A busy August comes to a close, as we welcome September! As a
gift for this event, ZooTemplate releases an . It is suitable and
marvelous for multiple purposes such as business websites,
ecommerce store, unique portfolio, creative designers and

ZT Leo is designed with a variety of colors, attractive layouts
and impressive displays of images. Especially, you
don’t feel worried about transfiguration of the
website because this Joomla template has a responsive web design,
which means that it can be compatible on all devices from a large
monitor to tablets and smartphones…

What’s more? Built in a very powerful Zo2
Framework, our new responsive Joomla template ZT Leo owns extremely
powerful features. You can customize your template from head to toe
with tons of fonts, different changeable background & preset
style, and create new pages for your Joomla site a lot easier with
Drag & Drop Layout Builder. When experiencing this template,
you will have the opportunity to customize your site in the perfect
ways. Even if you only have a limited knowledge of CSS and HTML,
you can tweak Zo2 and create an awesome and unique design.

It is more excellent when ZT Leo uses admin panel, free layer
slider extension, Drop-down Mega Menu, Page Builder, custom
background & logo options and very many other outstanding
features. Not yet the end, ZT Leo has great EasyBlog extension
supported, this template now helps you make that blog of yours
super beautiful and attractive.

For all the above powerful functions and features, why
don’t you choose ZT-Leo and enjoy its
excellence? Hurry up and discover the behind miracle, surely we
don’t make you disappointed.

Powered by ZO2

Drag &
Drop Layout Builder

EasyBlog Extension

FontAwesome Icons Integration

CSS3 Animations

Boxed & Wide

Your Fonts & Colors

Tons of

Joomla Template

  • Drag & Drop layout builder
  • Right To Left (RTL) languagesupported
  • supported.
  • Includes Amazing
  • Boxed & Wide Layout
  • Easy to make new skin/style for your shop in the admin panel
    without knowledge of coding
  • Responsive web design: show up great on both Mac,
    Windows, iPad, Tablets, iPhones, Android and windows phones
  • Mega Menussupported: Allow you add categories,
    custom static block (video, banner, links..) to the navigation
  • Off Canvas menussupported
  • Google Analytic, Google Authorshipintegrated
  • Tons of Shortcode
  • Social Sharingintegrated
  • Font Awesome Iconsintegrated
  • Search Engine Optimize
  • Back to top button
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • Support
    EasyBlog extension
  • Well-comment CSS and PHP code files
  • Cross Browser Support ( IE 9+ , Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera
    9+ )
  • Compatible with Joomla 3.x & Joomla 2.5.x

Change Logs

## Version 1.0.9 release Jan 20, 2016

* Upgrade to Joomla 3.4.8
* Upgrade to Zo2 Framework 1.4.12
* Upgrade to Zt Layer Slider 1.3.1
* Improve style & fixes minor css issues

## Version 1.0.8 release Mar 16, 2015

* Fix canvas issue which Main menu (x) icon, arrow icon (>)
missing when viewing the site on mobile device (portrait mode)
* Improve header layout on mobile view 
* Fix missing css file 
* Fix JS issue

## Version 1.0.7 release Mar 12, 2015

* Add ZT Shortcodes generator v1.0.3
* Upgrade to Joomla 3.4
* Upgrade to Zo2 Framework v1.4.6

## Version 1.0.6 release Feb 02, 2015

* Fix some css issues
* Upgrade to Zo2 Framework v1.4.4

## Version 1.0.5 release Jan 06, 2015

* Upgrade to Joomla 3.3.6
* Upgrade to Zo2 Framework v1.4.3
* Fix some css issues
* Remove Joomla 2.5 support

## Version 1.0.4 release Dec 17, 2014

* Upgrade to Joomla 2.5.28
* Integrated ZT Logo Brand module 
* Fixed some minor css issues 

## Version 1.0.3 release Oct 09, 2014

* Upgrade Joomla 3.3.6 & Joomla 2.5.27
* Upgrade to Zo2Framework v1.4.2

## Version 1.0.2 release Sep 19, 2014

* Page speed optimized 

## Version 1.0.1 release Sep 10, 2014

*  Fix major css issue related to Menu & Search box 
*  Add new effect for loading element
*  Fix responsive issue

## Version 1.0.0 release Sep 08, 2014

* Initial released 

Layers – a responsive and multipurpose admin
dashboard template, based on the latest Twitter Bootstrap
framework. It’s super flexible and user
friendly, as it’s compatible with any device. We
put a lot of time and effort to create such a template, with many
kinds of different layout variations and yet 2
“layersâ€, as many others are coming
soon for the next updates. They can be changed just by changing a
line of code, so you haven’t to worry about
choosing another one! This makes Layers an easily customizable tool
for anyone.

We love when all updates are free. Once
you’ve purchased Layers,
you’ll be able to download all future updates.
If you love our template, please don’t forget to
rate us five stars. Good rating provides more and better updates in


  • Built with Bootstrap 3.3.7
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Fully Responsive
  • Cross-browser Compatible
  • 2 Different Layers
  • Left/Horizontal Bar, Static/Fixed Sidebar, Accordion/Hover
    Menu, Compact/CompactALT Menu, Fluid/Boxed Layout and Collapsed
    Sidebar Layout Options
  • 3D Navigation
  • Flotchart, Sparkline, Rickshaw, Morris and Chartjs Charts
  • DataTables
  • Form Wizard
  • Dropzone File Upload
  • X-editable
  • Select2
  • Image Crop
  • Toastr Notifications
  • Tree view
  • Nestable lists
  • Pricing Tables
  • Inbox, Compose, Vew message, Profile, Calendar, Login,
    Register, Lock Screen, Forgot Password, Search Results, Coming
    Soon, Invoice, Timeline, Shop, Gallery, Error and Contact
  • Google & Vector Maps

Why Web2App?

Web2App is
simply the easiest way to convert your Website into a real IOS app.
In addition, we offer great features like Tabs, build-in
Advertisements, notifications and easy customization and styling

  • Just easier

    First app? No problem. We offer a great documentation to get
    your started!

  • Completely customizeable

    In addition to our default customization options.
    WebToApp’s has a complete open sourcecode, this
    way you can customize and add everything you want.

  • Premium support

    If you can not find your answer in the Documentation or our
    Community FAQ, we will be there for personal support.


  • Great customization

    Choose your favorite theme color and combine it it with one of
    our 36 layout options. It’s our most
    customizable template ever.

  • Tab bar

    Optionally use tabs to add all your webpages to your WebView
    and let your users enjoy amazing fluent navigation and tab

  • Hide-able Navigation bar and Toolbar

    More screen space with the hide-able bars. This familiar
    navigation pattern can also be seen in Safari. Scroll down to hide
    the toolbar and scroll up to show it!

  • Pull-to-refresh

    Choose to refresh your pages with just a swipe gesture. You can
    also use this stylish layout to indicate page loading.

  • Rate my App

    A smart rate my app dialog that will display after x days or x
    launches. It’s an easy way to get some reviews
    on the App Store.

  • Push notifications with MixPAnel

    Notify your users about new content with push notifications
    from MixPanel, you will get unlimited notifications!

  • Admob & iAd

    Monetize your app in seconds. Just enter your Admob ID or
    enable iAD and banner ads will be shown trough-out your
    application. Ofcourse, you can disable ads at any time.

  • MixPanel Analytics and Surveys

    Track your app, find out at how many installs you have, what
    day of the week you have to most users and even more.

  • Offline WebPagesLoad offline webpages from assets,
    great for apps based on Ionic, Cordova or other native web
  • Pull to refresh

    Simply pull to refresh content, can optionally be disabled.

  • HTML5

    We use the same web engine as Safari.

  • Integrated social features

    Share a custom text to spread the word about your app.

  • iPad & iPhone support for all orientations

    Supporting all IOS devices in all orientations (meeting the
    IOS7 software requirement)

  • No internet connection dialog

    Show a screen that will inform the user in case there is no
    internet connection available.

  • Design kept in mind

    We made this template according to the default IOS styles,
    resulting in a familiar and modern UI.


    This template supports IOS7 and up. Performance may decrease
    when using many tabs on older devices. OSX 10.11 and the XCode 7
    are recommended. Features of Web2App for IOS may differ from
    Web2App for Android. A mobile optimized website or webpage is

    Questions &

    Still having some questions? Just leave a comment.

    Need support? Go to our .


    Beta V1.1
    Better support for Cookies
    Open pages/apps outside the webview
    Initial version
    Icons used in the Demo and Promotional Images are retrieved from
    and are not distributed with the template.

  • Teddy Summer

    It’s a simple dress-up style game for
    everyone. It’s compatible with all HTML5
    supported devices and optimized for mobile devices.

    • Includes Construct 2 Project file.
    • Includes Android with Google AdMob project file.
    • 800×480px Landscape orientation size.
    • Easy to modify items and make a branded version

    You can download a game from a device or download for

    Also checkout the new


    Tiva Events Calendaris plugin which help you to
    display all events on calendar. It is very flexible and easy to
    install and integrate into your website. You can create events in
    json file or feed from your database via php file (Ajax)

    With nice popup, user can quick-view event for each day, view
    event list and event detail. Your events will be displayed lively
    and logically. There are 2 layouts for your choice :

    Compact Layout

    You can put events calendar everywhere in your website via just
    simple configuration. You can also change language for calendar via
    js language file.

    Event list

    choose Tiva Events Calendar ?

    • Display your events lively and logically.
    • View events via calendar or list style.
    • Quick view event’s info with tooltip.
    • User friendly interface.
    • Full layout or Compact layout.
    • Very easy to install and integrate.
    • Language support

    If you like our product, please don’t
    forget to review and rate it . We will support you as soon as


    Version 1.6 (22 Sep 2016)
        - Update : Demo how to get data from database on php file.
        - Update : Add sql file to demo database for events.
        - Update : Change image loading.gif (transparent background).
    Version 1.5 (10 Jun 2016)
        - Fix : Link to event detail on event list.
        - Update : Add option max number of events dislayed on list.
    Version 1.4 (08 Jun 2016)
        - Fix : Sort events more logically in list view.
        - Update : Display time with multi-day event.
        - Update : Add color field for event.
        - Update : Add config file to store config.
    Version 1.3 (18 Apr 2016)
        - Update : Add option for initial view (Calendar / Event list).
        - Update : Add option for start date on calendar (Sunday /
        - Update : Add option for switch button (Show / Hide)
    Version 1.2 (11 Apr 2016)
        - Fix : Responsive for full calendar layout.
        - Fix : Optimize code.
    Version 1.1 (07 Apr 2016)
        - Fix : Event take place on many days.
    Version 1.0 (04 Apr 2016)
        - Initial release.

    Follow us on


    Build template for Woocommerce product detail page with
    Visual Composer to create product detail pages of

    current version 3.0.4 available for download! If you have the
    problem concerning display single product of Woocommerce when use
    Visual Composer. you want use Visual Composer to build templates
    for each products when view single product.

    No problem, with this plugin will help you easily do it, it
    help you can control or sortable all content element of Visual
    Composer and content element of single product: title,rate ,price,
    data tabs… to build single product page. Also, if
    missing shortcodes for Woocommerce in Visual Composer, the plugin
    support to add it.

    If you want display product data without tabs, this plugin
    support display single product description, product additional
    information and product reviews in each section.


    Simple Product:

    Varible Product:

    Extra Product Options:

    Default Single Product of Theme:

    If you like
    Woo Detail Product Page Builder

    Please dont forget to rate…

    Builder Example:


    • Require to work
    • Tested with
    • Easily Installation.
    • Easily configure.
    • User-friendly.
    • Support build page apply for each products or products in each
    • Support edit default templates in plugin through overrides it
      in your theme
    • Support custom single product image and and product thumbnails
    • Support use full 40+ content element of Visual Composer
    • Support Woocommerce shortcodes
    • Support display field in
    • Support YITH WooCommerce Wishlist shortcode
    • Support display product description and review separately
      (no tabs).
    • Work with any theme
    • and much more…

    woocommerce shortcodes

    Demo Page

    Work with any

    Reasons why people love Woo Detail Product Page Builder


    - Add Fancy Product Designer shortcode.
    - Fix problem with Jupiter theme.
    - Add support for Cornerstone plugin 
    - Add edit Custom Template when view Product 
    - Change shortcode 'dhvc_woo_product_custom_field' to
    - Change shortcode 'dhvc_woo_product_page_custom_field' to
    - Change filter 'dhvc_woo_product_page_custom_field_value' to
    - Change filter 'dhvc_woocommerce_post_type_template' to
    - Change shortcode 'dhvc_woo_product_breadcrumb' to
    - Support custom template 'single-product.php' for custom template 
    - Fix problem with Visual Composer 4.11.2 
    - Add new shortcode 'Woo Breadcrumb' 
    - Fix problem with Theme use woocommerce template.
    - Fix problem for Jupiter Theme
    - Small fixes and improvements
    - Add "WC Single Product Custom Field shortcode to display Custom
    fields data from meta values of the product
    - Fix problem when use WC Product Page shortcode to display Product
    with Custom template.
    - Fix error when add shortcode with Visual Composer
    - Fix error when Empty Custom Template. 
    - Small fixes and improvements
    - Add support custom template post type.
    - Small fixes and improvements
    - Fix problem with ACF pro.
    - Fix problem in Woo Shortcode 
    - Add do_shortcode in Advanced Custom Fields shortcode - Add filter
    for Advanced Custom Fields value :
    apply_filters('dhvc_woo_product_page_custom_field_value', $value,
    - Compatibility with Visual Composer 4.8.x 
    - Small fixes and improvements
    - Small fixes and improvements
    - Compatibility with Visual Composer 4.5.3 added 
    - fix bug can not select product in Chosen select
     - Fix bug Chosen select in WooCommerce new version.
    - Small fixes and improvements
    - Add support deregister style font awesome
    - Change Woo Single Product Images shortcode to default load
    "woocommerce_show_product_images" function
    - Fix bug custom VC shortcode custom css not working
    - Add support DHWC Product Labels plugin
    - Add support select page Template  private status 
    - Fix bug remove page template in product
    - Support YITH WooCommerce Wishlist shortcode
    - Small fixes and improvements
    - Fixed no select page template and improvements
    - Update load visual composer css
    - Update to work with any theme
    - Support display single product description, product additional
    information and product reviews
    - Update to support display field in
    - Fixbug code v1.2.2 - Add custom single product image and and product thumbnails size v1.2.0 - Update to support Woocommerce shortcodes v1.0.0 - Initial Release

    Custom Error Page Manager is a simple and easy to use Error File
    Handling Solution for web sites. This is complete solution for
    Custom Error Documents. And this script includes 15+ bootstrap
    based template for 404 pages etc, and this is a Error File Manager
    script where you can create error pages, selected designed error
    pages template and edit them using WYSIWYG Editor and redirect user
    to that page when particular error occurs at your web site.
    Technically this is for HTTP Status Messages. This use
    ErrorDocument function in mode_rewrite functions. So your server
    should support mode_rewrite or simple .htaccess functions. All the
    error files written in flat files so no database is required.


    • Create, Edit Error Pages using Easy to Use WYSIWYG Editor
    • Redirect users when 20+ errors occurs, using .htaccess
    • Select design out of 15+ beautiful bootstrap based
    • Code Editor for html and css codes for more coding effects
    • No Database used, Just flat files to store Error Pages
    • Bootstrap Ready, You can use any theme of your own or line
    • Flat File Based Secured file editor, No Database Required
    • PHP 5 and PHP 7 Supports

    Templates to Select from

    WYSIWYG Editor

    It’s normal when communicating via HTTP, a
    server is required to respond to a request to the client, such as a
    how web browser request for a web page, with a numeric response
    code, including error codes. We all know that Following error codes
    are common in web.

    • .400 Bad Request
    • 401 Unauthorized
    • 403 Forbidden
    • 404 Not Found
    • 408 Request Timeout
    • 500 Internal Server Error
    • 502 Bad Gateway
    • 503 Service Unavailable
    • 504 Gateway Timeout

    Also there are more error, although they are occurring very
    rarely, they also need to answer in our web. Those other errors
    are, 402 Payment Required 405 Method Not Allowed 406 Not Acceptable
    407 Proxy Authentication Required 409 Conflict 410 Gone 411 Length
    Required 412 Precondition Failed 413 Request Entity Too Large 414
    Request-URI Too Long 415 Unsupported Media Type 416 Requested Range
    Not Satisfiable 417 Expectation Failed 501 Not Implemented 505 HTTP
    Version Not Supported.


    Please note that you have full documentation with
    installation instructions with the package


    Since this script does not have a database,
    username and password is located at admin-inc-main.php. you need to
    change your username and password to your own using a code editor.

    • Username for Admin:


    • Password for Admin:



      • Your Website URL:


      • Your Error Files Folder. This folder should be given chamod 777
        (Full writing permission) because this is where all the error files
        will be stored.


        .htaccess file changes

        • Your web site URL at lines of .htaccess file. eg.

          ErrorDocument 400
          http: // demos.nelliwinne. net /
          BadRequest to ErrorDocument 400
          http: // www.yourdomain.com / ScriptPath

    Albert is an
    HTML5 site template, suitable for hotels,
    accommodations and bed and breakfast. It’s
    responsive and comes with a booking/check availability form, 2
    header version and more.

    Coded with love and attention.

    Main features

    • Valid and clean HTML5/CSS3 code
    • Bootstrap 3.3.6 Based: looks nice on all devices
    • 6 Home pages
      • Home with Working PHP/AJAX Booking form with autoresponder
        Responsive datepicker
      • Home with Working PHP/AJAX Booking form with autoresponder
        Bootstrap datepicker
      • Home with Video Background
      • Home with Layes slider (Save 11$)
      • Home with Carousel
      • Home with Text Rotator
    • 2 Header versions
    • Working PHP/AJAX Contact form with antispam protection
    • Working PHP/AJAX Newsletter subscription
    • Working PHP/AJAX Review/rate submit form
    • Site launch BONUS pack: counter plus newsletter
    • 2000 Fantastic Iconswith Retina support
    • Retina ready
    • Supported By all major Browsers
    • Fixed sidebaron scroll
    • Google Map
    • Google Web Fonts
    • Owl carousel
    • Magnific Popup

    Images are not included.

    V1.2 19 August 2016

    - Fixed an issue on Safari Latest IOS on home page orange price box
    - Fixed an issue on Firefox Mac IOS render Poppins Google Font.

    V1.1 26 July 2016

    - Updated documentation on how to apply the Google map Api key if
    the map does not works 

    Kartero is mobile application for managing your business
    delivery and pickup services, you can use kartero for your business
    like Pickup & Delivery, Beauty Services, Repair Services, Home
    Services,Health and Well Being and any type of Businesses that
    needs to monitor daily activity task in realtime.

    Kartero is a complete package with admin and customer panel, it
    connects via Rest API json, and this app can run on Android and

    You can offer a paid membership monthly/yearly or even 14 day
    trial to any individual company small,big or personal business,
    which means you can earn income by offering the kartero

    Managing Daily Task

    Manage daily driver task
    Easy to assign delivery/pickup task
    alert notification
    Realtime location of your driver
    Group your driver by assigning them to a team
    Send push notification/SMS and email to your driver
    Interactive map directions
    Translation ready
    Customer signature
    Calendar task view
    Driver On duty on/off features
    Realtime driver who's online
    Realtime route to destination
    Paypal payment supported
    Stripe payment supported

    See the Kartero in action?

    Download android APK File

    Watch Kartero in action


    Backend Panel


    username : admin

    password : admin

    Customer Panel


    username :

    password : 12345

    Sample Driver Login

    username : xy

    password : xy

    Paypal Sample account

    User/Email :

    Password : Buyertestaccount

    Stripe Sample account

    Cardnumber : 4242424242424242

    Reynan Apartement is Dreamweaver Ads Template

    HTML5 JS CSS3 Minimal version Dreamweaver cs5.5

    provided 5 most frequently used sizes in the market

    1. 336X280

    2. 300X250

    3. 728X90

    4. 160X600

    5. 300X600


    – Google Web Fonts.

    – Replay Button

    – compatible with Doubleclick, GDN, Sizmek

    – file size below than 150kb

    – 2 frame text, frame 1 and frame 2

    – PSD file include

    – made from scratch (hand code) using technology HTML5 JS CSS3

    – customize in design view or html div tag

    – include html5 clickTAG for Adwords, Doubleclick and Sizmek


    You can use these ad banners for any purpose, just by change
    content, text, background image, and logo, it is very easy, no need
    to know the HTML and CSS language to use, WYSIWYG (What You See Is
    What You Get)

    All files are included for buyers to edit content easily

    modify content like Background, Logo, Images and text.

    easily according to requirement.

    Feel free to ask any queries, i will welcome to assist

    and for another size dont hesitate to asking