NopPay is an Online Payment App, a PayPal payment terminal to
set some fee to get pait from your customers.

The NodPay is multilingual, safe payment gateway, and an easy
app to use form all businesses.

NodPay –
Online Payment App DEMO



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ClassifiedsPlus is an extremely lightweight and fully featured
Classified Ads CMS suited for high traffic websites. This script
was created with the goal of being extremely fast to load and
flexible to customize.

Classifed Ads Features Overview

  • All native PHP code with a simple structural framework, any
    person with even a very basic PHP knowledge is able to quickly
    understand what’s going on and make modifications
  • Fast page load times
  • Configurable billing plans (free, paid, one time payment,
    monthly, annual, featured listing)
  • Google Maps, Mapbox, OpenStreetMap, HERE, TomTom, Wikimedia
    Maps compatible
  • Geolocation support (HTML 5 API)
  • Coupons
  • Payment Gateways: Paypal, Stripe
  • Custom fields per category or global
  • Claim listings so you can populate your site with listings then
    let business owners claim and pay for the listing
  • Contact owner form for each listing
  • Search by custom field
  • Create static pages and blog posts using TinyMCE
  • Built-in contact page (contact site owner) with form to
  • Templating system
  • Rating system
  • User comments
  • Login with Facebook, Twitter and email account
  • Multiple currencies support
  • Responsive design looks good on mobile and desktop
  • SEO optmized, friendly URLs, user-defined meta
  • Translations files in plain text format (editable in notepad or
    similar) including the admin area
  • Fast support

Bootstrap based

ClassifiedsPlus uses the Bootstrap 4 layout grid, its components
and utilities extensively and it has a very neutral theme that can
easily adapt to several business types. This also makes it easy for
third party designers to make layout modifications because they
only need to be familiar with the Bootstrap framework.

Custom Fields

ClassifiedsPlus allows you to create “Custom Fields” on the
category level or create global custom fields. For example, for
listings in the Real Estate category you can create custom fields
like number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, area, year built,
etc. For listings in the Cars category, custom fields like brand,
transmission type, model year, etc are possible.All these fields
are searchable and can be used to filter listings during search

Monetize Your

Flexible pricing plans allows you to create one time payments as
well as monthly and annual recurring subscriptions. Current payment
gateways supported are:

  • Paypal
  • Stripe

Claim Listings

With this feature you can kickstart your site by creating
listings and let business owners claim and pay for the listings so
that they can edit, correct and add additional information.

Create Pages

ClassifiedsPlus comes with a simple blog system that allows you
to create blog posts and pages and uses the popular TinyMCE wysiwyg
editor. You can define whether to show a post in the feed, if not,
it will be a stand alone page.

Map Providers

ClassifiedsPlus supports multiple map providers: Mapbox, HERE,
TomTom, Wikimedia, OpenStreetMap and Google Maps. You can choose
one or multiple ones. If you select multiple map providers
ClassifiedsPlus will randomly select one on every page load.


Allow sellers to create coupons for deals and discounts. Users
can browse all coupons available on the site.

Fast Loading

ClassifiedsPlus was designed with loading speed in mind. All
pages load fast, including the admin area which will almost never
show you spinning animations that impact your productivity.

Fully Brandable

ClassifiedsPlus is a standalone PHP system that doesn’t require
any other CMS platform. If you are building a classifieds system
for your client, it will not show that you are using another
platform such as WordPress.

User Guide

Please access the user guide at:

Fully functional

You can see a fully functional demo, loaded with hundreds
of listings where you are able to register an account, confirm it,
sign in, see the user area and even submit listings.


  • PHP 5.5+
  • MySQL 5.6.*+ (Requires FULLTEXT search in InnoDB)


classifieds, classified ads CMS, buy and sell script, classified
script, craigslist, olx clone, open source classified ads script
with geolocation support

SocialLit is Social Marketing suite. It is also social media
marketing tool that help you to boost your Social Media Business
strategy to the next level . Write post to your social accounts at
once and schedule post and mega collection of social features

Key Features


  • Manage Facebook Pages
  • Manage Facebook Groups
  • Manage Conversations of all facebook pages
  • Campaign
  • Capture facebook page Data
  • Facebook Messenger Bot
  • Facebook Mass Send
  • Website Integration ( Integrate Messenger to your website
  • Facebook Scraper
  • RSS to Facebook
  • Web to Facebook


  • Manage your tweets
  • Write tweet
  • Send direct message
  • Mass Message Send
  • Mass retweet
  • Mass Reply
  • Quick share tweets
  • Auto retweet
  • Twitter Scraper
  • RSS to Twitter
  • Web to Twitter


  • Manage your posts
  • Download images/videos with size
  • Find top Likers
  • Home feed
  • Popular Feed
  • Followers
  • Following
  • Following Activity
  • Auto Follow
  • Auto unfollow
  • Auto comment
  • Scraper
  • Web To Instagram
  • Web to Social
  • RSS to Social Media
  • Web To Social
  • Linkedin

    • All updates
    • Mass Comment


    Manage your tumblr
    account ( write / edit / delete )


    • Post to your unlimited wordpress site
    • Manage your WordPress posts


    Slack chat bot


    Search content on

    Website scraper

    • Scrap image and contents form websites
    • Share image and contents to social media


    • Get Rss feeds from websites
    • Share rss feed to social media

    And More …

    Online Demo

    URL :

    User :

    Password : 123456



    PHP 7.1



    Webcoder CMS a web sofware in order to create and manage easily
    your own website.

    Webcoder CMS seems to be a professional and accomplished
    Content Managment Systemwhich contains an user-friendly
    admin panel which allows you to control easily the content of your
    website coupled with an simply customizable as well as efficient

    However,this system can be advantageous for a Web agancy wishing
    to spread web sites quickly and easily for its customers!


    • Portable:localhost,root,subdirectory,subdomain or not…
      Whereever you want!
    • Fully responsive design(front office and back office)
    • Easy to customise(manage your own templates and models)
    • Creating dynamic Extension is easy
    • User friendly
    • Inuitive admin panel
    • Multiple users
    • Create simply pages,subpages,articles
    • Powerful Ajax file manager(videos,images,documents)
    • Enabel/Disable comments on the articles
    • Create and customize widgets
    • Powerfull search engine
    • Multi-language(add new languages and manage your
    • Ready for RTL
    • SEO ready(clean URL,structured datas,respect for the prinsiples
      of Google…)
    • High perfomance level(page speed optimization)
    • Powerfull security(CSRF,XSS,SQL Injection)
    • Customizable and scalable back office
    • Light weight
    • IcoMoon
    • Helpful documentation

    Admin Modules

    • Menus
    • Pages
    • Articles
    • Extensions
    • Languages
    • File manager
    • Setting
    • User management
    • Tags
    • Texts
    • Widgets
    • Social(social networks links)
    • Create your own modules(blog,gallery,slider)

    Technologies and JS Plugins

    • PHP 5
    • CodeIgniter
    • MySQL 5
    • Mysqli extension
    • Mbstring extension
    • Native PHP sessions (or Memcache(d) + mcrypt)
    • Login: admin
    • Password: admin

    Job Board Portal solution with industry innovative features,
    specifically designed for easy customization, translation and



    Admin, User demo

    Board Portal – Unique features

    • Countries SVG geo maps for easy location area based
    • Custom fields with visual editors (textareas, inputs,
      dropdowns, upload) / amenities / distances direct from Admin
      interface (No programming skills needed)
    • Frontend links to wireframe visual widget and search forms
    • Ready to use multilanguage (Backend+Frontend), RTL (Frontend)
      features like auto-translating with MyMemory API service and Google
      translator (manually corrections are also supported), look this
      extra simplicity, try administration!
    • Dependent fields logic on submission, search form, results
      listing and listing preview
    • Real multicurrency support ( different currency and different
      price on different language )
    • JSON API ready to connect with Mobile apps and other

    Job Board
    Portal – Main Features

    • Earn money providing listing and featured submissions for
      Employers on portal with PayPal/Cash/Bank transfer payment
    • Earn money with Google AdSense or other similar service
    • Custom categories with sub-levels, separate fields for
      different categories supported
    • Google Maps view for listing with populated GPS
      coordinates/selected location (GPS is not required, but
    • More then 150 Geo SVG maps included for many countries,
    • User registration can be disabled
    • Real multicurrency support ( different currency and different
      price on different language )
    • Supported front-end and backend user-types/roles with
      submissions: Admin, Employer and front-end Employer/User with admin
    • Front-end Facebook login for fast login
    • Each Agent and user have public profile page with all listings,
      logo can be listed on homepage
    • Enquires system for you and your Agent in administration
    • Review system, Add to Favorites, Sharing options
    • PDF Export for printing, Compare up to 4 listings at once
    • Extra easy to use, drag & drop multi image upload, reorder
      images, pages, fields, widgets, search form fields
    • Email alerts with possible customization via Admin
    • Google reCaptcha support against spam
    • Popular SEO techniques integrated, nice URI, customizable meta
      description, keywords for any page, auto xml sitemap
    • Real time CSS/Javascript minimizing and caching for faster
    • Innovative drag & drop Menu and pages builder with logical
      page structure embedded
    • Backup your database and files direct from administration
    • Track your visitors with Google Analytics
    • QR code on each listing preview page to quick access from
    • Embedded YouTube videos supported for listings
    • Watermark on images supported
    • Responsive and Mobile friendly, based on Bootstrap 3
    • JSON API, RSS feeds are available
    • Based on Codeigniter, so if you know it you can easy customize
      anything you want
    • Simple update to higher version via updater script
    • Incredible support, documentation, knowledge base, FAQ section
      and quick answering on any issue!

    Based on Premium Job Board template by our choice (19 USD worth of

    Download Package

    • Source JS
    • Source CSS
    • Source PHP files
    • Documentation
    • Preview example and bootstrap theme examples


    • PHP version 5.6 or newer
    • MySQL (4.1+)


    If you enjoy this application please rate & share it!
    If you are rating it with less than 5 stars please drop me a mail
    why it didn?t achieve a full score and what could be improved in
    your opinion.

    Changes log

    1.6.5 – 1
    November 18

    • Initial release


    Instant Domain Search is a powerful PHP based script to search
    domain names instantly with AJAX. Instant Domain Search Script is
    built with fully responsive design based on Latest Bootstrap to
    ensure that your website will look absolutely flawless and
    beautiful on every mobile and desktop devices. It also has the
    strong cross browser support and utilize the power of open source
    technologies for its main components. Domain name search results
    appear as you type. Instant Domain Script verifies domain
    availability by doing a dns query get search results as fast as
    possible. whois lookups are bit slower than dns queries, but
    provide more information about who registered the name. You make
    money when someone buy domain names through one of the refferal
    links. You can also add custom TLD’s there is a lot more to
    discover for you


    • Instant Domain Search
    • Earn with Affiliates
    • Earn with Ads
    • Whois Information
    • Multi Languages Support
    • Domain Names Suggestion
    • Multi Currency Support
    • Built in Analytics
    • External Analytics Support
    • SMTP Support
    • Caching For Better Performance
    • Built-in Contact Form
    • Social Media Ready
    • Powerful Admin Panel
    • 100% Responsive Design
    • AJAX Based
    • SEO Ready
    • 100% Pentested Security
    • Custom Pages Creation
    • Quick and Easy Installation
    • Free Lifetime Updates
    • Easy to Use


    • Operating System : Linux or Windows
    • Web Server : Apache is recommended
    • PHP Version: 5.6+
    • PHP CURL
    • MySql: 5.1+
    • PHP libxml Enabled

    Tools and
    Technologies Used

    • Bootstrap (CSS and JS Framework)
    • Jquery Library
    • Codeigniter (PHP Framework)

    Admin Login

    Front-end Demo :

    Admin Demo :

    Username : administrator

    Password : administrator

    Version 1.0 [2018-11-07]

    - Initial Release.


    password: super_user

    Intelle Hub Inc. team is totally committed to give you amazing
    after sales support. If you find a bug/problem and our team cannot
    provide you with a proper fix you’re eligible for a full refund

    Intelle POS is a continuation of the much loved product Intelle
    Stock Manager. This version comes with a major component called
    “POS (point of sales). Ideal for supershops and any other shop
    around the globe using a point of sales service.

    Intelle POS is a clean and powerful system to provide you
    everything you need to run your shop smoothly. Starting from a
    powerful inventory to even barcode printing.

    “zCart Multi-Vendor E-Commerce Platform”application you can
    build your own Multi-Vendor E-Commerce marketplace like Amazon,
    eBay, Esty. Very easy to set up with a friendly built-in

    Allow vendors/store owners to sell their products on your
    marketplace and charge them monthly subscription fee +
    commissions%(optional) + per transaction fee(optional).

    Each vendor (store owner) has individual Admin panel. A vendor
    can add staff users to manage their store. You can limit the number
    of users and also can limit the number of listing a vendor can

    Multiple Payment Gateways for the marketplace including
    PayPal, Stripe
    Offline Payment
    Systems like Cash on Delivery(COD) and Bank Wire

    Frontend demo::

    Backend demo::

    User Name::

    Password:: 123456

    User Name::

    Password:: 123456

    User Name::

    Password:: 123456


    • Multilingual support
    • Activity logged with detail history
    • Advance Product search algorithm like Amazon
    • Advance catalog system like Amazon
    • Secret Login to any account
    • Low inventory alert
    • Product attributes
    • Guest checkout system
    • Role-based user permission (Full dynamic control)
    • Multiple Payment methods (PayPal, Stripe, COD, Bank Wire
    • Buyer Rating system for both products and sellers
    • Order tracking system
    • Dynamic filters to find products
    • Multiple shopping carts
    • Ajax based shopping cart
    • Featured categories
    • Wishlist
    • Coupons
    • Theme based front end
    • A different theme for vendor landing page
    • Support Ticket system
    • Full-featured Message inbox
    • Refunds and Disputes
    • Block sellers and customers
    • Can block user IPs
    • Fully Google analytic integration on the dashboard
    • Visitor graph report without any third party API
    • Maintenance mode for the whole platform and individual
    • Products key feature list
    • Linked items with your listing
    • Auto find related items
    • An algorithm to find top selling/trending product to
    • Different shipping rate base on price, weight and shipping zone
    • Shipping zone based tax system (auto)
    • Premium Packaging options for delivery
    • Social media login system with Facebook and Google
    • Newsletter subscription with MailChimp
    • Subscription-based vendor registration(Auto renewal)
    • Full controlled resource allocation(users/listings) for
    • Sliders and banners widget can be placed in multiple widget
    • Activity log(history log) for important resources
    • Bulk upload customers and inventories (CSV)
    • Global Announcement system
    • Push notification system
    • Advanced reporting
    • Advanced FAQ system
    • Static pages
    • Blog
    • Customer-seller conversation on order page
    • SEO optimized

    More features will be added…

    Please view our online for installation process and other

    Adhook is a Complete Ads Network Script For Advertising
    Business. AdHook is a marketplace where advertisers and publishers
    (webmasters) come together to sell and purchase adspaces. Adhook
    supports unlimited advertisers, publishers and advertisements. We
    have optimized system to delivery ads effectively. The only
    threshold is your server performance and mysql database
    performance. The better your server configuration and performance
    is, the more data entities you can have in the system. There is no
    restriction from the script whatsoever. its Allow publishers to
    earn money from ther websites, and admin keep a share of the
    profit. its support 20+ Payment method currently, such as paypal,
    skrill, stripe, paytm, paystack, vougepay, coinpayments, blockchain
    and more….

    Admin Features:

    Secure Admin Dashboard.

    Advance Advertisers Management.

    Publishers Management.

    Broadcast Email Marketing.

    Subscribers Management.

    Advertisements Plan Creation.

    Advertisements Types Selection.

    Deposit Method Management.

    Withdraw Management.

    Deposit & Withdraw Logs.

    Withdraw Mthod Management.

    Email & SMS Notification Management.

    Website Control.

    Frontend Content Management.

    FAQ & Blog Management.

    Social Link Setup.

    Testimonials & Statistics.

    Verification System Contorl.

    Reg On/Off.

    Template Color Switcher.

    Base CURRENCY Setup.

    Pay Per View Control.

    Pay Per Click Control.

    Default Ads Setup.

    New Sub-Admin Creation.

    And More…..


    Fully Responsive Design.

    Easy to Login / Register.

    Effective Blog.

    Easy to Contact Support.

    Secure Publisher Dashboard.

    Total Impression & Click Logs.

    Total Earning Logs.

    Profile Management.

    Easy Withdrawal System.

    Withdrawal Logs.

    Ads Setup Script.

    And More…..


    Total Impression & Click Logs.

    Credit Costing Logs.

    Profile Management.

    Auto Deposit via 20+ Method.

    Transaction Logs.

    Advertisement Plans.

    Advertisement Slot.

    Runing Campaign Information.

    Anti-Fraud Enable.

    Easy to Login / Register.

    Effective Blog.

    Easy to Contact Support.

    And More…..

    Demo Access:

    ↠ Frontend:

    ↠ Admin Access:

    ↠ Admin Login: Username: admin || Password: admin

    Included With:

  • Excellent support with a fast response rate.
  • Fix any bugs or broken content.
  • Help get you setup and installed!
  • Answer any questions you may have.
  • Secure Database that uses prepared statements so no SQL
  • Protects against CSRF attacks!
  • HTML Filter to protect against XSS attacks!
  • Built using the latest LARAVEL Framework Version 5.6
  • Passwords are encrypted By bcrypt encryption.
  • Support

    Please send us your product presale query, after
    sales developer support request, customization project and any
    other queries to our dedicated support: