Amazon Native Shopping Recommendations Plugin

It happens that you own a simple
WordPress Blog?

You’re writing
coolarticles and have a
uniquecontent but you don’t
succeed on monetizingyour content?

You’re using banners & pop’ups but

You simply run out of ideas and you’re looking for a new

You’re in the right place! Using our newest Amazon Native
Shopping Recommendations Plugin you will definitely succeed on
monetizing your wordpress blog!

How does our Amazon Native Shopping Recommendations plugin

Automaticallyadd affiliate links into your content
display adswhere
people can really see them!

Amazon Native Shopping Recommendations Plugin automatically
displays products that are relevant to your content using the
Amazon Product Advertising API.

How you ask? Well, It
analyzesthe posts / custom taxonomies to extract
keywordsthat are used to
search for relevant Amazon products.

Amazon Native Shopping Recommendations Plugin works best on
posts that are product oriented and their content is textual in

The Amazon Native Shopping Recommendations
allows you to
monetize contentby
suggesting products that are most relevant to the content
on your website.

Not only that, but instead of manually identifying products
relevant to page content and creating links for them, you can use
Amazon Native Shopping Recommendations Plugin to automate
the process.

You can also manually set affiliate links and keywords
where they should be added into your content, or you can let the
plugin to automatically extract and display links from

Unique features
  • You can limit the
    numberof links that are shown in every
  • The possibility to get
    products pricesfrom Amazon or other Amazon sellers
    (display lowest offers from other sellers)
  • Geo Targeting– automatically detect from what
    country the users are from and in exchange you will get more profit
    no matter from where they’re from!
Keywords features
  • Auto detect keywordsfrom your posts / custom
    taxonomies and search to auto find contextual products for posts /
    custom taxonomies.
  • Keywords statistics– keep track on how many clicks
  • You can also
    manually add keywordsand search amazon products
    for them
  • Styling– Setup the keywords background color
  • Setup Keyword Max Replaces
  • Find
    distinct words(not words inside other words)
  • Setup
    how many keywords to display per pagein the admin
    area (Components Rows Per Page)
Tooltip features
  • Setup the Amazon tooltip
    link target– Blank (Into a new tab), No target,
    Parent, Self (In the same tab) and Top
  • Setup the tooltip’s maximum
  • Setup the tooltip’s
    top and left margins

What you’ll need in order to use the plugin :

  • WordPress 4.1.1 +
  • Amazon account ( in order to get Secret/Access Keys
  • Amazon affiliate account ( in order to get the money!

The autofind feature is only available for English
language! (Or for common words that are the same in all languages.
Example: Apple, Gigabyte, MacBook, Samsung and so on.)
you can still manually add keywords in other languages. This is a
Amazon issue, as soon as they will add other languages in the API
we will implement them.


AA-Team does not permit, under any circumstances, the
reselling of any of our plugins / themes outside the Envato

The Extended License does not allow you to resell / redistribute
the plugin without written permission from AA-Team.

If you’re an Envato Author and wish to include our plugins
into your themes, please contact us.

You can read more about licenses and .

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Amazon Native Shopping Recommendations Plugin

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