Cab Booking – HTML5 Ad Banners designed with
Google Web Designer. And provided 7 popular used sizes in the

* Help File Included*


1. 300×600

2. 300×250

3. 728×90

4. 160×600

5. 180×150

6. 320×50

7. 336×280


1. Google Web Fonts.

2. Fully Editable.

3. Infinite Loop.

4. Free Updates.


1. 7 HTML5 Banners Ready to use.

2. 7 GWD Source Files editable in Google Web Designer.

3. Shapes and Icons Included.

Images are not included in final purchase

Image Source

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Run Pixie, RUN!Speed through the lush jungle
snagging as many pickups as you can along the way. A fun and
colorful game that runs on all devices!

This game is created with the help of engine.

Now officially available on envato.

Run Pixie RunNow!

Documentation /

The item documentation is extensive and the source code is
properly commented and formatted, so you should not have any
problem working with this item.

If you need support, please send me an email using this contact
form. Please include the game name, game URL and detailed
information about your problem. I usually respond to support
requests within 24 hours on weekdays, depending on the number of
requests in queue.

PriceXis a
Material Design WordPress Pricing Table Set
Seven Exclusivematerial design pricing tables.
Anyone can easily integrate any of our pricing table in their
wordpress theme to follow our
Well Sorted Documentation (including video

Main Features of

  • Latest WordPress v4.5.2 Compatible
  • Latest Bootstrap v3.3.6 Compatible
  • Based on Material Design Lite
  • 7 pricing table set
  • Shortcode
  • Easy customization
  • Setting Page
  • Unlimitade used
  • Unlimitade Color
  • Shortcode generator
  • colum change option
  • All theme supported

Other Features
of PriceX:

  • Google Fonts
  • FontAwesome Icons
  • Well Documented

CSS Version:

PriceX | Material Design Pricing Table Set

Source and


  • All ‘
    images’ used on the demo site is for
    demonstration purposes only and are not included in the main
    download file.

Fonts Used:

  • Google Fonts (Raleway) –
  • Font Awesome –

Frameworks / Libraries:

  • jQuery –
  • Twitter Bootstrap –
  • Material Design Lite –
  • CMB2 MetaBox –

BizLinks | Multipurpose Business and Agency HTML Template

EnvAffiliateCase | Envato Market Affiliate and Item Showcase

EnvAffiliateCase | Envato Market Affiliate and Item Showcase

Facebook invite for PhpDolphin is an add-on that enable user to
invite friend from facebook friends to your site

Add-on Features

  • It enable user to invite friend from facebook friends.
  • Easy to customize
  • It support all version
  • Code quality and Full documantation

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Spaceship Survival Shooter is Shoot
‘em up game, bullet hell type.

Your mission is to survive 15 waves and defeat the boss in the
final wave.


  • Multi-platform, include Android and iOS.
  • Touch or Mouse + Keyboard (spacebar for special attack) for
  • Power up
  • 7 Type Bullets hell.
  • 15 Waves + Boss stage, you can add unlimited wave.
  • 8 Enemies type + 1 Boss.
  • Dynamic Background.
  • Easy to customize
  • Native mobile social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Google+,
  • Monetization with Admob.
  • Intel XDK & Cocoon Ludei ready, select your favorite
  • Capx fully commented and complete documentation with tutorial
    how to customize this game.
  • Video tutorial how to export to Android with Intel XDK and
    Cocoon Ludei.


This game has been developed with Construct 2 R227.

You need Construct 2 personal license to modified game.

Please read the documentation first if you buy this game before
open the capx file.

It’s a
JavaScript scriptthat can be easy integrated into
any web application and work in actual web browsers. After the
integration you can add images into the form and they will be
uploaded on server.
Imagescan be
rotatedand they all will be
on the client side. Without jQuery, only pure

How to Integrate

1. Include stylesheet and script into the head section:

<link href="imageloader.css" rel="stylesheet"
type="text/css"> <script type="text/javascript"

2. Add a form into the body of the document:

<form class="imageloaderForm" method="post"
enctype="multipart/form-data" action="save.php"> <input
type="button" class="imageloaderBrowse" value="Browse Images">
<input type="button" class="imageloaderClear" value="Clear
All"> <div class="imageloaderFiles" /> <input
type="submit" value="Send Form" onClick="this.value =
'Uploading...'"> </form>

3. Add a script to init ImageLoader:

<script type="text/javascript">
document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function () {
ImageLoader.init({ limit: 5, // files limit resize: true, // resize
images or not (true/false) moveSpeed: 100, // animation speed
during sorting maxWidth: 500, // max width if 'resize' enabled
maxHeight: 500, // max height if 'resize' enabled isJpeg: false, //
images format is JPEG or PNG with alpha channel (true/false)
jpegQuality: 0.8, // jpeg quality of images if 'isJpeg' enabled
(from 0 to 1) jpegBg: '#FFFFFF', // background fill color if
'isJpeg' enabled form: 'imageloaderForm', // form class name files:
'imageloaderFiles', // files container class name file:
'imageloaderFile', // file class name image: 'imageloaderImage', //
image class name ghost: 'imageloaderGhost', // file ghost class
name when sorting btnBrowse: 'imageloaderBrowse', // browse button
class name btnClear: 'imageloaderClear', // clear button class name
(optional) btnRotate: 'imageloaderRotate', // rotate button class
name btnRemove: 'imageloaderRemove', // remove button class name
rotateTitle: 'Rotate', // rotate button title removeTitle:
'Remove', // remove button title filter: ['.jpeg', '.jpg', '.png',
'.gif', '.bmp', '.ico'], // files type filter onInitError:
function(error){ // init error handler alert('ImageLoader: ' +
error); } }); }) </script>

4. After the form will be submitted all uploaded images will be
sended as variables that contain Base64 data. Variable names will
have the prefix ‘imageloader’
so you can easy identify them from others. Here is an example of
code how to save them into the files on PHP:

if(count($_POST) != 0){ $i = 1; while (list ($var, $value) =
each ($_POST)) if(substr($var, 0, 11) == 'imageloader'){
file_put_contents($i.'.png', base64_decode($value)); // save file
$i++; } }

One-of-a-kind on the market, honestly a breakthrough plugin for
creating superb, conversion-boosting countdowns. Utilize session
tracking, count randomizer & flexible triggers to CONVERT &

Main features:

  • Create unlimited amount of timers & countdowns
  • Enable session tracking to make countdowns look realistic
  • Enable randomizer to make countdowns look morerealistic
  • Setup powerful triggers to hide offers after the countdown runs
  • Or setup the triggers to show offers after the countdown runs
  • Countdown types: To a Certain Date; For a Certain Time; For a
    Certain Time, with Session Tracking; Certain Amount; Certain
    Amount, with Session Tracking

What can you use the Mega Countdown for?

Tap into the buying drivers

  • Create
    scarcityeffect with limited amount of whatever you
    are offering
  • Create
    urgencyeffect with limited time offers
  • Create
    social proofby showing how popular your offer is
    & how many people are rushing in to buy it

Setup limited-time offers. Setup limited-amount

Increase conversion by limiting your offers with amount or
time-based countdowns

Have the timers start over on page refresh or enable session
tracking and the timer will not refresh

Set the amount to end at a low number, like 2, to let users act

Hide the offer or leave it be after the timer runs out

Time anything

Show timed ads

Give users access to your content after they view the ad

Redirect users after they view the ad

All features

To A Certain Date

Just specify a certain date for your countdown.

For A Certain Time

Just specify the amount of days, hours and minutes, insert the
shortcode and let it run down!.

For A Certain Time, With Session Tracking

The regular time countdown always reloads on refresh. In this
mode, the countdown will stop whenever the user leaves the site and
will resume when the user comes back. You can also specify after
how many days to reset it for the user.

Certain Amount

Specify the starting amount. Specify the ending amount.

Certain Amount, With Session Tracking

In regular amount-based countdown, the amount reloads every
time the user refreshes the page / comes back to the page. So it
looks pretty fake. But with the cookie control enabled, the
countdown continues & does not reload when the user comes back!
You can also specify after how many days to reset it for the user.

Enable Triggers

Powerful triggers let you control your offers in accordance
with your countdowns! You can enable up to a 5 triggers for a
countdown that fire when the countdown finishes. You can:

• Create with the built-in editor & show
any content

• Redirect to a url

• Show modal window (with UMW plugin)

• Show or hide forms (with Ulti Forms plugin)

• Show or hide anything by pasting
element’s id or class

Enable Randomizer

Randomizer is the unique feature that lets your countdowns
appear extremely realistic.

Show Or Hide The Titles

You can choose which titles you want to show & which to
hide: days, hours, minutes & seconds. You can enter your own
titles, so if you want to make them shorter or translate to another
language, go ahead! You can also change title colors and title font

Show Or Hide Certain Parts Of The Timer

You can which part of the timer you want to show: days, hours,
minutes, seconds. Show everything or only a part that makes sense
in your case.

Specify When To Stop

For the amount-based countdowns, specify the amount at which
the timer will stop. In the examples here, we pretend that that the
tickets will remain at the amount of 3 and 5.

Count Downwards Or Upwards

You can choose the amount countdowns to count downwards or

Style Them

You can hide particular parts: days, hours, minutes or seconds.
You can specify the background color (including the transparency
setting), change text colors, choose among 5 delimiter types,
specify font size, specify padding, specify border width, border
radius, border color.

Unlimited Amount Of Timers & Placement With

You can create any amount of timers you want with this plugin.
You can place them anywhere you want with a shortcode. You can have
multiple timers on one page.

Ongoing Support

We really care about you and we are supporting our customers
promptly & responsibly. When you encounter a problem, we are
eager to help.

Constantly Evolving

We are listening to your feedback and add features regularly!
Let us know what else you would like to have in this plugin


This plugin requires an
easy verification.


You are tired and difficult for brand advertising campaign on
twitter for the post to twitter every day. Scripts will help you
get closer to your goal. With just a few clicks you can create up
for a promotion campaign on twitter with many features available on
the script will certainly give you a great experience.


Support three post types: Text & Link, Image
And Video.

Support multi twitter accounts: helping you
advertise more comprehensive

Report posts: statistical success rate of the

Repost post: lets you automatically post back
every day without having to post back.

Random post: automatically selects a random
group/page/profile to post in a specified time.

Suport multi language: makes it easy to access and
use the product thoroughly.

Easy customization and multi themes: helping you
have more choices for the management interface to suit you.

Support multi user: not only can you manage that
you can share it with everyone you want.

Easy install & using: help you set up and use
easily via video.

– And many other exciting features.




Username: admin

Password: 123456


Username: user

Password: 123456


Version 1.0 Fist version

If you don’t know what a cassette is, you
were probably born in the digital high-tech era, an era that is
undoubtedly exciting and innovative. On the other hand, if you know
what an audio cassette is, you belong to the older generation, the
analog dinosaurs that know the painful connection between a pen and
a cassette tape.

Vintage format meets modern web tech: an HTML5 audio player with
realistic controls. Features: Clean interface Easy to use Realistic

The easiest way to rate something is by using this versatile
plugin. It brings you fast solution to integrate star rating to
your form or anywhere you want. You can change almost everything
you want. You can set your own stars images, size, margins etc

Read carefully

This plugin
do notcalculate total rating of your item or
product. It only give you value of actual rating from user, its
your business what you do with it. Anyway this plugin allows you
represent value of your total rating. You can just insert value of
your total rating into value attribute of input. You can find
everything in included documentation.


Plugin dependencies:

  • jQuery

Plugin supports settings by data attributes or directly by
options in plugin calling.

Things that you can set how you want:

  • Image of rated stars
  • Image of unrated stars
  • Margin between stars
  • Number of stars
  • Size of stars
  • Start position of rating
  • Callback element where will be value of rating set
  • Read only mode

Plugin is touch friendly

is included