10th January, 2020 – With v1.4 of tSMS you can now
truncate old messages from Admin Panel, allow others to use your
website in a iframe with controlled access. It also contains few
API Fixes and other cosmetic fixes. to see full

tSMSis simple to use, unique, feature rich and
easy to install application for receiving SMS online. You can
create your own website for receiving SMS online with tSMS.


tSMS is not bounded by any SMS Gateway. So, if your SMS
gateway is not able to receive SMS from any specific provider like
WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. please check with your SMS gateway, tSMS
cannot do anything here.



PHP >= 7.1.3

MySQL >= 5.1

OpenSSL PHP Extension

PDO PHP Extension

Mbstring PHP Extension

Tokenizer PHP Extension

XML PHP Extension

Ctype PHP Extension

JSON PHP Extension

BCMath PHP Extension


SMS Gateway with ability to forward SMS to API
with custom parameters

Change Log

v1.4 - 10 January 2020
- API Fixes
- Truncate Messages from Admin Panel
- Allow others to use your numbers in iFrame with controlled access
- Autogenerate API key in Configuration and while installing tSMS
- Minor Code Fixes

v1.3 - 18 October 2019
- Button Fix on Layout 2 and 3
- Change in Menu Structuring to support mobile devices
- Stats in Admin Panel
- Minor Design Fixes

v1.2 - 24 August 2019
- Ability to create new home page sections and manage features 
- Added functionality to integrate WordPress Blogs via Short Code
- Added page titles in the title bar 
- Added custom page headers
- Added new layouts for viewing numbers available

v1.11 - 18 June 2019
- Added Custom Header for adding meta tags
- Fixed ads not showing the issue
- Fixed custom JS and CSS issue

v1.1 - 4 May 2019
- Added Page Module
- Added Menu Module
- Added Custom JS and CSS Options
- Added reCaptcha Support
- Added Software Update OTA Support
- Fixed ads saving issue
- Fixed Twillio Issue

v1.0 - 20 Feb 2019
Initial Release! Yay!

Video Chat is a web application developed on PHP, MySQL, jQuery
using OpenTok API. Today they provide API access to build
face-to-face video chat room. In addition, you will be able to send
text messages during video conference. This is useful function if
you want to share links, mails with your communication partner.

IMPORTANT NOTES!WebRTC won’t work without
HTTPS. According internal Browsers does not
support getUserMedia() for unsecure pages . So you will not be able
to use microphone and webcam if your page is not HTTPS.

Before buy:

The script doesn’t work on iOS devices. Please see the
requirements, also read and process, to determine whether you have
enough skills to install this script. You are automatically agree
with .


  • Face-to-face video room
  • Live chat in video room
  • Notification system
  • Responsive layout
  • Android mobile friendly


  • HTTPS (read for more information)
  • PHP 5.3 or higher
  • Cron jobs (
  • GD Extension
  • PDO Extension
  • Multibyte String Functions
  • Curl library
  • Enough server resources to handle ajax text chat

Applications demo


Installation & Documentation

All information you can find


v 1.3 – 2017.07.09

  • PHP 7.x support

Already bought?Remove all files from
root/frameworkdirectory and upload fresh version
from archive

v 1.2 – 2014.12.08

  • Support opentok API 2.2

Already bought?You need to upgrade script until
the 1st January, 2015. Here is quick guide: Firstly, replace
modified files and add new ones. Then setup one more time opentok
credentials. Read how to do this. Finally, remove
Important notes!Now minimum PHP requirements is

Modified files:


New files:


v 1.1 – 2014.08.27

  • Some code/design bug fixes

Modified files:


v 1.0 Initial – 2013.09.01

About Video
Poker Add-on

Video Pokeris an add-on game for the application.
This game can not be installed and used on its own without having
purchased and installed first.

How to play
Video Poker

The rules of Video Poker (Jacks or better) game are simple: the
machine gives you five cards, you choose which to hold and which to
discard, the machine replaces your discards and pays you off
according to the value of your hand.

Video Poker

5 Paylines

5 paylines with different payouts are supported, user can choose
a payline before each round.

Custom Bets

User can choose how much to bet.

Provably fair

When you open the game page the server generates a secret and a
seed and reveals its hash (using HMAC SHA256 algorithm). The server
secret represents randomly shuffled card deck. The server seed is a
cryptographically secure random alpha-numeric string. The hash of
these 2 strings helps to ensure that the initial card deck is not
altered after you choose the bet amount. After the game is finished
the server secret and the server seed are revealed, so you can
easily calculate and verify the hash.

When you play a game you can pass an extra custom string –
client seed (if it’s not specified a random number is automatically
generated by your browser). The server will then calculate another
hash using the server secret, the server seed and the client seed.
The last 5 chars of this hash (representing a hexadecimal value)
will be converted to an integer. The result number will be divided
by 52 (number of cards in the deck) and N cards will be cut (moved
from the top to the bottom of the deck), where N is the remainder
of the division. Because the client seed can not be predicted by
the server the number of cards cut from the initial deck is
completely random and hence you can be sure that the game result is

To check that a game you played was fair go to History >>
My games page, select a game and click Verify button.

Game settings

A casino administrator can:

  • Cutomize paytable (set payout for each poker combination and
  • Set min and max bet amount
  • Set bet increment / decrement amount
  • Set default payline
  • Set default bet amount

Demo environment

Please sign up at to test the application. You can use the
following credentials to check the backend features:

user: , password: admin


  • 1.13.0or higher.



v1.3.0 - 12 January 2020
- Ability to manually input the bet amount.

v1.2.2 - 16 October 2019
- New color schemes support.
- New preloader image.

v1.2.0 - 23 September 2019
- Game page re-design.

v1.1.1 - 13 June 2019
- Disable access to the game page if 2FA is enabled and not yet

v1.1.0 - 31 May 2019
- Ability to specify by how much the bet size should be incremented
/ decremented when +/- buttons are clicked.

v1.0.4 - 20 Apr 2019
- Bug fix: HTML content is displayed inside the <title> on
games pages.

v1.0.3 - 15 Apr 2019
- Bug fix: the game doesn't work in Firefox.

v1.0.2 - 06 Apr 2019
- Minor bug fixes.

v1.0.1 - 03 Apr 2019
- Minor bug fixes.

v1.0.0 - 24 Mar 2019
- Initial release.

Note: Refund system isn’t an independent system. This Refund
system is available only for Active eCommerce cms. If you do not
purchase yet then for purchasing

Purchase today! & use Refund System for your eCommerce
business which is only developed with the most efficient eCommerce
cms named Active eCommerce cms. Product refund is the process by
which a customer will be able to request a refund for his/her
previously purchased product with definite reason and if the
retailer or vendor approves the refund, the refunded amount will be
added to the customer’s wallet. So, later on, with this added
amount, the customer can purchase again (different product than the
refunded one).

How does it work?

  • Active eCommerce cms should be pre-installed in your
  • Purchase Refund addon for Active eCommerce cms from
  • Download and install the addon to your Active eCommerce cms
    addon manager
  • It’s done!

Excel/CSV Exportis simple web report export tool,
you do can use
Export/Import – Laraveltool for excel/csv file.It
can be easily customized as like worksheet name, font, font size,
cells fill color, cells border color, text alignment vertical, text
alignment horizontal and cells width easily changeable. Excel cells
is set number formats and data validation. MySQL Data is showing
rows group wise and header(rows and columns merge).You can
protected and unprotected easily set on excel worksheet cells.

Excel/CSV ImportYou can easily data import from
excel/csv into MySQL Database Table field.It can be easily
customized excel/csv cells and mysql table field.


  • Excel Export
  • Excel Import
  • Excel Imported Data
  • CSV Export
  • CSV Import
  • CSV Imported Data
  • Multiple Worksheet Excel Export
  • Multiple Worksheet Excel Import
  • Multiple Worksheet Excel Imported Data


  • PHP version 7.1 or newer
  • Laravel
  • PHP extension php_zip enabled
  • PHP extension php_xml enabled
  • PHP extension php_gd2 enabled


  • All files
  • Documentation


- v1.0.0 19/03/2020 
- Initial Release 


If you have any questions about this
Export/Import – Laravel, please feel free to
contact with me via email :

Thanks so much!

Update 1/23/20

We recently discovered that some server was running an older
version of MySQL which used the old
MyISAMas the default table engine. While this
works perfectly in the older release, future updates heavily
depends on

Manually check your Database Tables to see if your installation
was on the old MyISAM Engine, If it was, we strongly recommend that
you apply this update as a Fresh Install on a new database and make
a transition into it. If you go ahead to apply this update as it
is, you may experience some issues in the future with your

Demo Credentials

Super Admin Login





Before you purchase, please go through the official
documentation and make sure that the installation procedure is
comprehensive enough. You will not be entitled to a refund as long
as the project works as it is described.

Some specific files of the Full PHP Script you get after
purchase is encoded. This does NOT contain the application frame
like Laravel Controllers or the full React JS source code. You are
able to make customization as you wish. We only apply encoding as
an anti-theft mechanism which will protect legit businesses from
unnecessary competitions which arises from unlicensed usage of this

Main Description

Crypterion is a multi-featured peer to peer, self hosted
Cryptocurrency exchange platform. Crypterion comes with a
responsive and customizable design. Unlike most Cryptocurrency
exchange scripts out there, we support self hosted wallets, you get
to provide free wallet service along side peer to peer interactive

A few coins provided by BitGo are supported at the moment,
Moreover, we can integrate/adapt your custom coin upon request
provided that you have a reliable API service to integrate with.

Here, you will find all the necessary information as regards to
the installation and usage of the script. Feel free to check the
FAQ section, you may discover one or two things which could be of
help to you.

License Plans

Regular License

  • Lifetime License
  • Earn commissions
  • Limited to 100 users
  • Limited to 1 coin (excluding Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash)
  • No API Support
  • No Platform Translation
  • No Platform Restyling

Extended License

  • Lifetime License
  • Earn commissions
  • No limitation
  • With Installation


Peer 2 Peer Trading

Peer 2 Peer trading module matches buyers and sellers. With a
real time chat system, users are able to trade one on one.
Essentially, the sellers are to set their own prices and type of
payments they accept. Dispute are usually resolved by moderators of
the platform, and after a successful trade, a certain percentage
fee specified by the administrator is charged.

Geo Location

Users are identified by the country from which they are
accessing the platform, this is used for personalizing search
result and it is indicated in user profiles and offer displays.


Users may save contacts of their most trusted partners of
trades, this will give them a faster access to their offers, or
choose to restrict offer visibility to them.

Multi-coin Support

It supports multiple coin system, and you are able to provide
free wallet service to users. We have successfully integrated with
BitGo service and provided support for a few coins. However, if you
need to integrate more specific coins. Send us a support

Platform Customization

It supports a flexible customization system with which you are
able to change color patterns to match your brand, choose from 5 of
our preset layouts, set a dark or light theme, e.t.c.

Both User Area’s home page and Admin Area’s home page are
Widget driven and can be rearranged in your preferred order. New
widgets will be added with updates and you are able to
enable/disable according to your preference.

Email & SMS Notification

The platform supports both email and sms notification system.
Users of the system are allowed to choose which notification they
can receive. In the control panel you have the option of setting
the messages that should be sent for each notification.

Presence Status

Users presence status are updated in real-time. They can be
either online, away or offline at any point in time. This is
indicated in their profile page, chat and offer display.

Two Factor

Two Factor has been integrated to provide an extra layer of
security to users. This can be setup with Google Authenticator or
Authy application.

Phone & Email Verification

It supports Phone & Email verification, which can be done in
user’s settings. More verification system like KYC, AML will be
released in one of our next updates.

Multi-language Support

It supports multi-lingual setup which is located in the Control
Panel section. This allows you to change language files, add new
locales e.t.c. directly in the Control Panel. After changes have
been successfully made, users will be able to see the localized
version of the system

Midrub Wmarketing is an app for . You can’t use it without .

Demo video:

Midrub Wmarketing is an app for Midrub which allows to send
promotional messages to your Whatsapp contacts. This app can’t be
used for spam and you can’t use it to import contacts. 

How the Midrub Wmarketing  app really works?

  • First of all you need the Midrub Wchatbot app.
  • Once you have it, you have to configure it to auto-reply to the
    received messages.
  • Every time when  Midrub Wchatbot will reply to a message
    with a Quick Reply, will save te contact as subscriber with the
    Quick Replies categories.
  • For example a Quick Reply has the Category 1 and Category 2.
    Every user which will get the Quick Reply, will receive
    automatically the categories Category 1 and Category 2.
  • After this you can use the Midrub Wmarketing app to create a
    Promotional Message and select the category Category 1 or Category
    2 to send the promotional message to all subscribers which have the
  • The Midrub Wmarketing app will show you how many subscribers
    have the selected categories.
  • Once saved, the promotional message will show you how many
    subscribers have received it and who haven’t received it. You will
    see in the list the subscribers in the Promotional Message

The Midrub Wmarketing  has even the automatizations. How
the automatimations works? First of all you have to create an
automatization and select the time when the automatization message
will be sent. You have to select the categories(for example
Category 1). After this, every time when the Midrub Wchatbot app
will save a subscriber with the category Category 1, will be sent
the promotional message to the saved subscriber.

Each automatization shows you how many subscribers have received
it. You can see the subscribers list. Also, it shows the sent
messages number per day in the last 30 days. Anytime you can edit
the automatization.

In the Audit Logs page you can see the most popular
automatizations in the last 30 days. You can filter them by
Whatsapp number. Also, the Audit Logs page shows the total number
of automatized messages send per day in the last 30 days.

The Midrub Wmarketing is a Midrub app and it can be enabled per
plan and used as SAAS. Team owners can restrict it’s access per
team’s role.

The Midrub Wmarketing  like the Midrub Wchatbot app is
based on Twilio and your clients should have a Twilio account.

Configuration Documentation:

Usage Documentation:

Colourful Contact Form is a Full Responsive PHP & Ajax Form
with Required field jQuery validation built on PHP, HTML5/CSS3 and

As the requests are made through Ajax, the page does not reload
when you submit the form, making the user experience smoother and
overall better.

Code written in a simple.


  • Clean and easy to understand code written in PHP
  • Ajax requests: improves user experience on the site.
  • jQuery form validation
  • PHP form validation
  • Admin page
  • Responsive Design: fits all devices.
  • Can send email with SMTP.
  • No database required


Regular web hosting with PHP support

Online Demo

Preview –

Admin –

Name: admin

Password: admin


HRMGo SaaS is one of the most proficient tools for the
management of an employee. An employee undoubtedly is the most
prized possession for any organization. This tool would facilitate
in improving efficiency by helping you manage your employees
effectively. This tool is easy to use and convenient for the
organization of different size. With a SAAS version create plans
using a super admin login.


Url :

SuperAdmin Login : / 1234

Company Login : / 1234

HR Login : / 1234

Employee Login : / 123456

What to expect from HRMGo SaaS – HRM and Payroll Tool

  • An efficient dashboard to get an overview of important business
  • An effective way of generating payslip and calculation of
    salary components
  • This tool allows you to maintain data of an employee
  • It offers ease from the managerial view point of leaves,
    attendance and timesheet
  • One of the most proficient ways of managing events and
  • It facilitates ease in calculation and management of finance in
    regards of business activities
  • The comprehensive constant settings allows you to customise the
    parameters of this tools as per your organization’s need
  • Allows you to assign staff / users with restricted
  • Availability in multiple languages makes it a tool accessible
    on global platforms
  • Easy to Install

Salient features of HRMGo SaaS – HRM and Payroll Tool

Create plans and get payment- a special SAAS feature

With a
super admin login, create plans that are most feasible for your
business model. Select an appropriate pricing and duration for
created plan. Get payment using stripe payment gateway. The plan
would be disabled if not renewed after its expiry.


It offers an overview of total staff, tickets and
account balance with its comprehensive dashboard. You get an easy
access to absentees in an organization along with an elaborate list
for announcements and scheduled meetings. The calendar with an
event view makes it easier to keep a tab on important meetings.


The tool allows you to create users and assign role
to them. You could manage the permission of each user by
restricting their permissions.


This feature makes it easier for a company to maintain
a record of an employee’s personal, company and Bank details along
with their essential documentation. Employee could view and manage
their individual profiles.


Salary parameters

You could edit the components of payslip by adding allowance,
commission, overtime, miscellaneous payments and deduct the amount
for saturation and loan. This leads to easy generation of monthly


You can generate monthly payslips and make bulk payments through
easy clicks. You could also change the status of payslip with an
easy CTA. An employee could view the breakdown of their salary


Timesheet and attendance

You could create, edit and delete timesheet and attendance. With
timely attendance sheet, this feature allows you to get an overview
of overtime and early leave of an employee.

Leave management

You could maintain the data of leaves by creating new leaves.
This feature allows you to get a detailed insight into the leave
type, reason and duration. You could approve or reject the leave
request through easy clicks.


This feature allows you to generate tickets for
specific employee by assigning priority, end date and description
to it.

Manage events
and meetings

You can create events and meetings by assigning
the name and description to it. You get an option to select the
branch, departments and employees to it. The event gets displayed
on the calendar by assigning the starting and ending date to it.


Under this feature, you could create new account and
view account balance. A user could edit and create new deposits and
expense by assigning the payer and payee to it. Through feasible
system settings, the management of deposits and finance becomes
extremely easy. Besides fund transfer could be easily facilitated
from one account to other.

Activities of

This comprehensive feature facilitates in the activities of
HR. It is easy to maintain a record of promotion, transfer, work
trips, termination, warning and other important aspects of HR.


You could add
elements to various parameters of constant as per your
organization’s need. This would facilitate ease in payroll,
timesheet, HR and finance management.


Under system settings you get to customize your site,
system, company and Email settings. Customize your site setting by
adding the files of logo and creating the text for title and
footer. Create the custom settings for company and Email address.
With system settings you could add currencies and time format.

Available in multiple languages

Add and customize the tool from
the list of available languages. It facilitates global usability.


Please send for any issues, questions or suggestions. To save
time and get quick feedback, please don’t ask for support in
comments section.