Uranus is a responsive skin only compatible with Nextpost
Instagram v4.1.1+ Easy to use, easier to install and customizable.
It’s an excellent choice for using Nextpost with the Extended

This skin is not standalone app. You need to get main
Nextpost Instagram app to use this skin. You can get main Nextpost
Instagram app from:

  • Modern & Responsive UI
  • Simple & Clean Code
  • Easy Installation
  • Automated price lists
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Sign in, Sign up, Password Recovery pages
  • Privacy & Term fo Services page templates


version 1.0– July, 2018

     - Initial Release

^multicrm is a Powerful Multi-Company Modular CRM build on top
of Laravel 5.6, Twitter Bootstrap and SCSS. CRM contains over 35
features & modules. Platform is easy to extend, customize,
developer, can extend and modify application with short time.


Powerful Mult-Company CRM Application
Module Architecture
Module Generator
Crud Web Modules
Crud Rest API + JWT Auth
Modern application design
Built with Laravel

What will
customer get

  • ^multicrm – Powerful Multi-Company Modular CRM Application
  • (simple) Command Line Module Generator
  • HTML Template that we use in ^multicrm

& Support

Demo of
^multicrm Crm Appliation



Password: admin


  • PHP 7.1+
  • MySQL 5.1+
  • mod_rewrite
  • OpenSSL
  • PDO
  • Mbstring
  • Tokenizer
  • JSON
  • CURL
  • DOM
  • Bcmath
  • GD


Version 1

Initial release

Need to build a complex application? Multiple modules, Rest API?
Short on time? Don’t waste Your priceless time building everything
from scratch. Start with Laravel BAP. Small price, great

Laravel BAP is a Modular Backend Application Platform build on
top of Laravel 5.6, Twitter Bootstrap and SCSS. The software
contains over 20 core features, module generator, relations in
tabs. BAP is Easy to extend, customize, developer, can build any
back-office application with short time.

Bonus: For a quick start and in-depth
familiarization with the platform we have built CRM application
with 17 modules. Ready to deploy APP build on top of Laravel

What’s new in

Live notifications with pusher
JWT Authorization for Rest API
Generic Rest API (see:
PDF Print for Invoices, Orders and Quotes
Generic Copy buttons (allow to easly create new records with
prefilled data from existing record)
Laravel Update to 5.6


Module architecture
Module generator
Crud Web Modules
Crud Rest API + JWT Auth
Modern application design
5* Support
5* Documentation
Bonus CRM Application

What will the
customer get

  • Two separate applications + HTML Template
  • Laravel BAP – Modular Backend Application Platform (Starter
    Kit) with all core features and modules.
  • Example CRM Application with 17 modules (See demo)
  • Command Line Module Generator (php artisan bap:codegen)

& Support

They trusted us

DEMO Crm Application


Password: admin


  • PHP 7.1+
  • MySQL 5.1+
  • mod_rewrite
  • OpenSSL
  • PDO
  • Mbstring
  • Tokenizer
  • JSON
  • CURL
  • DOM
  • Bcmath
  • GD


Version 1.0.2

*** FEATURES ***
- Live notifications with pusher
- JWT Authorization for Rest API
- Generic Rest API (see:
- PDF Print for Invoices, Orders and Quotes
- Generic Copy buttons (allow to easly create new records with
prefilled data from existing record)
- Laravel Update to 5.6

*** BUGFIX ***
- Fixed excel export for datatables
- Small bug fix

Version 1.0.1

*** Features ***
- Improved menu manager - Added options Visibility and Don't
 Visibility - allows to hide element from menu.
 Don't translate - Displays menu element label as it is definded
- Added new language file - ‘bap_menu.php’ in /resources/lang/en/
When this file is present menu can be translated here with no need
to change lang file in Core Platform.
- Better DataTable responsive – Removed default DataTable
responsive option and added Bootstrap Responvie option with scroll
bar (looks and works better on mobile and tablet)
- Added advanced examples of DataTatables
 Campaing DataTable - contains now more fields and data from joined
tables (Status, Type and Assigned To).
 Contacts DataTable – Contains now more fields and data from joined
tables (Account, Status, Source and Assigned To).
- Added soft delete constraints validation – Because soft delete
does not check foreign keys when records are deleted we added
special validation. Example when deleting language with id 1 all
users with this language will be broken. We added constraints to
tables and validation on SettingsCrudController and
ModuleCrudController in destroy function

*** Bugfix ***
- Multiple responsive design fixes
- XSSMiddleware added (configurable via bap.php config file)
- ModuleCrudController Fixed when creating and updating entity.
When user was posting empty value in dropdown there was error with
saving to database. Now empty string is converted to null value.
- Better validation in file uploads.
- Other small fixes.

Version 1.0.0 – First Version Released

We are happy to announce the initial release of
Laravel BAP.

Laravel BAP Platform – Over 20 core features

  • Modules– Modular architecture allows the
    construction of various applications from blocks.
  • Crud– CRUD which allows you to easily do
    forms and database operations.
  • Module Generator– Command line module generator
    that will create module, controller, routes, entities, migrations,
  • Display Settings– Easy change color theme,
    application name, logo, wallpaper and more.
  • Language & Translations– Built-in language
    switch function and easy translation by files.
  • Time Zone, Date Format & Time format– People
    work all over the world. Let them work in their time zone and with
    their date formats.
  • Users, Roles, Permissions, Groups– The built-in
    group’s function allows multiple users to work on records without
    access by other users.
  • Multiple attachments– One record can have multiple
    attachments of any type you want.
  • Powerful Comments System– Have conversations on
    each record. With a tree view, up-vote, sorting.. and more.
  • Profile picture– Initials, Gravatar, own photo..
    anything you want.
  • Easy Relations– ManyToOne, OneToMany, ManyToMany
    and more.
  • Activity Log– Track each records changes. Who did
    it, when, what he changed.
  • Menu Manager with permissions– Easily customizable
    menu with permissions.
  • Company Settings & Outgoing Server– Easy
    change settings directly from the UI.
  • Announcement– Inform your users. Maintenance or
    important events.

Bonus: CRM Application with 17 Modules

  • Dashboard– The most important things in one
  • Calendar– Personal calendar with the option to
    share. Public calendars for meeting rooms, resource
  • Campaigns– Allows to create, track and optimize
    marketing activity.
  • Leads– Prospect who might be interested in your
    products. You may collect leads from events, web forms etc.
  • Contacts– Record information about your customers.
    The person can be individual or linked with the company.
  • Accounts– Account records is an organization
    customer. The record can be connected with almost every
  • Deals– Deals are potential sales and
    opportunities. You can collect them and work with them to change to
    real revenue.
  • Quotes– It contains the detailed list of Products
    and Services.
  • Invoices– Register of invoices in one place.
    information about the statuses, products and services you
  • Orders– Store orders from customers. It’s a formal
    sales paper.
  • Tickets– Tickets are any kind of customer service
    requests. Module helps to collect, group customer requests,
    inquiries and problems.
  • Service Contracts– Register of official documents
    to be helpful to both support and professional service
  • Assets– Individual products, services with the
    serial number, modal registered on customers or company
  • Products & Services– Register of your products
    & services.
  • Vendors– Manage information about vendors of
    products & services.
  • Documents– Manage information about documents,
    scans, attachments. Comment documents.
  • Payments– Register of income and expenses.
    Detailed information about the forms of settlements.

Twilio WEB To Fax Machine System PHP Script

With Twilio WEB To Fax Machine System Application PHP Script you
can now send and receive faxes between your application and a fax
machine within a couple of minutes. With Twilio Web To Fax Machine
System Application PHP Script readymade solution forget about all
the hectic api integrations. Simply order our product which is a
plug and play system and leave the rest. It’s specifically designed
and developed for programmers, organizations and multinational
companies to turn their faxing documents into an ultimate software
experience. Right now we are using Twilio’s most reliable Api which
is already integrated to our web application. When you’ll order,
you’ll get a complete web interface with excellent UI and UX, all
you have to do it insert your twilio account and sid token to
integrate your twilio account, once your twilio account is all
setup insert your mailgun account credentials and here you go with
your full ready script.

Twilio WEB To Fax Machine System Application PHP Script Demo

User Name:

Password: Password


Features Of Twilio Web To Fax Application PHP Script

Number pools

What is number pool system and how does it works in twilio web
to fax application php script! Basically number pools will be used
to send bulk fax to any specific area or region as per your
requirements. All you have to do is put your desired area codes
along with commas separated by the numbers you want to purchase. In
our application number pool comes with three options Vanish,
refresh and continue.

1. Number
Pools Vanish Option

This is another exclusive option which others application lack
off. Our number pools vanish option will terminate, delete all of
your numbers as well as scheduled pool after a month. So that you
don’t have to worry about faxes being sent when you even forgot to
terminate the number pool.

2. Number
Pools Refresh Option

This specific feature is exclusive and no other application
posses such features. This option can delete all of your existing
numbers and you can purchase new numbers with same area codes and
can use same settings used as before.

3. Fax Editor

Same like email templates editor we have designed and developed
a fax editor into our application. With twilio web to fax
application php script editor you can easily edit and create
beautiful, responsive fax quickly and easily. Our fax editor will
help you design beautiful and responsive messages. Order Now! it’s
so easy to install and integrate.


With unique, eye catching and 100% mobile responsive UI and UX
design. Twilio web to fax application php script comes with a
powerful admin dashboard which is very easy to use and navigate.
After having a look our applications exclusive features you are
still waiting for the action. Order now and start using our fully
equipped best fax application integrated with twilio. What more do
you need? when you have got a full customizable features with an
admin dashboard.


In our exclusive Twilio Web To Fax Machine System Application
PHP Script campaigns scheduler module you can schedule your faxes
to send exactly when you want, by any hour, week or month. Not just
that twilio web to fax application php script keeps an updated
record of your campaigns which can easily be traced from analytics

Complete Fax

Usually in other fax applications when you send a fax to someone
there is no record or anything, but not anymore. With twilio web to
fax application php script you get complete data stores into
database which can be seen any time from your fax history portal.
Fax sent, opened and delivered, to, from, campaigns, status, error
code, error message, campaign creation date and action. You can see
complete stats from our admin dashboard fax history portal.

Powerful Fax Template Builder With PDF

With our powerful template builder including pdf import / option
you can create responsive faxes with our html builder. Managing
everything and taking care of your requirements. You may even
customize your fax content accordingly. Not just that you can
re-use your templates in the future as well. All fax templates will
be stored in PDF history portal. Each and every single pre made
template stored in portal can be later edited, downloaded, exported
and deleted from time to time. More than 500 entries can be saved
into history which can be seen anytime.

Change log

Version 1.1 (21-06-2018) – Stable with twilio integration and fax
functionality, working fine

Customers Support

Our Customer Support Team Is Stand By To Respond All Of Your
Queries Relating Plugins And Custom Development In Case You Need
Any Help.

Please Feel Free To Contact Us Any Time at:

Our Co-Relation And Advertising Partners Are

| | | |

MeloSports is a dream11 clone softwarebuilt on
Laravel with auto installation and free support. We have included
all possible functionalities to run a fantasy cricket site, where
users will earn money.

Demo user


Create us you own

Admin user



Password: password

How it works

Register and Login

Easy! Once you are on MeloSports, choose your sport, register
by filling out a short form or connect instantly with your Face
book or Google+ account.

Once you registered in Melosports will send confirmation mail
in your registered email account. Login your account using
registered email id and password.

Now – Create your team

Matches displayed in Contact page. When matches are opened will
choose which match you want to play. Click on the “Create Team”
button for the match you want to join. Create your team of 11
players (including a Captain & Vice-Captain) within an
allocated virtual budget of 100 credits from all the players in the

You need to select 11 players to create a team with a minimum
of 3 bowlers, 3 batsmen, 1 all-rounder and 1 wicket-keeper, while
the other 3 players can be from any category. A maximum of 7
players can be selected from each side, the remaining need to be
from the other side.

Join Contest

Add cash in your wallet and convert play points to join
Contest. When Select Match and display contest in the page We’re
spreading the field wide on MeloSports where you can join a host of
contests like 2-member, 3-member, 5-member and 10-member contests
(depending on the number of competitors in a contest).

You can join cash contests to win real money and/or the
free-to-play practice contests to hone your skill till you are
confident to join cash contests.


Ranks and points will be updated and displayed during and at
the end of every match. If you win in any cash contest, the
winnings will be credited automatically to your Melosports account
balance. The winner declaration and crediting of the winnings to
your Melosports account usually happens within a couple of hours
after the match is completed.

Our dedicated team manually verifies the fantasy cricket
scorecard with our live cricket feed to ensure that the points and
scores are correctly updated after every match. This procedure can
sometimes take a relatively long time. Only after we are sure that
all points and scores are accurate, the final points are updated
and winners are declared.


You can withdraw money only from the winnings account in your
MeloSport account once your account is verified. This verification
is a one-time process which doesn’t need to be repeated unless you
wish to make changes to your account.

Once your account is verified, you can withdraw the desired
amount (min. Rs.200 and max. Rs.2,00,000 at a time) and it will be
deposited into your bank account within 5 working days.

Admin Modules

Profile Settings

  • Basic Information of Admin
  • Like : Name, User Name & Password, Email, Mobile,

Site Settings

  • MeloSport Portal Settings
  • Like : Logo, Favicon, Footer Settins.

API Settings

  • Live score and updates API
  • We are using the Live updates API from Apizipper.com
  • You can register with Apizipper.com and buy this API and use

Payment Gateway

  • Payment Transaction
  • We are develop with three payment gateway
  • PayPal, Instamojo and PayuMoney.

SMS Gateway

  • SMS Gateway
  • We are using the SMS gateway from twilio and 91sms
  • You can also buy from this website www.twilio.com and

Cron Jobs Settings

  • Auto update Settings
  • Our portal two Cron jobs are there.
  • First one is live updates for every minute, so we have set this
    job for every minute.
  • Second one is winning declaration, we need to set this job
    every 30 minutes.

Software Requirements to Install and Setup

  • Linux Server
  • Shared or VPS Hosting
  • PHP 7
  • MySQL 5
  • Cron Jobs Support

is an online social tracking tool that gives you
the extraordinary ability to track unlimited accounts from
different social networks ( Including
YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Tumblr)
including day by day tracking, premium accounts, top lists,
favorites system and a beautiful and complex admin panel that you
can manage the whole website with. It also comes with a
Paypal and Stripepayment gateway so that your
users can purchase benefits from your website.





  • Check out the demo for a full feature list
  • Paypal Gateway:PayPal ready for your users to buy
    stuff from you
  • Stripe Gateway
  • Instagram Tracker:Track detailed statistics about
    your Followers, Following and Upload count day by day
  • Youtube Tracker:Track detailed statistics about
    your Subscribers, Videos and Views count day by day
  • Twitter Tracker:Track detailed statistics about
    your Followers, Following and Tweets count day by day
  • Twitch Tracker:Track detailed statistics about
    your Followers, Views count day by day
  • Tumblr Tracker:Track detailed statistics about
    your Posts count day by day
  • Live Social Counter:Live Followers/ Subscribers
    counter for any accounts on the website
  • Premium Detailed Statistics:Premium Details with
    more charts and date selector for accounts which have purchased the
    Premium Packages from the website
  • Future Projections:Get future projections for any
    account on the website, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube..etc
  • Top 10 Lists for every Social Network:Get a
    detailed list view of the best accounts you are tracking
  • Facebook Login / Registrationfor users
  • Instagram Login / Registrationfor users
  • Favorites System:Any logged in account can keep
    track of their favorite accounts listed on the website
  • No Ads Package:Users who don’t want any ads, can
    purchase the No ads package
  • Premium Package:Premium account package for users
    who want more details of the social accounts
  • Responsive Design:Perfectly working on any screen
  • Clean and modern design
  • Evolution Charts
  • Cron Job available if needed
  • many more..
  • Admin Features

  • Automatic Payment System:Earn money with packages
    sold through points ( Paypal )
  • Custom Pages:Easy add / edit / delete custom pages
    directly from the admin panel.
  • Users Management:View, Edit, Activate / Disable,
    Delete Users
  • Links Management:View, Edit, Delete Links
  • Dynamic Titles:Each page has a dynamic title, with
    the option to change your websites name
  • Restriction for Image Sizes
  • Analytics ReadyJust enter your analytics tracking
    id and you’re ready to go
  • 4 Ready Adspots
  • reCaptcha:Setup your recaptcha directly from the
    admin panel
  • Multi Language System:Easy 1 file translation
  • Statistics with Charts:Great overall and monthly
  • Complex Settings Controler:A lot of admin settings
    possibilities for your website and api’s implementations.
  • Reset option for each of the account sources and logs
  • Requirements

    Please read the whole documentation along with the readme

    Recommended VPS Hosting:


    Please read this carefully in order to
    This is a tracker which uses different API’s to
    get the data for the user ( instagram, twitch..etc ) and has the
    possibility to track data for any user after it has been added to
    the database with the CronJob functionality. Each of the API has
    the possibility to break, change, deprecate, disable or ban you at
    any time depending on the companies (instagram, twitter..etc ) and
    I have no control and take no responsibility for this matter.
    Refunds due to mentioned API problems that might occur used within
    the script is not viable.

    This script is in no way affiliated with, authorized,
    maintained, sponsored or endorsed by Instagram, Twitter, Twitch,
    Tumblr, YouTube or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.


    Update 2.0.2– 17 June, 2018

  • Fixed bug when sometimes when you logout of one tab and try
    to access previous pages, it would redirect infinitely.
  • Fixed potential recaptcha problems from old
  • Update 2.0.1– 27 May, 2018

  • Fixed bug where you could not access the sources admin panel
  • Fixed bug where the favorites would not show up when selecting
    a source
  • Update 2.0.0– 26 May, 2018

  • Added Future Projections– Implemented future
    projections based on average values of that specific account.
    Implemented in all the sources ( instagram, twitter..etc )
  • Redesigned admin experience
  • Reworked overall feel and look ofall the pages
    outside of the logged in accounts.
  • Account Settings Page Reworked
  • Added the possibility for the user to change his
  • Whole Passwords System reworked
  • Admin User Edit– Now it will show that specific
    user’s transactions, if any
  • Admin Dashboard Page Reworked
  • Admin Statistics Page Reworked
  • Admin Pages Page Management Reworked
  • Bootstrap upgraded to 4.1.0
  • FontAwesome upgraded to 5
  • Admin Panel Pages Management – now they won’t strip html tags
    causing things to not work properly once custom html is
  • Many bugfixes on the overall product
  • Update [email protected] 2 April, 2018

  • Fixed problem with cronjob where sometimes it would add new
    logs instead of updating the current ones, problem caused due to
    different dates between mysql server and actual server.
  • Update [email protected] 18 April, 2018

  • Fixed access problem for logged in users where they would not
    be able to access basic stats if they did not have premium
  • Update [email protected] 13 April, 2018

  • Instagram API Change:Since Instagram’s public api
    is getting shut down and it is not reliable anymore, I changed the
    way the stats are gathered for instagram accounts.
  • Update [email protected] 12 April, 2018

  • Big Performance Optimization– mysql querying
    performance increase. This was done and tested with over 500.000
    logs and users in each of the sources ( twitter, instagram..etc ).
    After the improvements, the increase in speed is over 90-95%
  • You can now see the last online date of each user in the admin
  • New admin page – Extra Settingswhere you can reset
    / delete logs and accounts
  • Small code improvements, clean ups and translation fixes
  • Update 1.5.3 @ 22 March, 2018

  • Fixed Facebook Login issue with the new Facebook Login Strict
    URL Announcement
  • Update 1.5.2 @ 15 March, 2018

  • Fixed some potential issues with the CronJob processing
  • Update 1.5.1 @ 14 March, 2018

  • Remade instagram checks for the new Instagram API changes
  • Update 1.5.0 @ 8 March, 2018

  • Fixed the order of the latest logs for all sources available (
    previous it would show first 15 insted of last 15 Descending )
  • Added Premium badge in the account’s sidebar if the account is
  • Added more style to the favorites page and also added a total
    amount of numbers for each Source
  • Improved overall look of all the charts available
  • Fixed small bug where the end date would not display the
    current day’s log in the Detailed Stats Page of the User
  • Update 1.4.2 @ 3 March, 2018

  • Improved mobile experience on the index page ( Search submit
    button was added when on mobile and it is more responsive now
  • Fixed some possible issues with the timings of the users checks
    ( very important to update for a more exact timing on the logs
  • Added tumblr to the cron job
  • Fixed cron job timing checks
  • Update 1.4.1 @ 22 February, 2018

  • Fixed some potential bugs in the resend activation page and
    lost password page
  • Update 1.4.0 @ 18 February, 2018

  • Instagram login implemented
  • Improved admin panel workflow
  • Improved code performance
  • Small fixes on template ordering and structure
  • Update 1.3.1 @ 9 February, 2018

  • Fix for some Tumblr users who don’t have a title
  • Fix for some instagram private profiles
  • Update 1.3 @ 2 February, 2018

  • Tumblr added fully
  • Added CronJob possibility( check documentation for
    a more indepth understanding )
  • Upgraded bootstrap files
  • Update 1.2 @ 19 January, 2018

  • Top 100’s for every source added
  • YouTube users can now be searched by their channel
    ( after it’s been added to the database, it won’t work
    if the channel name you are trying to search is not already added
  • YouTube user’s are now having their names in the title
    instead of the channel id
  • Fixed facebook registration bug
  • Fixed issue with views numbers for Twitch and Youtube, if views
    are higher than 2 billion
  • Update 1.1 @ 15 January, 2018

  • Stripe Payment Gateway Added
  • Removed the requirement of mysqlnd ( mysql native driver
    due to refactoring of the code
  • Fixed some permissions issues
  • Added extra checks and notifiers for different situations
  • Fixed a few small visual problems
  • Removal of a lot of things that are not useful / used. ( Code
    cleanup )
  • Updated Google Analytics system code
  • More stability improvements

  • Demo

    Every time you connect in
    demo version an account is created automatically, and you can do
    everything on it


    • More than 2100+ Cryptocurrencies available
    • 85 Currencies supported
    • Live trading
    • Get your wallet balance
    • Buy / Sell Crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) with Market
      & Limit Mode
    • Advanced coin page
    • Depth Graph
    • Order book
    • Private Blockfolio
    • Advanced trader chart candlesticks
    • Techinical indicators fully customizable
    • 10 technical indicators
    • Techinical indicators fully customizable (parameters, color,
    • Coins history data from 1 minute to 5 months
    • Live data
    • Live trending on chart
    • Detailed Market analysis
    • News & Social
    • Watching list
    • Heatmap
    • Top movers
    • Live market (sell/buy) with market balancing
    • Calculator (Cryptocurrency <==> Currencies)
    • Up to 6 charts on the dashboard
    • 9 types of dashboards available
    • Notifications on Mobile, Browser, Windows
    • Add notifications easy by double clicking on chart
    • Notifications center in Krypto
    • Subscriptions
    • Credit card payment gateway (Stripe)
    • Paypal payment
    • Customize plans
    • Free trial time configuration
    • Fully responsive (Mobile, Tablet) and optimized look-alike
      application on mobile
    • Advanced Admin pannel
    • Google Analytics easy setup
    • Multilanguages ready
    • 6 Languages already translated (English, French, Russian,
      Chinese, Latvian, German)
    • SHA512 Security encryption
    • Google Authenticator
    • Google OAuth Login & Signup
    • Password user reset
    • Welcome & Password changed email notifications
    • Email template easy customizable
    • SMTP Configuration
    • User signup form (with Google Recaptcha => can be disabled
      in Admin interface)
    • Free lifetime updates
    • 24/7 support by email, forum, comments


    Cryptocurrencies API provided by :


    • PHP 5.6 or more
    • PHP Extensions : CURL, PDO, OpenSSL
    • VPS / Dedicated server is
      recommended(else if the script can be slow)
    • allow_url_fopen need to be


    Version 2 (02/04/2018)

    - GDAX Live trading
    - Google Authenticator
    - Market depth graph
    - Privacy coin page
    - Admin can disable / enable crypto
    - Export graph as Picture or CSV
    - Payment gateway added (Fortumo, Mollie, Coingate)
    - New market list disgn (Improve multi device)
    - Admin can allow / disable feature for freemium
    - Private blockfolio
    - Google Ad on the login page
    - Up to 1 year graph data
    - Reorder each day volume of crypto
    - Turkish language added
    - Chinesse language update
    - Zoom chart on load (fixed)
    - Paypal live mode (fixed)
    - SMTP Connection (fixed)
    - Crypto load on scrolldown (select)

    Version 1.0.2 (27/03/2018)

    - Added cache system to price chart historic 

    Version 1.0.1 (26/03/2018)

    - Mobile top list shortcuts
    - Welcome screen & languages selection responsive fix.
    - Add hidden demo version function.
    - Fix mobile view 1 chart maximum.
    - Fix bugs when number shortcut top list is longer than the window
    - Fix cryptoselection popup height

    Version 1.0 (26/03/2018)

    - Initial release




    Cashier or
    salesperson Login:

    Important Document links:


    1. PHP >= 7.0.0
    2. MySQL database

    Installation guide here: 


    • Will it work offline?

      Yes, it works offline

    • What hardware does it support?

      – Barcode Scanner

      – Receipt or Thermal Printer (Printer with ESC/POS commands)

    • Does it support our currency?

      Yes, we support ALL currency. In case you don’t
      find the currency listed, let us know via comment. We will be
      adding it in minutes

    • Does it support languages other than English?

      Yes, UltimatePOS is translation ready.

    • Do you support the item?

      Yes, absolutely.

    • Does it supports GST / VAT taxes?

      The tax is completely customizable. You can define GST, VAT and
      Group taxes like a combination of CGST + SGST. This taxes can
      be selected while adding purchase & sell. You can view the tax
      report to view details of input & output tax during a period.

      Key Features:

      1. Multiple Business/Shops: 

        • Set up multiple businesses in the application.
        • No restriction on numbers of businesses.
        • Inventory & accounting information is kept separately for
          each business.

        • Add Location / Storefronts  / Ware

          • Create multiple locations for your business/shop
          • Manage all of them at the same time.
          • Stocks, Purchases, Sell can be tracked differently for
          • Customize invoice layout, invoice scheme for each location
          • User & Role Management: 

            • Powerful user and role management system
            • Predefined roles – Admin & Cashier
            • Create different Roles with permission as per your need.
            • Create unlimited users with different roles.
            • Contacts (Customer & Suppliers):

              • Mark contact as customer or supplier or both(customer &
              • View details of transactions with a contact.
              • View total of Credit/Debit balance amount 
              • Define pay term and get payment alerts week before the due

              • Products: 

                • Manage Single & Variable products.
                • Classify products according to Brands, Category,
                • Add products having different units
                • Add SKU number or auto-generate SKU number with prefixes.
                • Get stock alerts on low stock.
                • Save time by auto calculating selling price, the system is
                  smart to auto calculate selling price based on purchase price and
                  profit margin.
                • No need to type variations every time, create variation
                  template and use it everytime you need to create variable products.

                • Purchases:

                  • Easily add purchases.
                  • Add purchase for different locations.
                  • Manage Paid/Due purchases.
                  • Get Notified of Due purchases week before the pay date.
                  • Add discounts & Taxes
                  • Sell:

                    • Simplified interface for selling products
                    • Default Walk-In-Customer automatically added to a business
                    • Add new customer from POS screen.
                    • Ajax based selling screen –
                      save reloading time
                    • Mark an invoice for draft or final
                    • Different options for payments
                    • Customize invoice layout and invoice scheme.
                    • Manage Expenses:

                      • Easily add business expenses
                      • Categorise expenses 
                      • Analyse expenses based on category and business locations with
                        expenses report.

                      • Reports: 

                        • Purchase & Sale report
                        • Tax Report
                        • Contact Reports
                        • Stock Reports
                        • Expense Report
                        • View Trending Products, drill down by Brands, Category,
                          Sub-category, Units and date ranges
                        • Expense Reports
                        • Cash Register Report
                        • Sales Representative report
                        • Other useful feature:

                          • Set currency, timezone, financial year, the profit margin for a
                          • Translation ready.
                          • Predefined barcode sticker settings.
                          • Create your barcode sticker setting
                          • Manage Brands, Tax Rate & Tax groups, Units, Category &
                          • Easy 3 steps installation.
                          • Detailed documentation
                          • Stock Adjustment
                          • Express Checkout
                          • Works Offline


                          Demo Login Link:

                          Username: admin

                          Password: 123456

                          Register new business: 

                          UltimatePOS Application has been thoroughly tested to make sure
                          there are no issues but in case you find any issue feel free to
                          inform us about it: 

                          For any Pre-Sales or Support inquiry: Feel free to
                          drop us a comment at codecanyon or write us here: 

                          With this application, you are assured to save time-consuming
                          process of bookkeeping accounting and inventory information. Also,
                          you will have all the required information for detailed analysis of
                          your business.





                          Version Log:

                          V2.4.1 (Release: 22 June 2018) 

                          1. Fix release for V2.4 .

                          V2.4 (Release: 12 June 2018) 

                          1. Product Image upload implemented
                          2. Application Backup ( to enable backup)
                          3. POS screen Category Filter – added “All Category” Option
                          4. Added filter by Brand in POS product
                          5. New Lot Report added
                          6. Cash Return issue Fixed, Purchase Delete issue fixed
                          7. Minor usability improvements

                          V2.3 (Release: 31 May 2018) 

                          1. Quick Add Suppliers & customers from Purchase or Sell
                          2. Auto Generation of reference number with prefixes on Purchase,
                            Stock Adjustment, Stock Transfer , Expenses, Contacts, Purchase
                            Payment, Sell Payments, Business Location, Product SKU
                          3. View Purchase, Sell in the same page (click on the rows in
                            Purchase list or sell list) without going to a different page.
                          4. Display sub-taxes for Group taxes in Invoice & Tax
                          5. Added field for website & 4 custom fields in business
                            locations. Fields also displays in invoice.
                          6. Stock expiry report improvements
                          7. Add/Edit Opening Stock via ajax in product list
                          8. Increase or Decrease font size in any screen (Useful if you
                            think font size is small)
                          9. Auto Start application tour in first login
                          10. Sticky Sidebar
                          11. Cashier Location Issue fixes (after updating go to edit cashier
                            & add assign location to cashier)
                          12. New seperate screen for Sales Return (beta)

                          V2.2.1 (Intermediate Release: 18th May 2018)

                          1. Bug fixes with Opening stock.
                          2. New beautiful invoice design, with options to choose invoice
                          3. Elegant & Classic Invoice design (choose from Invoice
                          4. More fields in Add/Edit Product (Rows, Positions, Product
                          5. Improvements in POS screen, Quick checkout using Credit/Debit
                          6. Import Opening Stock from CSV

                          V2.2 (Release: 04th May 2018)

                          1. Show barcode in sales receipt
                          2. Giving quotation(Estimates) & printing of quotations
                          3. Convert quote to final invoice.
                          4. Printing of purchase
                          5. Added barcode in purchase print
                          6. Arabic language, Support for RTL
                          7. Delete of Sales

                          V2.1 (Release: 19th April 2018)

                          1. Improvement to import Products. (Adding Opening Stock, Expiry
                            for opening stock, Enable IMEI or Serial Number for a
                          2. Delete of Purchase.
                          3. Adding of “Lot number” of items while purchasing.
                          4. Adding Rack Details of a product.
                          5. POS Sales improvement – Not allowing sales when paid amount is
                            higer than invoice amount

                          MAJOR RELEASE – V2.0 (Release: 7th April 2018)

                          1. POS screen complete redesigned
                            • New layout – works super excellent in full-screen mode.
                            • More Shortcuts added.
                            • Configurable buttons
                            • Configurable layout
                            • Product Suggestion based on category and sub-category.
                          2. IMEI or Serial number for Mobile & Electronics stores
                          3. Classify Customer into Groups and sell at different prices (
                            Retail customer, Wholesale customers ). Customer Group
                          4. New Reports added: Product Purchase report, Product Sell
                          5. Contact ID added for contacts.
                          6. HSN code support for GST countries like India.
                          7. Delete of Products
                          8. Sales commision percentage to automatically calculate
                            commissions based on the sales.
                          9. Thermal printer invoice layout improved.
                          10. Inline Discount for each product in add/edit/view purchase
                          11. Remove expired product from expiry report.
                          12. Much more improved french translations (Thanks to Riad Baziz
                            for helping us a lot here)
                          13. Remove compulsory from Tax field.
                          14. Modification in the business registration page

                          V1.3 (Release: 18th March 2018)

                          • Products with Expiry (Need to enable from settings)
                          • Product expiry report.
                          • Commission Agents (Needs to Enable and set as per requirement
                            in settings)
                          • Currency Placement (Before or After Amount)
                          • Add item to a new row or increase the quantity if exist in POS
                            screen. (In Settings)
                          • Stock Transfer between different business locations.
                          • Adding/Editing of Opening Stock in Add/Edit Products.

                          V1.2 (Release: 24th February 2018)

                          • Adding, Editing, Downloading documents for Purchases and
                          • New reports: Profit & Loss Report
                          • View “Today’s Profit” directly from the Top navigation
                          • Import products via CSV.
                          • Improvements in sell receipt
                          • Keyboard shortcuts for POS screen with options to configure
                            your own shortcuts.
                          • Huge improvements in POS screen in terms of usability and
                            reducing billing time.
                          • New Sell feature – Now sell quickly with POS screen or create
                            invoice via “Add Sell” screen.
                          • Stock accounting method added: LIFO / FIFO.
                          • Increased money value support.

                          V1.1 (Release: 7th February, 2018)

                          • Assign One or Multiple locations to a user role.
                          • Stock Adjustment added
                          • POS screen improvements
                          • POS screen – Express Checkout added.
                          • Expenses related to a staff or user can be added (like
                          • Cash Register added.
                          • New reports added: Expense Reports, Cash Register Report, Sales
                            Representative report.
                          • Support of Receipt (thermal ESC/POS) added.
                          • Business Locations wise settings added for Receipt.
                          • Purchases payment can be done in Partials (Previouly was only
                            Paid Or Due)
                          • Installer Improvement
                          • Translations added for – Spanish, French, German, Hindi,

    Upcoming feature : SMS Integration to InventO

    You can contact us any time via @ skype : dhaval28691

    (Live version)


    • Username :
    • Password : password

    Version 3.1 – Upcoming features (30-04-2018)

    • Multiple company login (SaaS Model with 50% discount who has
      already purchased invento)(Pending)
    • Customer login (Pending)
    • Multiple theme for system (Done)
    • Intelligent tool for suggestion of discount based customer’s
      previous history
    • Multiple SMS Gateway(Done)
    • Bug fixing and Tax calculation error is resolve(Done)
    • Adding country/state/city manually(Done)
    • E Way Bill(Done)
    • Simple GSTR1 and GSTR2 available (
      We have removed b2b, b2cl, b2cs, HSN, exp, cdnr, cdnur
      credit/debit note

    Version 3.0 –

    • ZIP Code is added in customer and biller
    • Spelling correction
    • SMS module integration
    • Improvement and bug fixes.
    • Now allowing special character in biller name and in
    • In second invoice format static text is removed
    • Compatibility notification in dashboard ( if system not running
      on php v7.0 or less than that )

    Version 2.9 – New

    • Edit product issue resolved
    • Import product with TAX (IGST, SGST, CGST)
    • Purchase return issue resolved
    • Improvement and bug fixes.
    • Compatibility notification in dashboard ( if system not running
      on php v7.0 or less than that )

    Version 2.8

    • improved version of biller management
    • POS Slip generator
    • Improvement in Sales and Purchase process
    • Improved Warehouse management flow
    • Warehouse products reports
    • Other improvements and bug fixing
    • Opening stock in Add product and bulk product in Product
    • Bulk Stock Transfer ( based on product code )
    • Improved People ( Admin, Purchaser, Biller, Accountant )
    • Inclusive & Exclusive Tax ( Important Feature )

    Version 2.7

    • Installation & Bug fixes
    • Modified active menu as per current module active
    • dynamic favicon from setting
    • multiple invoice format from setting.

    Version 2.6

    • Installation & Bug fixes
    • Easy Update within system without loosing data.
    • Accounting module integration with Inventory management
    • Receipt and payment module
    • Profit & Loss Report
    • Ledger account report
    • Customer wise Sales report
    • Supplier wise purchaser report
    • Improved version of purchase and sales process


    • username :
    • password : password


    • username :
    • password : password


    • username :
    • password : password


    • username :
    • password : password


    • username :
    • password : password

    Update Changelog

    • Version 2.5
      • GSTR1
      • Credit/Debit Note
      • Product(short cut for category,subcategory,brand,tax from
      • Purchase(Warehouse,Supplier)
      • Add UQC
      • Add product search in Purchase,sales,purchase return,sales
      • sales invoice format change
      • Add pay now button in sales list
    • Version 2.4
      • Product alert- see list of product alert
      • new invoice format
      • add customer at sales time
      • log maintain
      • add bank details in company settings
    • Version 2.3
      • Quotation module is included
      • Few bugs fix
      • Transport details in Sales invoice
      • Accounting module with ledger account is included. ( Under beta
        testing )
    • Version 2.2
      • supporting float tax format
      • INR symbol is not working
      • update .htaccess file for subdomain
      • Error resolved on purchase return
      • Entered State code into state table assigned by State
      • Tax format changed for easy understanding
      • Shipping Address is added
      • Receivable Report
      • Brand option while adding product
      • Transportation enabled sales invoice
      • Dynamic Email set up for email
      • Now showing no of product alert in menu
      • Ledger account has added
      • Account module has added into system as part of accounting
    • Version 2.1
      • updated .htaccess file so it will be working subdomain
      • log activity from user
      • PAN, VAT, TIN no updation on customer and vendor profile
      • Error resolved on purchase return
      • GST Registration type in company setting and customer,
      • print option added on sales invoice
      • various bug fixing
      • 10 languages are included
      • Shipping address is included in sales
      • Installation process fixed

    The Ultimate Bulk SMS Portal with Every feature you will ever need
    for your Bulk SMS Business!

    Sendroid Ultimateis a bulk SMS portal software and
    SMS reseller tool designed for bulk SMS service providers, SMS
    resellers and bulk SMS marketers.

    Sendroid Ultimateoffers complete messaging
    solution including support for
    Text Messaging, Voice Messaging, WhatsApp Messaging,
    Unicode Messaging, Multi-media Messaging (MMS), Flash
    2-Way Messaging with SMS Chat.

    In addition to its super
    ResponsiveUser Interface and Rich Graphics,
    Sendroid Ultimateis built with amazing tools and
    features like;
    SMS Chat, White-Label Reseller System, Spam Control,
    Content Filtering, Dynamic/Static Sender ID support, SMS Gateway
    Cutting, SMS Gateway Hour Limits, Dynamic Routing, Short-code
    Reselling, SMS Plans, SMS Vouchers, Facebook Login, reCaptcha,
    Robust APIs
    and a lot more tools designed to fit perfectly
    into any bulk SMS business, irrespective of your business

    Sendroid Ultimateis scalable, flexible, and
    developer friendly. You can expand the features on Sendroid
    Ultimate by installing additional modules, payment gateways, SMS
    gateway, Language packs and plug-ins.

    Sendroid Ultimateworks a wide range of HTTP APIs
    with support for both POST and GET HTTP request methods, with or
    with basic authentication or JSON encoded requests, and has a
    defined success response. It comes pre-installed with Twilio and
    Infobip gateways. (We are always adding new SMS modules on the
    sendroid webpage)

    The most interesting part is that with all these rich features
    and vast functionalities, installing setting up Sendroid Ultimate
    is done in a few clicks.. Thanks to the in-built easy to use
    installation wizard.

    Looking for a WhatsApp gateway provider?

    Check out some available Sendroid Ultimate WhatsApop modules
    for this good providers at .

    You will need to sign-up an account with the provider to use
    any of our WhatsApp modules

    Main Features

    Here is a list of just a few of the features that makes Sendroid
    Ultimate the best Bulk SMS Portal script in the market;

    • Super Responsive User Interface Design
    • Automatic Updates
    • Advanced Job Management and Massage Queuing
    • SMS Chat (
      Pro license)
    • White Label Reseller System (
      Pro license)
    • Message Scheduling with Repeated Scheduling feature
    • Online Payment Gateway (PayPal, 2checkout, Stripe, PayStack,
      GTPay, etc)
    • Friendly SMS Gateway API Integration wizartd
    • Multiple Currency Support
    • Installable Modules & Ad-dons
    • SMS Rate Management
    • SMS Route Selection from Message Composer
    • SMS Gateway Cutting technology
    • Customizable Source-code (
      terms and conditions applies)
    • Facebook Login
    • Graphical Reports
    • Import Customers from Excel
    • Create Custom Customer Fields
    • Excel Data Export
    • Address Books and Marketing List with Opt-in and Opt-out
    • Birthday Messaging to Address-book Contacts
    • Sell Contacts to Customers (
      Pro license)
    • Address Book Sharing
    • Number Blacklisting
    • HTTP APIs (
      Pro license)
    • Inbuilt Support Ticket Tool
    • SMS Reports
    • Sender ID Management
    • Dynamic / Static Sender ID support
    • Short-Code Reselling Tool
    • Mass Email Messaging Tool (
      Pro license)
    • Spam Control and Content Filtering (
      Pro license)
    • SMS Plans and SMS Vouchers
    • Dynamic SMS Routing System
    • Full System and User Activity Log
    • Unlimited Customers and Resellers
    • Credit Sharing
    • Customizable Email and SMS notifications
    • Automatic Backups

    … and many many more feature. We just can list them all. Its
    best if you see for your self by using the Online Demo a

    Please note that all features marked with “Pro License” are
    only available with a Pro License.

    Check out collection of our video tutorials at


    • Linux or Windows OS
    • Apache
    • PHP Version 5.6.3 or higher
    • Cron Job
    • cURL Support
    • ZIP Archive Perl Module
    • Multibyte String Extension (mbstring)
    • JSON Support
    • ionCube Loader 10 or higher (Latest Release recommended)
    • PHP Memory Limit: 256 MB or higher
    • MySQL Version 5.6 or higher (
      MySQL Strict Mode disabled)
    • Dedicated IP required for White-label reseller system
    • An SMS Provider’s API

    Please note that your Sendroid Ultimate may not function
    correctly if any of these requirements are not met by your


    We do our best to make sure our scripts are bug-free and to
    assist all our customers and buyers. If you see anything strange,
    confused about something or have any challanges, please Use the
    Support Link to contact us or open a support ticket at . WE are
    always ready to assist you.

    We may also offer support through our live chat, depending on
    the nature of your request. Please note that all
    Envato support termsapplies.

    Please Note that our support services are available 8:30am
    – 6:00pm from Monday to Friday and 9:00am – 1:30pm on Saturdays.
    Please bear with us if we are not able to attend to your request
    intime on on weekends.

    Remember to read the Quick Start Manual before you start
    using Sendroid Ultimate.

    Change Log

    Detailed change log is now available at


    Looking for a WhatsApp gateway provider?

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    You will need to sign-up an account with the provider to use
    any of our WhatsApp modules