Folio Nº1 is a simple, practical and usable template designed
Microfomatsto increase the semantic content and
its relevance to the major search engines and also uses jQuery to
enhance user experience.

It also includes a variety of scheme colors (more than 100
possibilities) so you can customize as you like. All in a very easy
way through its “theme switcher” that lets you see changes in “real

Do not waste the potential of microformats and be seen!


  • Update v1.3:
  • Improved slider
  • Improved initial works preload
  • Improved
    iOS5 support(Safari was updated)
  • New lightbox systemmore powerful and easier to
  • Fixed GMaps bug
  • Update v1.2:
  • New slide system instead of static pagination
  • Improved filtering method
  • Controlled and smooth item loading
  • New info box for works
  • Now is FULL iPad Friendly
  • And some other minor improvements
  • Update v1.1:
  • New filtering method
  • Fixed cookies storage for Chrome


  • One page Template
  • Complete resume section
  • Microformats. Google like this so much.
  • Cool hover effect for each portfolio item
  • Style Switcher– View style changes in “real
  • Filtering method
  • Print ready and friendly stylesheet
  • Cool lightbox for zooming your works
  • Font-Face with customs fonts. You can use any font you want. In
    Help PDF is all explained
  • 13 fabulous backgrounds specially designed for this
  • Documented in code and PDF with “HOW TO…”
  • VALID HTML5 & Degrades Gracefully
  • iPad FULL Friendly

Flati is a professional responsive creative HTML5 portfolio
template, built using Bootstrap3, the most popular front-end
framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the

The template comes complete with 30+ pages, $37 of free premium
plugins, ten colour schemes, sliders, carousels, PrettyPhoto,
Dribbble photostream, html5 video, CSS3 Animations a working
contact form and also uses lots of features which are available as
part of Bootstrap’s components.

I have also included a read me pdf help file to guide you
through the code. I hope that I have covered everything but if
there is something that you would like to know then I am happy to
help out.

If you decide to purchase this template, please rate it. Many

  • Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
  • New
    Flat DesignStyle
  • Well documented code and css
  • Retina Ready
  • 100%
  • Now on
  • Css3 Styling
  • Css3 Animations
  • Ten Colour Schemes
  • Slider Revolution– all elements are included! –
    $12 value
  • NivoSlider
  • Nerve Slider
  • CarouFredSel– responsive jquery carousel
  • jPages
  • Grid Gallery
  • Pretty Photo
  • IsotopeGallery –
    $25 value
  • Dribbble Photostream
  • gMap3– ultimate plugin to create and manage Google
  • Working Contact Form
  • Google Font Replacement
  • Psds of elements: Logo, accordian button, iMac, rocket, flames
    and map marker.


  • directordash

    Well designed, one of the best responsive templates
    we’ve used.

  • RyRizzio

    Solid code and a very beautiful design. Well

  • rodrigohenrik

    Excellent design quality!

  • fandangomedia

    Thank you SO much…This was one of the best and most
    responsive technical support we’ve experienced online.
    Congratulations on the fantastic Flati theme and on the amazing
    customer service! Thank you!

  • maniacmedia

    Beautiful work! Very easy to edit. Clean and modern.
    Thanks so much. BTW – It was tough choosing between this and some
    of your other great templates.

  • patryk_adas

    Hi! Nice theme and great bought, I am really

  • sneakyllama

    Excellent theme. Very easy to work with and

  • ChristofCoetzee

    Bought this last night for my personal project, really
    awesome theme, I love it!


    Version 5.1.2

    18th July 2015:
    Please replace > js > jquery.prettyPhoto.js

    Version 5.1.1

    5th November 2014:
    Updated CSS - details in updates.txt

    Version 5.1

    17th August 2014:
    Updated Slider Revolution to v.4.60 - details in updates txt.

    Version 5

    6th May 2014:
    To keep up to date with Flati's future development we have upgraded
    to Bootstrap3.
    There are major changes and improvements throughout the template.
    Unfortunately there is no easy way for me to list all the changes.
    In regards to updating your site the best way will be to compare
    your template with the new download and to become familiar with
    Along with new components, just about everything has received
    changes, either to their markup, required classes, or behaviour.
    It will be entirely up to you if you wish to stay at Bootstrap
    2.3.2, however any future updates and new additions will only be
    added to our new template which will be coded using Bootstrap3.
    If you wish to continue to use the old version you can still get to
    the old documentation. 
    Just head to and you'll find
    everything you need.
    2: New Additions
    a) Complete framework overhaul
    b) Html video - index5.html
    c) Added a new masonry grid and gallery
    d) New tabs and accordion
    e) Css improvements
    f) Jquery plugin updates
    g) New colour schemes
    h) Retina ready

    Version 4

    25th March 2014:
    Fixed portfolio filters bug and drop down menu for Chrome browser. 

    Version 3

    18th December 2013:
    A: Replaced menu.
    B: Updated Font Awesome icons to 4.0.3
    C: Updated Slider Revolution.
    D: Added 'slides' - index4.html
    E: Improved accordion and popover. 
    F: Added item link to related posts slider and improved single
    portfolio layouts.
    G: Moved flickr js to relative pages.

    Version 2

    23rd September 2013:
    Added Slider Revolution, gMap3 and Dribbble Photostream. 

    Version 1

    6th June 2013:  Removed js/sorting.js from portfolio 2, 3 & 4
    2nd June 2013: Fixed minor bug in scripts.js


Wistenis a 100% responsive One Page template.
Wisten is powered with Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 Framework. It is
perfect for creative agencies, digital studios personal
freelancers, photographers.


  • Bootstrap 3.0
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • 100% Responsive
  • Parallax Design
  • Easy to Edit Animations
  • One Page Design
  • Smooth Scrolling
  • Filterable, Isotope Portfolio
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Clean Code
  • Working Contact Form
  • 5 Home Page Versions
  • Styled Google Map
  • Blog Page
  • Sticky Navigation
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Google fonts included
  • Pricing Tables
  • Full Screen Super Slides
  • And Much More…


NOTE: Images are not included in this file.


24 Jan 2014 –
Version 1.2

Version 1.2 release
- New home version
- Testimonials
- Blog pages
- Extended about page
- Full width portfolio
- Back to top button
- Dropdown menu

Change Log:
All html files

10 Jan 2014 – Version 1.1

Version 1.1 release
- Working contact and subscribe form
- Add video player controls

Change Log:
All html files
Add css/player
Add php files

7 Jan 2014 – Version 1.0

Initial Release

Brooklyn is a ground breaking HTML template with 10 complete
demos and loved by over 1600 users worldwide. Incl. support.

Version 1.3.7
- UPDATE: Chrome Browser Scrolling

Version 1.3.6
- UPDATE: to SmoothScroll

Version 1.3.5
- NEW FEATURE: added back to top button
- NEW FEATURE: added better scrolling performance for chrome

Version 1.3.4
- NEW FEATURE: added alternative Start Page

Version 1.3.3
- NEW FEATURE: added 404 Page

Version 1.3.2
- fixed some IE8 & IE9 issues

Version 1.3.1
- NEW FEATURE: overworked the video background fallback for the
- NEW FEATURE: the default slider & text speed is slower now
- fixed a opacity css problem

Version 1.3
- NEW FEATURE: added text rotator
- NEW FEATURE: overworked client section

Version 1.2
- NEW FEATURE: added client section
- NEW FEATURE: added counter section

Version 1.1
- fixed some css issues

Version 1.0
- initial version


Images are not included but are available by these great


Northis a 100% responsive and parallax one page
template. North is powered with Twitter Bootstrap 3.2 Framework. It
is clean and professional theme perfect for agencies and creative
studios. It can be customized easily to suit your wishes.


  • Revolution and Layer Slider Included
  • Bootstrap 3.1
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • 100% Responsive
  • Filterable, Isotope Portfolio and Multiple Usable
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Clean Code
  • Working Contact Form
  • 12 Awesome Versions
  • Light, Dark and Night Layouts
  • Fullwidth and With Sidebar Blog Pages
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Easy to Edit Animations
  • Google fonts included
  • Shortcodes
  • Smooth Scrolling
  • Pricing Tables
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Parallax, One Page Design
  • Full Screen Super Slides
  • And Much More…

NOTE: Images are not included in this file.


25 June 2015 –
Version 1.3

Version 1.3 release
- Solved navigation problem on android devices
- Bootstrap is updated
- Other minor bug fixes

Change Log:

19 Mar 2015

- Rev Slider text and translate bugs fixed
- Bootstrap is updated to 3.3.4
- Some bug fixes for IE9
- Other minor bug fixes

Change Log:
All html files

19 Mar 2015

- Rev Slider text and translate bugs fixed
- Bootstrap is updated to 3.3.4
- Some bug fixes for IE9
- Other minor bug fixes

Change Log:
All html files

15 Sep 14 – Version 1.2

Version 1.2 release
- Solved iPad problem on the team section
- Bootstrap is updated to 3.2
- Other minor bug fixes

Change Log:
All html files

24 June 14 – Version 1.1

Version 1.1 release
- Bug Fixes

Change Log:
All html files

10 June 14 – Version 1.0

Initial Release

Stormis a stunning full screen background template
with a custom full screen gallery, perfect for showing off your
visual work or perhaps you would just like to use images to sell
yourself, what ever you do! Background switcher controls allow you
to cycle through background images, which are preloaded to cut
loading time. 25 gallery/portfolio layouts are included so you can
pick the one that best suits your work.


  • Full screen background
  • Custom full screen gallery
  • 25 gallery/portfolio styles
  • Bonus Ajax version – for preview
  • Transparent content areas to make the most of your
  • Extensive documentation
  • Background switcher controls allow the user to change
    background image which is saved across pages
  • Smart background preloading for improved user experience
  • Minimise button to show background only
  • Multiple page styles
  • Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict
  • Works in all major browsers
  • Multi language UTF-8 ready
  • Background maintains aspect ratio at any resolution
  • Our popular Quform Ajax contact form included

5 amazing galleries with 6 layout options:

  • Full screen
  • Colorbox
  • Pretty photo
  • Fancybox
  • Galleria

The full screen background and custom full screen gallery have
been designed to look great in most screen resolutions by
automatically resizing the image to fit within the browser window.
The images are cleverly pre-loaded to reduce loading time when
switching between images.

Requirements and recommendations

A PHP enabled server (version 5+) is required for the form to

NOTE : A basic knowledge of PHP is recommended to be able to
adapt the contact form, however the documentation is extensive so
you may not need any.

If you are going to rate the template less than 5 stars, please
tell us what we can do to make it 5 stars for you and we’ll try our
best to help you. We would love to hear your suggestions on how we
could improve the template, leave us a comment or send us an email
and your suggestion might make it in to a future version!


We’ve added a detailed help file to help you make any changes
you need to the template as well a extensively commenting the code.
If for some reason this is not enough, feel free to contact us on
our if you need additional help.

Last update

v1.2.5 – 20th January 2017

  • Updated Quform to the latest version

Live preview
photo credits

Paulo Barcellos Jr., Shane Gorski, NASA/ESA, Kevin L. Cole, Zach
Dischner, Arturo Donate, Dave Kirkham, Horia Varlan and
ForestWander Nature Photography.

Why not check out the ?

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Impressive one-page parallax portfolio.

Visia is a fully responsive and retina ready single page
portfolio. It offers stunning design, really great compatibility
and comes with super support.


  • New!An additional homepage layout with
    subscribtion form and full screen video –
  • New!Full screen video support added
  • New!Project gallery navigation improved
  • New!Portfolio filters
  • New!A new parallax section
  • An additional homepage layout with fullscreen slider –
  • Fully
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Functional contact form
  • Retinaready
  • AJAX portfolio
  • Verified code
  • Gorgeous design
  • Parallaxeffects
  • Cool animations
  • Extremely easy to setup
  • Active navigation highlights on scroll
  • 10 social icons
  • 10 color skins
  • 12 services icons
  • Shortcodes
  • Blog page
  • Responsive video support
  • Layered
    PSDfiles included

Thank you !


v. 1.3.3 – 25 January 2014

- fixed a bug with mobile navigation in the extended version

v. 1.3.2 – 14 January 2014

- fixed a bug with retina images

v. 1.3.1 – 14 October 2013

- fixed a minor bug with parallax

v. 1.3 – 09 October 2013

- added full screen video support
- improved project gallery navigation

v. 1.2 – 28 September 2013

- added an additional homepage layout
- added a subscription form
- added portfolio filters
- added milestone counter
- improved portfolio navigation
- improved mobile experience of services section
- minor contact form improvements

v. 1.1.1 – 06 September 2013

- added shortcodes

v. 1.1 – 04 September 2013

- added an additional homepage layout with fullscreen slider
- added a blog page
- added video support for portfolio
- improved portfolio markup and JS code
- added active highlights on navigation
- 10 color skins
- 10 social icons
- 12 services icons

v. 1.0 – 29 August 2013

- initial release

Kutcher Studio is a grid-based single page responsive template
for photostudio, creative or digital agency, frelancers, business.
It is a portfolio for showcasing your work with fullscreen slider
and parallax scrolling effect.

Features:Responsive Design, Single Page, Parallax
Scrolling Effect, Fullscreen slider, Crossbrowser Compatibility,
HTML5, CSS3, JS, Skeleton Grid System, Layered PSD file, .

Buyer Reviews

One of the best templates I have seen..nice work!


Great! Very simple setup and quality coding! Thanks so
much for all the support. If anyone is thinking about purchasing
this theme…Buy It! Great job @tvdathemes


this is just pixel perfect and amazing


Love it, very clean and easy to customize.


Fully Responsive Design with Fullscreen Slider


---Version 1.1 (19 November 2012, 9:40 GMT)
   Fixed: Navigation Bar.
   Fixed: Smooth scrolling effect.
   Fixed: Contact page.
   Fixed: PrettyPhoto's inline content.
   Added: Form.
   Added: Buttons.

If you like this theme, please dont forget to rate

Theme Information

Crevision is a creative responsive HTML template created for
corporate and portfolio websites.It is a very simple, clean and
professionally to view showcasing your work.

Some Testimonials

I rated Theme as a Five!, because is Great Responsive
HTML Template, smooth, simple to use, agreeable, clean… I had some
little questions about template and Jozoor team is just great and
replays are just perfect.


Just bought the theme last night, looking thorough the
code. Clean, organized, well thought out! Great work! I cant wait
to see your future sites if this is your first one here, just


the theme rocks! Its clean, beautiful and easy to work
on by a total beginner like myself!


Awesome theme. Purchased and used. Very nicely built.
Highly recommend!


Gave this 5 stars, brilliant to work with – easy to
expand on! thumbsup



Responsive Theme Screenshots

New Updates


Construction Page


Main Features

  • Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 design
  • 960 Grid Based
  • Dark & White Styles
  • Wide & Boxed Styles
  • 5 colors
  • Ajax/PHP Contact Form
  • 400+ Icons
  • Pricing Tables
  • Under Construction Page
  • Widgets
    • Latest Tweets
    • Flickr Images
  • 30 HTML Templates :
    • 5 Home Styles
    • 3 Sliders
    • Services
    • Our Team
    • Process
    • Sidebar Right & Left Page
    • Siemap
    • Full Width
    • Shortcodes
    • 404 page
    • 3 Portfolio Styles
    • 2 Single Project Styles
    • 3 Blog Styles
    • Single Post
    • Contact
  • Custom Shortcodes
  • Full Documentation
  • 20 Layered PSD Files

Theme Updates

# v2.1 - 25.6.2015

= Fixed :
- prettyPhoto XSS fix by updated [ js/jquery.prettyPhoto.js ] file.

# v2.0 - 13.10.2012
    - add new layout [ boxed ] for theme, and default [ wide ]
which can using 
    any layout from this or two .
    - add new patterns for using in boxed layout .
    - add style switcher for preview two layouts and backgrounds .
    - add form elements in shortcodes page .
    - Js plugins .
    - under construction message to view when time ended without
refresh page .
    - change custom font type for view good in languages like (
French, Swedish ... ) .

    Files updated:
    - all files updated

# v1.01 - 1.10.2012  
    Added: add new option for carousel slider is ( autoscroll ),
example for 
    testimonials here : [ ].
    Improved: Js plugin for navigation menu .
    Fixed: lightbox portfolio images when viewed on Iphone 
    ( in horizontal / landscape view ).
    Fixed: flickr widget images sizes, when images not same size.

    Files updated:
         index_2.html [ for show carousel slider autoscroll ]

# v1.0 - Initial version 


Visitors :


If you are looking for something different and a bit surreal,
please check out the Surreal Studio – Responsive One Page Parallax
Template. Surreal is a easy to use one page parallax template with
aloads of great features. It has been designed to make it easy to

Choose from either a fullscreen slideshow or a fullscreen
YouTube video running in the background of your page. Simply put
any YouTube URL into the code and your away.


  • Fully responsive web design for all devices
  • Includes Blog with Image, Slider & Video templates
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Work with YouTube (YouTube only). Copy/Paste a YouTube URL and
    the video will automatically plays full screen – lots of
  • Isotope masonry portfolio with prettyphoto lightbox
  • Advanced CSS3 animations
  • Google Web Fonts
  • Prefix Free CSS (no more
  • Fully working AJAX/PHP contact form
  • Flickr feed
  • Compatible on all major modern browsers
  • Well documented
  • Full layered PSD Files

Photo & Icon


Code Credits


This is a “piece of beauty” – One of the nicest seen in a long

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this template!

Awesome, Awesome , Awesome! Love this template design. Great job
and thank you!


V2.0 – 27 June 2013

- Added Retina Ready Images
- Added Icon font for all icons
- Numerous CSS & HTML changes to accommodate retina
- Changes to iOS viewing (hover states work as clicks now)

V1.2 – 5 May 2013

- Added Layered Photoshop files (Black & White)
- Minor CSS changes

V1.0 – 15 March 2013

- Initial Release