InstaLoad is an Mobile Recharge Systemwork with all Mobile
Recharge & Mobile Banking System. It contains With some unique
features like multiple Mobile Recharge support, Reseller / Agent
Creation System & Mobile Banking System, this is a Unique
Mobile Recharge Software.

To start a dedicated Mobile Recharge Businessto promote
dealer distributor network with online Mobile Recharge, InstaLoad
online Recharge is best application. It offers complete control
over your own mobile recharge business for Mobile and Mobile
Banking. You can control your operators, Reseller’s, User’s and
Mobile Recharge by this script. We offer complete script for online
Recharge business.


  • Mobile Recharge ( Prepaid / Postpaid ).

  • Ucash ( Online Money Transfer ).

  • Mbanking ( Mobile Banking System ).

  • Credit Management.

  • All Transaction Report.

  • All Raw Report.

  • Profile Settings.

  • Secure PIN System ( For Transaction Security ).

  • And More…


    • All User Feature’s.

    • Create User Account.

    • User Management.

    • Add / Remove User Balance.

    • Edit / Update User Account.

    • Edit / Update User PIN.

    • User Transaction Report.

    • And More…


      • Check Pending Request.

      • Update / Approve Recharge Request.

      • Update / Approve Ucash Request.

      • Update / Approve Mbanking Request.

      • All Transaction Report.

      • Full Transaction Ledger.

      • profile Settings.

      • Create Reseller Account.

      • Create User Account.

      • Add / Edit / Update Reseller & User Account.

      • Add / Edit / Update Reseller & User PIN.

      • Add / Remove Reseller & User Credit.

      • Reset Reseller & User Password.

      • and More….

        LIVE DEMO:

        User / Reseller Login:


        LoginID: admin

        LoginPass: admin

        Admin Login:


        LoginID: admin

        LoginPass: admin

        Update Logs (
        04-11-2016 )

        Fully Automated System.
        Now Support OtomaX.
        Now Work Worldwide.
        Now Support CDMA / GSM.
        All Bugs Solved.
        2 New Version & Patch Updated.

        Our Support

        Please send us your product presale query, after sales developer
        support request, customization project and any other queries to our
        dedicated support:


stand-alone script (not a plugin, nor framework) that
allow you to start your own services marketplace, sell and manage
your services. accept payments, organize your business .. All in
one place. it looks like Fiverr, but for you only

For whom
this script is built :

A freelancerthat provide digital services.

This script isn’t multi-vendor or multi-sellers, it is managed
by one admin account for one seller/service provider but it can be
used by a small team sharing the same admin account.

What I can sell using Microncer GIGS

  • Graphics & Design Services: logos, flyers ..
  • Digital Marketing Services: Social Media
    Marketing, SEO .. etc.
  • Writing & Translation Services: Articles &
    Blog Posts, Resumes & Cover Letters ..
  • Video & Animation Services: Whiteboard &
    Animated Explainers, Video Editing, Short Video Ads ..
  • Web Developmetn Services
  • .. and any other
    digital services


I completely support

Microncer GIGSand I assure you a reply within
maximum of 24 hours if you have any issue with any of my scripts.

to get support just send me a private message using my and I
will get back to you as soon as possible.


if you
need to customize the design or add unique features or payment
methods to
Microncer GIGS, just send me a private message
using my and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


  • ResponsiveUsing Twitter Bootstrap 4.x.x and work
    on all screen sizes
  • Easy to Usecome with detailed documentations.
  • Clean Codeclean code and separated from HTML using
    Smarty Templates
  • Securecode protected against SQL Injection, XSS
    scripts and CSRF.
  • SEO Readythe script is compatible with SEO
  • Customizablecome with a lot of options to
    customize the script.
  • Membershipbuilt-in membership system (signup,
    login, forget password & reset password).
  • Contact Pagebuilt-in contact us page.
  • Paymentsintegrated PayPal and Stripe
  • .. MoreThere will be Future updates with more

Planned Updates & Price changes



Username : customer

Password : demo

Username : admin

Password : demo


  • Version 1.0 : Initial Release

Accufyis a complete SaaS based financial software
that give your customers the ability to create and manage invoices,
estimates, customers, tax & expenses. Users also can create
multiple businesses with different currency so they can easily keep
track their businesses in one platform.

Username: admin
Password: 1234
Username: john
Password: 1234

Key Features:

  • Easy Integration & Customization
  • Standared & clean code
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • SEO Optimized & SEO-Friendly URL
  • Manage website with unllimlited features & pages
  • Manage pricing package & features
  • Manage Testimonials
  • Manage Contact Messages
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Blogs with category
  • Custom Packages
  • Cash flow chart reports
  • Net Incomes
  • reCaptcha enable / disable opiton
  • Email verification enable / disable opiton
  • Paypal payment enable / disable opiton
  • Registration enable / disable opiton
  • Google Analytics
  • SMTP email with PHPMailer library
  • Google reCaptcha attached with (Register & Contacts forms
    with enable or disable option)
  • Advanced settings option
  • Admin & User panel
  • Multiuser options
  • Membership System with 3 packages
  • Paypal payment system
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Categories
  • Manage Tax
  • Manage Products
  • Manage Vendors
  • Manage Expenses
  • Create & Manage Estimates
  • Create & Manage Invoices
  • Create & Manage Recurring Invoices
  • Customer based currency option
  • Multiple templates for invoices & estimates
  • Tax & discount for invoices
  • Record payment for invoices
  • Print Invoice
  • Csutomer preview option for Invoices & Estimates
  • Send invoice to email
  • Live currency converter
  • User billing & upgrade option
  • Multiple business options for users
  • Business wise currency & invoices
  • Auto disable expire user accounts
  • Ajax secure Authentication
  • Jquery Data tables & form validations
  • Sweetalert popup notification with ajax
  • Toaster notification with ajax
  • Detailed Documentation with commented code
  • Totally Secure System
  • Advanced Settings Options with Enable or Disable options
  • Change Logo, Favicon, Site Title, Site Description, etc. from
    Admin Panel
  • Easy Installation Using Installation Wizard & no need any
    coding skills
  • Runs on PHP 5.4+ (and PHP 7)


There are various mechanisms to secure application. These
mechanisms are:

  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention
  • Password Hashing

There are some requirements to work on your server. These requirements are:
  • PHP >= 5.4+ (and PHP 7)


Single Vendor Digital Marketplace to sell Themes, Scripts &

System Features

  • Fir Framework –
    • Developed by Codefir
  • PHP 7.1 & PHP 7.2
  • Multiple Themes – 2
  • Beautiful Designs
  • Multiple Payment Gateways – PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Multiple Languages
  • Amazon S3 Files – Upload, View, Delete, Download
  • Clean & Simple
  • Fully Responsive


  • Link –
  • Email –
  • Password – password


  • Link –
  • Email
  • Password – password

Clinic Pro Clinic Management Software is a complete clinic
management Automation application software. It is developed by PHP
Codeigniter Framework with HMVC Pattern. Clinic system can be
easily configured and fully automated as per clinic requirement
using this Automation Software. Patient, doctor, appointment,
prescription, pharmacy, accounts, billing, patient service, user
access, human resource module are well structured and fully
customizable. Every operation of the software is pre permitted by
super admin. Also, it is customizable for future upgrade.


Linkify is a link exchange system , Where users share each other
links and generate views

Login Details

User Details

Email :

Pass : [email protected]

Email :

Pass : [email protected]

Admin Details

Email :

Pass: admin

How does it works

There are two type of users in linkify , First is publisher and
second is sharer . Publisher adds the website from website/link
from websites section and the link automatically converted into
short link.

Sharer shares the link . Sharer can get the short links from
short link section . Sharer will share the link and per the views
received on the link , Points will be awarded to the sharer

The Points of the publisher will get deducted based on the views
received on the site .


Link Exchange

can share each other links and generate views


Users can
view the recent views received on their links


Users can
report the other user . If they feel any fraudulent activity

Points Transfer

user can e able to transfer some about of points to other user

Points Withdraw

user can convert his points into cash and request for withdrawal


Paypal is
integrated in order to handle payments

Can I Buy

Yes you can buy points using purchase points section .
There are different type of pricing options available .

What is
Premium Membership

A free user can add maximum of 3 websites if
a user wants to add unlimited websites they need buy premium


Installation is


Amazon Pollyis a service that turns text into
lifelike speech, allowing you to create applications that talk, and
build entirely new categories of speech-enabled products. Amazon
Polly is a Text-to-Speech (TTS) service that uses advanced deep
learning technologies to synthesize speech that sounds like a human

With dozens of lifelike voices across a variety of languages,
you can select the ideal voice and build speech-enabled
applications that work in many different countries.

Benefits of Amazon Polly:
  1. Natural sounding voices
  2. Store & redistribute speech
  3. Real-time streaming
  4. Customize & control speech output
  5. Very Low cost

Features of Amazon Polly Text to Speech Converter:

  1. Support for over 29 Languages
  2. Support for over 60+ Different Voices
  3. Various Combination of Voice Effects
  4. Support for MP3, OGG & PCM Audio Output Formats
  5. Instant Stream Capability or Download
  6. Easy to Customize and Add to your Project

Manager for MailWizz EMA

This extension enables one-click backup and scheduled backups
for your powered application!

Since is under a continue and active development, releasing new
version on a regular basis, it’s always a strugle and time
consuming task to backup your data before an update.

This extension aims to alleviate this and to make the entire
update and backup process easier and faster, if until now the
backup process took you hours now it just takes seconds!


– One click backup

– Schedule backups (i.e: backup once a day, once at 2 days,
once at 10 days, etc)

– Choose the number of backups to keep (i.e: keep only 10 most
recent backups)

– Notification system (notify by email when a backup is
completed but also when it fails, multiple email address are

– Backups listing

– Manually Download / Delete backups from the web interface

few easy steps

– Login in the backend of your powered website
and navigate to Extensions menu.

– Hit the upload button and select the extension archive and
upload it.

– Enable the extension then click on it’s title to go to the
extension page from where you can see input your backup details.

CONFIGURE the extension (after the above steps)

After the
extension is enabled, a new menu item will be shown in the
left-side sidebar, that is “Backup manager”.

Clicking on the menu item followed by the Settings sub-menu
will get you on the extension settings page.

The most important setting is the “Storage path” which is the
place where your backups will be stored.

Please make sure you create the backup directory and you chmod
it to 0777 so that it will be writable by the web server but also
by the command line module, this is very IMPORTANT!

Please do not set a backup directory inside your application
files since you will backup your backup directoy too, resulting in
huge backups from day to day.

If is installed in /home/domain/public_html your backup
directory should be one level up, like /home/domain/backups


The backup
extension requires you to have the exec() function enabled in your
PHP install since it will call a few command line commands to
create the backups.

Additionally, this only works on a linux environment where the
“tar” and “mysqldump” commands are available (99% of linux servers

Drs Expenses & Received Management System is an application
to manage account received , due and daily expenses.


  • Add daily received,due and expenses transactions.
  • Date To Date report for received , due and expenses
  • Graphical representation of last 6 months received , due and
    expenses total sum.
  • Calculate company profite or loss (received – due)
  • Calculate Top expenses cetegories.
  • Last month’s transaction summary.
  • Manage client’s list.
  • Manage employee’s list.
  • Get amount of received or due according to client.


Income Page

Expenses Page

Expenses Voucher Page

Transaction Type


Change Log

  • Login History Log added.


Change Log

  • All image validation added , image size should be < 1mb and
    mimType (jpg,png)
  • Walk-in-way customer transaction searching report added.
  • All amount input validation added.
  • Design small bug fixed.
  • In expense entry Receipt image insert option added.
  • Minimize project size.
  • Customize code.
  • Reduce database unnecessary size.


Change Log

  • Language change option added.


Change Log

  • Expenses voucher print option added .
  • PDF added for single view.
  • Company information option added.


Change Log

  • Login page material design.
  • Expenses amount field validation add (only accept positive
  • Error message hide bug fixed.


Change Log

  • Currency added.
  • Added image for clients and for users
  • Updated for PHP 7.
  • Date field added in transaction input.


Change Log

  • CSV export report added.
  • Partial due amount receive option added.
  • Report for partial due payment transactions.
  • Client total balance add in client table.

For Demo Login Please Use

  • Email :
  • PassWord : 123456

Crowen is an innovative online Crowdfunding platform that
connects donor and Fundraiser from around the world. Its comes with
all common features needs to run a fundfaising website or business.
its Built to be beautiful, fast and powerful. its comes with a
one-click installer that’s help to install our system within 5
minutes without any technical knowledge. We also offer FREE
installation facility to those people who have Cpanel Based
Hosting. so, if you are a non-technical person then don’t worry, we
are here to assist you.

User Features:

Support Almost All Device.

Easy to Login / Registration.

Informative Homepage.

Easy to Check Recent Fundraisers.

One-Click Campaign Check.

One-click Donation Facility.

Easy to Share on Social Media.

Browse By Category.

Success Storys.


All Campaign & Earning Report.

20+ Automated Payment System Included.

Easy to Withdraw Fund.

Profile Management.

And More…..

Admin Features:

Dynamic Admin Dashboard.

FundRaise Management.

Category Management.

Member Settings.

Withdraw Methods Management.

Withdraw Requests Management.

Success Story Management.

Donate Management.

Payment Gateway Management.

Donate History.

Language Manager.

Advertisement Management.

FrontEnd Settings.

Contact Management.

Social Settings.

Policy Management.

General Settings.

Basic Settings.

Email Notification Settings.

SMS Notification Settings.

10+ Others Features….

Script Comes

Excellent support with a fast response rate.

Fix any bugs or broken content.

Help get you setup and installed!

Secure Database that uses prepared statements so no SQL

Protects against CSRF attacks!

HTML Filter to protect against XSS attacks!

Built using the latest Strong LARAVEL Framework.

Passwords are encrypted By bcrypt encryption.

We Offer FREE Installation Service for Cpanel Based Hosting

No Refund If Item has been Downloaded.

Demo Access:


Admin Access:

Admin Login: Username: admin || Password: admin


Please send us your product presale query, after
sales developer support request, customization project and any
other queries to our dedicated support: