Just install and use it. The plugin will create all necessary
pages, email template and settings on the plugin installation.

Demo Login

User Login : U : test / P: test123456

Admin Access : U : demo / P: demo



11 language files can be found in language directory inside the
plugin. Files: Russian, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Chinese,
Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish


  • Responsive & Ajax
  • Translatable
    • 11 language files can be found in language directory inside the
      plugin. Files: Russian, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Chinese,
      Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish
  • Payment Gateway
    • a) Paypal [Express Checkout]
    • b) Stripe [ Full synchronize with Stripe Plan ]
  • Mailchimp to store Email for new registrants
  • Membership Type
    • a) Free Account
    • b) One time Payment
    • c) Recurring Payment
    • d) Free Trial
    • e) Paid Trial
    • e) Variable Payment Package
  • 7 Pricing Tables
  • 2 Signup styles
  • My account
    • User Setting
    • User Social Profile
    • User privacy setting
    • User Change Password
    • User All Post
    • User Post: Custom Fields
    • User Insert Post
    • User Edit Post
    • Subscription upgrade
    • Subscription downgrade
    • Subscription Cancel
  • Coupon
  • User Role creation by Package
  • Overriding templates
  • Page Redirect
    • User Public Profile Page Redirect
    • User My Account Page Redirect
    • User Registration Page Redirect
  • Page Setting
  • Email Templates
    • User Welcome Email template
    • User Forget Password Email template
    • User Order Email template
    • Admin Order Email template
  • 5 User Public Profile
  • Payment History
  • Report
    • 3D Pic charts
    • Line Chart
  • User Public Profile Page Redirect:
    • Hide Admin Bar
    • And Lots of other settings..
  • 2 type of User Directories
  • Content Protection Setting
  • WP User Setting Module for Admin
  • Subscription Reminder Email Module

Change log

1.3.1– 4 -May-2016

-Bug Fix for WordPress 4.5

1.3.0– 15 -February-2016

-Add : Tax module (common tax or country base tax)
-Add :  Woocommerce "Billing Address" 
-Add :  My Account menu show/hide
-Bug :  Bug fixed on WPML post issue
-Bug :  Payment History show user id + Amount issue

1.2.9– 8 -September-2015

-Add : The word "Free" added on OP file

1.2.8– 20-August-2015

-Add : 11 language files inside the plugin

1.2.7– 30-June-2015

-Add : Subscription cancel notification

1.2.5– 07-June-2015

-Bug Fixed: Login Page image re loader issue

1.2.4– 23-May-2015

-Bug Fixed: Free Package to Free Package User Role Update issue

1.2.3– 19-May-2015

-Bug Fixed: Free User Role Update 

1.2.3– 16-May-2015

-Bug Fixed: Email template

1.2.3– 30-April-2015

-Add: Add|Edit|Delete  User Profile Fields by Admin 
-Add: Page Restriction Module By User Role

1.2.2– 21- April-2015

-Bug Fixed: User Register page without  package issue

1.2.1– 19-April-2015

- Add Subscription Reminder Email Module
- Add Stripe Free Package Without Credit Card
- Bugs Fixed 

1.0.9– 04 -Mar-2015

- Add Variable Subscription
- Add User Setting Module for change user role, expire date and
payment statues by admin
- Bug Fixed : Content restriction by user role

1.0.8– 13 -Feb-2015

- Change Loading image string 

1.0.7– 10 -Feb-2015

- Update "My Account " page membership level.

1.0.6– 1 -Feb-2015

- Fixed error on protected category module

1.0.6– 29-Jan-2015

- Add Protected Category for user role

1.0.5– 23-Jan-2015

- Add 2 style User Directories

1.0.4– 21-Jan-2015

- Fixed Login Error on user Login Page

1.0.3– 20-Jan-2015

- Update Profile Post Pagination

1.0.2– 19-Jan-2015

- Add Custom Post
- Add Custom Fields

1.0.2– 17-Jan-2015

- Bugs Fixed On Payment Page


: Subscription cancel notification

Superfly is a responsive
WordPress menu pluginthat generates space
efficient vertical push/sliding/static navigation, icon toolbar or
fullscreen menu on your choice. It can be used as standalone
navigation or
compliment your main menu. Superfly makes
navigation much easier and user-friendly both on desktops and
mobiles. Concept of slide in vertical menu that proved itself on
mobiles now shines on desktops too! It can be used as
always visiblenavigation as well.

Mouseover interface removes necessity of extra click and user
reveals menu with easy move and beautiful appearance. Click option
is still available though. Under the hood, only
industry’s best practices are used for
animations and smooth performance.

Can be used as section navigation for one page
(when menu items has href attribute like
href="#contact"). Superfly provides smooth

Slide in vertical menu is the trendiest flow in web design these
days. Now this navigation pattern comes to WordPress with Superfly
WordPress Menu Plugin. It perfectly suits for every modern

How it works:

Superfly sits on standard WordPress menu system. So you create
standard WP menu (or use existing) in WP admin on Appearance/Menus
page and then you choose this menu on Superfly’s
options page as source. Superfly injects specified menu in its
sidebar. Also you have option to specify alternative menu using CSS
selector if you want to use some existing menu on page as source
for Superfly. Plugin doesn’t replace existing
theme menus. In this case y ou should disable default menu in menu
locations settings or hide by simple CSS (ask advise for this with
your live URL).


  • Various menu modes. Slide in menu, static menu,
    compact icon navbar, skewed panel, fullscreen mode.
  • 100% Responsive. Superfly suits perfectly to
    different screen sizes.
  • Displaying control. Show/hide on mobiles,
    show/hide on desktops, show on specific pages, show for logged in
    users etc.
  • Content areas. Use rich-text editor to add and
    style custom content or shortcodes.
  • Trigger settings. Option to hide default menu
    button (label) and toggle menu from any element like button, link,
    image etc.
  • Multiple menu sources. Attach to Superfly as much
    WordPress menus as you need.
  • Google Fonts + settings. Choose font family, size,
    alignment, line-height, colors and more!
  • Rich elements. Decorate your menu with widgets,
    shortcodes or any custom html.
  • Styling menu. Design your menu items by adding
    images, chapters, separators, icons, second row text etc. Change
    font settings, colors, background image, your logo and more!
  • Multi-level menus support(up to 4 levels). Proper
    adaptation for both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Menu sections. Group your menu items into logical
    sections and style it headings.
  • Smooth scroll. Little but great feature especially
    for one page websites. Get a smooth scrolling to your anchored
  • Label fixed to content.Button can be scrolled with
    content and its floating is disabled.
  • Icon library. Use pre-installed icon sets or
    upload your own to style menu items and menu button.
  • Behavior options. Like pushing content or not,
    opening on hover or click etc.
  • Enhanced mobile support. Use Superfly on all
    devices or mobile only. You can even add navigation bar with your
    logo for smartphones. Swipes are supported as well.
  • Rich menu button settings. x,y positioning, base
    and icon colors, text label, size, custom icon and more!
  • Beautiful animations. Optimized greatly and
    created with pure CSS3.
  • Cosy admin panel. Clean design, simple
    understandable structure and tons of options handy in use.
  • Social bar. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
    Pinterest, Google+, Pinterest, Dribbble, YouTube, Vimeo,
    SoundCloud, Skype, RSS, e-mail.

User suggestions:

If you like Superfly WordPress Menu Plugin but it lacks
important feature you need feel free to request it!
Don’t leave silently. We do listen to your
suggestions. Any feedback is appreciated. Please fill a very short
form below, it takes 1 minute only. Thanks!


Known issues

Chrome browser has some glitches rendering fixed background (
background-attachment:fixedrule) after CSS
transformations applied (which is happening when plugin pushes
content). Background becomes static and flickers. This cannot be
fixed until Chrome devs fix this for their browser. Plugin applies
workaround for this case when body element has fixed background.
For rest elements it applies background attachment
‘static’ in Chrome. You can
use slide out animation instead of pushing content if you want your
background to be fixed.

For Developers

Please note that Extended License doesn’t
allow you to resell our plugin with your theme by default. You have
to and get our written permission. Also you may find interesting to
learn . Thanks!


– PHP 5.3+ with ZIP extension enabled (one line in php.ini)

– jQuery 1.7+

– Your theme must follow standards and add WP classes to menu


Version 4

* * *After upgrading from versions below 4 please head over
Menu Panel tab and re-assign menu design options and display rules.
* * *

[4.1.4] Fix: Rare usecase when saving settings in admin doesn't
[4.1.3] Fix: Activation by purchase code usecase
[4.1.2] Tweak: Icon fonts loading in admin and admin performance
[4.1.1] Fix: CSS fix for usecase with small amount of menu items
and skewed panel
[4.1.1] Feature: Checking on activation that ZIP extension is
enabled for server PHP
[4.1.0] Feature: Plugin activation for future auto-update
[4.1.0] Tweak: More compatibility with themes tap custom events 
[4.0.8] Fix for visible body padding when menu is not on page and
always visible mode is on
[4.0.7] Various minor improvements 
[4.0.6] Fix: on WPML sites incorrect logic for location rules
[4.0.5] Correction: location rules for default menu now have lower
priority than specific rules
[4.0.5] Fix: Plugin didn't work in Internet Explorer when icons are
[4.0.4] Fix: Logo on mobiles was broken in previous version
[4.0.3] Fix: Mouseover menu opening didn't work properly
[4.0.2] Fix: Some switchers in admin settings didn't work
[4.0.1] Feature: Default menu can be set if you use multiple menus
[4.0.1] Fix: CSS fixes for always visible sidebar mode and
copyright area
[4.0.0] Feature: Multiple Superfly menus per one website.
[4.0.0] Feature: New "Skewed" panel design.
[4.0.0] Feature: Icon manager tab with icon uploading feature.
[4.0.0] Feature: Custom button icon & label.
[4.0.0] Feature: Custom icon for any menu item.
[4.0.0] Feature: Google Fonts selection.
[4.0.0] Feature: New design settings for default hamburger button. 
[4.0.0] Feature: Horisontal shift for menu button.
[4.0.0] Feature: Two additional content areas for menu! Add custom
content above & under your logo. 
[4.0.0] Feature: Rich-Text editor for content areas.
[4.0.0] Improvement: More social profiles and contacts in social
bar. Pinterest, Dribbble, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Skype, RSS,
[4.0.0] Improvement: Color selection for non-brand icons on social
bar e.g. email icon.
[4.0.0] Improvement: Admin UI/UX reworked.

Version 3.x

[3.2.6] Compatibility with jQuery Mobile if it's used in theme
[3.2.5] Fix for Contact Form 7 compatibility
[3.2.5] Fix for case when using custom menu on page as source
[3.2.4] CSS minor change
[3.2.3] Improved compatibility with Divi theme
[3.2.2] Fix for submenu indicators setting
[3.2.1] Fix for custom menu source handling (when source is menu on
[3.2.1] Fix for submenu indicators setting when no indicators
[3.2.0] Fix for broken content delivery in branch 3.1.x (it made
button not open menu in some cases)
[3.1.3] [BROKEN] Fix for rare usecase when using # empty links in
menu and page transitions
[3.1.2] [BROKEN] Further fix for conflict with Revolution slider in
version 3.1.0-3.1.1
[3.1.1] [BROKEN] Fix for mobile detection in version 3.1.0
[3.1.1] [BROKEN] Fix for conflict with Revolution slider in version
[3.1.1] [BROKEN] User suggestions form added in admin
[3.1.0] Minor performance improvements
[3.1.0] Fix for scrolling menu on Android/Win Mobile devices
[3.0.6] Minor CSS tweak for fullscreen mode and button flickering
when it's on right side
[3.0.5] Improvements for touch events on Android devices and
specifically for Android Firefox
[3.0.5] Font Awesome 4.5 icons added
[3.0.4] Improvements for mouseover mode
[3.0.3] Fix for setting for copyright text ("2015 Your awesome
site" always stayed)
[3.0.2] Close button inside sidebar removed when mouseover
interface is used for opening menu 
[3.0.2] CSS for double scrollbar usecase on Macs and close 
[3.0.1] Hotfixes for 3.0.0
[3.0.0] Image background setting
[3.0.0] Iconbar mode for static menu
[3.0.0] Full-screen menu improvements
[3.0.0] Section headings setting
[3.0.0] Button new settings and behavior changed
[3.0.0] Lot of UI/UX tweaks
[3.0.0] Social buttons re-design
[3.0.0] Copyright area added in sidebar

Version 2.x

- 2.1.13: Font Awesome CSS update
- Fix for usecase when menu links don't work with certain settings
in 2.1.11
- Fix for site Font Awesome CSS inclusion in 2.1.10
- Font Awesome version 4.4 in 2.1.9
- Fix for fullscreen usecase with anchor links in 2.1.8
- Improvement for parent links containing only '#', they will open
submenu (in 2.1.6-2.1.7)
- New setting for desktop menu behave like mobiles and slide down
submenus (in 2.1.5)
- Fix for fullscreen menu padding on mobiles (in 2.1.4)
- Fix for case when WP installed not in parent URL and logo and
search link to incorrect pages (in 2.1.3)
- Fix for search button click didn't submit form (in 2.1.2)
- Tweak for usecase for smooth scroll (in 2.1.1)
- Navbar threshold point added and its appearance logic changed 
- Extension of standard Appearance/Menus page, you can add Superfly
extra settings for menu items
- You can attach panels to menu items adding shortcodes or custom
HTML in them
- Fullscreen mode
- Widget area in main sidebar
- Minor tweaks and fixes (in 2.0.1-2.0.4) 
- Text settings to place in sidebar under logo or profile picture
(in 2.0.6) 
- Tweaks for specific usecases in 2.0.7 and 2.0.8
- Fixes for iPad for static view in 2.0.9
- Adjustments for iPad for submenus opening logic in 2.0.10-12
- Fix for IE9 for scrolling to elements from menu items in 2.0.13
- Fix for usecase when hash link directs to another page  in 2.0.14
- 2.0.15: Fix for bug with submenus opening in 2.0.14 version
- Fix for custom panel opening on mobiles when parent has blank
link in 2.0.16
- Fix for overlay background in full-screen mode when window loses
focus in 2.0.17
- Hashtag links improvements in 2.0.18
- Fix for disabled page scrolling usecase in 2.0.19

Version 1.x

- New admin panel
- Fix for custom source menus in 1.6.2
- Font Awesome icons for menu items 
- Smooth scrolling added for menus on one page sites
- Fix for mobiles usecase for submenu (in 1.3.2)
- Various tweaks and fixes
- New button style
- Semi-transparent background for panel
- Mobile version navbar as option
- Blur effect for main content on opening
- New sidebar style, menu always visible
- Adding unique IDs for menu items
- Responsiveness tweaks (in 1.1.1)
- Mobile version tweaks (landscape mode improved, expanding
animations added)
- Fix for toggling menu from elements on page (earlier it only
opens but not closes)
- Sticky highlighting of chosen menu items (while traversing
- Added background option from 30 BG images
- Push effect for content on submenus opening (in 1.0.7)

You may also like:

Latest Version: 18.05.2016 – v10.5.

CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Grids For
is a pack of pure CSS3 Web Pricing Tables with 2
table styles and 20 predefined color versions that comes loaded
with tons of options like extensive admin panel with live
configuration, responsive mode configurator, plenty of options for
table, columns, rows and table cells, sliding columns feature,
expandable rows feature, active (popped-up) columns, hover states,
table cell tooltips, columns ribbons, tick / cross icons and a lot
of more.

This Item is

Support is conducted through our . We’re in
GMT +1 and we aim to answer all questions within 24 hours in
weekdays. In some cases the waiting time can be extended to 48
hours. Support requests sent during weekends or public holidays
will be processed on next Monday or the next business day.

Video Previews

Extended Features

  • Pure CSS + HTML,
  • Intuitive Admin Panel With Live Configuration (Your Table Will
    Be Ready In 2-5 Minutes),
  • 2 Different Table Styles,
  • 20 Predefined Color Versions,
  • Ability To Enable Responsive Mode,
  • Ability To Set Your Own Responsive Steps / Dimensions,
  • Ability To Set Different Width Values And Font Sizes For
    Columns For Each Responsive Step,
  • Different Font-Face Fonts To Choose From With Font
  • Unlimited Number Of Tables On The Website,
  • Unlimited Number Of Columns And Rows,
  • Columns And Rows Set-Up With Simple Arrows For Increase And
    Decrease Their Number,
  • Possibility To Quick Disable / Hide One Or Many Columns From
    Admin Panel,
  • Possibility To Set One Or Many Columns As Active (Popped-Up) By
  • Columns Width Configuration From Admin Panel,
  • Ability To Set Columns Width In Pixels Or Percentage,
  • Rows Heights And Paddings Configuration From Admin Panel,
  • Columns Text Alignment Configuration From Admin Panel,
  • Sliding Columns Feature,
  • Expandable Rows Feature With Expand / Collapse Option To Show /
    Hide Table Rows,
  • Hover States With Ability To Disable For Columns,
  • CSS3 Tooltips / Hints Included,
  • Rows And Columns Sorting,
  • 20 Predefined Sample Configurations,
  • 42 Tick / Cross Icons To Choose From,
  • 60 Ribbons To Choose From,
  • Ability To Import / Export Configuration Settings And Table
  • Implementation With Simple Shortcode [css3_grid],
  • Multi Site (WordPress MU) Compatible,
  • Possibility To Add Ribbons To One Or Many Columns,
  • Loading Plugin Files Only When Option Is Used,
  • Documentation Included.

Browser Support

  • Firefox 3.5 and Above – Full Support
  • Opera 11 and Above – Full Support
  • Safari 5 and Above – Full Support
  • Chrome – Full Support
  • IE9 and Above – Full Support
  • IE6 – 8 – No Support for
    Rounded Corners and Shadows

What Others Are

Great product and great support! Keep up the good work!


This is the best pricing table plugin for WP. It is
gorgeous and so easy to use. Watch the screen cast to see how easy
it is! Design your tables then copy/paste the generated short-code
into a page. Done! Additionally, the support offered by
QuanticaLabs is bar-none. Very quick turn around and very
personable. They were able to troubleshoot my issue very quickly
and successively solved my issue!


This is an amazing tool to make beautiful and
functional price tables! Thanks a lot!


Great pricing table plugin and responsive and helpful
support when I needed it! Don’t be fooled by
other people selling this same pricing table plugin
…they are NOT the same. If
it’s not from QuanticaLabs,
you’ll waste your $$.


Thank you very very much my friend; All working now.
Your customer service is superb….


Okay from a purchase customer view, 5 stars. Let me
make it simple. Buy Install Activate Publish. Just to tell you how
easy it is.


I’ve looked at every pricing table I
could find on the internet and this plugin, by far, is the very
best!!! I really like how versatile it is and how I can customize
it easily. I wanted a plugin that I could set up quickly and have
it look very professional and this plugin delivers. I had a
question about the plugin, and QuanticaLabs got right back to me
and were very helpful. I’ve rated this as a 5
star product!


Just bought this plugin and had it up and running in no
time. Works great and looks great!


Wonderful! 5 star support!!


Outstanding Technical Support, Thank You! The product
works great, when I had a problem, you fixed it within hours.


Unbelivble how great this plugin is, BRAVO!!! Great job
guys keep it like this.



  • Table style #1 design is based on the awesome and popular .
    QuanticaLabs has a full written rights to use this design.


18.05.2016– v10.5

  • Update for shortcode load issue (regular expression pattern of
    shortcode id field bug).

21.04.2016– v10.4

  • Fix for pricing cycles bug when using more than 4 columns.

26.02.2016– v10.3

  • Fix for pricing cycle dropdown list issue on Windows
  • Fix for ‘Invalid arguments
    passed’ warning.
  • Fix for ‘syntax error’ for
    old php versions.

20.02.2016– v10.2

  • Pricing Cycles functionality added.
  • Visual Composer integration added.
--- new files ---

07.09.2015– v10.1

  • Compatibility with WP 4.3.(not working shortcodes inside table
    issue fix)

02.07.2015– v10.0

  • Fix for big tables saving issue.
  • Translation support added.
  • New retina ready icons.
  • Tables won’t be restored to default on
    plugin activation/deactivation anymore.
  • Fix for Google Fonts loading issue under Fonts Configuration
--- new files ---

19.05.2014– v9.6

  • Small code improvements for font subsets settings.

25.03.2014– v9.5

  • Update for slide on touch and slide on mouse options.
--- new file ---
--- removed file ---

13.03.2014– v9.4

  • Updated sample tables.
  • Few small fixes.

27.01.2014– v9.3

  • Fix for ‘Load plugin
    files’ option.

22.10.2013– v9.2

  • Notice messages fix.

22.07.2013– v9.1

  • Small issues fix.
  • 6 new sample table configurations added.

12.06.2013– v9.0

  • New responsive options – ability to set
    responsive steps (sizes) and different widths/heights/font sizes
    for each.
  • 6 New table styles.
  • Fonts configurator added.

13.03.2013– v8.9

  • Fix for not visible responsive height/width fields when adding
    columns/rows in admin area.

13.03.2013– v8.8

  • Load plugin files only when used option added.
  • Small admin preview option fix.

20.02.2013– v8.7

  • Option to set responsive width value for columns added.

12.02.2013– v8.6

  • Expand/collapse option to show/hide rows added.

04.02.2013– v8.5

  • PHP notices fix.

30.01.2013– v8.4

  • Improvement of table preview load in admin area.

21.01.2013– v8.3

  • Improvement of table preview load in admin area.

16.01.2013– v8.2

  • ‘Columns to scroll’ option
    added for sliding columns feature.

21.12.2012– v8.1

  • Ability to set columns width in % added.

29.11.2012– v8.0

  • Sliding columns feature added.
  • Import/export data feature added.

14.11.2012– v7.1

  • Fix for syntax error during plugin activation for

12.11.2012– v7.0

  • Responsive feature added.

05.07.2012– v6.7

  • Information in admin area for number of rows/columns

19.06.2012– v6.6

  • Number of rows/columns setting improvement.

16.05.2012– v6.5

  • ‘Sing up’ buttons url

10.05.2012– v6.4

  • Styles fix for table style 2.

12.04.2012– v6.3

  • Vertical align in rows added.
  • Preview for icons in admin panel added.

21.03.2012– v6.2

  • Rows and columns sorting feature.

20.03.2012– v6.1

  • Tooltips improvements.

16.02.2012– v6.0

  • Ability to disable hover states for columns + new hover style
    for table1.

10.02.2012– v5.3

  • Single quote mark bug fix.
  • Style improvements for IE.

09.02.2012– v5.2

  • WordPress Multi-Site (WP MU) feature small bug fix.

01.02.2012– v5.1

  • IE9 bug fix (broken layout for some styles).

31.12.2011– v5.0

  • IE9 bug fix (broken layout for some styles).
  • WordPress Multi-Site (WP MU) compatibility added.

31.12.2011– v4.2

  • Arrows for increase and decrease rows/columns number

12.11.2011– v4.1

  • CSS3 tooltips/hints.

07.11.2011– v4.0

  • possibility to add ribbons to one or many columns.
  • 4 new styles for Table 1.
  • 4 new styles for Table 2.

02.11.2011– v3.2

  • CSS improvements.

14.10.2011– v3.1

  • possibility to disable/hide one or many columns from admin

12.10.2011– v3.0

  • set of yes (tick) and no (cross) icons (42 icons).
  • rows height configuration from admin panel.
  • rows padding top configuration from admin panel.
  • rows padding bottom configuration from admin panel.
  • font-face fonts for IE6-IE8.

08.10.2011– v2.0

  • columns width configuration from admin panel.
  • columns text aligment configuration from admin panel.
  • possibility to set one or many columns as active (poped up) by

Brooks WP – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress

Brooks is a Perfect Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme for Digital
Agencies, Creative Studios, Real Estate websites, Blogging,
Portfolio, Shop, etc. Brooks is a fresh look at design, thousands
hours of work on code, usability and functionality. You can easy
create your perfect site with user friendly theme settings, good
organized layout designs and ‘Drag and
Drop’ content builder.

Who is it for?

Designer, Architect, Digital Agencies, Creative Agencies,
Realtor, Photographer, Freelancer, Blogger, Property Management
Services Company, Commercial Space, Retail and Office Center,
Business Center, Artists, person who sell goods online or just
feeling creative. Brooks is absolutely what you have been waiting
for. Lets start creating that amazing website with Brooks WordPress

What you will get from Brooks WordPress theme?

Brooks WP combines the 4 main branches of global directions:


BrooksHall is a Real estate theme. It is specially designed for
realtors, property management services company, commercial space,
retail and office center, business center and others. It has
advanced properties search functionality. Brooks WP maintain
multiple location fields to provide search behavior from Country to
Building type. Brooks theme supports up to 3 location dropdowns. In
the theme options it is possible to change the descriptions of
these dropdowns like numbers or labels.

Brooks WordPress Theme provides Google maps support that enables
you to display Google map with properties markers on search results
page. Pricing and testimonials are supported.


BrooksShop is a full-featured e-commerce theme. BrooksShop WP
has different types of clean and simple home pages. They styled by
furniture and modern shop. Build perfect shop with excellent
layouts (AJAX shopping cart, preview popup, wish list, etc) and
WooCommerce plugin.


BrooksBlog give your writing an extra pinch of style. Show the
posts in different ways by using blog layouts. Choose the best look
for your blog. Brooks comes with a large collection of blog
layouts, all carefully crafted and easy to add to any page. We
prepared for you different post types for music, quote, video,
text, gallery and link.


BrooksPortfolio is focused on gallery and portfolio modules so
you can show your works uniquely and require simple steps to
created from creative agency, digital agency, photographer, design,
frelancer, artists, architect and more.

In addition to all listed, you will get ‘Under
construction’ and
‘404’ pages.

Other Cases

There are great examples of brand new websites created with
Brooks Theme. Spread the world your work. Build a layout has never
been easier. If you are searching for clean and modern WP Theme,
Brooks is it.

Fully Customizable – you can change any

We have prepared a lot of block variations to pack your own
WordPress theme with great content. Choose and implement displaying
of your services and products, for maximum impact. A variety of
templates includes unique and awesome icons that will engage
potential customers.

One Click Demo

This is the easiest and fastest way to build your website. In
one click you can import whole demo content and set up your web
site to look any of our demo examples. It will import pages,
widgets, sliders, theme options and others. Also each major update
added more demos!

Brooks WP theme has a fresh and exceptional design and it comes
loaded with lot of useful features. Some of the main features are
Advanced properties search, Google map with properties markers,
properties page with customizable options, Visual composer plugin
support, WPML plugin support, Revolution slider plugin support,
Custom widgets, Various page templates, Easy to use meta boxes,
Easy theme options and lot more.


  • Content Builder (Visual Composer –
  • Revolution Slider (included)
  • One-Click Demo Content Installer
  • Rich Theme Options
  • Clean code
  • Custom Typography (700+ Google Fonts)
  • Different Types of web with a lot of possibilities for each of

    • Agencies and Studio pages
      • Digital Agency
      • Digital Agency Dark
      • Creative Agency
      • Studio
      • Freelancer
    • Architecure studio portfolio
      • Main architecture studio page
      • Main architecture studio page with slider
      • Architect portfoilio page
      • Singe house page
    • Property Management Services Company (or real estate)
      • Main page
      • Search page
      • Singe building page
    • Design interior studio portfolio
      • Interior studio main page
    • Different cases main pages
      • Show cases
      • App home
      • Organic Food
      • Travel Agency
    • Online Shop
      • Main Assymetry shop page
      • Modern main shop page
      • Products list
      • Single product page
      • Product preview popup
      • AJAX mini cart
      • Cart
      • Checkout pages
    • Blog
      • Blog Home Slider
      • 4 Blog Types (Standart, Grid, Mansory, Metro)
      • 6 post formats (standart, video, audio, gallery, quote,
    • Portfolio
      • Portfolio main page
      • About me
      • 4 Portfolio Types (Standart, Grid, Mansory, Metro)
      • 6 single folio item formats (grid, grid wide, metro, metro
        wide, masonry, masonry wide)
    • Additional pages
      • About us
      • Services
      • Galleries
      • Underconstraction Page
      • 404 Page
  • AJAX Mini Cart
  • Advanced properties search
  • Google map with properties markers
  • Fullwidth Pages
  • Video Player
  • Tabs and Accordions
  • Social Networks
  • Clients Logos
  • Pricing
  • Blog posts widget
  • Contact Forms
  • Styled Customazible Google Maps
  • Mobile Menu
  • Hight Performance Parallax
  • Awesome CSS animations
  • Post Formats Support
  • Different Theme Widgets
  • Blog Sidebar
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Ultra Responsive
  • Retina Ready Design
  • FontAwesome Icons
  • Linea Icons
  • WPML Compatible
  • Theme Options
  • Child Theme
  • RTL (Right to Left)
  • Video Background
  • Options Panel
  • Custom CSS / You can customize your site on Custom CSS tab,
    there you can write CSS for each screen size!
  • Semantic and Clean HTML5 and CSS3
  • Coded with SEO in Mind
  • Awesome illustration pack
  • Includes online documentation, and its constantly being updated
    with new material
  • Post Types Order plugin (Supported)
  • Excellent Customer Support (6 months free support)
  • Continuous FREE Updates

Comments and


All images were downloaded from free resources or have
watermarks. Note: All images were used for preview purpose only and
are NOT included in the final purchase files. List of sources:

  • (David Costa, Jeremy Levine, sergejf, brian kelly, zoetnet,
    seier+seier, marc cornelis, Stephen Bowler, Randy Heinitz, David J,
    Henny Vogelaar, Sherwood CC, Bart Speelman, Wiyre Media, .naut,
    Moyan Brenn, Chris Game, Loozrboy, Jan Kraus, Joe Goldberg, Mike
    Linksvayer, 2bgroup)

Some of the pictures you can download from

Turnaround Support

Feel free to contact our premium class support team If your
issue is super urgent, don’t be hesitate to
contact us as soon as possible.


Version 1.0 – 29 Aug 2016


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Theme Features

  • Powerful Admin Interface
  • Highly Customizable
  • No coding knowledge required
  • One-Click Demo Content Import
  • Large collection of pages and layouts
  • Select Core Plugin with custom post types
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • YITH Product Size Charts for WooCommerce plugin
  • YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugin compatibility
  • Select Product List shortcode
  • Select Featured Product List shortcode
  • Customizable Shop pages
  • User Account functionality
  • Multiple shop list layouts
  • Multiple shop list hover types
  • Variable products
  • Grouped products
  • Downloadable products
  • Affiliate products
  • Smooth Page Transitions
  • Preloading Effect – choose from 15+ loader
  • Smooth Angle Wipe loading effect
  • Full Screen Select Slider with parallax functionality
  • Image/video slides in Select Slider
  • Image movement animation in Select Slider
  • Multiple Header behaviors
  • Separate Normal, Sticky, and Mobile Header Logo Versions
  • Separate Logo versions for dark and light header skin
  • Multiple Header & Footer widget areas
  • Optional Header Top widgets area
  • Customizable Mega Menu
  • Side Area
  • Multiple Side Area types
  • Fullscreen Menu
  • Anchor functionality in menu – easily
    navigate to any section on the same or different page
  • Video Background Sections
  • Parallax Sections with full height option
  • Visual Composer 4.10+ (Front End editor disabled) for WordPress
    ($34 value)
  • Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin ($19 value)
  • Twitter Feed Widget
  • Instagram Feed Widget
  • Social Icon Widget
  • Latest Posts Widget
  • WooCommerce Dropdown Cart Widget
  • Elements Holder shortcode
  • Video Button shortcode
  • Customizable Google Map shortcode
  • Integrated Search
  • Multiple Search Bar types
  • Customizable Footer – choose from 1 to 4
    column layout, with regular or unfold functionality
  • Variable grid size
  • Portfolio List shortcode
  • Multiple Portfolio Single layouts
  • Portfolio Single projects custom layouts
  • Portfolio Slider shortcode
  • Multiple Blog List and Blog Single Layouts
  • Blog Chequered Layout
  • Blog Standard Layout
  • Blog List shortcode
  • Custom Post Formats: Standard, Gallery, Link, Quote, Video,
  • Related Posts functionality on Blog Single Posts
  • Carousel Slider
  • Testimonials shortcode
  • Contact Form 7 Integration
  • Large collection of Custom Shortcodes
  • Interactive Infographics
  • Smooth Scroll
  • Retina Ready
  • Multiple Custom Sidebars
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • Font Awesome, Font Elegant, Ion Icons, Simple Line Icons, Linea
    Icons, Linear Icons, and Dripicons Icon Packs
  • Translation (po&mo files) Ready
  • WPML Plugin Integration
  • SEO Optimized
  • Child Theme Ready

Change Log

Version 1.3 – August 25th, 2016

- Added Woocommerce 2.6.4 compatibility
- Updated Revolution Slider to 5.2.6

Version 1.2 – June 20th, 2016

- Added Woocommerce 2.6.1 compatability
- Updated Visual Composer to 4.12
- Updated Revolution Slider to
- Fixed menu layout in backend
- Fixed order of Linear Icons to alphabetic
- Fixed social icon pack pool list for team shortcode
- Fixed social share functionality

Version 1.1.2 – June 6th, 2016

- Updated Revolution Slider to
- Fixed page background option

Version 1.1.1 – April 22th,

- Updated Visual Composer to
- Updated Revolution Slider to 5.2.5

Version 1.1 – April 13th, 2016

- Added WordPress 4.5 compatibility

Click here for “Demo Front

Demo Customer E-mail:

Demo Customer Password : 1234

Demo Discount Coupon 1 : #free10 (10% Discount on Electronics

Demo Discount Coupon 2 : #free50 (50% Discount on All Products)

Click here for “Demo Master

Demo Admin E-mail:

Demo Admin Password : 1234

Vendor Panel

Demo Vendor E-mail:

Demo Vendor Password : 1234

Update History

version : 1.3

- Digital product upload both for vendor and admin
- Customer will get the smart option to get the download of the
uploaded digital product
- Blog category create/edit/delete
- Blog will be uploaded by admin according to created Blog category
- All blogs are viewed with sleek design by time and date 
- Cart system has been improved which is more faster and user
- Re-construct the home page
- Admin get more functionality to re-arrange home page
- Vendor can integrate their location 
- Customer can check the vendor location from from locator
- Intelligent caching has been included
- Another option for product named "Today's Deal" has been included
- Product compare has been included
- Improved product search filter
-Previous bugs has been fixed

version : 1.2

- Multi vendor system
- Separate Vendor home page with vendor admin panel
- create / edit / delete /postpone vendorship packages 
- Maximum product limitation for vendors
- Temporal limitation for vendorship
- Smart Discount coupon for products  
- Category/product wise discount coupon  
- Alexa graph report
- Alexa metrics report 
- Search index report
- Social Network Report
- Facebook comment for product
- Disqus comment for product
- Improved product search filter

version : 1.1

- Updated to codeigniter 3.0
- Invoice E-mail to customer.
- Stripe added as a new payment gateway
- 2 more slider template added
- Improve customer registration.
- Improve installation process. 
- 6 more new header/footer color scheme. 
- Improved security system 

Adios | Portfolio WordPress Theme for Artists, Agencies,
Freelancers & Creatives

Adios is a minimal, clean and modern WordPress Template for
anyone who wants to build an amazing & modern portfolio
website. It is suitable for any corporate, creative freelancer or
business agency. You can get portfolio websites of any niche
designed with Adios. This template is crafted with care for each
pixels and consists of well organized PSD files. Feel free to
contact us regarding any issue of this template.

Why Adios?

Adiosis an Award-winning WordPress theme based on
design, creativity, UI & UX. It is suitable for any niche.
Adios is crafted with care for each elements and pixels. This is an
unparalleled theme packed with features. With Adios, the
sky’s the limit.

Adios WordPress Theme – An

Customizer– The Customizer is a
framework for live-previewing any change to WordPress. It provides
a simple and consistent interface for users to customize various
aspects of their theme and their site, from colors and layouts to
widgets, menus, and more.

Responsive– Almost every new
client these days wants a mobile version of their website.
It’s practically essential after all: one design
for the BlackBerry, another for the iPhone, the iPad, netbook,
Kindle — and all screen resolutions must be
compatible, too. So, don’t be worry about
obtaining these set’s of features, we do already
had included in Adios. Let’s test it.

It’s the small details that make a project
shine. Solid typography, well-crafted with attention and care is
one of them. A harmonious visual rhythm, typographic subtleties
like soft caps, margin outdents or the correct use of hyphens and
dashes — there are a lot of things that add up
to it.So, we do have included all google font sets just to make
easy and useful, you can adjust color, size, line-height and so

Page Builder– Our customers has
endless possibility to make layout as they want, we do have
included visual composer plugin to add block of shortcodes to page,
just drag and drop.

Shortcodes– Adios includes tons
of shortcodes to make endless layout. With Adios,
we’ve built 33 shortcodes, allowing you to build
virtually any layout your mind can imagine. All shortcodes are
included via a custom built plugin. Included shortcodes are as

  • Blockquote
  • Blog
  • Blog Slider
  • Client
  • Counter
  • Social Follow
  • Google Map
  • Hero Slider
  • Hero Video Slider
  • Icon Box
  • Image Block
  • Portfolio
  • Portfolio Slider
  • Pricing Table
  • Section Heading
  • Special Text
  • Text Block
  • Video Container
  • Welcome Box
  • Image Block
  • Image Slider
  • Special Text
  • Space
  • Team
  • Testimonial
  • Twitter

Post Format– Animo has rich set
of custom post format, manage your blog posts with various custom
post format. Here are few post format:

  • Standard
  • Video
  • Gallery
  • Audio

Page Templates– We do have
included pre made page templates for quick and easy use, just
assign page to page template are you are ready to go.

  • Portfolio
  • Blog Classic
  • Blog Masonry
  • One Page
  • Portfolio

Feature Overview

  • WordPress Live Customizer – Make it Live
  • One Click Demo Importer
  • Advanced Blog Layouts
    • Blog Masonry
    • Blog Classic
  • Advanced Portfolio Layouts
    • Portfolio Masonry
    • Portfolio Classic (2,3,4 columns)
  • Fully responsive layouts
  • Parallax Layout
  • Multy-purpose with hundreds options
  • Different header layouts
  • Different Footer layouts
  • Developer friendly
  • Portfolio filtering option
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • 10+ Cover Samples
  • Landing Page
  • Section Scroll
  • Page Metabox Options
  • 33 Shortcodes
  • Completely SEO friendly
  • Pre defined sliders
  • Pricing table layouts
  • HTML5 video
  • UX friendly layouts
  • WPML Ready
  • Various Post Formats
  • Isotope Plugin
  • Contact Form 7
  • Well Documented


AVOC is a very minimalistic yet creative WordPress theme
for freelancers,photographers,agencies and other creative fields.
It has some features which will help you make your project stand
out from the crowd. It has been optimized to facilitate your time
and money. It is well documented which will help you to get your
site running easy and fast.

  • 1-CLICK Demo importer
  • Unique Portfolio parallax feature
  • Responsive Design
  • Background Parallax Video
  • Retina ready
  • Parallax Background Image
  • Google Fonts
  • Page Builder
  • Icons
  • Sortable Portfolio
  • Lots of Features and Options
  • Video / Audio support
  • Ajax Contact Form
  • Cross Browser optimation
  • Google map
  • Well documented


* Images are not part of the download


Version 1.7.5

* FIX: Blog single layout on mobile
* FIX: Blog comment form layout
* FIX: Add API key for google map (google changed API) 
* FIX: Srcset issue for wolf items (update wolf script) 
* FIX: transparent header if menu open 
* UPDATE: font awesome (instagram icon)

Version 1.7

* NEW: centering option for social links shortcode
* NEW: vimeo/youtube lightbox option for wolf page builder item
* NEW: custom image lightbox for wolf page builder item
* OPTIMIZE: blog as front page > page settings
* FIX: header not transparent on mobile if header-open
* FIX: video hero bugfix if no overlay color is selected
* FIX: layout blog single issue when meta data are disabled
* FIX: wolf full item srcset bug
* FIX: appearance for button on dark background 
* FIX: display item title for masonry portfolio layout

Version 1.6

* NEW: header height (padding) option
* NEW: custom portfolio url name
* OPTIMIZE: search portfolio title (portfolio plugin)
* OPTIMIZE: use of wp_mail() instead of mail()
* UPDATE: pace.js preloading script
* FIX: header change appearance (light/dark) with content slider
* FIX: page builder empty/invisible wolf item
* FIX: isotope issue for new WP 4.4 (srcset not supported by image
* FIX: font for entries pagination    
* FIX: Slider img centered instead of fullwidth

Version 1.5

* NEW: Filter display option (on scroll / from start)
* NEW: Control Responsive font sizes
* NEW: Search type option (theme options)
* NEW: Instagram + tumblr for team members
* NEW: Fullheight option for horizontal section
* OPTIMIZE: lightcase bigger images
* FIX: icon color for font awesome icons
* FIX: tumblr icon issue on widget
* FIX: toggle shortcode content
* FIX: pw protected layout for pages
* FIX: disable stretch on pagination images for mobile 

Version 1.4

* NEW: title arrangement option
* NEW: option to hide header while loading
* FIX: slider bullet when light
* FIX: password protection if no page title
* FIX: filter issue for classic grid (script.js)
* FIX: spacing issue for masonry/classic grid portfolio
* FIX: page builder col images child theme
* FIX: menu line-height on mobile devices if logo is big
* OPTIMIZE: loading icon for lightbox
* OPTIMIZE: page builder issues 
* OPTIMIZE: link in page title 
* OPTIMIZE: delete empty box on google map if no text 
* UPDATE: Portfolio plugin path to icon (star icon)

Version 1.3

* NEW: Fullwidth blog layout (masonry)
* NEW: Blog Sidebar
* NEW: Search Option for header
* NEW: Sidebar style / position option
* OPTIMIZE: search page
* OPTIMIZE: protected posts layout
* UPDATE: update of isotope script
* FIX: submenu position

Version 1.2.1

* NEW: Text / Editor element enabled for row
* OPTIMIZE: html code for page-title
* OPTIMIZE: updated translation files
* OPTIMIZE: error message if page builder has errors
* OPTIMIZE: portfolio category page
* OPTIMIZE: filter position if logo is tall
* FIX: translate ready "loading" ; "written by" ; "in category" 
* FIX: offset val for wolf item - deleted escapes
* FIX: full width column

Version 1.2

* NEW: Revolution Slider support (plugin not included)
* NEW: Opposite position for logo / menu
* NEW: custom url for portfolio „go
to“ option
* NEW: selfhosted video for portfolio „go
to“ option
* FIX: gallery alignment on mobile
* FIX: page-body spacing on mobile
* FIX: portfolio lightbox for wolf items

Version 1.1

* NEW: Portfolio item lightbox option
* NEW: Selfhosted Video/Audio (no lightbox)
* NEW: Portfolio pagination without image
* OPTIMIZE: custom post type supports excerpt for facebook share
* FIX: headings size for responsive
* FIX: responsive menu appearance
* FIX: default team appearance in mobile 
* FIX: Map lat long 
* FIX: top padding for page-title if header open

Version 1.0

* Release

phpSFP– is a Platform where you
can easily manage your scheduling for all your pages & groups
in one place. It helps to send messages, ads, events, news and so

    It will be
appreciated the ease of handles: set the post message, choose pages
/ groups for posting, set the start date and the time interval and
your message will be displayed depending on schedule and on this
way you will have more likes – clicks
– friends.

    Your message
will be posted according to the schedule, whether or not you are
logged into your account. While you relax, your
“partner†works for you. All is so

Official Facebook page

  • Admin – Username: admin / password:
  • User – Username: user / password: user

Install tutorial


  • Dashboard

    • Check if the facebook app is valid
    • Check if facebook user is logged in
    • Create the post which will be sent to your selected
    • Post preview
    • Post start date/time and send interval (spam protection)
    • Auto-load pages/groups from facebook user
    • Display total number of pages/groups
    • Select all the pages/groups or a part of them for posting
    • Message for post confirmation/error
  • Schedules

    • Filter by all schedules
    • Filter by date interval
    • Listing with pagination
    • Token expire time – loaded via ajax (for
      page load performance)
    • Platform user name
    • Start/end date
    • Posting status
    • Preview the scheduled post
    • Total clicks on the scheduled post and for each page/group
    • Delete entire scheduled post or just a page/group
    • Queue/Send/Error information to page/group from scheduled
  • Users

    • Listing with pagination
    • Add / Edit / Delete
    • Protection -first user can’t be deleted
    • Last login date
    • Facebook user id login restriction (new)
  • Settings

    • Facebook app settings (App ID , App Secret)
    • Facebook users page/group limits (new)
    • Posting options – Retry limit (new)
    • App ID and Secret – verification
    • General account settings
  • Other features

    • Easy to install and manage
    • Multiple users with level access
    • Timezone – each user can set his own
    • Facebook profile picture
    • Modal system
    • Tooltip information
    • Passwords are encrypted with SHA1
    • Cron system
    • Redirect protection (the redirect link id is encrypted)
    • Keep me logged in (login)
    • Confirm delete
    • Datepicker
    • MVC software architecture

Server Requirements

  • PHP 5.4
  • MySQL 4/5.x
  • cURL

Here is what some of our customers are saying about this


  • This author/script is not responsible if Facebook restrict the
    Facebook user from posting on Facebook.
  • Each user is responsible for the way is using this tool.
  • Posting to closed/private groups is allowed only if the
    Facebook user is an Admin. This is due to an Facebook API issue
    starting with Facebook v2.4 apps. To achive this, third-party apps
    can be used.
  • Buying and using this script the buyer agrees the terms
    described above.


v.1.9.4 – May 18, 2016

  • Bug fix

v.1.9.3 – April 18, 2016

  • Improved: Compatible with the latest Facebook Graph API
  • Fixed: Various bug fixes & speed improvements
  • Fixed: Android device mobile error

v.1.9.2 – January 18, 2016

  • Bug fix

v.1.9.1 – January 12, 2016

  • Fixed: Various bug fixes & speed improvements

v.1.9 – January 10, 2016

  • Feature: Access Tokens are auto-saved when using
    “Login via Access Tokenâ€
  • Feature: Configurable Auto-pause
  • Feature: Configurable option to allow users to create an
  • Feature: Option to change the default language
  • Feature: Option “Import only groups I own and
    OPEN groups†when importing groups via HTML file
  • Feature: Responsive web design
  • Feature: New languages added: Portuguese, Spanish
  • Fixed: Various bug fixes & speed improvements

v.1.8 – October 17, 2015

  • Feature: Multilanguage
  • Feature: Option to change the default Send interval
  • Improved: Compatible with the latest Facebook Graph API
  • Fixed: Various bug fixes & speed improvements

v.1.7.1 – Jul 15, 2015

  • Feature: Import Facebook groups from file.

v.1.7 – Jul 13, 2015

  • Feature: Login via Access Token.

v.1.6.5 – Jul 12, 2015

  • Change: Facebook App API Version in the settings page.

v.1.6.4 – Jul 9, 2015

  • Change: Comply with Facebook terms and conditions.

v.1.6.3 – Jun 11, 2015

  • Change: Default Send interval 60 seconds and can vary to a
    range between 30-180 seconds.
  • Fixed: Various bug fixes

v.1.6.2 – May 8, 2015

  • Feature: Option to disable Random send interval time
  • Feature: Option to disable Allow new registered users to use
    their own Facebook app
  • Fixed: Spintax issue

v.1.6.1 – April 26, 2015

  • Bug fixes

v.1.6 – April 26, 2015

  • Feature: Four types of posts: Text, Link, Image or Video
  • Feature: Timepicker
  • Feature: Clone scheduled post
  • Feature: Random send interval time
  • Feature: Add new Facebook pages/groups to the existing groups
  • Feature: Upload an image/video on scheduled post
  • Feature: Option to change the upload size limit
  • Feature: Pause or Resume the scheduled post
  • Feature: Filter users by active or disabled
  • Feature: View scheduled posts by user
  • Feature: Search by name/username on users section
  • Feature: Facebook users pages/groups individual limit
  • Feature: Verify email address on ‘create an
    account’ page
  • Feature: Delete scheduled post after it’s
    finished posting
  • Feature: Facebook pages/groups ordered by name
  • Feature: Automatic Role Assignments for general Facebook
  • Feature: Option to disable Automatic Role Assignments
  • Feature: Detailed Access Token informations
  • Feature: General Facebook app –
    Administrator access token informations
  • Improved: Latest Stable Facebook SDK for PHP (API v.2.3)
  • Improved: Users list display
  • Fixed: Internet explorer Facebook login bug
  • Fixed: Various bug fixes & speed improvements

v.1.5.6 – January 27, 2015

  • Bug fix (Facebook group error + various fixes)

v.1.5.5 – September 30, 2014

  • Bug fix (Error 302/500 for some Facebook accounts)

v.1.5.4 – September 11, 2014

  • Feature: Get permalink to a post published on
    user’s wall, page or group
  • Bug fix (a minor php notice on cron)

v.1.5.3 – September 9, 2014

  • Bug fixes (server problem for some users)

v.1.5.2 – September 7, 2014

  • Bug fixes

v.1.5.1 – September 6, 2014

  • Feature: Enable/Disable user
  • Bug fixes

v.1.5.0 – August 30, 2014

  • Features: Create an account, Recover your password
  • Mail settings
  • Facebook API v2
  • Bug fixes

v.1.4.8 – July 12, 2014

  • (feature) Post to Facebook user timeline
  • Bug fixes

v.1.4.7 – July 7, 2014

  • Bug fixes

v.1.4.6 – July 2, 2014

  • Send interval (seconds)
  • (feature) Repeat the post until
  • Bug fixes

v.1.4.5 – May 31, 2014

  • Every user can set his own Facebook app
  • Added: Link to the pages/groups from the scheduled posts
  • Bug fixes

v.1.4.4 – April 10, 2014

  • Bug fixes

v.1.4.3 – April 5, 2014

  • Spintax (Possibility to spin all the fields to post a random
    message every time)

    Ex: {Message1|Message2|Message3}

    An example of a tool to generate more easily the spintax

  • Bug fixes
  • v.1.4.2 – February 22, 2014

    • Bug fix (facebook problem when posting big images )
    • Bug fix (when logout – logout facebook
    • Bug fix (Message line break in facebook)

    v.1.4.1 – February 19, 2014

    • Bug fixes (bug in groups section/dashboard)

    v.1.4 – February 16, 2014

    • Groups section (now you can group your facebook
    • Schedule posts from managed groups
    • Renew access token (get new token from facebook ajax
    • Timezone with DST (users needs to re-select timezone from
    • Post large images on facebook
    • Bug fixes

    v.1.3.4 – February 2, 2014

    • The protection for the “Linkâ€
      field is removed.
    • Tracking for clicks is disabled for the moment.

    v.1.3.3 – December 22, 2013

    • Bug fix (’,†display problem on
    • Bug fix (the time does not changed from the original post when

    v.1.3.2 – December 19, 2013

    • Managed pages (separated list)

    v.1.3.1 – December 16, 2013

    • Possibility to re-schedule posts
    • Possibility to enable or disable the tracking for clicks
    • Latest facebook sdk
    • Bug fixes

    v.1.3 – September 12, 2013

    • Bug fixes

    v.1.3 – September 8, 2013

    • Post as admin on managed facebook pages (beta)
    • Possibility to edit scheduled posts
    • Detailed errors on each page/group from the scheduled post
    • Latest facebook sdk
    • Bug fixes

    v.1.2 – July 22, 2013

    • Error log
    • Timezone bug fix

    v.1.1 – July 18, 2013

    • Facebook user id login restriction
    • Facebook users page/group limits
    • Posting options – Retry limit
    • Latest facebook sdk
    • Bug fixes

    v.1.0 – July 16, 2013

    • Initial release

Simple POS is PHP and jQuery based web application. This is
suitable for small and medium businesses/organization.

The update v3.0 has been redesigned to suite it to most of the
Now you can have the option to handle multiple bills with
hold bill option

  1. Simple User Interface
  2. Products with taxes
  3. Barcode and Label Printing page
  4. Add customer without leaving POS Screen
  5. Hold bills option to save it in open bills
  6. Discount (now you can add different discount to each sale)
  7. Edit Product Price, Quantity, Sale tax and discount from
  8. Check today’s sales and load nay open bill
    without leaving POS Screen
  9. Print or Email receipts
  10. Barcode scanner/reader compatible
  11. Settings
    • Enable/Disable On-Screen Keyboard
    • Date Format (Select any from 6 available)
    • Set Product Display for POS (By Name, By Photo or By Both)
    • Set defaults tax rate, discount, category, customer, barcode
      symbology, Site Name, Receipt Header/Footer.
  12. Reports
    • Daily Sales
    • monthly Sales
    • Custom Sales Report
    • Top Products
    • Custom Product Report

feature for next update

We are accepting the feature requests till 15th April 2015.
Please email your detailed request to Thank you

V4 Demo:

Live Demo

Role: username / password

Admin: / 12345678

Sales staff: / 12345678

Upcoming version

Please don’t use it for

Revision 5 on 2nd April 2016

  • Added option to use simple pos for multiple stores
  • Fixed gift card balance issue
  • Added new styles in system settings
  • Added option to set the after sale page (receipt/pos)
  • Added remember me on login page
  • Fixed view bill screen issue
  • Replaced qz java applet with qz tray 2.0
  • Fixed all known issues

Revision 3 on 7th October 2015

  • Fixed special character issue in code
  • Fixed balance issue
  • Fixed email issues

Revision 2 on 18th September 2015

  • Added suppliers module
  • Added expenses module
  • Fixed customer selection issue on pos
  • Fixed wrong balance calculation issue
  • Improved daily and monthly sales reports
  • Added alert for low stock with option to add items to purchase

Revision 1 on 9th August 2015

  • Added gift cards, you can sell and accept payment with gift
  • Added new inventory tacking feature (add purcahses to update
  • Added order and bill printing feature from POS.
  • Added qz print plugin.
  • Added Stripe payment gateway.
  • Added import products by csv.
  • Added import categories by csv.
  • Added register option to track the cash/sales for staff
  • Added backup feature.
  • Added Easy Update feature.
  • Added new reports and still improving.
  • Update products, now you can add standard, service and combo
    products (a combo of standard & service products).
  • Improved receipt style.
  • Improved barcode and leble printing.
  • Improved categories (you can upload category images now).
  • Redesigned POS Screen, minimun resolution 1024×768
    is same but for bigger screen it will be responsive.
  • Added Bill View for customer (you can setup dual display to
    show a for staff and 2nd for customer).
  • Alert for out of stock products and even when you adding them
    to orders.

v3.0 (6th December 2013)

  • Improved User Interface
  • Improved Products to have taxes attached
  • Added Barcode and Label Printing page
  • Improved Open bills
  • Add discount (now you can add different discount to each
  • Improved POS Sale Screen
  • Improved Setting page
  • Added/improved reports
  • Fixed all known errors/bugs

Update v2.0
(25th March 2013)

  • Added Hold Bill Option (Different, Open & Running Bill for
    each customer)
  • Unlimited Category and Products
  • Modified Today’s Sale
  • Calendar view of daily and monthly Sales
  • Added POS Setting to change the number of categories and
    product for POS Screen
  • Redirected to View Invoice Page for printing (Easy Invoice
    Printing After Sale).

Update 1.0.1
– 4th Feb 2013

  • Fixed left menus
  • Added change password link to menus
  • Added Go to Settings Link on all pages
  • Added Total Payable on POS Sale Screen
  • allowed . in Paid field on payment
  • Changed the date format on Today’s Sale
  • Updated on 13th Feb 2013
  • Corrected the Product count as Total Item on payment was
  • Fixed the edit user bug