and Forex Markets Heat Maps

is a WordPress plugin, which displays a world map
with countries colored according to how their major stock indices
perform or how their national currency is traded against USD at the
moment. Bring your website visitors up to speed with global
economic trends!

Pure JavaScript / PHP version (for non-WordPress websites) is

Supported currency pairs / stock indices

All currency pairs rates against USD are displayed in the Forex
Heat Map. The following stock indices are covered in the Stock Heat

  • S&P 500 (United States)
  • FTSE 100 (United Kingdom)
  • DAX (Germany)
  • CAC 40 (France)
  • Nikkei 225 (Japan)
  • Hang Seng (Hong Kong)
  • KOSPI Composite Index (South Korea)
  • TSEC Weighted Index (Taiwan)
  • AEX index (Netherlands)
  • BEL 20 (Belgium)
  • OMX Stockholm 30 (Sweden)
  • MICEX Index (Russia)
  • JKSE Composite Index (Indonesia)
  • IPSA Santiago De Chile (Chile)
  • ISEQ Overall Index (Ireland)
  • Straits Times Index (STI) (Singapore)
  • Oslo Børs All Share Index (Norway)
  • IBEX 35 (Spain)
  • S&P/ASX 200 (Australia)
  • NZX 50 (New Zealand)
  • SSE Composite Index (China)
  • BSE Sensex 30 (India)
  • Bovespa Index (Brazil)
  • S&P/TSX 60 Index (Canada)
  • IPC (Mexico)
  • PSEi Index (Philippines)
  • FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI (Malaysia)
  • KSE 100 Index (Pakistan)
  • SET Index (Thailand)
  • PX 50 (Czech Republic)
  • OMX Copenhagen 20 (Denmark)
  • OMX Helsinki 25 (Finland)
  • FTSE MIB Index (Italy)
  • WIG 20 (Poland)
  • BUX 25 (Hungary)
  • PSI 20 (Portugal)
  • SSMI (Switzerland)
  • BIST 100 (Turkey)
  • IBC general index (Venezuela)
  • CASE 30 (Egypt)
  • TA 100 (Israel)
  • MERVAL (Argentina)
  • S&P/BVL Peru General Index (Peru)
  • OMX Iceland All-Share PI (Iceland)
  • Athens Composite Index (Greece)


  • PHP 5.4+

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25/11/2016: (version 1.0)

- Version 1.0 Initial Release

Castle is a Premium HTML Template for Real Estate related
websites. It has nice, clean and fully loaded with awesome
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E-Book Store, a WordPress theme characterized
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Responsive & Retine Ready:

Being responsive and retina ready makes your visitors
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Various Header Style:

Style your site by choosing one of our 2 unique headers to grasp
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Visual Shortcode:

E-Book Store is equipped with dozens of visual short codes which
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Visual Composer plugin included (worth $30).

Yes, you do not need to purchase the plugin separately. It?s a
drag-and-drop page builder and no advanced coding skill needed.


  • Upload Logo
  • Upload Favicon
  • Dynamic Layout
  • Shop Elements
  • Import / Export Options
  • 21 Custom widgets
  • 9 widgets spot
  • Child Theme Support
  • Compatible with WordPress 4.1 or greater.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Responsive Design
  • Dummy Data Available (including post, product, and form
  • Built-in pagination
  • .po & .mo files included for localization
  • Well Documented
  • Valid HTML5 & CSS3
  • WPML Ready

Supports WordPress Post Format:

  • Standard
  • Aside
  • Image
  • Video
  • Quote
  • Link
  • Gallery
  • Status
  • Audio

Woocommerce Export Products to XLS

A WordPress plugin that will export your Woocommerce products data
to XLS


IMPORTANT!If you have a lot of products (thousands
of products), it is recommended that you can set php memory limit
to 256MB or higher.

Please read the plugin description. We will NOT refund your
purchase, because you thought the plugin will do things it does not


  • Can export thousands of products and variations by using
  • Will export all products, published or not
  • Will export Variations and Group Products
  • 53 fields supported by default
  • Will export predefined and custom attributes
  • Extensible / developer friendly. You can add your custom fields
    via WordPress filter
  • Easy administration with drag n drop sorting
  • Caches the .xls files for future download
  • XLS output, not CSV
  • Compatible with MS Excel 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013
  • Supports WPML. You can export the language of the
  • Supports WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin. You can export the
    Yoast SEO plugin data of the products.
  • Supports plugin. You can export commision, vendor id and vendor
  • Supports plugin. You can export commision, vendor id and vendor
  • Supports by proword plugin. You can export Brand ID and Brand


In order to use the Woocommerce export to XLS, please navigate
from your WordPress administration panel to “
Products to XLS“

  1. Please check the data you want to export and drag the rows to
    order the columns of the exported XLS and click “
    Save Changesâ€.

  2. Then you may export the selected data to XLS by clicking the
    Export to XLS†button.

  3. A message will be displayed with the actions taken and on the
    bottom of the message there will be a link to the file that has
    been just created. Click on the link “
    Download Excel File†to download the
    XLS file.

    Below are the fields that are available by default

    1. Product ID
    2. Product author ID
    3. Product publish date
    4. Product description – content
    5. Product Title
    6. Excerpt
    7. Status
    8. Slug
    9. Modified date
    10. Parent product ID
    11. guid
    12. Category IDs
    13. Categories title
    14. Categories titles path
    15. Stock (quantity)
    16. Sold individually
    17. Price
    18. Sales price date to
    19. Sales price date from
    20. Tax class
    21. Purchase note
    22. Featured
    23. Weight
    24. Length
    25. Width
    26. Height
    27. SKU
    28. Products attributes
    29. Backorders status
    30. Manage stock status
    31. Tax status
    32. Sales price
    33. Regular price
    34. Virtual status
    35. Downloadable status
    36. Total sales
    37. Visibility
    38. Stock status
    39. Thumb ID
    40. Full Image URL
    41. Gallery images IDs
    42. Gallery images URLs
    43. Tags
    44. Custom attributes
    45. All attributes that have been added via the Woocommerce
      attribute manager
    46. WPMLlanguage display name
    47. Yoast SEOTitle
    48. Yoast SEO Meta Description
    49. Yoast SEO Facebook Title
    50. Yoast SEO Facebook Description
    51. Yoast SEO Facebook Image
    52. Yoast SEO Twitter Title
    53. Yoast SEO Twitter Description
    54. Yoast SEO Twitter Image
    55. Yoast SEO Google+ Title
    56. Yoast SEO Google+ Description
    57. Yoast SEO Google+ Image
    58. Yoast SEO Custom Index Status
    59. Yoast SEO Focus KW
    60. WC Vendorsplugin vendor commision
    61. WC Vendors plugin vendor id
    62. WC Vendors plugin vendor nicename
    63. WooCommerce Brands plugin brand ID
    64. WooCommerce Brands plugin brand name
    Other options
    • Version: Recommended is XLSX. Although XLS is
      compatible with older versions of Excel, it produces bigger files
      and can only hold 65535 records/rows.
    • Caching Method: Recommended is sqlite3.
    • Products per batch: Recommended is 100. If you get
      products skipped or the produced files have issues please lower the
      number or ask your web hosting to increase the resources or change
      web hosting service. If you think that your web hosting can do it,
      you may increase the number.
    • Join character(s) for the categories path:
      Character to join categories names for the categories path.


    You can add new custom fields that are already on your products
    data to be exported via a filter, eg.

    add_filter( 'wooxls_exportfields_filter',
    function my_woocommerce_product_meta($wooxls_exportfields) {
      $wooxls_exportfields['_deprecated'] = __('Deprecated status',
      return ($wooxls_exportfields);


    • WordPress 3.8+
    • Woocommerce 2.1, Woocommerce 2.2, Woocommerce 2.3, Woocommerce
    • PHP 5.2
    • PHP extension php_zip enabled
    • PHP extension php_xml enabled
    • PHP extension php_gd2 enabled (if not compiled in)

    Asked Questions

    1. The data on my XLS is strange on my Excel 2003

      Please use open, select the file you have downloaded, from the
      open button on the bottom-right click the arrow down and select
      open and repairâ€. If a question pop up
      please select “

    2. Can I add my custom meta data field to export?

      Please check the section For Developers.

    3. Will I be able to import the data of an XLS with this plugin?

      No, this plugin will only
      Exportthe Woocommerce products data to XLS. On the
      other hand WP All Import plugin may be able to do this by adding
      with the addon:

    4. Will this plugin export the images of my Woocommerce products?

      No, this plugin will only export the images ids and/or urls of
      your Woocommerce products in a separate column.

    5. How can I open an XLSX file on my Office 2003?

      Please read the Microsoft guide here:

    6. Installation

      This wordpress plugin can be installed as any other wordpress
      plugin. Installation is simple.

      1. Extract the zip file you have downloaded.
      2. Login to your administration panel (ex.
      3. Go to
      4. At the top of the page click the “
        Upload Plugin†link
      5. Click
        choose file(or what your browser uses to navigate
        to your files)
      6. From the extracted files of step one (1) navigate to and select

        woo-products-xls.zipand click “
        Install Now“

      7. You may be asked to confirm your wish to install the
      8. If this is the first time you’ve installed a
        WordPress Plugin, you may need to enter the FTP login credential
        information. If you’ve installed a Plugin
        before, it will still have the login information. This information
        is available through your web server host.
      9. Click
        Proceedto continue with the installation. The
        resulting installation screen will list the installation as
        successful or note any problems during the install.
      10. If successful, please click
        Activate Pluginto activate it.


      0.5.8 05/24/2016
      • Update the PHPExcel class
      • Added PHP 7 compatibility
      • Only published products will be exported
      0.5.7 10/22/2015
      • Set default cell type to string
      0.5.6 10/01/2015
      • Added WooCommerce Brands by proword support
      • Added one more filter on the xls export
      0.5.5 04/21/2015
      • Added some filters on the output of the cell
      0.5.4 04/17/2015
      • Added product URL/link field
      • Added Yoast Twitter and Google+ fields support
      0.5.3 04/15/2015
      • Added option to exclude simple and/or variable products
      0.5.2 04/14/2015
      • Added plugin support
      • Added categories titles path column
      0.5.1 03/22/2015
      • Added support
      0.5.0 03/18/2015
      • Added caching option
      • Added version option
      • Added products per batch option
      • Fixed jQuery bug that prevented plugin to continue when
        skipping products
      0.4.0 03/02/2015
      • Changed the way XLS is produced by using AJAX.
      • Many UI/UX enhancements.
      0.3.2 02/11/2015
      • Added support. Now you can export the language of the
      0.3.1 11/08/2014
      • Minor bug fix
      0.3 11/06/2014
      • Added product tags
      • Added option to export the full featured image url
      • Added option to export all images urls of the product
      • Initial release

      Sources and

      This plugin uses the following libraries

Modis Salon & Baber WordPressTheme is is created for anyone
looking to start their on beauty or healthcare website. This
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Modis is a fully flexible and responsive WordPress Theme,
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  • Revolution Slider
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  • Support contact form 7
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  • Very Clearly Documentation (Step by Step)

WooCommerce Group Buy and Deals extends popular WooCommerce
plugin with group buy and deals features. WordPress group buying
has never been easier to setup.

WooCommerce Group Buy is a extension for popular WooCommerce
plugin and extends it with group buy / deals feature. This
extension allows you to implement powerful group buy solution like
Groupon. Woocommerce Group Buy is easily setup and customized, and
you need basic Woocommerce and web developing knowledge.

With WooCommerce Group Buy plugin you can setup WordPress deals
(group buy) website in less than 30 minutes (assuming you have
payment processor allready sorted). WooCommerce Group Buy plugin
integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce and no special knowledge is
needed (same level like for standard WooCommerce usage).

Please read and check our WooCommerce Group Buy (demo runs on
latest WordPress, WooCommerce and latest version of WooCommerce
Group Buy).

WooCommerce Group Buy Deals Overview and Features:

  • WordPress 4.6+ ready,
    WooCommerce 2.6+ ready
  • Seamless integration into WooCommerce via its hooks
  • You get new type of WooCommerce product type
    – Groupbuy
  • Define number of group buy participants – 1
    or more
  • Buyers / users can purchase one or more deals
  • Ability to refund purchase if deal failed (payment processor
    has to support this feature!)
  • Ability to instantly finish group buy deal if max number of
    deals was sold
  • Define minimal and maximum number of deals available
  • Define max deals per user
  • Set start and end time for group buy deal
  • Easily control how you want to display deals
    – along with other items or on separate
  • Widgets with ending soon, future, latest / recent, featured,
    recently viewed, deals search and random deals
  • Email notifications (with editable email templates) for group
    buy win, fail, finish, no luck (fail notification for deal
  • Group buy product has group buy icon (label) on thumbnail
  • Group buy product single page has new tab
    “Group Buy Historyâ€
  • User has “My deals†page where
    one can see active deals and purchased deals –
    page with shortcode [my_groupbuys]
  • Group buy filtering in product list (wp-admin)
  • Group buy product has icon which describes different group buy
    status: active, finished, failed (wp-admin)
  • Plenty of shortcodes including shortcode to show my deals for
    logged in user
  • Make group buy from any type of Woocommerce product
    – simple, virtual or downloadable products
  • Manually delete any participant via Woocommerce order
    management – deleting order deletes ticket
  • WPML compatible
  • Cronjobs required – if your host does not
    support 1 minute cronjobs you can use 3rd party cron service

If you like our plugin please rate it with Thanks!


** Version 1.0.0 **
    - Initial release

View complete WooCommerce Group Buy and Deals .

Make sure to read and check our .

Boom News is a WordPress theme that lets you write articles and
blog posts with ease. It is fully responsive, retina ready and has
many powerful features. We offer great support and friendly help!
The Boom News theme is excellent for a news, newspaper, magazine or
publishing site. It uses the best clean SEO practices, and on top
of that, it’s fast, simple, and easy to use. In
addition, Boom News supports responsive Google Ads and AdSense.


v1.4 – 4 December 16

Add: Show posts from specific authors
Add: Show posts from specific taxonomy
Add: Post excerpt special for post lists
Add: Author page link for author name inside posts
Fix: Author page issue
Fix: Gallery and Video post for mobile

v1.3 – 1 December 16

Add: RTL Support
Add: Adsense are inside post content top

v1.2 – 30 November 16

Add: Visual Composer plugin compatible
Add: Title for post grid shortcode
Add: Post shortcode now can use posts from post
Add: 3 new tabs for post tab shortcode ( Popular, Hot, Trending )
Add: Customize Facebook Post share description lenght
Fix: Boxed layout style issue

v1.1 – 28 November 16

Add: Options for Fixed menu - Show Always / Show When Scroll Up /
Add: Options for Fixed share buttons - Enable / Disable
Add: Option for Share Count Check
Add: Child theme
Improve: .pot file for multilingual
Improve: Fixed Share button css
Improve: Responsive Style

v1.0 – 25 November 16

Initial release

TrueMag is our latest magazine WordPress theme, that was crafted
by our best professionals to satisfy all of your blogging needs!
This theme will be your perfect match if you’re
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Minimalistic yet bright
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It comes
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