Classeventie V2 – Online Classes & Events

New Version Release – V2.1 (now you can add Free events and

V2.1 Features

– Adsense integrated (ad zones on all pages)

– Free Events & Classes (now you can add Free events and

– More advanced Multiple User Groups accessibilities

Classeventie is an online multi-purpose classes and events
booking system. Classeventie comes with a beautiful frontend UI
where users can easily book events and classes and pay online. All
the events and classes bookings can be managed via backend.

Classeventie has features like recursive classes and events,
classes and events which repeats weekly or monthly. It has blog
management, content management, taxes management and much more.

You can use it for your institute, gym, any type of event
organizing company, paid hobby classes, summer camps or for any
other such types of fields.

E.g 1- If you are an owner of an Institute in which you run
classes for yoga, dance, music, etc Then Classeventie will
definitely help you grow and scale your business online.

E.g 2- If you are an Event Organizer and you organize events in
which you allow users to make payment online and provide tickets
online. Then Classeventie is perfect for you.

Using Classeventie, you can organize paid or free – workshops,
annual day, freshers day, repetitive events like weekly or monthly
tests, music concerts, dance shows and much more.


– Repetitive Classes

– Repetitive Events

– Multiple days Events

– Multiple days Classes

– N level categories

– Manage courses, batches, events, tutors, blogs, custom pages

– Group Booking

– Daily, weekly and monthly calendar

– Booking Email notification

– New Booking notification

– Manage invoices, taxes, sales reports

– Paypal & Stripe Payment Gateways

– Multi-Currency & Timezones

– Mobile optimized & fully responsive

– Beautiful UX & UI

– Google & Facebook login

– Multi-Language & RTL support

– Multi-User Groups with ACL management

– 100+ Admin Settings for full control

– 20 Multi-Color Material Themes

– Super Easy 1-Click installation

More Features

Easy Booking ManagementCreate invoices for
bookings, export them to CSV and excels. Also, manage booking
cancellations with one click.

Blogs & Notifications ManagementAutomatic
notification generation on every new entry and manage customers
blogs, approve them and publish them.

Know your business betterTake online payments and
run your business on the go and then see how it all adds up to site
visitors and sales graph analytics.

Manage Users EasilyThis website contains the most
secured Ion-Auth user login system with custom ACL management
system to control the permissions of multiple user groups.

100+ Settings To Fully Control Every FeatureManage
each and every important feature with about 100+ settings options
for an easy and centralized control system.

Premium Material Themes IntegrationFront-end
contains Universh Premium Material Theme whereas Back-end contains
AdminBSB Material Theme.

Easy 1-Click InstallationJust copy the product
folder to your server enter – OR .

Single & Group BookingCustomers can book seats
on their own as well as for their friends (multiple members) at a
time. Even they can cancel their booking before pre-cancellation
time as well.

Add Courses & BatchesAdd N-Levels of
categories and courses and their multiple batches.

Add Recurring Batches & EventsYou can add
Recurring Batches and Events which repeats each

Featured ListingsAdd and manage courses and events
featured listings.

DISQUS integrationIntegrated Disqus Commenting
System so that customers can easily discuss events and batches
prior to booking. This will make customers buy happily.


Automatic 1-Click Installation

1. Extract and Copy the product's folder 'classeventie' to your
server/localhost www/htdocs folder.

2. Enter URL http://localhost/classeventie/install or

3. Then enter your database details and click install. 
  (If any empty page or any error page is shown after successful
installation, then just hit refresh)

4. Use the below credentials for admin login -
  Username : admin 
  Password : admin123

5. After successfully logging in you will see admin panel link in
the Header->User dropdown

Manual Installation

1. Copy the product's folder "classeventie" to your
server/localhost www/htdocs folder.

2. Create a new database from Mysql Host (PHPMyAdmin or any other)
and import database file from     
    --> classeventie/install/assets/install.sql

    **If in case of database errors, then you Mysql version is old,
but we have a compatible DB for the older version-**   

3. Then after creating and importing database successfully, update
the database details in-
    --> application/config/development/database.php (according
to local server)
    --> application/config/production/database.php file
(according to online server)

4. Update the $config['base_url'] value in-
     --> application/config/development/config.php (e.g
     --> application/config/production/config.php (e.g

5. At last use the below creds for admin login -
  Username : admin 
  Password : admin123

6. After successfully logging in you will see admin panel link in
the Header->User drop-down.



– Username: andreas.magness / crystal.rohrer / daina.vandyne

– Password: customer123


– Username: john.doe / jane.smith / simon.campos / meaghan.park

– Password: tutor123



You can email us at
for any type of support, issue or query. We’ll get back to you
within 24 Hours.


– If you need any other custom change then it would be at extra
cost (hourly rates).

– If we need to configure the server first in order to install
the script then server configuration changes will 50$.

– Free installation is only for single domain/server. If you
want installation on any other domain or server then charges would
be 50$ / domain. – If you’re getting any error, then just put an
email regarding the error, and we’ll update the script after error
resolution within 2 days.


v2.3 May 15, 2019

=== Version 2.3 ===

15-May-19 V2.3 Changes-

- Email not sending - RESOLVED
- Improved Email Library


- application/config
    - ion_auth.php
    - Bbooking.php
    - Auth.php

- application/controllers
    - Ebooking.php
    - Bbooking.php
    - Auth.php

- application/models/
    - Users_model.php
    - Contact_model.php

- application/libraries/
    - Make_mail.php
    - Ion_auth.php

- application/views/
    - auth/email/activate.tpl.php

- application/composer.json


- application/vendor

v2.2.1 Mar 25,

=== Version 2.2.1 ===

- Forgot password email not sending - RESOLVED
- Registration email not sending - RESOLVED

- application/libraries
        - Ion_auth.php
        - Make_mail.php

v2.2 Dec 05, 2018

=== Version 2.2 ===

- Installer error - RESOLVED
- Error after deleting all data like courses, batches, events, etc

- application/controllers
    - /admin/
        - Batches.php
        - Events.php

- application/models/
    - Course_model.php
    - Event_model.php

    - /admin/
        - Events_model.php
        - Batches_model.php

v2.1 July 04,

=== Version 2.1 ===

-/-/-/- files updated -/-/-/-









Database Updates
- Table 'Permissions' - new column added
Run the below query-
    ALTER TABLE `permissions` ADD `p_view` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '1'
AFTER `groups_id`;

- Table 'Settings' - new rows added
Run the below query-
    INSERT INTO `settings` (`id`, `setting_type`, `name`,
`input_type`, `options`, `is_numeric`, `show_editor`, `input_size`,
`translate`, `help_text`, `validation`, `sort_order`, `label`,
`value`, `last_update`, `updated_by`)
(81, 'login', 'ad_code', 'textarea', NULL, '0', '0', 'large', '0',
'Paste your adSense Ad Code here', 'trim', 361, 'adSense Ad Code',
'', '2017-08-18 22:11:00', 1),
(82, 'login', 'ad_verify', 'textarea', NULL, '0', '0', 'large',
'0', 'Paste your adSense Ad Site Verification Code here', 'trim',
361, 'adSense Ad Site Verification Code', '', '2018-06-05
14:30:53', 1);

v2 June 06, 2018

=== Version 2 ===

-/-/-/- upgrading from V1 to V2 guide -/-/-/-

- Replace following folders by the new version - 
    - system (folder)
    - themes (folder)
    - application(folder)

- Update database by the following two simple queries
  - Go to Table `batches` and run-

    ALTER TABLE `batches` ADD `recurring` BOOLEAN NULL DEFAULT
FALSE AFTER `weekdays`, ADD `recurring_type`
NOT NULL DEFAULT 'every_week' AFTER `recurring`;

  - Go to Table `b_bookings` and run-

    ALTER TABLE `b_bookings` ADD `batch_recurring` TINYINT(4) NOT
NULL AFTER `batch_capacity`, ADD `batch_weekdays` TEXT NULL DEFAULT
NULL AFTER `batch_recurring`;

v1.2.3 Apr 29,

=== Version 1.2.3 ===

-/-/-/- Bug Resolved -/-/-/-
- Reset password email not working - RESOLVED (file changed -

v1.2.2 Mar 09,

=== Version 1.2.2 ===

-/-/-/- Bug Resolved -/-/-/-
- Changed naming conventions of all Classes (for latest PHP version
   Before - B_booking.php | Now - Bbooking.php

v1.2.1 Feb 13,

=== Version 1.2.1 ===

-/-/-/- Bug Resolved -/-/-/-
- Updated index.php file (root directory)

v1.2 Feb 10, 2018

=== Version 1.2 ===

-/-/-/- Bugs Resolved -/-/-/-
- Forgot Password error - RESOLVED
- Old MySql version compatibility - ADDED
- Language change warnings - REMOVED
- Installer Error - RESOLVED
- Frontend Event & Batches Timing error - RESOLVED

v1 Jul 19, 2017

=== Version 1 ===

** Initial release


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data-hid=”description” name=”description” content=”if you are
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iNiLabs Visitor management is the right choice for you. this app
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iNiLabs – Visitor Pass Management System is a system for all
kind of company or business organizations. 2 Different types of SMS
gateway available (Twilio and African SMS gateway), Users can
register visitors, pre-register visitors, log visitor’s check-in
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Visitor Management is one of the very important aspects of
security management. It helps in capturing the details about the
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same. Visitor Management is a process of allowing visitors to enter
the premises based on appointment, creation of identification
badges and managing the Security staff deployment for effective
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- Ease of Use.
- Notifications that Match Receivers' Preferences.
- Preregistration and Repeat Visitor Features.
- Visitor Photo Capture.
- Visitor Badge Printing.
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- Cloud-Based Visitor Logbook.
- Secured Data.
- Fast Processes More visitors in less time span
- Improve visitor service Because they are pre-registered or can be
- registered quickly, visitors are made to feel expected and
- Appointment scheduler A centralized web-based appointment
- Alerts Email/SMS and IP phone integration is available

Print badges

Beautiful sleek badges that create a safe and welcoming
environment. Connect your printer and easily print any type of


Send visitors and hosts a friendly text or email reminder before
their visit, at check-in and at check out.

Impress visitors

Create a welcome that stands out by allowing your visitors to
sign themselves in, while you focus on giving them a warm personal


Proxyclick makes managing visitor information a breeze. Your
employees have access to the information they need, making visitor
management smooth and easy.


Make your visitors feel truly welcome. Your visitor’s name will
be displayed on the screen as they check in and the app can
remember details, like how they like their drink. They are not just
any visitor


Alert key people when a visitor checks in or forgets to check
out, or just about a specific visit. Make visitors aware of safety
and confidentiality rules, keeping your facilities and data

Data protection

Your data is safe with us. It is backed up daily across multiple
servers, so you can have access to it even if there is a hardware
issue. It is also yours to keep. You can, at any time, retrieve all
your data.


Collect data and spot trends, produce reports and use surveys to
gather feedback from your visitors. All this information can be
used to help you improve the visitor experience.

Version 1.0 (16-09-2019)

- Initialize release


Before Buy Check The Demo Properly, after buy if you downloaded the
script then no refund requested will be accepted.

is a complete image hosting PHP script with unique
features that you can set-up in just a few minutes.

It is
beautifully and uniquely designed, responsive,
easy-to-usefor your future users. It makes it easy
to start your own image hosting business.

Demo / Try it

Here are
the admin login details :

  • Username : admin
  • Password : admin

are the Main Features of Upic?

  • Ajax Upload: no page reload when you upload photos
    with beautiful animations
  • One Button Upload
  • Drag & Drop Upload
  • Webcam Uploadwhich is a rare and complicated to
    integrate feature, especially with Ajax
  • User Accountsso your users can upload photos and
    find them in their accounts after signing up
  • Monetization with ads
  • Masonry & responsive styled photo gallery
  • Infinite Scrollwith animated masonry effect
  • Perfectly integrated sharing pluginsso your users
    can either share the link to the photo directly or post them on
    social networks
  • Complete admin areato manage your website in just
    a few clicks
  • Fully Responsiveto make it easy to use on phone
    and tablets
  • Complete documentation, beginner friendly and easy
    to install
  • Bootstrap 4 based

What if I have
an issue?

I completely support this item and I assure you a
reply within 24 hours if you have any issue with TestMyFriends. You
can just send me a message via my CodeCanyon profile page and I
will get back to you right away.

Midrub Ebay RSS is an app for which allows you to generate RSS
Feeds based on eBay’s products.

Midrub is a CMS for business which provides the essential
features to start a business. You can develop your own components
easy and create themes for user dashboard and frontend. You can
control all user’s features based plans and with Team’s feature,
users can create custom roles. The Midrub’s Api allows to create
endpoints easy for your components and apps.

The apps in Midrub means user’s services. You can control them
per plans and decide in which user’s menu will be and position.

With Midrub Ebay RSS your clients will be able to generate RSS’s
Feeds based on eBay products. They can select available eBay’s
websites, categories, type of products, best offers, etc. and
generate an RSS Feed. Midrub Ebay RSS allows even to create RSS
Feeds based on their keywords(Example: iPhone X).

Each created RSS Feed can be saved with your title and the title
will be displayed in the RSS’s code. Also the title will be
displayed in the RSS Feeds and the History Page.

Users can create a list with RSS Feeds and manage them. In the
History tab they will se the number of views of calls. To avoid
abuse, you can control per plan the number of RSS calls. Each call
takes time/server resources and for this reason is better to limit
the calls.

The generated RSS Feeds have images and your clients can easy
connect the created RSS Feeds to publish the products with images
on social networks. Moreover the RSS Feeds can be used outside
Midrub. Users can copy the url and use where they want. For example
publish automatically in their websites and use referral code to
earn money. Midrub Ebay RSS allows to create RSS Feeds based on
countries(by using the eBay’s websites) and custom the list with
eBay’s products to get only the interested products.

Midrub Ebay RSS supports the Midrub’s Teams Feature and users
can decide which of their Team’s members will have access to this
app. With Midrub’s Api you need very short time to create new
endpoints for this app and use it remotely to create RSS Feeds for
any purpose.

If you want to test the Midrub Ebay RSS app please sign up

Fast mobile

Mobile Pages is a simple mobile site builder for QR
content. Easy to install and use.

PHP / Laravel is used for the back-end and Typescript / Vue /
Quasar.dev for the front-end.


You need a
domain or subdomain. The script does not work in a subdirectory
(e.g. localhost/mobile-pages or example.com/mobile-pages).

  • Apache web server
  • PHP
    • SQLite PHP Extension
    • BCMath PHP Extension
    • Ctype PHP Extension
    • JSON PHP Extension
    • Mbstring PHP Extension
    • OpenSSL PHP Extension
    • PDO PHP Extension
    • Tokenizer PHP Extension
    • XML PHP Extension


Upload all
files in the
publicdirectory to your webroot. Open the url where
you uploaded the script to in your browser and you will see an
installation form.

PlusAgencyis a business website CMS (Content
Management System). It has a powerful Admin panel where you can
create & manage this business CMS. You can create and manages
services, porfolios, blogs, quotes, faq and more. It has almost all
the features a business agency website has to offer. Also we have
made very attactive design so that this website can attract your
target visitors. So, if you are thinking to start a business or
already have a business then this is the perfect business website
for you.

If you still need any kind of help, then please mail us
(The support mail address has been added in the documentation
file). We are always there to help you out. Moreover, if you need
any kind of customization you can hire us too.


  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • Fully Responsive
  • Clean, Modern, Attractive Design
  • Super easy to customize
  • Very well documented code
  • Clean code
  • Great Support


Frontend Link:

Admin Panel Link:

Username: admin

Password: admin

Lensesstudio – script Portfolio Theme for Photographers System
with Website is awesome website the system preferred to work on the
language of English Checkout the demo to learn more . Browser

Lensesstudio – script Portfolio Theme for Photographers System
with Website has been tested to work best with IE10+, latest
versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Android and iOS
mobile browsers. Support

Support requests can be requested via the the comments section
at codecanyon, or a direct mail to : Features

This script comes with a powerful CMS;
Categories: category name, slug, description and feature image.
image: easily upload multiple images with ajax.
Documentation file included
Tools: support import and export
Easy to use and customize.
User: name, email, password, profile picture and description
Setting: general setting such as logo, blog title, website icon,
home page
Template, pagination, xml sitemap, comment(Disqus comment).
Supports multi-languages (Default languages: ENGLISH and arabic and
Send Message From user to admin
User Management
3 User roles
Download Free Games
Access the control panel via Login/Register features;
Reports – (for admins and managers only);
Manage Portfolio
Manage users (Add/edit/remove users) (for admins and managers
Bootstrap Based Design
My account page (for any user role);
Fancy page preloader;
Control Panel with My account area;
100% Responsive – Made with Bootstrap v4;
Mobile friendly Gallery and Events sliders;
Made with security in mind (Stable version);
Google Fonts
Flexible and Responsive Layout: more than one image per line
Original Design


Email Verifier Pro is a professional tool which allows you to do
verifying bulk list of email addresses and validating them with an
easy to read report divided into multiple categories like valid,
invalid, duplicates, unknown, syntax error addresses. All verified
clean email address can be downloaded as CSV or save a clean list
in the database for later use from lead management. Which can be
used for sending bulk emails to your clients and customers for
email marketing purpose.

Email Verifer Pro?

An Email Verifier Helps Do Cleaning Task On Bulk List Of Email
Addresses By Checking For Valid, Invalid, Duplicates and Bounch
Email Addresses Without Sending Any Actual Email To Those
Addresses. It Is Very Useful For Email Marketing Campaign. It
Prevents Sending Your Email To Invalid Addresses By Validating With
A Result Of Valid Email Addresses Only. Which Can Prevents Wasting
Resources And Money. As You Will Know Then Your Email Won’t Be Sent
To Any Invalid/Unknown Addresses And It Won’t Be Blocked By Mail
Service Provider. Spamming Mail Service Provider With Invalid Email
Address May Cause IP Blacklist Without Cleaning With Email
Verifier. But By Using Email Verifer and Validation Tool You Will
Save Your Time From Resolving IP Blacklist & Finding Valid
Email Addresses Only For Your Email Lead Marketing.


  • Easy Step By Step Installation Script and Well Written
  • Simple & Beautiful Easy To Use Interface With Responsive
    Design In Mind.
  • Intelligent SMTP, DNS Checker For Mail Existence On Mail
    Service Provider.
  • Import & Export Bulk Email Address from CSV or Manually
    Write Down To Start The Check.
  • Get Beautiful Categorized Chart Reports Of Valid, Invalid,
    Duplicates, Unknown and Syntax Errors Addresses.
  • Store Analyzed Email Addresses In Database OR Download List As
  • Send Bulk Email To Your Imported List OR Specific
  • Configure Bulk Email Sending Hourly Limit Based On Your Local
    Server Quota.
  • Settings Page To Update Admin Email Address &
  • Sanitized to prevent XSS attacks and SQL Injection.


  • Web Server: Apache/Nginx
  • PHP Version: 5.4+
  • MySQL / MariaDB Version: 5.6+ / 10+
  • Active PHP Functions: PHP Mail(), PHP Session.
  • Suppored Browser with Javascript & Cookies Enabled.
  • IE10 IE11, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari


  • Multi SMTP mail server settings.
  • Email listings filter system.


Open source files and images has been used from:

  • Bootstrap 4:
  • Fontawesome:
  • Login Background Images:
  • Ckeditor 4 :
  • Chart.js:
  • Modernizr :


Please you can contact us for support or suggest us for a
feature :



is a complete viral quiz PHP script that you can
set up and customize in just a few minutes.

It is
beautifully designed, responsive, fastand
easy-to-usefor your future users. It makes it easy
to start your own viral website business.

It comes with
the quiz creatorto easily create quiz in just a
few minutes,
a complete and well studied sharing processto make
it viral and
an intuitive algorithmto make it easy and fun to
take quiz.

Demo / Try it

I’ve made
it super easy to test it. Just go to and click on “Demo Login” to
see all the features of TestMyFriends.

What are the Main Features of TestMyFriends?

  • Easy-to-use Quiz Creatorwith Ajax to avoid page
  • Facebook loginfor one-click log-in and easy
  • Uniqueand Funny Design
  • Fully Responsiveto make it easy to use on phone
    and tablets
  • List your existing quizand see who from your
    friends took it
  • Advanced sharing plugins
  • List your friends and their scores to discover who know you the
  • Score page
  • Admin Areato manage the website and its
  • Complete documentation, beginner friendly and easy
    to install
  • Bootstrap 4 based

What if I have
an issue?

I completely support this item and I assure you a
reply within 24 hours if you have any issue with TestMyFriends. You
can just send me a message via my CodeCanyon profile page and I
will get back to you right away.