is a Social Music Sharing Platform similar with
SoundCloud, that allows users to upload their music online and
share them with the world.

Quick Video Demo:

User Demo:(some features might be disabled such as
uploading files)

Admin Demo:

Profile Example:|

Track Example:|


User Features:

  • Stream(Page): displays tracks uploaded by friends,
    online friends, friends suggestions and more.
  • Explore(Page): allows the users to explore
    recently uploaded track based on categories.
  • Profile(Page): displays the user profiles along
    with the quick access to their public uploaded tracks, playlists,
    likes and friends.
  • Statistics: Track statistics such as Plays, Likes,
    Comments, Downloads, and more advanced statistics such as Top
    Countries, Top Cities, Most Played, Most commented, Most liked and
  • Messages(Page): Displays your friends based on
    their last activity, showing both online and offline friends.
  • Likes: shows all the likes you made on
  • Share: allows you to share the music via Facebook,
    Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Email and via direct link.
  • Embedding: allows you to embed the music player
    into websites ().
  • Licensing: It supports both
    Creative Commonsand
    All copyright reserved.
  • Playlists: Create unlimited playlists and organize
    your tracks.
  • Pro Accounts: have more features such as pro
    badge, more upload space, etc
  • Notifications Center: Get notifications (red
    notification with counter) from your friends when they: Like,
    Comment, Chat and on new Subscribers.
  • Block:Users can block other users preventing them
    from chatting with each other.
  • Profile Privacy:
    Public(everyone can see the profile),
    Semi-Private(only friends can see the page),
    Privateonly you can see the profile.
  • Track Privacy:
    Public(available for public and semi-private
    Private(available only to the author).
  • Online Privacy:
    Appear Online(when available) or
    Always Offline.
  • Report:DMCA implementation for Tracks and report
    abusive Comments.
  • Notifications when new messages are posted on Feed,
    Subscriptions and Profile pages.
  • Password recovery by email or username.
  • Unified Search Box: Live search for Tracks and
    People, along with
  • Covers and avatars for user profiles.
  • Retina Display Ready and Responsive Design (optimized for
    iPhone 5 and newer iOS devices).
  • Filters Notifications:Tracks, Comments, Likes,
    Chat conversations.
  • Dynamic page load and ajaxed pagination site wide.
  • Friends suggestions (for new users).
  • Downloads: Enable or disable the downloading for
  • Add Social Profiles for: Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and
    other social networks.
  • Cross-browser MP3 and M4A (MP4) audio files supported.
  • Turn
    On/Offvisual notifications for Likes, Comments,
    Shares, new Subscribers, and Chat conversations.
  • Turn
    On/Offe-mail notifications for Likes and Comments
    and New Subscribers.
  • Log-in: Users can use both usernames and emails to log-in into
    their accounts.
  • and more…

    Script/Admin Features:

  • General Settings: Allows you to change various
    settings about the website and limitations.
  • Users Settings: Allows you to change various
    settings about user accounts and features, and predefined settings
    for them to be enabled or disabled.
  • Pro Accounts: Allows you to enable or disable Pro
    Accounts, change settings such as upload size, monthly plans,
    currency, etc.
  • Social Login: Allows you to enable or disable
    Social Login.
  • Themes: Allows you to change the whole website
    layout, the current theme enabled is marked
  • Statistics: Advanced user and site statistics User
    Registrations, Tracks, Comments, Reports, Likes, Earnings and
  • Password: Allows you to change the Administrator
  • Manage Users: Allows you to edit users, suspend,
    delete accounts, view transaction history and more.
  • Manage Payments: Allows you to view the payments
    details, suspend or enable a certain payment.
  • Manage Reports: Allows you to manage the reported
    Tracks and Comments, like suspending or deleting them.
  • Manage Categories: Allows you to add certain
    categories that will be displayed on the
  • Manage Ads: Allows you to add Advertisments in
    certain places on the website.
  • APIto retrieve User Profile Details or latest 20
    Messages of a User.
  • and so much more
    (see screenshots).



    Update 1.3.1[PendingApproval]

  • Updated the PHPMailer to 5.2.21 (security fix)
  • Update 1.3.0[12/20/2016]

  • Fixed the stats filter for tracks not working when permalinks
    are enabled
  • Fixed special characters not being displayed correctly on the
    player bar
  • Update 1.2.9[11/12/2016]

  • Reworked the dynamic page load system
  • Added Rewritten URLs for the entire User Area (Stream, Explore,
    Profiles, etc)
  • Improved site speed by caching all the uploaded images for
    longer periods
  • Other minor improvements
  • Update 1.2.8[10/14/2016]

  • Added support for servers running MySQL in STRICT mode
  • Improved HTTPS support (Google fonts will now load via a
    secured source)
  • Improved the @mentions, #hashtags and URL parsing system
  • Improved the translation
  • Other minor improvements
  • Update 1.2.7[7/12/2016]

  • Added special characters support for the DMCA reports
  • Added CSS classes to allow styling chat message containers
    based on authors
  • Added title tooltips for Like, Add and Share buttons
  • Fixed the captcha image not refreshing on Firefox and Edge
  • Fixed the play count adding extra counts when
  • Fixed the tags field allowing empty tags in a rare case
  • Fixed the Liked Tracks pagination failing to load new pages in
    a rare case
  • Other minor improvements
  • Update 1.2.6[5/18/2016]

  • Improved security
  • Fixed the @mentions urls in comments not loading
  • Fixed the Connect Modal showing both Login and Register tabs in
    special cases
  • Other minor improvements
  • Update 1.2.5[4/17/2016]

  • Added multi-file upload (you can now upload an entire album at
  • Added client side upload verification (faster errors without
    uploading files)
  • Updated the embedded player to count plays at the start of a
  • Improved the English translation
  • Fixed the visual notifications for new users not being ON by
  • Fixed the Popular section on Welcome page showing private
  • Fixed the track being saved when an error occured during
    artwork validation
  • Fixed the track artwork being saved when an error occured
    during track validation
  • Fixed the track artwork not showing when being shared on
  • Other minor improvements
  • Update 1.2.4[3/25/2016]

  • Reworked the General, Users and Social settings pages from the
    Admin Panel
  • Added Upload Progress bar
  • Added SMTP integration
  • Added “Blocked Users†page in
    Users Settings which shows all the blocked users
  • Added “Likes†and
    “Playlists†buttons for quick access
    in the drop-down menu
  • Changed the way plays are counted (now they are counted at the
    start of a song)
  • Improved the English language
  • Fixed the Popular and Liked Music filters showing private
  • Other minor improvements
  • Update 1.2.3[2/8/2016]

  • Reworked the player (both the interface and the
  • Added player controls support on mobile devices (next, prev,
    auto-play, etc)
  • Added infinite scroll functionality for comments
  • Added new CSS classes to the sidebar filters, song authors and
    friends list
  • Added the ability to display the site categories (tags) on the
    welcome page
  • Added the ability to display up to 20 popular tracks on the
    welcome page
  • Added the ability to display the latest tracks (up to 20) on
    the welcome page
  • Improved the player (up to 100% faster initialization when
    changing tracks)
  • Improved the way the volume is saved (now uses localStorage
    instead of cookies)
  • Improved the English translation
  • Fixed an issue where a double tap would be required to play
    tracks on mobile
  • Fixed the plays counter not counting on embedded tracks after
    the last update
  • Fixed an issue with the sub-pages of non-existing tracks being
  • Other minor improvements
  • Update 1.2.2[1/25/2016]

  • Improved the search input behaviour
  • Fixed the upload and edit forms not submitting after the last
  • Fixed the plays counter not counting after the last update
  • Update 1.2.1[1/23/2016]

  • Added keyboard controls: Space (play/pause), [R]epeat, [M]ute,
    > (next), < (prev)
  • Added infinite scrolling when hitting the end of the page on
    Desktop browsers
  • Added automatic new tracks load when on last track on the
  • Added Facebook profile image fetch when registering trough
  • Added current password confirmation requirement when changing a
  • Added password repeat confirmation requirement when changing a
  • Added security protection against CSRF attacks
  • Added “View Comment†button for
    the reported comments in the Admin Panel
  • Added visual highlight for comments when viewed from the Admin
  • Improved the search results on Enter keypress (now it loads
  • Improved the user deletion message (now shows the username
    instead of the id)
  • Improved the English translation
  • Changed the default search filter to Tracks instead of
  • Changed the minimum password length from 3 to 6 characters
  • Fixed an issue with the emulated Payment appearing as being a
    Monthly plan
  • Update 1.2.0[1/4/2016]

  • Added Admin Panel Dashboard (today’s stats,
    7 days graph stats, site info)
  • Added an icon on the top bar which indicates when logged-in as
  • Improved the Live Search (now excludes private and suspended
  • Improved the User Deletion function (likes counter of liked
    tracks is now updated)
  • Improved the Image and Cover upload functions (old images are
    now deleted)
  • Improved the Track Art edit function (old image is now
  • Improved the English translation
  • Update 1.1.9[12/11/2015]

  • Added “Promote†option to promote
    an account to Pro Status in the Admin Panel
  • Added “Restore†option to the
    suspended tracks in the Admin Panel
  • Added track tag characters length limitation
  • Update 1.1.8[12/4/2015]

  • Fixed an issue with Popular and Liked Music Pages showing
    tracks duplicated
  • Improved the listing player (now it updates when you load up
    new tracks)
  • Update 1.1.7[11/26/2015]

  • Added track artwork of the current playing song to the top bar
  • Improved the listing player (now it updates when you navigate
    on another page)
  • Update 1.1.6[11/15/2015]

  • Added Facebook Open Graph image tag (helps selecting the
    correct image when sharing)
  • Added “alt†attribute on track
    artwork imshrd (improves search engine image results)
  • Fixed the connect form not showing up when clicking
    “Report Copyright Infringementâ€
  • Improved the meta description on track pages
  • Improved the English translation
  • Update 1.1.5[10/4/2015]

  • Improved the English translation
  • Fixed an issue with the Playlist Search not loading up new
  • Removed the favicon from the embeded player
  • Update 1.1.4[9/25/2015]

  • Changed the number of #hastags displayed for tracks &
    playlists from 10 to 15
  • Changed the #hashtags order on the tracks page to the order
    they’ve been added
  • Fixed the #hashtags not being displayed properly when they were
  • Fixed the #hashtag links in comments not being linked
  • Update 1.1.3[9/1/2015]

  • Improved the English language file
  • Fixed the track tags on the “Liked
  • Fixed category name allowing special characters in Admin
  • Update 1.1.2[7/28/2015]

  • Updated the Facebook Login to reflect the new Facebook API
  • Update 1.1.1[7/12/2015]

  • Added “Recommended†tracks on the
    Track page
  • Added “Join Date†of Users in the
    Admin Panel
  • Improved the track removal functionality from playlists
  • Fixed the page load of “Liked
    Music†and “Popular
  • Update 1.1.0[4/23/2015]

  • Added a new Explore filter: Liked music
  • Added title tooltips for the top player
  • Improved the upload validation process (text inputs are now
    validated first)
  • Improved the profile links within the Admin Panel (now link to
    the Manage Users)
  • Improved the translation
  • Updated the Documentation (Developers section)
  • Other minor improvements
  • Update 1.0.9[4/2/2015]

  • Improved the comments mouse hover spacing
  • Improved the Admin page title
  • Other minor improvements
  • Update 1.0.8[3/15/2015]

  • Added anchor link to the current played track title on the top
  • Fixed the profile description being removed after profile image
    was updated
  • Fixed the profile links in the chat message not being loaded
  • Other minor improvements
  • Update 1.0.7[2/23/2015]

  • Added downloads statistics (downloads counter for tracks, who
    downloaded the most)
  • Added IP logging for user registration
  • Added Admin option to limit the number of accounts registration
    allowed per IP
  • Added Open Sans font site-wide
  • Improved the player support for mobile devices
  • Improved the home-page (new animated background and other
  • Improved interface elements (counters, statistics)
  • Improved the file name detection
  • Improved the translation
  • Fixed an issue with the base link of the track
  • Fixed the themes thumbnails not being correctly linked
  • Fixed an issue where invalid usernames profiles would allow
    html tags
  • Update 1.0.6[11/15/2014]

  • Added a minimum required characters for the password field on
    Password Recovery page
  • Fixed an issue where the register email when signing up with
    Facebook was being sent empty
  • Fixed the password successful recover message
  • Fixed the playlists names, explore and search page allowing
    special characters into name
  • Fixed an issue with reports wrongfully appearing on Reports tab
    on users accounts
  • Other minor improvements
  • Update 1.0.5[10/20/2014]

  • Improved character support for the playlist names and
  • Improved character support for tags on tracks (categories)
  • Improved the translation
    (‘Like’ string is not used for
    the CSS class anymore)
  • Update 1.0.4[10/14/2014]

  • Added titles for the Explore, Notifications and Search
  • Improved the display of sidebar categories from the Explore
  • Improved the themes listing in the Admin Panel
  • Improved the #hashtag search results
  • Improved the translation
  • Other minor improvements
  • Update 1.0.3[10/8/2014]

  • Added Popular Music filter which will display the trending
    music in the last 7 days
  • Added Stream and Explore menu button highlight (now they appear
    as active when on page)
  • Improved the download function (now it gets the Title name of
    the track)
  • Improved how the category text are being displayed on the
  • Update 1.0.2[10/6/2014]

  • Added meta description for Tracks, Playlists, Profiles, Go Pro
    and Welcome page
  • Other minor improvements
  • Update 1.0.1[10/4/2014]

  • Improved the dynamic page loading
  • Improved Safari compatibility
  • Improved the url display in Track’s
  • Improved the username generator when registering with
  • Fixed a wrong url parameter
  • Minor language improvement
  • Requirements: PHP 5.3, MySQLi and GD Library (cURL and OpenSSL
    are optional, for Facebook and PayPal API, mod_rewrite for

    Note: The is being sold separately.


    XoanBlog – Clean & Personal
    WordPress Blog Theme
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    The Sound
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    Audio Portal

    • fully responsive– looks great
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    • ajax enabled– play music tracks
    • integrated page builder– customize your own
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    • easy install– three steps
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    • chat message– integrated custom
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    • pretty links– pretty links
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    • SEO friendly– built with
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    • compatible with all major
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    • custom search– searches through
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    • custom search– your users will
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    • custom chat system– you can
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    • time based comments– your users
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    • adsense ready– adsense can be
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    • album upload– let your visitors
      upload whole albums of tracks
    • album download– let your
      visitors purchase whole albums and download zip
    • simple updating system–
      zoomportal allows to be updated just by replacing all the files in
      the package and doing a routine database structure check with a
      single click – that simple
    • plugins system– zoomportal
      allows plugins ( comes packaged with a sample plugin ) so you can
      make changes safely – and you can always
    • notifications system– let your
      visitors know when their friends do important actions
    • soundcloud post– post tracks
      directly from soundcloud by just copy paste their link
    • multilanguage– translation for
      portugese, italian, spanish, french and german included as a


    For updating, you can just replace all the files from the zip
    with your actual ones. The only folder that needs to be kept is the

    upload/folder. After files overwrite you just need to go
    to system check >
    Repair databaseto make sure that the database has the last

    UPDATE 1.39[ 12/23/2016 ]

    • [ADD] delete permalinks option
    • [ADD]
      messagestab in user menu
    • [FIX] multiple permalinks bugs
    • [TWEAK] redesigned underplayer buttons
    • [TWEAK] redesigned avatar upload

    UPDATE 1.38[ 12/13/2016 ]

    • [TWEAK] updated .po files for da_DK / english
    • [ADD] delete files on track removal option
    • [ADD] rtl (arabic) language support
    • [ADD] option for logo max width and height ( for retina logos

    UPDATE 1.37[ 12/07/2016 ]

    • [FIX] player now displays at the bottom for android mobile
    • [FIX] facebook error on redirect

    UPDATE 1.36[ 11/29/2016 ]

    • [ADD] adsense now possible inside pagebuilder
    • [ADD] track description element
    • [ADD] gzip start head stylesheets for faster load option

    UPDATE 1.35[ 11/26/2016 ]

    • [FIX] title in user pages
    • [FIX] some bugs
    • [ADD] support for .m4a and .wav format

    UPDATE 1.34[ 11/22/2016 ] –

    Important: reworked statistics so that we can
    enable tracking, old statistics will have to be reset for the new
    statistics to take place

    • [ADD]
      permission system– admin can
      give privileges to your users depending on their set role
      – user / pro / admin
    • [ADD] statistics option
      per track( with it’s own
      privilege )
    • [ADD] reset statistics option
    • [ADD] API system
    • [TWEAK] working now in sql strict mode
    • [TWEAK] submit track button becomes inactive after submit to
      prevent double submit
    • [FIX] some bugs

    UPDATE 1.33[ 10/23/2016 ]

    • [ADD] new options for Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud links
      for users
    • [ADD] new option to pay authors directly ( no longer only the
      site owner will be possible to be payed )
    • [ADD] new option one month pro account, three month pro account
      and one year pro account
    • [FIX] general stability now improved
    • [FIX] general import sample stability now improved

    UPDATE 1.32[ 09/29/2016 ]

    • [ADD] new button aspect option for skin-wave ( in player
      configurations )
    • [ADD] new
    • [TWEAK] now theme-default has a boxed layout
    • [TWEAK] now bottom footer player is boxed

    UPDATE 1.31[ 08/25/2016 ]

    • [FIX] multiple bugs including stability fixes, play count fixes
      and album downloads

    UPDATE 1.30[ 07/24/2016 ]

    • [ADD] new wave mode
    • [ADD] new album type upload
    • [ADD] new album type download option
    • [ADD] new iTunes link option
    • [ADD] new soundcloud submit
    • [ADD] new repost system
    • [FIX] some bugs

    UPDATE 1.23[ 07/03/2016 ]

    • [FIX] some bugs

    UPDATE 1.22[ 07/01/2016 ]

    • [ADD] notifications for skin-default menu
    • [ADD] reposts functionality
    • [FIX] some bugs with facebook share
    • [FIX] some bugs with paypal ipn

    UPDATE 1.21[ 06/15/2016 ]

    • [TWEAK] now you can move elements between elements area
    • [FIX] some more bugs with playlist and explore page

    UPDATE 1.20[ 06/13/2016 ]

    • [ADD] plugins system
    • [ADD] statistics
    • [ADD] link option for images
    • [ADD] many new options for the featured slider ( QUERY element
      / type thumbs ) – including showing trending
      tracks ( most popular in last 24 hours )
    • [FIX] bugs with cart not calculating with subunitar prices

    UPDATE 1.19[ 06/07/2016 ]

    • [ADD] pagination via pagination buttons –
      [3] etc.
    • [FIX] explore page fatal error
    • [FIX] multiple bug fixes and stability improvements for

    UPDATE 1.18[ 05/14/2016 ]

    • [ADD] pagination via LOAD MORE button
    • [FIX] facebook share not working

    UPDATE 1.17[ 04/20/2016 ]

    • [ADD] forgot password functionality
    • [TWEAK] user must wait for the wave forms to be generated
      before it can click submit
    • [FIX] tags now order by submit date (descending ) by default
      – like the explore page

    UPDATE 1.16[ 04/05/2016 ]

    • [FIX] domino import
    • [FIX] tag page pagination scroll

    UPDATE 1.15[ 04/03/2016 ]

    • [ADD] new theme –
    • [ADD] parallax option for images
    • [ADD]
      reportssection in admin
    • [ADD] report copyright field in track pages

    UPDATE 1.14[ 04/01/2016 ]

    • [ADD] followers section in user header
    • [ADD] following section in user header
    • [ADD] likes section in user header
    • [FIX] social links now point to correct track link

    UPDATE 1.13[ 03/23/2016 ]

    • [ADD] social disable option ( for each social network share
    • [FIX] dramatically improved facebook share –
      now displays track title, description and thumbnail in
    • [TWEAK] removed script tag from embed and increased height of
      embed iframe
    • [ADD] option for user location in user settings

    UPDATE 1.12[ 03/22/2016 ]

    • [ADD] disable shop option
    • [ADD] download links open in new tab option
    • [TWEAK] now settings tab remember the last tab you were on on
    • [FIX] a bug with cover image not showing in pretty links

    UPDATE 1.11[ 03/22/2016 ]

    • [ADD] site title option in the settings
    • [ADD] up to 6 languages can be set in the language bar now
    • [FIX] language bar now showing correct current language
    • [FIX] fatal bug – admin pages not

    UPDATE 1.10[ 03/18/2016 ]

    • [ADD] repair database option
    • [ADD] optional pretty links for tracks and users
    • [ADD] deposit option ( needs manual input by admin )
    • [ADD] purchases table in the admin
    • [ADD] translation for Portuguese
    • [ADD] translation for German
    • [ADD] translation for Italian
    • [ADD] translation for Spanish
    • [ADD] translation for French
    • [FIX] likes

    UPDATE 1.01[ 03/13/2016 ]

    • [ADD] progress bar for uploads
    • [ADD] buy text for events
    • [ADD] start month and year option for calendar
    • [FIX] tracks not playing in safari
    • [FIX] tracks not showing time at portal startup


    How to access
    the admin ?

    The admin can be easily accessed from admin.php . If your site
    install is
    , you can access the admin from

    to remove the time uploaded from ?

    Go to the admin. Go to
    Pages, select
    Explorepage. Edit the Query element, and under

    How to place tracks with free download ?

    You can just set
    Is Buyableto ON and
    Priceto 0 and the track will be placed for free

    Can normal users upload and sell tracks?

    Any registered user can upload and has an option to sell the
    track. PRO users will have a a bigger upload limit and bigger limit
    of tracks.

    are payments processed to users?

    All payment is sent to a admin email address ( defined in the
    settings ) . Admin can release payments at a given date based on a
    purchases table in the admin.

    is this
    support ads like adsense?

    Yes, you can include the adsense iframe code anywhere in the


    • tracks and images are not included in the download
    • the waveform is a static image it is auto generated on user


    • beautiful tracks by and and
    • globe icon by
    • Reblog by Erik Christiansen from the Noun Project

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    I have no real experience with building sites, but managed to
    built my own site thanks for RockNRollaDesigns!

    Thanks a million guys!


    Wow! We had an issue with some of the images not
    displaying on iso devices. Rocknrolla got it sorted quick!

    Thanks for the amazing support. Great theme too! Already
    purchased another license.


    I truly love this template too. Well done. I just
    purchased it to kinda make a donation, as I am waiting for the WP
    version Hopefully it will look the same and is easy to customize,
    as I do not have much knowledge about HTML and such things
    Can’t wait ‘till next month!
    Thanks for your inspiration and outstanding work, guys!! Cheers
    from Switzerland, Matt : )


    Endless possibilites– With the
    advanced styling customization features, you can create endless
    possibilities by changing navigation styles, backgrounds for each
    section(header,sections, parallax,footer,etc..) with colors,images
    or patterns.

    Ultra Responsive– Jarvis is
    100% responsive, each and every element including the awesome
    slider are fully responsive.

    Parallax Sections– Jarvis is
    built using Parallax javascript. This enables to make your site
    more appealing and creative. It’s also very easy
    to use.

    Custom Backgrounds– Jarvis
    allows you to set a custom background for each section. A
    super-quick way to get creative with your site. Parallax sections
    makes your page more beautiful.

    2 Navigation Styles– Jarvis
    includes 2 navigation styles. With color customizations, styles,
    and more, every user will surely find their match.

    AJAX functionality– Jarvis also
    integrates AJAX functionality for Portfolio section. It also
    supportss media like youtube, vimeo, etc.

    Working Contact Form– The
    elements of the contact form is perfectly styled and works
    perfectly in all the major browsers.

    Font Awesome Integration– We
    include over 240+ Icon font integration. You can use these icons
    via shortcodes in any page. You can customize the size,color,type
    of the icon.

    Browser Compatability– This
    template supports all the major browsers including IE8+, Chrome,
    Safari, Firefox.

    Clean Code– The code is well
    written using the best resources available and also all the files
    are well commented to make your work much easier.

    Documentation– We include the
    detailed documentation on how to use the theme and
    it’s features. Plus you can always submit a
    ticket at our heldeks if you have any queries.

    Rocknrolla Helpdesk– Apart from
    the documentaion and screencasts, if your still have any problems,
    queries, bugs, issues, requests. You can just raise a ticket in our

    | |

    Theme Updates:


    • by John Resig
    • by
    • by
    • by and
    • by
    • by
    • by
    • HTML5 Librarys by
    • Javascript file for slideshow is taken from
    • Icon fonts by
    • Images by , and
    • Other images are bought from

    Product Specification of Creative Flower WooCommerce
    WordPress Theme

    With unique design for online flower shop, you
    can’t pass this Creative Flower Theme. This
    design is gently and exquisite to show off your flowers and


    • Fully responsive:With responsive function, all
      layouts will fit and look great on different size of device as
      desktop, mobile phone and tablet.
    • Unlimited color options:Set color for an
      appropriate element with different color schemes, you can change
      the color without any effort.
    • Category page:Customer can change category with
      grid or list to show different information.
    • Detail page:Good product detail pages include
      high-quality images, a qualitative product description that
      customer can know all information around it.


    • Page builder by SiteOriginmakes it easy to build
      responsive grid-based page content that adapts to mobile devices
      with pixel perfect accuracy. It’s a whole new
      dimension to content creation that’ll help you
      create your home, contact, about us or any other page where a
      linear layout won’t convey your message.
      It’s a powerful enhancement to the WordPress
      content editing experience, yet it feels entirely familiar.
    • Simple Drag and Drop: A simple drag and drop
      interface means you’ll never need to touch a
      line of code. You can reply on Page Builder to do what it does best
      – all the difficult work, generating
      light-weight, SEO friendly code, A page users and search engines
      will love.
    • Use your favorite widgets:WordPresswidgets are a
      site owner’s best friend. Page Builder uses the
      widgets you love, and we’ve integrated with some
      incredible plugins to give you even more. Page Builder and widgets
      – together forever.
    • Works with your theme:Page Builder
      isn’t a commitment to a single theme or even a
      theme developer. It integrates with any theme. This capability
      guarantees that your content will always come along with you, even
      when your design tastes change. The freedom to move forward.


    • Fully Responsive & Mobile Specific Features
    • jQuery 1.7 – jQuery 2.x Supported
    • Lightning Fast Greensock Animation Engine
    • Powerful API functions
    • Smart Font Loading
    • Hero, Carousel and Classic Slider Features
    • All Sizes Possible (Full Responsive + Revolutionary 4 Level
      Advanced Sizes)
    • Full width, Full screen, Auto Responsive Slider sizes
    • Unlimited Sliders per page
    • Image BG Cover, Contain, Tiled, Alignment, etc.
    • WYSIWYG Drag & Drop Editor
    • Published / Unpublished Slides
    • Publish slides based on predefined Dates
    • Simple and Advanced Lazy Loading for Faster and SEO Optimized
      Slider Start
    • Link and Actions on Slides
    • Parallax Effects, full customizable, combine with Ken Burns and
      other effects (Mouse / Scroll controlled)
    • Improved Light weight Ken Burns Effects (easier &
    • World Premiere for advanced Action Building
    • Build Social Stream based Sliders
    • Quick and Easy building based on Slider, Slide and Layer
    • Performance Monitor and better Performance Suggestions
    • Viewport based Slide Loading and Progress
    • Create Slider Defaults, Reset, overwrite single Settings due
      all slides
    • Save Slide, Slider, Layer, Animation as Template
    • Animation Builder
    • Huge Number of Possible Transitions
    • Create your custom animations
    • Set Start / End Time, Speed, Ease and Effects of any
    • Show/hide layers on Slider Effects, Events, Actions
    • Add Unlimited Number of Layers
    • YouTube, Vimeo, Self-Hosted HTML5 Videos, Shapes, Buttons,
      Predefined Buttons as Layer
    • Set actions and links per Layers
    • Combine Actions over different Layers and slides
    • Option to Link to a Specific Slide via Layer
    • Toggle Animation, Classes, video functions via Layers
    • Variable Layer Image Sizes, full responsive and/or Device Size
    • Design your Layers for different Device sizes after your
    • Option to Hide Layers on Any Devices
    • Bullet, Button, Tabs and Thumbnail Navigation, single or mixed
      mode. Any position like outter, inner, aligned etc.
    • Left/Right, Top/Bottom Mouse Scroll events.
    • Vertical/Horizontal Keyboard actions
    • Mobile Touch Enabled (Optional)
    • Drag and Pull Carousel Feature
    • “Stop Slide Timer on Hoverâ€
    • Auto-Hiding of Navigation with Delay Option
    • Optional Countdown Timer Line
    • Set position, color, size of Time Line
    • Set size, visibility, amount and behavior of Thumbs, Tabs,
      Bullets, Arrows
    • Hide / Enable Navigation on Mobile Devices
    • Keyboard Navigation
    • Fancy Navigation Skins with Slider Preview
    • AutoPlay – Always, only first time, skip
      first time, wait for action
    • Stop video on Blur, Play Video only in ViewPort
    • Rewind, or keep current progress time
    • Set Start and End time
    • Loop, “Loop and Progressâ€
    • Full screen, full width, boxed
    • Navigation features
    • Action based control (through other layers)
    • New Video API, Events and Methods to control media outside of
      the Slider
    • Custom-Build Content
    • WordPress Posts
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • Vimeo
    • Flickr
    • Instagram


    • Works with your theme: Max Mega Menu is a drop in replacement
      for your existing menu system.
    • Visual Mega Menu Builder: Max Mega Menu is the only menu plugin
      for WordPress with a visual drag and drop interface. Add any
      WordPress widget to your menu!
    • Unlimited Level Flyout Menus: If your theme restricts you to
      showing just one or two level menus, install Max Mega Menu and
      start creating unlimited level flyout menu’s
      with ease.
    • Choose your own style: Customize every aspect of your menus
      with over 100 styling options, no CSS knowledge needed.
    • Works with multiple Menus: Max Mega Menu can be enabled for a
      single or multiple menu locations per page.
    • Responsive & Touch Friendly: Menus created with Max Mega
      Menu look and work great on all devices, including touch


    • Theme Options by Redux Framework brings you the easiest way to
      change theme options like logo, color, fonts, shop page, header,
    • Unlimited sidebar:Easily create custom sidebars and assign
      different sidebar to each page


    • Create multiple wish-lists: users will be able to create and
      manage multiple wish-lists, in case they prefer to split the
      products by category or by other parameters
    • Make one or more wish-lists private: allow users to make their
      wish-list private or public: if public, they can share it with
      friends, relatives and on social networks
    • Ask for an estimate for the products in the wish-list: let
      users send the wish-list to the administrator of the e-commerce to
      ask for a custom estimate about the product they are interested
    • Allow searching users’ wish-lists: add a
      search form in the site to let people consult public
    • Observe Users Wish-lists To Understand Their Needs: determine
      statistics to know better your customers’ needs
      and to make special discounts and promotions for most popular
    • Add to cart some or all products in the wish-list: so that your
      users can decide whether to select some or all products in their
      wish-list and go to checkout page with a simple click only.
    • Disable wish-list features for unlogged users: and give
      registered users only the privilege to access wish-list
    • Display a table with popular products of your shop: see which
      products appear most frequently in your users wish-list and make
      special offers for them
    • Display links for creating, manage and search wish-list: so
      that your users can directly access them from the wish-list
    • Inform and invite unlogged users to register: so that they can
      benefit from all wish-list features
    • Send a promotional email: the best way to tell your users about
      special offers, or to propose a unique one by yourself!
    • Freely manage your wish-list: your users will be free to move
      easily the products from a wish-list to another.
    • See the date of addition of a product in a wish-list: for a
      precise and aimed check to offer more information to your


    • Show the comparison in another page: a page that you can add
      even among the entries of your shop menu.
    • Compare elements by category: removing every doubt of your
      customers thanks to the compare by category option.
    • Exclude specific categories: in this way, they
      won’t be available for the comparison and, on
      the contrary, you can even activate only those selected to be
    • Add an image ahead of the table: customize the comparison table
      as you want!
    • Compare always the product information: no more comparisons
      with empty fields: these will be automatically hidden!
    • Share the comparison on social network sites: create your
      comparison and share it on facebook, twitter, google+ and
    • Show immediately the related products: thanks to a slider under
      the table that shoes the products with the same category/tag!
    • Change style and colors: make the plugin totally compatible
      with the layout of your site!
    • Customize attributes: add those you want for your products and
      make them appear in the comparing tables.
    • Create a table with the desired products: select the products
      and use the generated short code to add the table in the page you


    • Choose what type of button to display: decide whether to
      display a quick view button or a customized icon to access the
      quick view, and decide where to place it, near add to cart button
      or within the product image.
    • Browse products within quick view: so that you can quickly move
      to the previous or next product. Without leaving the window
    • Choose information to display: you can decide if displaying all
      information of just part of it.
    • Show different types of images: display just featured image or
      also other images through sliding effect or in traditional
      woo-commerce display
    • Choose displaying method for quick view: as modal window or
      with a cascading unrolling effect
    • Access product detail page from quick view: thanks to the
      additional “view details†button
    • Share quick views in social media: to be social-friendly and
      share quick views of your products on facebook, twitter, pinterest,
      google+, or send an email
    • Customize style: you can decide color of the
      “quick view†button and everything
      that is within the modal window.
    • Place the quick view where you want: use the available short
      code to make your users see a specific product in any page.
    • Improve your experience with YITH plugins: its compatibility
      with YITH woo-commerce zoom magnifier, YITH woo-commerce badge
      management and YITH Woo-commerce wish-list lets you mix their


    • Testimonial:Testimonial slider is very beautiful,
      you can manage your company
    • testimonial easily
    • Cross browser:It works well on all browsers:
      Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE


    • Free of Charge-After purchase, all updates are
      free of charge.
    • Update Guarantee-we will continue to update and
      improve this theme to keep it the best theme for
      WordPress. The upgrade will be guide in the user
      guiders of newer version and the buyer has his own responsibility
      to upgrade the products or not
    • Ticket Support– we have a team
      support private ticket here, please register and open ticket
      support. Please read over our support policy as we as Themeforest
      support policy
    • Support Period– we will only
      support client who has a validated support period from Themeforest,
      if you are expired, please buy a new extension of support.


    • Presales Questions– if you have any presales
      questions, please post on TF comment sections.
    • Template User-guider– the template come with a
      detail user-guiders in PDF format which is update often.
    • Template Installation on live site– you can buy
      and use it with your current
      WorPresswebsite which already has product and
    • Quick-start Installation Packages– you can set up
      a completely new
      WorPresswith Quickstart Package. We have detail
      documentation for you to install the templates on your
      WorPresssites and configure the
      WorPressplugins to work.
    • Sample data IS INCLUDEDin the purchased package
      with the product images is placeholder.
    • WorPress plugins
      All the WorPress WorPress plugins used on demo sites is
      included in the download files
      . If we did test on any
      WorPressplugins, we will clearly notify in
    • Installation Services– for any buyer who do not
      have time, skills, knowledge or for any other reasons can buy the
      from our team, so we can install demo data with images and
      products, pricing, configure all the modules to work with WORDPRESS
    • WordPress Project Outsourcing– In case you want to
      customize this templates, set up full sites, need a team to do
      maintenance, then please feel free to contact our team at


    • Refund Policy-we are a seller on Themeforest and
      we comply with TF support and refund policy. If you want a refund,
      please contact Envato team to receive the determination.
    • Media Images-some product images, background
      photos, videos, banners…which use for demo
      template, is the subject of copyright and are not included in the
      purchase packages and sample data. We can replace them with
      placeholder images, so please use your own items.


    Hurry up. 80%
    discount till 1st of January !!!


    Like Us On Facebook:

    About Scops Engine:

    Presentation of Voice Control:

    How to Install:

    Live Demo:

    Mobile Demo:

    Messenger Demo:

    Admin Demo:

    Admin Username:

    Admin Password: Test111

    What customers talk about Scops Engine


    V: 2.0 Date: December 20,2016 * Added 3 New themes * Added
    new settings tab * Added Video call (works only with SSL
    chertificate) * Added metetions * Added news feed filter by news
    (audio , video , friends , groups , photos and only text) * Added
    only follow like facebook and (follow and add to friends) * Added 5
    languages (Russian , English , Armenian , Francis , Bulgarian) *
    Added new design on the games + categories section now you can play
    and enjoy fully * Added new modal box profile and page (group) for
    the info button. * New URL Expander * New modal box with users who
    like this * New modal box with users who dislike this * Added
    change the current theme from profile setings * Added change url of
    the profile from profile settings * Added show me or no in the
    datting section * Fixed issue with the voice control website , now
    is more easy to control the website only with voice * All ajax
    requests are updated for more speed for the website * User
    Interface Improvements * Fixed admin send to all users push
    notification issues * Fixed security issues * Fixed security issues
    with the admin panel * Fixed issues with audio player * Fixed: All
    know issues

    List of Features

        Login And Sign Up easy (Now is fast)
        Fast Ajax Based registration (make profile only with 4 steps)
        Fast Login (cache based login only with your password our
    system know your email)
        Password Reset (if you don’t know you
    password don't worry reset it now)
    User Profile (Now looks great is different than Facebook)
        Upload photo and cover easy with one click
        Friends Section (your friends)
        Photos Section (your latest uploaded photos)
        Groups Section (in how much group you are)
        Profile Information (when you are born , how old are you
        Wall and News (Of course we do not miss it to add a powerful
    wall for your social network you can expand more than 70
    url’s any of which
    Settings – Manage Everything
        Profile Settings (update your profile)
        Groups Settings (manage groups settings)
        Change Profile name (you can change aways your name)
        Change profile password (change your password if you want new)
        Black List (add members to black list if you not want they to
    view your profile
        Delete your profile forever (our system will delete all your
    history , images , files and etc.. don’t wory we
    are not information collectors
        Closed Profile (Great function yes ? with this function you can
    be calm from intruders)
    News Feed – Comfort is important
        Great Grid based design of our news feed comfort is important
        Follow the news of groups , friends and much more
    Request – Real Notification
        Group Request (you will get invites from group in this section)
        Friends Request (The peoples who wants to be your friends will
    give you a friend request you can view it on the Friends Requests)
        Likes ( you will get notification when someone like your post ,
    photo , video etc..
        Shares (you will get notification when someone share your post
    to his wall)
        Dislikes (you will get notification when someone dislike your
    post , photo , video etc…
    Music – The Music Is life
        Ajax based music player (when you browse on the website the
    music will not stop)
        SoundCloud API – (60 billions of songs just
    search it and the songs will come)
        Playlist (collect your favorite songs and play it fast when you
    Guests – There are no secrets
        Guests (with this function you can view all users who have
    visited your profile)
        Enable/Disable (you can easy enable or disable this function if
    you don’t like it
    Games – Because we will kill boredom
        My Games (the games when you have played)
        Games Section
    Dating – Meet With your love
        Like (like photos of participants in dating section)
        Wink (Wink to your future love)
    Ask Like
        Ask questions (you can ask Antonym questions)
    Who is online
        This feature allows you to check who is online in the network
    Top – 50
        Top – 50 function (here you will see the top
    50 members in the website based on rating system)
        #Hashtags (Incredible #hashtags search engine ajax based just
    enter a word and you will get information of it if exits )
        Ajax based search engine allows you to search members and
    groups (you can filter the search engine with function
    “members online , male ,
    Chat – is more than real
        Send images , videos, audios (our chat provide you a
    possibility to send media to your friends 
    using the chat)
        Chat History (here you can view all chat’s
        Drag able (move your chat and paste it wherever you want)
    Sticker Store (For The chat)
        Sticker Store (our sticker store is very completed add or
    remove stickers from our stickers store)
    Wall – Because it’s
        Attach photos (share photos with friends)
        Share links (Share links with friends
        Attach post (attach you important post of the top of your wall)
        Like (like your friends of yourself posts)
        Dislike (dislike your friends of yourself posts)
        Powerful expand url system (you can expand more than 70 URLs
    any of which “YouTubeâ€,
        Delete posts (you can remove stories from your wall if you not
    like it)
        Pop up wall (like a twitter or vk )
        Upload videos
        Like and comment videos
        Video feed
        Video Album
        Groups (create groups and promote your brand)
        Groups settings (manage your group settings like the profile
        Post stories on the group wall (wall for the groups here you
    can share with your 
    followers stories)
        Group Photos (you can upload in your group photos )
        Moderators (add or remove moderators from your group)
        Invite friends (here you can invite friends to be followers to
    your group)
        Create event (you can create event from the system calendar
        Invite friend (invite friends to your event)
    Admin panel
        Manage everything written above in one place easily and quickly

    “Liam†is a responsive HTML
    Template best suitable for agencies, portfolio, freelancers,
    etc… Each and every element of the Template has
    been tested to ensure it adapts to modern smartphones and tablets.
    “Liam†Template comes with 11
    different homepage layouts, 7 different portfolio layouts including
    full-width image, video.

    “Liam†Key Features

    • “Liam†is fully responsive. Each
      and every page element has been tested to ensure it adapts to
      modern smarthphones and tablets.

    Extended Features

    • Responsive Design
    • jQuery Powered
    • Sticky Menu
    • 11 Home Page Layouts
    • 7 Portfolio Pages
    • 4 Blog Post Formats Layouts

      • Full Width Picture
      • Video Post
      • Simple Text Format
    • Valid HTML5 Code
    • Crossbrowser Compatible
    • Clean Design
    • Documentation Included

    This Item is

    We aim to answer all questions within 24 hours in weekdays. In
    some cases, the waiting time can be extended to 48 hours. Support
    requests sent during weekends or public holidays will be processed
    on next Monday or the next business day.


    All images come with
    this Template are licensed under Creative Commons Zero CC0 1.0
    Universal (CC0 1.0). You can use it along with this Template
    without asking permission.


    December 21, 2016

    • Template release.


    • WordPress 4.5.x, 4.6.x, 4.7.x
    • WooCommerce 2.4.x, 2.5.x, 2.6.x

    FirstGear is wordpress ecommerce theme based on WooCommerce
    plugin. It is suitable for auto, fitness wear, shoes, surf board,
    tools, fashion, gym and sports. It is also multipurpose theme which
    can be used for any kind of online store. FirstGear WooCommerce
    theme is looking good with it’s clean and fresh
    design. All sub pages are customized.

    • Using GOOGLE Fonts
    • Easy Customize –
      Admin OptionsCustomized Panel
    • Unlimited Color Options – Admin Panel
    • HTML5and
    • Fully
    • 1500+
      Font AwesomeICONS
    • Support
    • No Core Modifications
    • SEO(Search Engine Optimization) friendly
    • Optimized for
      Fast Loading+ CSS Sprite
    • UnlimitedBanners + Sliders –
      Admin Panel
    • Brand Logo+ Slider – Admin
    • Different
    • Different
    • Easy Shopping Cart Dropdown from header
    • Lots of
      Short codeswith variations
    • Valid XHTML and CSS markup
    • Woo CommerceIntegration
    • Sample dataImport
    • Easy Use and Easy Customize
    • Avoid JavaScript Confliction
    • Full
      PSD filessupplied
    • Compatible with all major browsers
    • Well-structured and commented code for easy customization
    • Full user guide documentation to help you installing and
      utilizing the theme

    Update History

    • 29 December 2016

      Initial Release

      More WordPress Themes from TemplateMela

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    valid till 6th Jan.

    Facebook Live Chat Supportis an add-on for
    wowonder which allow you to put facebook live chat box on your
    website and visitors can chat with you or with your support staff
    via Facebook messenger.This is very easy and effective method to
    offer quick support to your website’s users.This
    addon is very useful to keep contact with your website users,help
    them to resolve their queries and increase your fanpage
    likes,too.Please watch screenshots and demo video for more

    Demo video:

    What is

    WoWonderis the best way to start your own social
    network website! WoWonder is fast, secured, and it will be
    regularly updated..


    • Allow your users to chat with your website support staff.
    • Unlimited bandwidth because it uses facebook server.
    • Unlimited chat histrory because history save on facebook
    • Allow user to like your fanpage and help to increase fanpage
    • Allow you or your staff to chat with multiple users at same
    • Easy setup.
    • Well documentation added.
    • All Versions Supported.

    Note: Remember to rate this product after

    Explore cityis a perfect HTML template for local
    or worldwide listing directory site. It is based on a latest
    Bootstrap 3 that look beautiful at any size, be it a
    23†PC or an iPhone.


    • “Mobile-Friendly†as tested by
      Google Developers
    • YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5 self hosted video support in popup
    • Valid HTML5 and CSS3
    • Retina ready
    • Responsive layout (desktops, tablets, Ipads and mobile
    • Working (PHP) Contact Form
    • Mailchimp ready (PHP) Subscribe Form
    • Well Documented


    • jQuery
    • owlCarousel
    • Animation
    • Nivo-Lightbox
    • Scrolltoplugin
    • Google map api js
    • jquery-countTo


    • Popup video:


    We are ready to
    improve this template by your demands. If you have any questions
    about this template you can leave a comment or contact us via
    email. We will do our best to assist and help you!

    NOTE: All images used here are just for preview purpose only &
    they are not included in main downloadable files.