WP #BackToTop will help you make a creative
“back to top†button with scroll
percentage. You can choose the icon, color and position for this
button as you want.


  • Custom position & distance
  • Unlimited color
  • Square & round style
  • 20+ icons



  • Image Upload & Share From Url , Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo,
    VK, Vine, Instagram, Metacafe, DailyMotion Videos and
  • Comments for Media
  • Facebook Comments
  • Responsive Layout
  • User Profile & Points
  • Tags or Category System
  • Super Easy Installation
  • Full Admin Panel
  • Moderate Guest Submissions
  • Social Share Buttons
  • Search for Media
  • Seo Url
  • Much More?


  • PHP 4.3 or later, PHP 5.4.x for all functionality.
  • MySQL 4.1 or later, MySQL 5.x for best performance.
  • fopen enabled
  • fileinfo extension


  • – This item built on and
    it’s extension of the open source item


V 2.4

  • Fixed facebook share counter
  • Added image and description for twitter share
  • Fixed some security issues
  • Fixed some bugs…

V 2.3

  • Added rutube.ru video source
  • fixed some url issues
  • Fixed some security issues
  • Fixed some bugs…

V 2.2

  • Added better quick start option on list theme
  • Added Terms and Privacy option for register page
  • Added facebook meta tags
  • Fixed some bugs…

V 2.1

  • Added Rss options page in admin panel
  • Added twitch.tv video source
  • Fixed some bugs…

V 2

  • Added mp4 video upload option from pc
  • Added king video player
  • Added Custom message for submit page and comment box
  • Added post title in twitter share
  • Fixed some bugs…


  • KingMedia now supporting more video sources (-xhamster, -ok.ru,
    -coub.com, -vid.me, -gfycat.com )
  • Fixed facebook video issue
  • Fixed php5 issue
  • Fixed some bugs


  • Added Quick start option at list theme
  • Fixed Soundcloud issue
  • Fixed some bugs

v 1.9.9

  • Added Multiple Image Upload (enable in admin > lists)
  • Added Quick View Option in List Theme
  • Fixed some bugs

v 1.9.8

  • Added Mail.ru video source
  • Added <meta> description input in admin> layout
  • Added vk login option
  • Fixed some bugs

v 1.9.7

  • Added Notice feature for new users and first time visitors in
    admin > users
  • Changed Sticky add area in list theme
  • Fixed some bugs

v 1.9.6

  • Added watermark option
  • Changed image submitting page
  • Added Sticky add area in list theme
  • Changed infinite scroll codes in default theme
  • Added image preview area in image submitting page
  • Added pinterest and google+ share buttons in list theme
  • Fixed some mobile view issues
  • Fixed some bugs

v 1.9.5

  • Added new Sources, VK videos, Facebook videos, Soundcloud
  • Users can add video or image in comments via url
  • fixed rss image issue
  • Fixed some bugs

v 1.9.4

  • Fixed some bugs

v 1.9.3

  • Added admin > stats page
  • Fixed rss issues
  • Added Length of Tags page , Length of Media page, Length of
    Users page at admin > lists
  • Fixed some bugs

v 1.9.2

  • Added Custom Css option
  • Modified Category Page design,
  • Added Mobile Theme select option
  • Fixed Some bugs

v 1.9.1

  • Added google+ and pinterest share buttons
  • Added custom email settings in admin panel
  • Fixed Some bugs

v 1.9

  • Now More Fast! using thumbnails on homepage
  • Supporting animated Gifs
  • Fixed Some bugs

v 1.8

  • Fixed Some bugs

v 1.7

  • Fixed Some bugs

v 1.6

  • Added new plugin “King Extra†you
    can add extra fields on submit page
  • Added Description option on homepage
  • Added 404 page
  • Fixed Some bugs

v 1.5

  • Added new option ‘Create Custom
  • Create link option added
  • Added categories page
  • Fixed Some bugs

v 1.4

  • Added NEW! List theme layout
  • Added Theme-Switcher Plugin
  • Fixed Some bugs

v 1.3

  • Added new stylish and simple captcha plugin
  • Added permission option for the image upload
  • Added tag cloud tags limit
  • Fixed some bugs

v 1.2

  • Changed top users page design
  • Fixed permissions bugs
  • Fixed some css bugs

v 1.1

  • Added social login buttons in login modal
  • Fixed mobile image upload
  • Fixed some css bugs

Try Game :


You are the sniper we have been looking for , for a long
time.Its very hard for the people to live in a city with a high
crime rate.Clear away the crime from the city , so people can live
in the city peacefully. We think that you have the courage and the
talent for this job. Your best friend is a high quality sniper
rifle.And your help will not be overlooked.Hold your breath , be
cool and send the criminal where they belong.

A breathtaking fps sniper game , Sniper Wanted 3D – Realistic 3d
graphics – Hundreds of tasks – A lot of unique sniper rifles –
Sensetive and easy control


.Advanced 3D graphics

.40 Hard level

.High-level game engine

.The Armoury System

.In-app purchasing system

.AdMob interstitial , Rewarded Video Ads(Chartboost Source)

.Weapon purchase system

.Weapon upgrade system

.English and Turkish Language

.Energy System (Rewarded Video)

.Unity 3D

.Android Render Ready , Ios Render Support

.Best Price , Best Product

.Legendary game

. Read the Documentation

.Ready for Android Render

.Support for IOS Render(Unity Module)

.Made with Unity 5.xxx

Beautifully animated countdowns for everyone.

Soon is
Plug & Playand super easy to setup. Using the
Visual BuilderSoon has you creating the most
stunning countdowns your visitors have ever seen. Pick one of the
15 Preset Templatesas a starting point or start
from scratch and design your unique counter.

Soon will always look great, it is
mobile friendly, fast and responsiveit will
automatically scale to the available space around it. Soon is
compatible with jQuery but you can use it without just as well. The
package contains the
original source files, so if
you’re tech savvy you can tweak it to your own

You can further customize Soon to your own liking with simple
HTML attributes or by using the JavaScript API described in the

Just contact me through my , I’m happy to
help you out with any questions or problems.

Soon is build using the latest HTML 5 and CSS 3 techniques. With
and new feature releases Soon keeps getting better and better.

Soon ships with extensive documentation on all
it’s capabilities.

“Brilliant work & Superb


“I don’t normally give
product reviews, however I feel that I’ve got to
write something here. Firstly, this is a brilliant plugin, very
neat and easy enough to use. The code’s written
really well and the supporting documentation is very good.
Secondly, I had an issue with something I was trying to make my
particular countdown do. I contacted support and they went out of
their way to help. Fair play guy’s. I highly
recommend this plugin. Keep up the great work!â€


“My countless hours of searching for a truly
responsive jQuery timer came to a triumphant end when I found this
plugin. This is the most flexible timer out there! Well done for an
awesome plugin!â€


“This is by far the most elegant designed
countdown tool – and that does not only refer to
the great looks, but also to the internal design of code, css and
API. Since our pages are full of legacy code and 3rd-party-scripts,
I had to cry my way through countless futile test installs of
counters, but this one has covered every aspect and any problem
that a real-live page would cause. Great work!! To be seen on
koeln.de soon.â€


“Excellent support! Very responsive and
quick. Thanks!â€


“This plugin is beautiful and easy to use.



Just drag the sliders, pick a color, choose a due date, and
presto, you’re presented with
you’re Soon HTML and CSS code.
It’s really as easy as that, now anyone can
create stunning counters.

Soon ships with 15 unique and responsive counter templates. You
can use them as is, or tweak them to fit your style. All templates
can be viewed on the Soon Live Preview landing page.

Soon is responsive and works on a wide range of modern mobile,
tablet and desktop browsers. Soon will automatically measure the
available space of the parent container and resize the different
counters accordingly.

Soon contains 3 different clock faces. Flip, Matrix and Text.
Each face has it’s own animations and
customization options. Combined with the two visual styles
there’s bound to be a configuration that suits
your specific needs.

You can combine the 3 clock faces with 2 different progress
visualisations. There’s a circular and a fill
visualiser which each have rich customization and animation

JavaScript’s default timer will lag behind
when it’s active for longer time periods. Soon
contains a correction algorithm to make sure each second actually
is a second.

Set duration mode to have Soon count down a fixed amount of
minutes or seconds since page load. In day mode it will count to a
certain time on a certain day of the week.

You can have Soon use the server time instead of the browser
time by using the fixed date option.


You can configure Soon to count down towards a date or count up
since a date. Useful for counting time since an event.


If no due date is set, Soon will render a Clock instead of a
countdown. Perfect for testing if Soon has been setup correctly.


Soon detects if you’re a fan of jQuery, if
so, it enables the jQuery API. If you’re not
using jQuery, no problem, Soon brings it’s own


You can execute scripts on each tick or when the timer runs out
by using the available callback methods.


Each face and visual has it’s own animation
options to make your counters look extra professional.


Still cool right?

Available for every counter type.

Visual Builder

Use the to build your own counters. No coding required. Pick a
preset or a blank canvas, select colours, counter types, fonts,
sizes. Just copy and paste the resulting snippet and
you’re ready to roll.

jQuery (not required)

Soon has got , but if you’re not into jQuery
that’s not a problem as Soon works without just
as well.

Animations & Special Effects

All Soons counters are animated. For instance the text counter
can be tweaked with different animation types like slide, roll,
twirl and fade. On top of these animations Soon brings reflections
to the table.


Soon scales to the available space around it.
It’s as simple as that. It does not matter where
you place it, Soon will make sure it looks great.


JavaScript’s default timer will lag behind
when it’s active for longer time periods. Soon
contains a correction algorithm to make sure each second actually
is a second.


There’s three different clock faces to
choose from. You’ve got your basic .
There’s a classic and as a bonus
there’s the counter. All three faces can be
animated in various ways and have all kinds of sub styles.


Easily create an . Use solid colours, gradients, define counter
direction and set the offset, length and width of the ring.
There’s visual effects like glow and shadow plus
the ring progress is animated.

Next to the ring you’ve got the option to
select a . This is sort of like a vertical, horizontal or diagonal
progress bar. Animated and colours can be changed.

Due Modes

Soon comes with a wide range of . Also, well tested support of

  • 2016—02-25count down towards a
  • 2010—02-25count up since a
  • in 2 hourscount down a fixed amount of hours, minutes
    or seconds ;
  • at 12:30:15count down repeatedly towards a time;
  • sunday at 10count down repeatedly towards a time of


Pick between Year, Month, Week, Day, Hour, Minute, Seconds and
Milliseconds. The feature allows you to move values between groups,
so you can for instance count the total number of seconds till next


Bind JavaScript functions to the and callbacks. Useful to show
or hide elements when the timer runs out, or to make changes when
there’s only a couple more seconds left on the


By default if you don’t set a due or since
date, Soon will render a clock, so if you’re
looking for a fancy clock, Soon is the way to go.

Server Time

You can manually set the current time which Soon will use to do
it’s calculations.


Soon can be setup from JavaScript using the Soon API. Allowing
you to and counters on the fly..

Browser Support

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • iOS
  • Android
  • IE10
  • IE9 (no animations)
  • IE8 (no animations, automatic fallback to text counter)

Safari on Windows is no longer being maintained by Apple and
therefor is currently not supported.


  • Original and minified versions of all CSS and JavaScript
  • 15+ Preset Templates
  • Visual Builder

Version History


  • added low resolution matrix clock version
  • fixed problem with invalid custom Google font family name


  • additional fixes to jQuery API, please note that the API has
    changed, see docs for changes
  • fixed problem in destroy method not destroying counter when
    used in placeholder


  • fixed redraw method on JavaScript api
  • fixed redraw on jQuery api
  • improved ring redraw method on resizing
  • improved ring initial drawing call
  • corrected documentation code sample on
    “at†due date
  • fixed problem where soon caused errors when included in head of


  • fixed problems with duration calculations
  • added soon separated AMD module for advanced use


  • added fields to control and remove whitespace around
  • added setOption method which you can use to change options
    while te counter is running
  • improved complete and tick event, they can now be given
    function references
  • fixed javascript error in IE8


  • fixed flickering after browser tab was inactive.
  • fixed fill mode not working correctly.


  • added fill option which makes Soon scale up the counter to fill
    all available space.
  • added ‘weeks’ and
    ‘months’ formats.
  • added ‘milliseconds’
  • added more font presets to Visual Builder.
  • added option to set custom Google WebFont in Visual
  • added freeze / unfreeze API
  • added option to control the way Soon decides to hide counter
    groups on small screens.
  • improved performance of documentation.
  • improved API documentation.
  • improved timer algorithm.


  • improved responsive behavior, Soon now contains a smart scaling
    algorithm to hide unused or low priority counter groups. Rendering
    of the circular counter has also been improved on small
  • improved Opera 12 support.


  • added ‘hide’,
    ‘redirect’ and
    ‘function’ to on-complete
    option in Visual Builder
  • improved button layout for Visual Builder
  • improved browser support for Visual Builder


  • added onTick callback method


  • added CSS override field to visual builder
  • added seconds to time fields in visual builder
  • added presets select to visual builder
  • added option to create own presets to visual builder
  • added reset at time of day mode
  • added vertical and horizontal gradient mode
  • fixed bug in cross browser timezone related calculations
  • fixed ring glow color
  • fixed gradient ring problems on not full length rings and rings
    with different offsets
  • removed reference to soon.css.map in unminified styles.css


  • added placeholder setup
  • added max-scale setting
  • added due-in-time mode
  • added due-at-time mode
  • added due-at-day mode
  • added timezone support to visual builder
  • added redraw method to API to manually trigger redraw of a soon
  • improved responsive behaviour
  • improved script embedding
  • fixed API destroy method bug where it would not removing the
    soon child nodes


  • added a
    much improvedvisual builder
  • added dot matrix gradient fill styles
  • added ring invert setting
  • added ring gradient fill styles
  • added ring parts alignment
  • added ring separate width controls
  • added ring progress and background shadow
  • added label coloring to visual builder
  • added label uppercase and lowercase style presets
  • added separator coloring to visual builder
  • added data-auto=â€false†to allow
    blocking of kickstart
  • improved ring label positioning
  • improved ring rendering performance
  • improved ring default shadow styles
  • improved setup of public API
  • fixed ticker reset bug where timer would not reset
  • fixed some incorrectly documented features
  • fixed ring soft shadow being cut of at the bottom
  • fixed ring gap preventing the progress part from reaching the
    end state
  • fixed the fill reflection from being flipped the wrong way
  • fixed reset functionality


  • added year denominator
  • added count up mode


  • initial release


Tired of having to open tons of tabs in your browser when you
manage your WP site ?

You use a lot of plugins, and your customers are lost in the
admin interface of their website ? They don’t
know what menu link they must click to make simple operations ?

This unique WordPress plugin
gives your WordPress backend an awesome O/S Desktop
, allowing you to manage the different admin pages in
windows and create shortcuts on the desktop in one click.

Windows can be
resized, maximized, minimified, and easily placed side by
to truly improve your productivity.

Each user can
create its own shortcutssimply dragging a link
from the WP menu to the desktop.

colors, background image and windows effectscan be
customized from the settings window.

Intuitive, beautiful, fluid and really usefulfor
you and your customers, this plugin will make managing your website
even faster and easier.


  • Gives to your WordPress backend
    a real O/S desktop look!
  • Powerful and beautiful
    windows manager
  • Windows can be
    resized, maximized, minimized and displayed side by
    in 1 click
  • Each user can
    create his own shortcutssimply dragging a link
    from the menu to the desktop
  • Icons and titles of
    shortcuts can be edited
  • Works with your
    WP admin skins and plugins
  • Customizable from settings panel : activate
    grayscale, blur and dark effecton background
    freely change colorsof elements and
    background image
  • Navigate instantly between the different windows using
    keyboard shortcuts
  • Fully ajax powered, browser history supported
  • Automatically disabled on mobile devices (classical backend
  • Automatic Updates
  • Fully translatable(WPML & .po ready)
  • Reactive support !

* If you like this plugin, please leave a note ! *


If you need help, contact me from

More People, Save More Time?

You should try out

Giga AI brings a convenience, super easy way to helps you create
your Messenger Bot in 5 minutes. No much coding skill is required
but still have powerful API. You can also extends our package to
bring your awesome features to your bot. More ways to make it


Ultra FastWith quality code, built in caching
system, your Bot will run with bolt speed.

Expressive SyntaxThe only method to remember is
$bot->answer();the syntax is easy to remember and
elegance. Please take a quick look at our to check your self.

Powerful Storage DriverStore everything you want
on RDBMS database or even flat file. Extend our Storage class to
support your project easily.

Beautiful ShortcodesJust tell bot say
Hi [first_name]to people and let the bot says, for
Hi Jimmyautomatically.

Smart Intended ActionsLet’s
assume that people text
Hey bot, please send me my receiptand bot says
Please provide your license key, GigaAI provides a fluent
way to mark the next people message as license key. So bot can
check license key and receipt for people

Send Rich MediaNot only plain text, you can tell
bot send Image, Audio, Video, File, Buttons, Generic, Receipt,
Quick Replies… to people.

LocationWant to get user location? Giga supports
handling location without hassle but still powerful.

Receive Rich MediaBot can send rich media to
people, it can also receive rich media from them. Awesome

Unlimited Apps & PagesWith the unlimited
expandable structure, you can create and reuse one bot to support
unlimited apps & pages.

Advanced SecurityWant to protect whole project?
Like Laravel, just point your domain to

Advanced Thread SettingsGreeting Text, Get Started
Button, Persistent Menu. Most are pre-configured and just need very
quick step to make all works.

Powerful Lead GenerationAs we have Storage class
and Intended Action, you can teach bot to ask people to enter their
information and save it to your desired database.

Composer FriendlyYou say a modern PHP package
should support it. Yes, we do: PSR-4 with Composer.

Persistent MenuCreate menu in your Messenger app
in seconds. Just pass an array of menu item.
Can’t be simpler right?

Friendly DocumentationA product
can’t be cool without a good documentation. Our
documentation is step by step, from basic to advanced, update
daily, please check it at

See it in action

WordPress version with Drag and Drop is also available.

Change Logs

Giga.AI 1.1.1 (September 14th, 2016)

Improvement: `MySQLStorageDriver` is shipped with the package by
Improvement: Attachment now works with Intended Actions
Improvement: Remove `$bot->run();` method on `public/index.php`
Changes: Drop support PHP 5.3
Fix: `Driver Not Found` exception in strict mode

Giga.AI 1.1 – August 30th

New: Add MySQLStorageDriver and WordPressStorageDriver to support
MySQL out of the box.
New: Support Attachment message (Location, Image, Video,
Improvement: Callback now takes up to 3 arguments $bot, $user_id
and $input
Improvement: Improve shortcut syntax for `$bot->say();` method
Improvement: Add /?subscribe URL to check instead of /subscribe.php
Fix: Quick Replies doesn't works in callback.

Giga.AI 1.0.1 – August 13th

New: Support Quick Replies.
Improvement: Temporary remove Auto Stop since Facebook Messenger
update GUI.
Improvement: Add PHPUnit support for testing.
Fix: Intended Actions loop and only sent one time.
Fix: User can't set question mark sign in their pattern.

Version 1.0 – April 19th, 2016

First Release

near is an Augmented Reality type mobile app, displaying
locations 3 ways: AR view, map and list. It is a Cordova based app,
and the code is written in HTML, CSS, jQuery.

We did test the app on Android, and it works very well,
I didn’t tested in iOS yet, and
that’s why I am selling this as an
Android app so far, but as the app is based on Cordova, I
don’t think there will be any issues for iOS

The price is the starting one, if you would like to support our
work in the early stages, you can PURCHASE the app at this point,
and you will receive lifetime updates FOR FREE. With each update
the price will be increased.

The docs contain a short tutorial on how to setup your computer
to use Cordova apps and also how to submit your apps to the market
(both iOS and Android).

I am thinking to

 - custom server solution API + Admin Area /

 - Location owner submission

– Google Places API instead of Foursquare

 - User ratings and reviews / comments

 - better design and UI

 The app is well documented.

The app uses the FourSquare API to get venues. You can create
your own data source on your server if you are familiar with PHP
and JSON data. There is no framework involved in production to
handle the app look, just plain HTML, CSS and jQuery, easy to use
and modify. There is also an easy way to customize the look of the
map, only by changing the color codes, everything explained in the

The app price is $39 until this Friday. After that, the product
price will be increased. So, what are you waiting for?

A HTML5 Upload image tool, full use of HTML5 with canvas (with
fallback options). Together with a ratio and drag & drop makes
this tool ideal for use in a CMS.


  • uses canvas to crop the image, no server scripts needed!
  • want to use a server script, no problem! simple change it with
    additional options
  • full HTML5 support
  • touch support! Works on tablet and mobile!
  • Responsive design option
  • save your image with AJAX or use the tradional FORM input file
  • uses ratio to let it fit your screen or element
  • easy to use
  • additional options to configure
  • bootstrap 3.1
  • jQuery 1.9

UPDATE: jan. 24

  • New: Download button
  • New: Force not saving and pushing your own save function

UPDATE: nov. 21

  • Improvement: Script is working with tablet and phone!
  • New: Resize option added for responsive design

UPDATE: nov. 17

  • New: Save original option added

UPDATE: oct. 24

  • Bugfix: Tools appear when reediting form
  • Bugfix: Rounding floats to int

UPDATE: oct. 20

  • Bugfix: Input required will remain after deleting image

UPDATE: oct. 13

  • Improvement: Saving button show directly when clicking
  • Improvement: Mimetype on toDataURL
  • Improvement: Hide buttons with data-button-edit = false
  • Improvement: Set save text with data-save-label =
  • Improvement: Documentation
  • Bugfix: Background text not hidding with transparent PNG
  • Bugfix: Wrong script usage in demo

UPDATE: oct. 6

  • New: Server image
  • New: POST only dimensions
  • Improvement: Buttons all have own CSS label for your own

Update september

  • NEW: existing image preview
  • NEW: remove existing image or uploaded image
  • IMPROVEMENT: Better error response
  • IMPROVEMENT: PHP script examples
  • BIGFIX: ajax=false not removing editor
  • BUGFIX: double image with canvas

WooCommerce Car/Parts Filter Plugin

“WooCommerce Car/Parts Filter
is the best plugin for Vehicle or
Vehicle Parts Website. Admin can show filter plugin on Sidebar or
Footer widget or show using shortcode also [car-make-model]. Admin
can add multiple Make and multiple Model or multiple year from
backend and also add each product Make, Model and Year. So it is
the best plugin for vehicle or car parts website.
“WooCommerce Car/Parts Filter Pluginâ€
is compatible upto wordpres version 4.6 and woocommerce version

  • Add multiple Make at a time into Make Control Page. Ex:
  • Add multiple Model at a time into Model Control page. Ex:
  • Add multiple Year at a time into Year Control Page using
    comma or Year Range. Ex: 2001,2005,2007 or 2001-2009
  • When assign filter data with product then admin can select
    multiple year at a time by press CTRL key.
  • Admin can make any page as a search result page by
    shortcode [mmy_filter_result].
  • Admin can make filter shortcode as a Vertical or Horizontal
    position with responsive.
  • Customer Can easily check search query into result page ex:
  • Admin Make, Model, Year page pagination added.
  • CSV import module added.
  • Faster search

Admin Menu

Add Make

Add Model

Add Year

CSV Import

Filter Settings

Filter Widget Box

All Shortcode

  • [car-make-model view=â€Hâ€]
  • [car-make-model view=â€Vâ€]
  • [mmy_filter_result]

Features of WooCommerce Car/Parts Filter Plugin

  • Best for WooCommerce Car/Car parts websites
  • Filtering Based on Make, Model & Year
  • Admin can add “Multiple Makeâ€
    & “Multiple Model†&
    “Multiple Year†from Backend.
  • Admin can add each product Make, Model & Year Using Add New
    Row So its Dynamic.
  • Admin can upload csv file via csv import module and also auto
    assing filter data with product also.
  • Admin can show plugin using wordpress Widget system
  • Admin can show Plugin Using ShortCode Also
  • Customize All Text & Color
  • Ensure full Support

Viral Lists Pro is a stand-alone CMS that help you create Lists
based Articles Easily with Seven Pre-Defined Types of Content
(Text, Image, Video, Animated GIF, Quote, IFrame and Poll).


  • Most Important : mod_security = disabled
  • PHP 5 or Higher
  • MySQLi Extension
  • MultiBytes Strings Functions (mb_ functions)


username : admin

password : demo