slider plugin
  • Revolution Slider update fix
  • Fixed search page header layout
  • Fixed small typo

Version 2.0.3

  • Fixed mobile navigation button position
  • Fixed Custom CSS not working correctly
  • Fixed notice option JS error
  • IE browser compatiblity improvements

Version 2.0.2

  • Added 3 blog demos
  • Added option to use Revolution Slider as titlebar
  • Added option to add blog categories tabs
  • Added new blog styles
  • Added blog style option
  • Added image v2 widget
  • Fixed Google Maps API key issue
  • Various other improvments

Version 2.0.1

  • Added option to change header search results
  • Added option to change header icons size
  • Added new option style header
  • Improved IE compatibility
  • Fixed multiple WooCommerce bugs
  • Various other improvements

Version 2.0.0

  • Added shop demo
  • Added WooCommerce Categories element
  • Added new WooCommerce stylefor product items
  • Added lightbox carousel for image gallery element
  • Improved local basic demo installation speed by more than
  • Improved WooCommerce responsiveness for mobile devices
  • Improved theme loading speed
  • Updated basic demo files
  • Updated Revolution Slider version
  • Updated multiple JS and CSS plugins
  • Fixed parallax video not loading
  • Fixed multiple design flaws
  • Lot of other improvments

Versions 1.3.6 – 1.3.12

  • Added option to add Google maps API key
  • Added option for Icon Box Slider to change color
  • Improved header navigation for longer item names
  • Improved Heading Animation loading
  • Fixed blog layout issue, when there was no link icon
  • Fixed counter element issue with some numbers
  • Fixed Accordion scrolling issue
  • Fixed Toggler scrolling issue
  • Fixed Unsyon Framework notice issue
  • Fixed left side header footer alignment issue
  • Fix to improve page load time
  • Minor bug fix

Version 1.3.5

  • Updated Revolution slider to the latest version
  • Fixed parallax footer minor issue
  • Fixed blog post author image margin issue
  • Fixed widget image margin issue
  • Other minor changes

Version 1.3.4

  • Added support for WordPress Shortcodes extension
  • Improved page load speed(for some users more than
    50% speed increase)
  • Fixed portfolio widget overlay issue

Version 1.3.3

  • Fixed blog, portfolio overlay issues
  • Other minor fixes

Version 1.3.2

  • Added
    new landing 2 demo
  • Added
    new timeline style
  • Fixed minor issues

Version 1.3.1

  • Added
    iframe slider for portfolio
  • Updated WooCommerce files to support its latest version
  • Multiple bug fixes

Version 1.3.0

  • Added
    landing demo
  • Added
    additional font option for heading pro
  • Added
    new contact form style
  • Added
    option to hide section for mobile or desktop
  • Added
    option to add divider for partners element
  • Added
    option to remove portfolio links for single
  • Fixed parallax background side menu issue
  • Improved WooCommerce compatiblity

Version 1.2.5

  • Added option for blog posts element to get unlimited posts
  • Fixed minor issues

Version 1.2.4

  • Updated language file
  • Fixed plugin install error message

Version 1.2.3

  • Added
    WooCommerce 2.6.0 support
  • Added
    WooCommerce login buttoninside header 3 style
  • Added
    popover option for single image element
  • Fixed input space scroll issue
  • Fixed some header position issues
  • Fixed mobile header not showing up
  • Fixed faulty custom CSS breaks page styling
  • Removed local wedding demo to favor remote demos
  • Updated demo content page data

Version 1.2.2

  • Improved Google fonts enqueue
  • Improved header social icons placement
  • Fixed body styling issues
  • Fixed Google Adsense issues
  • Fixed parallax footer option issue

Version 1.2.1

  • Updated
    Revolution Slider plugin
  • Updated
    TGM Plugin Activation plugin
  • Updated theme options cover
  • Fixed social icons URL issue
  • Fixed body font enqueue issue
  • Other minor improvements

Version 1.2

  • Added
    boxed demo
  • Added
    new blog posts element layout
  • Added
    mega menu support for 5 columns
  • Added
    new back to top button layout
  • Added
    new styles for table element
  • Updated basic demo
  • Updated corporate demo
  • Updated few plugins
  • Improved one-page navigation
  • Improved multi-site compatibility
  • Improved Mozilla Firefox and Safari compatibility
  • Improved contact form element
  • Fixed tab content shortcode render issue
  • Fixed parallax footer position issue

Version 1.1

  • Added
    corporate demo
  • Added
    new team layout
  • Added
    new portfolio filter layout
  • Added
    new icon box slider element
  • Added
    new button style
  • Added
    new parallax footer option
  • Added few new animations
  • Improved page loader animations
  • Improved button element options
  • Updated theme options style
  • Other improvements

Version 1.0.8

  • Added
    RTL support(right to left text)

Version 1.0.7

  • Reduced theme size by 60%(by adding remote
  • Added new
    portfolio overlay
  • Improved portfolio taxonomies
  • Improved portfolio links and hovers
  • Updated Wedding demo content
  • Other minor improvements

Version 1.0.6

  • Added
    wedding demo
  • Added new
    portfolio layout
  • Added popover for pricing table
  • Added iPad landscape navigation option
  • Updated Slider Revolution plugin
  • Improved divider shortcode
  • Improved text in frame shortcode
  • Improved basic demo database size
  • Multiple bug fixes

Version 1.0.5

  • Added
    Customizer support
  • Added few new options for divider shortcode
  • Minor improvements

Version 1.0.4

  • Added
    Contact Form 7support
  • Minor improvements

Version 1.0.3

  • Contact form shortcode design improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.0.2

  • Added fitness demo
  • Added event shortcode
  • Added text in frame shortcode
  • Added few new options
  • Minor bug fixes

Versions 1.0.0, 1.0.1

  • Initial releases

Yin & Yang is a
responsive, and easy-to-use
portfoliotheme. Quick to setup and easy to
customize, thanks to the powerful admin panel, and the detailed
documentation, Yin & Yang is the perfect theme for showcasing
your most important work directly in front of your potential

Yin & Yang has got you covered on all fronts, so if
you ever get stuck on anything, rest assured that you’re going to
get the help of a professional, if and when you need it, because
Yin & Yang comes with
excellent customer support.

Theme Updates

  • Oct 23 2015 — Minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • Sep 30 2015 — Minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • Sep 09 2015 — Major milestone. With this update, the theme has
    been made fully responsive and retina-ready.
  • Jun 01 2014 — Major improvements to the admin/back-end part of
    the theme, and the introduction of a few new features.
  • Mar 05 2013 — Minor bug fixes.
  • Dec 05 2012 — Improvements and minor bug fixes.
  • Jul 30 2012 — Minor bug fixes.
  • Feb 16 2012 — Minor bug fixes.
  • Jan 06 2012 — Minor changes to the style of the Theme Options
  • Dec 07 2011 — Minor bug fixes and the extension of portfolio
    items to hold up to ten images each, instead of five.

Theme Features

  • Fully responsive and retina-ready
  • Excellent customer support
  • Unique animations and transitions
  • Carefully handcrafted
  • Semantic and clean HTML5
  • Coded with progessive enhancement and SEO in mind
  • Strong focus on user-experience, usability, and beautiful
  • WordPress 3.0+ ready (featured images, custom post types,
    custom menus)
  • Unbranded theme options
  • Extensive documentation
  • Localisation support
  • 6 Widget areas
  • Filterable and ajaxified portfolio
  • Awesome jQuery slider
  • Readable and well-documented code
  • Threaded comments
  • Drop-down menus
  • Custom default gravatar support
  • Custom 404 page
  • And much, much more…

Need support?

First of
all, thank you so much for purchasing one of my themes. I really
appreciate it.

All support is handled via a dedicated support forum, available
at , so please head out there, and open up a ticket, in case you
have any questions, and I will do my utmost to reply in a timely

If you can help adding new languages to SCRN, you can help
here Thank you!


SCRNis a one page responsive portfolio wordpress
theme. Perfect to promote your work or your business. Is compatible
with all modern mobile devices. Other than the minimalistic single
page design, it also has a blog.
Now it also supports videos in the porfolios!This
one page WordPress theme is seriously what you’ve been looking

Since 2.6, it now has Visual Composer integrated which can
be easily used to create the homepage elements!

Main features

  • Responsive
  • Advanced theme options panel
  • Lots of Visual composer blocks
  • Fully localized
  • Single Page
  • Sticky Navigation
  • HTML5 /CSS3
  • jQuery-powered Contact form
  • Social icons included

Very customizable

Customizing the site is very easy via the WordPress Customizer


SCRN can easily be translated in any other language you want,
you can find the po and mo language files in the /languages/
folder, just translate them with PoEdit. By default the theme
includes the default
englishtranslation and the

Well documented

You’re new to WordPress? Or just want to easily learn how to use
our theme? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Our documentation is
very extensive and covers all the features including page
templates, shortcodes, homepage and even how to install the

Sample data

You can easily achieve the same look as our demo for the with
our sample data files

Updates history

Version 2.4
– 26 november 2014
  • – Fixed homepage data(contact form 7 short code, footer social
    icons and other info from the homepage that was using the old $scrn
    variable, now it uses $teo_data)
Version 2.6 +
2.7 – 9 july 201
  • – replaced the old page builder with the popular Visual
    Composer (latest version as of july 2017)
  • – updated the design to be more modern, all the elements were
    changed, while keeping the overall structure of the original
  • – updated the sliders, all of them are responsive now
  • – switched all the front-end code to bootstrap
  • – updated all the code to be compliant to the theme check
Version 2.4
– 26 november 2014
  • – Fixed homepage data(contact form 7 short code, footer social
    icons and other info from the homepage that was using the old $scrn
    variable, now it uses $teo_data)
Version 2.3
– 23 november 2014
  • – added slideshow option for the top header image
  • – updated Redux
  • – updated flexslider and added its font
  • – flexslider bug fixes
  • – renamed global $scrn variable to $teo_data
  • – added meta info option(to show / hide the meta info)
  • – added support Chinese Simplified, Norwegiand and Estonian
  • – fix for the blog page template(it was adding the space for
    the sidebar even it the page was full width)
  • – Option for single posts and pages to have a sidebar
  • – Improved contact form functionality, now it uses WordPress
  • – Changed the default number of portfolio posts in the
    filterable portfolio from 15 to 21
  • – allowing html content in filterable portfolio, both the
    shortcode and the page builder block
  • – fixed wpml-config.xml
2.2 – 30 march
  • updated options panel to a new, more powerful panel
  • new typography options for the options panel
  • support for WordPress customizer, in Appearance >
  • fix for filterable portfolio block in the page builder
  • fixed the date in the footer box
  • fixed the width for the page builder blocks in the back-end,
    for WordPress 3.8, to show on 2 columns
  • the border lines near the page titles are now hidden on mobile
  • fixed the mobile menu when a menu is not created in Appearance
    > Menus
  • updated sample data
2.0 – 2.1 –
December 2013
  • – Added wpml compatibility
  • – fixed the archive / search / tag / category pages, removed
  • – removed the function for order by post__in from functions.php
    since WordPress already added this feature
  • – option to have the blog posts on the homepage directly
  • – new styling for blog page / blog posts
1.6 – 12 july 2013
  • – adjusted the size of the top heading text for better reading
    on mobile devices and tablets
  • – fixed the link on the “zoom” icon in the filterable
    portfolio, if the first slide is a video, it should take the first
    image available.
  • – fixed the top background image, to be centered instead of
    aligned to the left
1.5 – 11 july 2013
  • – added an option for a top logo
  • – added new icons(tumblr, instagram and feedburner)
  • – fixed the filterable portfolio on mobile devices
  • – replaced all the old meta boxes with new ones, better
  • – added option for videos in the filterable portfolio
  • – put all the footer info in just one file, footer.php
  • – updated the list of google web fonts
  • – fixed the Close button, now it works even if you don’t set
    the other button
  • – fixed the filterable portfolio category switcher, now it
    closes any already-open portfolio post
  • – added the
    urlparameter for the service shortcode icons, so
    the user can link it somewhere else
  • – made the social icons open in new tabs.
1.4 – 3 april 2013
  • – added youtube icon in the header
  • – fixed the contact form submit url
  • – fixed some HTML validation issues
  • – added the alt attribute to all the images
  • – fixed the titles of the other pages(different from the
    homepage) for better SEO optimization
  • – added close button for the filterable portfolio
  • – added smooth scroll to the portfolio details once you click
    on the “more” icon.
  • – added the footer info to all the pages(not just the
  • – created pages for the tags and archive pages
  • – made it possible to use html tags in the portfolio
1.2 – 27 december
  • Added select menu for mobile
  • Added custom post type “Portfolio”
  • Added filterable portfolio
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Updated language files
  • Added sidebar option on blog page / normal pages
  • Added a parallax-like effect on the background / separator
  • Updated the docs
1.1 – 10 september
  • Fixed the background image on iOS
  • added clear: both after the post title on homepage
  • fixed the top smaller header text font in the theme
  • fixed the heading image on iOS
  • Some smartphones/tablets fixes
september 2012 – theme release

Sources and

The following files and images were used in this theme, thanks
to everyone!

I believe every client should be happy, so I’ll do my best to
assist all of you with whatever issues you have with the theme.
I’ll answer questions about minor customization as well, but not
for some more advanced customization requests or re-design
requests. If you have any issues with 3rd party plugins, I suggest
you to contact the plugin’s developer, as he knows better the code
of that plugin and can better assist you.

After you test the theme and our support/documentation,
please leave feedback on themeforest. Thank you so much!

Theme Details

Photolux is a
powerful and elegantPortfolio and Photography
WordPress Theme which is best suited for photographers and
creatives who use portfolios to showcase their work. Photolux theme
is powered by the
advanced Pexeto Panel, which provides
tons of optionsto manage and modify any aspect of
the theme – it is well suited for both beginners with no coding
knowledge and developers. The theme comes with three base skin
Transparent, as well as numerous of backend
options for eazy customization and bulding your skin.

Photolux includes a
flexible and uniqueAJAX gallery with awesome
jQuery animations and effects, which comes with lots of options
available for its items. For each gallery item you have the options

– dynamically open an image slider with a nice jQuery animation,
containing lots of additional images attached to the item (lots of
images can be uploaded at once)

– open an image lightbox as image gallery attached to the item
(lots of images can be uploaded at once)

– play video in lightbox

– open item content in a new page

– open a custom link in a new page

Also there are lots of options that can be set to the gallery
pages, for example:

different image sizes– the default image size can
be changed on each gallery page

unlimited gallery pages– you can create as many
galleries as you need with different image sets

– “Black & White” – for each gallery page you can set an
automatic “Black & White” image effect – the effect is
generated automaticallyby the theme, so you don’t
have to create separate images for this effect

– dynamic AJAX category filter (can be enabled/disabled per

Responsive Design

The theme is responsive, so that
it fits and looks great on different devices
desktop, mobile phones and tablets. Also, the main gallery slider
supports finger gestures, so it is very easy to navigate between
the images on touch devices.

Styling Options

The theme comes with 3 base skins – Dark, Light and Dark
Transparent. After you choose your skin, you have options to
change the colorsand background used in the theme.
We have also included a color picker to make color choice even
easier. Additionally, the theme comes with 34 different background
patterns that you can choose from and if you would like to use your
own custom background, the theme also provides an option to upload
your own background pattern image or full width background

Note:The skin switching functionality from the drop-down
menu on the demo site is for demonstration purposes only (so you
can preview the different skins) and is not part of the theme – by
default the theme skin can be selected from the options panel of
the WordPress admin.


There is an amazing fullscreen image slideshow included with the
theme – it provides an option to completely hide the navigation
sections and display the images in the full size of the window.

Font Management

The theme provides a friendly user interface to implement
Cufon Fontreplacement and
Google API Fonts. For the Cufon font replacement
you can either use one of the fonts that the theme comes with or
upload your own custom font. For the Google Fonts
we have created a section where you can enable as many fonts as you
like just by adding the URL the API provides. You can check out the
font management section

Styling Buttons

The theme includes an unique set of buttons that allow you to
insert the styled content into your editor area.
In this way, you can easily organize your content while creating it
without having to save and preview your page with every change you

Lightroom Integration

The service can be used to publish / export your photos and
collections from Lightroom to WordPress and to keep them
synchronized. Jordy Meow, the creator of WP/LR Sync has recently
released a that adds support for our themes to the WP/LR Sync
service – with this extension enabled, the portfolio items (and
their categories) in Photolux will be synchronized with your
Lightroom (photos, collections, and collection sets). Please note
that the WP/LR Sync service does not come with the theme and has to
be purchased separately.


The theme comes with a
detailed documentation, which includes examples,
screenshots and all the main instructions you will need to
customize your site. Additionally, we have included a “Beginners”
section which includes some helpful links about working with
WordPress and instructions about what steps to follow when setting
the theme.

Content Editor

This theme supports the WordPress classic editor only and a
major part of its elements rely on the classic editor. This
requires installing the .

Other Key

  • Unlimited Sidebars – dynamic sidebar generation
  • SEO section included, allowing you to add key words, change
    title structure, exclude pages from indexation, etc.
  • Easy page layout changing – for each page you can choose
    between left sidebar, right sidebar and full width layout
  • Nivo slider included
  • Option to disable right click
  • Full width background image option – you can set one globally
    to the whole theme, or you can set different ones to the different
  • Easy theme translation – all the custom words used within the
    theme can be very easily changed from the admin panel. We have also
    included a .po file if additional languages will be used.
  • Easy logo replacement
  • Separate portfolio section
  • WordPress 3.0 Custom Menu Support
  • jQuery Tabs
  • AJAX contact form
  • Sociable Icons section in footer
  • Comments with reply functionality (multiple levels depth)
  • Multi level drop-down menu
  • Lost of styled elements included
  • PSD Files included
  • A bonus widget included – Portfolio Posts Loader displaying the
    latest items in the sidebar with lightbox preview
  • Works and looks similar in all major browsers: Internet
    Exlorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome


  • Version 2.3.9:

    – Preparation for WordPress 5.0: Make the Classic Editor plugin
    required by default. The theme supports the classic editor only and
    a major part of its elements rely on the classic editor. You can
    learn more in .

    – Load the gallery YouTube and Vimeo lightbox video players
    over https

  • Version 2.3.8:

    – Add support for the WordPress 4.9.6 comment form cookie

  • Version 2.3.7:

    – Updated the contact form reCAPTCHA widget to version 2, since
    version 1 of the reCAPTCHA API is now deprecated and will be shut
    down in March 2018. This Requires generating new API keys. Please
    refer to the section of the documentation for more details.

    – General code improvements and minor bug fixes

  • Version 2.3.6:

    – Removed the Envato Toolkit Library that handles automatic
    updates due to the retirement of the old Envato API (that Envato
    Toolkit uses). Implemented a script to install the , which is the
    new tool to install automatic updates from the dashboard. For more
    information please refer to the section of the documentation.

  • Version 2.3.5:

    – Fixed: Hovering last menu item on Safari makes it blink

    – Fixed: Image URLs displayed in red in the Nivo slider
    management section with WP 4.6

  • Version 2.3.4:

    – Fixed: issue with tabs and accordion elements with WordPress

    – Code improvements

  • Version 2.3.3:

    – Fixed: Issue with the grid gallery slider on the latest
    version of Firefox (41.0.1)

  • Version 2.3.2:

    – Updated the PrettyPhoto lightbox plugin to version 3.1.6

  • Version 2.3.1:

    – Fixed: Security fix: escaped the URLs every time the
    add_query_arg() function is used to fix the recently found function

    – Fixed: editor buttons lightbox dialog – media window
    displayed behind the dialog on Chrome

    – Fixed: the navigation button display of the Simple Google Map

  • Version 2.3.0:

    – Added: Social sharing icons for the pages, blog posts and
    portfolio posts

    – Improved: Pexeto Panel redesigned – Pexeto Panel now comes
    with a fresh new design

    – Improved: Replaced the Timthumb image resizing script with
    the Aqua Resizer script

    – Improved: Replaced the image upload functionality with a
    Media Library image select

    – Improved: Updated the Envato WordPress Toolkit library to the
    latest version

    – Improved: Contact form – added a sender email option to avoid
    messages failing to be sent due to the Yahoo DMARC reject policy

    – Improved: Print the custom CSS styles applied from the
    options panel into the head of the document instead of loading them
    as a separate file

    – Fixed: Some compatibility issues with the upcoming WordPress
    4.1 (dialogs in the admin panel)

    – Other general improvements and minor bug fixes

  • Version 2.2.0:

    – Implemented a CAPTCHA option for the contact form – for more
    information please refer to the Contact Form Page section

    – Implemented a Custom Order functionality to the Portfolio
    section ( Portfolio » Custom Order section) that allows reordering
    the portfolio items by dragging and dropping them

    – Fixed: recent posts widget date mispositioned when the
    “Display post date” option is enabled

    – Fixed: page editor buttons -> Add Button dialog ->
    color picker displayed behind the dialog

    – Other improvements and minor bug fixes

  • Version 2.1.0:

    -Implemented social network sharing buttons in the gallery
    slider – you can activate them in the Photolux Options ->
    General -> Social Icons -> “Gallery slider sharing icons”

    -WooCommerce improvements – added a custom woocommerce template
    for some layout and style improvements

    -General code improvements and minor bug fixes

  • Version 2.0.1:

    – WordPress 3.7 Update: in this update WordPress removed the
    titles added to the WordPress Gallery (or as we call it Quick
    Gallery) items and therefore the titles are not displayed in the
    lightbox preview. We have applied some filters to the generated
    markup so that the titles are displayed in the lightbox.

    – Mobile menu functionality improvements

    – Other code improvements and minor bug fixes

  • Version 2.0.0:

    Photolux is now responsive

    – General code, design and functionality improvements – as this
    is a major update, implementing the responsive layout required many
    modifications to the default theme code and design

    – Updated Nivo slider, Mousewheel and PrettyPhoto to the latest

    – Prepared the theme’s code and some of the back-end
    functionality for the upcoming WordPress 3.6

    – Added Instagram and 500px icons to the default footer icons

  • Version 1.4.1:

    – Changed the way the lightbox items description is retrieved
    in the gallery – now both “Alt text” and “Caption” fields can be
    used to add a description to the image

    – Made the Portfolio Posts Loader widget retrieve the preview
    image URL when a gallery is inserted into the content of the item
    and there is no Preview Image set

  • Version 1.4.0:

    – Added support for the new WordPress 3.5 gallery management
    functionality to the grid gallery portfolio items

    – In the grid gallery added an option to generate the thumbnail
    image from the first image of the image set added to the item, when
    a preview image is not set

    – Updated Timthumb to the latest version

    – Updated the instructions in the documentation for the new
    WordPress 3.5

    – Small code improvements

  • Version 1.3.1:

    – Fixed a pagination issue in the blog that was raised with the
    new WordPress 3.4

    – Fixed a small positioning issue of the fullscreen slider
    images on iPhone

  • Version 1.3.0:

    – Implemented an image partial loading functionality for the
    horizontal slider in the Grid Gallery. With this functionality, the
    slider can be displayed before all the images are loaded and the
    rest of the images get loaded dynamically while you can browse the
    already loaded ones.

    – Implemented an Automatic Theme Update functionality

    – Updated Timthumb to the latest version

    – Added a Pinterest button to the sociable icons set

    – Fixed an issue about positioning the fullscreen background

    – Added some other small improvements

  • Version 1.2.0:

    – Implemented a
    Full-height fullscreen slideshowtemplate which is
    suitable for both portrait and landscape oriented images. You can
    see an example .

    – Included an option to
    link directlyto an item in a slider in the Grid
    Gallery – you can see an example

    – Included an option to add descriptions in lightbox to the
    additional images in the Grid Gallery

    – iPhone/iPad improvements

    – Updated Timthumb to the latest version available

    – Added some other small improvements and fixed some small

  • Version 1.1.2:

    – Improved even more the fullscreen slideshow functionality and
    the fullscreen background image for the different window sizes

    – Added an option to append a “Back to gallery” button in the
    end of the gallery slider

    – Added an option to disable the overlay pattern on the
    fullwidth images

    – Updated Timthumb to the latest version available

    – Fixed an issue about footer not sticking to the bottom of the
    page on larger screens

    – Added some other small improvements

  • Version 1.1.1:

    – Improved the fullscreen slideshow functionality for the
    different window sizes

    – Added an option to set a different full width background
    image for the different pages

    – Added an option to disable right click

    – Improved the contact widget functionality regarding the
    default input texts

    – Added some other small coding/styling improvements

  • Version 1.1.0:

    – implemented a
    fullscreen slideshow, you can check it out


    Thanks for the great resources to:

    • Social Media Icons
    • Pixel patterns
    • Repeatable Pixel Patterns
    • Tango icons:
    • Vector Patterns
    • Seamless Patterns

    Note:The images used on the demo site are for
    demonstration purposes only and are not included in the download

    Check out
    our other products:

    WordPress Themes

Elementor theme on the market

Phlox Pro, Elementor Ultimate Multipurpose WordPress theme for all
type of websites!

Phlox is the
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Have your site the way you like it, even more
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Elementor theme on Market

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Real premium demos like no others built in
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All the demos are avaiable in Elementor and Phlox comes with a
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Not only exclusive elements but also pixel perfect modules

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Thanks to the unified and modern design of Phlox, your website
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combinethe power of
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  • Use the
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  • Use portfolio visual options to
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  • Use go pricing table to create a
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Best choice
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Since Phlox developed with the focus on freelancer needs as
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True blogging

Whether you are a
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Beautiful online

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Slider (exclusive slider)

Phlox theme is made by
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Compatible with the best plugins

We made Phlox compatible with the
most popular pluginsto make sure your site
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  • Site Origin Page Builder
  • Instagram Feed
  • Yoast SEO
  • Recent Tweets Widget
  • Autoptimize
  • Custom Facebook Feed
  • Related Posts
  • Contact Form 7
  • WP ULike
  • Image Optimization
  • Visual CSS Style Editor
  • Popular Posts
  • Flickr Justified Gallery
  • Visual CSS Style Editor
  • MailChimp for WordPress
  • SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle
  • WooCommerce
  • WordPress Popular Posts

Site layouts

Almost any layouts that you can imagine are available in Phlox
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Header layouts

There are
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  • Sticky header
  • Burger Menu
  • Fullscreen Menu
  • Vertical Menu
  • Top header bar

Page title
layouts freedom

There is
8 different predefinedstyles to choose from and
21 advanced optionsto make customization on your
page title, wait thatu2019s not all, you set
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Page layouts

Enjoy the possibility of having
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You want to have
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Fancy transitions

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Do you like the way images are displayed on Flickr website? or
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As we all know, to
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Right to Leftlayout or languages. The good news is
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Support documentation and updates

That’s why we are hear. The
feedbacksfrom our lovely customers is the
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We are dedicated for releasing fast, regular and reliable
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Theme Overview

Photography is a responsive clean and minimal WordPress theme
for Photography Creative Portfolio web site. Built with the latest
Wordpress technology. Photography support responsive layout so it
looks great on all devices. It has predefined styling for
photographer, creative designer, design agency which can be
imported with one click.


Make Money out of your photography

  • WooCommerceStart selling your photograph and
    artwork quickly with WooCommerce Plugin
  • Direct Purchase link option supportfor each images
    Increase your image selling by offering the link of direct purchase
    for each image to your customers. Customers just click the purchase
    link of each image they would like to buy.

Present Works to Client Professionally

  • Client’s Galleries with Login SupportTheme
    provides features for photographer to create client pages which
    display assigned galleries of each client and also support password
    protected for each client pages
  • Photo ProofingNot only theme supports password
    protected gallery but also photo proofing feature. So, you can
    provide an access to certain gallery and let your customer approve
    or reject images within gallery easily.
  • Client Archive PageWith theme’s client module, you
    can assign multiple galleries to each client. You can also create
    client archive page so it displays all clients on single page. Your
    clients just a click on their image to login to see their
  • Customer ProtectionTheme support password
    protected gallery, right click protection and image dragging
    protection to protect your work

Various Options for getting started

Uniquely show your works & photographs using a variety of
gallery and portfolio layouts or built-in content builder.

  • 70+ predesign template for photo gallery &
    Photography focuses on gallery & portfolio
    modules to let you show your works uniquely and require simple
    steps to create with our pre-defined templates and content
    • GalleryGallery is the great way to show groups of
      pictures on your website and you can easily upload multiple images
      into gallery.
    • PortfolioPortfolio is for displaying your works on
      your website including text, image and video (Youtube, Vimeo,
      Self-Hosted Video and Custom link)
  • Awesome 24 Predefined DemosGet your website
    working in short time with our pre-defined 24 demos covering light
    and dark scheme.
  • Only One Click for Importing Demo ContentsQuickly
    and easily import our demo contents including pages, posts,
    sliders, widgets, theme options and other settings with only one
  • 9 Predefined Single Portfolio LayoutsDisplay your
    portfolio professionally and easily by our predefined single
    portfolio layout.
  • 10 Blog TemplatesMultiple single blog post layouts
    are the powerful features to use in different purposes. Post
    content is flexible to display with images, gallery slider show or
    with other video source ex. Youtube, Vimeo, and self-hosted video
    Also, blog post support various content including photo, gallery,
    video, soundcloud etc.
  • 8 Menu Layoutswith 8 menu styles and various
    customizable options so you can easily create your own menu

Amazing Builder

  • Intuitive Live Content BuilderKeynote app-like
    interface with live preview so anyone can create beautiful page
    easily. This Content Builder includes both Live Mode and Classic
    Mode. For Live Mode, you can see the results of change instantly.
    But if you familiar with our builder, you can work with Classic
    Mode to develop faster.
    • Easy to Use Keynote-like interfaceIntuitive
      content builder with keynote app-like interface. Clear overview
      content inspector and preview changes instantly.
    • Add & Manage Contents VisuallyInstead of
      showing icon, when you select contents to add to page, it display
      screenshot of content visually.
    • Responsive PreviewSee and Work with responsive
      layout instantly within content builder.
    • Drag & Drop Content BuilderCreate your
      multiple layouts in a single page without touching theme code by
      dragging and dropping our various pre-defined content modules
      including portfolio, gallery, blog, testimonials and etc. Let’s try
      the powerful built-in builder.
    • Save as TemplatePortfolio & Page can be saved
      as template in order to apply to new pages. This saves time to
      develop new portfolio and page.
  • Fully integrated with WordPress CustomizerModify
    Appearance settings in a live preview. No matter what you change
    elements colors, background, typography, layout type, text or
    images, you will see the results instantly.
    • Develop your website to be responsive easily.Just
      only one click in Live Customizer to show the results in responsive
      view including on laptops, tablet or mobile phone.
    • Styled Typography in Live PreviewOver 500+ Google
      Fonts are included with all styles and Font changes will be shown
      in live preview via Customizer. You can change font size, style,
      color using without touching code.
      • Easily set different typography of Main Content Font Family,
        Main Content Font Size, H1-H6 Font Family, H1-H6 Font Weight, and
        H1-H6 Font Size.
      • Simply change Button Font Family.
      • Also, simply set dissimilar typography of Menu Font Family,
        Menu Font Size, Menu Padding, Menu Font Weight, Menu Font Spacing,
        and Menu Font Text Transform.
      • Also, easily set SubMenu Font Size, SubMenu Font Weight,
        SubMenu Font Spacing, and SubMenu Text Transform (None, Uppercase,
        Lowercase, and Capitalize).
      • Simply change Side Menu Font Family, Side Menu Font Size, Side
        Menu Font Spacing ,and Side Menu Text Transform (None, Uppercase,
        Lowercase, and Capitalize).
      • Moreover, effortlessly change Page Header Padding Top, Page
        Header Padding Bottom, Page Title Font Size, Page Title Font
        Weight, Page Title Font Spacing and Page Title Text Transform
        (None, Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize)
      • In addition, easily change Content Builder Header Font Size and
        Content Builder Header Text Transform (None, Uppercase, Lowercase,
      • Furthermore, easily change Page Title Font Size, Page Tagline
        Font Weight, Page Tagline Font Spacing and Page Tagline Text
        Transform (None, Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize)
      • Last but not least, easily change Widget Title Font Family,
        Widget Title Font Size, Widget Title Font Weight, Widget Title Font
        Spacing and Widget Title Text Transform (None, Uppercase,
        Lowercase, and Capitalize).
    • Image OptionsRight Click and Image Dragging
      Protection can easily enable only one click. So does Kenburns
      Effect for Gallery and Portfolio Options.
    • Amazing BackgroundsEasily applying images,
      patterns and colors in background of your site. Also, various
      repeat options are available.
      • Easily set different background of Main Content Background
        Color, Input and Textarea Background Color, and Button Background
      • Besides, simply set varying background of Menu Background
        Color, Menu Background Image, Menu Background Repeat, Menu
        Background Size, Menu Background Attachment and Menu Background
      • Also, effortlessly set Sub Menu Hover State Background Color
        and Sub Menu Background Color.
      • Moreover, easily change Top Bar Background Color.
      • In addition, simply change Side Menu Background Color, Side
        Menu Background Image, Side Menu Background Repeat, Side Menu
        Background Size, Side Menu Background Attachment, and Side Menu
        Background Position.
      • Also, easily change Search Input Background Color.
      • Moreover, effortlessly set Page Header Background Color, Footer
        Background Color, Footer Background Image, Footer Background
        Repeat, Footer Background Size, Footer Background Attachment, and
        Footer Background Position.
    • Unlimited ColorsEasily control your elements
      colors of your website using color picker
      • Simply change dissimilar color of Main Content Background
        Color, Page Content Font Color, Page Content Link Color, Page
        Content Hover Link Color, H1-H6 Font Color, and Horizontal Line
      • Easily set different colors of Input and Textarea Background
        Color, Input and Textarea Font Color, Input and Textarea Border
        Color, Input and Textarea Focus State Color, Button Background
        Color, Button Font Color, Button Border Color.
      • Also, change Frame Color with ease.
      • Moreover, simply set unlike color of Menu Background Color,
        Menu Font Color, Menu Hover State Font Color, Menu Active State
        Font Color and Menu Bar Border Color
      • Also, submenu can be set including Sub Menu Font Color, Sub
        Menu Hover State Font Color, Sub Menu Hover State Background Color,
        Sub Menu Background Color, and Sub Menu Border Color
      • Easily change Mega Menu Header Font Color and Mega Menu Border
      • Top Bar Background Color and Top Bar Menu Font Color can be
        changed easily.
      • Also, easily change Side Menu Background Color, Side Menu Font
        Color, and Side Menu Hover State Font Color
      • Effortlessly change Search Input Background Color and Search
        Input Font Color.
      • Simply change Page Header Background Color, Page Title Font
        Color, and Page Tagline Font Color.
      • Easily change Sidebar Font Color, Sidebar Link Color, Sidebar
        Hover Link Color and Sidebar Widget Title Font Color.
      • Easily change Page Footer Background Color, Footer Font Color,
        Footer Link Color, Footer Hover Link Color, Footer Border Color and
        Footer Social Icon Color.
    • Responsive DesignWith users’ behavior focus, every
      pages are designed to look great on all devices no matter what
      devices users are on laptops, tablet or mobile phone. In case, you
      would like to deactivate responsive feature, only one click is
      required in your live customizer backend.
    • FrameFrame can be enable for site layout by only
      one click. Also, you can choose easily the Frame Color by the color
    • Boxed & Wide LayoutEffortlessly select the
      boxed and wide layout in live customizer which reflect the result
      back to you instantly.
    • Social SharingSharing Social Button can be applied
      to all pages by only one click.
    • Content
      • Easily set different typography of Main Content Font Family,
        Main Content Font Size, H1-H6 Font Family, H1-H6 Font Weight, and
        H1-H6 Font Size.
      • Also, easily set different background of Main Content
        Background Color, Page Content Font Color, Page Content Link Color,
        Page Content Hover Link Color, H1-H6 Font Color, and Horizontal
        Line Color.
      • In addition, simply change Input and Textarea Background Color,
        Input and Textarea Font Color, Input and Textarea Border Color,
        Input and Textarea Focus State Color, Button Background Color,
        Button Font Color, and Button Border Color.
    • Navigation
      • General
        • Menu LayoutVarious options to choose your menu
          layout; for instance, Left Align, Center Align, Left Vertical,
          Hamburger Menu + Open Side Menu and Hamburger Menu (Off-Canvas Side
          Menu Navigation) + Open Fullscreen Menu
        • Sticky MenuOnly one click is required for fixed
          main menu when scrolling. Moreover,
          Light & Dark Sticky Menu Color Schemeis
          available to match your style in your web site.
      • Typography
        • Easily change Menu Font Family, Menu Font Size, Menu Padding,
          Menu Font Weight, Menu Font Spacing, and Menu Font Text
      • Colors
        • Simply change Menu Font Color, Menu Hover State Font Color,
          Menu Active State Font Color, and Menu Bar Border Color.
      • Backgrounds
        • Effortlessly set varying background of Menu Background Color,
          Menu Background Image, Menu Background Repeat, Menu Background
          Size, Menu Background Attachment and Menu Background Position
      • Sub MenuSubmenu can be set including SubMenu Font
        Size, SubMenu Font Weight, SubMenu Font Spacing, SubMenu Font Text
        Transform, Sub Menu Font Color, Sub Menu Hover State Font Color,
        Sub Menu Hover State Background Color, Sub Menu Background Color,
        and Sub Menu Border Color.
      • Mega MenuTheme comes with mega menu support so you
        can display navigation links into columns which allow you to
        organize large number of menu items
        • Change Mega Menu Header Font Color and Mega Menu Border Color
          by color picker with ease
      • Top Bar
        • Only one click is required for displaying Top Bar above main
        • In addition, Top Bar Background Color and Top Bar Menu Font
          Color can be changed easily.
      • Contact InfoContact Hours and Contact Phone Number
        can be set. Moreover, only one click is required for opening Top
        Bar Social Icons link in new window
      • Side Menu
        • Only one click is required to enable Side Menu on Desktop
        • Easily change Side Menu Background Color, Side Menu Font Color
          and Side Menu Hover State Font Color by color picker
        • Easily set Side Menu Background Image by just browsing the
        • Moreover, simply change Background Repeat, Background Size,
          Background Attachment, and Background Position with ease.
        • Also, effortlessly change Side Menu Font Family, Side Menu Font
          Size, and Side Menu Font Text Transform (None, Uppercase,
          Lowercase, Capitalize)
      • Side Menu Search
        • Only one click is required to enable Instance Search and Search
          Form in header of side menu.
        • Moreover, easily change Search Input Background Color and
          Search Input Font Color by color picker.
    • Header
      • Background
        • Only one click is required to enable add Blur Effect to header
          background image when scrolling pass it
        • Easily change Page Header Background Color by color picker
      • Page Title
        • Effortlessly change Page Header Padding Top, Page Header
          Padding Bottom, Page Title Font Size, Page Title Font Weight, Page
          Title Font Spacing and Page Title Text Transform (None, Uppercase,
          Lowercase, Capitalize)
        • Easily change Page Title Font Color by color picker
      • Page Title with Background Image
        • Easily change Page Title with Background Image Height in
      • Content Builder Header
        • Easily change Content Builder Header Font Size and Content
          Builder Header Text Transform (None, Uppercase, Lowercase,
      • Page Tagline & Sub Title
        • Easily change Page Tagline Font Color by color picker
        • In addition, easily change Page Title Font Size, Page Tagline
          Font Weight, Page Tagline Font Spacing and Page Tagline Text
          Transform (None, Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize)
    • Sidebar
      • Typography
        • Easily change Widget Title Font Family, Widget Title Font Size,
          Widget Title Font Weight, Widget Title Font Spacing and Widget
          Title Text Transform (None, Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize)
      • Color
        • Easily change Sidebar Font Color, Sidebar Link Color, Sidebar
          Hover Link Color and Sidebar Widget Title Font Color by color
    • Footer
      • General
        • Easily set
          Footer Sidebar Columnsto Hide Footer Sidebar or
          1-4 columns
        • Only one click is required to set the option to
          open footer social icons link in new window
      • Background
        • Easily change Page Footer Background Color by color picker
        • Simply change Footer Background Repeat, Footer Background Size,
          Footer Background Attachment, and Footer Background Position.
        • Easily set Footer Background Image by just browsing the
        • Easily change Footer Font Color, Footer Link Color, Footer
          Hover Link Color, Footer Border Color and Footer Social Icon Color
          by color picker
      • Copyright
        • Easily enter your Copyright Text and also select Copyright
          Right Area Content (Social Icons, Footer Menu)
        • Only one click is required to enable go to top button at the
          bottom of page when scrolling
    • Gallery
      • General
        • Easily
          sort gallery imagesby selecting the various
          options; for instance, by drag&drop, by newest, by oldest, by
          random and by title.
        • Easily display
          image informationfor photo proofing pages. You can
          pick one of these information including WordPress Media ID, File
          Name and Image Title.
        • Effortlessly select
          layout columnsoption for photo proofing
      • Lightbox
        • 2 color skins of lightboxcan be applied for
          lightbox (White & Black)
        • Easily
          align the lightbox thumbnailsto be horizontal or
          vertical alignment.
        • Effortlessly adjust
          lightbox overlay opacityin this customizer.
        • Only one click is required to
          display image captionunder the image in lightbox
      • Archive
        • Only one click is required to
          enable slideshow on hover effectwhen move mouse
          over gallery thumbnail
      • Fullscreen
        • Only one click is required to enable fullscreen slideshow when
          starts playing automatically, enable fullscreen slideshow the
          display image randomly, enable the display of slideshow image
          caption, enable the display of slide image proportion size without
          covering screen and enable the display slide navigation
        • Easily adjust the number of seconds for fullscreen slideshow
          timer and the number of milliseconds for transition between each
        • Effortlessly select transition type for contents in fullscreen
      • Kenburns
        • Easily adjust the number of seconds for Kenburns Slideshow
          timer, zoom level for Kenburns sideshow and the number of seconds
          for transition between each image.
      • Flow
        • Only one click is required to enable the display mirror
          reflection effect in flow gallery and linking flow gallery to full
          size image in lightbox mode.
    • Portfolio
      • Filterable
        • Only one click is required to enable filterable feature in
          portfolio page and also linking filterable to its page.
        • Easily adjust the sorting of Portfolio Filterable Options by
          name, slug, ID, Number of Portfolio.
      • Page Options
        • Only one click is required to enable the number of portfolio
          items you want to display per page.
      • Single Portfolio Page
        • Only one click is required to enable the display next and
          previous portfolios in single portfolio page and the display recent
          portfolios in single portfolio page.
        • Easily enter your portfolio page URL so it displays portfolio
          page link in recent portfolio module.
    • Blog
      • General
        • Only one click is required to enable the display post full
          content in blog page (excerpt blog grid layout)
        • Easily adjust the page layout for displaying archive page,
          category page and tag page (Grid, Grid + Right Sidebar, Grid + Left
          Sidebar, Right Sidebar, Left Sidebar and full width.
        • Easily change post category link font color by color
      • Slider
        • Only one click is required to enable the display slider in blog
        • Easily adjust the layout for slider posts (Full width, 3
          columns), the post category filter for slider posts and slider post
      • Single Post
        • Only one click is required to enable the display featured image
          as post header background, the display featured content (image or
          gallery) in single post page, the display post tags on single post
          page, the display about author on single post page, the display
          related posts on single post page, and the display sharing buttons
          on single post page content.
    • Shop
      • Layout
        • Easily adjust page layout for displaying shop’s products page
          (Fullwidth, with sidebar) and also the number of product items you
          want to display per page.
      • Single Product
        • Easily change the product price font color by color
        • Only one click is required to display related products on
          single product page.
    • MenusEasily design your own with 24 pre-defined
      options. Also, rearrange elements of the headers sections, change
      position of logo, change colors, and apply image, social icons,
      taglines & secondary top menus.
      • General
        • Easily set dissimilar typography of Menu Font Family, Menu Font
          Size, Menu Padding, Menu Font Weight, Menu Font Spacing, Menu Font
          Text Transform, Side Menu Font Spacing, etc.
        • Besides, simply set varying background of Menu Background
          Color, Menu Background Image, Menu Background Repeat, Menu
          Background Size, Menu Background Attachment and Menu Background
      • Menu Locations
        • Theme supports 4 menus including Primary Menu, Top Bar Menu,
          Side (Mobile) Menu and Footer Menu. You can select which menu
          appears in each location and you can also place menus in widget
          areas with the custom menu widget.
      • Easily order submenusby drag&drop as following
        • Features Menu
        • Main Menu
        • One Page Menu
        • Side Mobile Menu
    • WidgetsWe provided a variety of custom widgets to
      make your life easier including Custom Category Posts, Custom
      Flickr, Custom Instagram, Custom Map, Custom Menu, Custom Popular
      Posts, Custom Recent Posts, Custom Social Profiles, and Custom
      Twitter. Just drag and drop custom widgets to activate and
      configure in any sidebars you build.
    • Static Front Page
      • Easily select the options of the Front page to display your
        latest posts or a static page and also apply the front page and
        posts page to specific page.
  • Awesome Page/Post Options
    • Page options is in menu with the Theme Options. Page options is
      for configuring the value for individual page or post which affect
      the page or post you set them on. These will override theme options
      which allows you to have a unique page or post outside of your
      global settings. This various options work together to allow you to
      build incredible websites.
    • Post Options
      • Set layout of the single post page including Fullwidth, with
        left sidebar, with right sidebar and split screen.
      • Specify featured content type for the post including image,
        gallery, Youtube Video and Vimeo Video. Different content type will
        be display on single post page.
      • Specify Format including Standard, Link and Quote.
      • Specify Categories including Photography, Lifestyle, Travel and
      • Specify multiple tags, featured image, excerpt and
      • Easily manage categories and tags.
    • Page Options
      • Only one click to make main menu in transparent and also hide
        default page header.
      • Page Tagline is available (HTML code also supports)
      • Specify page sidebar by selecting provided page template
      • Customize the page’s menu in case you would like to display
        main menu other than default one.
      • Specify parent of the page, template of the page and
      • Specify featured image and discussion.
  • Custom Page Templates
    • Blog Fullwidth
    • Blog Grid
    • Blog Grid Left Sidebar
    • Blog Grid Right Sidebar
    • Blog Left Sidebar
    • Blog Masonry
    • Blog Masonry Left Sidebar
    • Blog Masonry Right Sidebar
    • Blog Right Sidebar
    • Blog Split Screen
    • Client Archive
    • Event Fullwidth
    • Event Left Sidebar
    • Event Right Sidebar
    • Fullscreen Vimeo Video
    • Fullscreen Youtube Video
    • Gallery
    • Gallery Archive 2, 3, 4 Columns Contained
    • Gallery Archive 2, 3, 4 Columns Wide
    • Gallery Archive Fullscreen
    • Gallery Archive Fullscreen Split Screen
    • Gallery Archive Mixed Masonry Contained
    • Gallery Archive Mixed Masonry Wide
    • Gallery Archive Parallax
    • Gallery Archive Striped
    • Page Left Sidebar
    • Page Right Sidebar
    • Page Split Screen
    • Portfolio 2, 3, 4 Columns Contained
    • Portfolio 2, 3, 4 Columns Contained Classic
    • Portfolio 2, 3, 4, 5 Columns Wide
    • Portfolio 2, 3, 4 Columns Wide Classic
    • Portfolio Flow
    • Portfolio Fullscreen
    • Portfolio Fullscreen Split Screen
    • Portfolio Horizontal
    • Portfolio Horizontal Contained
    • Portfolio Masonry
    • Portfolio Mixed Masonry Contained
    • Portfolio Mixed Masonry Wide
    • Portfolio Parallax
    • Portfolio Split Screen
    • Portfolio Split Screen Masonry
    • Portfolio Split Screen Wide
    • Portfolio Striped
  • Custom Gallery Template
    • Gallery Fullscreen Cover
    • Gallery Kenburns
    • Gallery Horizontal
    • Gallery Horizontal Contained
    • Gallery Striped
    • Gallery Flow
    • Gallery Split Screen
    • Gallery Split Screen Wide
    • Gallery 1, 2, 3, 4 Columns Contained
    • Gallery Mixed Masonry Contained
    • Gallery Masonry 2, 3, 4 Columns Contained
    • Gallery 2, 3, 4, 5 Columns Wide
    • Gallery Masonry 2, 3, 4, 5 Columns Wide
    • Gallery Mixed Masonry Wide
    • Gallery Photo Proofing
  • Awesome Gallery OptionsTheme comes with multiple
    gallery templates layouts for different purposes. You can choose to
    display full screen slideshow, parallax, flow, masonry and classic
    gallery columns or even mixes between various gallery layouts.
    • Unique split screen pageTheme supports unique
      split screen page. The left-hand side can display your photograph
      as background.
    • Unlimited Portfolio and Photo Gallery Pages.
    • Specify the gallery template for the gallery.
    • Specify password for the gallery
    • Upload zip file of your gallery images and this can be
      downloaded by visitors.
    • Support Featured image and discussion.
    • Manage and maintain Gallery Category (Group of Gallery)
  • Awesome Portfolio Options
    • Specify content type for the project including Youtube Video,
      Viemo Video, Image, Self-hosted Video, and External Link.
    • Disable the featured image as header by only one click.
    • Specify Youtube or Vimeo Video ID in case you selected Youtube
      or Vimeo Video.
    • Specify Portfolio Categories for each portfolio.
    • Support Featured image and discussion.
    • Manage and maintain Portfolio Category (Group of Portfolio)
  • Awesome Blog Options
    • 10 Page Layouts to choose from; Blog Fullwidth, Blog Grid, Blog
      Grid Left Sidebar, Blog Grid Right Sidebar, Blog Left Sidebar, Blog
      Masonry, Blog Masonry Left Sidebar, Blog Masonry Right Sidebar,
      Blog Right Sidebar and Blog Split Screen.
    • All 10 Page layouts can have left or right sidebar or be full
      width, or split screen.
    • 4 post types are available including image, gallery, Youtube
      Video, and Viemo Video.
    • Automatic pagination.
    • Post sharing box with social icons.
    • Threaded Comments.
    • Author profile page.
  • EventCreate event in your website easily. Just
    specify Event Date, Begin Time, End Time and Event Location, Event
    Categories and Parent Event Category.
    • Add Get Direction on Google Map for customer to go the Event
      Location easily.
    • URL where visitor can buy ticket for this event can be
      specified also.
    • Support Featured image.
    • Manage and maintain Event Category (Group of Event) with
  • TestimonialTo gain trust from your customer,
    testimonials are very important. This theme allow you to specify
    Customer Name, Customer Position in company, Company Name, Company
    Website URL and Testimonial Category.

    • Support Featured image.
    • Manage and maintain Testimonial Category (Group of Testimonial)
  • Team MemberTo show your team member, this theme
    supports lots of social profile information such as Position and
    Role, Facebook URL, Twitter URL, Google+ URL and Linkedin URL.
    • Support Featured image
    • Manage and maintain Team Category (Group of Team) easily.
  • PricingEasily show your package/pricing options in
    your website. Just enable this pricing featured by only one click.
    Then, specify currency, exact price, price per time, pricing plan
    features, pricing button text and also button URL.
    • Support Featured image
    • Manage and maintain Pricing Category (Group of Pricing)
  • Custom SidebarsEasily creating your own custom
    sidebars without touching any code. Moreover, simply set the
    different sidebars to perfectly match to each page.
  • Unlimited sidebarCreate and select sidebar for
    each of your page
  • One Page Navigation SupportEasily create your
    modern one page parallax site or micro site using drag and drop
    builder with custom menu system.
  • Parallax Background EffectThis theme easily
    creates parallax background effect by selecting images and height
    of parallax image. After finishing setting, background of images in
    sections will move at a different speed as the rest of the page for
    impressive visual effect.
  • Infinite Scroll supports for galleries &
    For customers who would like to display a large
    number of galleries or portfolios, we created a simple solution for
    you. Now, you can display you gallery & portfolio in columns.
    Once your visitors scroll down to the end of page. It will
    automatically load new gallery or portfolio items.
  • Live SearchWith visitor focus, we’ve included the
    instance search to help visitors search for partial queries or
    provide some interactive feedback. Only one click is required to
    enable instance search and search form in header of side menu.
  • Sharp Font IconsFont icons are always crystal
    clear and look perfect on all devices’ screens and sizes. In
    addition, font icon helps to speed up your load times of your
  • Retina ReadyEnsure that your images and elements
    are sharp and gorgeous on Retina and high resolution displays.
  • Optimization for Google Mobile Compatibility
    Your site’s search by Google will more visible and
    have better performance for mobile users. Google updated their
    search algorithm to give preference to websites that are optimized
    for proper display on mobile/handheld devices.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Theme has been
    built using semantic HTML code and CSS, allowing search engines
    crawl and index your web page easily.
  • Google Map StylesChanging Google Maps color scheme
    easy using styling from snazzymaps
  • Custom StylesCustom your styles with custom CSS in
    theme options. Without changing core theme, no worry for upgrading
    the theme anymore.
  • Fully CustomizableWith our flexible framework,
    Photohgraphy is the powerful theme to display awesome and various
    portfolios and photographs options; for example, full screen image
    and slide show etc. Not surprisingly, no two versions of
    Photohgraphy will ever look the same.
  • Multiple images uploadThis theme has advanced
    gallery editor which support bulks images uploader and
    drag&drop reorder.
  • ShortcodesEasily create your own custom page with
    our Shortcodes. Any elements you like in this theme, you can add on
    your page.
    • Style shortcodes ex. dropcap etc
    • Built-in Many Shortcodes
    • Built-in Shortcode Generator plugin
    • Column shortcodes ex. 2, 3, 4, 5 columns
  • Translation SupportTheme is included .mo and .po
    language files. Moreover, theme is compatible with WPML plugin,
    allowing you to translate your site to any language or multiple
  • Other
    • Compatible with latest WordPress version
    • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
    • jQuery Enhancements
    • Javascript files are automatically combined and minified for
      added performance
    • WordPress Multisite (WPMU) Tested and Approved
    • SEO Optimized, great SEO base already built-in (compatible with
      SEO Plugins like Yoast)
    • Well organized, commented & clean code
    • 100% Responsive Theme – and you can easily turn it on or
    • Automatic Theme Updater
    • Social Icons and Theme Icons are Font Icons, no Images
    • CSS3 animations enable or disable on desktop/mobile
    • CSS and javascript compression support
    • CSS3 Animations CSS3 animations help to attract the attention
      of your visitors towards your content by setting type, direction
      and speed of elements.
    • Child Theme support for advanced customization which is
      not affected by theme future update
    • Developed with WordPress best practices

Customer Support

  • Once you purchase, you can use our advanced support ticket
    system to receive professional support that we provided
    experienced and dedicated support teamto ensure
    you always have the help you and your business needs, right when it
    needs it most
  • The most extensive
    online & offline documentationare
  • Free Theme Updates– We are endeavoring to improve
    the quality of our themes by adding new features and removing
  • Customer feedback are always welcomed for new features

Integration & Plugin

  • Social Media Profiles SupportSocial Media will
    help you to promote your online brand, therefore, theme provided
    the social media channels including
    • facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google Plus
    • Flickr
    • Youtube
    • Vimeo
    • Tumblr
    • Dribbble
    • Linkedin
    • Pinterest
    • Instagram
    • Behance
    • 500px
  • Photo StreamTheme provided the channel to display
    photo stream before footer area including
    • Instagram Photostream
    • Flickr Photostream
  • Compatible Plugins
    • WooCommerce Pluginsupport for shopping cart
      • Easily create and maintain your online shop with WooCommerce
      • Plugin is ready designed to assort with the theme
      • Display your products based on category, ID or SKU
      • Custom featured product slider to display your products
      • Flexible setting your shop layout with full width or sidebar
      • This plugin works great for photography, artwork shop and
    • Premium Plugins Included ($34 Value)The 2 most
      popular slider plugin ($34 FREE)
      Revolution Slider and iLightbox WordPress
      are included in theme. Image Lightbox support
      gesture on touch screen devices
    • WPML Plugin Compatibility, allowing you to
      translate your site to any language or multiple languages.
    • Contact Form 7compatible with full design
      • Apply Google Maps above contact page form
      • Custom Google Map Styling
      • Change custom sizes of your map
      • Set sidebar or full width of your contact page
    • MAILCHIMPfor newsletter
    • W3 Total Cacheplugin support
    • Yoast SEOplugin support
    • WP Supercacheplugin support


= V4.9 - 10.09.2018 =
* Add photo proofing gallery support navigation between each images
when view in lightbox mode

= V4.8.1 - 09.07.2018 =
* Update Revolution Slider plugin to v5.4.8

= V4.8 - 18.06.2018 =
* Add GDPR compliant support for theme contact form
* Update Revolution Slider plugin to v5.4.7.4
* Add support PHP 7.2

= V4.7.2 - 18.05.2018 =
Fix content builder produce error on PHP 7.2 or higher

= V4.7.1 - 17.05.2018 =
* Update Revolution Slider plugin v5.4.7.3

= V4.7 - 5.04.2018 =
* Update Revolution Slider plugin v5.4.7.2
* Update Envato Market plugin v2.0
* Fix Instagram issue due to recent API change

= V4.6.1 - 5.02.2018 =
* Add automatically setup contact form fields when import demo

= V4.6 - 15.01.2018 =
* Improve loading speed for fullscreen gallery template
* Fix single portfolio navigation (next/previous) issue
* Fix Instagram photo stream image proportion issue

= V4.5.3 - 13.01.2018 =
* Fix Instagram photo stream and widget issue

= V4.5.2 - 07.12.2017 =
* Fix author info display p tags issue in WordPress 4.9

= V4.5.1 - 06.12.2017 =
* Fix import demo issue on some server setting

= V4.5 - 03.12.2017 =
* Add 2 new bold demos, white and black color scheme

= V4.4.3 - 22.11.2017 =
* Fix issue for some customers who are using very old WordPress
media issue causing all images modules not display
* Fix security vulnerability issue for map usage in theme

= V4.4.2 - 17.11.2017 =
* Update Revolution Slider plugin v5.4.6.3
* Fix theme customizer issue in WordPress 4.9
* Fix theme setting import styling issue in WordPress 4.9

= V4.4.1 - 30.10.2017 =
* Fix image blocks modules in content builder display incorrect
image size when disable progressive loading image

= V4.4 - 29.10.2017 =
* Fix multiple galley & portfolio grids on the same page issue
* Fix random gallery & portfolio grid loading issue
* Improve loading speed for all gallery & portfolio templates
* Fix all masonry layouts image quality issue

= V4.3.1 - 23.10.2017 =
* Fix gallery proofing has PHP warning when approved image is empty
* Fix multiple gallery mixed masonry on the same page issue
* Fix one column footer sidebar display issue on wide screen
* Fix gallery split screen frame color issue when using dark
* Fix active filter portfolio category display issue when using
dark styling

= V4.3 - 18.10.2017 =
* Improve theme admin and content builder UI
* Add multiple gallery & portfolio hover effects options
* Add new modulo box lightbox option
* Add progressive image loading option
* Add srcset support to improve mobile devices loading speed
* Add event categories page layout option
* Update Revolution Slider plugin v5.4.6.2

= V4.2.1 - 15.09.2017 =
* Update for all Envato Hosted customers

= V4.2 - 11.09.2017 =
* Improve import demo feature to import Revolution Slider
* Fix pagination strings translation issue
* Fix fullscreen gallery issue when image caption has special

= V4.1.1 - 03.08.2017 =
* Add option to disable theme default lightbox script
* Fix Vimeo fullscreen video issue with HTTPS
* Fix white space after image parallax module
* Fix dark demo styling can’t be activated

= V4.1 - 03.07.2017 =
* Add custom thumbnail size option
* Add sorting by file name
* Update Revolution Slider plugin v5.4.5.1
* Fully test & support WordPress 4.8
* Fix flow gallery sort by title cause lightbox issue
* Fix gallery page template issue when select gallery columns

= V4.0 - 22.05.2017 =
* Fix lightbox responsive image issue
* Fix team card layout issue
* Fix Woocommerce product image lightbox issue if lightbox
thumbnail is off
* Fix blog slider category WPML issue

= V3.9 - 24.04.2017 =
* Update Revolution Slider plugin to v5.4.3
* Fix Woocommerce shop page, product font size issue
* Fix fullscreen Vimeo and Youtube video issue on https
* Fix Woocommerce product gallery lightobox issue

= V3.8.1 - 09.04.2017 =
* Fix portfolio flow issue when item has special language
* Fix content builder issue with Safari browser

= V3.8 - 02.04.2017 =
* Replace all external calls in theme files from “http” to “https”
or at least for ”///” ? Especially for social networks.
* Add image protection for fullscreen slideshow
* Fix duplicated div ID for gallery and portfolio horizontal

= V3.7.1 - 06.03.2017 =
* Update Revolution Slider plugin to v5.4.1
* Fix responsive layout issue from v3.7 update

= V3.7 - 04.03.2017 =
* Add option to disable lightbox thumbnails
* Fix option to disable theme Facebook Open Graph tags
* Fix photo proofing issue for some customer server setting
* Fix gallery excerpt not working when share on Facebook

= V3.6 - 05.02.2017 =
* Add password protected support for client archive page
* Prevent layout issue when user have unclosed HTML tags in post
* Fix duplicated post title when post header image option is
* Fix popular post widget issue

= V3.5 - 21.01.2017 =
* Fix team grid module 5 columns layout issue
* Fix Facebook open graph issue on page
* Fix content builder image four blocks module layout issue

= V3.3 - 06.01.2017 =
* Add Instagram profile for team member post
* Update Revolution Slider plugin to v5.3.1.5

* Fix Woocommerce product gallery issue

= V3.2 - 05.12.2016 =
* Fix Vimeo shortcode fullscreen button issue

= V3.1 - 21.11.2016 =
* Fix team grid display issue when team member doesn’t have social
profiles setup
* Fix portfolio/gallery mixed masonry layout issue on mobile
* Fix infinite scroll display wrong portfolio items order

= V3.0 - 28.10.2016 =
* Add help tooltip to all content edit pages
* Add get started and support sections to theme setting
* Update Revolution Slider plugin to v5.3.0.2

* Fix image teaser “one third last” column shortcode issue
* Fix gallery and portfolio fullscreen split screen issue when some
posts have no featured image
* Fix image lightbox shortcode issue

= V2.6.1 - 08.10.2016 =
* Add post title and URL to email body when sharing
* Fix lightbox image caption display issue on mobile devices

= V2.6 - 27.09.2016 =
* Fix portfolio navigation (next/previous) not order by default
* Change get attachment ID function to default WordPress
* Fix email domain validation errors for longer domain ex .photos
* Fix fullscreen slideshow issue when image caption has special
characters from different languages
* Fix image fullwidth popup alignment issue when using contain

= V2.5.2 - 29.08.2016 =
* Fix content builder import saved template issue
* Fix minor content builder styling display for WordPress 4.6

= V2.5.1 - 23.08.2016 =
* Fix content builder header module alignment issue when using 1/3
* Fix layout display issue when using left vertical menu layout

= V2.5 - 18.08.2016 =
* Fix client archive page thumbnail size issue
* Fix gallery download option issue when add password protected to
the gallery

= V2.4.4 - 12.08.2016 =
* Fix text content builder’s module visual editor issue for some
customer setting

= V2.4.3 - 04.08.2016 =
* Fix text content builder’s module alignment issue

= V2.4.2 - 01.08.2016 =
* Fix image content builder’s popup module display issue

= V2.4.1 - 25.07.2016 =
* Fix content builder display issue with Safari browser

= V2.4 - 21.07.2016 =
* Add new version of content builder
* Add live preview mode for content builder
* Add save as templates support for content builder
* Add undo/redo support for content builder
* Add add content after option for content builder
* Add option to disable link in horizontal gallery
* Add comment to portfolio module

* Fix Flickr photostream/widget issue for some customer server
* Fix comment author spacing issue
* Fix event date display issue on event fullwidth template

= V2.3.1 - 29.06.2016 =
* Fix Google Maps NoAPIKey error from some customer server
* Update font awesome v4.6.3
* Update TGM Plugin Activation v2.6.1

= V2.3 - 18.06.2016 =
* Update Revolution Slider plugin v5.2.5.4
* Fix page caption with background image display issue when using
top bar layout
* Fix translation issue on password protected gallery page
* Fix fullscreen video play button display issue on mobile
* Fix responsive issue on gallery archive split screen page
* Remove Instagram token admin notice bar

= V2.2 - 02.06.2016 =
* Fix Instagram API error from new Instagram API
* Update Revolution Slider plugin v5.2.5.3

= V2.1 - 27.05.2016 =
* Add link to Instagram profile when using Instagram photo stream
* Add retina ready Instagram photo

* Fix captcha textbox font color issue when using black background
* Fix gallery mixed masonry when using content builder
* Fix incorrect translation word "Columns" is misspelled in content
* Fix incorrect translation word “Approved” is misspelled in photo
proofing gallery
* Fix enable global pages sharing doesn’t work on non single post
* Fix recent portfolios layout issue when using left menu layout

= V2.0 - 04.05.2016 =
* Update Revolution Slider plugin v5.2.5.1
* Add preview page to content builder import demo pages
* Add option to enable sharing in every pages
* Add social sharing button to post content
* Add option to display image title for gallery proofing pages
* Add more columns layout options for gallery proofing pages
* Add client archive page which displays client picture, name and
link to client page
* Add blog split Screen template
* Add gallery mixed masonry to content builder
* Improve Password Protected Gallery, switch to temporary WordPress
variable storage instead

* Fix iPad Portrait view Fullscreen Vimeo video issue
* Fix portfolio grid content builder. Youtube video post type
display issue
* Fix content builder editor issue when using non English
* Fix testimonial slider produce PHP error
* Fix custom CSS :before tag not working
* Fix left vertical menu not working on IE11

= V1.7 - 07.04.2016 =
* Update Revolution Slider plugin v5.2.4
* Fix comment bold text issue
* Fix Vimeo, Youtube video shortcode https issue
* Fix Woocommerce product shortcode description conflict issue with
rich except script
* Fix https issue on Flickr images widget
* Fix theme customiser base path issue for some server setting

= V1.6 - 16.03.2016 =
* Update Revolution Slider plugin v5.2.1
* Update theme customizer script for better loading speed &
* Add option to download each image option in photo proofing page
* Add option to display approved, rejected in photo proofing page
* Add option to display image file name or WordPress media ID in
photo proofing page

* Fix attachment single page issue, image not displaying
* Fix single portfolio’s recent portfolio columns issue
* Fix client module responsive issue
* Fix WordPress gallery admin edit thumb URL issue for some

= V1.5.1 - 04.03.2016 =
* Fix relative captcha script path issue for some customer
* Fix content builder title and content display issue when have
some special characters ex. + sign
* Fix comment author alignment issue when enter author website URL

= V1.5 - 23.02.2016 =
* Add mixed masonry templates to gallery, gallery archive and
* Add portfolio mixed grid module to content builder

= V1.4 - 10.02.2016 =
* Fix drop cap shortcode issue with cyrillic characters
* Fix infinite scroll position to end of element instead of page
* Fix image blur on iPad, iPhone in WordPress 4.4+
* Fix boxed layout portfolio grid overlap issue

* Add preview page to content builder
* Add preview element to content builder
* Add duplicate element to content builder
* Re design content builder UI for better use experience
* Add auto link to twitter widget
* Add text fullwidth element to content builder
* Re design client post type support client’s galleries and
password protected
* Add option to disable ken burns effect when move mouse over
gallery and portfolio images

= V1.3.3 - 22.01.2016 =
* Fix ALT tag issue on gallery slider shortcode
* Fix missing translation for email message fields
* Fix logo display issue on mobile when using boxed layout
* Fix portfolio grid and masonry open Vimeo video in lightbox issue

* Add small divider option to divider shortcode

= V1.3.2 - 13.01.2016 =
* Update Revolution Slider plugin v5.1.6
* Fix pagination issue when set page as static homepage in
WordPress 4.4.1

= V1.3.1 - 07.01.2016 =
* Fix duplicated content issue on event fullwidth template

= V1.3 - 01.01.2016 =
* Fix comment translation date issue
* Fix ken burns gallery issue when resize browser resolution
* Fix theme’s plugin update errors

= V1.2.4 - 30.12.2015 =
* Fix single portfolio page’s recent portfolios WPML issue

= V1.2.3 - 25.12.2015 =
* Fix twitter widget issue

= V1.2.2 - 17.12.2015 =
* Fix 500px social profile link to behance site
* Update Revolution Slider plugin v5.1.5

= V1.2.1 - 08.12.2015 =
* Fix tab shortcode border display issue on Firefox, Safari

= V1.2 - 07.12.2015 =
* Fix gallery proofing script error when approved photo is empty

= V1.1 - 04.12.2015 =
* Fix gallery masonry image issue when using infinite scroll

= V1.0.9 - 01.12.2015 =
* Update Revolution Slider plugin v5.1.4

= V1.0.8 - 27.11.2015 =
* Fix gallery infinite scroll issue when using sort options other
than drag&drop

= V1.0.7 - 19.11.2015 =
* Fix Photography custom post type plugin translation issue

= V1.0.6 - 17.11.2015 =
* Fix gallery image sort by title issue

= V1.0.5 - 12.11.2015 =
* Fix logo display issue when using left vertical menu with
fullscreen pages
* Update Revolution Slider plugin v5.1.1

= V1.0.4 - 06.11.2015 =
* Fix flickr widget issue

= V1.0.3 - 03.11.2015 =
* Fix archive, category, tag page layouts options issue in theme
* Fix Linkedin, Youtube and Twitter social profile issue when using
shortcode and widgets

= V1.0.2 - 30.10.2015 =
* Fix 500px social profile link issue

= V1.0.1 - 28.10.2015 =
* Fix photo proofing layout issue on Safari

= V1.0 - 26.10.2016 =
* Initial Release

Lower price till the end of 2018 – only $29


Please check section before posting a question on a

  • All pages are W3C Valid
  • Fully tableless design
  • Several Pages templates:
    • 2 different Layout solutions:
      • Streched
      • Boxed
    • 6 Portfolio post formats:
    • 6 layouts
    • 6 layouts
    • 2 different Layout solutions for contact page:
  • Shortcodes
    • Photostream (full page (, , , ) and )
    • etc
  • Brankic Panel
    • Global options
    • Blog options
    • Contact page options
  • jQuery Features:
    • Socialize icons widget
    • Photostream widget:
    • Image view with PrettyPhoto
    • Google typography implementation
  • Documentation files: Html

Photo /
Illustration Credits

  • Justin Mezzell
  • Aleksandra Jovanic

Change log

1.9.1 (Apr, 5, ‘13)

  • Upload button in Brankic Panel fix.

1.9 (Mar, 26, ‘13)

  • Fix for using both custom background and slider
  • Option to disable slider on portfolio items
  • Option in Brankic Panel for disabling responsive layout
  • prettyPhoto (lighbox) on smaller screens fix
  • Next page shortcode support on single posts

1.8 (Feb, 05, ‘13)

  • Added title as alt attribute value on blog and portfolio
  • Featured video fix
  • Fix for Disqus comments count style
  • Highlight shortcode (closing tag) fix
  • Another portfolio without hover option (pop-up image)
  • Video URL custom field accept and short YT –
  • Vimeo video URL custom field accept https in URL

Change log

1.7.7 (Dec, 12, ‘12)

  • Brankic shortcodes fix for WP3.5

1.7.6 (Dec, 08, ‘12)

  • Custom fields don’t vanish if quick edit is perform
  • Full width contact pop-up can’t scroll on mobile fix
  • Image distortion on pages on smaller devices fix
  • Portfolio item 404 error fix

1.7.5 (Nov, 21, ‘12)

  • Slider fix (double navigation and external URL)

1.7.4 (Nov, 19, ‘12)

  • Blog page with multiple sliders fix
  • Shortcodes in text widgets
  • If there is no featured image fix
  • Google map disable mouse scroll
  • Portfolio shortcode hover fix.
  • Update instructions you can find on our FAQ page

Change log

1.7.3 (oct, 22, ‘12)

  • FaceBook like button z-index fix
  • Fix for portfolio slider on iPad (portrait)
  • Portfolio slider pop-up image if there is no URL provided
  • Contact form drop down style fixed
  • 1/2 + 1/2 shortcode fix
  • Minor fixes…
  • Update instructions you can find on our FAQ page

1.7 (oct, 15, ‘12)

  • New shortcode button engine (should work on all servers)
  • Spacing issues on blog and category pages
  • New option – Hide number of comments if there are no
  • Portfolio single navigation only through same category
  • XSS issues prevented
  • Blog titles hover (color) bug fixed
  • Shortcodes fix for empty paragraphs
  • Facebook share pop-up z-index fix
  • No title gap fix
  • Update instructions you can find on our FAQ page

1.6 (sep, 29, ‘12)

  • Category page improvements
  • Blog pages fix for sidebar and number of comments
  • Portfolio thumb fix for extra large images
  • Portfolio single navigation only through same category
  • Slider width fix for pages with sidebar
  • Better solution for email from field in contact form
  • Fix for images with height attribute in blog posts
  • Removing image from blog pages if there is no featured image
  • Shadow issue on fixed menu in stretched version
  • CSS fix for contact full width map on small devices
  • Update instructions you can find on our FAQ page

1.5.2 (sep, 14, ‘12)

  • Fixed portfolio bug from 1.5.1
  • Fixed portfolio height fix
  • Full width contact page title fix

1.5.1 (Sep 11, ‘12)

  • Featured image and slider can be shown on blog pages
  • Fix for full width blog pages on iPhone
  • Hide featured image is working on single posts
  • Pop-up video auto start is changed to false

1.5 (Sep 09, ‘12)

  • Full width blog page (and blog single
  • Auto crop for portfolio layout
  • Full width contact page fix for iPhone
  • Some translation related issues fixed

1.4 (Sep 03, ‘12)

  • Fix for Circle and Hexagon shape elements
  • Portfolio shortcode fix for deleted categories
  • Disable hover option for portfolio layout

1.3 (Aug 27, ‘12)

  • Portfolio shortcode can use Blog categories now (not only
    Portfolio ones)
  • Blog posts with video will show video on featured image
  • Extra images fix for portfolio items and posts

1.2 (Aug 23, ‘12)

  • Show/hide pinned menu on scroll option added to Brankic
  • Additional HTML option for portfolio single posts

1.1 (Aug 19, ‘12)

  • Twitter feed with updates added to Dashboard
  • Twin slides option for portfolio items (suitable for portrait
  • z-index fix for shortcode pop-up window
  • Fix for not closed tags in portfolio excerpts
  • Option for defining number of Extra images
  • Home page link in pinned menu fixed
  • Fix for iPhone resolution boxed version layout

1.0.7 (Aug 17, ‘12)

  • iPhone portrait orientation layout fix
  • Portfolio bug on touch devices

1.0.6 (Aug 16, ‘12)

  • Some minor changes in help file and photostream plugin.

1.0.5 (Aug 15, ‘12)

  • default translation file added and fixed some translation
  • Latest post for home page added blog title and description
  • 2nd level submenu in pinned menu fixed