Update 26
February 13

Add combo system

·Mouse or touch——Control the Aircraft position,speed and fire,
·Space bar—-open the time sluggish Shield

·time sluggish system

·Different types of enemies

·Shield can Rebound the bullet

·Work on all html5 browser ( mobile)

·You can replace the images for other look

·Create your own splash screen at the beginning

·High Resulotion |600*400

·Source File: Construct

This led panel can
be used as a countdown, a clock or as a random numbers.

It’s easy to change parameters of this led panel (all
parameters are written in HTML-file), that’s way you don’t need to
edit the source code.

Version 2.0 (11
April 13)

  • Time zones option is available.
  • Settings tuning is more easy and clear because of a new-added
    LedTime Creator which will help you to work with this item.

  • The
    CSS3 Buttons Packwill add a stylish look to your
    website. You can use the library to make navigations, action
    buttons for your applications and much more. It is very easy to
    implement and has a detailed documentation. The buttons degrade
    nicely on older browsers.


    • 20 color variations
    • 10 border radius styles
    • Different radius for each corner
    • 8 font sizes
    • 5 sizes
    • Font styles
    • Button grouping with border radius option
    • 217 icons
    • Works on links and buttons
    • Degrades nicely on older browsers


    • Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding
      this item.

    Forest Ranger Adventure is a action platformer game, on HTML5,
    and Mobile games. If you enjoy platform games you shouldn’t miss

    Easy to pick up and play, Journey dangerous forest and through
    beautifuly designed 5 levels, try to find all coin and Jewel and
    defeat dangerous enemy.


    • made with construct 2 game engine

    • files included CAPX and HTML5

    • HD 1280×720

    • with touch button and easy controls.

    • cool character

    • Colorful 2D vector graphics.

    • The assets you can download www.gameart2d.com

    • Music and sound effect you can download www.soundjay.com and

    • easy to reskin

    • Export this project to android or ios game use intel XDK or

    Hope you enjoy,

    If you do, please rate the game it would really help the
    developement Thank you.

    A powerful and elegant multimedia grid gallery with support for
    images, YouYube & Vimeo videos in a lightbox window. With a
    cool zoom effect on mouse over (or touch on mobile devices) it will
    make your website look awesome and memorable.






    Cool Zoom Effect

    The images have on mouse over (or touch for mobile devices) a
    special and smooth zoom effect customizable from parameters (speed,

    Responsive Design

    The gallery will adapt to the width of any device, screen and
    orientation. It has full width or centered option.

    Mobile Compatible

    It is compatible with IOS and Android operating systems.

    Multimedia Support

    Images, YouTube video and Vimeo video.

    Lightbox Support

    The Images, YouTube videos and Vimeo videos will be opened in a
    lightbox window

    It Supports Links for Each Image

    with parameter for _self or _blank


    You can share the large image opened in the lightbox on
    Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

    Deep Linking

    The gallery supports deep linking to a image which will be
    opened in lightbox automatically.


    You can set a description for each image which will be indexed
    by the search engines

    Multiple Instances

    You can insert multiple galleries on your website or on the same

    Multiple Parameters

    – width & height

    – rows and columns

    – image title and description

    – and more…


    Keywords: images, image, gallery, grid, showcase, jQuery,
    plugin, responsive, justified, mobile, portfolio

    If you need additional information don’t hesitate to contact us
    at . We’ll try to answer you as quickly as possible.


    Our Other



    ***Version Release Date: October 17, 2019
    - HTTPS compatibility for lightbox
    ***Version Release Date: October 04, 2019
    - updates to the Twitter share feature
    ***Version Release Date: February 19, 2019
    - css update
    ***Version 1.0.1 Release Date: January 31, 2019
    - code update
    ***Version 1.0.0 Release Date: December 16, 2018
    - updated the jquery.prettyPhoto.js library
    ***Version 1.0 Release Date: October 08, 2018
    - initial release

    Bhoverhosts more than 70 CSS3 Button Hover Effects
    which are suitable for any kind of Website. Bhover has 7 color
    combinations and only contains CSS3 and HTML5.

    The button dimensions are easily customizable simply by changing
    the font-size button property. The same happens with their
    animation effects, so you´ll only need to choose your font-size
    button and the rest will be directly proportional.


    • Pure CSS3 + HTML5 (no JavaScript and jQuery),
    • 72 CSS3 Animated Buttons,
    • 7 Color Variants,
    • Fully Responsive,
    • Original Design,
    • Super Easy Customization and Implementation



    WooCommerce Colors and Swatches for Variations

    This plugin provides a much nicer way to display variations of
    variable products.

    Are you running an E-Commerce store and thus want to adorn
    your site with best of image swatches?

    Viola… WooCommerce Color and Swatches for Variations will help
    you with selecting variations which will beautify and manage your
    estore. There you can apply product images with your woocommerce
    products intact which will give a the perfect picture of your
    swatch image.

    Adding to the list, woocommerce color swatch count upon
    extending product attributes which will give a streamlined look of
    your store to your customers who are buying things from your
    excellent and unique platform. Woocommerce color swatch provides a
    beautiful a clean look that helps to attract your customers and
    give a real
    swatch image of your woocommerce product.

    Benefits of WooCommerce Color and Swatches for

    1. User friendly interface

    2. Defines every selected woocommerce product with global
    attribute and swatch images.

    WooCommerce Color and Swatches for
    provides with perfect display of thumbnail
    display type.

    4. WooCommerce Color Swatches comes with different size
    variation for product detail page as well as shop/archive/category

    5. WooCommerce color swatch provides smooth color and image
    swatches for variable products.

    Live Demo

    Visit demos to experience the unmatched benefits of plugin and
    explore the settings.

    Frontend demo :

    Backend demo :

    This plugin is not subjected to GDPR compliant as it does
    not store any sensitive data of a user. It only holds information
    related to software which is run by WordPress & WooCommerce of
    the holder.

    Thank-you for your interest in
    WooCommerce Colors And Swatches For Variations,


    Version: 1.0.2
    - New : Text swatch feature Added
    - Fix : compatibility with woocommerce 3.6.0
      - Fix: global swatch issue fixed 
    13.12.2017 - ver 1.0.0
      -    Initial Release

    Multipurpose SaleShopping HTML5 Banner Ad
    Templates for Google Ads (AdWords), Studio (DoubleClick Studio),
    AdRoll and other suitable advertising platforms. Easy to use and
    customize with Google Web Designer free software.

    Ad Templates

    • Created and fully editable with Google Web Designer
    • Used Image from Free Stock (CC0 Licence)
    • Awesome Animated Stroke Effect
    • Google Web Fonts used
    • Animation duration – 30 seconds
    • Compatible with Google Ads, Studio, Display & Video 360,
      AdRoll and more…

    The package

    • 9 Popular Sizes : 160×600, 250×250, 336×280, 300×250, 320×100,
      728×90, 970×250, 970×90, 300×600
    • Google Ads (Google Ads), Studio (Display & Video 360) and
      Generic HTML (AdRoll and more) GWD Source files well-organized by
    • Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files (for exporting backup
    • 6 Month Item Support
    • Free item updates
    • Documentation PDF file to describe item and template editing


    • Photo:
    • Fonts:
    • jQuery Plugin:

    Image used in the template are not included in the main download
    file, they are only for the preview purpose.

    Thank You!

    Thank you so much for your interest. Your comments and ratings
    would be much appreciated.

    This Bundle contains 14 jQuery Plugins. All the plugins are
    responsive, fully customizable, mobile friendly and well

    Plugins List
    & Previews:

    • Instagram Feed:Embed Instagram Feed of Instagram
      users into your sites –
    • Image Gallery:Add expanding Image Gallery with
      full image descriptions into your sites –
    • Image Zoom:Zoom images on rollover, click, grab or
      toggle –
    • Disable Everything:Disable Right Click, Text and
      Image Copying, Keyboard and Scrolling on your sites –
    • Page Preloaders:Add Animation or Logo Preloader to
      your website’s pages –
    • Music Playlist:Add Audio Player with the Playlist
      into your sites –
    • Share Buttons:Add Share Buttons of the most
      popular social networks to your web pages –
    • Audio Trigger:Play a sound when your website
      visitor interacts with a particular element on your site –
    • Cookies Notification:Display the Notification
      about the Cookies used on your site –
    • Countdown Timer:Add Countdown timer into your
      websites and display the Countdown to any upcoming event or
      occasion –
    • Count Up:Add animated numbers Count Up into your
      websites, to display your data in a fun and interactive way –
    • Random Image:Display random image every time the
      page loads –
    • Vertical SlideOut Menu:Add vertical navigation
      menu with an awesome Slide effect into your sites –
    • Video Slider:Add Responsive Video Slider into your
      sites. The slider supports up to 10 Youtube or Vimeo videos and
      contains 30 Transition Effects –

    • *This Bundle saves you $82 (compared to buying each plugin

      Change log

      v1.4 (25 April 19)

      • Three plugins updated (Instagram Feed, Share Buttons and Image

      v1.3 (22 February 19)

      • Two new plugins added (Countdown Timer and Count Up)
      • Bundle contains 14 plugins in total

      v1.2 (22 December 18)

      • One new plugin added (Image Gallery)
      • Bundle contains 12 plugins in total

      v1.1 (5 December 18)

      • One new plugin added (Music Playlist)
      • Bundle contains 11 plugins in total

      v1.0 (7 November 18)

      • Initial release with 10 plugins

    Bunta.css is a set of pure, responsive CSS popups that you can
    use in every web project.


    • Pure CSS
    • Works On All Major Browsers
    • Flat Design
    • Animated ( CSS3 )
    • 35 Colors
      • Black & White
      • Bootstrap Colors
      • Flat UI Colors
      • Greenery ( 2017 Color )
      • And more
    • 5 Styles
      • Uno – Full Screen
      • Dos – With Overlay
      • Tres – Slide Up & Down
      • Cuatro – Corners
      • Cinco – With Cover
    • Stylus & Pug/Jade Files Included