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Puerto iFood Script is an awesome script that lets you run
your own restaurant or multi-restaurant merchant hosting site. It
has been built from scratch using the latest web technologies
available such as PHP7, HTML5, and CSS3.

Live Demo

+ Login as admin ()—[username:
khalid; password:

Some Features:

  • Advanced Restaurant System
  • Full restaurant statistics by gender, location…
  • Free and Paid Restaurant Membership
  • Food online orders and delivery
  • Cuisines, Menus, Invoices, Reviews, Statistics, …
  • Membership System
  • Multi-Languages system.
  • Full administration you manage with it every single thing on
    the script.
  • Users can also register using social media accounts (support:
    facebook, twitter and google).
  • SMTP Email system.
  • Subscribers.
  • Beautiful HTML5 and Animations with fully responsive
  • Cross-Browser
  • Quick & Easy Installer
  • Extensive Documentation
  • && a lot more features…

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You can use Quizier in order to deliver a storytelling platform
to your users that will help them in creating and publishing
various contents. You can allow your users to share various types
of contents including Polls, Quizzes, Quotes, countdowns, lists,
and various others to several social networking sites or on the web
by using the most advanced story builder.

Planning to start your own online business similar to Playbuzz,

Quizier is ready-to-go solution and a platform approach for that
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Quizier is the best way to present your business, website, blog,
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Password demo1234

Front Editor


Password demo1234

How to Install

Core Features

Fully Responsive: Bootstrap 4 based fully
responsive clean and elegant design.

Fully Responsive: Bootstrap 4 based fully
responsive clean and elegant design.

Powerful Admin Panel: Backend is designed with
powerful & rich tools to help easily manage your website.

Multilingual: Native multilingual, translate your
website in your customers Language.

Theme Customization: Your website make it your
way, easily change colors, typography and more.

Widgets: Built-in widgets system, all type of
widgets you need are available with Ajax Support.

Menu Management: Easily create and manage menus
for header and footer with easy drag & drop feature.

Leaderboard: It has proven that the leaderboard
engage more visitors, take full advantage of that.

Achievements System: Achievements/Badges gives
engages more visitors that you can convert into revenue.

Social Login: Social Login is single sign-on for
end users. Easily integrate Facebook Login/Register.

Highly Optimized Database: Database is designed by
highly skilled professionals to speed up the performance.

Theming Support: Built-in theming structure, more
cool themes coming soon.

Migration Support from Other Scripts: Currently we
support migration form “BUZZY” send us request if you want to
migrate from other script.

CMS Pages: Easily create static pages and
translate them in any language.

Tags & Categories: Tags & Categories are a
great mechanism if you want to identify a piece of content by some
specific keywords.

Logging: Quizier logs every change made by users.
Easily track the changes/requests of your visitors and/or

No Coding Required: No coding skills required,
even your boss can manage Quizier website.

User Follow/Followers System

Visual Editor

Create Polls: Let readers share their opinion by
having them vote to see how their views compare with others’.

Quizzes: Quizier is loaded with three type of
quizzes formats, Personality, Trivia and Logic Quizzes.

Trivia: Give users a challenge by asking questions
to test their knowledge in an interactive, visual format.

Flip card: Create suspense with the allure of a
big reveal that users have to click to discover.

Quote: Make the important part of your text stand
out with a static or video quote that makes it pop.

Personality Quizzes: Ask users a series of
questions about themselves, receiving a personalized result or

oEmbed: Easily and quickly embed third party
websites, i.e YouTube, GitHub, Facebook, Twitter and more…

Media Module: Easily and quickly create and
customize your images and embed then into your stories.

Text Module: Great for writing plain text with
several html formations. i.e. Bold, List, Link. Headings etc.

Create Stories from Front End: Even your visitors
can become Publishers and can easily submit their stories using our
awesome editor.

Retina Ready: Serve your visitors Retina graphics
display sharper images and brighter, more vivid colours.

Embed Stories: Built-in embed API that lets your
visitors embed any story to other websites easily.

Social Share Widget: Built-in social share icons
that lets your visitors share any story on Social platforms.

Facebook Comments: Integrated Facebook comments

Support Adsense: Our widget area has exclusive
Adsense widget that allows you to display adsense on any page.

HTML Ads: With our HTML widget you can design your
own custom ad and serve it on any page.

Power of Website Customization with Settings:
Change your logo, favicon, login page image and many other changes
easily from backend.


  • Secured against SQL injection
  • Secured against XSS attack
  • Secured against CSRF attack


All notable changes to this project will be documented in this

## [1.1.1] – 2020-06-30

### Updated
# Updated to Laravel 7.18.0
# Updated post gird for responsiveness.
# Slider updated for small devices.
# Removed Slick font and replaced it with FontAwesome.

### Added
# Added bg-white class on main nav.
# Added restriction on media manager, so public user can not access
other users images.
# Added editor permissions default for users.
# Added support for webp images for desktop and supported browsers.
# Added support of Lazyload images.

### Improvements
# Minor bug fixes.
# Improved JavaScript performance

### Fixed
# Continue with Facebook button on small devices.
# Fixed quiz description text on small devices.

## [1.1.0] – 2020-06-27

### Bug Fixed
# Remove question wrapper when question is empty.
# Log user answer when choice doesn't have title.
# Quiz question wrapper position fixed for small devices.

### Update
# Two columns if sidebar is present on post type pages.

## [1.0.0] – 2020-05-30

### Initial Release

## [Unreleased] - 2019-07-17

Cpocket – CryptoCurrency Wallet

CPocket is a complete CryptoCurrency secured wallet. The system
platform is developed with the Laravel framework and MySQL. Our
system is 100% Secure and Dynamic. It is integrated with
coinpayment gateway which supports all available Cryptocurrency
whose coinpayment supports. It has Buy coin functionality by bank
deposit and Coin Payment gateway, It also has a deposit,
Withdrawal, Referral system, Membership system, Blocked coin, and
get bonus & many more features that you need to run a wallet.
It is the most perfect platform for creating your own currency
The good business opportunity that it has a coin stacking
option and membership club functionality with configurable reward

All files and code have been well organized and nicely commented
to customize. We have included a clear and detail documentation
folder to describe the code structures.

User access: email: , pass: 123456

Admin access: email: , pass: 123456

Key Features

Admin Side

  • Fully responsive and dynamic dashboard
  • Easy to signup & signin
  • Email verification
  • Forgot password
  • Profile management
  • Initial coin offering System;
  • Password setup
  • Security management
  • Complete user management
  • Coin management
  • Payment Method
  • Sell coin report
  • User coin order list
  • Broadcast Email
  • Bank management
  • Deposit management
  • Withdrawal management
  • Accept withdrawal and buy coin system
  • User id verification
  • Manage referral system
  • Admin settings
  • Coin Payment setting
  • Sms setting using twillo
  • Fees setting
  • FAQ Management

User Side:

  • Fully Responsive and Dynamic
  • Easy to Signup & Signin
  • Profile Management
  • User can buy coin with bank deposit
  • Buy coin with coinpayments
  • Membership system
  • Coin blocking system
  • Get bonus from blocked coin percentage
  • Nice Wallet management
  • Generate wallet address using coin payment
  • Coin deposit system
  • Deposit Chart
  • Withdrawal Chart
  • Google Auth Setup
  • Password Setup
  • Security Management
  • An user can send coin to both internal and external
  • User can send coin to wallet address or email address inside
    the same platform;
  • Buy Coin History
  • Use Google authentication
  • Use Two factor authentication for login;
  • Three level Referral System

Pre Requisites:

- Linux Server.
- Minimum RAM 2GB.
- Minimum Space 40GB.
- PHP 7.2+.
- Database (Preferred MYSQL 5.7+).
- Apache 2.4/Nginx Server.
- Process Control System (Preferred Supervisord).
- PHP Dependency Manager (Preferred Composer).
- Redis Server For Queue Management.
- Coinpayment merchant account
- Please check our demo and Pre Requisites before making your

Setup Supervisor:

- Create 2 new supervisord config with the following
- Horizon Supervisor Config.
- [program:cryptwallet].
- process_name=%(program_name)s.
- command=php /var/www/html/cryptwallet/artisan
- autostart=true.
- autorestart=true.
- user=root.
- redirect_stderr=true.
- stdout_logfile=/var/log/cryptwallet-horizon.log.
- After these configurations run following command.
- servervisorctl reread.
- servervisorctl update.
- servervisorctl start all.
- php artisan clear:all.
- php artisan horizon terminate.

What will you

  • Cpocket Main file
  • Database
  • Documentation

We offer installation service with charge! Please contact
with us to discuss and asking for quatation to setup wallet and
your server(VPS). Our Email: . We don’t have any refund policy!
Please check our demo and documentation before you make any
purchase! Feel free to ask us your pre sale query!

Change Log: Version 1.1 – 1st Jly’2020

- Added Cron/schedule job distributing membership bonus and
affiliation bonus.
- Added option in admin panel to distribute membership bonus
to all applicable members' lists.
- Fixed some design issues
- Added given coins report by damin
- Added feature in admin to give coins to user wallet.
- Updated documentation.

Change Log: Version 1.0 – 27th June’2020

- Initial Release

Support: Our support response time can be up to 2 business
days. Support only inlcudes script bugs, customization and new
featues are excluded under this service.


Images are only for demo purpose and not included with the
download bundle.

Bankzone – Wallet & Banking Online Investment Platform

Crazy Sale!
70%OFF!Introduction Price for a Limited Time!

Frontend Demo:

Admin Demo:



User Demo:



Cron Setup in Server:

Bankzone Install Video in Server:

BankzoneMultiprrpose Wallet & Banking Online
Investment Platform. It is a fully functional web Platform for
managing your Wallet , Banking & Online investment platform
conveniently. It allows you to register users, take deposits, remit
earnings and process both single and multi-level ROI earnings. With
Bankzone you’ll be able to setup your own platform as fast as
possible. Major payment gateways and cryptocurrencies supported
include Stripe, Coinpayments (BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, XRP and BCH) and

Bankzoneis an investment script built to help you
get your investment platform of any type running in no time. It has
a modern and fully responsive user and admin interface.


  • User Friendly Dashboard
  • Responsive Interface
  • Profile Verification
  • Easy Deposit
  • Wallet Funding
  • Investment Plan
  • Internal Transfer
  • Referral System
  • Withdrawal
  • Advance Report

Admin Features


Deposit Management

  • Gateways
  • Pending Deposit
  • Accepted Deposit
  • Rejected Deposit
  • Deposit Log

Users Management

  • Gateways
  • Pending Deposit
  • Accepted Deposit

Withdraw Management

  • Gateways
  • Pending Deposit
  • Accepted Deposit

Transaction Log

News Management

  • Add
  • Manage

Plan Management

  • Add
  • Manage

Menu Management

  • Add
  • Manage

Web Management

  • Banner
  • Work Area
  • About
  • Services
  • Investors
  • Partners
  • Socials
  • Logo & Icon


  • Settings
  • Email Settings

Note:This is a
modulefor . Not a standalone script.

Brief description

Inventory Management Moduleis a tool that allows
you to track goods across your business’s supply chain. It
optimizes the entire spectrum spanning from order placement with
your vendor to order delivery to your customer, mapping the
complete journey of a product. Through accurate tracking of goods,
businesses can minimize waste, analyze trends, and make better
investment decisions.

Core benefit:

  1. Centralized Storage: The more stock locations you
    have to manage, the more difficult it becomes to manage orders and
    track the stock availability. With inventory management module, you
    are able to find out the availability of your items and find their
    location in just seconds, even if they are put in different
    warehouses or stores
  2. Stock Control: Stock control is an effort carried
    out by a company in providing stock items needed to meet consumer
    demand. Inventory management module allows you to keep up with your
    stock availability and ensure it is always at an adequate level.
    The system gives a notification when the inventory is running low
    so you can immediately re-order.
  3. Increased Efficiency: With inventory management
    module, all the complex activities in inventory management are made
    simpler. Monthly to annual inventory reports can be generated in
  4. Improved Productivity: Since various tasks are
    automated, your employees can focus more on other crucial tasks.
    They no longer need to be stuck in time-consuming tasks, such as
    stock-taking or reporting with spreadsheets.
  5. Minimized Costs: Inventory management module keeps
    your company away from financial losses due to human errors,
    excessive stock storage, unnecessary purchases, late deliveries,
    and so on. With a centralized and integrated system, you don’t need
    to spend extra money on additional systems to manage your
  6. Satisfied Customers: Inventory management module
    ensures that all customer orders are fulfilled properly through
    real time information related to your inventory levels. The system
    also allows you to track the shipments until they’re received by
    customers. So that in the end, this system helps increase customer
    satisfaction with your services.
  7. Accurate Planning & Forecasting: An inventory
    management solution helps you become more proactive when planning
    and forecasting your inventory needs. With complete and accurate
    inventory reports, you can find out which products are the most
    popular, which ones are rarely ordered by consumers, how much
    inventory you should carry in the next few months, which suppliers
    are most profitable, and any other important information that helps
    improve productivity of your business.

Please check out the uploaded screenshots, which demonstrates
all visible parts of the module.

  1. Manage the list of attributes of goods (type, group, sub group,
    unit, color, body, size, style), declare the warehouse, the minimum
    inventory rules of each type of goods.

  2. Manage goods, support sorting by warehouses, by expiry date.
    Having a mechanism to warn goods that are expired or below the
    minimum inventory. Each item has extended attributes inherited from
    perfex’s item.

  3. In detail of each goods, it is possible to see details of which
    warehouses are still in stock with the quantity, the number of
    expired items (if any), the history of import, export and
    adjustment in the warehouse.

  4. Import goods into the warehouse

  5. Export goods from the warehouse

  6. Adjust the quantity in stock or report the loss of goods

  7. View the entire warehouse transaction history

  8. Reports on import, export and inventory of goods in stock, and
    reports on the value of current goods in stock


    User :

    Login: Password: [email protected]


    Included documentation will help you upload and activate the
    module inside Perfex CRM, if you are not aware on how to do it.


    Our support team is always around to help. Feel free to raise a
    support ticket.

    Guys from support department will get back to you as soon as
    possible with a reply, guiding you through any issues.


    Version 1.0.0 / 25.06.2020

    • Initial version.

Note:This is a
modulefor . Not a standalone script.

Brief description

Purchase Management Moduleis a tool for managing
your day-to-day purchases. It is packed with all necessary features
that are needed by any business, which has to buy raw material for
manufacturing or finished good purchases for trading. Purchase
Management can enter supplier bills, reconcile with purchase orders
or goods receipts, bill charges could be allocated for computation
of landed cost of items.

Please check out the uploaded screenshots, which demonstrates
all visible parts of the module.

  1. Manage item list with many extended attributes inherited from
    perfex’s item: image, item code, barcode, purchase price,…

  2. Vendor Management: Company info, Contact, Contract, Purchase
    Order, Payment

  3. Manage procurement requests of Departments

  4. Manage quotes from Vendors

  5. Manage Purchase Order from Vendors, manage payment progress on
    this order, support reminders, make notes and attach documents
    related to this order

  6. Manage contracts of Vendor, support signing similarly to
    perfex’s sales contracts

  7. Reports and charts


    User :

    Login: Password: [email protected]


    Included documentation will help you upload and activate the
    module inside Perfex CRM, if you are not aware on how to do it.


    Our support team is always around to help. Feel free to raise a
    support ticket.

    Guys from support department will get back to you as soon as
    possible with a reply, guiding you through any issues.


    Version 1.0.0 / 25.06.2020

    • Initial version.

Bootstrap 4 survey form for multipurpose use which helps you to
get customers survey data hassle free. This online survey form
sends the customer’s details to E-Mail or Google

Everything was built with a clean and easy to understand
coding using the latest version of 
Bootstrap 4.

This demo form is just a random system created to showcase the
design, features and functionalities of the form. Create and
Customize form according to your requirements.

Google Spreadsheet :


  • Easy install and quick start
  • 100% Responsive
  • Modern design
  • AJAX (No page reload)
  • Bootstrap 4 framework
  • Multipurpose form
  • Send data to Email or Google Spreadsheet
  • SMTP option
  • Mail auto responder to clients
  • Review information before submit
  • Form resets after submission
  • Smooth Validation
  • Add own fields and steps easily
  • Clean coding and well documented
  • 24*7 Support

Need Support ?

If you have any issues, please do not hesitate. Send us a
message describing the problem on our email: 
 and we will get back to you as soon as

Reach us via e-mail to resolve your issues!!


E-Academy is designed for coachings, agencies, and institutes
providing options to manage courses, give online guidance, online
papers and results. This E- Academy is developed and build on the
very famous – CI abbreviated as the “CodeIgniter” MVC framework.
Featuring all aspects to manage and organize all yourCourses,
students, and students at one place.

Main Features

Features for Admin

  • Login
  • Manage Frontend
  • Manage Batches
  • Manaeg Course
  • Add/Manage Subjects
  • Add/Manage Questions
  • Create Exam Papers
  • Add/Manage Teachers
  • Add/Manage extra class
  • Add/Manage Students
  • Upload Video Lecture (Youtube Links)
  • Add/Manage Notice
  • Add/Manage Gallery
  • Features for Students (In Web.)

    • Login
    • View Notiice
    • Attend Online Exams
    • See Extra Class Timing
    • Home Work
    • See video leactures
    • See Vacancy

    Features for Teacher

    • Login
    • Add/Manage Questions
    • View Exam Papers/Results
    • Extra Class
    • Upload Video Lecture (Youtube Links)
    • View Notice
    • Home Work Manage

    Try our admin demo –

    Admin: Username –

    Password – [email protected]

    IMS PRO (V3.1) – A Complete solution for your institute

    The simple, affordable and professional solution with multi
    branch and multi user that has everything you need to manage your
    institute.You also get free android mobile app (ionic framework 3.0
    Source code) for students, where student can download assignment,
    can view thier fee and attendance detail.Easy reporting with
    multiple option and in different formates.Here is some amazing
    reason to choose IMS for your institute.

    Updates (v 3.1)

    Php version updated to latest (7.1)
    Updated laravel version 5.8
    Minor Bug fixed
    Document Management Module Added for Student,Staff & institute
    Sale & Inventory Management Module added
    Reporting improve
    Custom field for student & staff signup

    Updates (v 3.0)

    Date calendar issue Fixed
    Permission bug fixed
    Send sms bug fixed
    Design changed

    Updates (v 2.0) (do not
    replace direct with your old system DB has some changes)

    Online Exam System
    Multiple Course
    Tax System on Fee(optional)
    Graph Reports
    Fixed some minor bugs
    Excel upload for enquiry & students
    Data Filteration
    Mobile App New Version(ionic V3.0)

    Updates (v 1.2)

    Student web login added. Student can also login in web view.
    Staff Sallery Account Added. All debit & credit sallery details
    Some user permission bug fixes.
    More easy enquiry followups.

    Note:This is a

    Brief description

    Quickbooks Integration modulefor Perfex CRM allows
    you to automatically synchronize your

    It uses one-way sync from Perfex to
    QuickBooks, for companies based in the
    US, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada & India,
    taking care of
    partial payments, taxes and more.

    Forget about bookkeeping fees. Our module will take care of
    every necessary part of it, for you, in auto-pilot!

    Please press the
    Video Previewbutton in order to perview a
    demonstration of a complete showcase, under a real Perfex
    installation environment.


    It takes only
    a few secondsto be installed and activated.
    Documentation is includedand it will help you
    configure the item through the necessary videocasts.

    If you have any questions, feel free to raise a support ticket
    at our .

    Guys from support department will get back to you as soon as
    possible with a reply.

    Keep in mind that
    absolutely no codingis needed! Just follow the
    instructions and be able to use
    Quickbooks Integration modulein minutes.


    – Perfex’s core cronjob needs to be enabled and running, in
    order for Expenses to be synced.


    – Due to the nature of French-based companies’ taxes that would
    cause issues to Perfex’s core, we decided not to support France
    account at this time.

    – If you change data on an already generated invoice, you will
    need to manually apply changes in your QuickBooks account for this
    invoice. Same applies to Payments and Expenses.


    Version 1.0 / June 2020

    • Initial version, fully compatible with the latest version of
      Perfex CRM