Anonymous Chat – Send honest feedbacks anonymously with realtime

Anonymous Chat is a hybrid product made by combining
Anonymous Feedback and addChat.


– Search users with anonymous usernames

– Chat only after receiving a reply of your feedback

– 101% anonymous, never open-up your identity

– Seperate feedbacks and chatting messages

– Unlock user in chatbox only after two way communication

– Including all features of the product Anonymous Feedback and



New Hot Features

Search users with anonymous usernames



– Username: jasonbourne / jarvisjenkins / jakeweary /

– Password: jasonbourne / jarvisjenkins / jakeweary /


– Username: chaplainmondover / desmondeagle / alanfresco /

– Password: chaplainmondover / desmondeagle / alanfresco /


Automatic 1-Click Installation

1. Copy the product's folder "anonymouschat" to your
server's/localhost www/htdocs folder.

2. Enter URL http://localhost/anonymouschat/install or

3. Then enter your database details and click install.

4. At last, use the below creds for admin login -
  Username : admin 
  Password : admin123


Manual Installation

1. Copy the product's folder "anonymouschat" to your
server's/localhost www/htdocs folder.

2. Create a new database from Mysql Host (PHPMyAdmin or any other)
and import database file from     
    --> anonymouschat/install/assets/install.sql

    **If in case of database errors, then you Mysql version is old,
but we have a compatible DB for the older version-**   

3. Then after creating and importing database successfully, update
the database details in-
    --> application/config/development/database.php (according
to local server)
    --> application/config/production/database.php file
(according to online server)

4. Update the $config['base_url'] value in-
     --> application/config/development/config.php (e.g
     --> application/config/production/config.php (e.g

5. At last use the below creds for admin login -
  Username : admin 
  Password : admin123

After successfully logging in you will see admin panel link in the
footer "Administration".

Setting up Google & Facebook Login


– If you need any other custom change then it would be at extra
cost (hourly rates).

– If we need to configure the server first in order to install
the script then server configuration charges would be 50$.

– Free installation is only for single domain/server. If you
want installation on any other domain or server then charges would
be 50$ / domain. – If you’re getting any error, then just put an
email regarding the error, and we’ll update the script after error
resolution within 2 days.


=== Version 1 ===

** Initial release


You can email us at
for any type of support, issue or query. We’ll get back to you
within 24 Hours.


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product, you may like our other products as well. Keep your eyes on


is a retail solution that offers point of sale, inventory and
customer management, and analytics. All data is stored in the
cloud, and can be accessed from a computer or iPad in real


  5. SALES
  8. GIFTS


  1. Inventory Management (Items and Kits)
  2. Sale register with transactions logging
  3. Easy to use sales register interface
  4. Barcode generation and printing
  5. Receipt and invoice printing and/or emailing
  6. Suppliers and Customers database
  7. Receivings
  8. Many reports are built in (sales, orders, inventory
  9. Graph reports
  10. Employees with permissions assignment
  11. Gift card
  12. Return Purchase
  13. Return Sales
  14. Quotation
  15. Exporting Data as(Excel,JSON,CSV,XML,TXT,SQL)
  16. Importing Data
  17. Multi Stock
  18. Multiuser with permission control
  19. Messaging (SMS)
  20. Multilanguage
  21. Different UI themes
  22. Backup


demo :

username : admin

password : pointofsale


  1. Bootstrap 3.3.7
  2. Bootswatch 3.3.7
  3. Beautiful Flat Icons
  4. Composer Libraries codeigniter/framework

Update Versions 3.0 StarPath (01 09 2018)

  1. Change In Menu
  2. Add Multi Colors
  3. Make Sales and Receive By Ajax
  4. Change Charts Design

SnapStock is a online stock photography, stock image, stock
photo, premium photo selling platform. Search a lots of royalty
paid stock photos, pictures and photography. buy your photo online
or sell your photograply online – SnapStock has both facility.
SnapStock comes to make easy to sell photo copyright online easily.
Its developed with PHP Laravel, Easy to Use, Error Free, Secure,
SEO Friendly Photo Stock Platform. Start your own photo selling
website now, no need any programming language to run it…

User Features:

  • Easy Login / Registration
  • User Profile Management
  • All Transection Logs
  • Withdrawal Facility
  • Deposit Money
  • 16+ Payment Method Support
  • My shoppong Box
  • Easy to Sell Image
  • Easy to Manage Images & Sales
  • Complete Responsive Design
  • Menu & Contact page
  • Easy to search images
  • Featured Images
  • Subscribe Facility
  • Testimonials Section
  • Complete Image Details Information
  • Easy to Share
  • SEO Friendly URL
  • Anti-Fraud Enable
  • And More…

Admin Features:

  • Secure Admin Dashboard
  • Category Management
  • Subscribers Management
  • Payment Gateway Management
  • All Transection Logs
  • Website Menu Management
  • Advertisement Management
  • Image Management
    • All Images
    • Pending Images
    • Published Images
    • Featured Images
    • Unfeatured Images
    • Hidden Images
    • Shown Images
  • Withdraw Management
    • Withdraw Method
    • Withdraw Log
    • Pending Requests Log
    • Success Log
    • Refunded Log
  • Users Management
    • All Users
    • Banned Users
    • Verified Users
    • Mobile Unverified Users
    • Email Unverified Users
  • Deposit Management
    • Pending Request
    • Accepted Request
    • Rejected Request
    • Deposit Logs
  • Interface Control
    • Logo & Favicon
    • Manage Footer
    • Manage Social
    • Menu Control
    • Manage Breadcrumb
    • Manage About
    • Manage Home About
    • How it Works
    • Testimonial
    • Manage Slider
    • Background Image
    • Comment Script
    • Footer Text
  • Website Control
    • General Setting
    • Email Setting
    • SMS Setting

    Demo Access:


    Admin Access:

    Admin Login: Username: admin || Password: admin


    Please send us your product presale query, after
    sales developer support request, customization project and any
    other queries to our dedicated support:


    Every time you connect in
    demo version an account is created automatically, and you can do
    everything on it


    • More than 2100+ Cryptocurrencies available
    • 85 Currencies supported
    • Live trading
    • Get your wallet balance
    • Buy / Sell Crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) with Market
      & Limit Mode
    • Advanced coin page
    • Depth Graph
    • Order book
    • Private Blockfolio
    • Advanced trader chart candlesticks
    • Techinical indicators fully customizable
    • 10 technical indicators
    • Techinical indicators fully customizable (parameters, color,
    • Coins history data from 1 minute to 5 months
    • Live data
    • Live trending on chart
    • Detailed Market analysis
    • News & Social
    • Watching list
    • Heatmap
    • Top movers
    • Live market (sell/buy) with market balancing
    • Calculator (Cryptocurrency <==> Currencies)
    • Up to 6 charts on the dashboard
    • 9 types of dashboards available
    • Notifications on Mobile, Browser, Windows
    • Add notifications easy by double clicking on chart
    • Notifications center in Krypto
    • Subscriptions
    • Credit card payment gateway (Stripe)
    • Paypal payment
    • Customize plans
    • Free trial time configuration
    • Fully responsive (Mobile, Tablet) and optimized look-alike
      application on mobile
    • Advanced Admin pannel
    • Google Analytics easy setup
    • Multilanguages ready
    • 6 Languages already translated (English, French, Russian,
      Chinese, Latvian, German)
    • SHA512 Security encryption
    • Google Authenticator
    • Google OAuth Login & Signup
    • Password user reset
    • Welcome & Password changed email notifications
    • Email template easy customizable
    • SMTP Configuration
    • User signup form (with Google Recaptcha => can be disabled
      in Admin interface)
    • Free lifetime updates
    • 24/7 support by email, forum, comments


    Cryptocurrencies API provided by :


    • PHP 5.6 or more
    • PHP Extensions : CURL, PDO, OpenSSL
    • VPS / Dedicated server is
      recommended(else if the script can be slow)
    • allow_url_fopen need to be


    Version 2 (02/04/2018)

    - GDAX Live trading
    - Google Authenticator
    - Market depth graph
    - Privacy coin page
    - Admin can disable / enable crypto
    - Export graph as Picture or CSV
    - Payment gateway added (Fortumo, Mollie, Coingate)
    - New market list disgn (Improve multi device)
    - Admin can allow / disable feature for freemium
    - Private blockfolio
    - Google Ad on the login page
    - Up to 1 year graph data
    - Reorder each day volume of crypto
    - Turkish language added
    - Chinesse language update
    - Zoom chart on load (fixed)
    - Paypal live mode (fixed)
    - SMTP Connection (fixed)
    - Crypto load on scrolldown (select)

    Version 1.0.2 (27/03/2018)

    - Added cache system to price chart historic 

    Version 1.0.1 (26/03/2018)

    - Mobile top list shortcuts
    - Welcome screen & languages selection responsive fix.
    - Add hidden demo version function.
    - Fix mobile view 1 chart maximum.
    - Fix bugs when number shortcut top list is longer than the window
    - Fix cryptoselection popup height

    Version 1.0 (26/03/2018)

    - Initial release


    Drip/sequence messaging is a marketing strategy that sends, or
    “drips,” a pre-written set of messages to messenger bot subscribers
    over time.
    Messenger Drip Campaigneris BOT Inboxer add-on,
    that can send non-promotional structured sequential message to
    Facebook page’s messenger bot subscriber over time (day-1 to
    day-30). It uses BOT API for sending message. The subscribers will
    be assigned under your drip campaign automatically based on their
    entry point, however you can also assign campaign manually or
    change the campaign.

    This works with both for FB Inboxer and . It’s a multi-user
    add-on means you can allow your users to use this add-on. If you
    charge your end user for using this add-on then you have to buy
    Extended License.

    Key Features

    1. Send sequential message over time (day-1 to day-30).
    2. Create default drip campaign for any new subscriber.
    3. Create different drip campaign for Messenger Engagement Plugin.
      ( add-on required)
    4. Create custom drip campaign.
    5. Auto assign to corresponding drip campaign based on Entry
    6. Manually assign under any specific drip campaign.
    7. Full report of message sending.
    8. Day wise message sending report.
    9. Day wise message open report.
    10. Edit drip campaign.

    Video Manuals

    Live Demo

    Demo Link:

    Login as Admin


    Password: 123456

    Feel free to create your own demo account if you are
    willing to test this app with your facebook account. Other users
    will not be able to login to your account. You can unlink your
    facebook account after testing.


    Want to
    know more about Drip Messaging? Please read our

    Bot Inboxer Add-ons Available in Market


    Our team is ready to
    solve your problem as soon as possible. We are using support ticket
    system for easy management of client issues. Feel free to open
    tickets to our support desk. When you create a ticket, please
    provide your envato username & purchase code.

    Change Log

    v1.0 – 13th
    September 2018

    - Initial release

    Available in Spanish, French and 13 other languages, 15+ Countries
    language supports, Multilingual and RTL Version

    Built-in website with advance page manager.

    Asset Management
    New Payment Method
    Online Exam
    Question manage for online exam


    * Indian Payment Gateway PayUmoney Integrated

    Indian Sms Gateway MSG91 Integrated

    * Invoice

    * Payment History

    * Mark Manage

    * User Attendance

    * Student

    * Child Care

    * Multiple Theme


    dashboard with multiple excellent statistics and widget

    Role &

    Unlimited User Role and Permission to assign user roles


    Multiple Advanced charts for account, users, payments, income
    and many more..


    Manage and track all students information


    Manage and track all parents information


    Manage and track all teachers information

    User Management

    Complete user management with role and permission assignment

    Online Payment

    PayPal, Stripe & PayUmoney integrated with the management

    Grading System

    Their is a advanced grading system integrated in our system

    Exam Management

    Exam settings, grade, mark, schedule and Exam attendance can be
    manage via our exam management system

    Mark Manage

    Advanced Marking system for users so that they can give and
    manage marks very smoothly

    Academic Settings

    Users can manage class, section, routine, subject & all
    academic matter from academic section


    Teachers can make assignment for student and manage them


    Multiple user attendance like teachers & students. Teachers
    can make attendance for student and see report of every student
    attendance Multiple Type Student attendance day wise, Subject

    School Account, Invoice & Payments

    Privileged users can manage invoice & payments of school


    Privileged users can create exam & class schedule for school

    Email & SMS

    Privileged users can send email and sms to any user or user


    Complete Library management system integrated with the system so
    that librarian can manage library books easily

    Transport Management

    Complete transport management system for users can handle
    transport easily

    School Hostel

    Complete hostel management system for users can handle hostel


    Privileged users Promote student from one class to another

    Media Sharing

    Privileged users can share files & media to each others.


    Privileged users set holiday from settings of organisation

    School Event

    Privileged users can announce events

    School Notice

    Privileged users can announce notice

    types of Gateway for School Sms

    Clicktell, BulkSMS, Twilio & Indian sms gateway MSG91


    PayPal integrated, users can pay online via PayPal


    Stripe integrated, users can pay via Stripe


    India’s Most popular payment gateway PayUmoney Integrated, So
    now indian clients can take payment via PayUmoney

    15 Different

    We have translated our system in 15 different languages in the
    school management

    Academic Year

    Privileged users can set academic year/session and can manage
    them easily


    Teachers & Privileged users manage class syllabus


    Advance reporting system for hole database of the school

    Messaging System

    Private and group messaging system for all users


    Privilege User Can take backup of data


    Administrator can manage system every settings options from this
    module, like payment settings, sms settings, system settings and
    many more


    Administrator can manage system every expense in the system


    Receptionist can record visitor data into system and check
    record anytime

    Customer Reviews

    Change Log

    Version 4.0 (13 June 2018)

    + [Feature] Income manage
    + [Feature] Global payment
    + [Feature] Social link
    + [Feature] Student absent SMS/Email send option
    + [Feature] weekend in setting
    + [Feature] ID card report
    + [Feature] Admit card report
    + [Feature] Routine report
    + [Feature] Exam schedule report
    + [Feature] Attendance report
    + [Feature] Attendance overview report
    + [Feature] Terminal report
    + [Feature] Mark sheet report
    + [Feature] Tabulation sheet report
    + [Feature] Merit stage report
    + [Feature] Progress card report
    + [Feature] Online exam report
    + [Feature] Certificate report
    + [Feature] Fees report
    + [Feature] Due fees report
    + [Feature] Balance fees report
    + [Feature] Transaction report
    + [Feature] Student fine report
    + [Feature] Dashboard module modified
    + [Feature] Student module view modified
    + [Feature] Parents module view modified
    + [Feature] Teacher module view modified
    + [Feature] User module view modified
    + [Feature] Routine module view modified
    + [Feature] Student attendance module view modified
    + [Feature] Teacher attendance module view modified
    + [Feature] User attendance module view modified
    + [Feature] Mark module view modified
    + [Feature] Manage salary module view modified
    + [Feature] Child care module view modified
    + [Feature] Fee types module monthly type add
    + [Feature] Academic year module modified
    + [Feature] Setting module modified
    * [Fix] Syllabus module bug fixed
    * [Fix] Mark module minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Promotion module minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Message module minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Mail/SMS module minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Online exam module minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Take exam module minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Activities module minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Child care module minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Issue module minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Visitor information module minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Many More

    Version 3.5 (30-11-2017)

    + [Feature] Advance Frond-end Theme with Cms feature and built-in
    + [Feature] Settings update with front-end disable and enable
    + [Feature] Page Builder
    * [Fix] Login session minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Student import minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Question module minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Teacher Dashboard school counter minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Online Exam permission minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Certificate print minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Certificate permission minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Routine language change minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Email and sms language change minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Student module minor language issue fixed
    * [Fix] Message system language change issue fixed
    * [Fix] Student promotion minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Online exam minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Mail and sms select user minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] New Tag missing in sms and mail minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Timezone minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Installer Module all bug fixed
    * [Fix] Payment module minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Some Language issue fixed
    * [Fix] Invoice Gross amount minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Report Graph minor bug fixed
    * [Fix] Mark Issue Fixed
    * [Fix] Check Capture

    Version 3.4 (22-09-2017)

    + [Feature] Assets Inventory Management
    + [Feature] Stuff Salary, payroll management system
    + [Feature] Certificate and Transcript Report
    + [Feature] VoguePay Payment Gateway

    Version 3.3 (30-08-2017)

    + [Feature] Admin can manage student group
    + [Feature] All user can submit complain to the authority
    + [Feature] Privileged user can manage complain
    + [Feature] Online Examination with various type.
    + [Feature] Question Bank with question level and group.
    + [Feature] You can add 3 type of Questions.
    + [Feature] You can add online exam instruction note.
    + [Feature] Student can take online exam
    * [Modified] Student invoice minor changes
    * [Fix] Teacher Can only see his classes students.
    * [Fix] Other bugs fixed

    Version 3.2 (08-08-2017)

    + [Feature] Staff Attendance
    + [Feature] Student Activities
    + [Feature] Child Care
    + [Feature] 5+ Themes
    + [Feature] Attendance with late present
    + [Feature] Optional subject in student module
    + [Feature] Student have group, Extra Curricular Activities and
    Remarks in student module
    * [Fix] Fixed User Module Bug
    * [Fix] Minor Bug Fixing

    Version 3.1 (03-05-2017)

    + [Feature] System updated to Codeigniter 3.1.4 version
    + [Feature] Google Captcha added to login
    + [Feature] API Environment
    + [Feature] Footer section added
    * [Fix] Fixed Report module
    * [Fix] Fixed Settings module
    * [Fix] Fixed Install module
    * [Fix] Fixed Student edit module
    * [Fix] Fixed Mark Percentage
    * [Fix] Fixed Profile Edit
    * [Fix] Fixed Caching problem
    * [Fix] Fixed Reset Password

    Version 3.0 (25-02-2017)

    + [Feature] Advanced dashboard with multiple statistics
    + [Feature] Academic Year and Previous yearly data history
    + [Feature] Unlimited User Role and Permission
    + [Feature] Multiple mark category
    + [Feature] Invoice History
    + [Feature] New Payment Getaway. PayUmoney, Stripe, Paypal
    + [Feature] New SMS Getaway. Msg91
    + [Feature] Added Google Analytic
    + [Feature] Added Assignment module
    + [Feature] Added Syllabus
    + [Feature] Advanced report system
    + [Feature] Auto-update available
    + [Feature] Visitor statistics in dashboard
    + [Feature] Privilege user can manage library fine and add fine in
    + [Feature] Added Capacity for each class section
    + [Feature] Added Quick add button in related modules
    + [Feature] Added Portuguese Language pack
    * [Fix] Fixed Dashboard earning graph
    * [Fix] Fixed minor bug in message module
    * [Fix] Fixed minor bug in media module
    * [Fix] Fixed minor bug in backup module
    * [Fix] Fixed minor bug in visitor information module
    * [Fix] Student module Improved
    * [Fix] Student Attendance Improved
    * [Fix] Subject module Improved
    * [Fix] Promotion module Improved
    * [Fix] Invoice module Improved
    * [Fix] Library Book Issue Improved
    * [Fix] Mail and SMS module Improved
    * [Fix] Routine module Improved
    * [Fix] Settings module Improved
    * [Fix] Menu structure Improved
    * [Fix] UI and UX Improved

    Version 2.2 (14-03-2016)

    + [Feature] Multi admin feature available
    + [Feature] Admin can export Database backup.
    + [Feature] Admin can create school event. And all user can see
    events in their calender.
    + [Feature] Admin can create school holiday. And all user can see
    holiday in their calender.
    + [Feature] Admin can set default language settings.
    + [Feature] Admin can reset any type of user password.
    + [Feature] Subject-wise attendance.
    + [Feature] Student can submit leave application to teacher.
    + [Feature] Admin, Teacher, Student and Parents can see the subject
    highest mark in each student mark details page.
    + [Feature] Teacher can submit leave application to admin.
    + [Feature] Receptionist is the new user type.
    + [Feature] Bulk Import for student, teacher, parent, user and
    + [Feature] Add calender in all users type dashboard.
    * [Fix] Fixed Paypal minor problem
    * [Fix] Improved Message replay
    * [Fix] Improved Dashboard UI

    Version 2.1 (26-08-2015)

    * [Fix] Improved all user Dashboard UI and Profile

    Version 2.0 (15-08-2015)

    + [Feature] Parents can see multiple student activities
    + [Feature] Section in class
    + [Feature] Teacher attendance
    + [Feature] Exam attendance
    + [Feature] Invoice generate
    + [Feature] Paypal payment method
    + [Feature] Student promotion to next class
    + [Feature] Share media for student or all users
    + [Feature] Mail/SMS with template for any kind of users
    + [Feature] Any kind of user can send internal message with each
    * [Fix] Improved admin Dashboard UI
    * [Fix] Improved student view mark table
    * [Fix] Improved routine view
    * [Fix] Extended report module
    * [Fix] Bug Fixed on Exam Module
    * [Fix] Bug Fixed on Report Module
    * [Fix] Bug Fixed on .htaccess file for No input file specified

    Version 1.0 (03-06-2015)

    - Initialize release

    ChargeHippo is a powerful PHP script based on Laravel that
    helps you to sell services online. You are a developer, designer,
    doctor or whatever you are. With the help of ChargeHippo you can
    charge your customers online by providing your services online.
    There is a powerful messaging system. So, you and your customer can
    communicate with each other through the messages. There is also a
    feedback system upon order completion. So, you can improve your
    service with the help of customer’s feedback. Our script is user
    friendly, secured and well optimized. It comes with a super easy
    installer. So, you need to only upload the script on your server
    and with few clicks you are ready to sell.


    • Super easy installer
    • Secure and well optimized laravel 5.5 based
    • Email verification system.
    • Powerful messaging system to communicate regarding to the
    • Feedback system upon order completion.
    • Easy to add Services
    • Upload multiple images to showcase your service
    • PayPal Integrated
    • Offer Addons (i.e. fast deliver) on Checkout to increase the
    • Shortest Checkout process to increase the leads.
    • Well documented
    • Supper fast support.


    Customer Info: Email:

    Password: temp

    Admin Info: Email:

    Password: temptemp


    it is
    the most advanced script available for traffic
    , it function fully automatic with an integrated
    exchanger software for multiple platforms, Windows/macOS/linux, it
    quiqly provide you with a traffic exchange service for your
    clients, SaaS ready script which make it easy to generate real
    income by selling traffic packages, subscriptions, slots, fully
    customizable administration panel and user interface, built to
    perform fast and securely, it has a built in integration for :

    • Paypal
    • Authorize.Net
    • Stripe
    • 2Checkout
    • Robokassa
    • Payza (EU)

    fully translatable with a
    16 languagesincluded, responsive and clean
    template, it comes with a
    homepage builderto let you customize the template
    of your homepage


      • username: server
      • password: server


    To install
    Surfow V6.0on your web server or hosting with main
    domain, make sure it meets these minimum requirements:

    • PHP
      7.1.2or higher
    • OpenSSL & Mod_Rewrite Module Enabled
    • PDO or MYSQLI installed

    We greatly appreciate your 5-STAR POSITIVE review

    please do NOT leave negative review without asking for help


    ------ Surfow V5.0 ------ 
    >> Fixing all reported Bugs
    >> Adding new features (1ip per session, traffic source,
    custom useragent, browser extensions)
    >> Updating the templates and documentation
    >> use the extensions from the official stores
    ------ Surfow V3.0 - V4.0 - V4.0.1  ------ 
    >> Fixing all reported Bugs
    >> The installation become easy with a new documentation
    >> Adding so many new features
    >> Adding the social login
    ------ Surfow V2.1 ------ 
    >> Fixing the referer source (now its working)
    >> Adding the installation guides for browser extensions
    >> Fix some issues in admin panel
    >> Make the session more longer
    >> Releasing new extensions at
    ------ Surfow V2.0 ------ 
    >> Fixing some bugs.
    >> Adding new features & new payment methods
    >> improve the referral program
    >> Fix the pagination issues in admin panel
    ------ Surfow V1.0  ------ 
    >> Surfow says Hello to the world