Nazoxis a bootstrap 4 based fully responsive admin
dashboard template in
Laravel 7with
Laravel Mix, authentication and Multilingual
. Nazox Laravel admin is based on a simple and
modular design, which allows it to be easily customized with few
reusable components. It comes with lots of reusable and beautiful
UI elements, widgets and more features. This is the ideal template
for your next dashboard or admin web app project. Nazox helps you
to create your next Bootstrap even faster then before. It can be
used to create a Saas based interfase, administrator dashboard or
anything you want to build on the web. Nazox helps your team moving
faster and saving development costs.


  • Responsive layout (desktops, tablets, mobile devices)
  • Built with Bootstrap
  • Laravel 7
  • Webpack Compiler with
    Laravel Mix
  • Laravel Authentication
  • Multilingual supported
  • Build code with
  • Package management with
  • Clean & Well Commended Codes
  • Horizontaland
  • CSS based
  • Sidebar Light and Dark Color Options
  • W3C Validated Code
  • Clean and intuitive design
  • 12+ Layouts (Chang to any layout by only changing data
  • SCSS Support
  • CSS Based
  • 5500+ Font Icons
  • E-Commerce Product, Orders, Customers, Cart, Checkout, Shops
  • Pre-built Pages (Signin, Signup, Error Pages, etc.)
  • Unlimited Template Possibilities
  • Calendar view
  • Form validation
  • Gallery, Maintenance, Pricing, Coming Soon and FAQs Pages
  • Form Mask Plugins
  • Google maps
  • Drop zone file upload
  • Summernote Editor
  • Creative and Flexible Charts (7 Charts Library)
  • Datatables
  • FREE Lifetime Updates
  • And much more…


1. v1.0.0 (July 07, 2020)
- Initial released

Images are only for demo purpose, not included in download

Admiriais a next-generation premium admin
dashboard template in Bootstrap 4. It comes with the clean user
interface, customizable components, and widgets in multiple
frameworks like React Js with Redux, Node Js, Laravel, PHP and
AJAX. Is a fully responsive bootstrap admin template/bootstrap
admin dashboard template that comes with a huge collection of
reusable UI components & plugins.


  • Responsive layout (desktops, tablets, mobile devices)
  • Built with Bootstrap v4.3.1
  • Clean and Flat design
  • React with Redux, Node, Laravel, PHP and Ajax
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • SASS Support
  • eCommerce Pages Included
  • Login, register, error pages
  • Calendar view
  • Vertical & Horizontal Layout
  • Email Templates
  • Form validation
  • Invoice with ready print button
  • Directory List page
  • Google maps
  • Drop zone file upload
  • Summernote Editor
  • 7+ Charts Library
  • Invoice page
  • Datatables
  • Error pages included

Images are only for demo purpose, not included in download

Pick is a bootstrap admin dashboard template built with Twitter
Bootstrap 4 Framework and it has a huge collection of reusable UI
components and integrated with jQuery plugins also.

It is also easy to use and modify that is suitable to your needs
and can be implemented to your desire projects such Project
Management System, CRM, HRMS, Real Estate, Ecommerce, Loan
Management System, Billing Management System, Analytic Dashboard
and Cryptocurrency management.


  • 6 Dashboard Options(Ecommerce, Analytic, Cryptocurrency)
  • Light and dark template option
  • Template color managed by css variable from single place
  • RTL Ready
  • Bootstrap 4 css framework
  • Gulp task for professionals
  • GULP package management
  • Sass with variables
  • Unlimited colors
  • Bootstrap 4 css framework
  • Chart Libraries
  • Crossbrowser
  • Well documented
  • Calendar integration

Important Notes

Images used in the demo are not included in the download

Compost Vue Theme is pure Vue theme, Yes! you read correct, it’s

No Jquery Vue admin themeincluding all feature and
functionality with ease of integration for your project. Compost
theme document will help you to understand Vue from scratch to
making perfect real time dream application.

Compost VueJs Admin
Dashboard Template

  • Build with Vue CLI 3
  • No JQuery
  • Attractive Dashboard
  • Smooth Customizer
  • Light&
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Firebase Integration
  • Firebase Todo Integration
  • Firebase CRUD Integration
  • RTL support
  • Fully Responsive layout
  • Feather Icon
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Workable Application
  • Clean & Well Commended Codes
  • W3C Validated Code
  • Many Charts Options
  • Range Slider
  • Data Table
  • Animated Gallery
  • Google Fonts(Poppins)
  • Form Wizards
  • Quick Search
  • And many more…


  • Vue Files
  • Supporting CSS, JS files
  • Documentation in HTML

Note: Images used in demo are not included in download

Aqua UI is a modern admin and dashboard template with a crisp
design. It is powered with SASS, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, and Bootstrap
itself. The fully responsive dashboard template is flexible,
user-friendly, and supports most modern web browsers.

It has a huge collection of reusable UI components and dozens of
third-party libraries integrated for special features. The template
also features well-designed ready-to-use widgets and three
e-commerce pages – Invoice, Orders, and Pricing Table. The
reusability and incredible flexibility of Aqua UI make it ideal for
building a wide variety of web and mobile applications.


  • Responsive Design
  • Simple, modern, and user-friendly design
  • Well-commented and well-documented
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • 15+ Pre-built widgets
  • UI Elements
    • Accordions
    • Buttons
    • Badges
    • Breadcrumbs
    • Dropdowns
    • Modals
    • Progress Bar
    • Pagination
    • Tabs
    • Typography
    • Tooltips
  • Advanced UI elements
    • Dragula
    • Clipboard
    • Context Menu
    • Sliders
    • Carousel
    • Colcade
    • Loaders
  • Form Elements
    • Basic Elements
    • Advanced Elements
    • Validation
    • Wizard
  • Charts
    • ChartJs
    • Morris
    • Flot
    • Google Charts
    • Sparkline js
    • C3 charts
    • Chartists
    • Justgage
  • Editors
    • Text Editors
    • Code Editors
  • Tables
    • Sortable table
    • Data table
    • Basic table
    • Js-grid
  • Popups
  • Notifications
  • Icons
    • Flag icons
    • Mdi icons
    • Font Awesome
    • Simple line icons
    • Themify icons
  • Maps
    • Google Map
    • Vector Map
    • Mapael
  • User Pages
    • Login
    • Login 2
    • Register
    • Register 2
    • Lockscreen
  • Error Pages
    • 500
    • 404
  • General Pages
    • Profile
    • FAQ
    • FAQ 2
    • News Grid
    • Timeline
    • Portfolio
  • E-Commerce
    • Orders
    • Pricing Table
    • Invoice
  • E-mail
  • Calendar
  • To-do List
  • Gallery

Hogo – PHP laravel template bootstrap 4 HTML MIX admin template.
This laravel ui framework Includes PHP Pages & 50+ Plugins. We
have prebuild 5 Dashboard Designs. It has a Clean laravel blade
template, Awesome cool colors, charts, custom Tables and calendars.
There are Premium Dashboard Laravel UI which can use be used for
multipurpose laravel projects.

This laravel admin template Advanced Form-Elements like Date
pickers, Advanced modern form elements and laravel backend admin ui
kit etc. This dashboard php template using Bootstrap 4 framework
and most popular php framework. This web based simple php framework
admin template is Fully 100% Premium Templates quality. This
laravel php web framework dashboard designed for using HTML5,CSS3,
Jquery. After Purchased you get All PHP files, CSS, Files and JS

This php framework laravel blade template has super clean simple
flat user interface laravel 7 admin panel backend design, easy
customizable components and widgets. This php laravel template
bootstrap 4 script.This Blade laravel dashboard template comes with
a awesome unique design also we ensure you can easily design any
type of laravel admin panel web application templates.This is
support laravel mvc architecture also.

it is a fully clean laravel mix bootstrap Responsive latest
version laravel admin template. This Template designed for all type
of devices works on all major web browsers, Desktop, iPhone, iPad,
Tablet and all other smart phone devices.

Once you Purchase this laravel admin package you will be enabled
to get free download of all future updates.

This php laravel template comes with a awesome unique design
also we ensure you can easily design customize any type of laravel
backend projects.

Adding to all this enjoy a lifetime FREE updates!


• Laravel MIX

• New Laravel 7

• Php Version 7.2.5

• Laravel 7.0 with Laravel integration

• Light Version & Dark Versions

• Left side menu and Top menu dashboard design

• Left side menu dashboard design

• Top menu dashboard design

• PHP Framework Laravel

• MVC architecture Support

• Package management with NPM

• 50 + Plugins

• Professional Dashboard Laravel UI

• 2 Type of menus designed dashboard template

• 9 types of Charts

• Responsive Bootstrap 4 Framework

• Well Commented Code

• Data Tables

• File upload

• Easy to customize

• Neat, clean and simple design

• TimeLine

• Editable Text

• Message Chat

• Google Fonts

• More Maps

• Mail Inbox

• 10 Types of Icon sets

• Lock screen Pages

• Error Pages

• Shopping Cart

• Regular Updates

• Form Elements

• Under Construction Page

• Invoice Page

• Calendar

• Media Object

• Pricing Tables

• Very Easy to Create your Own Site

• More Widgets

• Image Gallery

• W3C Validated

• 24 * 7 Professional Company Support


• PHP Version

• Laravel 7

What do you get?

All PHP Files.

• CSS Files.

• JS Files


Note: All images are used for demo purposes only, they are
not included in the download package.

Support :

Feel free to
contact us any time. We have a dedicated team to provide you the
best support. If you want any queries please contact live chat or


Blizeis a modern dashboard template based on
Material Design Components and Bootstrap 4x Framework.

SASSto make your life editing the styles easier.
All styles are fully develop with SASS and easy to understand. It
has lots of ready to use components which helps you to develop
quickly and easy to customize.

Blize is a fully responsive bootstrap admin dashboard works
seamlessly on all major web browsers and devices.Blize comes with
bower and npm for easy to manage packages in your project.


  • Bootstrap 4.3.1
  • Style With SASS
  • Jquery 3.4.1
  • Material DesignComponent
  • build code with
  • Package management with
  • Light&
  • One click Dark & Light Switch Template
  • Full eCommerce package
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Fully Responsive layout
  • Font Awesome 5
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Clean & Well Commended Codes
  • W3C Validated Code
  • Data Table Export to
    CSV, Excel, PDF, Copy and Print
  • Many Charts Options
  • Multi File upload
  • Range Slider
  • Data Table
  • Google Fonts
  • Form Wizards
  • Chat Application
  • And many more…


We are also open to any suggestions, If you have any feature
ideas that you want to see in the future updates, please let us
know. Please fell free to comment or reach us at .


We are always happy to help you. For any queries or any support,
please drop us a comment in the comments section or drop us a mail
at . We will reply to you at the earliest, please do note that our
turn around time is 24 hours.


If you like our work please rate 5 star to our template, It
helps a lot to us.

Note: Images used in demo are not included in download


Version 1.0.0 – June 28th, 2019

-- Inital release

Looking to automate HR management template Laravel7? Smart HR is
for you. This is a project management and HR automation template
that can be used for the HRMS system. This template is built and
integrated with Bootstrap 4x, HTML, and SCSS. All businesses
connected with HR can be monitored and managed in a single
dashboard using Smart HR. It comprises a powerful directory, a
search engine, and an admin panel and comes with all the
information and profiles of employees, agents, teams, and
professionals. Looking for separate Templates for Human resource
management processes like company management pages and Project
management? Atrio would be the best choice. SmartHR provides you a
separate template for both processes and comes with a modern and
elegant design. It works seamlessly across all the web browsers and
all devices.

The feature-rich Web App Template is designed to

  • Employee management (Attendance, Holiday, Leave)
  • Payroll management (salary with Payslip)
  • Project management
  • Task management
  • Assets management
  • Leads management
  • Clients management
  • Account management
  • Report system & Invoice
  • Tickets system
  • Estimate management
  • Jobs management
  • Leave, Holiday and Attendance management
  • Events management of all departments in an organization
  • Subscription Based Company Register html pages
  • Jobs management

Other Feature Module in Html template Laravel 7:

  • Voice and Video Call
  • File Manager
  • Contacts and Email
  • Departments and Designations
  • Timesheet and Overtime
  • Kanban Board
  • Payroll, Payslip and Payrun
  • Company Policies
  • Performance, Goal Tracking, Training and Promotion
  • Resignation and Termination
  • Faq and Knowledgebase
  • Profile Settings, Profile and Edit Profile
  • Authendication and Error Pages
  • Search, Terms and Privacy Policy
  • Company Settings
  • Localization Settings

Main Core

  • Laravel 7
  • Light, Dark with RTL supported
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • SEO Optimized
  • Pre-Defined Multiple Template Color Options

What will you

  • Reliable Technical Support System
  • Lifetime Template Updates
  • Template Documentation

This item is

Support is conducted through our Support Forum. We
are in GMT +05.30 and we aim to answer all questions within 24
hours on weekdays. In some cases, the waiting time can be extended
to 48 hours. Support requests sent during weekends or public
holidays will be processed on next Monday or the next business day.

Note:Preview Images are for demo purpose only, not
included in the package.

v1.0 (30 June 2020)

- Initial Release

Cuba Admin is a full featured, multipurpose, premium bootstrap
admin template built with Bootstrap 4 Framework, HTML5, CSS and
JQuery.It has a huge collection of reusable UI components and
integrated with latest jQuery plugins. It can be used for all type
of Web applications like custom admin panel, app backend, CMS or

Cuba Admin Template

  • Bootstrap 4x
  • Style With
  • Html with
  • Using
  • Jquery 3.3.1
  • 2 Different Dashboard
  • Light&
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Fully Responsive layout
  • Font Awesome
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Clean & Well Commended Codes
  • W3C Validated Code
  • Data Table Export to
    CSV, Excel, PDF, Copy and Print
  • Many Charts Options
  • Multi File upload
  • Range Slider
  • Data Table
  • Google Fonts
  • Form Wizards
  • Chat Application
  • And many more…


  • Bootstrap
  • Apexchart
  • Counter
  • Data Table
  • Toast Ui
  • Date Picker
  • Image cropper
  • Js grid
  • Owl carousel
  • Page Builder
  • Select 2
  • Tree.js
  • Owl carousel
  • Range slider
  • Rating
  • Typehead


Rubik (Google Fonts), Roboto (Google Fonts)

Note: Images used in demo are not included in download

Mooli Hospital Bootstrap4 Hospital Admin is made with Bootstrap
4x. Mooli Hospital is a complete solution for Hospital Management.
We covered to manage patients, doctors, appointemts and room

This documentation will help you to understand template’s
structure and how to edit. Please follow it very carefully to find
out how template works and how you can edit template. You should
have knowledge of CSS and HTML to be able to modify this HTML

HOSPITAL, Features

  • Main Dashboard with Covid 19
  • Doctor’s (List, Add, Profile)
  • Appointment
  • Doctor, Todo list
  • Patients (List, Add, Profile)
  • Room Allotment
  • Departments
  • Payments ( Add new, Invoices, Invoices list)

ADMIN, Features

  • Inbox App
  • Chat App
  • Staffs Management
  • Contacts (List, Grid with Google )
  • File Manager
  • Hospital Centres
  • Blog post
  • Social Profile

Mooli, Admin Dashboard Features

  • Bootstrap 4x (version 4.5.0)
  • Powered by SASS
  • Dark and Light layouts (
    Just one click)
  • LTR – RTL demos (
    Just one click)
  • 7 Beautiful color schemes with Flat & Gradient colors (
    Just one click)
  • 4 Pre-built Dashboard design (
    Analytics, Cryptocurrency, Campaign, & eCommerce
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Flexible Charts and Maps
  • Custom design for DataTables
  • Pre-built Apps (Mailbox, Chat, Contacts, Calendar, To-do,
    Notes, File Manager, Blog, Social page etc.)
  • Pre-built Pages (Search Page, Profile, Invoices, Timeline,
    Pricing, Image Gallery, Signin, Signup, Error Page, etc.)
  • Unlimited Template Possibilities
  • FREE Lifetime Updates
  • Compatible with all latest Browsers

What do you get?

  • Include – SASS landing page
  • All HTML files. (150+ Pages)
  • CSS & SCSS source codes
  • All plugins & libraries
  • JavaScript source codes
  • Documents file with video


  • Bootstrap
  • Images – Pexels


Version 1.0
01 July 2020

-- Initial Release

Please Note :All images are just used for Preview
Purpose Only. They are not part of the template and NOT included in
the final purchase files.