Forgetting the old fashioned!
School Management Systemis now quiet easy &

INFIX in School Management ERP Systemyou will
easily handle all kind of to do in your
School, College, Varsityor Any kind of
Educational Productivity Organization works.

You know! We always want to lead our life in the easiest way. No
one likes to go complex way and therefore we are working on this
ERP Software to control our educational management administration
in a simple and easy way.

It is time, now we have an option to forget the boring
Administration Managementtask in manual method. If
you have this
INFIX- School Management ERP Softwareyou can
manage everything by the automated way. You just need to command on
it or setup.

Why You Choose Us:

We think, this
three reasonsare enough for choosing us! What
those are?

  1. Our Products and Quality.
  2. Is it Enough or Can Able to Fulfill My
  3. Our After Sales Service.

If you find all three questions answer is, yes. Then, why you
don’t choose us?

What Features Have INFIX that Different From Others in

  • Color, Design, Code & Customization:It’s a
    real eye catchy lucrative color & design. Also it is totally
    unique from any other existing ERP in Market. And it is multiple
    times easy on customization.
  • UI & UX Ready:We care your eyes. We are design
    our ERP for end level user friendly that was obviously Smooth and
    Creative trendy design.
  • Documentation:You don’t believe it before seeing
    this. Our Documenting/installation guide is super easy for any
    basic to advanced users.

How INFIX Works:

However, If this video amazes you or generate a lot of question
to you then we recommended please check our Pre-purchase FAQ’s
section in bellow otherwise comments section is always open.

INFIX Features Module:

Admin Section:

  • Admission Query
  • Visitor Book
  • Phone Call Log
  • Postal Receive
  • Postal Dispatch
  • Complain
  • Admin Setup
  • Setup Front Office
  • Managing User accounts (teacher, student, parent)
  • Managing classes, subjects
  • Managing class routine
  • Managing exam, grades
  • Managing exam marks
  • Sending exam marks via sms
  • Managing Students Attendance
  • Student Certificate
  • Generate Certificate
  • Student Id Card
  • Generate Id Card
  • Managing accounting, income & expenses
  • Student Admission
  • Student Details
  • Student Promote
  • Managing School events
  • Student Category
  • Student Group
  • Desabled Student
  • Managing library, dormitory, transport
  • Messaging between other users
  • Managing system settings (general, massaging , language)

Teacher Panel Features:

  • Add Homework
  • Evaluation Report
  • Upload Content
  • Assignments
  • Study Material
  • Syllabus
  • Other Downloads
  • Teacher
  • Managing students
  • Managing exam marks
  • Managing attendance

Parents Panel Features:

  • Get children marks
  • Get children payment invoices
  • Get children class routine
  • Messaging with teachers
  • Childs attendance tracking

Student Panel Features:

  • Get class routine
  • Get exam marks
  • Get attendance status
  • Get study materials / files from teacher
  • Get payment invoices, pay online
  • Communicate with teacher

Fees collection:

  • Fees payment
  • Collect Fees
  • Search fees Payment
  • Search fees due
  • Fees Master
  • Fees Group
  • Fees type
  • Fees statement
  • Reports
  • Invoice
  • Fees carry Forward
  • Paid/due fees statement etc


  • Account Dashboard
  • Profit
  • Income
  • Expense
  • Search
  • Account List
  • Payment Method
  • Bank Account
  • Payment History

Human Resource:

  • Staff Directory
  • Staff Attendence
  • Staff Attendence Report
  • Payroll
  • Payroll Report


  • Add Exam
  • Exam
  • Add Exam Type
  • Exam Schedule
  • Seat plan
  • Exam routine
  • Marks Register
  • Exam Attendence
  • Marks Grade
  • Send Marks by SMS
  • Question Group
  • Question Bank
  • Online Exam
  • Date & time organization
  • Schedule notice
  • Instruction
  • Mark sheet & Report


  • Dashboard
  • Class Routine
  • View Class Routine (Teacher)
  • Assign Subject
  • Assign Class Teacher
  • Subjects
  • Class
  • Sections
  • Class Room
  • CL/EX Time Setup
  • Subjective assign


  • Notice Board
  • Send Massage
  • Send Email/Sms
  • Email/Sms
  • Event notice
  • Event Logs
  • Holiday notice


  • Add Book Book List
  • Add Member
  • Member listing & manage
  • Book category/list
  • Issue/Return Book
  • All Issued Book
  • Card issuing


  • Item Category
  • Item List
  • Item Store
  • Supplier
  • Item Receive
  • Item Receive List
  • Item Sell
  • Item Issue


  • Add Home Work
  • Home Work List
  • Home Work Evaluation Report


  • Routes
  • Vehicle
  • Assign Vehicle
  • Student Transport Report
  • Schedule/Routine


  • Dormitory Rooms
  • Dormitory
  • Room Type
  • Rooms monitoring
  • Student Dormitory Report


  • Student Report
  • Guardian Report
  • Student History
  • Student Login Report
  • Fees Statement
  • Balance Fees Report
  • Transjection Report
  • Class Report
  • Class Routine Report
  • Exam Routine Report
  • Teacher Class Routine
  • Merit List Report
  • Online Exam Report
  • Mark Sheet Report
  • Tabulation Sheet Report
  • Progress Card Report
  • Student Fine Report
  • User Log
  • Attendants Report (Teacher & Student both) and Many

System Settings:

  • General Settings
  • Email Settings
  • Payment Method Settings
  • Role Permission
  • Base Group
  • Base Setup
  • Academic year
  • Session
  • Holiday
  • SMS Settings
  • Weekend
  • Language Settings
  • Backup

Front CMS

  • Coming soon. We are working on it and hopedully it will launch
    in our next update.

INFIX has More:

  • Optimized Performance

  • One click update system

  • Clean Code quality

  • Installation wizard

  • Multi Lingual

  • Full Responsive

  • RTL – Coming soon

  • E-mail notification with templates

  • Supports SMS notification

  • Printable Reports

  • Powerful permission editor

  • Flexible fee structure

  • Details students & stuff Profile

  • Student attended

  • Unmatched transport module

  • Complete digital library system
  • Common Features:

    • Added Menus
    • Added Media Manager
    • Added Pages
    • Added Event
    • Added Gallery
    • Added News
    • Added Banner Images
    • Added Human Resource with Payroll module
    • Added Staff Directory
    • Added enable/disable staff
    • Added Staff Attendance
    • Added Staff Attendance Report
    • Added Payroll
    • Added Payroll Report
    • Added Approve Leave Request
    • Added Apply Leave
    • Added Leave Type
    • Added Department
    • Added Designation
    • Added Front Office with Admission Enquiry module
    • Added Admission Enquiry with Status and Follow Up
    • Added Visitor Book
    • Added Phone Call Log
    • Added Postal Dispatch
    • Added Postal Receive
    • Added Complain
    • Added Setup Front Office
    • Added ACL based Roles and Permission module
    • Added Roles
    • Added Assign Permissions on Roles
    • Added enable/disable modules
    • Added Certificate and ID Card Print module
    • Added Student Certificate
    • Added Generate Certificate
    • Added Student ID Card
    • Added Generate ID Card
    • Added Homework module
    • Added Homework
    • Added Homework Evaluation Report
    • Added Calendar with To Do List module
    • Added Calendar Event
    • Added Task for To DO List
    • Added File based Languages
    • Added class-section and same role upload content in Download
    • Added Student Timeline
    • Added login with last logout page
    • Added character count in Email/SMS send message box
    • Added sibling feature in student edit
    • Added Fees Carry Forward to next session
    • Added Auto Backup using Cron
    • Added new navigation panel for students in same class
    • Added % in student attendance report
    • Added UTF-8 support for csv file in student import
    • Added new fields in student import
    • Added enable/disable student
    • Added online payment in student panel
    • Added Assign Class Teacher
    • Added Teacher Restricted Mode
    • Added Student History
    • Added Guardian Report
    • Added Student Transport Report
    • Added Student Hostel Report
    • Added Student House, Blood Group, Height, Weight, As On Date,
      Father, Mother, Guardian photo in student profile
    • Added hostel allotment in student admission
    • Added required filed red * mark in forms
    • Added sorting in student attendance page
    • Added Download Center in Parent Panel

    INFIX- Ultimate Education ERP Pre Sale FAQ’s:

    There are we collecting few common questions about this ERP

    We are pretty sure it will cover 80% questions answer for your
    queries. Anyways, if we miss something please don’t forget to
    comments. Our support team will help you by answering your specific
    questions. Again, we are looking forward to your suggestions and

    Faq’s (Questions & Answer)

      Q. Can I Track my Childs Attendance?

      A. Let’s goodbye ’’Hide & Seek’’ Parent vs. Children.
      Parents can easily track Childrens attendance.

      Q. Can Parents give monthly fees for students?

      A. Yes

      Q. Does it have Promotion and termination system?

      A. Yes

      Q. Does it any option for mother phone number import or
      alternative to student cell number?

      A. Yes. Suppose student was in 1st grade then its simple
      student does not have cell. So, it is important to alternative

      Q. Identity card printing feature?

      A. yes

      Q. Sending SMS for late attendance / fees payment /
      homework / events… other activities?

      A. No (But, we will work on it. And should be add next update)

      Q. Finger prints attendance system.

      A. No (But, we are working on it.)

      Q. push notification added?

      A. Yes

      Q. Transports fee?

      A. Yes

      Q. Gets report or certificate?

      A. Yes

      Q. Is it Multi School?

      A. No. It’s single. (If anyone need, should need to buy another

      Q. I want an option of transfer certificate. If any student
      wants to leave the school, admin should be able to generate a
      transfer certificate. Is it possible?

      A. Yes

      Q. Can you developed customization as require?

      A. Yes

      Q. Is it generating report card?

      A. Yes

      Q. New student registration system?

      A. yes

      Q. Can we use it with local host?

      A. Yes

      Q. Does this support Semester and CGPA/GPA calculation and

      A. Yes

      Q. Does it have course carry-over feature?

      A. Yes

      Q. Can this app be used as a Saas? Or Stand Alone

      A. No

      Q. Does it have Partial Fee Payment system?

      A. Yes

      Q. Is this compatible with PHP 7.3?

      A. Yes it has already. And user need to at least PHP 7.1.3 or

      Q. Does it support RTL or Multi language?

      A. Yes

      Q. Can I take online exam from this app?

      A. Yes

      Q. Is this core PHP or any frame work?

      A. Laravel framework

      Q. Can I Track Transport Vehicle?

      A. Yes

      Update/ Change-Log

      Version 1.0, 28 May, 2019

      v1.o.o (Initial Released)


      If you Like Our Works, Please Drop your Feedback as Comments
      & Rate Us with 5 Star. Thanks.

      Note:All images are just used for preview purpose
      only and NOT included in the final purchase files.

    Test Users

    Upcoming Features for Next Version

    1. Social login with facebook.
    2. Multiple cab booking feature.
    3. Promo code/Discount feature.
    4. Payment gateway integration.
    5. Chat feature between rider and driver.
    6. Admin portal live driver tracking.

    Note:-Users who have purchased already will get the upcoming
    changes for free.

    GrabCab Change


    1. Bug Fixes.
    2. Missing DB File added.


    1. Search location using google auto-complete.
    2. One step and easy booking process.
    3. Only one booking at a time.
    4. Live tracking of your ride.
    5. Ride alert for nearest drivers.
    6. Only Email/Password login is integrated for this version.
    7. Forms Validation ready.
    8. Smooth Animation between screens with drawer navigation.
    9. Infinite scroll and clean UI.
    10. Fully component based project structure.
    11. Billing and Rating Ready.
    12. Complete bookings history.
    13. Backend with Firebase real time database (
      Firebaseis Google’s mobile platform that helps you quickly
      develop high-quality apps and grow your business).

    WILD is a responsive Muse template. Designed for photographers
    and videographers. This template has all the necessary portfolio
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    WILD was built with Adobe Muse CC, so easy to customise without
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    This template can be edited only in Adobe Muse CC.

    All images are just used for preview purposes only and not
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    Template Features

    • Developed for Adobe Muse CC
    • No Coding Skills Required
    • Fully Responsive (Suitable for any Device)
    • Responsive Fixed-Width
    • Multipage (29 Demo Pages)
    • Easy to Editable
    • Easy to Change Color and Text
    • Smooth Page Scrolling
    • Well Documented (+ links to images)
    • Video Tutorials

    Craft – Creative Agency Muse Template is a Modern Business and
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    Craft is fully responsive design ready to look stunning on any


    • 02 Home Page Design
    • 12 Total Page
    • Fully Responsive Design
    • Awesome Unique Look
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    • Well documented
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    Font Use

    • Open Sans. Source Sans Pro

    Icone Use

    Image Use

    • adobe

    Note: The Images you see in the demo are not included with the
    Package, they are used for demo purpose only.

    All Gorgo Features

    • Unlimited site customization with unlimited use of colors,
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    • Gutenberg Optimized Edition.
    • All our code is WP Standards Friendly : No SQL crappy code and
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    • Creation of custom members directory with filters based on
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    • Site-wide Global Search in AJAX with sorted & accurate
    • Great e-commerce experience with features like Infinite
      scrolling, Product Quick View, Wishlist & Direct Product Image
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    • Add ads to your site with AdRotate Banner Manager.


    • Unsplash
    • Pexels
    • Pexels videos
    • Pixabay
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    • Smashicons
    • Webalys
    • The WordPress community
    • Graphic Burger

    Compatible Plugins

    • Create premium content sites, clubs/associations, subscription
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    • Add like and dislike functionality to your WordPress posts.

    • Add an estimated reading time to your WordPress posts

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    • Component library to provide you with a ton of options in the
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      All our themes and plugins are handcrafted using WordPress coding
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      Customer service is one of our top priority. Don’t hesitate
      to contact us.

      Doc :

      Support :

      Site :


      Version 1.0.1 – 27 Jun 2019

      FIXED: Fixed the option to hide the pagination between posts
      FIXED: Fixed display of comments icon
      FIXED: Fixed the "full screen" option on page 404
      FIXED: Fixed icons misalignment in the import process

      Version 1.0 – Jun 2019

      Initial release.

    Online Documentation:

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    WordPress Theme

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    15. Bootstrap 3 Framework
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    17. Powerfull admin panel
    18. 640+ Google Fonts
    19. MailChimp ready
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    21. Contact Form 7 ready
    22. All Post Formats
    23. Google Map
    24. WooCommerce Ready

    CREDITS (Images are not included in the theme):

    Android Youtube Videos App with Reward Points and Paypal Payment

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    Demo Admin:



    Demo APP Account




    Android Side

    • Latest UI With Material Design
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    • My Videos List
    • Register To The Application And Get Reward Points
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    • Login/Registration Features
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    • OneSignal Push Notification
    • Paypal Payment
    • Android Studio Code With Latest Version 3.2.1

    Admin Side

    • Simple and Attractive Admin Panel
    • Categories, Videos,Pending videos and User Manage from
    • Push Notification Send from Admin
    • Video Settings Manage from Admin
    • Admob Settings Manage from Admin
    • Videos Stats

    What You Get

    • Full Android Source Code.
    • Full Symfony Code of Server Side.
    • Android Package
    • Full Documentation
    • PSD Files

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