Carousel Anything for WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer)

The Best and Easiest Way to Create Content Carousels Ever

We have taken carousel creation to the next level. With
Carousel Anything, you can create carousels for
any of your content. We’ve integrated into
WPBakery Page Builderto bring you a
very flexible, very lightweight and very
carousel creation system. Change paddings,
margins virtually any design element for your carousel.

We’ve integrated
Owl Carouselinto our plugin for the ultimate
device support. Carousel Anything is
responsive and touch enabled. In touch devices,
you can
drag and swipethe carousel to move it.

We have just added a new feature: Carousel Posts. Easily create
carousels from your different post types. You can filter them so
you can create a carousel that displays only blog posts of a
certain category or tag; or if you have a meet the team plugin, you
can create a carousel of your team members. We’ve also included 2
designs: display your posts in a clean plain layout, or a more
unique design where your featured image is used as a

You can create any carousel. Here’re some ideas of
what you can do:

  • Feature & icon boxes,
  • Latest blog posts,
  • Hero areas,
  • Image sliders,
  • Sliders with content,
  • Video showcases,
  • Testimonials,
  • Team members,
  • Anything…

Check the live preview for a preview of how easy it is to create
carousels for anything.

Full Feature Set

  • Turn any content into a carousel, images, images
    with text, carousels, team members, etc
  • Works great in touch devices, swipe to scroll the
  • Create carousels from your post types, and add a
    filter to display only posts under a specific category,
  • Fully responsive, configure the number of items to
    display for mobile devices,
  • Fully customizeable, adjust the columns, margins,
    paddings and colors to style your carousel,
  • Lightweight, only loads stuff when carousel is
    used, doesn’t bloat your site,
  • Dots, arrows or none, choose what type of
    navigation is displayed for your carousel,
  • Works with any theme, as long as you have WPBakery
    Page Builder
  • Very easy to use, instructions are provided for
    each setting,
  • Properly coded in WordPress standards,

Trouble with the Plugin?

Head over to the
support taband check out the FAQs, or submit a
support ticket!

Enjoying the

Be sure to leave a rating and review and show us some

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Version 1.12 – March 20, 2018

* New: Slide animations: Fade, bounce, and much more
* New: Upgraded library to Owl Carousel v2
* New: Added `window.carouselAnythingInit()` function that you can
use to initialize all carousels. Helpful for ajax loaded pages.
* Fixed: Now checks for duplicate ca_row_fixes
* Fixed: Error when no category posts are selected
* Fixed: Fixed responsive issues
* Fixed: Fixed navigation issues
* Change: Removed license input
* Change: Removed admin pointers
* Change: Removed starting position option
* Change: H2 are now H4 in carousel posts

Version 1.11 – June 21, 2017

* All inline CSS generated are now routed though WordPress methods,
to prevent CSS code from being seen if the post appears in an
* VC row options and designs now work for Carousel Anything, like
regular VC rows do.
* Enhanced: Options rearrangements and rewording.
* Amended post term retrieval code to be backward compatible with
PHP 5.2.
* Slides are now rendered equal height to background elements.
* Rewind speed is not being observed by Owl Carousel, thus its
option has been removed.
* Fixed: CSS contamination in carousel elements such as arrows may
* Fixed: Navigation buttons become inaccessible when elements of a
carousel is not transparent (ie. has background-color or a
background image)
* VC backend indicators has been added for Carousel Posts.
* Enhanced: Graceful error handling for carousel_posts in cases of
missing details in post types.
* Improved error handling in Carousel Posts post type parser for
better compatibility with PHP 7.
* Added the ability to alter offsets for thumbnails and arrows.
* Tweaked mobile and tablet disambiguation and detection for better
* Post IDs in classes have been added as well.
* Updated licensing module and fixed plugin autoupdate issues.
* Updated legacy Owl Carousel library.
* Linking of slides have been revised; For background image
rendering, the entire slide is now clickable; for image element,
the featured image and title is now clickable.
* CSS behaviors of thumbnails and arrows were adjusted to allow
better display with simultaneous usage. This also possibly fixes
issues where thumbnails appear at the dead center of the carousel
when they're not supposed to.
* Using arrows and thumbnails simultaneously is now possible.

Version 1.10 – June 29, 2016

* On mobile devices, carousel item counts will now always stay
constant no matter the screen size.
* Custom class names and html classes based on pulled post's
taxonomy and terms has been implemented.
* Styles and scripts will now load in the header of the page to
prevent cases of FOUC (Flash of unstyled content).
* Added new option to use full content instead of excerpt for
Carousel Posts, due to popular demand.
 * Excerpt in Carousel Posts is renamed Content in line with the
* If word limiting is set to 0, no excerpt limiting will occur.
* Added more descriptions in certain fields in Carousel Posts to
accurately describe behaviors of certain conditions.
* Enhanced: RTL will only be activated if your WordPress
installation has RTL enabled. The option for setting this has been
* Fixed: Added special styling to make the carousel compatible with
an X Theme update.

Version 1.9 – April 22, 2016

* Added `gca_carousel_posts_parameters` filter for carousel posts
* Added `gca_carousel_posts_slide_override` filter for carousel
* Migrated all PHP variables to comply with snake case standards.
* Fixed a rendering issue in Carousel Posts where certain sections
did not produce output at all. Code parts responsible for the post
display was rewritten.
* Fixed css issues in Carousel Posts where it produced undesirable
text effects.
* Fixed an issue in starting slides in Carousel Posts and Carousel
Anything where it wasn't working at all, and/or could cause browser
crashes. This function underwent a rewrite.
* Fixed a nasty Visual Composer issue that wrecked Carousel
Anything layouts, an issue that became apparent in recent Visual
Composer releases.
* Whoops! In certain query building routines, the force posttype is
not being recognized at all! This has been fixed.

Version 1.8 – January 18, 2016

* Read More links can now be added for Carousel Posts.
* Starting points for the carousels can now be defined. (always
defaults to 0 or blank)
* For both Carousel Anything and Carousel Posts, navigation arrows
can now be customized in terms of color and size.
* Ellipsis characters in Carousel Posts can now be customized.
* Implemented alternate method of specifying the target custom post
type slug in Carousel Posts, in cases where selecting it may cause
* Implemented more namespacing to prevent more conflicts with
themes using Owl Carousel.
* Fixed a residual issue in removing Desktop-Small attribute for
Owl Carousel.
* Fixed an issue in Carousel Posts where setting number of posts to
0 or blank will not pull posts at all. (it should pull all posts if

Version 1.7 – November 16, 2015

* Altered post query method for Carousel Posts as it was causing
problems recently.
* Carousel Anything and Carousel Posts should now play along with
WPBakery Page Builder's frontend editor. Use the most recent
version for the best results.
* Filters can now be used to alter results in Carousel Posts on the
fly. Use the filter gambit_cp_query for this.
* Removed Small Desktop size as it was causing problems for mobile
* Syntax restructuring in light of a new parsing system. The plugin
will now be more compliant to WordPress standards more than ever,
resulting in more reliable performance.

Version 1.6.1 – August 29, 2015

* Fixed a critical issue where Carousel Posts shortcode would not
be editable afterwards in WPBakery Page Builder.

Version 1.6 – August 20, 2015

* Modified backend structure, it now shows the (inner) rows
vertically instead of stacking blocks, this is for better
visualization because..
* Columns are now possible inside a Carousel Anything element!
* New Carousel Posts element - display your latest posts
(filterable) inside a carousel, comes with 2 designs: plain and
featured image background.
* The Carousel Anything shortcode no longer crashes the browser
Javascript if launched in frontend mode.
* Removed auto-height auto-adjustment
* Updated plugin file structure for better performance.
* Added ability to define a custom class for a particular carousel.
* Added the ability to control carousels by keyboard.
* Updated and added internal autoupdates, and removed ratings
system for a less-obstrusive pointer system.

Version 1.5 – May 28, 2015

* Added new setting for enabling/disabling dragging
* Adjusted VC initialization
* Added class checks for error prevention
* Added minor protection for CWE-200 (shouldn't affect anyone)

Version 1.4 – March 30, 2015

* Removed scroll per page option since Owl Carousel was not
handling this correctly
* Namespaced Owl Carousel in order to protect from conflicts (such
as with VC's new grid element)
* Fixed alignment issues when placing multiple elements on top of
each other
* Fixed height display issues
* Fixed rare error when our shortcode did not render at all

Version 1.3 – January 25, 2015

* Fixed frontend display compatibility issue with VC 4.4
* Fixed bug where in some rare occassions a fatal error would occur
with vc_map

Version 1.2 – October 8, 2014

* Added the option to choose left/right arrows
* Fixed bug where the plugin doesn't render in the frontend
properly for some themes (e.g. Salient)
* Made it easier to drag rows around in the backend editor

Version 1.1

* Better admin UI display, using the element in columns now display
* Tested compatibility with the Salient theme and other themes with
modified WPBakery Page Builder
* Added default content for better usability

Version 1.0

* Initial release
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